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									                                Master of Education


    Learn. Grow. Lead. The graduate programs at Benedictine University.
The Master of Education
(M.Ed.) at Benedictine

University is designed for
                                            enedictine University’s Master of Education (M.Ed.) program
teachers seeking to enhance
their leadership potential and              provides	a	course	of	study	with	a	number	of	options	to	enhance	a	
understanding of teaching                   teacher’s	understanding	of	children’s	differences,	personal	systems	
to individual needs. The
program familiarizes students      of	communication	and	the	social	and	political	issues	that	affect	the	field	of	
with models for collaboration,     education.	Students	take	an	active	role	in	their	own	learning	process	and	are	
effective communication
                                   prepared	for	shaping	the	lives	of	tomorrow’s	generation.
strategies, methods for
addressing unique learning
styles and technological           The	Master	of	Education	program	provides	opportunities	for	students	to	
advancements in education and      explore	issues	in	education,	to	develop	and	examine	enduring	and	innovative	
school administration.
                                   instructional	approaches	to	utilize	technology,	and	to	apply	knowledge	in	
Benedictine University             diverse	educational	settings.	Benedictine	University	prepares	teachers	and	
is dedicated to creating
effective practitioners who        administrators	for	the	challenges	that	lie	ahead.
are committed to scholarship,
lifelong inquiry, leadership
and social responsibility.

                                   s Program Overview
    M.Ed.                          t Curriculum

                                   On-campus program option offered through the College
These enduring outcomes            of Education and Health Services’ School of Education
are developed and nurtured         Special Education
through the curriculum.            •	 14	semester	credit-hours	of	professional	core	courses
Educators develop scholarship
                                   •	 19	semester	credit-hours	of	specialized	courses
by acquiring a breadth and
                                   •	 Seminar/master’s	thesis	project
depth of knowledge in
the field. As scholars, they
develop lifelong inquiry by        Learning team/field-based program options offered through
immersing themselves in a          the Moser College of Adult and Professional Studies
process of ongoing questioning     Leadership and Administration: Type 75
and reflection that results        •	 33	semester	credit-hours	of	specialized	courses
in informed thinking and           •	 100	clock	credit-hours	administrative	internship/portfolio
decision-making. They assume
leadership roles in a variety of   Curriculum and Technology-Integrated Instruction
venues where they can effect       •	 14	semester	credit-hours	of	professional	core	courses
change and improve practice.       •	 19	semester	credit-hours	of	specialized	courses
Their leadership is guided by      •	 Seminar/master’s	thesis	project
a sense of social responsibility
                                   Reading/Literacy: Reading Specialist Certification
to create fair and equitable
                                   •	 33	semester	credit-hours	of	courses
environments that support
and enhance learning in            •	 Seminar/master’s	thesis	project
order to maximize each
individual’s potential.
t Certificate Program                                                     ILLIN O IS R E PO R T S
                                                                          DEM A ND FO R TE ACHE RS
Benedictine University offers a certificate program in
Advanced Studies in Education. This program has been
developed for those individuals who:
1)		Already	have	a	master’s	degree	and	wish	to	do	further	graduate	
    work	without	committing	to	another	degree	program,	or
2)	Wish	to	engage	in	graduate	study	beyond	the	baccalaureate		
    degree	with	no	commitment	to	a	master’s	degree	program

This	program	is	especially	suited	for	educators	who	wish	to	enhance	
previously	gained	skills,	acquire	new	skills	and	keep	abreast	of	the	
latest	educational	theory	and	practice.	There	are	no	specific	course	     The Illinois State Board of Education
requirements,	rather	a	program	of	study	specific	to	the	needs	of	         estimates that Illinois will need
each	student	is	developed	(15	semester	credit-hours	for	Certificate	I,	   approximately 10,900 new teachers
30	semester	credit-hours	for	Certificate	II).	All	coursework	for	the	     each year or about 43,500 first-time
certificate	must	be	at	the	graduate	level.	Up	to	six	semester	hours	of	   and re-entering teachers through
transferred	graduate	credit	can	be	applied	to	the	certificate	program.    2012. During the next four years,
                                                                          Illinois public schools will need
                                                                          almost 7,500 special education
                                                                          teachers and nearly 36,000 regular
                                                                          teachers. Through 2012, it is
                                                                          estimated that Illinois will also need
                                                                          more than 3,400 administrators
                                                                          wand 4,100 other educators.
                                 t Faculty

                                 Alan Gorr, Ph.D.                                                              John Minogue, C.M., D.Min
                                 Dean, College of Education and Health                                         Professor, Center for Higher Education
                                 Services, Professor, Public Health                                            and Organizational Change
                                 Ph.D.,	University	of	Iowa                                                     D.Min.,	St.	Mary	of	the	Lake	Seminary
                                 M.P.H.,	University	of	Illinois	at	Chicago                                     M.A.,	DePaul	University
                                 M.A.,	University	of	Toronto                                                   B.A.,	St.	Mary’s	Seminary	
                                 B.A.,	University	of	Iowa                                                      James Pelech, Ed.D.
                                 Mick Carroll, C.P.A., Ph.D.                                                   Associate Professor, Math Education
                                 Dean, Moser College of Adult                                                  Ed.D.,	National	Louis	University
                                 and Professional Studies                                                      C.A.S.,	Concordia	University
                                 Elizabeth Bell, Ed.D.                                                         M.B.A.,	Governors	State	University
                                 Assistant Professor, Physical                                                 B.A.,	Norbert	College
                                 Education Coordinator                                                         Fr. David Turner, O.S.B., Ph.D.
                                 Ed.D.,	Tennessee	State	University                                             Associate Professor, Assistant to the Provost
                                 M.S.,	California	University	of	Pennsylvania	                                  Ph.D.,	M.A.,	University	of	Minnesota	
                                 B.S.,	Morningside	College                                                     D.Min.,	Princeton	Theological	Seminary
                                 Richard Campbell, Ed.D.                                                       M.Div.,	Mount	Angel	Seminary	
                                 Certification Officer, School Administration                                  A.B.,	St.	Procopius	College		
                                 Ed.D.,	Illinois	State	University                                              (now	Benedictine	University)
                                 M.A.,	Eastern	Illinois	University	                                            Alandra Weller-Clarke, Ph.D.
  s                              B.A.,	Eastern	Illinois	University                                             Associate Professor, Educational Psychology,
                                                                                                               Special Education
                                 Sunil Chand, Ph.D.
  s                              Professor and Director, Center for Higher                                     Ph.D.,	Loyola	University
                                                                                                               M.Ed.,	Benedictine	University	
                                 Education and Organizational Change
  s                              Ph.D.,	Kent	State	University                                                  B.A.,	Elmhurst	College
                                 M.A.,	Delhi	University,	India                                                 Gale K. Wiedman, Ed.D.
                                 B.A.,	Delhi	University,	India                                                 Associate Dean, Graduate Education Programs
                                 MeShelda Jackson, Ph.D.                                                       Moser College of Adult and Professional Studies
Master of Education

                                 Department Chair, Associate Professor,                                        Ed.D.,	Northern	Illinois	University
                                 Special Education                                                             M.S.Ed.,	Northern	Illinois	University
                                 Ph.D.,	University	of	Pittsburgh                                               B.S.Ed.,	Southern	Illinois	University
                                 M.S.,	Nova	University	                                                        Ovid Wong, Ph.D.
                                 B.S.,	Alabama	A&M	University	                                                 Associate Professor, Science Education
                                 Joyce Jeewek, Ed.D.                                                           Ph.D.,	University	of	Illinois
                                 Assistant Professor, Elementary Education                                     M.Ed.,	University	of	Washington
                                 Ed.D.,	Northern	Illinois	University                                           B.Sc.,	University	of	Alberta
                                 M.S.Ed.,	Northern	Illinois	University	                                        John Zigmond, Ed.D.
                                 B.S.Ed.,	Northern	Illinois	University	                                        Director of Alternative Certification,
                                 Eileen Kolich, Ph.D.                                                          Moser College of Adult and Professional Studies
                                 Professor, Reading and Literacy;                                              Ed.D.,	National	Louis	University
                                 Associate Provost                                                             M.A.T.,	John	Carroll	University
                                 Ph.D.,	Pennsylvania	State	University                                          B.A.,	St.	Procopius	College		
                                 M.S.,	Chicago	State	University	                                               (now	Benedictine	University)
                                 B.S.,	Rutgers	University	

                      Benedictine University is located in Lisle, Illinois, just 25 miles west of Chicago. Founded in 1887 by the Benedictine Monks
                      of St. Procopius Abbey, the University offers 50 traditional undergraduate majors, seven adult accelerated undergraduate majors,
                      13 graduate programs, 33 graduate certi cate programs and four doctorate programs. Benedictine has consistently been named
                      one of the top schools in the Midwest Region and ranked sixth in Illinois for Racial Diversity by U.S. News & World Report® for 2011.
                      For more information, call the Enrollment Center at (630) 829-6300, email or visit
                      Benedictine University • 5700 College Road • Lisle, Illinois 60532

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