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					                                       The Standard International Journals
                                                    (The SIJ)
                                                REVIEW FORM

 Manuscript Id                 Manuscript Title            Reviewer’s Name, Affiliation    Date (DD/MM/YYYY)

 Type of manuscript: (Insert “” in appropriate column)

     Original research          Survey/Review                           Extended version of conference or journal
                                                    Tutorial paper
          article                   article                                              paper

 Please rate the paper on the following features. (Insert “” in appropriate column)

                      Item                         Poor       Unclear      Satisfactory     Good      Outstanding

 Article title

 Quality of abstract to the title and content

 Organization of the manuscript

 Clarity in revealing the purpose of the article

 Contribution of research to next level

 Comparison with the literature


 Technical quality of the paper

 Appropriateness of figures and tables

 Quality of experiments & results

 Adequacy level of conclusion


 Clarity of writing

 Interest to readership

 References and citation

 Paper length
 Comments to the Author (Only the following comments (a) & (b) will be sent to author)

  (a) Changes which must be made before publication

  (b) Suggestions to improve the quality of the manuscript but are not necessary for publication

 Comments / Suggestions (if any) to the Editor

 OVERALL RECOMMENDATION (Insert “” in appropriate column)

 Accept with no    Accept with minor     Accept with major     Reject but encourage revision &
    revision           revision              revision                invite resubmission

   Check here if you want to review the revised manuscript again

                                             Reviewer’s Signature
                                                  with name

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