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                               Council Headquarters:
                      Shire Hall, 55 Cowabbie Street, Coolamon, 2701
                                PO Box 101, Coolamon, 2701
                                  Telephone: (02) 6927 3206
                                      Fax: (02) 6927 3168

                                      Office Hours:
                        General Business............8.30am to 5.00pm
                        Cashier...........................8.30am to 4.00pm

Mayor:               Clr. Robert Menzies, 93 Methul Street, Coolamon             6927 2048
Deputy Mayor:        Clr. John Seymour, “Glen Iris”, RMB 109, Marrar             6927 5144

Councillors:         Clr Barrie Logan, Langham Street, Ganmain                   6927 6224
                     Clr Geoff Glass, Lime Street, Marrar                        6927 4342
                     Clr Dennis Brill, "Erinvale", Dullah Road Ganmain           6927 8266
                     Clr Bruce Hutcheon, Millwood Road, Coolamon                 6927 3439
                     Clr John O’Brien, “Meraldon”, Ardlethan                     6978 2113
                     Clr Grant Beard, 28 Ariah Street, Ardlethan                 6978 2190
                     Clr Dave McCann, 122 Devlin Street, Coolamon                6927 2379

General Manager:                                 Mr Terrey Kiss              6927 3197 (ah)

Executive Manager,                               Mr Gerard Bradley           6927 3491 (ah)
Corporate & Community Services:

Executive Manager,                               Mr Tony Kelly               6925 6836 (ah)
Engineering & Technical Services:

Executive Manager,                               Mr Tony Donoghue            6927 3694 (ah)
Planning & Environmental Services:

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
                                EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Once again during 2010/2011 Local Government has been faced with numerous challenges
to deliver necessary services to the community within its financial constraints. This Annual
Report provides commentary on Council’s achievements with respect to the objectives and
performance targets as set out in the Delivery Programme and Operational Plan as adopted
by Council at the commencement of this financial year.

Included in this report are Council’s Financial Statements which provide a clear indication of
Council’s financial status in relation to its operation. Council’s Auditor has made comment
and these comments are provided for perusal by residents.

As advised in last year’s Annual Report, Coolamon Shire Council elected to be in the Group 1
of Councils for the Integrated Planning and Reporting Legislation and Guidelines which
required Council to produce a Community Strategic Plan together with Delivery and
Operational Plans to encompass the future direction of Local Government for the next 20
years. This Annual Report has been completed to comply with the requirements of the
Integrated Planning and Reporting Legislation.

Over the past twelve months there have been some significant milestones that Council has
achieved. After many years of frustration the Local Environmental Plan 2011 was finally
gazetted, Council’s Planning Department is now working to produce further Development
Control Plans that will enhance and provide direction to Council in relation to future
planning issues.

At the commencement of year Council still had unspent funds courtesy of the Federal
Government Stimulus Package. These funds were provided for the continued upgrade at
the Coolamon Up-to-Date Store which included the provisions of facilities, storage areas and
consolidation of this area with the RSL Museum. It is pleasing to report that this funding
was fully expended and all of the stated objectives were achieved. However, Council has
identified two additional items which will further enhance the operations of the store.
Council is in the process of seeking funding to house the widely acclaimed Godde Farm
Collection together with expanding the existing Garth Jones Collection. It is envisaged that
these displays should be completed in the next reporting year.

Once again Council suffered further major damage to certain sections of Council’s road
system due to adverse weather conditions. The ongoing repair of the roads which were
damaged is continuing with significant inroads being achieved. Subject to weather
conditions it is expected that all of the road damage work will be completed in the
2011/2012 year.

It is pleasing to be able to report that Council’s 36 block subdivision located at the corner of
Stinson and Lewis Streets, Coolamon has been finalized with all but one block being sold. It
is anticipated this block will be disposed of early in 2011/2012.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
Major works have continued with the upgrading of the filtration system at the Coolamon
Swimming Pool. This upgrading is a continuing programme which will together with further
works to be carried out at the Ganmain and Ardlethan Swimming Pools be performed over
the ensuing years.

Council was fortunate to receive funding from the State Government to commence and
finalise projects that had been scheduled for later years, these projects include further
enhancements to the Ganmain walking track and the construction of a Town Plaza in
Cowabbie Street, Coolamon.

The Annual Report as presented provides detailed information of Council’s achievements
against its Operational and Delivery Programme, this report is now presented to residents of
the Shire in order that they may be familiar with the happenings over the past twelve

Robert Menzies                                                 Terrey Kiss
MAYOR                                                          GENERAL MANAGER

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
                             GENERAL INFORMATION


Council conducts the majority of its business in an open forum, with the only exceptions
being those matters pertaining to staff, litigation, and the private business of individuals
where confidentiality has been requested. However, all such decisions are ratified in Open

Ordinary Meetings of Council are held on the third Thursday of every month commencing at
1.30pm and generally conclude around 6.00pm. Ratepayers are welcome to attend.

Agenda's are available at the office during business hours and in addition will be provided
during the meeting. The Business Agenda for each meeting is prepared on the second
Wednesday of each month, and any person wishing to bring a matter before Council should
lodge it with the General Manager by that day.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
                         COMMUNITY STRATEGIC PLAN

In May 2010 Council adopted its Community Strategic Plan titled Our Communities 2030.

The Plan outlined the changes the Community would like to see by the Year 2030. The Plan
adopted four key themes being:

1)     Sustaining “Our Close Knit Shire Communities”.
2)     Sustaining the Environmental Qualities of the Shire.
3)     Sustaining our Strong Rural Based Economy.
4)     Working together to achieve the “Our Communities 2030” Vision.

The Plan has a combination of themes, objectives and strategies with the Plan being linked
to the Annual Report as illustrated below.

Council is now pleased to provide details of its performance as outlined in the Community
Strategic Plan through its Adopted Delivery Programme and Operational Plan in respect of
its principle activities and performances expected within those activities.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report

Objective 1.1: A maintenance of community values with any growth in population.

1.1.1 Foster and build community partnerships and networks
       Support local community organisations.

       Progress Report:

          Over the past twelve months Council has been active in the support of local
           community organisations. This support has been provided to the Beckom
           Centenary Committee, Ardlethan Arts & Music Festival, Matong Bush Picnic,
           Ardlethan Community Development Committee, Coolamon Heritage and
           Advancement Society and Up-2-Date Art Exhibition. This support has included
           the provision of chairs, staff, plant and equipment for the various aspects of the
           community organisation’s activities. Additionally donations have been made to
           all of the schools throughout the Shire towards their prize-giving evenings.

          In order to support the many community organisations such as Halls, CWA’s etc,
           rate relief has been provided to these organisations as per Council’s policies.

          Council has re-appointed all its Section 355 committees in addition to the re-
           appointment, Council has now implemented a more formalised reporting
           structure for these committees.

          Throughout the past twelve months the Coolamon Shire Community Benefit
           Fund provided financial assistance to two families in accordance with the rules
           and regulations of the fund.

          Council provided support the Ganmain Guardian, Coolamon Heritage and
           Advancement Society in the production of their monthly newsletters.

1.1.2 Encourage volunteerism within all age groups for social support, recreational
      pursuits and community services and activities.
       Volunteer base to be maintained and expanded.

       Progress Report:

          Council has continued to encourage volunteerism in its monthly newsletter and
           has been actively involved in providing training to its volunteers.

          Council has not received any requests for administrative support from any
           volunteer organisations.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
          Council has provided support to community organisations in the preparation
           together with letters of support for grant applications submitted from the
           various community organisations. In particular Council has provided support to
           the Ardlethan Community Development Committee with their grant application
           for the development of an Ardlethan Cultural Centre within that town.

          Coolamon Lions Club continues to receive support from Council in the
           transportation of their recyclable materials to Wagga Wagga. Council also
           provides equipment to the Lions Club to enable them to complete their recycling
           activities in a cost efficient and effective manner.

          Council has been able to maintain its volunteer level to continue to provide
           Meals on Wheels and Community Transport together with Home Maintenance
           and Modification to various sectors of the community.

1.1.3 Develop and implement initiatives to welcome new residents and make them
      aware of the Shire’s opportunities.
       Provide information and resources to shire communities so that new residents
         can be welcomed and informed.

       Progress Report:

          Council during the past twelve months has produced a new Residents Guide and
           Information Booklet. Further work is continuing on updating tourist maps of the
           towns and villages of the Shire.

          Council continues to distribute the new Residents Guide to purchasers of
           property within the Coolamon Shire when it receives advice of change of land

          A welcome to new residents to Coolamon was held in Lions Park Coolamon
           throughout the last twelve months. Council supported this activity by the
           production of a new resident’s booklet which was distributed on this occasion.

          Council has continued to advertise the Allawah Retirement Village in local
           newspapers circulating throughout the area over the past twelve months
           encouraging people to consider this as an alternate place to reside.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
Objective 1.2: A high standard of services, facilities and infrastructure for all age groups.

1.2.1 Provide access to facilities, services and information to support families, youth and
      seniors including the provision of child care facilities and respite services.
       To provide childcare services that meets the needs of the Community.
       To provide a full range of Community Services to the frail, aged and disabled
         persons within the community within the constraints of Grants provided by State
         and Federal Governments.
       To promote services and access to services for people with diverse cultural,
         socially isolated and linguistic backgrounds where a need has been identified.
       To ensure that the needs of young people in the Coolamon Shire are identified
         and met within financial constraints.
       That Council continue to provide accommodation for those persons with
         particular needs which will ensure that they continue to reside within those
       To assist frail aged and disabled persons to continue to reside with dignity in their
         local Communities.

       Progress Report:

          Council continues to operate Coolamon Early Childhood Centre and the
           Ardlethan Pre School Centre with both of these centres meeting Departmental
           licensing requirements as required by the Department of Community Services.

          Following investigations into the need for Before and After School Care in
           Coolamon, Council in April 2011 commenced operations of a Before and After
           School Care Centre at the existing Coolamon Early Childhood Centre.

          Council has also financially supported the establishment of an After School Care
           facility in the town of Ganmain.

          The Coolamon and Ganmain Pre Schools are housed in premises which are
           owned by Council. Council has carried out some substantial repairs to the
           Ganmain Pre School to ensure the building meets all safety standards and
           requirements and does not pose a threat to users of the facility.

          The provision of services to the frail aged and disabled persons within the
           community continues to be part of Council’s operational area through its
           administration of the Community Transport scheme, the provision of monthly
           community meals, the delivery of meals on wheel and also home maintenance
           and modification program with all of these programs continuing over the past
           reporting period. In addition the above programs, Council also administers the
           Community Aged Care Package programs which provides meals and home
           assistance to resident’s within the Shire to enable them to reside within their
           own homes with dignity and extend their length of time of residing within their
           local communities.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
          Council has been able to provide accommodation in the past twelve months for a
           resident of the Shire from a different cultural background under its principles of
           Access and Equity.

          Council’s Youth and Development Community Officer has implemented
           successful holiday programmes throughout the year.

          Council’s Youth & Development Community Officer identified a strategy to
           extend communications with the youth through the local School Councils.
           Throughout the past twelve months the Youth & Development Community
           Officer has attended a number of Student Representative Council Meetings at
           both Ardlethan and Coolamon Central Schools and has set up lines of
           communication with these groups in order to promote the activities for youth
           throughout the Shire.

          Youth Week activities were conducted in accordance with the requirements of
           the Youth Week Grant which was received by Council. These activities were well
           supported and provided an outlet for the youth of the Shire to experience many
           social interactions between various groups.

          The finalisation of the construction of a Skate Park in the township of Coolamon
           has further enhanced the recreation facilities available for the youth within the

          Council continues with the planning for the construction of the Ganmain Aged
           Persons Units with the plan of subdivision now being approved and the provision
           of the infrastructure being undertaken.

          Council continues to provide accommodation for the aged with its 33 bed Aged
           Person Hostel and 24 bed Retirement Village. In addition to the Retirement
           Village and Allawah Lodge Aged Persons Hostel, Council also provides self
           contained units in Coolamon, Ganmain and Ardlethan. In total Council has 22 of
           these units throughout these towns of the Shire which continue to provide
           suitable accommodation for aged residents within their local communities. All of
           the accommodation above is meeting the needs of the community with the
           ongoing maintenance of the various buildings and gardens being part of Councils
           operational aspect in relation to the provision of these services.

          Under the Community Housing Programme, Council continues to provide
           accommodation to four families that is suitable for their needs.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
1.2.2 Provide protection from crime, fire, anti-social activities and other threats to
      community safety.
       To provide professional, effective and cost efficient responses to all emergency
         incidents within the Shire in accordance with Service Level Agreement between
         Council and RFS.
       To provide efficient and effective measures for the prevention and mitigation of
         fire impact on the local Community through effective planning initiatives, fuel
         management strategies, fire trail maintenance, and the continual assessment of
         bushfire risk across the District.
       To provide support to the Local State Emergency Services Group and ensuring
         they are capable of responding in an adequate manner to all emergency
       To minimise and control the public nuisance effect of straying stock and animals.
       To develop and implement projects that address local road safety issues.
       Lobby for adequate local police working presence.
       The preservation and enhancement of public health by regulating and inspecting
         all premises and vehicles used for the preparation, storage, delivery and sale of
         food and refreshments.
       Address social standards and values in particular growing issues of alcohol abuse
         and vandalism
       Provide support for NSW Fire Brigades

       Progress Report:

          Council has, in order to minimise the risk of bush fires, carried out a program of
           roadside spraying of the various roads within the Shire. Meetings have been held
           with the Rural Fire Service to formulate the service level and fire plans. With the
           adoption of Council’s new Local Environmental Plan further discussions have
           been held with the Rural Fire Service with a view to identifying bush fire prone
           land for inclusion within the document.

          Council has continued to provide premises for the local State Emergency Services
           throughout the past twelve months and has supported State Emergency Services
           in the maintenance of the response vehicle to ensure they can adequately
           respond to any emergency situation.

          Straying stock and animals have been minimal throughout this reporting period,
           however, when reports have been received Council’s ranger has taken the
           necessary action to ensure the risk is minimised within Council’s service

          Council continues to review and follow up on companion animal registrations
           and take the necessary action in relation to noise complaints and dangerous
           dogs. During the reporting period there have been 61 dog complaints.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
          Council’s Road Safety Officer has completed the Road Safety Plan and has been
           visiting schools within the Shire in order to promote the message of road safety
           within this area. The Road Safety Officer has made available learner driver
           instructions to residents of the Shire.

          Council has continued to be represented at meetings with the NSW Police Force
           and the lines of communication between local police and Council have been
           retained. Council continues to make representations to have an increased
           permanent and operating policing presence in the rural areas of the Shire.

          Annual Food Shop Inspections have been carried out with the follow-up
           procedures being enforced.

          In order to address the issues of alcohol abuse, meetings have been held with
           the various licensees within Coolamon and an agreement has been reached in an
           effort to reduce the issue of alcohol abuse and vandalism.

          The retention of NSW Fire Brigades in the township of Coolamon as seen as an
           important issue. In an effort to maintain the level of service for the NSW Fire
           Brigades, Council has supported their endeavours in attracting volunteers by the
           delivery of a circular letter to encourage local people to join the NSW Fire
           Brigades. Council will continue to assist in this regard. Council has also paid its
           annual levy contribution to NSW Fire Brigades.

          During the reporting period Council has produced and circularised a special
           Newsletter providing information and education directions to the residents on
           the keeping of cats, dogs and horses within the Shire. In the light of recent
           litigation Council will have to further address its responsibilities in relation to the
           control of dogs.

1.2.3 Provide and maintain safe and serviceable public facilities and infrastructure
      including roads, footpaths, and stormwater drains.
       To ensure that all land and buildings owned and controlled by Council are
          maintained in an appropriate manner and utilised for their designated and
          appropriate community purpose.
       Ensure that all aspects of Council's Cemetery operations are carried out in an
          appropriate and dignified manner with due respect and accuracy.
       To continue to maintain the existing public conveniences in a clean and tidy
       To provide an overall system of management that allows Community Committees
          to control their own Halls in accordance with their needs and requirements.
       To ensure all urban roads within all communities are sealed or where unsealed
          are maintained via a system of programmed management.
       To ensure that a quality sealed rural road system is in existence throughout the

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
          To provide a quality unsealed rural road network throughout the Shire.
          The provision and maintenance of a safe and adequate footpath system in close
           proximity to the commercial areas and public facilities of all communities.
          To provision and maintenance of a suitable stormwater system inclusive of an
           adequate kerb and gutter network.
          The provision of an adequate system of Street Lighting to all developed
           commercial and residential areas of the towns and villages.

       Progress Report:

          The ongoing inspection and maintenance of Council’s land and buildings has
           continued throughout the year with a report being presented to the May
           meeting of Council highlighting the main areas of required maintenance for the
           various buildings owned and controlled by Council.

          The maintenance of buildings has been carried out subject to financial
           constraints. The annual fire inspections on Council’s designated buildings have all
           been completed with the appropriate report being provided.

          Council’s maintenance staff has continued the program of maintenance at the
           various cemeteries and all burials and plaque requests have been completed
           within the designated time frames.

          Council staff have finalised the updating of the Cemetery Data Base. Further
           improvements are proposed with the publication of photographs of grave sites
           to be included on Council’s webpage.

          Council’s existing public conveniences continue to be cleaned in accordance with
           the cleaning schedule as agreed to with Council contractors. However, due to
           vandalism to the public conveniences in Lions Park, Coolamon, these
           conveniences have been closed to the public after daylight hours.

          Council continues to support the local community hall committees in their
           operations of control and maintenance of their halls. Council has further
           strengthened their reporting requirements to ensure that the committees’ legal
           obligations are being met.

          The maintenance of Council’s sealed and un-sealed roads has continued over the
           past twelve months. The main thrust of Council’s maintenance program has been
           the completion of the maintenance which was caused by the heavy storms in
           March 2010.

          Road inspections continue to be carried out on a regular basis. This together with
           Council’s road hierarchical plan which has been considered by Council during this
           reporting period provides Council with direction for the maintenance upkeep of
           its road infrastructure.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
          The upgrading of Ford Street, Ganmain has continued in this reporting period
           which has included the improvement to the Ford Street footpath on the south
           side of the Boggy Creek bridge.

          Further major reconstruction works have been carried out in Waterview Street,
           Ganmain and also further flood damage works west of Matong on the Canola

          Council has experienced some problems with its storm water system particularly
           in the Ford Street, Ganmain area. This has necessitated in Council implementing
           an inspection regime of its storm water system. The inspection regime will now
           become a regular part of Council’s maintenance program.

          There has been no extension of Council’s kerb and gutter network during the
           reporting period, however, regular cleaning of the kerb and gutter in the
           commercial areas of the towns and villages has been carried out. The
           construction of further kerb and gutter network is something which will need to
           be considered in future budgets as towns develop and expand.

          Council continues to liaise with Essential Energy to ensure that the street lighting
           system is adequately maintained throughout the villages and towns of the Shire.

1.2.4 Provide and maintain efficient sewerage systems that allow for required
       To provide, maintain and operate a sewage disposal system and treatment works
         that meets the needs of the Coolamon and Ganmain Communities and to
         continue monitoring the developing areas in respect of the need for sewerage

       Progress Report:

          Council has continued to meet all of its licensing requirements in relation to the
           Coolamon and Ganmain sewerage systems.

          The storage areas were upgraded in previous reporting periods for the Coolamon
           sewerage system have provided increased storage facilities which have been
           almost fully utilised.

          A review of the current sewerage charges has been carried out. Council will need
           to address its Asset Management of the Sewerage Network and Best Practice
           pricing in future budgets.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
1.2.5 Investigate implementation of new cost effective sewerage systems where
      required by environmental pressures and/or by community desire.
       To continue to investigate the most appropriate means of constructing and
         financing a sewerage scheme in the township of Ardlethan.

       Progress Report:

          Council has submitted an application under the Federal Government’s Regional &
           Local Community Infrastructure Program Strategic Projects for grant works for
           Ardlethan Sewerage Scheme. Advice has been received that Council’s grant
           application was unsuccessful. The situation in relation to construction of a
           Sewerage Scheme in Ardlethan will continue to be monitored.

1.2.6 Investigate provision of improved, more integrated public and community
      transport within the Shire.
       Support the provision of improved public transport within the Shire.

       Progress Report:

          Council has attempted to encourage people to use the community bus through
           the Community Transport Organisation. To date its attempts in this area have
           met with limited success.

1.2.7 Support appropriate healthcare providers within the Shire and greater region.
       Support the provision of adequate health services to the whole Shire.

       Progress Report:

          Council continues to provide professional accommodation in Coolamon and
           Ganmain for the local Medical Practitioner together with accommodation for
           other health related practitioners.

1.2.8 Improve physical access to shops and other buildings for the elderly and disabled.
       Support local businesses with improvements to the access to their premises.

       Progress Report:

          Council provides appropriate advice to businesses on access requirements to
           their premises when so requested.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
1.2.9 Develop and implement an education strategy.
       Ensure the maintenance and enhancement of existing educational facilities within
         the Shire.

       Progress Report:

          Discussions have been held at Senior Management level who have been unable
           to identify any education deficiencies in this reporting period, thus no contact
           has been made with education providers in regards to this strategy.

          Residents of the Shire have secondary education to Higher School Certificate
           level in Ardlethan and Coolamon and there is easy access to the Wagga Campus
           of Tafe and Charles Sturt University via Council’s Road Network.

1.2.10 Extend improved access to telecommunication and broadband services.
        Support the provision of equitable telecommunication and broadband services for
          all residents of the Shire.

       Progress Report:

          A Federal Government responsibility, however discussions will be held with the
           appropriate providers when circumstances warrant.

          Approaches have been made for the upgrading of mobile telephone reception in
           the Dullah area of the Shire, advice has been received that there is little
           likelihood of any further construction of mobile phone towers at the present

1.2.11 Continue to explore opportunities to provide a reliable water supply for our
       sporting fields.
        Provide effluent reuse water to the benefit of sporting organisations.

       Progress Report:

          Storage dams in Coolamon almost at 100% capacity. Recycled water being
           delivered to users when required.

          The water supplies in all other Towns and Villages of the Shire are provided by
           Goldenfields Water County Council who implement the necessary upgrades to
           ensure a reliable and constant supply of water.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
Objective 1.3:   A lifestyle with diverse entertainment, recreation and cultural

1.3.1 Create opportunities to participate in active and healthy recreational activities.
       Support sporting organisations with the retention of their assets.
       Construct assets to encourage physical activities to help people maintain a
         healthy lifestyle.

       Progress Report:

          Council has accepted trusteeship of a number of showgrounds, community
           reserves and walking tracks.

          Council has acquired further land in Ganmain to enable the construction of the
           walking track in that township to be finalised.

          The construction of the Skate Park in Coolamon has provided the youth of the
           Shire with another recreational asset.

          Continued upgrading of pool filtration plants is currently underway, these
           upgrades will be continued in future budgets.

          The use of recycled water on the sporting fields of Kindra Park, the Coolamon
           Touch fields and the Coolamon Golf Course is continuing allowing residents to
           participate in the various sporting activities.

          Council also makes available premises such as the Mullins Centre and the
           Coolamon Community Centre to enable people to participate in healthy lifestyle
           activities such as general exercise and karate.

          Council’s Recreational Officer also provides healthy lifestyle activities at Allawah
           Lodge and provides assistance to the Canola Adventurers Men’s Group.

1.3.2 Provide innovative and enhanced library services that encourage lifelong learning.
       To continue to provide a Mobile Library Service, in order to satisfy the
         information, cultural, educational and recreational needs of residents.
       Continued operation of static library in Coolamon.

       Progress Report:

          Mobile Library continues to service towns and villages within the Shire whilst the
           static library provided in Coolamon has helped increase membership and usage

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
          Council has received no complaints about the operations of either its mobile
           library or static library services.

          Council has also sponsored the broadband for Seniors Programme in order to
           teach seniors how to use computers and the Internet service. The Broadband for
           Seniors was conducted out of the Coolamon Library.

          An Aged Care Expo has been held at the Up-to-Date Store precinct with over 25
           exhibitors being present throughout the Store and the Library on this occasion.

          Council has been successful in receiving a Library Grant to further enhance the
           furniture and historical records of the Library.

          School Holiday Programmes together with fortnightly Story Time sessions are
           also held at the Library for the respective School age students.

1.3.3 Support and promote arts, artists and cultural development within the local
       Implement initiatives that will develop and maintain a vibrant and creative
         community, involved in cultural activities
       Provide appropriate guidance for community organisations in identifying funding
         sources for cultural events.
       Council acknowledge Aboriginal culture

       Progress Report:

          The upgrading of the Up-To-Date Store area as a cultural centre is continuing
           with programmed works completed as at 30 June, 2011.

          The Centre has been used for art exhibitions, antique auctions and continues to
           be utilised for library operations.

          Letters of support have been provided to community organisations when seeking
           grant funding.

          Displays of aboriginal culture are implemented when materials are provided,
           during the reporting period no materials or displays have been held.

          Council is a member of the Eastern Riverina Arts Programme. A number of
           changes to this organisation has occurred with the name being changed to
           Eastern Riverina Arts and Council has a new representative, Clr D McCann as its
           delegate to this Committee.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
1.3.4 Provide attractive, accessible and safe parks, recreational and other public places.
       To provide a safe and secure swimming pool facility in the towns of Ardlethan,
         Coolamon and Ganmain.
       To provide parks and gardens that are aesthetically attractive and are available
         for passive recreational pursuits.
       To implement an Urban Tree Management Plan and Tree Removal Programme
         that is both aesthetically attractive and ensures that Council's civil infrastructure
         is not damaged by such plantings. Furthermore, that the assets of Essential
         Energy are given consideration during the implementation of the programme.

       Progress Report:

          Major filtration works have been carried out to improve the water quality at the
           Coolamon swimming pool. The continued refinement of the filtration plant will
           be continued over future reporting periods.

          Upgrading of the filter systems has also occurred at the Ardlethan swimming
           pool to improve water quality standard.

          Minor maintenance works in preparation for the 2010/2011 swimming season
           were carried out at the Ganmain swimming pool.

          Throughout the swimming season all pools operated satisfactorily with water
           standards being adhered to.

          Training has been provided to the pool licensees.

          Council has received no complaints about the standard of its parks and gardens.

          Inspections have been carried out on the playground equipment.

          Improvement works have been carried out to the approach to Coolamon from
           the City of Wagga Wagga.

          Staff have continued with tree planting throughout the urban areas of the Shire.
           Incorporated in with this tree planting has been a tree lopping program.

          Council Staff have continued to monitor the use of the Coolamon Skate Park with
           a number of directions being issued during the reporting period in relation to the
           wearing of safety gear.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
1.3.5 Preserve and promote local history and heritage.
       To enhance & promote local cultural heritage within the Shire to create benefit
         for the community

       Progress Report:

          Funding has continued for the employment of a heritage consultant.

          The local heritage program allocations have been made.

          The linking of the RSL museum with the Coolamon Up-To-Date Store has

          Support to the Ardlethan Cultural Development Committee has been provided in
           an endeavour to secure appropriate funding for the construction of a cultural
           centre in Ardlethan.

          The programme of recording the lives and memories of elder citizens throughout
           the Shire has discontinued at this time due to the inability of the volunteers to
           continue this programme.

1.3.6 Encourage activities that promote community spirit.
       To promote the celebration & awareness of Australia Day
       Support local community activities

       Progress Report:

          The Marrar Community hosted the 2011 Australia Day Celebrations with many
           positive comments being received on the successful celebrations held.

          The community has access to Council venues for arranged community activities.

1.3.7 Provide appropriate guidance for sports clubs in writing grant applications
       Provide appropriate guidance for sports clubs in identifying funding sources.

       Progress Report:

          No requests have been received from sporting clubs in relation to grant

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
1.3.8 Encourage cycling and walking, through developing tracks and paths
       Establish” need-based” tracks and paths within the Shire

       Progress Report:

          Council has adopted the PAMPS program in conjunction with RTA. This program
           has been submitted and approved by the Roads & Traffic Authority.

1.3.9 Identify an appropriate annual or periodic event that could attract visitors to the
      Shire and encourage community leaders to plan and deliver the event.
       Support local communities with endeavours to hold events that attract visitors.

       Progress Report:

          Council has supported a number of community events in this reporting period
           such as the Ardlethan Art and Jazz Festival, the Matong Bush Picnic, the Up-2-
           Date Art Exhibition, the Australia Day Celebrations and Skate Park Clinics.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report

Objective 2.1:    Adaptation to climate variability.

2.1.1 Monitor and strategically manage environmental risks and impacts of climate
       Adapt to climate variability through development of a climate variability strategy

       Progress Report:

          Council has completed a Climate Change Strategy in conjunction with Statewide

2.1.2 Develop community leadership on becoming leaders in resource use, reuse and
       Develop leadership on becoming energy efficient including carbon capture, water
         recycling and solar efficiency
       Secure sustainable, affordable supplies of water and use our water even more
       Encourage efficient water usage by Shire communities.
       Encourage solar energy usage by Shire communities.

       Progress Report:

          Solar energy panels have been installed at the Coolamon Shire Council

          Effluent re-use water is currently being distributed to sporting organisations in
           the township of Coolamon.

          Some computer systems have been installed to control Council’s irrigation of its
           parks and gardens.

          Mapping of the underground water supplies in conjunction with REROC
           Strengthening the Basins Communities Project is currently under way.

          Council has advertised in its monthly Newsletter the availability of grants for
           water tanks through DECCW.

          Council has also advertised in the monthly Newsletter the information about the
           solar energy systems Government assistance available.

          A report has been completed on the possibility of water recycling in the parks
           and gardens of Coolamon. A decision not to proceed was taken by Council.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
Objective 2.2: Our rich heritage and natural environment character conserved.

2.2.1 Protect natural landscapes and systems in particular our native vegetation,
      biodiversity and Murrumbidgee River catchment through sharing regional
       To protect the local environment or assist in maximising productivity of prime
         agricultural land by the removal of infestation of noxious plants.
       To ensure all septic tanks throughout the Shire are operating in accordance with
         the minimum requirements of the Local Government Regulations, Public Health
         guidelines and industry standards.
       To develop an environment that is sustainable for future generations in terms of
         visual attractiveness and pollution free.
       To operate the quarrying service to Council's programmes in an environmentally
         sensitive manner.
       To ensure the protection of natural vegetation on Council controlled land.

       Progress Report:

          Council continues to maintain the service agreement in conjunction with the
           Temora and Junee Shire for the control of noxious weeds.

          The ongoing spraying of noxious weeds has been carried out on the various areas
           identified with infestations.

          Staff continue to follow up the connection of premises within Ganmain to the
           Ganmain sewerage system.

          There has been no environmental damage reported from construction sites in
           the area.

          Council continues to maintain its appropriate licenses for its mining operations.

          Council has in place two voluntary conservation agreements for the preservation
           of native vegetation. Council continues to comply with these agreements.

          Tree planting of road corridors in conjunction with the Murrumbidgee
           Catchment Management Authority have been carried out.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
2.2.2 Encourage and ensure high quality planning and urban design outcomes.
       To provide a Planning Instrument that ensures all land within the Shire is
         developed in an appropriate manner and reflects the rural nature of the
       Ensure that all building activity within the Coolamon Shire meets the
         requirements of the EP&A Act and the Local Government Act 1993.

       Progress Report:

          The gazettal of the new Local Environmental Plan (LEP) has been completed. The
           ongoing preparation of a comprehensive Development Control Plan to
           supplement the new Local Environmental Plan is proceeding, and should be
           completed by the 31 December, 2011.

          Council has power saving kits available at the Coolamon Library to enable
           residents to identify potential energy savings within their homes, thus helping
           the environment.

          Council has received no complaints in relation to building activity carried out
           within the area.

          Inspections are carried out and the assessment and approval time is meeting

2.2.3 Protect local heritage and residential amenity, including protection of significant
      architecture, Indigenous heritage and the natural environment.
       Identify, protect, enhance and celebrate all significant Indigenous and non-
         Indigenous heritage sites
       Maintain our heritage through ensuring that development and restoration of
         shops and buildings is compatible with the heritage value of the surrounding

       Progress Report:

          Consultations with the indigenous community have been held during the LEP

          Council continues to allocate funding under the local heritage program for
           restoration and improvements to heritage assets in the towns and villages of the

          Grant funding has been received for the continued employment of a heritage

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
2.2.4 Reduce our waste to landfill through effective waste management & recycling.
       The effective collection of all household garbage from within the defined
         scavenging areas in a regular and clean manner.
       Minimise landfill disposal methods whilst still maintaining effective garbage
         depots within the Shire that are safe, environmentally friendly and effectively

       Progress Report:

          Council continues to collect household garbage from within all defined areas of
           the towns and villages of the Shire. No complaints of a substantial nature in
           respect of this service have been received.

          Licensing conditions are being complied with at Council’s landfill sites. Recycling
           at the landfill sites has been extended with waste being deposited in the
           designated areas. Landfill sites are manned when operating.

          An organic recycling trial is to be implemented over 200 sites within the
           township of Coolamon, this trial is being organised through the REROC
           Organisation of Councils.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report

Objective 3.1:   A sustainable economy amid a changing regional, national and global

3.1.1 Promote and support existing and new business investment within the Shire to
      take advantage of the Shire’s access to Wagga Wagga, the Bomen Industrial Estate,
      Junee, and Temora.
       Council support the promotion of businesses within the Shire.
       Provide high quality infrastructure to support the investment by businesses within
         the Shire
       Encourage the development or relocation of employment generating industries
         within the Shire.

       Progress Report:

          Council’s new Local Environmental Plan (LEP) has been gazetted. The ongoing
           preparation of a comprehensive Development Control Plan is proceeding and
           should be completed by the 31 December, 2011.

          Infrastructure is in place to service the establishment of business within the
           Shire. No complaints have been received about the adequacy of Council’s

          Council has a land bank available for development of subdivisions to encourage
           people to relocate to the area.

          Council staff are actively involved in the Regional Development Australia Riverina
           who provide direction for industrial development.

          Council Staff are investigating further opportunities for the economic promotion
           of the Shire with a private consultant.

3.1.2 Foster and build partnerships with tertiary institutions (TAFE and CSU) to increase
      access to knowledge and skills within the Shire and the region to benefit shire
       To advertise training available throughout the Shire.

       Progress Report:

          Training brochures are available at Shire offices and training opportunities are
           advised in the monthly Newsletter where appropriate.

          Council makes available facilities to training providers when requested.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
3.1.3 Develop and implement initiatives to promote the local and regional economy.
       Refer Strategy 3.1.1

       Progress Report:

          Refer to Progress Report 3.1.1.

3.1.4 Focus development within the Shire to avoid unnecessary duplication of public
      services and facilities.
       Emphasis the importance of consolidating Council’s resources to defined focal
       To provide fully serviced residential land at a reasonable purchase price from
          Council's land bank.

       Progress Report:

          Maintain Coolamon as the Shire headquarters and Ardlethan as the northern
           entry point to the Shire. Council’s long-term strategy is to provide residential
           subdivisions on the northern side of Coolamon.

          Council has prepared a master plan for the expansion of the township of
           Coolamon on the northern side of the township.

Objective 3.2: Increased awareness within prospective businesses, tourists and
residents of the appeal of the Coolamon Shire.

3.2.1 Develop a Coolamon Shire image focusing on the unique identity of the Shire and
      its towns and villages.
       Promote the Coolamon Shire as a place to work and live.
       Proactively communicate the community and council’s achievements and events
           to the wider community

       Progress Report:

          Council has advertised in regional newspapers and radio circulating in the area its
           retirement village and subdivision blocks available for sale, this together with the
           promotion of the Coolamon Early Childhood Centre and the Before and After
           School Service has also been advertised throughout the area.

          Continued contact with media outlets such as newspapers, radio and television
           has been maintained during this reporting period.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
3.2.2 Develop and implement initiatives to attract tourists.
       To encourage visitation and generally promote the area.
       To provide a Caravan Park in Ardlethan and Coolamon that constitutes a basic
         level of service/short term accommodation to the travelling community.
       Improve the signage throughout our towns and villages

       Progress Report:

          Contact with the Riverina Tourism Association has been continued, however
           reduced staff numbers have prevented attendance at tourism meetings during
           this period. The production and update of the Coolamon Shire Residents Guide
           has been completed.

          Investigations into the upgrading of the Coolamon Caravan Park and the
           relocation of the Ardlethan Caravan Park have continued. Meetings have been
           held and reports presented to Council. Appropriate signage is in place and being

Objective 3.3:   Sustained viability of our farming land.

3.3.1 Identify opportunities, programs and funding to maintain and or enhance farming
      productivity and support the retention of farming population.
       Identify opportunities, programs and funding available for maintaining farming
       Investigate alternative farming initiatives suitable to the area and climate.

       Progress Report:

          Council provides accommodation for the Rural Financial Counselling Service. It
           also is providing the administration support for the North Eastern Riverina Rural
           Counselling Service out of the Ganmain Rural Transaction Centre.

          Contact has not been made with the Department of Industry and Investment to
           investigate alternate farming initiatives suitable to the area and climate.

          Council ran a Seminar on Agricultural Opportunities in the Riverina and Carbon

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
3.3.2 Determine the green economic opportunities available for farms to enter carbon
      offsets market.
       Encourage farmers to investigate and undertake “green” economic opportunities.

       Progress Report:

          Initiatives provided by the DECCW and Industry and Investment have been
           advertised in Council’s Newsletter encouraging people to make use of the grant
           funds available through this Department.

          A seminar was held with representatives from the Department of Agriculture and
           private industries on the future of agriculture viability within the Shire.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
        2030” VISION

Objective 4.1: Opportunities identified for diversified community leadership, inter-
generational leadership and transition of youth into leadership roles

4.1.1 Encourage community leadership
       Provide development programs to grow capability in our current and prospective
       Encourage involvement of respected community representatives in providing
         mentoring to youth.

       Progress Report:

          All Section 355 Committees have been provided with Code of Conduct,
           Statement of Business Ethics and Constitution for their information and

          Council’s Youth and Development Community Officer has implemented
           successful holiday programmes throughout the year.

          Council’s Youth & Development Community Officer identified a strategy to
           extend communications with the youth through the local School Councils.
           Throughout the past twelve months the Youth & Development Community
           Officer has attended a number of Student Representative Council Meetings at
           both Ardlethan and Coolamon Central Schools and has set up lines of
           communication with these groups in order to promote the activities for youth
           throughout the Shire.

          Youth Week activities were conducted in accordance with the requirements of
           the Youth Week Grant which was received by Council. These activities were well
           supported and provided an outlet for the youth of the Shire to experience many
           social interactions between various groups.

          Contact and meetings have been held with Charles Sturt University together with
           a presentation of Putting Youth in the Picture for information to communities
           within the Shire.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
Objective 4.2: Council as an organisation be consultative, participatory, encouraging
and well managed.

4.2.1 Maintain two-way communication with the community and increase awareness of
      Council’s activities
       Involve the community in Council’s planning processes
       Continue communication between Council and the Community.

       Progress Report:

          Council continues to produce a monthly newsletter which is distributed to all
           residents of the Shire.

          A Bus Tour of Councillors was held in February 2011. Due to insufficient interest
           no bus tour with the various Community Progress Associations was held.

          Council’s website is updated on a regular basis, it provides information to all
           members of the public on Council activities and events.

4.2.2 Work in partnership with the Shire’s community in planning the future of the Shire.
       Development of long-term resourcing strategy, including long-term financial
        planning, workforce planning and asset planning to achieve the objectives of the
        Community Strategic Plan
       To provide an effective staffing structure that is capable of carrying out Council's
        objectives in an efficient manner.
       The continued maintenance of a realistic Delivery Program and Operational Plan.

       Progress Report:

          Long term Financial Plan produced, Work-force Plan produced, Asset
           Management Plans currently under consideration. Work Staff Performance
           Reviews are carried out in August/September each year. The appraisals were
           completed within the designated timeframe.

          Training programs implemented and training provided as required.

          Senior Staff Assessments were completed within the required timeframe.

          Staff appraisals have been carried out in the various operational areas including
           Administration, Allawah Lodge Aged Persons Hostel and the Coolamon Early
           Childhood Centre together with the Multi Service Outlet.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
4.2.3 Build and foster relationships and strategic networks to the benefit of the
      Coolamon Shire.
       Participate with other councils in resource sharing projects to reduce operational

       Progress Report:

          Council continues to retain its membership of REROC, ERAP, GAP, Noxious
           Weeds Authority, NSW Rural Fire Service Riverina Zone, Riverina Regional
           Tourism and the membership of these organisations will continue to be

4.2.4 Maintain Council’s strong financial position.
       To ensure that Council's finances are managed in an effective and timely manner.

       Progress Report:

          Investments are reviewed on a weekly basis.

          Various Financial Reports have been completed within the statutory time-frame
           and submitted to respective Government Departments.

          The completion of Financial Reports is ongoing and monitoring will be continued.
          Key financial indicators are presently being developed for analysis by Council.

4.2.5 Deliver high quality services that meet customer expectations.
       Develop and implement Customer Service policies and procedures that are
         customer focused.

       Progress Report:

          Council staff are complying with its Customer Service policy and the statement of
           business ethics is being adhered to.

          No complaints have been received about the service Council has been providing.

4.2.6 Minimise risk for Council and the community.
       Develop and implement a Risk Management System suitable for Council
       Develop and implement suitable Internal audit process for Council operations.
       To ensure consultation with respect to OH&S is carried out on a systematic basis.
       To ensure that training, instruction and performance evaluation of relevant
         parties is carried out.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
          To ensure that Council’s Accident/Injury/ Public Liability Claims Management are
           administered in a competent manner.
          To ensure that documentation & records management provide a framework for
           easy retrieval and reference.

       Progress Report:

          The Risk Management System is subject to ongoing review and reporting to the
           General Manager.

          Internal audit procedures and processes are currently being undertaken and
           managed by an external Consultant.

          Council’s OH&S documentation has been reviewed and finalised.

          Council’s Safety Committee meets 3 monthly with copies of these minutes being
           presented to Council.

          All staff are provided with Council’s Induction Booklet upon appointment and
           regular tool-box meetings have been scheduled for the next reporting period.

          The review of Work Activity Statements is ongoing annually with the Work
           Activity Statements to be discussed at tool-box meetings.

          Training in the various areas is provided for work staff and staff within the other
           spheres of Council operations on a needs basis.

          Council has in place an incident reporting system which is operating

          Council staff continue to carry out roads, footpaths and kerb and gutter
           inspections with the necessary remedial action being performed where risks are

          Records management systems including general records are controlled by
           Council’s Executive Assistants.

          Property records are controlled by Health and Building Staff and are meeting
           Council’s requirements.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
4.2.7 Continuously monitor, review and publicly evaluate progress, including periodic
      community satisfaction surveys, of the Community Strategic Plan to ensure priority
      areas are being acted upon.
       Report to the community on the implementation of the Community Strategic Plan
       Undertake community satisfaction surveys to gauge the community’s response to
         the implementation of the Community Strategic Plan.

       Progress Report:

          This is the first report on the Community Strategic Plan. No further action
           required at this time.

4.2.8 Strongly advocate our local interests with the State and Federal Government on
      issues such as planning and development, and the provision of services and
       Strongly advocate our local interests with the State and Federal Governments.

       Progress Report:

          With the gazettal of Council’s Local Environmental Plan representations to the
           Department of Planning have now ceased. The ongoing production of
           Development Control Plans has been implemented.

          Continued representations will be made to State Government on providing
           increased policing activities to rural areas.

          Council will continue to lobby both State and Federal Politicians on issues that
           affect the local community.

Objective 4.3:   Working together to sustain civic pride in our towns and villages.

4.3.1 Encourage vibrant and vital towns and villages displaying our civic pride.
       To provide and maintain a clean and pleasant streetscape.

       Progress Report:

          Planning for the upgrade and future development of the Ardlethan Main Street
           area is currently proceeding in conjunction with the ACDC.

          The development of a Plaza and parking area in Cowabbie Street, Coolamon has
           been finalised.

          The refurbishment of pond in Cowabbie Street, Coolamon has been deferred.
           The upgrading of the median strips in Cowabbie Street opposite the Coolamon
           Post Office has been completed.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
          The upgrade of the road surface on the eastern entrance to Ganmain has been

          Council has provided for the upgrading of Ariah Street, Ardlethan in its
           2011/2012 Works Programmes.

          Streets in the central business district of the various towns have been cleaned in
           accordance with contract requirements. Rubbish has been collected and
           disposed of in accordance with designated practices and frequency.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
                                FINANCIAL REPORTS

Councils 2010/2011 Financial Reports that detail Council’s financial performance & position
also outline Council’s achievements during 2010/2011.

See    Coolamon Shire Council 2010/2011 General Purpose Financial Reports

       Coolamon Shire Council 2010/2011 Special Purpose Financial Reports

       Coolamon Shire Council 2010/2011 Special Schedules

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report

See    Coolamon Shire Council 2010/2011 State of the Environment Report.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report


Council’s infrastructure assets consisting of roads, bridges, footpaths and non depreciable
bulk earthworks at the 30 June, 2011 had a fair value of $128,613,000 with an accumulated
depreciation charge on these assets of $30,937,000, the carrying value of the assets at the
30 June, 2011 being $97,676,000.

Council’s provides a programme of regular ongoing maintenance throughout the year for all
of its infrastructure assets, the amount of maintenance expenditure on Council’s
infrastructure assets was $2,283,000. During the year Council increased its infrastructure
assets by $1,525,000 and incurred a depreciation expense of $1,973,000.

In order to further dissect the expenditure incurred in the ongoing maintenance of Council’s
Infrastructure Assets listed below is details of the expenditure incurred:


a)     Urban Roads & Streets

       The ongoing maintenance throughout the year for all of the urban roads and streets
       throughout the towns and villages of the Shire was continued.

       The 2010/2011 expenditure for urban roads and streets was $369,000.

b)     Local Roads - Unsealed

       A programme of continuous gravel maintenance resheeting is incorporated in
       Council's Annual Programme and regular gravel maintenance works are carried out
       throughout the year which incorporates an annual harvest maintenance programme
       generally commencing in November of each year and finalises mid December.

       The 2010/2011 expenditure on unsealed routine maintenance was $847,000.

c)     Local Roads - Sealed

       A programme of regular ongoing maintenance is carried out throughout the year
       which incorporates a programme of resealing, sealed rural local roads.

       2010/2011 expenditure on sealed local roads amounted to $307,000.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
d)     Regional Roads - Sealed

       Council has 145 kilometres of sealed regional roads which have been subject to
       reconstruction and resealing works all of which has been capitalised.

       The 2010/2011 expenditure on sealed Regional Roads amounted to $760,000.


All of Council’s infrastructure has been given an asset condition rating of 2. The definition of
this condition being provided hereunder:

1)     Near Perfect – ranges from new or good.
2)     Superficial Deterioration – ranges from generally good to fair.
3)     Deterioration Evident – ranges from fair to marginally.


At the 30 June, 2011 the fair value of Council’s drainage assets amounted to $3,176,000
with an accumulated depreciation of $1,465,000, carrying value of Council’s stormwater
drainage assets being $1,711,000.

Urban and rural drainage works are considered to be in a reasonable condition, drainage
maintenance is carried out on an ongoing needs basis.


The Coolamon Sewerage System was constructed in 1965. The system is considered
adequate to meet the immediate needs of the Coolamon Community. Since the original
construction of the Coolamon Sewerage System two extensions to the reticulation area
have been carried out. One on the western boundary of the Coolamon Township which was
completed in October, 2001 and one on the southern area of the Coolamon Township. This
extension was completed in December, 2004, both of these extensions are now operating

The adequacy and condition of the Coolamon Treatment Works has been subject to ongoing
monitoring throughout the year. Part of the review included the provision of additional
storage capacity adjacent to the Treatment Works on the Coolamon Showground to enable
Council to extend and enhance the operations of the Treatment Works.

The installation and provision of this additional storage together with the expansion of the
irrigation works at the Kindra Park redevelopment site has now been completed. Included
in this redevelopment at the Kindra Park Recreation Reserve was the construction of Touch
Football Fields. With the finalization of these fields and the improvements to the

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
reticulation system this should enable the Coolamon Treatment Works to meet their
required purpose.

The Ganmain Sewerage System was finalised at the 30 June, 1998, the system is operating
satisfactorily and adequately meets the needs of the Ganmain Community.

At the 30 June, 2011 the fair value of Council’s Sewerage Network Assets was $10,746,000
with an accumulated depreciation charge of $2,345,000, the carrying value of Council’s
assets being $8,401,000. During 2010/2011 Sewerage Assets to the value of $31,000 were
added to the Network with an annual depreciation expense of $90,000.


Council’s building assets at 30 June, 2011 had a fair value of $23,969,000 with an
accumulated depreciation charge on these assets of $7,698,000, the carrying value of
building assets at 30 June, 2011 being $16,271,000. Council had other assets not included in
the buildings known as Other Structures at 30 June, 2011 which had a fair value of
$10,651,000 and with an accumulated depreciation on these other structures of $5,910,000,
the carrying value of these assets at 30 June, 2011 being $4,741,000.

Council’s provides a programme of regular ongoing maintenance throughout the year for all
of its buildings and properties, to ensure Council properties are maintained in a satisfactory
condition. During the year Council increased its building and other structure assets by
$598,000 and incurred a depreciation expense of $144,000.


All of Council’s buildings and other structure have been given an asset condition of either 1,
2 or 3. The definition of this condition being provided hereunder:

1)     Near Perfect – ranges from new or good.
2)     Superficial Deterioration – ranges from generally good to fair.
3)     Deterioration Evident – ranges from fair to marginally.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
                         RURAL FIRE SERVICE ACTIVITIES


The Rural Fire Fighting Fund is contributed to in the following way:

   73.7% - Insurance Industry – based upon the return of premiums collected from all
    categories of insurance companies in NSW for the previous financial year.

   11.7% - Local Government Councils – assessed in accordance with the total allocation
    from the fund in each financial year.

   14.6% - NSW Treasury – outlined in the official budget papers and is the indicator for the
    total required for the Fund each financial year.

Estimates of local expenditure by Councils (Zones) are submitted to the RFS each year. A
final allocation is announced later in the year normally around October. Part of the funding
contributions goes toward programmes operating across NSW. State-wide programmes
include training systems to improve volunteer safety and engineering services to ensure
tankers meet consistently high standards. Councils seek reimbursement for these charges
from the Fund the following year. Approximately two thirds of funding is spent on fire
fighting appliances, refurbished tankers, equipment and maintenance of equipment
provided to all rural fire brigades in NSW. The Fund reimburses councils for brigade stations,
refurbished tankers and equipment purchased locally.


Councils in the Riverina Zone contribute 11.7% to maintenance & appliances – both new and
second hand, equipment, PPE, brigade stations, and reimbursable items for each individual

Councils also contribute 11.7% to the running costs of the Zone based on the funding
formula below:

               Coolamon              19%
               Junee                 17%
               Urana                 13%
               Lockhart              13%
               Wagga Wagga           38%

In 2010/2011 the Riverina Zone received a Maintenance & Repairs Budget of $416,932.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
Major capital expenditure for Coolamon Shire projects in 2010/2011 included:

                                       Appliances NEW
Matong                            Category 1 Grasslands Tanker                 $235,037

                                       Brigade Stations
Cowabbie                  Single Bay Station (Construction underway)           $21,926

OPERATIONS 2010/2011

Fuel loadings on non cropping areas were again below normal due to the persisting drought
conditions during the later part of 2010 and into early 2011. This, together with an
unseasonal wet harvest period leading into 2011, was reflected in the reduced number of
incidents recorded and the significant reduction of land consumed by fire. Although
conditions were conducive to uncontrolled fires the majority of fires were confined within
the property of origin.

However in the period of April, May and into the early part of June the District experienced
unprecedented number of escape burns. This period was subsequent to the cessation of the
Bush Fire Danger Period and therefore permits were not required.

Statistics for Brigades in the Coolamon Rural Fire District are:

                  Name                         Number of Incidents
    Zone                                             409
    Coolamon Shire                                    63
    Ardlethan                                          8
    Beckom                                             6
    Berry Jerry                                        3
    Coolamon                                          11
    Cowabbie                                           3
    Ganmain                                           10
    Marrar                                             7
    Marrarvale                                         3
    Matong                                             2
    Methul                                             3
    Murrulebale                                        2
    Rannock                                            1
    Walleroobie                                        4

                                                   Zone                  Coolamon
    Total Person Hours                            10,647                    501
    Total Ha burnt                                510ha                    71ha
    Total Hay destroyed                         1756 tonne               600 tonne

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report

Several staff changes have occurred in the Community Safety area, with Scott Vale securing
the full time position of Fire Mitigation Officer. Scott will be the primary contact for hazard
management issues.

In 2010 -2011, reduced number of Development Applications were received and assessed by
the Riverina Zone staff.

                                      79BA           169
                                      79C              7
                                      100B            14

Bushfire Hazard Inspection Programmes were again conducted, together with complaints
received this resulted in 42 notices issued under Section 66D of the Rural Fires Act, with
three of these requiring enforcement notices under Section 70.

Fire Mitigation Works Funding and other grants were secured for the following projects:

           Coolamon Strategic Firebreaks:                   $16,000


During the 2010/2011 financial year training was targeted mainly at the areas of Advance
Firefighter (AF), Crew Leader and First Aid Application (FAA).

The table below indicates the number of volunteers qualified in the various fields across the

          QUALIFICATION                                          COOLAMON
          Bush Firefighter                                           3
          Advance Firefighter                                        2
          First Aid Application                                     17
          Rural Fire Driving                                         1
          Chain Saw Operator                                         1
          Tanker Familiarisation Days                               10
          Crew Leader Wildfire                                       1
          Crew Leader Supervision                                    1
          Group Leader                                               3
          TOTAL                                                     39

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
261 out of 283 active members are Bush Fire trained.

1,857 out of 2,024 active firefighters of the Riverina Zone are bush fire trained. The Rural
Fire Services place great emphasis on all active members being trained before they attend
an incident.

18 out of 42 active members are trained as Crew Leaders.

In 2012 there will be a push to have more members trained as Crew Leaders.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
                            MULTICULTURAL SERVICES

Programmes undertaken by Council during 2010/2011 to promote services and access to
services for residents included those activities listed below.

Council is of the opinion that these programs provide access to all residents of the Shire.
The Bureau of Census and Statistics have indicated that as at the 2006 Census the number
of persons classified of being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander extraction throughout
the Shire (ie. 6 towns and large rural area) was 24 or 1.4%. The number of residents from
overseas or from a non English speaking background was 57 or 3.4%. These are not
significant statistics and given the nature of the close knit rural communities that exist
within the Coolamon Shire, if problems with such persons did exist then certainly they
would be very obvious and Council would assist in addressing them. It is reiterated
however, Council’s services are provided equally to all residents. Any disadvantaged person
within the Community would be well known and would receive appropriate attention.


          The Multi Service Outlet Co-Ordinator promotes Neighbour Aid, Community
           Transport, Meals on Wheels, and Home Maintenance & Modification by way of
           brochures and regular Community Meeting attendance.

          Because of the availability on a regular basis of an Occupational Therapist the
           Home Maintenance and Modification Programme has continued in the delivery
           of this programme for the elderly throughout the Shire.

          In the past twelve months the Multi Services Outlet has maintained all of its
           existing services and has continued to administer Social Support funding which in
           turn has enabled the Multi Service Outlet to provide monthly community meals
           to the towns of Ardlethan, Coolamon and Ganmain.

          Regular Meetings are held between the Community Services Co-Ordinator,
           Hostel Manager, Home Care Service, Coolamon-Ganmain Hospital, Ardlethan
           Medical Centre, the Community Nurse concerning available services. This
           meeting occurs fortnightly.

          A Community Services Directory is produced and has expanded the lines of
           communication to the Community.


          Issue of Media Releases.
          Attendance by Staff at Service Clubs, Progress Association meetings.
          Civic Receptions at Council Meetings.
          The conduct of Citizenship Awards.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report

       The last financial year was very successful and productive year for the Coolamon
       Library. The development of the Council School Holiday Programme has been well
       received with great attendance and support. This programme offers a variety of
       activities for children during the school holidays. The Libraries partnerships with
       Local Community Groups and Schools have grown. The “Catch a Reading Bug” day
       held at the Coolamon Central School was wonderful example of this. This involved
       sharing of books, entertainment, dressing up as your favourite book character and
       lots of fun. A wide variety of the community uses the Library and its facilities, as our
       memberships continue to grow.

       Council was successful in receiving a Library Development Grant which was utilized
       in providing additional furniture and a Micro Fish Reader to enable local residents to
       have improved access to the history of the area.


       Council endeavours to encourage and promote historical cultural and art
       organisations and activities by the following:-

          Main Street Streetscape Studies.
          Membership of the Riverina Arts Programme.
          Use of the Council Chambers for meetings and community gatherings.
          Local heritage Programmes.
          Subsidies of plant and equipment to local sporting, community and charitable
          Local Heritage Committee.
          Acceptance of trusteeship of community buildings.
          Development of Cultural & Business Study.
          Employment of Heritage Advisor.


        Membership of Riverina Regional Tourism Committee.


       The demand for services for persons from non-English speaking backgrounds or from
       the Aboriginal Community have not been evident in the Coolamon Shire. Council
       staff and the Councillors are in close contact with all communities throughout the
       Shire and if the demand was of a latent type then it would have been very obvious to
       these persons.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report

       Council also provides assistance to numerous organisations throughout the Shire.
       Assistance is provided by Council Staff and other resources such as copying,
       assistance with grant applications, professional staff advice, ownership and
       maintenance of community facilities.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
                         HUMAN RESOURCE ACTIVITIES

As Council continues to recognise that Staff are one of its most valuable resources, in order
to develop a highly skilled and motivated workforce, human resource activities were
undertaken in the following areas:-

                  COURSE/TRAINING PROVIDED IN                               NUMBER OF
HACC Training                                                                   3
Fire Arms Training                                                              1
Risk Management                                                                 2
Food Services Training                                                          1
Engineering Training                                                            2
Information Technology Training                                                 1
Health & Building Training                                                      2
Noxious Weeds Training                                                          2
Ranger Training                                                                 1
Library Training                                                                1
Traffic Control                                                                 7
Certificate III Civil Construction                                              4
Certificate IV Civil Construction                                               2
Plant Operation                                                                 1
Accounting/Legal Training                                                       1
Town Planning                                                                   1
Occupational Health & Safety                                                    1
Allawah Lodge: Medication Management, Oral Health, OH&S,                       17
Continence Training, Fire Training, Continuous Improvement, First
Aid, CACP Training.
Preschool Training                                                               2
Coolamon Early Childhood Centre: Certificate III Early Childcare,                4
Drugs and Alcohol
Employment Law                                                                   2

Throughout the year Council has continued with the implementation of its Training Policy
and has endeavoured to provide all necessary training where considered warranted.

Any new employees appointed throughout the year were required to complete an Induction
Course under Council’s Human Resource / Risk Management Officer with emphasis being
placed on the induction handbook and the requirements under the Occupational Health &
Safety Act.

Staff appraisals continue to play an important part of the Council Organisational Structure
with an ongoing evaluation and Staff Review being continued throughout the financial year.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
                      RATES AND CHARGES ABANDONED

During the 2010/2011 Financial Year rates and charges (exclusive of Pensioner) amounting
to $37,565.29 were written off, $37,434.42 of this was unknown owners.

Council provided rate relief to Pensioners during the Financial Year in the sum of
$121,822.99. Council did however, receive $67,002.64 pensioner’s concession refund from
the NSW State Government.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
                       ACTIVITIES FOR YOUTH/CHILDREN

Council together with the Shire of Junee continues to be involved with the provision of a
Family Day Care Service being a home based registered Child Care Service that was
established to meet the growing needs of the Community. The service has continued to
provide a registered Child Care Service with great success that has been readily accepted by
all parts of the Community.

In addition to Council’s involvement in the provision of the Family Day Care Service, it
continues to accept responsibility for the running of the Ardlethan Preschool in conjunction
with the local Preschool Committee. With Ardlethan being located some 60kms north of
the headquarters of the Shire in Coolamon, the provision of the Ardlethan Preschool to this
separate community is seen as vital in ensuring the Ardlethan Community has the necessary
educational and infrastructure facilities available to the residents of that community.

Council’s involvement in the provision of services for children continues to expand with its
role in the responsibility for the care, control and management of the Long Day Care Centre
operating in the former Coolamon Bowling Club premises in Bruce Street, Coolamon.
During the year Council has further expanded the operations of the Long Day Care Centre in
Coolamon with the provision of Before and After School Care being made available to
residents of the Shire. At the time of this report the provision of this service is not being
fully utilized by residents. Council will continue to monitor the take-up of this service to
ascertain whether this service warrants continuation.

Council recognizes the continued provision of community amenities is an extremely
important and needed service to the younger families of the Coolamon community. It is
Council’s intention to continue to provide these services in future years if they remain a
viable proposition. Unfortunately due to financial constrains if the provision of these
services is being underutilized Council would have no alternative but to review its decision
in relation to these services.

Council also has three swimming pools located in the towns of Ardlethan, Coolamon and
Ganmain and in these pools Council has provided ultra violet shading over all toddlers and
babies pools. As referred to in the Executive Summary, major works have been carried out
to the filtration system at the Coolamon Swimming Pool. The result of these works
delivered a much better quality of water at the Coolamon Swimming Pool during 2010/2011
swimming season. Additionally improvement works were also carried out at the Ardlethan
and Ganmain Swimming Pools to further enhance their operation. These programmes of
upgrades will be continued over the ensuing years.

Council in conjunction with various Community Organisations has provided barbeque areas
in its parks and gardens together with additional shaded areas that enable families and
children to access these areas on a frequent basis.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
Council and Senior Staff conduct a Job Application and Interview Programme with HSC
students from Senior Schools throughout the Shire when requested.

Council has also provided trees and shrubs to all Schools throughout the Shire to enable
them to continue their tree planting and regeneration programmes.

Council’s recently appointed Youth & Community Development Officer has been extremely
active in promoting activities for the youth of the Shire.

The School Holiday Programmes have been an outstanding success with numerous children
taking the opportunity to participate.

Communication with the youth has been further enhanced with the Youth & Community
Development Officer attending the various School Student Representative Council
Meetings. These meetings have provided positive feedback from the youth of the Shire.

The Youth & Community Development Officer has also been successful in securing a number
of small grants to further enhance youth activities throughout the year.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
                                  RESIDENTS SERVICES

During the 2010/2011 financial year Council carried out the following projects to address
the needs of its residents in relation to access and equity activities.

 Target Group         Objective & Performance Targets        Comments - 30/6/2011
 Residents of         Provision of Community Transport,      Council continues to provide these
 Ardlethan,           Home Maintenance and Modification,     services to the Community. The
 Coolamon and         Meals on Wheels.                       service was expanded and now
 Ganmain                                                     services all towns in the Shire..
 Aged People          Provision of Community Aged Care       Council throughout the year has
                      Packages                               continued its provision of
                                                             Community Aged Care Packages
                                                             through the Allawah Lodge Aged
                                                             Persons Hostel Complex.
 Residents of Shire   Provision of Library Services to all   Council continues to provide
                      areas of the Shire.                    Mobile Library Services to five
                                                             towns and villages throughout the
                                                             Shire. The Static Library in
                                                             Coolamon is meeting the needs of
                                                             the Coolamon Community.
 Aged People          Provision of suitable Retirement       24 Units now available.
 Ardlethan            Provision of Sewerage Services to      Ongoing investigation being carried
 Residents            Ardlethan                              out.
 Ardlethan            Pre-School support                     Preschool operating satisfactorily.
 Aged Persons         Provision of Community Meals.          Monthly community meals being
                                                             provided in Ardlethan, Coolamon
                                                             and Ganmain.
 Residents of Shire   Provision of suitable building         36 Block Subdivision completed. 1
 and other areas.     allotments in Coolamon.                block remains unsold.
 Residents of         Construction of Aged Persons Units.    Plans for Aged Units in progress.
 Residents of         Provision of Long Day Care             Coolamon Early Childhood Centre
 Coolamon and                                                operating satisfactorily.
 Residents of         Provision of Before and After School   Before and After School Care
 Coolamon and         Care.                                  commenced, uptake of this service
 surrounds.                                                  disappointing.
 Youth of the Shire   Promotion of Youth Activities during   Workshops and various sporting
                      Youth Week                             activities held.
 Coolamon             Construction of Town Plaza.            Government funding received,
 Residents                                                   construction complete.
 Residents of the     Development of Up-to-Date Store        Stimulus funding fully expended
 Shire.               Cultural Centre.                       with works being completed.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
                            COMPETITIVE NEUTRALITY

Under the principle of Competitive Neutrality, Council does not have any Category 1
businesses that meet the specific requirements of Competitive Neutrality for Local


1)     As at the 30 June, 2011 Council had two Category 2 businesses, namely the
       Coolamon Shire Sewerage Fund together with Allawah Lodge Aged Persons Complex.
       Details of their Operating Statement are included in Council’s Financial Statement
       presented at the commencement of this report.

2)     Competitive Neutrality Pricing

       As both of Council’s Category 2 Businesses failed to make a profit in the 2010/2011
       financial year, no corporate taxation equivalent payments have been allowed for
       Council’s General Fund to the Coolamon Shire Sewerage Fund.

3)     Competitive Neutrality Complaints

       Council has established a Complaint Handling Mechanism to deal with Competitive
       Neutrality Complaints. The complaints mechanism is advertised to the Public in the
       main customer service area of Council’s Administration area. Throughout 2010/2011
       Council did not receive any competitive neutrality complaints in relation to its
       Category 2 businesses.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
                 Clause 7a and Schedule 2

Council in the last reporting period has received no applications under the Government
Information Public Access Act in relation to Tables A to H of the Regulation.

                                  OVERSEAS VISITS

During the 2010/2011 Financial Year there were no overseas visits taken by Councillors,
Council Staff or other persons on behalf of Council.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
                             COUNCILLORS EXPENSES

Council provided the Mayor with a Mayoral fee of $12,000 and Members of Council were
paid a fee of $7,250 each.

During the year Councillors were all reimbursed for expenses incurred in carrying out their
responsibilities. The amount expended was $37,662, the split up is as follows:

       Conference/Delegates expenses:                         $28,949
       Motor Vehicle/Travel expenses:                          $3,224
       Council Meetings:                                       $5,489


Throughout the year Councillors did not make any claim for expenses including the
allocation of laptop computers, mobile telephones and landline telephones and facsimile
machines in any of the Councillors homes. Council has one facsimile machine at Ardlethan
to facilitate communication from the northern part of the Shire to the Council Chambers.
No expenses were sought or reimbursed to any Councillors for this machine.


Council does not provide any mobile phones for any of its Councillors and neither did it incur
any expenses for telephone calls made by Councillors from landline and facsimile machines
installed in any of the Councillors homes.


As outlined above Council incurred the sum of $37,662 expenses for the attendance of
Councillors at Conferences and Seminars.


Throughout 2010/2011 Councillors were provided with information on training programmes
that were available to them. This information was provided at the monthly meeting of
Council. Councillors have had the opportunity to attend all of the respective training
programmes, however, no Councillor availed themselves of these opportunities during the
2010/2011 financial year. Consequently no expenditure was incurred in the training of
Councillors this year.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report

During the 2010/2011 financial year there were no interstate visits undertaken by
Councillors whilst representing the Council.


There were no expenses paid by Council for the spouse or partner of any Councillors who
was required to accompany a Councillor in the performance of his civic functions.


Council was not required to incur any expense in the provision of care for a child or “of an
immediate family member of a Councillor to allow a Councillor to undertake his civic
functions during the 2010/2011 financial year.


During 2010/2011 Council has awarded the following Contracts:

            CONTRACT                  CONTRACT AMOUNT                  CONTRACTOR
In situ Pavement Stabilisation            $133,210              Stabilised Pavements
Construction of Dwelling                  $292,286              AJ & VA Rudd

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
                                     LEGAL EXPENSES

In 2010/2011 Council incurred legal expenses in the sum of $56,306. These expenses were
incurred in the following areas:

                       Description                                    Amount
 Development and Planning                                             $7,187
 Rates Recovery                                                       $32,628
 Lease Agreement                                                       $975
 Employment Contracts                                                 $2,254
 Real Estate Sales                                                    $1,410
 Title and Property Searches                                           $361
 Easement Variation                                                   $1,440
 Land Acquisitions                                                    $3,233
 Road Resumptions                                                     $4,243
 Court Fees                                                            $136
 Subdivision Registration Fees                                        $1,939
 Deed of Release                                                       $500

                                 SUBSIDIZED WORK

Council did not pass any resolutions under 67 of the Local Government Act 1993 concerning
work carried out on private land which was fully or partly subsidized by Council during this
financial year.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
                            COUNCIL CONTRIBUTIONS

The total amount contributed or otherwise granted by Council under Section 356 of the
Local Government Act 1993 was $21,012 which included contributions to:

   Eastern Riverina Arts Programme
   Coolamon Shire Art Acquisition Prize
   North Eastern Riverina Rural Counselling Service
   Riverina Academy of Sport
   Senior Citizens Dinners
   Australia Day functions
   Prize Donations
   Ardlethan Art & Jazz Festival
   Ganmain Out of School Hours Care
   Prize donations to the various Schools throughout the Shire
   Assistance to the various Committees and Historical Societies within the Shire

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
                                  EXTERNAL BODIES

During the year the following external bodies exercised functions delegated by Council:

    Allawah Lodge Aged Persons Management Committee
    Ardlethan Community Progress
    Ardlethan Cultural Development Committee
    Ardlethan Memorial Hall Committee
    Ardlethan - Mullins Community Centre Committee
    Ardlethan Preschool Committee
    Ardlethan Showground Management Committee
    Beckom Hall Committee
    Beckom Voluntary Workers
    Coolamon Heritage & Advancement Society
    Coolamon RSL Hall Committee
    Coolamon Shire Community Benefit Fund Committee
    Coolamon Showground Management Committee
    Coolamon Skate Park Committee
    Coolamon Tidy Town Committee
    Coolamon Up-to-Date Store Management Committee
    Ganmain Hall Committee
    Ganmain Haystack Committee
    Ganmain Progress Association
    Ganmain Retirement Units Fund Committee
    Ganmain Voluntary Workers
    Kindra Lodge and Centenary Lodge Selection Committee
    Local Heritage Fund Committee
    Marrar Memorial Hall Committee
    Marrar Progress Association
    Marrar Recreation Reserve Committee
    Marrar Voluntary Workers
    Matong Park Management Committee
    Matong Voluntary Workers
    Mavis Furner Collection Committee
    Rannock Community Centre - Reserve No. 89397
    Rural Transaction Advisory Committee

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
                                OUTSIDE INTERESTS

Council did not hold a controlling interest in any corporations, partnerships, trusts, joint
ventures, syndicates or other bodies (whether or not incorporated during the year).

                                   JOINT VENTURES

Council was a party to the following joint ventures throughout 2010/2011 which are as

1)      Statewide - New South Wales Local Government.

2)      Riverina Community Library Service.

3)      Riverina East Region of Councils.

4)      Wagga Wagga/Coolamon/Junee/Lockhart Fire Control Agreement.

5)      Geospatial Alliance Project in conjunction with Junee, Temora, Goldenfields Water
        County Council and Bland Shire Council.

6)      Noxious Weeds Agreement between Coolamon, Junee and Temora Shire Councils.

7)      Road Safety Project in conjunction with Wagga Wagga City Council and Junee

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
                               EQUAL EMPLOYMENT

Council continues to place great emphasis on its Equal Employment Opportunity
Management Plan to ascertain its relevance in relation to Council’s operations.

The strategies under the Management Plan are listed below:

STRATEGY 1:        Communication and Awareness Raising
STRATEGY 2:        Consultation
STRATEGY 3:        Recruitment and Selection
STRATEGY 3.1:      Preparation and Questioning in Interviews
STRATEGY 4:        Appointment, Promotion and Transfer
STRATEGY 4.1:      Appointment, Promotion and Transfer – Higher Grades
STRATEGY 4.2:      Appointment, Promotion and Transfer - Disabilities
STRATEGY 4.3:      Appointment, Promotion and Transfer - Career Paths
STRATEGY 4.4:      Appointment, Promotion and Transfer – Part Time
STRATEGY 4.5:      Appointment, Promotion and Transfer – Under 21 years
STRATEGY 5:        Training and Development
STRATEGY 6:        Conditions of Service
STRATEGY 7:        Grievance Procedures
STRATEGY 8:        Evaluation and Review of EEO Management Plan

Throughout the year Council continued to monitor its EEO Policies. In the 2010/2011
period, 14 new employees were appointed to Council’s Staff. All employees in their
induction procedures were provided with a copy of Council’s EEO Management Plan to
enable them to be fully aware of the principles and guidelines that Council has adopted .

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report
                                     SENIOR STAFF

The total value of the General Manager’s Remuneration Package was $195,176 which
included the employer’s salary sacrifice to the Superannuation Scheme, the amount payable
by Council by way of fringe benefits tax, there were no bonus payments for performance or
any other payments made to the General Manager that did not form part of the salary
component. There were no non cash benefits paid under the package.

As there were no other designated Senior Staff Managers employed by Council throughout
2010/2011 no amounts have been reported on.

                              STORMWATER CHARGES

Council did not levy an annual charge for stormwater management services during the year.

                        COASTAL PROTECTION CHARGES

Council did not levy any charge for coastal protection services during the year.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report

In 2010/2011 Council seized a total of 18 dogs. Of this total 2 were returned to the owner
and 16 were transferred to Council’s facility. Of these 16 animals, 5 were euthanized at
owners request and 9 euthanized because they were unable to be rehoused with 1 dog
being sold and 1 dog taken by Rescue Group. 3 Cats were also taken by Rescue Group. This
information has been provided to the Department on Councils return of Seizures of Cats and
Dogs for the 2010/2011 financial year.

During its normal twelve months operation Council produces and distributes a monthly
Newsletter. At various times throughout the year information is provided on the
Companions Animals Legislation and the owners responsibilities for the control and care of
their dogs. This Newsletter is distributed to every property within the Shire and is available
upon request.

In order to assist the public with desexing of either their cat or dog, Council has procedures
in place where these people are referred to a veterinary service in the City of Wagga Wagga.
This is done because there is no resident Veterinary Surgeon located in the Coolamon Shire
Council area. In an attempt to reduce the amount of euthanasia for unclaimed animals,
Council in the past has made contact with local pet shops in Wagga Wagga to ascertain
whether they would be willing to accept unclaimed animals from this area. On occasions
this contact has proved successful.

Council has provided an off lease area for the exercising of animals in the township of
Coolamon. Further investigation is continuing about the possibility of extending this off
lease area into other communities and villages of the Shire.

Financial Information – Companion Animals

During the 2010/2011 Financial Year Council received $220.00 in impounding fees and
$3,894.00 in fines and costs. The expenditure that Council incurred amounted to
$12,021.00 which comprised of $111.00 for Ranger training, $11,910.00 which included
wages, plant hire and the provision of miscellaneous supplies and activities.

During the past financial year there were 3 dog attacks in the Coolamon Shire which was
reported to the Chief Executive of the Division of Local Government, Department of Premier
& Cabinet.

Coolamon Shire Council – 2010/2011 Annual Report

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