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Have you Ever Wondered how teeth whitening products work


									Have You Ever Wondered How Teeth Whitening Products Work?

If you’re like me, you have probably wondered how all of those teeth whitening products that
you see advertised on the television and in the magazines work to make your teeth whiter.
Well, also like me, since inquiring minds just simply need to know, I did a bit of research into
this subject. You might be surprised to learn that there are literally hundreds of these types
of products on the shelves of the discount and drugstores. They can be found in the form of
toothpaste, gels, whitening strips and dental office treatments that can successfully whiten
and brighten your smile.

But let’s keep first things first

In my research, I found the first statement or disclaimer I encountered was that teeth-
whitening is not necessarily recommended for people unless they have healthy unrestored
teeth. Apparently, what this means is that you shouldn’t consider teeth whitening if you have
fillings or bridges or crowns. Further explanation of the disclaimer points out that, while each
of these situations are listed for differing reasons, the bottom line for the statement is that you
may not get the uniform color result that you desire. Apparently, yellow staining on teeth
responds the best to whitening processes.

So, on to how these products work

The general description for how any toothpaste works is that it cleans the surface of your
teeth by using a mild abrasive ingredient in the formula. If it is also a whitening paste, it will
likely have additional ingredients that will gently polish the teeth or fortify the stain removing
process. These whitening toothpaste products can only remove surface staining because
they do not contain bleach, and to do that, they must employ the use of carbamide peroxide
or hydrogen peroxide. All of my research revealed that, whether the chosen whitening
products that contain the peroxide are used by the dentist in his office or purchased over the
counter, you can only expect about one or two shades of lightening from them. If you desire
more lightening, then you will need to avail yourself of the light-activated process employed
by your dentist in his office.

Next, over the counter whitening strips and gels

Now, these teeth whitening products are found to employ the same type of lightening agent,
namely the carbamide or hydrogen peroxide, as the whitening toothpaste. In this application,
the gel is applied directly to the teeth with a small brush twice a day for about two weeks with
results being noted in a few days and lasting approximately four months. The whitening
strips are thin plastic strips that have been coated with a similarly formulated whitening
product. You apply them twice a day for about two weeks just like the gels. The initial results
are noted within a few days with the final result lasting about four months, just like the gel

Upward and onward to tray-based whitening products

You will find that these products contain very similar ingredients as the others but the
application process differs a bit. With tray-based systems, you must place the gel whitening
solution into a specially designed tray and insert the tray into your mouth over your upper and
lower teeth. I found that some products require that you wear the tray for a couple of hours
every day for up to four plus weeks while others require that you wear your tray through the
night for a similar period of time. The length of daily wear and the length of the overall
treatment will vary depending on the degree of discoloration on your teeth and your desired

Now to your Dentist’s in-office whitening options

If you’re in a hurry to get your teeth whiter and brighter, this is probably the quickest and most
effective method of treatment to do accomplish that goal. Reports document that most
people notice a tremendous improvement after just one 30 to 60 minute treatment but several
others will be required to complete the process. This is because the bleaching agents can be
applied directly to the teeth and their effect then augmented with heat, special lights or laser,
the whitening result can be seen immediately but the dramatic results that are possible will
require a few additional treatments. This treatment in the dental office is by far the most
expensive of all the options available.

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