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How to use Teeth Whitening Products


									Teeth Whitening Products: How to Use Whitening Gel

We all want white teeth, however some of use aren’t sure how to or if our stained teeth will ever be
white. There are many teeth whitening products out there to help whiten your teeth, and while some
may be a bit pricey, they give amazing results as if you just left the dentist. Every store has them
nowadays and they are not as hard to get as some might think. There are bleaching trays and other gels
out that can help whiten teeth as well. Teeth whitening gel is very effective and listed below are a few
things that can help maximize your results.

Bleaching gel is available at your dentist however there are dentists who only sell this gel to customers
that already have the bleaching trays. Bleaching gels can be purchased online as well as the trays.
Bleaching gels can also be purchased at the same company you buy the trays from. Supermarkets are
now starting to sell these products as well, and they work just as good and can give results that are just
as amazing as the dentist.

Make sure that the bleaching trays fit your mouth and teeth properly. If they don’t, the gel won’t work
as it won’t be touching your teeth. Make sure also that there is no part of the tray that touches your
gum. If you need to, cut the tray lower so it doesn’t go above the teeth. There are some teeth whitening
products that can be worn only a few hours a day, and others can now be worn even overnight.
However, keep in mind that too much exposure of your gums to the bleach can ruin your gums. It can
result in gum damage and you will need to stop until they are completely healed.

Pick a bleaching gel that is about 16%. Always pay attention to the percentages located on the tubes,
and they can even go lower. The lower the percentage, the more time it may take to give you results.
Getting anything higher can cause damage to the teeth and can make them extremely sensitive to just
about anything.

You can choose to do the top and bottom at the same time, or one at a time. It’s up to you. This is a
good thing to do as you can compare the color of your teeth after each session. Wearing the trays for
the specified amount of time, and making sure the bleach is touching all teeth can give you effective

Bleaching your teeth can give you a brighter smile as long as you follow the instructions. If you do not
notice any results, you should stop using the product immediately.

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