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					                                   The Communicator

                                                                    Spring, 2010 • Volume 5, Number 2

Mission Statement
     The Beverley Taylor
     Sorenson College of
    Education and Human         The College of Education and Human
                                Development Obtains TEAC Accreditation
    Development views its
primary mission as advancing
      education, human
   performance, and family
    development through         On May 29, 2009 the College’s
knowledge, compassion, and      Accreditation Team consisting
           action.              of Dr. David Lund, Dr. Katy
                                Herbold, Dr. Jerry Bowler,
The College seeks to prepare    Bobbie Jensen, and Dr. Prent
    and develop dynamic,        Klag went to Philadelphia,
   professional educators,      Pennsylvania to meet with the
 administrators, leaders, and
                                Teacher Education
    career specialists who
  constantly search for truth   Accreditation Council (TEAC)
   and excellence through       Review Board and present their         education programs have              •   Art
      effective practice,       proposed program accreditation         provided evidence that they          •   Biology
      collaboration, and        briefs.                                adhere to TEAC’s quality             •   Business Education
         scholarship.                                                  principles.                          •   Chemistry
                                                                                                            •   Communications
                                After presenting both programs,                                             •   Computer Science
                                the TEAC Review Board                      The Professional Teacher
                                                                                                            •   Dance Education
Commencement 2009               recommended unanimously that                 Education Program
                                                                                                            •   English
                                both programs be fully                                                      •   English as a Second
 On Saturday, May 2, 2008,      accredited.                            Undergraduates seeking                   Language
 SUU held its 110th Annual                                             elementary licensure may major       •   French
  Commencement. At the                                                 in Elementary Education or in        •   Geography
 Beverley Taylor Sorenson                                              Special Education                    •   Geology
  College of Education and                                             Mild/Moderate Dual Major,            •   German
   Human Development                                                   specializing in one of the           •   Health Education
Convocations, 454 graduates                                                                                 •   History
                                                                       following eight areas:
       were honored.                                                                                        •   Library Media
                                                                       •    Elementary Education Art        •   Marketing Education
     277 Master’s of                                                   •    English as a Second Language    •   Music
    Education Degrees                                                  •    Elementary Early Childhood      •   Physical Education
                                On June 22, 2009 the TEAC
                                                                            Education                       •   Physical Education
  173 Bachelor’s Degrees        Board of Directors finalized this                                               (Coaching or Health)
                                momentous decision for SUU’s           •    Elementary Education
                                                                            English/Language Arts           •   Physical Science
111 Teacher Education and       programs. The Professional             •    K-8 Mathematics Education       •   Physics
   Family Life Degrees          Teacher Education Program              •    Elementary Education            •   Psychology
                                and the Leadership in                       Music                           •   Reading K-12
  62 Physical Education,        Education and Administrative           •    Elementary Education Science    •   Social Science Composite
 Exercise Science, Athletic     Development Program has full                Education                           Major
   Training, and Outdoor                                               •    Elementary Integrated Studies   •   Spanish
                                accreditation status effective
  Recreation in Parks and                                                                                   •   Special Education
     Tourism Degrees            June 22, 2009 through June 22,
                                                                       Undergraduates seeking secondary         Mild/Moderate
                                2014.                                                                       •   Technology Education
                                                                       licensure may choose a major or
   4 Associate Degrees                                                 minor from among the following:      •   Theater Arts
                                This accreditation certifies that
                                the forenamed professional                                                             Continued on Page 2
                                    The Communicator                                                                   Page 2 of 8

                                TEAC Accreditation
                                                                                                                             Continued from page 1

      Admission                 Graduate students seeking             Graduate students currently in a          The Leadership in Education
                                licensure may enroll in the           special education teaching                    and Administrative
      Deadlines:                Graduate Education Licensure          position in the state of Utah may            Development (LEAD)
Admission deadlines for
                                Program (GELP) and choose             pursue the Special Education                       Program
all College Programs            one of the following areas of         Alternative Licensure (SEAL).
occur three times each          emphasis:                             Candidates who complete the               The Leadership in Education
year. They include:                                                   program receive a Special                 and Administrative
                                •    Elementary Education             Education teaching license.               Development Program’s
October 15 (Spring)                  Licensure Program (ELITE)                                                  graduates receive an M.Ed.
February 15 (Summer)            •    Secondary Education                                                        with an emphasis and licensure
July 15 (Fall)                       Licensure Program
                                                                                                                in Educational Leadership (42
                                •    Special Education                                                          hours) or a Non Degreed
Application materials are
available in Department              Mild/Moderate Licensure                                                    Administrative Licensure course
         offices.                    (SPED )                                                                    of study (33 hours).
                                •    English as a Second
    Undergraduate                    Language                                                                   Each year the College will
  Programs – OM 211                  Endorsement (ESL)                                                          submit to TEAC an update of
                                •    Reading                                                                    program changes, revisions,
 Graduate Programs –                 Endorsement/Specialist
                                                                                                                and additions. Our goal is to
      OM 213                         Program
                                •    Instructional Technology                                                   continue to provide excellence
                                                                      “TEAC accreditation is a tremendous
 Completed applications              Endorsement                                                                and the highest quality in all of
                                                                        achievement and will enable the
should be returned to the       •    Administrative/Supervisory          College to move forward with           our educational programs.
   appropriate office.               Licensure (LEAD)                   continued vitality and progress.”
                                                                              Dr. Prent Klag, Dean

     Scholarship                Partnerships with the College Continue to Increase
      Deadlines:                During the past year the          •     The Utah State Office and           •    The SUU Outdoor Initiative
                                Beverley Taylor Sorenson                Board of Education                  •    The U.S. Forest and Park
 T.H. Bell Scholarship          College of Education and          •     The Clark County School                  Service (Bryce Canyon and
Applications are due by
                                Human Development has                   District and Clark County                Zion National Parks)
   March 31, 2010.
                                worked extremely hard to build          Education Association
    Applications for            partnerships with a variety of
  scholarships can be           agencies and entities.
picked up in the Dean’s
    Office, OM 312              These partnerships enable the
                                College to provide for its
                                students and faculty the very     •     The Zion Group Alliance for         •    Art Works for Kids
                                best in programs, internships,          Education                           •    The Utah Arts Council
                                work opportunities, hands-on      •     Cedar Breaks and Pipe
                                learning experiences, and               Springs National
                                professional development                Monuments
     Clearance:                 growth.                           •     The Bureau of Land
For Background Clearance,                                                                                   The collaboration and
           go to                These partnerships have         included:                                                                   cooperation that exists between
and request live scan finger    • Nearly every school district                                              these agencies, the University,
    printing. Fee: $69              in the State of Utah                                                    and the College, allow for
                                • The Southwest Educational                                                 increased communication,
 Take authorization to SUU
 Public Safety Office. Send         Development Center            •     The SUU Intergovernmental           programming, and opportunities
receipts to Shirley Wilson in       (SEDC)                              Internship Cooperative              for the future.
          OM 211.
                                                                                                               For information and

 Page 3 of 8                                                       The Communicator                          dates of PRAXIS Exams
                                                                                                                      go to :


The Department of Graduate Studies
in Education                                                                                                     Tuition Waiver

Leadership Changes in the Department
                                                                                                           Each year the Provost’s Office
                                                                                                            provides a limited number of
                                                                                                            tuition waivers for Graduate
After nearly two years, Dr. Katy    The Department of Graduate           Dr. Bart Reynolds will serve as
Herbold tendered her                Studies in Education has grown       Associate Chair over the           If you are interested, please
                                                                                                           contact Bobbie Jensen at (435)
resignation as Department           into the largest, most               Leadership in Education and
                                                                                                             865-8383 for the necessary
Chair effective July 15 to          productive, and most dynamic         Administrative Development                 applications.
pursue greater involvement in       Department on campus. Over           Program.
her teaching and research           the past five years this                                                Deadline is April 1, 2010
interests.                          Department has had on
                                    average 860 Majors, 208
                                    graduates, and has generated
                                    nearly 16,000 SCH each year.
                                                                                                           For more information about the
                                    In order to facilitate the vibrant                                     Graduate Studies in Education
                                    and changing needs of this                                                   Program contact:
                                    Department, administrative
                                    duties were reorganized and                                            Dr. David Lund or Dr. Bart
                                    divided into two divisions. Dr.                                           Reynolds, Associate
                                    David Lund will serve as                    Dr. Bart Reynolds                    Chairs
        Dr. Katy Herbold            Associate Chair over the                                                     (435) 865-8383
                                    Master’s of Education Program.       Together, with a realignment of               or go to
During Dr. Herbold’s time in this                                        staff duties and administrative
role she has done a superb job                                           functions, the Department can
coordinating and facilitating the                                        continue to provide the very
affairs of the Department. This                                          finest in graduate programming
includes the successful                                                  to students throughout the
submission of the Leadership in                                          region.
Education and Administrative                                                                                      What Futurists
Development TEAC brief. We                                               With these changes the                   Recommend for
extend our thanks and                                                    success and growth of the                  Education
appreciation for her successful                                          Department of Graduate
and dedicated service.                       Dr. David Lund              Studies in Education is sure to   Active Learning.
                                                                         occur.                            Futurists call for active learning
                                                                                                           by students. Students must
Are You Interested in Becoming a School Leader?                                                            engage in the process of
                                                                                                           learning. Hands-on, real life
                                                                                                           encounters are what students
Are you interested in becoming  A 42 hour Master’s / Licensure            L.E.A.D. provides unsurpassed    are most in need of to be
a school leader? If you are,    track is available to teachers            training in leadership and       successful in our future world.
SUU is the place to come.       who have taught a minimum of              management strategies for up–
                                3 years in the public schools. In         and-coming school                Lifelong Learning.
The newly accredited            addition, a 33 hour licensure             administrators.                  Because knowledge and skills
Leadership in Education and     track is available to those who                                            become obsolete more rapidly,
Administrative Development      already have a Master’s                   If you would like more           education cannot be reserved
Program (L.E.A.D.) provides the degree.                                   information, contact Dr. Bart    for only the early years of life.
                                                                                                           Learning must be forever.
very best in training for those                                           Reynolds at 435-865-8125 or
who are interested in obtaining This personalized, dynamic,               Reynolds
the Utah Administrative /       and motivating professional
Supervisory License.            program is available to all
                                teachers in Utah.
What Futurists Recommend
      for Education                    The Communicator                                                            Page 4 of 8

Coping with Diversity.
With greater and expanded
opportunities in communication,
travel, and contact with other
                                     The Department of Teacher Education
people and cultures, students
need to expect, understand, and      and Family Development
cope with change, diversity, and
international interdependence.
Students must be able to be
flexible and deal with               Two New Faculty in the Department of Teacher
                                     Education and Family Development
Transdisciplinary Education.
In the future, learning will be
centered around ideas and             Two new faculty have been       Corpus Christi, Texas. He has      Foundations, and Elementary
problems, not fragmented into         selected to work in the         three Bachelor degrees from        Education.
discrete subject areas and            Department of Teacher           Brigham Young University, a
periods. Futurists call for           Education and Family            Master’s degree from Arizona
curriculums that are activity and     Development.                    State University, and his
idea based. The complexity of                                         Doctorate from Pennsylvania
today's problems requires us to                                       State University. Dr. Hawkes
draw solutions from knowledge                                         specializes in Early Childhood
in a variety of fields.
                                                                      and Elementary Education and
Early Childhood Education.                                            multicultural studies.
Because of changing family
structures and societal                                               Brian Kitteridge has served as
conditions, the importance of                                         an adjunct instructor at SUU
early, quality, preventative                                          since 1997. He has a
education is essential to meet                                        Bachelor’s and Master’s degree              Brian Kitteridge
the needs of growing, young                                           from SUU and is pursuing a
children. Focus and attention at                                      Doctorate in Curriculum and        The Department welcomes
the early grades could greatly
                                            Dr. Brent Hawkes          Instruction.                       these two new faculty and
reduce problems and
frustrations at higher grades,                                                                           believe they will make a great
eventually all the way to college.    Dr. Brent Hawkes comes to us    He specializes in Special          addition to the College and
                                      from Texas A & M University -   Education, Educational             SUU.
             From S. Benjamin
                                      A Degree in Early Childhood Development or Family Services
    Clinical Practice                 Provides Options for Students       By Dr. Shawn Christiansen
  Application Deadlines
                                     The College of Education and                                      program is modeled after
                                     Human Development offers                                          several state and national
 Clinical Practice
                                     two degree programs, Early                                        programs.
 Application deadlines for all
                                     Childhood Development and
 College Programs occur
                                     Family Services. Within these                                     A degree in either Early
 three times each year.
                                     two programs are three                                            Childhood Development or
 They include:
                                     degree options, an Associate                                      Family Services is an engaging
                                     of Applied Sciences in Early                                      and exciting program that
 January 15 (Summer) *
                                     Childhood Development, a                                          prepares students personally
 February 15 (Fall)
                                     Bachelor of Early Childhood                                       and professionally for dealing
 September 15 (Spring)
                                     Development, and a Bachelor                                       with complex societal problems.
                                     of Family Services.                  Dr. Shawn Christiansen       Students receive hands on
 Application materials are
                                                                                                       experience working with
 available in the Field
                                     The Early Childhood degree       degree has three main areas of   children and families through
 Service Office in OM 211
                                     emphasizes child                 emphasis: human development      lab experiences in our
 or online.
                                     development, child guidance,     through the lifespan, family     preschool, academic service
 * Based on availability of
                                     curriculum planning, and         relationships, and skills for    learning, and internships.
                                     teaching young children. The     intervening and helping
                                     Family Services                  individuals and families. This              Continued on page 8
 Page 5 of 8                                                  The Communicator

                                                                                                             Special thanks are
                                                                                                         extended to the Sorenson
                                                                                                          Legacy Foundation for
                                                                                                            their support of the
F U S I N G          TH E         A R T S     W I T H        E D U C A T I O N                             artsFUSION Summer
                                                                                                            Workshops at SUU.

Arts Education at SUU Continues to Impact                                                                  artsFUSION Mission
Teachers and Students
                                                                                                          “Enhancing arts experiences
Under the direction of Carrie          African Drumming with                                                in elementary schools.”
Trenholm, Beverley Taylor                   Zinse Agginie
Sorenson Endowed Chair in                                                                                What does artsFUSION do?
Elementary Arts Education,          Zinse Agginie, originally from
numerous arts education             Ghana, spent one week                                                 Promotes Arts Education
workshops were presented over       teaching African drumming in                                          In the areas of Drama, Dance,
the past several months. Below      Cedar City and touched virtually      Michael Bahr and Boulder           Visual Arts, and Music for
a few are highlighted.              every grade level in our                Elementary Students                   Utah’s children.
   The Royal Ballet School                                             These specialists worked with        Facilitates Integration
         of London                                                     the children for several hours     Fusing the arts into a school’s
                                                                       and then spent time with the            curriculum promotes
The Royal Ballet School of                                             teachers providing a wealth of      collaboration, creativity, and
London came to Cedar City for                                          information so they might               global understanding.
one day and brought five dance                                         continue giving quality art          Strong arts programs help
instructors to work with both                                          experiences to their students.      children become confident,
SUU dance students and the          This project funded having 26                                        caring, and successful in school
Iron County Schools. The            djembe drums shipped from his           U of U Tanner Dance                    and beyond.
community collaborated to fund      home in Arkansas to give an                  Workshop
this event, and artsFUSION,         authentic experience. Students                                       Builds Skills and Knowledge
through the Sorenson Legacy         from second grade on up loved      Tanner Dance came to work           Training for teachers in all art
Foundation, was able to help.       learning Zinse’s Drum Ballet.      with the SUU education            forms to increase knowledge and
                                                                       students and Iron County                  strengthen skills.
                                    The teacher workshop was so        schools in March. Mary Ann
                                    successful that one school         Lee brought three instructors        Promotes Networking
                                    borrowed ten drums from SUU        and they reached seven             Providing learning opportunities
                                                                                                         for teachers to share experiences
                                    so the teachers could practice     schools in a single day.
                                                                                                           and generate ideas statewide.
                                    and then perform for the whole
                                    school at the end of the school
                                                                                                          Improves the Facilitation
                                                                                                           and Implementation of:
SUU coordinated the                                                                                            Summer Workshops
elementary, high school, and            artsFUSION Outreach                                                     Teacher In-service
teacher workshops and                        Workshops                                                       Evenings for Educators
provided transportation for the                                                                                   Performances
instructors. Children who           A new outreach program is                                                   Artist Residencies
attended the creative               sending SUU faculty and local      Science and dance concepts        Joint Projects with the Utah Arts
movement workshops prior to         artists out to rural schools in    were varied for each grade        Council and Utah State Office of
the performance had a better        Southern Utah. Children in         level, as teachers were able to               Education
understanding of the skills         Boulder, Richfield, and Iron       select what they wanted taught.      Arts Education in the SUU
                                                                                                         Elementary Education Program
necessary to dance ballet and       County enjoyed the rare                                                     Outreach Services
willingly volunteered to            opportunity to spend time
demonstrate their leaps and         learning dance, theatre, and the
jumps.                              arts with excellent educators.
      What is Service                   The Communicator                                                             Page 6 of 8

Service Learning is a

                                     The Department of Physical Education
teaching/ learning method
connecting meaningful
community service with

                                     and Human Performance
academic learning, personal
growth, and civic
responsibility. Service learning
requires a deliberate
connection between service,
academic learning, and
thoughtful reflection on the
                                     Olympic Decathlon Winner, Brian Clay, Visits
service learning experience.
Charity and change are two
                                     SUU and the College
essential orientations to
service learning activities.         On April 13 and 14, Brian Clay,     individuals, his faith, and his    stay focused on one’s intended
                                     the reigning decathlon Olympic      family.                            goal.
Goals of Service Learning            champion, winning the gold
Service learning has many            medal in the 2008 Beijing                                              At the Olympics in Beijing many
goals. Studies have found that
                                     Olympics by the largest margin                                         athletes became very involved
when students are engaged in
meaningful service                   in that event since the 1972                                           in the “external” events
opportunities, many aspects of       games, was a special guest at                                          surrounding the games.
their personal, social, and          SUU. Dr. Karyn Spencer,                                                Brian attributes part of his
intellectual selves improve.         Assistant Professor of Physical                                        success to staying out of the
Those include:                       Education and Brian’s former                                           hype and hoopla and keeping
- Increased self-confidence          elementary teacher, arranged                                           his focus central to his goal.
     and self-esteem                 this special event.                      Dr. Kayrn Spener and          Throughout Brian’s visit he
- Responsibility for one's                                                         Brian Clay               reiterated that his faith, his
     self and actions
                                     While Brian was on campus he                                           family, and the drive for
- Empathy towards others
- Increased communication            spoke and met with several          Throughout his presentations to    excellence, in that order,
     skills and leadership skills    groups. As a special                large audiences, classes, the      dominated his thoughts.
- Tolerance                          “Convocations” speaker at the       SUU Track Team, the Canyon
- Increased problem solving          University and in the College,      View Middle School, and a          We wish Brian the very best as
     and decision making skills      Brian spoke of his journey to       variety of individuals regarding   he continues his quest for
- Improved critical and              the Olympics from his troubled      his road to the championship,      excellence.
     creative thinking skills        childhood in Hawaii to his win at   Brian emphasized the need to
- A sense of civic                   the Beijing Olympics. He            set priorities, demonstrate
      responsibility to contribute
                                     credits everything to a few key     unwavering commitment, and
     to society
- Awareness of community
- Improved organizational
                                     PEHP Research: Simplified Putting Technique
     and social action skills
- Conflict resolution skills
                                     Improves Accuracy for Novice Golfers
- Empowerment - the belief           Straight forward (SF) or            on one side of the line of the     Thirty two subjects, classified
     in the ability to make a
                                     sidesaddle putting technique,       putt. The putter is swung in a     as novice or with a handicap of
- Development of                     which was introduced on the         pendulum motion in a direct line   18 or more, attempted a series
     employability skills            national scene in the late          with the hole with the eye set     of putts from a distance of 6,
- An increased sense of the          1960’s by golfing great Sam         directly over the line.            12, and 18 feet from the hole
     work ethic                      Snead, significantly improves                                          using both the straight forward
- Improved professionalism           putting accuracy for novice                                            and traditional putting
     (dress, grooming,               golfers according to recent                                            techniques.
     manners)                        research conducted by Dr. Rick
- Ability to follow directions       Lambson and undergraduate                                              Two measurements were taken,
                                     students in the PEHP                                                   one measuring the accuracy of
Service learning is becoming
an integral part in many of the      Department.                                                            the line, and the other
College of Education’s                                                                                      measuring the distance to the
courses and programs.                The technique for straight                                             hole.
                                     forward putting involves facing
                                     square to the hole with both feet
                                                                                Dr. Rick Lambson                       Continued on page 8
 Page 7 of 8                                                  The Communicator                                          Graduation
                                                                                                                   All Graduation/Licensure papers

Ten Things I Learned from Disneyland                                                                               must be submitted to the Dean’s
                                                                                                                   Office by October 15, 2009, for
By Dr. Prent Klag, Dean                                                                                            Spring/Summer degree posting.

                                                                                                                      Undergraduate Diploma
On a recent trip to Disneyland I                                       9. When needing assistance                          Fee = $15.00
was struck with the realization                                           from Disneyland employees                 Undergraduate Cap and Gown
                                                                                                                           Fee = $25.00
that Walt Disney and the                                                  or staff, communication is
“Imaginers’’ who designed                                                 always polite, courteous,                       Graduate Diploma
Disneyland, were truly inspired                                           friendly, helpful, interested,                    Fee = $15.00
creators.                                                                 and patient.                                 Graduate Cap and Gown
                                                                                                                            Fee = $35.00

Not only did they create the                                           10. Disneyland is dynamic.                   SUU’s 2010 Commencement
‘Magic Kingdom’ and all its                                                While some elements of the               will be held Friday, April 30th,
wonders, but they established                                              park stay the same for                     at 4:30 pm in the Centrum
                                       •   Emotional connections
what I believe is one of the best          are made                        consistency of experience,
models for improving the               •   Our background                  memory, and recall (Main                 The College of Education and
educational process.                       knowledge is put to a           Street), other elements are                 Human Development’s
Disneyland exemplifies what a                                              renewed or reinvented to                   Convocation will be held
                                           test                                                                    Saturday, May 1st at 10:30 am in
great school could be.                 •   Our current                     present a sense of                               the Centrum
                                           understanding is                newness, currency, and
As I traveled around the park,             extended or enhanced            vitality (Pirates of the
waited in line, and observed           •   There is a strong               Caribbean/Tomorrowland).
others enjoying the experience,            interaction with others                                                    The College recognized
I made note of the following           •   Communication and           Imagine how schools could be if             outstanding students for their
items. As you review these,                experience sharing is       they incorporated these                   achievements and announced the
see what parallels you can                 vital                       elements. The manner in which             Pestalozzi Award winners for the
make in regards to what a                                              teaching and learning occurs                      2008/2009 year.
school leader can do to make                                           would not only be enhanced but               Outstanding students were:
                                    5. In addition to the above, the
his or her school the “Happiest        Disneyland experience           the entire process of schooling
                                                                                                                  Mary Jane Roundy as Valedictorian
Place on Earth.”                       incorporates elements of        would be transformed. Schools
                                       fun, risk, excitement and       could become a place where                         Suzanne Goble as
1. Every thing done at                                                 “dreams do come true.”                            Outstanding Scholar
                                       adventure, and novelty.
   Disneyland is done for a                                                                                        Sara Mendenhall as Outstanding
   reason.                          6. Memory building is an                                                        Master’s of Education Student
                                       essential part of the                                                     Travis Cook, LeeAnn Parkinson, and
2. Attention to detail is              Disneyland experience.                                                       Mary Wohlforth as Outstanding
   paramount.                                                                                                      Educational Leadership Students
                                       This includes motor
                                       memory and learning.                                                        Angela Pickering as Outstanding
3. Every theme event or ride                                                                                     Family Life and Human Development
   follows a similar pattern:                                                                                                   Student
                                    7. You enter Disneyland
   There is anticipation. There        happy and your spirits are                                                      Pestalozzi winners were:
   is motivation. The                  lifted. You leave                                                               Jennifer Christiansen in
   experience surges to a                                                                                               Elementary Education
                                       Disneyland happy, although                                                           Brett Lovell in
   climax or crescendo. There          somewhat tired, with spirits                                                     Secondary Education
   is a winding down period.           lifted and a sense of                                                              Mary Sorensen in
   There is a time for                 fulfillment.                              Dr. Prent Klag                           Special Education
                                                                        “The ideal creative teacher and school      Cheryl Stewart as Outstanding
                                    8. Atmosphere and ambiance              leader is obviously one who will
4. The following elements are                                                                                        Physical Education Student
                                       is everything. The things         encourage experiments in teaching,
   woven into most every               we see, hear, smell, taste,       who will establish a democracy, and     Michelle Smith as Outstanding Athletic
   Disneyland experience:              and experience are all            who will deliberately foster a humane             Training Student
   • There is active                                                     and exhilarating environment. Such
                                       essential to the experience.        teachers and school leaders are          Derek Bryan as Outstanding
       involvement                     Each zone or theme area in       perhaps rare but desperately needed.”      Recreation in Parks and Tourism
   • Our senses are                    Disneyland has its own                                                                  Student
       activated                       ‘signature’.                              Belle Wallace, 1986
                           Simplified Putting Technique                                                       Continued from page 6
 College Academic
      Advisors             Statistical significance was                                                     Other golf studies headed by
                           found for both line and distance                                                 SUU graduate candidates and
   Southern Utah           accuracy. Straight forward                                                       PEHP professors are in
      University           putting technique was over-all a                                                 progress. Students in the
 351 West University       more accurate form of putting.                                                   PEHP Graduate program in
        Blvd.              Averaging all attempts, the SF                                                   Sports Conditioning and
Cedar City, Utah 84720     method was almost 5 inches                                                       Performance will be conducting
                           closer to the hole than the                                                      20 to 30 research and capstone
                           traditional putting style.                                                       projects this school year.

                           A Degree in Early Childhood Development or Family Services
                                                                                                                  Continued from page 4

                               According to the Bureau of                Graduates can work with            graduate programs such as
                               Labor Statistics, child care              children, teen parents,            the Masters of Social Work or
                               workers and social service                families, and the elderly in       are operating their own small
                               workers are among the                     social service agencies,           businesses providing
                               fastest growing occupations.              counseling, crisis centers,        preschool and child care in
                               Between the years 2006 and                youth development, nursing         various cities across the
     Ruth Billhimer            2016 jobs in child care and               homes, and substance-abuse         nation.
College Academic Advisor       social services are projected             programs. Both degrees
         OM 216                to grow much faster than the              prepare students for further
                               average.                                  graduate study in fields such
 PHONE: (435) 586-8083                                                   as Social Work, Psychology,
  FAX: (435) 586-5434          A degree in Early Childhood               Marital and Family
        EMAIL:           Development prepares                      Counseling, Play Therapy,
                               students to work in private,              Child Life, Child Psychology,
                               public franchise, and                     and School Counseling.
                               corporate child care centers,                                                If you would like to learn more about
                                                                                                            our Early Childhood Development
                               as well as Head Start, Early              Recent graduates of our
                                                                                                            degree you can contact Rea Gubler
  We’re on the Web!            Intervention, child welfare,              programs work for Head             (
      See us at:               and social services. A degree             Start, local school district
                               in Family Services prepares               preschools, and social service     If you have questions about Family                                                                                           Services you can direct your
                               students for a wide variety of            programs throughout the
                                                                                                            questions to Shawn Christiansen
                               jobs in social services.                  state. Others are attending        (

                               What Makes the College of Education and Human Development
                               Unique and Distinctive?
                           The Beverley Taylor Sorenson                                                       •    Personalized Advisement and
                           College of Education and                                                                Program Counseling
                           Human Development provides                                                         •    Academic Support for Athletes
                           students with an exceptionally                                                     •    Student Success and Testing
                           unique professional experience
                                                                                                              •    SUU’s Novel “Flight School”
                           that offers a distinctive                 •     Premium Internship                      First-Year Experience for
                           Southern Utah University touch                  Opportunities, Career                   Students
     Kate Connor           that includes:                                  Placement, and Advisement          •    Top-quality Scholarships and
                           •     A Focus on the Individual           •     Collaborative Partnerships and          Student Work Opportunities
College Academic Advisor   •     A Highly-qualified, Practitioner-         Professional Alliances with        •    Service Learning and Student
        ST 101F                  experienced Teaching Faculty              School Districts, Government            Leadership Opportunities
                           •     Relevant, Practical, and                  Agencies, and Private              •    Undergraduate Research
 PHONE: (435) 865-8781           Cutting-edge Curriculum
  FAX: (435) 586-1963
                                                                           Enterprises                             Opportunities
                           •     Personalized, High-quality          •     Exclusive Programs such as         •    Distance Learning and                Instruction                               artsFUSION, the Cedar                   Outreach Services
                           •     Fully Accredited Professional             Mountain Science Center, and
                                 Programs                                  the “Coaching Factory”             It is no wonder that SUU is once
                           •     Unsurpassed, Field Experience       •     State of the Art Educational       again “Top in the Nation” for
                                 and Practicum Opportunities               Facilities and Equipment           quality and value.

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