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									                                               BBA ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERSHIP: THIRD YEAR ENTRY
                                                                                2010/2011 PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS

This checklist is provided for reference only and should always be used in conjunction with official program information
found online at: kwantlen.ca/calendar/programs. For assistance with course planning please consult a School of
Business Degree Advisor.

 Students entering the program in year 3 must complete a 60 credit business diploma (with a minimum GPA of 2.7 and a
 minimum grade of C+ in Accounting and Statistics) OR meet the program’s bridging requirements.

□ ENTR 3000     Professional Business Communications
□ ENTR 3110     Advanced Organizational Behaviour                    ACCT 3320 is not an option for students entering the BBA

□ ENTR 3120     Managerial Accounting
                                                                     program in September 2010. Students who started the program
                                                                     prior to September 2010 may use ACCT 3320 in place of ENTR
□ ENTR 3130     Production and Operations Management                 3120.

□ ENTR 3140     Entrepreneurial Marketing
□ ENTR 3150     Business Economics OR ECON 3150 Managerial Economics
□ ENTR 3160     Information Technology for Business
□ ENTR 3170     Entrepreneurial Finance OR ACCT 3380 Managerial Finance

□ ENTR 4110     Business Leadership
□ ENTR 4120     Human Resource Management
□ ENTR 4140     Entrepreneurial Sales and Customer Service
□ ENTR 4200     Business Strategy
□ ENTR 4250     Entrepreneurial Leadership Practicum (6 credits)
□ ENTR 4300     Entrepreneurial Management for Service Companies


All business degrees require a minimum of 18 credits of liberal education that include:

□ A first year English course (i.e. ENGL 1100 or equivalent)
□ A third or fourth year ethics course (i.e. PHIL 3033 OR LBED 4210 or equivalent)
□ Four electives chosen from the Business Liberal Education electives list found online at:
                                                                                  No more than 3 credits
                                                                                  (1 course) can be taken from any one
1. _________________________            2. _________________________
                                                                                  of CMNS, ECON or MRKT courses found
                                                                                  on the list of Business Liberal Education
3. _________________________            4. _________________________

  The liberal education requirements may be met with courses taken prior to Year 3 provided a minimum of
  120 credits are completed overall. The minimum GPA required for graduation is 2.0.

                                                                                 (green) JG: July 13, 2010

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