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Do You Know What a Teeth Whitening Product Is


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									Do You Know What a Teeth Whitening Product Is?

It certainly seems that brilliantly white and shining teeth are the craze these days for
celebrities and the average everyday person like you and me. Not long ago, it was only the
celebrities who sported brilliant smiles but now everyone strives for this look. Statistics reveal
that over a million dollars a year is spent by American consumers attempting to whiten their
teeth. And statistics go on to reveal that much of it is spent on over the counter teeth
whitening products.

Do you know what is meant by the term “teeth whitening product”?

This is, quite simply, a product that lightens or whitens teeth by the use of carbamide
peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. Oral hygiene product manufactures have combined these
ingredients, along with flavorings and other things, into whitening toothpaste, gels, whitening
strips and tray-based whitening kits so that daily use of these items will produce whiter and
brighter teeth.

How do they work?

Basically, your teeth are comprised of an inner layer called dentin and an outer layer called
enamel. And, as you eat, drink and smoke over your lifetime, you are creating a layer of
foreign material that forms a film over the enamel of your teeth. It is interesting to note here
that this is the layer that your dentist or dental hygienist is removing when you have your
teeth cleaned. Believe it or not, you even clean some of it off when you brush your teeth with
abrasive toothpastes. It seems that the enamel of the tooth is porous so this staining film
gets into the enamel layer and creates deep staining. This staining is harmless but it can
become unattractive over time.

The purpose of a teeth whitening product is to get down into the porous structure of the
enamel and bleach or oxidize away the staining. Some of these products are better able to
do this because they remain on the surface of the teeth longer than your standard whitening
toothpaste during your routine daily teeth brushing.

How are they applied?

We have talked briefly about the whitening toothpaste products and they are used pretty
much to do your daily oral cleaning several times a day. The gels, on the other hand, are
applied with a brush or pen apparatus directly to the surface of the teeth. The gels are then
left there on the teeth for a specific period of time. The usual recommendations are to apply
twice a day for a specified period of time and to do so for about two weeks for the best
results. Another product is the whitening strips, which are thin plastic strips that have been
coated with the same gel solution used above. You place the gel side of these strips directly
on the surface of your teeth and leave them in place, again for a specified period of time,
twice a day for about two weeks for the best results. For both the strips and the gel
treatments, you can expect approximately one or shades of lightening and about four months
of whitened teeth before you have to do it all over again.

Then you have the tray-based products. These use the same gel solution but the application
system is differs. The gel solution is placed into specially designed teeth trays and the trays
are placed over your upper and lower teeth for a period of time, usually ranging from two
hours to overnight, and rinsed off. This system generally will provide more whitening and will
last a little longer than the gel or strip application method.

The key to maintaining your brilliantly white teeth after using a teeth whitening product is to
refrain from consuming the food, drink and cigarette smoking that caused your staining
initially. Regardless of which treatment you choose, whether an over the counter one or an in
office dental treatment, the treatment will have to repeated periodically but these over the
counter methods offer more cost effective measures for whitening your teeth.

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