; TalentWatch.net Launches 2013 Nashville Spotlight Music Contest
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TalentWatch.net Launches 2013 Nashville Spotlight Music Contest


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TalentWatch.net Launches 2013 Nashville Spotlight Music Contest

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 Online winner appears on Nashville Spotlight TV, performs at the world famous Nashville Palace,
 meets with Rick Barker, former manager for Taylor Swift, and pockets $1,000.

Online PR News – 11-February-2013 TalentWatch announces the launch of the2013 Nashville
                                 –                                        ‘
Spotlight Music Contest ,’ hosted exclusively at TalentWatch.net . Music artists must register at
TalentWatch.net to enroll in the online music contest. The contest features singers up to age 25
representing all genres. The winner will be chosen on May 3, 2013 from among the top 10 fan selections.

Nashville Spotlight TV will dedicate an entire show to the winning artist. The half hour show will air two days
per week for one month on Nashville Cable TV, at a future date to be determined. The winner will also be
featured at the world famous Nashville Palace for two days, during the week of the CMA Music Festival
(June 6-9, 2013). Rick Barker, who helped launch Taylor Swift’s career, will personally meet and collaborate
with the winning artist. A cash prize of $1,000 will be rewarded to the winner as well.

TalentWatch's mission is to give aspiring music artists an equal chance to be discovered. It's the only
destination on the web where aspiring artists from all over the world showcase their talent and tell their story
in an engaging and entertaining video-driven format. Fans rate artists on their talent, entertainment and
likeability, giving every music artist an equal chance to rise to the top. Industry professionals can partner
with TalentWatch to stage online contests for artists anywhere in the world.

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