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									      VOLUME 46, ISSUE 6                  G   MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2012

CF takes part in NATO anti-submarine exercise
By Lt (N) Jessica MacDonald               kinds of coordinated multinational
Op METRIC/TF Charlottetown                maritime operations, especially an-
                                          ti-submarine warfare, surface war-

T    he Operations Room is the
     nerve centre of a ship. With ra-
dar, sonar and communications
                                          fare and coastal surveillance. Elev-
                                          en participating NATO nations —
                                          Canada, France, Germany, Greece,
equipment covering the full range         Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain,
of electronic and electro-magnetic        Turkey, the United Kingdom and
detection and analysis, the Ops           the United States — contributed
Room staff track the activity of ves-     five submarines, 12 surface ships
sels and aircraft in the ship’s area of   and 15 aircraft. The surface fleet in-
responsibility.                           cluded two auxiliaries from Italy, a
   In action, they are responsible        NATO research vessel and, among
for fire control — directing and          the frigates, Charlottetown.
controlling the ship’s weapons —             The air armada engaged in the
and electronic warfare. Under the         exercise included two CP-140 Aur-
distinctive red lighting that pre-        ora maritime patrol aircraft that de-
serves night vision, they work            ployed from Canada with four
around the clock while the ship is at     crews and a maintenance detach-
sea.                                      ment, and Osprey, the CH-124 Sea
   It was here in the Ops Room,           King helicopter embarked in
over the continuous crackle of the        Charlottetown. “[Charlottetown’s]
radio and flicker of radar screens,       role throughout the exercise [was]
that the crew of HMCS Charlotte-          to support NATO forces as an effec-      Flight engineer WO Dave Pawulski of 405 Squadron from 14 Wing Greewood conducts the pre-flight in-
town made its primary contribution        tive ASW platform,” said Under-          spection on a CP-140 Aurora (tail number 110) during Exercise PROUD MANTA 2012. Le mécanicien de
to PROUD MANTA 2012, the larg-            water Warfare Officer Lt (N) Mark        bord, l’Adj Dave Pawulski, du 405e Escadron de la 14e Escadre Greenwood, effectue l’inspection avant le
est NATO anti-submarine warfare           McShane. “In particular, Standing        vol d’un CP 140 Aurora (numéro de queue 110) au cours de l’exercice Proud Manta 2012.
exercise to date. Conducted from          NATO Maritime Group 1 used                                                                                                 SGT PETE NICHOLSON, 14 WING GREENWOOD

the NATO naval air base at Sigonel-       Charlottetown as a Towed Array           Capt Chris Cole before the exercise      contacts,” said Lt(N) McShane.           surveillance and reconnaissance
la, Italy, over 13 days beginning         Sonar Unit, to sweep and sanitize        began. “When called upon, we will        “There are five very effective subs      operations. The aircrew also had
Feb. 14, 2012, PROUD MANTA                waters well ahead of the main body       be asked to use the helo’s variety of    participating, and all provide sig-      force-generation objectives to
2012 was the latest in an annual se-      in protection of mission-essential       sensors — such as sonar, forward-        nificant challenges to the fleet, both   complete, and seven qualification
ries of anti-submarine warfare            units.”                                  looking infra-red radar, sonobuoys,      as individual units and in coordi-       checkrides were also on the agenda.
(ASW) exercises organized by Al-             Osprey took an active role in the     and its latest addition, an augment-     nated attacks. The sheer number of       Charlottetown is currently de-
lied Maritime Command Naples,             exercise. Designed and built pri-        ed surface plot — to search, local-      surface and air assets provides a        ployed on OP METRIC, Canada’s
and led by Commander Subma-               marily for anti-submarine warfare,       ize, detect and track the five sub-      very demanding environment.”             participation in international ef-
rines, Allied Naval Forces South,         the CH-124 Sea King helicopter           marines involved. The helo will             The CP-140 Aurora flight went         forts to enhance security in and
and Commander Maritime Air Na-            vastly extends the frigate’s effec-      work in conjunction with the ship’s      into Exercise PROUD MANTA                around the Mediterranean Sea.
ples.                                     tive range.                              sensors and operators to accom-          2012 with a plan for 24 long-range       Since mid-January, the Halifax-
   Exercise PROUD MANTA                      “During PROUD MANTA                   plish the various tasks the exercise     patrol sorties that would demon-         based frigate has been integrated
demonstrates NATO’s determina-            2012, Charlottetown’s air detach-        may present.”                            strate Canada’s proficiency in anti-     into Standing NATO Maritime
tion to maintain proficiency and          ment will be on a 30-minute stand-          “This is a challenging exercise       submarine and air-to-surface war-        Group 1, and assigned to OP AC-
improve interoperability in all           by to launch,” said helicopter pilot     for both surface and subsurface          fare, and intelligence-gathering,        TIVE ENDEAVOUR.

Canadian soldiers practise medical evacuations
By Sgt Lance Wade                         briefed members of 36 CBG par-           special equipment required, num-
Army News                                 ticipating in medical evacuation         ber of patients by type (litter or am-
                                          training during Exercise SOUTH-          bulatory), security of pick-up site,
Screams of agony cut through the          BOUND TROOPER XII in Febru-              method of marking pick-up site,
roar of rotor wash from a U.S. Ar-        ary.                                     patient nationality and status, and
my Blackhawk medical helicopter              “We call it the golden hour,” he      the terrain description.
as soldiers from 36 Canadian Bri-         said. Chances of survival improve           This information is vital for the
gade Group (CBG) apply first aid          greatly when a soldier can be treat-     air crew and medical staff waiting
and attempt to stabilize an injured       ed in hospital within an hour of be-     to treat the casualty, according to
comrade.                                  ing injured.                             Cpl Kenny Olson from 36 Service
   This is just a simulation, but            Troops taking part in the week-       Battalion (Halifax).
clear and quick communication             long exercise practised what med-           “Your nine-liner gets the heli-
following an injury can make the          ical teams call a nine-liner – an es-    copter’s props rolling,” said Cpl
difference between life and death,        sential radio communication pro-         Olson. “As soon as you call in the
according to American instructor          cedure that is used to help save         mechanism, injuries, signs, treat-
Sgt Alex Huffman, a flight medic          lives when an injury occurs in com-      ment (which provides more infor-
from Charlie Company, 2nd of the          bat.                                     mation about the type of wounds
104th General Support Aviation               It is composed of nine critical       and the treatment that has been pro-
Battalion (West Virginia).                categories of information pertain-       vided) they are off the ground and
   “The most important thing when         ing to the casualty, including the lo-   en-route to the location to get the      Sgt Chris Robinson from the West Nova Scotia Regiment prepares a
trying to keep the patient alive is –     cation of pick-up, radio frequency,                                               nine-liner request for a medical evacuation.
                                                                                   See SOLDIERS / Page 8                                                                        SGT LANCE WADE, ARMY NEWS
time,” said Sgt Huffman, as he            number of patients by precedence,

           Honoured                                        Soldier                                       On the                                             Taking home

           for bravery                                     On                                            move                                               the title
           FDU(A) diver                                    CF veterans hit the                           Active Posting Season                              CF women win at World
           receives medal Page 3                           slopes at Martock Page 5                      advertising special Page 10-16                     Pond Hockey Tournament Page 18
2                                                                                                                                                                           TRIDENT, MARCH 19, 2012

A Sense of the Sea
Our View of the Sea
and How We Got It
By Brian G. Whitehouse                     val culture and tradition. I looked
PhD                                        up at my father and saw him as I had
                                           not seen him before. Wearing his
Part two of two.                           officer’s uniform, which by that
   This is continued from Part 1,          time bore several rows of service
published in the Jan. 9 Trident.           ribbons and two rings on its cuffs,
Brian G. Whitehouse, PhD, is the           he looked down at me with a rare
son of LCdr Edward Whitehouse,             grin. We climbed the gangway,
RN, RCN. This excerpt, from Dr.            with me in front and Lieutenant
Whitehouse’s book Our View of the          Whitehouse bringing up the rear.
Sea and How We Got It, is printed          With Canada’s naval pride lying in
in Trident by permission of Brian          front of him, and me already stand-
Whitehouse                                 ing on board, my father stepped on-
   My father walked with a sense of        to the deck of HMCS Bonaventure
accomplishment when I was a lad,           as its quartermaster saluted him
and in 1962 he introduced me to his        smartly.
                                              On HMCS Bonaventure my fa-           HMCS Bonaventure was the third and final aircraft carrier to serve in the Royal Canadian Navy.                          DND
new adventure as a naval officer,
and to Canada’s naval pride. He            ther taught me how to use a ship’s
took me onboard the ship he was            ladder–always facing backwards,
                                           hand over hand, keeping your chest      lyer developed a plan to integrate          completed a $17 million refit, was        our lives as a sea-going family, and
serving on at the time, HMCS Bo-
                                           close to the rungs as you descend.      Canada’s army, navy and air force           to be scrapped as a component of          they showed that as long as some-
naventure, Canada’s last aircraft
                                           Our destination was the bowels of       into a single command structure.            yet another restructuring and cost-       one has a passion for the sea, the
carrier. Originally of the British
                                           the aircraft carrier. He was going to   The plan was designed to eliminate          reduction plan.                           next Rachel Carson or Jacques
Modified Majestic Class, the Bon-
                                           show me the engine room, his home       duplication and improve communi-               Within a year of the Bonnie            Cousteau could come from any-
nie arrived in Halifax from its Bel-
                                           away from home. With a twenty-          cation between the three branches           announcement, my parents moved            where.
fast shipyard in the summer of
                                           six foot draught displacing more        of the armed forces.                        the family to the warmer weather of          Like a newly-minted college
1957, just three years after my fa-
                                           than 20,000 tons of water, we had a        Hellyer left his ministerial posi-       Esquimalt, British Columbia. Two          boy, who found himself aboard a
ther joined the Royal Canadian Na-
vy. Largely used for antisubmarine         ways to go. As I descended, on lad-     tion at National Defence in 1967,           years later, my father reached the        coast guard ship heading for weath-
warfare operations during the Cold         der upon ladder and through com-        the same year Parliament passed             navy’s retirement age and quietly         er station Papa, one never knows
War, the carrier was state-of-the-         panionways of no obvious direc-         his Canadian Forces Reorganiza-             left the service. Love is not the         what the future has in store for
art in this particular aspect and a        tion, I became disoriented in the       tion Act. When it came into effect          word that comes to mind when I            those who live by the sea. While
central component of Canada’s              presence of increasing heat and         the following year, the Canadian            think of the navy, or when I think of     living in residence at university,
then naval power.                          noise. Somewhere below the wa-          Navy ceased to exist as such. And           my father as a motherless lad in a        my daughter texts and emails me
   For the first time in my life, at the   terline, childhood fears over-          to ensure that my father no longer          British naval academy in the 1930s.       routinely. Unlike my father during
age of eight and with my father by         whelmed me. As a result, our final      viewed himself as a navy man, the           Yet, I like to think I loved my father    my time as an undergraduate, we
my side, I stood at the entrance to a      destination eluded us that day.         now unified Canadian Forces                 and that the feeling was mutual,          have the means and desire to corre-
massive ship. It was small by air-            Although he never spoke of it, I     stripped him and his fellow sailors         even though we both followed na-          spond as if we still lived in the same
craft carrier standards, but at 700        must have disappointed him. Re-         of their naval uniforms, giving all         val protocol by never showing it.         household. On a cold February
feet in length and 40 feet just to her     gardless of deck or rank, the offi-     those who serve – army, navy and            With honesty, I cannot remember           morning she sent a brief but excited
landing deck, it appeared humon-           cers and crew of HMCS Bonaven-          air force – a common turf-green             hugging him. Perhaps I confuse            message: “Dad, look. If I get this
gous in the eyes of a lad. With nine       ture took pride in getting the job      suit. Due to its colour, it is said, jok-   love with respect and obedience –         job, working four months a week at
decks plus the tower, you could            done. I remember little more of that    ingly, that the uniform’s cloth was         the heart of the navy.                    that pay, that’s over $9,000.”
hear her voice, smell her breath,          day on my father’s aircraft carrier.    the same used for gas station at-              I named my son, Edward, after             She had received an email from
and feel her power.                        Fourteen years later, when we           tendants.                                   my father. When he reached the age        the Canadian Coast Guard, enquir-
   Its presence commanded you to           again stood together at the entrance       Paul Hellyer was but one of              of twelve, I enrolled him in sailing      ing whether she wished to apply to
such depth that half a century later,      to a massive ship, a weather ship       many influential Canadians who              school. A year later I bought him         be a deckhand for the summer, in
I sense her void when I work next to       headed for weather station Papa,        believed the Canadian military was          his first sailboat, but his older sis-    association with the coast guard’s
her former Halifax berth, under the        neither of us recalled this Bonnie      in need of a make-over, but while           ter, who had taken the same road to       Joint Rescue Coordination Center.
Angus L. MacDonald Bridge. For             day. By then, we both knew it was       streamlining the nation’s defence           sea two years earlier, became the         I sat dumbfounded as I pondered
half a century since, nothing has          nothing to reminisce about. Given       structure, Canada inadvertently hu-         accomplished sailor. In some re-          the email’s significance. How can
commanded that berth like HMCS             that my father was enrolled in a        miliated centuries of naval tradi-          spects, our family is following in        it be, I thought, and as a deckhand.
Bonaventure, at least in my mind.          British naval academy at the age of     tion. With the stroke of a pen, navy        the footsteps of my father’s house. I     Then, my thoughts returned to the
Although the building I frequent is        eleven, I doubt he accepted my          ranks were obliterated by bureau-           am not in the navy, but like my fa-       docks of Esquimalt harbor, as my
home to Canada’s east-coast sub-           eight years of age as an excuse for     crats living far from the sea. For a        ther I enjoy sitting at the meal table,   father and I stood at the entrance to
marine operations, no one else even        not making it to the Bonnie’s en-       nation washed by three oceans and           listening to the kids tell of their       a coast guard ship. For the ump-
mentions the fact that the void in         gine room in 1962. But this is not      several seas, the extent of the hu-         adventures at sea and ashore.             teenth time I envisioned that wry
front of them was once home to a           the reason why, years later, a once     miliation was beyond comprehen-                My father tried to write about his     grin and unusual eye against chalk-
world-class aircraft and anti-sub-         proud Canadian naval officer ad-        sion. The humiliation surpassed             adventures, then suddenly burned          grey skin. Yet again, I sensed the
marine warfare carrier. This causes        vised me not to join the navy.          what seamen wore, the rank they             everything he wrote. I did not con-       traditions that tie. I do not know
me to wonder whether it is the ship           He did not blame a lad for his       were assigned and systematic                sciously become a writer. I simply        whether my daughter will get the
itself or the sense of naval pride that    change of heart towards the Cana-       cleansing of the most senior ranks,         decided to chronicle the lives of         job, but if she does, I will drive her
I miss.                                    dian Navy. He blamed it on Cana-        and it continued after Paul Hellyer         family in the form of an annual           to the docks of Halifax harbor on
   Or perhaps it is the man who            da’s then minister for National De-     departed. While on a NATO exer-             Christmas letter, a few of which          her first day. She won’t be boarding
walked me up her gangway.                  fence – Paul Hellyer. If you wish to    cise in 1969, the 1,350 crew mem-           capsulate first my daughter’s and         a massive ship, but somewhere
   As I stood before the Bonnie’s          inflict sadness upon a retired Cana-    bers of HMCS Bonaventure                    then my son’s introduction to the         within the coast guard compound I
gangway on that 1962 day, I under-         dian Navy man, just mention this        learned via the CBC radio that their        sea. Eventually, I realized that my       will wish her “Good luck.” And I
stood what it meant to be part of na-      period. In the mid-1960s, Paul Hel-     aircraft carrier, which had recently        Christmas letters were chronicling        will hug her.


             COMEDY FEST

               Friday, April 13


              Featuring four comedians!                                                                                                           10
            For more information contact MS Ian Van Zoost @ 471-3613 or
TRIDENT, MARCH 19, 2012                                                                                                                                                                         3

                                                                                                                     LS David Denman accepts his Medal of Bravery from His Excellency
                                                                                                                     the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada.

                                                                                                                     Diver receives
                                                                                                                     Medal of Bravery
                                                                                                                     By Benjamin J. DeLong                   and “nothing would have prepared
                                                                                                                     Trident Staff                           me for that situation. It was com-
                                                                                                                                                             pletely different and completely
                                                                                                                     If you’ve ever found yourself doing     surprising.”
                                                                                                                     dishes—wrist deep in sudsy water,          “The pins were pulled, and there
                                                                                                                     with a mass of cutlery at the bottom    was no real reason for it not to have
                                                                                                                     of the sink—and you’ve felt the         gone off. It could have gone off at
                                                                                                                     slight fear of grazing your hand        any time. But I wasn’t really think-
                                                                                                                     across the blade of a knife, then you   ing about that too much.”
  Michelle Lucas (left), Communications Advisor for Communications Nova Scotia, Linda Moore (cen-
                                                                                                                     might have an idea of what LS Da-          LS Denman and Lt(N) Bard were
  tre), MARLANt Employment Equity Manager, and Brian Murray, director of photography and video
  productions for Communications Nova Scotia, answer questions after the showing of the film Viola                   vid Denman went through. But, in-       selected to receive Medals of Brav-
  Desmond: A Long Road to Justice.                                                                                   stead of a knife, he found an undet-    ery for their bravery in Stewiacke
                                                                                            CPL CHRIS RINGIUS, FIS   onated grenade.                         retrieving the undetonated gre-
                                                                                                                        On Sept. 23, 2009, while work-       nade; LS Denman was awarded the
                                                                                                                     ing as a dive team, Lt(N) André         medal by the Governor General on

  MARLANT recognizes                                                                                                 Bard and LS Denman were called
                                                                                                                     to respond to a situation in Ste-
                                                                                                                     wiacke, NS. Somehow, a civilian
                                                                                                                     had sent home some grenades from
                                                                                                                                                             Friday, Feb. 24 at Rideau Hall in
                                                                                                                                                             Ottawa, and Lt(N) Bard will re-
                                                                                                                                                             ceive his medal at a later date.
                                                                                                                                                                LS Denman said that he was

  local civil rights leader                                                                                          Afghanistan; later, this man had a
                                                                                                                     party at his house with some
                                                                                                                     friends, and threw some of the gre-
                                                                                                                     nades into a large pond. One of the
                                                                                                                                                             completely shocked when he was
                                                                                                                                                             told that he was going to receive the
                                                                                                                                                             medal. “There is no one in the unit
                                                                                                                                                             here that wouldn’t have gone into
                                      see today in the film, A Long         the film after CNS was asked to          explosives had malfunctioned and        the water,” he said commending his
  By Jessie Ross
  MARLANT Employment Equity           Road to Justice,” stated RAdm         film the pardoning ceremony.             did not detonate, the man later told    team at FDU (Atlantic). “I was
  Assistant                           Gardam. The film is a historical         Michelle Lucas says, “It has          RCMP. This happened a few               lucky enough to have found the
                                      reenactment of one of the most        been a labour of love, with most         months before the FDU (Atlantic)        grenade. I’m still blown away by
                                                                                                                     team was called by RCMP to help         the whole situation. I’m pretty hap-
  F   ebruary is celebrated nation-
      ally as African Heritage
                                      publicized incidents of racial dis-
                                      crimination in Nova Scotia’s his-
                                                                            of the people involved in it vol-
                                                                            unteering their time. The prov-
                                                                                                                     in the investigation.
                                                                                                                        “I don’t remember how many he
                                                                                                                                                             py about it.”
                                                                                                                                                                He said that the ceremony at Ri-
  Month and each year at this time    tory. In 1946, Viola Desmond          ince felt that more people should
  MARLANT recognizes the sig-                                                                                        said he threw,” said LS Denman.         deau Hall was a humbling one. Sto-
                                      was forcibly removed from a           know about her [Desmond’s]               “May have been five, but one didn’t     ries of acts of bravery were touch-
  nificant contributions made by      New Glasgow movie theatre and         courageous story.” During Afri-          go off.” The pond is approximately      ing, said LS Denman. His Excellen-
  African Nova Scotians.              later arrested after refusing to be   can Heritage Month the film has          15 by 30 metres, and LS Denman          cy, the Right Honourable David
     On Feb. 29, a crowd of more      segregated based on skin colour.      aired on EastLink television as          described it as very murky water        Johnston, Governor General of
  than 150 civilian and military      Although it took several decades      well as been viewed at elemen-           that went up to his chest. He           Canada, presented three Stars of
  personnel gathered at the War-      for the province to apologize for     tary schools around the province,        couldn’t see anything farther than a    Courage and 43 Medals of Bravery
  droom at Stadacona for a screen-    the mistreatment that occurred,       a correctional facility and at vari-     foot away from his face.                at the ceremony.
  ing of the locally filmed movie;    in April 2010, the government is-     ous events throughout Halifax.              He and Lt(N) Bard went in,              “We’ll never know why the gre-
  Viola Desmond: A Long Road to       sued an official apology and Des-     After the showing at the MAR-            scouring the pond for the unexplod-     nade didn’t go off,” LS Denman
  Justice.                            mond was granted a posthumous         LANT event, guests were given            ed grenade. They used metal mine        said. “It could have had a piece of
     The movie was preceded by                                                                                       detectors to find it. “I found a few    sand in it. I don’t know how it hap-
                                      pardon - the first to be granted in   the opportunity to learn more
                                                                                                                     fragments of the grenades, and          pened.” There is an ongoing inves-
  RAdm Gardam, Commander              Canadian history. Other special       about the civil rights leader and        close to the end of my dive, I heard    tigation behind the situation of the
  JTFA and MARLANT, who               guests at the event included Brian    the making of the movie through          a ping on the metal detector that we    grenades and the man who had and
  spoke about the importance of       Murray, the director of the film,     a question and answer session            were using. I sweeped my hand and       threw them.
  recognizing and celebrating the     and Michelle Lucas, the actress       with Lucas and Murray.                   found a grenade; pulled it to my           The Decorations for Bravery
  contributions of African Cana-      portraying Viola Desmond. Both           “We are glad that we’ve been          face to see what it was because I       were created in 1972, to recognize
  dians.                              are employees of Communica-           able to play a role in making sure       couldn’t see more than a foot           people who risked their lives to try
     “Open your eyes and your         tions Nova Scotia (CNS) and be-       Nova Scotians know more about            away.” A grenade with a pulled pin      to save or protect the lives of oth-
  hearts to what you are about to     came involved in the making of        our provincial hero,” says Lucas.        less than a foot from his face, LS      ers. The Medal of Bravery recog-
                                                                                                                     Denman described the moment as          nizes acts of bravery in hazardous
                                                                                                                     something he’s never done before,       circumstances.


                                                               We can help.
                                                               Byron Balcom                                 
                                                               Managing Partner                                       1-800-357-3884
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                                                                                                                            about cattail birds. This wrapped       Lusitania and Mauretania Ship
Sept 17 — Home Improvement                  cation, professional, commercial or     jeweller’s saw and experiment with
                                                                                                                            basketry bird uses natural materials    Model.
Special                                     technical credentials, community        surface textures. Advance registra-
                                                                                                                            found in our ditches and wet areas.        The Maritime Museum of the
Oct 1 — MFRC                                college certificate or diploma or a     tion is required. Cole Harbour Pub-
Oct 15                                                                                                                      Make your own bird in this tradi-       Atlantic has recently acquired the
                                            university degree, the Education        lic Library
Oct 29 — MFRC/Remembrance                                                                                                   tional Western Native Aboriginal        largest antique ship model in Cana-
Special                                     Fair is a good place to come and           On Saturday March 24 at              style. They float.                      da, a magnificent 18-foot model of
Nov 12                                      meet representatives from various       2p.m., join writer and radio host                                               the RMS Lusitania and Maureta-
Nov 26 — Holiday Shopping Special           local education institutions and                                                   On Sunday April 22, Earth Day
                                                                                    Niki Jabbour for gardening tips and                                             nia. The 106-year-old model is the
Dec 10 — MFRC/ Year End Review              others from across Canada.                                                      2012 from 2 to 4p.m., there will be
                                                                                    ideas from her new book, The Year                                               original builder’s model of the Cu-
                                               So, mark your calendar and                                                   a free public talk titled Baskets of
                                                                                    Round Vegetable Gardener. Tan-                                                  nard Line’s RMS Lusitania, whose
                                            come to the fair. Plenty of parking                                             Nova Scotia, with a display of the
                                                                                    tallon Public Library                                                           sinking on May 7, 1915 is, after Ti-
                                            is available. The next SCAN Semi-                                               traditional basket styles in the
                                                                                    Free events at                          Mi’kmaq, the African Nova Sco-          tanic, is the most famous wreck in
                                            nar will be conducted May 16 and                                                                                        history and helped bring the United
                                            17 with a Medical Information Day
                                                                                    Dalhousie University                    tian, the Acadian and the Celtic
                                                                                       On Wednesday March 21 from           communities of Nova Scotia, There       States into the First World War. Af-
                                            on May 18, 2012. Location TBA.                                                                                          ter Lusitania’s loss, the model was
                                                                                    7 to 8:30p.m., there will be a free     will be baskets created by artists
                                            Ukrainian Easter Egg                    lecture in the Mini Law School se-      from basket cooperatives in devel-      hastily converted to represent its
Editor: Virginia Beaton
                                            Art workshop                            ries. Ever wanted to know what it’s     oping countries. Most of these bas-     sister ship, RMS Mauretania, a                                                                                                                                           long-serving liner with extensive
                                               On April 7 there will be a Ukrai-    like to go to law school? Curious       kets are made from found and re-
    (902) 427-4235, fax (902) 427-4238                                                                                                                              connections to Halifax. The largest
                                            nian Easter Egg Art workshop,           about current issues in the law?        used man made materials. In addi-
Public Relations Specialist:
                                            from 1 to 4p.m. Just in time for        Professor Lorraine Lafferty of the      tion, there will be an information      and fastest ships in the world, these
    Benjamin J. DeLong
                                            Easter, come design a unique egg in     Schulich School of Law will speak       session for those seeking basket        two ships changed travel history               traditional Ukrainian style using       on the topic of insurance law. Loca-    identification and information          and their challenge led directly to
    (902) 427-4231                          dyes and beeswax. Adult work-           tion is the Weldon Law Building,        about basket care and repair. Bring     White Star Line’s construction of
Graphic Designer: Jeremy Cormier            shop.                                   Room 105, 6061 University Ave-          your baskets.                           Titanic. The model, on long-term                    Space is limited to 15 partici-      nue.                                                                            loan from the City of Toronto, will
                                                                                                                            Titanic Memorial Concert                be officially unveiled and Dan
    (902) 427-4234                          pants. First come, first served. This   Nova Scotia Basketry
                                            event is in partnership with the Uk-                                              The Seton Cantata Choir under         Conlin will present an illustrated
Editorial Advisor: Mike Bonin                                                       Guild Workshops                         the direction of Wayne Rogers will      talk on the model and these two leg-
                                            rainian Canadian Association Hali-
                                            fax/Dartmouth Region. This work-          Starting on March 31, there           present a Titanic Memorial Con-         endary ships.
    (902) 721-1968
                                            shop is presented in English.           will be a series of free workshops in   cert at St. Mark’s Church, corner of                             Location is the Canadian Mu-         the Craig Gallery at Alderney           Russell and Gottingen, on Wednes-
                                            seum of Immigration, Pier 21, 1055      Landing, Dartmouth. On Saturday         day, April 11 at 7 p.m. Selections of
                                            Marginal Road                           March 31, make your own lantern         poems and music will include a
    Advertising Sales
    Dave MacNeil & Wanda Priddle
           (902) 427-4235                Newfoundland troops honoured for Arctic crash response
Trident is an authorized military publi-    By MCpl Dave McCord
cation distributed across Canada and        Army News
throughout the world every second
Monday, and is published with the per-
mission of Rear Admiral David Gardam,
Commander, Joint Task Force Atlantic.
The Editor reserves the right to edit,
                                            W      hen MCpl Justin Eddison of
                                                   2nd Battalion, The Royal
                                            Newfoundland Regiment (2 R
condense or reject copy, photographs        Nfld R) suited up for OP NA-
or advertising to achieve the aims of a
                                            NOOK in the high Arctic last Au-
service newspaper as defined by the In-
terim Canadian Forces Newspapers
                                            gust, he and his platoon were pre-
Policy dated April 11, 2005. Deadline       paring to respond to a simulated
for copy and advertising is noon, ten       plane crash.
business days prior to the publication         Instead, they got the real thing.
date. Material should be typed, double-        A First Air civilian charter
spaced and must be accompanied by
                                            flight crashed into the arctic tun-
the contributor’s name, address and
phone number. Opinions and advertise-
                                            dra on August 20, 2011 as it was
ments printed in Trident are those of the   approaching the airport at Reso-
individual contributor or advertiser and    lute Bay, Nunavut, just a few kilo-
do not necessarily reflect the opinions     metres from the training area.
or endorsements of the DND, the Editor      Twelve passengers were killed;
or the Publisher.
                                            three survived.
Le Trident est une publication militaire
                                               Soon after the crash, a call went
autorisée par le contre-amiral David        out for volunteers to assist the
Gardam, Commandant la force opéra-          RCMP at the crash site. MCpl Ed-
tionnelle interarmées de l‘Atlantique,      dison responded immediately, as-
qui est distribuée partout au Canada et     sembling a five-person team, in-
outremer les leundis toutes les quin-
                                                                                    LCol Clyde Russell, Commanding Officer 2nd Battalion, The Royal Newfoundland Regiment (2 R Nfld
                                            cluding Corporal Brandon Young,         Regt), presents a commendation on behalf of Joint Task Force Commander of Operation Nanook, to Cor-
zaines. Le rédacteur en chef se réserve
le droit de modifier, de condenser ou de
                                            a fellow member of 2 R Nfld Regt.       poral Brandon Young 2 R Nfld Regt, C Coy, Feb 18th at Gallipoli Armoury, Corner Brook, Newfoundland.
rejeter les articles, photographies ou         Earlier this month the two           Cpl Young received the commendation for his actions and professionalism in support of the First Air plane
annonces publicitaires jugées con-          young soldiers were recognized          crash near Resolute Bay, August 20, 2011. The accident took place during OP NANOOK 12. Op NANOOK is
traires aux objectifs d’un journal mili-    for the professionalism and initia-     a significant annual sovereignty exercise held in the Arctic.
                                                                                                                                                                                             2 R NFLD REGT
taire selon la définition donnée à poli-    tive they showed in aiding the re-
tique temporaire des journaux des
                                            covery efforts.                         special recognition] is unneces-        be ready and willing to do any-         OP NANOOK, a joint agency sov-
forces canadiennes. L’heure de tombée
des annonces publicitaires ou des arti-
                                               In a small parade held Feb. 18 at    sary,” said MCpl Eddison, who –         thing requested of you,” he said.       ereignty operation held each year
cles est fixée à 12h le vendredi précé-     the Gallipoli Armoury in Corner         as a corporal at the time – was a          The training exercise that           in the Arctic. The training exercise
dant la semaine de publication. Les         Brook, Newfoundland, home of 2          section commander in a patrolling       turned all too real for MCpl Eddi-      was suspended following the
textes peuvent être soumis en français      R Nfld Regt, commanding officer         platoon for the operation. “To me I     son and his colleagues was part of      crash.
ou en anglais; ils doivent être dactylo-    Lieutenant-Colonel Clyde Russell        was doing my job.”
graphiés à double interligne et indiquer
                                            presented the commendations on            MCpl Eddison credits his
le nom, l’adresse et le numéro de télé-
phone du collaborateur. Les opinions et
                                            behalf of the Joint Task Force          experience in Afghanistan with
les annonces publicitaires imprimées        Commander of Operation NA-              preparing him for the crash scene.
par le Trident sont celles des collabora-   NOOK.                                     “I did it because I believe the
teurs et agents publicitaires et non né-       “I’m proud, but I feel that [the     mentality as a soldier you should
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Halifax, N.S.
B3K 5X5
                                            and Equipment (NICE) project            part of the options analysis to de-
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                                                                                                                                Apr 13:
Publication Mail Agreement No.              the Naval Wind / Rain (NWR)             adopted/modified, a limited pro-
40023785                                    gear to provide a moisture vapour       duction of 90 NWR was tested and
                                            permeable ensemble with inher-          successfully met naval operation-
Return undelivered Canadian
address to:
Trident Newspaper
                                            ent flame resistant shell, protect-
                                            ing against wind, rain, mist, fog
                                                                                    al clothing requirements.
                                                                                       The much anticipated NWR                     SUP
Bldg. S-93                                  and other inclement weather in
                                            temperatures above +10ºC.
                                                                                    contract has been awarded to
                                                                                    Peerless Garments of Winnipeg,                  @ WARDROOM
PO Box 99000
Station Forces,                               The NWR is derived from the           Manitoba. 19,000 naval personnel
Halifax, NS                                 Converged CADPAT™ Rain Suit             who wear the Distinct Environ-

                                                                                                                                 BUFFET 1830
B3K 5X5                                     (CCR) worn by the Canadian Ar-          mental Uniform (DEU) will each
• Return Postage Guaranteed
                                            my and the Royal Canadian Air           receive one ensemble. This in-

                                                                                                                            MUSIC BY DA’ROCK 2000
– ISN 0025-3413                             Force. However, the NWR has             cludes members of the Regular
• Circulation:                              been designed to meet naval re-         Force, the Reserve Force and the
Minimum 8,500                               quirements. The modifications to        Cadet Instructor Cadre.
TRIDENT, MARCH 19, 2012                                                                                                                                                                           5

CF veterans hit the slopes at Ski Martock
East Coast Winter Sports Clinic
held for injured soldiers
By LCol Jeff Boucher                     motion and sport. Similar winter
Deputy Commanding Officer                sports clinics are held by Soldier
CFMWC                                    On annually across Canada includ-
                                         ing Mount Washington near Co-

F    rom Feb. 19 to 22, Ski Martock,
     the Canadian Association for
Disabled Skiing and Soldier On
                                         mox, British Columbia, Calabogie
                                         Ski Hill to the west of Ottawa,
                                         Owl’s Head Ski resort near Valcar-
hosted 11 ill and injured CF mem-        tier, Quebec and now Ski Martock
bers and veterans from New Bruns-        near Windsor, Nova Scotia.
wick, Nova Scotia and Prince Ed-            Instructors and participants
ward Island for the first annual East    stayed at the Falls Lake Cottages
Coast Winter Sports Clinic. Par-         and Campgrounds provided by Per-
ticipants got to experience down-
                                         sonnel Support Programs. Having
hill skiing, snowboarding, curling,
                                         the whole facility exclusively to the
cross-country skiing, biathlon and
                                         group was fantastic as it created a
snow shoeing; some for the first
time! All of the events were ex-         very relaxing atmosphere where all
ceedingly well received by partici-      could kick back and enjoy the se-
pants and instructors alike, and         renity of their surroundings after a    LCol Jeff Boucher (back), Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing Instructors, and Capt Debra Carter
while not everyone was interested        hard day at the hill.                   (seated) demonstrate the “I believe I can fly” sit skiing manoeuvre.
in continuing all of the events, there      The amazing several days spent                                                                                                              CONTRIBUTED

are now some dedicated converts to       by participants and instructors will
these winter sports.                     not be soon forgotten. The opportu-     with their disabilities.             Club, cross-country skiing courte-        structors with the Canadian Asso-
   Soldier On is a CF program dedi-      nities provided to these soldiers not     This event would not have been     sy of Ski Martock, the biathlon           ciation for Disabled Skiing who
cated to optimizing the functional       only helped to increase their inde-     possible without the generous vol-   conducted by the Cadet Organiza-          dedicated their time for this cause.
independence and lifestyle of our        pendence, but also provided par-        unteer support from the following    tion of Nova Scotia along with Bi-           For additional information on
ill and injured CF personnel             ticipants with the opportunity to       organizations and from the funding   athlon NS, General Dynamics Can-          the Soldier On program and how
through numerous events and sup-         develop new skills, achieve person-     provided by Soldier On: Curling      ada for their generous support and        you can help, please visit:
port to physical fitness, health pro-    al goals, socialize, share and learn    hosted by the Windsor Curling        all of the ski and snowboard in-

                    399                                       $
                                                                                                                      $ 699
                 599       $
                               200                        $
                                                              859    $
                                                                         300                                              649          $
                                                                                                                                       849            $
                                                                                                                          799          $
                                                                                                                                           989        $
                                                                                                                                                          190                               $

6                                                                                                                                                                        TRIDENT, MARCH 19, 2012

TEME gets 100 per cent electric vehicles
By Benjamin J. DeLong                         Lemberg said that they plan to have         portunity to try to get into an infor-
Trident staff                                 the vehicles for use in travelling          mation sharing plan with Nova
                                              distances up to 90 km, though the           Scotia Power on electric vehicle
TEME is in the process of having              LEAF is advertised as being able to         use.
new Nissan LEAFs as staff cars.               travel up to 160 km.                           The sharing plan, ShareReady, is
The vehicles are in the process of               “Our planning is for customer            a pilot program in partnership with
being shipped here, inspected, plat-          usage of not more than 90 km for            Nova Scotia Power, O’Regan’s
ed, assigned a CF Registration                the initial trial until we have more        Automotive Group, and Nissan
number by NDHQ, tested, and then              accurate data.” The goal is to avoid        Canada. The program is aimed at
transferred to Transport. The Nis-            bringing the vehicle to a zero per          learning more about electric trans-
san LEAF is a 100 per cent electric           cent charge.                                portation issues in Nova Scotia.
car which has zero tailpipe emis-                The vehicle can be charged with          The goal is to encourage the use of
sions—i.e. no gas whatsoever.                 a normal outlet, but the charging           electric vehicles by helping to an-
   These vehicles were purchased
                                              could take up to 18 hours to go from        swer questions about charging
to replace older vehicles in Trans-
                                              zero to 100 per cent charge. TEME           technologies, environmental effi-
port. Seventeen staff cars were dis-
posed of from TEME’s vehicle                  is purchasing two charging units            ciency, the cost of driving, and the
holdings due to the age and condi-            for the vehicles that will provide an       readiness of the Nova Scotia elec-       Un exercice avec la force aérienne américaine
tion of the vehicles, and were re-            output similar to what is required          tric grid. The sharing plan will
                                              for an electric stove or a dryer,           share information from various ex-       Un CF-18 en vol au dessus du Homestead International Speedway
placed with 17 new vehicles, some
                                              which will be able to charge the ve-        ternal organizations in Nova Scotia      durant un exercice à Homestead, Floride. Du 2 au 16 février 2012,
of which are the LEAF’s.                                                                                                           l’escadron 425 de la 3ième escadre participait à un exercice à
   “These vehicles will be used for           hicles in up to six hours.                  who will be using and testing
                                                                                                                                   Homestead en floride. C’était un exercice d’entrainement de pi-
the same duty any other normal                   “We will be monitoring the vehi-         LEAF’s.                                  lotes avec la force aérienne américaine du 93ième escadron
staff car would be used for,” said            cles and their usage to be able to             These vehicles are available for      d’avion de chasse de Homestead air reserve base, surnommé les
Capt Alan Lemberg, TN Ops Offi-               better judge the extreme range of           use by anyone with a valid DND           Makos. Durant cet exercice, les pilotes s’entrainaient au combat
cer. “However, due to limitations             the vehicles.” Capt Lemberg ex-             404 licence for staff cars, and are      aérien et pouvaient utiliser des leurs et paillettes (flares) pour
on the range from battery capacity,           plained that the LEAF was chosen            encouraged to ask for them if they       contré des attaques de la part de leurs aggresseurs.
                                                                                                                                                                     CPL PIERRE HABIB, 3E ESCADRE BAGOTVILLE
we will pick which runs can be sup-           over other electric vehicles because        have a suitable requirement for
ported by these vehicles.” Capt               of its capacity, price, and for the op-     travel under 90 km in a day.

                                                                                                                  L A W Y E R S - AV O C AT S
    COME TO WORSHIP                                                                                                                English/Français
    25 Mar - 1015 French Mass
                                                           25 Mar - 0945 Mass (RC)
                                                                                                                                    Criminal Law
    - 1115 English Mass
    1 Apr - Palm/Passion Sunday
    - 1030 bilingual Mass
                                                           1115 - Protestant service
                                                           1 April - Palm Sunday
                                                           0930 - Palm/Passion Sunday Mass (RC)
                                                                                                                                     Family Law
    2 April - 1900 - Reconciliation Service (RC) with
    individual confession
    5 April - Holy Thursday
                                                           1115 - Eucharist service (P)
                                                           5 April - Holy Thursday
                                                           1900 h - Mass (RC) followed by Adoration of the
                                                                                                                                   Civil Litigation
    (Mass of the Lord’s Supper)                            Blessed Sacrament until midnight
    - 1900 bilingual Mass
    6 April - Good Friday
    - 1500 - bilingual service (RC)
                                                           6 April - Good Friday
                                                           1200 - Good Friday liturgy (P)
                                                           1500 - (RC) service
                                                                                                                             (902) 492·7000
    7 April - Easter Vigil
    - 1900 - bilingual Mass
                                                           7 April - Holy Saturday
                                                           2000 h - Easter Vigil Mass (RC)
                                                                                                                                      483·3080 (after hours)
    8 April - Easter Sunday - No Masses                    8 April - Easter Sunday                                                 
    Please contact 721-8660 for more                       0945 -Mass (RC)
    information.                                           1115 - Eucharist service (P)
                                                           Please contact 720-1441 for more information.
                                                                                                                 TOM SINGLETON
                                                                                                                 6169 Quinpool Rd, Suite 221, Halifax NS B3L 4P8
                         Baptisms & Marriages – By appointment                                                          Fees reduced 25% for
                   “It is a good thing to go to the house of the Lord”                                              CF members & DND personnel                                                                 20087509

                                                                                                                          ADVERTISING SPECIAL

                                                                              WRONG AGENT CAN
                                                                              COST THOUSANDS
                                                                              IN RELOCATION
                                                                              By Dave MacNeil

                                                                                     military relocation is no            Along with finding a home that        But, more importantly, I am
                                                                                     simple task. Choosing                is close to such amenities as        a confident and extremely
                                                                                     the wrong real estate                schools, shopping, doctors’          successful real estate agent.
                                                                              agent can make it a nightmare.              offices, recreation facilities,       I have the education, the area
                                                                              “The biggest pitfall a member               Roman says it’s also extremely       knowledge, the negotiating
                                                                              faces when relocating is                    beneficial to have other military     skills and the reputation to get
                                                                              choosing the wrong agent,”                  families in the neighbourhood.       the member the best deal on
                                                                              says Vanessa Roman, a                       “Having the support and              the property.”
                                                                              successful Halifax agent and                friendship of other military         Roman is a registered real
                                                                              a military wife. “In real estate,           families is key when moving to       estate agent with Brookfield
                                                                              mistakes are costly. If the                 a new city,” she explains. “Too      Global Relocation, is an active
                                                                              agent you choose doesn’t give               many families have felt isolated     member of the Nova Scotia
                                                                              you sound advice, you risk                  from their civilian neighbours       Association of REALTORS®
             Halifax real                                                     buying the wrong property, at
                                                                              the wrong price in the wrong
                                                                                                                          because they can’t understand
                                                                                                                          the unique stress of military
                                                                                                                                                               and a member of the Canadian
                                                                                                                                                               Real Estate Association. She
             estate agent                                                     neighbourhood.”                             life – deployments, language
                                                                                                                          barriers, and the emotional
                                                                                                                                                               holds degrees in Economics
                                                                                                                                                               from Dalhousie University and
                                                                              Roman says she’s seen far too
             Vanessa Roman                                                    many military families burdened             turmoil of saying goodbye
                                                                                                                          to friends and family during
                                                                                                                                                               Journalism from the University
                                                                                                                                                               of King’s College.
                                                                              with two mortgages because
             will host the new                                                they can’t sell their house when            posting season.”                     Her skills have even drawn
                                                                              it comes time to relocate again.            Roman knows those stresses           the attention of producers at
             series “Reno vs.                                                 Because relocating members                  all too well. Married to Major
                                                                                                                          Jason Roman, a helicopter pilot
                                                                                                                                                               the HGTV network, who have
                                                                                                                                                               handed her hosting duties on
                                                                              usually only get a week for
             Relocate” which                                                  their house hunting trip (HHT),             at CFB Shearwater, she says
                                                                                                                          her experience as a military
                                                                                                                                                               a new real estate series called
                                                                                                                                                               “Reno vs. Relocate,” which
                                                                              Roman says they need to select
             begins airing on                                                 an agent who can dedicate                   spouse is invaluable when it
                                                                                                                          comes to working on a military
                                                                                                                                                               will begin airing May 28th,
                                                                                                                                                               appearing on Mondays at 9PM.
                                                                              themselves to the housing
             HGTV in May                                                      search for the full week they are           relocation.                          “Hosting a national TV show
                                                                              in town.                                    “I am the agent every military       hopefully means someone
                                                                              “Generally, members move                    member wants to have on a            thinks I know what I’m talking
                                                                              every four years,” she notes.               house hunting trip,” she adds.       about when it comes to buying
                                                                              “They must use agents who will              “I come from a military family, I    and selling real estate,” Roman
                                                                              find them a new home which                   am married to a military guy, I      jokes.
                                                                              suits their needs, is within                have personally been through         You can contact Vanessa
                                                                              budget and will sell quickly, and           the relocation process, and I        Roman through her website at
                                                                              for more money, when they are               grew up in Halifax.         You
                                                                              posted out of the area.”                    “I understand the unique             can also follow her on Twitter
                                                                                                                          challenges of a military posting.    @VanessaRomanTV.
TRIDENT, MARCH 19, 2012                                                                                                                        7

Ceremony honours US
Ships Truxtun and Pollux
towns recognize
70th anniversary of
American naval
By MCpl Paula Holwell
A/Chief Clerk, CFS St. John’s

F    eb. 18, 2012 marked the 70th anniversary
     of one of the worst naval disasters in U.S.
history, the grounding of US Ships Truxtun
and Pollux. The Town of St. Lawrence, in col-
laboration with CFS St. John’s and a small
crew from the current US Truxtun, joined
forces to commemorate this special occasion.
Honoured, were the 203 lost lives and the val-
iant efforts of the residents of St. Lawrence
and Lawn who rescued and cared for the 185          Lanier Phillips, left, survivor of USS Trux-
sailors that survived this horrific event.          tun, and Nick Parkerson, relative of one of
   The weekend festivities brought together a       the sailors lost in the Truxtun disaster,
host of Canadian and U.S. military personnel        observe as MCPO Paulette Brock, Com-
including Cdr Lawrence Trim, Commanding             mand Master Chief USS Truxtun, performs
Officer of CFS St. John’s and Cdr John Fergu-       the flag folding ceremony.
                                                                                      PTE KRISTEN MCCORD, FIS
son, Commanding Officer of Truxtun. Also
present was Lanier Phillips, a survivor of
Truxtun; Levi Pike and Gus Etchegary, two of        The wreath laying ceremony, led by Lt (N)
the original rescuers of Truxtun’s crew; and a      John Barrett, Chaplain of CFS St. John’s, end-
host of Canadian and US dignitaries. They           ed with Cdr Ferguson tossing a wreath over
were welcomed to the town at a gala dinner          the cliff and into the sea below.
hosted by His Worship Wayde Rowsell, May-              That afternoon, in a formal ceremony, CFS
or of St. Lawrence. The meal was followed by        St. John’s and its Lodger Units were granted
a concert at St. Thomas Aquinas Church, with        Freedom of the City in the town of St. Law-
performances by the First Battalion Royal           rence. The 50-man honour guard, led by LCdr
Newfoundland Regiment Band and the St.              Steward Hughes, Commanding Officer of
Lawrence Academy children’s choirs.                 CFNES Detachment St. John’s, and local ca-
   The following day began with a flag fold-        det corps marched through the town of St.
ing ceremony at the U.S. Memorial Hospital          Lawrence and into St. Thomas Aquinas
in St. Lawrence. The original 46-star flag that     Church for the memorial service.
was recovered from Truxtun was removed                 The weekend celebrations ended with a
from display and meticulously folded in the         play that was written and performed by local
traditional 13-step fold by MCWO Paulette           high school students. The play was called Col-
Brock and CWO2 Brad Peck of the US Trux-            orblind and told the story of Lanier Philips, his
ton. The fragile flag was then passed to Phi-       struggles with oppression and racism, and
lips, who carefully placed it back in its display   how the kind and caring folks of St. Lawrence
case in the main lobby of the Hospital.             changed the course of his life. Visibly moved
   From there the celebrations moved on to          by the performance he thanked the cast and
Chamber Cove, the site where Truxtun ran            ended the evening by saying: “If every person
aground. Lanier Philips made the steep track        in the world could take a course in humanity in
up the hillside. He stopped at the edge of the      St. Lawrence, Newfoundland, we would have
cliff, gazed out over the rocks below and de-       the entire world’s problems solved.”
scribed in detail how his comrades perished or         On March 12, 2012, Mr. Phillips died at his
were recued on that fateful day 70 years ago.       home in Mississippi.

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8                                                                                                                                                                      TRIDENT, MARCH 19, 2012

March is Nutrition Month Is your faith a fashion accessory?
                                         and packaged baked goods such as
                                         donuts and croissants. Make wise                                                   changed if someone wanted to wear       cross has come to embody the
                                         food choices. Enjoy more whole                 Padre’s Corner                      it for a night out dancing.             things I mentioned earlier in this
                                         foods, like vegetables and fruit.                                                      In the time of Jesus, the cross     paragraph, is a testament to how the
                                         Read labels and choose foods high-              By Padre Maj Harry Crawford        was used as a political warning.        actions of one person can some-
              By Dietitians of Canada    er in nutrients you want more of,                             Fleet Chaplain       Dissidents and revolutionaries;
                                                                                                                                                                    times, if the motives are pure
                                         like fibre, calcium and B vitamins,                                                anyone who was a threat to the gov-
Late night snacking will make                                                                                               erning Romans actually could be         enough, take something that was
                                         and lower in nutrients you want less
you gain weight.                                                                                                                                                    about fear, control and change it so
   Late-night snacking can lead to
                                         of, like sugar, fat and sodium.
                                         Drinking energy drinks is the
                                                                                  A      minister, who is a friend of
                                                                                        mine, happened to mention as
                                                                                  part of his sermon, that he was
                                                                                                                            caught, tried unjustly, and then
                                                                                                                            hung on a cross to endure a slow
                                                                                                                            painful death. These crosses were
                                                                                                                                                                    that it comes to symbolize love and
weight gain, bit it’s not due to the     best way to get energized.
time on the clock. The trouble is,                                                speaking to a woman who was               strategically placed at the highest        That said, I want to leave you
                                            No one needs an energy drink.         wearing a cross around her neck.          points in the towns or villages         with something to think about.
after-dinner snacking can lead you
                                         Energy drinks might make you feel        This by itself is not newsworthy.         where the people were caught. At
to eat more calories than your body                                                                                                                                 What had to be endured; what had
                                         a short burst of energy, but it          People everywhere sport crosses           any time of the day; when waking
needs in a day, especially if you’re                                                                                                                                to be given up so that the cross sym-
                                         doesn’t last. Energy drinks usually      on their ears, on necklaces or to         in the morning, when working in
having high-calorie snack foods                                                                                                                                     bol could embody life instead of
                                         contain lots of sugar; in fact, one      give it a bit of a military flavour, on   the noontime heat, as they were
and sweetened beverages. If you                                                                                                                                     death, was indeed great. The
                                         energy drink can have up to 14 tea-      their bodies in the form of tattoos.      shutting things up at last light, the
usually get hungry for an evening                                                                                                                                   change was won not just by the ac-
                                         spoons of sugar! Most energy                What struck my friend was that         people would be confronted by
snack, try eating dinner a little lat-
                                         drinks have caffeine, and too much       in conversation with this woman,          these visible symbols of what hap-      tions of one person, but by that of
er. Still hungry? Sip on water with a
                                         caffeine may cause unwanted side         he learned that she didn’t have any       pened if you thought of speaking        hundreds, maybe thousands who
squeeze of lemon, or go for small
                                         effects such as rapid heartbeat and      religious background whatsoever.          out against or standing up to, the      gave up much to follow the One.
portions of healthy choices like
                                         insomnia. These drinks are not rec-      The cross held no more meaning            Roman authorities. The cross was a         If we today can wear a Cross, a
whole grain cereal with milk, a
                                         ommended for children or pregnant        for her than a red fire hydrant to a      symbol that evoked fear and terror
piece of fruit, or plain air-popped                                                                                                                                 Star of David, a Crescent Moon,
popcorn.                                 or breastfeeding women, and              blind puppy. She simply wanted to         and it is doubtful that anyone who
                                         should not be consumed with alco-        wear it because she thought it            wore one at that time could walk in-    and not have to endure so much as a
Multi-grain is the same as               hol or in amounts more than 500          looked nice; it was a fashion acces-      to a restaurant without completely      negative glance for what hope
whole grain.                             ml/day. The best way to get ener-        sory.                                     shutting down conversations.            wearing it gives us; if we don’t
   Multi-grain isn’t always while        gized is to eat well, stay hydrated         When I first heard this story it           Today there is a new understand-    have give up or do anything to gain
grain. Multi-grain products include      and get enough sleep.                    really didn’t catch my attention. So      ing of what the cross means. It has     the benefits, how long will it be be-
different grains, but they may not       Eating a lot of protein helps            what? I thought to myself. I some-        come to stand for everlasting life,     fore the symbols cease to mean
be whole. You’ll get the greatest        build muscle.                            times wear a Boston Marathon t-           complete and utter freedom and at       anything? How long before the
health benefits from eating whole                                                 shirt and can barely run across the       its most distressing, sacrifice.        cross becomes only a fashion ac-
grains. To make sure a food is made         Protein alone does not build          Macdonald Bridge, so what’s the               Symbols of hope are necessary
                                         muscle mass. A strength-training         harm if a non-Christian adorns his        in our world today. The fact that the   cessory?
with whole grains, look on the food
label’s ingredient list for the words    program, along with enough calo-         or her body with
“whole grain” in front of each grain     ries from healthy foods, recovery        a cross?
name. If whole grains are the main       time and sleep, are also needed for         The      point,
ingredients in a food, they should       building muscle. Sure, you need          my friend was
appear first in the ingredient list.     protein, but overdoing it adds extra     trying to make,
Make at least half of your grain         calories and won’t build bigger          however, had
products whole grain each day.           muscles. While most people get           nothing to do
                                         enough protein from their daily          with the right-
Processed foods have no place            diet, strength-training athletes, like   ness or wrong-
in a healthy diet.                       bodybuilders, might benefit from         ness of a non-
   Some processed foods, such as         more protein, especially in post-        Christian wear-
whole grain pasta, canned light tu-      workout snacks. But even that extra      ing a Christian
na and plain frozen vegetables, are      amount of protein can be met by          symbol. What
healthy choices. Others provide          simply choosing protein-rich foods       had struck him
few nutrients and/or are high in cal-    from Canada’s Food Guide, such as        was how much
ories, fat, sugar or sodium and          lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs, low-     the meaning of
should be limited. Some examples         er-fat milk and alternatives, and        the       symbol
are deep fried foods, salty snacks       legumes.                                 must          have

                                                   metics to simulate casualties.
                                                      The experience was intense, said Cpl
                                                   Alexander Houston of the West Nova Scotia
continued from / Page 1                            Regiment. “Pulling and lifting the casualty
                                                   out of the chaos is extremely exhausting.”
casualties out and to safety.”                        Approximately 700 soldiers, sailors, air-
   This year’s version of Exercise SOUTH-          men and women from units across Nova Sco-
BOUND TROOPER linked members of 36                 tia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island,
CBG and U.S. Army air crews, relying on            Ontario and Alberta took part in Exercise
medical air mobility assets provided by U.S.       SOUTHBOUND TROOPER XII, which
Army and Navy air units to practise medical        provides Canadian soldiers the opportunity
emergency scenarios.                               to train with units from the U.S. Army, Navy,
   To add realism to the training, Canadian        Army National Guard, Air Force and Ma-
and American medical staff spent hours cre-        rines to develop inter-operational skills and
ating graphic war wounds using wax and cos-        build stronger ties.

               The Sea King Club: 242 Warrior Ave, Shearwater

                                                                        APRIL 14TH
                                                                        Comedy Night
                                                                        Enjoy pub food 1830 - 2200                                                    TICKETS
                                                                        Comedians 2100 - 2330                                                         $10 members
                                                                        DJ Dance 2330 - 0100                                                          $12 non-members
                                                                        Doors open at 1800

                For more information contact the Sea King Club at 720-1091
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Troops learn stealth, cooperation in assault boat training
By Sgt Lance Wade                        next wave of waiting soldiers.
Army News                                   Insurgents could be seen loading
                                         weapons into a boat. The platoon

S    oldiers from 36 Canadian Bri-
     gade Group had been up for
hours as dawn broke over Poison
                                         adopted a defensive posture flank-
                                         ing possible escape routes. When
                                         shots rang out and one insurgent
Village, a fictitious shanty town        jumped in the boat and tried to
made of plywood huts. Troops             speed away, the flanking section
were preparing to raid the fishing       opened fire preventing his escape.
village using assault boats as part of      The forward section sustained
Exercise            SOUTHBOUND           two casualties and returned fire
TROOPER XII (Ex SBT XII).                neutralizing the remaining threats.
   The mission: to locate a weapons      Troops searched the huts and re-
cache and clear the village of ene-      trieved the weapons cache. Once
my activity. For most of the 55 sol-
                                         the village was secure Psycholog-
diers, the raid would be the first
                                         ical Operations and Civil Military
time they put their assault boat
                                         Cooperation teams questioned vil-
skills to the test. Stealth and coop-
                                         lagers. Casualties were brought to a
eration would be vital to their suc-
cess.                                    landing zone and airlifted to safety
   “Team work is paramount,” said        by a U.S. Army Blackhawk heli-
Pte Alex Long from 36 Combat En-         copter.
gineer Regiment (Halifax), who              “It was as close to real life as you   Soldiers from 36 CBG conduct an assault water crossing as part of Ex SOUTHBOUND TROOPER XII, at
took part in the joint U.S.-Canada       can get,” said Cpl Alexander Hous-        Fort Pickett, Virginia.
exercise held in late February.          ton of the West Nova Scotia Re-                                                                                                               SGT LANCE WADE

“Even if one paddler is out of sync      giment (West NS Regt). “Making a          Sgt Chris Robinson, acting Platoon     toon of younger soldiers an oppor-    which provides Canadian soldiers
it can disrupt the course of the as-     tactical and stealthy approach and        Warrant for the West NS Regt. “We      tunity to work in a multi-national    the opportunity to train with units
sault boat.”                             knowing the village had an aggres-        had our junior soldiers out for the    force with their U.S. counterparts.   from the U.S. Army, Navy, Army
   Supported by U.S. Military air        sive posture against the Canadians,       first time working in conjunction         Approximately 700 soldiers,        National Guard, Air Force and Ma-
defence and air traffic controllers,     the situation could have changed at       with the military engineers who        sailors, airmen and women from        rines to develop inter-operational
the troops crossed the two-kilo-         any moment. Adaptation was key.”          were attached to us, and then we co-   units across Nova Scotia, New         skills and build stronger ties.
metre-wide river in two waves of            “It was a test for our kit and for     ordinated a mission to get to the      Brunswick, Prince Edward Island,         The exercise took place in Fort
assault boats, using a safety boat to    the soldiers to get them use to this      beachhead.”                            Ontario and Alberta took part in Ex   Pickett, Virginia, from Feb. 18 to
return the empty ones back to the        new operating environment,” said             The training also gave the pla-     SOUTHBOUND TROOPER XII,               26.

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    613 MAIN ST. (AT FOREST HILLS PARKWAY) DARTMOUTH, NOVA SCOTIA                                                                               902-462-1666
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Are you renovation ready?
Spring is time of
year to upgrade
your biggest

N     ow that the snow has melted
      and the ground is beginning to
thaw, it may be time to get started
on those home renovations you’ve
been thinking about all winter.
   Whether you’re freshening up a
room with a new coat of paint, or
completely gutting your home, did
you know that you could be leaving
yourself open to serious risk if you
start a major project without noti-
fying your insurance provider?
   Henry Blumenthal, Vice Presi-
dent, TD Insurance offers his top
tips to homeowners on how to pro-
tect their biggest investment during
renovation season this year:
I Check your insurance policy—

While it’s exciting to get the wheels
in motion for the kitchen or base-
ment of your dreams, the first call
you should make is to your insur-
                                        Now is the time to get started on those home renovations you’ve been thinking about all winter.
ance provider to ensure you have                                                                                                                                                        NEWS CANADA
adequate coverage during the reno-      I Consider your renovations — A         home insurance. For example, in-        expensive headaches down the           which will protect your home from
vations. For example, some home-        marble countertop in your kitchen       stalling a home security system can     road.                                  damage or negligence from the con-
owners may not be covered if they       may be high on your list, but con-      reduce your premiums, and up-           I Do your homework on your con-        tractor or anyone they hire to work
vacate their home for a certain         sider renovations that will not only
amount of time. Don’t forget to let                                             grading your basement to ensure         tractor—Your contractor should         on your property.
                                        increase the value of your home,
your insurer know of any upgrades.      but also save you money on your         it’s watertight can save you from       have general liability insurance,

How to pay less for home insurance                                                                                                                             I Other factors like the existence of

By Glenn Cooper                         rarely considered,” states insur-       I Location — If you live in a neigh-    also burn more money on your in-       a monitored security and fire alarm
                                        ance expert Wayne Ross from Avi-        bourhood with a low crime rate,         surance premium.                       system or a swimming pool will
Shopping for a home can be a fun        va Canada. “What many home-             you’ll pay a lower premium.             I Wiring—Do you have breakers          also factor into your insurance
experience, but with the numerous       buyers don’t realize is that by con-    I Proximity to fire protection —        or fuses? Old wiring? Low electric-    costs.
associated expenses it can be           sidering a couple of additional fac-    Homeowners who live close to a          ity flow coming into the house? All       Before you make the final deci-
stressful as well. One item that        tors in their buying decision, they     fire hydrant or fire station will pay   affect your insurance costs and eli-   sion on the purchase of a new
homebuyers rarely consider is the       can easily save a few hundred dol-      lower premiums as a result of de-       gibility for insurance. Your insurer   home, talk to your insurance broker
cost to insure the potential new        lars on their insurance costs every     creased fire risk.                      might require upgrades.                or company to determine insurance
home.                                   year.”                                  I Heating — Do you use oil, gas or      I Roof—If your roof has not been       costs. Additional information can
   “Things like having to replace          Ross suggests looking into a few     electric? If you heat with oil, or      updated in the last 20 years, you      be found at www.avivacanada-
some flooring or kitchen cabinets       key factors before making the big       own a wood stove, you’ll likely         might not qualify for insurance un-    .com.
may sway a homebuyer’s decision,        purchase:                                                                       til it is re-shingled.          
but the cost of insuring the home is

                      223 Beaverbank Rd $259,900                                    104 Hallmark $324,900                                       22 Galloway $249,900

                        Monthly payment is $1040                                     Monthly pmt is $ 1390                                      Monthly pmt is $ 1069

                                MLS#41209479                                               MLS#00520213                                            MLS#41146069

                       49 Stone Crest Crt $357,900                             26 Glenmount Court $459,900                                     79 Ledgeview $419,900

                        Monthly payment is $1433                                  Monthly payment is $1992                                      Monthly pmt is $ 1796

                                MLS#41026451                                               MLS#41174160                                             MLS#41254846


                                                                                                               RELOCATING? WE CAN HELP.
                                                                                                                   Links to many resources for those in the military
                                                                                                                who are relocating to a new area. Free benefits to assist
                                                                                                                         military men and women in the move.
                                                                                                               ALG’s VIP Client Advantage Program offers active & retired
                                                                                                                military personnel many advantages, benefits and discounts.

     KRIS                                                                            Michelle
     GERRIOR                                                                         Gerrior
                                                                                                                                                  BYRON BALCOM
     499-5050                                                            483-5050                                                                    Managing Partner                            
                             Toll free: 1-800-597-6060                                                                                                1-800-375-3884
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Transform your kitchen cabinets into classics
As the hub for so much of a fam-        worn or wood grain finish cabinets
ily’s activity, the kitchen is one of   using a cabinet transformation kit.
the most popular rooms in a home.       Rust-Oleum offers an easy do-it-
So it’s no surprise that with all the   yourself system that requires no
cooking and entertaining, the heart     stripping, sanding or priming. It’s
of the home can suffer from some        also available in a light and dark
natural wear and tear. The good         colour option.
news is making kitchen cabinets            Add panel moulding – Another
look like new again can be quite        option for giving cabinets a facelift
cost-effective with some easy do-       is adding more detail – essentially a
it-yourself projects. Here’s how:       panel effect – with wood moulding.
   Update the hardware – Chipped        This do-it-yourself project will re-
or worn-out cabinet knobs and           quire more work, but results in a
pulls are easy to replace – and af-     completely new look. Once the
fordable too. Prices range from         moulding has been applied, finish
about $1 for a basic knob to $5 for a   with a fresh coat of paint and enjoy
beautiful polished nickel knob or       the transformation.
chrome finish handle by Martha             For more DIY projects to update
Stewart Living, available at The        your kitchen and the rest of your
Home Depot.                             home, visit the new online Dream-
   Brighten with a fresh coat of        Book at
paint – If new kitchen cabinets are     know-how.
                                                                                The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in a home.
not in the budget, consider updating                                                                                                                                                  NEWS CANADA

                                                                                                                  Sales Associate

                                                                                                                  serving Halifax
                                                                                                                  with 22 years
                                                                                                                  CF service.

                                                                                                                  Property Specialists
                                                                                                                  36 Brookshire Ct., Suite 200
                                                                                                                  Bedford, NS B4A 4E9
                                                                                                                  Cell: (902) 266-3838
                                                                                                                  Bus: (902) 450-1800 Fax: (902) 835-7018

                                                                                                                   An independently owned and operated broker of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

     Realtor thanks military community
     with cash rebate on buying or selling...
              ealtor Bill Crockett and Atlantic      to fulfill my mission to the family         families posted in and out of the                              They can get some of the extra things
              Lifestyle Realty have been giving      I’m working for, as people in the CF       Halifax, Dartmouth and surrounding                             would like to have, over and above just
              cash rebates back to their clients     are very busy with their careers and       areas. During that time he has seen how                        the things that they need.”
      for many years, families who have              families.”                                 useful it is to have extra cash in hand                           “I encourage families to see every
      used there professional real estate              Atlantic Lifestyle                                             during a move. Bill                      property they wish to see, as this allows
      services. ‘I believe by giving back to the     Reality has received                                             says he knows extra                      them to make an informed decision.
      community only help strengthen the             email queries from CF                                            money is always                          The end result is the family purchases
      community.”                                    Members deployed in                                              helpful, when                            the perfect home for their needs.” Bill’s
         During his many years in real               the Persian Gulf and                                             moving to a new                          cell phone is on 24/7 or you can email
      estate Bill has acquired an in-depth           Afghanistan.                                                     posting or across                        directly to
      knowledge of the market in Halifax               “These people who                                              town to a bigger                            As the year 2012 progresses and
      Municipality. Bill is approved IRP             are thinking of moving                                           house a little extra                     now that annual posting season has
      supplier and knows first hand about             to a new house or are                                            cash can help.                           arrived. Bill look forward to greeting and
      military moves being in Europe,                being posted when                                                   I‘ve seen the                         assisting Canadian military families,
      Quebec and Cold Lake Alberta to name           they return, and want                                            results of the                           either selling and moving to a new
      a few place. Four years ago Atlantic           to meet with me to                                               program,” he says                        location, or on their house hunting trip.
      Lifestyle approved the cash rebate             talk about it”                                                   “It’s great when                         Please do not hesitate to contact Bill at
      back to CF members who used their                Over the past years Bill has             the families get a couple of thousand                          (902)-401-5552 or by email at
      professional services in buying and            worked with numerous military              dollars they wouldn’t have, otherwise.               
      selling houses.
         If you are posted to or from Halifax,
      or even if you are moving to a new
      home within this area, Bill Crockett can
      put extra cash in your pocket. If you
      purchase your home through Bill, he
      will give you part of his commission in
      cash on day after closing. This applies
      to all MLS® in Halifax, Dartmouth
      and surrounding areas. Bill Crockett

                                                         CASH BACK!!!
      is an experienced full-time real estate
      broker offering qualified professional
      service with all his listings on the MLS®
         He offers you all the benefits of
      MLS® with advertising and promotion
      plus the added incentive of his cash               CASH REBATE TO DND MEMBERS ON YOUR RELOCATION, WHETHER BUYING OR
      rebate offer. Should you list your home
      with Bill and he writes an acceptable
                                                         SELLING, IN HALIFAX, DARTMOUTH AND SURROUNDING AREAS...
      offer from a qualified buyer, he will                • COMPLETE MLS® BENEFITS.                                                             • SEE... “TRIDENT’ TO VIEW ADVERTORIAL.
      give you, the Seller on closing up to
                                                          • REAL ESTATE BROKER SINCE 1999                                                       • OVER $200,000.00 GIVEN BACK TO
      two percent of the selling price. For
      example, if Bill helps you sell your                • REFERENCES FROM DND MEMBERS AVAILABLE                                                 DND MEMBERS SINCE JANUARY 2008.
      home for $200,000 you will receive                  • IRP APPROVED SUPPLIER
      up to $2000 to $4000 cash rebate. If
      he helps you purchase your home for
      $200,000, you will receive up to $1000
         “The CF members and their families
      have given me the privilege and trust                      Bill Crockett                                                                           Office (902) 452-3456
                                                                                                                                                           Fax (902) 462-7429
      of assisting them with the sale or the
      purchase of a home” says Bill “I want
                                                                  Atlantic Lifestyle Realty                                                      
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Gardening tips for
clay or sandy soil
I  f your green thumb is aiming at a
   garden-of-plenty this summer,
don’t let the soil hold you back.
                                          aeration, moisture retention and
                                          drainage, giving nearby plant roots
                                          what they need to thrive
   In most Canadian gardens, there           “Better still,” he continued, “Ex-
is too much clay or sand content,         pand ’n Gro is really light to work
say experts in this field. Both are       with. One small bag does the job of
responsible for a compromised             a bag three times its size. All the
growing environment—and that              gardener has to do is spread a one-
spells frustration for those of us        inch layer of it on top of the native
who work hard to grow flowers, to-        soil and mix it in four to six inches
matoes, vegetables and fruit.             deep. After that, the garden’s soil
   “For plant roots to thrive, they       structure will be significantly im-
need a proper balance of moisture,        proved for years.”
nutrition and aeration,” says Syd
Pell at Miracle-Gro. “Clay soil is                    For plant roots to thrive, they need a proper balance of moisture, nutrition and aeration.
                                                                                                                                                                                               NEWS CANADA
dense and heavy, with tiny pores,
so the oxygen level is low. Water
cannot readily pass through caus-
ing drainage problems, in effect,
drowning the plant. At the other ex-
treme, sandy soil has large pores
                                            VICTORIA CONDOMINIUM RENTAL
                                              Two-bedroom, two-bathroom, CF member-owned condo
                                              located in quiet, upscale 2005 complex bordering Gorge
                                                                                                                         Coast 2 Coast                         Home Inspections
and is low in organic matter, mak-                                                                                                                             Offering Thermal Imaging inspections
ing it difficult to retain nutrients as      Vale Golf Club and Gorge Waterway. Fifteen minutes’ walk
water drains away far too quickly.             to NADEN. Seeking mature, reliable renter. No pets. No                                                          Steven Horne Inspector
If the roots can’t get sufficient wa-            children. No smokers. Available as early as 1 June.                                                                             902.441.4383
ter and oxygen to transport nutri-                                                                                                                                     
ents, the plants will shut down.”
                                                    Contact: Stacy Hennings, Edmonton, Alberta,
   Pell points out that since most             780-474-0335 or:
Canadian homes sit on clay or                                                                                          More than 13 years combined experience as an electrician and home renovator
sandy soil, creating an improved
growing environment became pri-
ority number one for the Miracle-
Gro research and development sci-
                                                                                                                        Peck Home Inspections
entists. He says that years of re-                                                                                      W.E.T.T CERTIFIED HOME INSPECTOR
search and testing has resulted in an                                                                                                     Clear & Comprehensive reports
innovative new product called Ex-                                                                                                          Independent Locally Owned
pand ’n Gro. With just a single ap-                                                                                                               Fully Insured
plication, this soil mix can turn na-
tive soils like clay and sand, into                                                                                           You are encouraged to attend the inspection!!
lighter, fluffier, more fertile soil.                                                                                   Julie Peck, Military Ret.                     
   “Can you imagine your garden                                                                                                                     Phone: (902) 422-2545
with up to three times more vegeta-                                                                                                            Brookfield Relocation Service Provider

bles and flowers, and much larger
                                                                                          • Greg Lockyer, CRA
plants?” he asks. “Those results—
including tomato yields that are up
to 12 times more plentiful— are re-
                                                                                          • Chris Flick, AACI
                                                                                          • Steve Horswill, AACI
                                                                                          • Lisa Wilson, CRA
                                                                                                                         Posted to Victoria?
corded in field tests of the new
product.”                                                                                                                                   EMAIL OR CALL ME NOW!!
   Pell explains the nature of the in-
                                               Buying, Selling or Relocating?                                                           •   DETAILS OF HOMES IN YOUR PRICE RANGE
novation:                                         Are you buying a good investment?                                                     •   25 YEARS RELOCATING DND FAMILIES
   “Expand ’n Gro is a planting mix                  What is your property worth?                                                       •   FREE VICTORIA HHT RELOCATION KIT
for use in both containers and in-                                                                                                      •   CALL ME TOLL FREE TO TALK
ground gardens. It contains Mira-                  We are experts in Real Estate Valuation,                                                 ABOUT YOUR HOUSING NEEDS
cle-Gro plant food—and coir—a                               providing accurate
sponge-like fibre derived from co-
                                                             ESTIMATES OF VALUE,                                                            Peter Lindsay
conut husks. Once watered, these
fibres expand up to 3 times their                     serving military families for 15 years.                                     
size. When mixed with a base soil,                       Office: (902) 466-2000                                                              1-800-663-2121
this creates up to 90 per cent more                                                                                               
air space and makes the soil up to                        Fax: (902) 466-2732
40 per cent lighter. It will improve                                                                                              RE/MAX CAMOSUN • (250) 744-3301 • 24 hours
                                                    Web:                                                    Serving the Needs of Military Families Since 1987

     Sheila Cashin-                                                                                                                                                                      Stacey
     Real Estate
                                                                 Your Move                                                                                                               Devoe
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                                                                                Special Advertising Feature

Dispelling fraud myths
E   very year, thousands of Cana-
    dians fall victim to credit card
and debit card fraud, telemarketing
                                       carrying it in your wallet, and be
                                       sure to shield the keypad whenever
                                       you enter your PIN for transac-
                                                                              puter is sufficient to protect your
                                                                              personal information
                                                                                 Anti-virus and internet security
scams, identity theft and online       tions.                                 software only helps protect your
fraud. While Canadians may be          2. Myth: You are not responsible       personal information if it is up-to-
aware of fraud, many don’t know        for preventing fraud                   date, and if it has the latest firewall
how to protect themselves from it.                                            installed. Fraudsters are always de-
Justin Hwang, Associate Vice              While it’s true that banks and
                                       credit card companies have securi-     veloping new ways to obtain your
President, Fraud Management, TD                                               personal information online. For
Canada Trust dispels three of the      ty measures in place to help protect
                                       you and will reimburse you if you      example, if malicious software gets
most common fraud myths:                                                      uploaded onto your device it can
                                       are a victim of fraud, remember you
1. Myth: Your bank needs to            are the first line of defence. The     track what you do online, tap into
know your Personal Identifica-         majority of fraud can be avoided if    your personal information and
tion Number (PIN)                      you remain vigilant and take simple    even create spam that comes under
                                       steps like always shielding your       the identity of a friend. Always be
   Your bank will never ask you for
                                       PIN, monitoring your account ac-       cautious when downloading apps.
your PIN. Do not give out your PIN
                                       tivity regularly and reporting any        More information about fraud
to anyone whether over the phone,
                                       suspicious activity to your finan-     prevention is available online at
on the Internet or by mail. No one
                                       cial institution immediately.
except you should know your
PIN—not even your financial insti-     3. Myth: The anti-virus and anti-
                                                                                                                        Credit card and debit card fraud is a major problem in Canada.
tution. Avoid writing it down or       spyware software on your com-                                                                                  NEWS CANADA

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Colour captures the feeling
of a favourite place
The Tuscan sunset overlooking           colour to achieve a visual dynam-
lush vineyards; the warm amber          ic and nuance unlike any other
glow flickering from a lantern in a     paint colour before. Conventional
quaint coffee shop in Paris; the        paint formulas use black or gray
crimson reds and muddy browns           tints, typically with only three
found in a Bangkok marketplace          pigments, whereas full spectrum
under the blazing sun.                  paint contains as many as seven
   Who hasn’t visited a special         pigments, but with the absence of
place that has left a mark, altered     black. Canadians can now access
our thinking and opened up our          the magic of full spectrum paint
imaginations to a new world of          with Colour Stories, an innovative
scents, ideas and colours? There is     new product from Benjamin
now a new way to recreate the           Moore.
magic of a favourite place, long           “Colour Stories is an innova-
after we’ve unpacked our suitcas-       tion in paint technology that gives
es. The inspiration comes from          you colour like you’ve never seen
the pictures, videos, trinkets and      before,” says Sharon Grech, the
souvenirs gathered from these           colour and style expert at Benja-
places, whose colours take us           min Moore. “The mixology of
back to a special moment in time.       pigments in the paint creates a so-
The job itself is done with full        phisticated wall colour that, like a
spectrum paint.                         chameleon, allows it to harmonize
   Available now for the first time     with most colours in a space.”
in Canada, specialists tell us that        More information is available
full spectrum paint is the premiere     online at, or
product for capturing the true          follow the trend experts on Twit-
spirit and beauty of life, in a wall    ter, @BenjaminMooreCA.
colour. This highly pigmented   
paint gives a richer, luminescent

Brighten a room without
overpowering the space
As we emerge from an economic           splashes of colour that complement
downturn, bright colours are truly      the main décor theme, but don’t
hot. They express a new and opti-       shout too loudly. Take a look at the
mistic view of the future.              photo from industry leader, Torlys,
   So if the foundation décor of        displayed with this article. The
your room is beige, taupe, grey,        brights are balanced nicely by soft
cream or another neutral, splash it     neutral leather chairs and uphol-
with a bit of colour to inject energy   stery, as well as the taupe shade of
and joyfulness into the space. You      the handsome laminate floor,
can do it without digging deep into     whose rustic look and surface mir-
your pockets to redecorate or dis-      rors the wood grain pattern of nat-
rupting the cohesiveness of your        ural hardwood. As a result, this
neutral theme.                          softly grained laminate floor with
   How is it done?                      its distinctive grey hue is central to
   “By confining your hot colours       the neutral decor of the room offset
to relatively inexpensive items like    by colour accents.
basic window drapery, cushions, a          Torlys, a Canadian leader in
throw, art on the wall and perhaps      laminate smart floors, tells us that a
an ottoman,” says Cheryl Grant, an      new line in trendsetting styles,
interior design and consumer trend      wood species, colours and textures
consultant. “Start with a piece you     has recently been introduced at
already have, one that has bold col-    leading flooring retailers across the
ours you love, then key off that col-   country. More information is avail-
our palette when selecting addi-        able online at
tional accessories.”                                                                                                                         NEWS CANADA
   Surround your soft neutrals with

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                                                                                                                  Tacoma Shopping Centre, Dartmouth - 434-8282
The lively colours in this room welcome a bright future after the economic downturn.
                                                                                                               155 Chain Lake Dr, Suite 21, Greystone Crt. - 445-5267
The flooring: Torlys Laminate floors, Hampton, Hot Chocolate Hickory
                                                                                  NEWS CANADA                        435 Grand Lake Rd, Sydney, NS - 562-1170

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Protect your skin on holidays Renew and redo your bathroom
Whether it’s for a spring break      common form of skin cancer.          Bathrooms are often one of the last
escape or a summer holiday, sun-     The number of cases of SCC is        rooms to get updated in a house. If
loving Canadian families with        expected to nearly triple by         wall-to-wall shag carpeting with a
kids, parents and grandparents       2031. What’s more concerning is      matching toilet and squeaky faucet
love to travel to warm, tropical     a recent survey found those over     best describe your bathroom, it
destinations for fun-filled family   the age of 45 were less concerned    may be time to give it a facelift.
vacations. Yet, while loving par-    about sunburn or too much sun        Whether you are looking for a com-
ents and grandparents often scur-    exposure while travelling than       plete overhaul or just some decora-
ry behind their children with        those 44 and under, even though      tive do-it-yourself updates, the be-
hats, sunscreen and bandages in      statistically they are at higher     low ideas provided by The Home
tow, they may forget to protect      risk. This year 1/3 of all cancer    Depot Canada are sure to help:
their own skin by taking steps to    diagnoses will be skin cancers.         Combine style with function:
detect and prevent skin cancer,         What else did the survey re-      Replacing a bathroom vanity is an
including a potentially serious      veal? Here’s a look:                 easy way to dramatically change
condition called actinic keratosis   I Even though getting a sunburn      the space – just remember it can
(AK). What Canadians need to         is a top concern for one-in-three    also fulfill any storage needs.
know is that they need to do         travellers, most are not taking      Whether your style is contempo-
more, and that’s why the Cana-       sufficient steps to protect them-    rary or shabby chic, The Martha
dian Skin Patient Alliance           selves. In fact, more than half of   Stewart Living line, available at
(CSPA) is reminding Canadians        the travellers surveyed don’t al-    The Home Depot, offers a wide
to practice proper sun safety this   ways wear sunscreen (55 per          range of stylish options with ample
season.                              cent), don’t wear a hat (78 per      storage space too.
   If you’re over 40, particularly   cent) or don’t wear UV protec-          Make a splash: Updating a bath-
if you have fair skin and have       tive clothing (93 per cent).         room’s backsplash is an inexpen-
spent a lot of time in the sun,      I Fifty-nine per cent would not      sive and easy way to add a punch of
beyond the already well-known        see a physician immediately if       style to this often drab space. Easy-
skin cancers, you are at also at     they noticed rough spots, scaly      to-use backsplash panels can be in-
higher risk for developing actin-    patches, suspicious spots or         stalled over existing tiles using ad-
ic keratosis, one of the most        moles after examining their skin.    hesive or double sided tape.
common forms of pre-cancerous        The incidence of skin cancers is        Fancy a faucet: Installing a high
skin conditions treated by der-      on the rise and ignoring signs of    efficiency bathroom faucet can re-
matologists. Unfortunately, it’s     cancer is dangerous.                 duce water usage by up to 30 per
also a condition that more than      I Surprisingly, although they are
                                                                          cent which is not only a smart envi-
87 per cent of Canadian warm/                                                                                       A splash of paint can take a bathroom from drab to fab.
                                     fully aware of the risks associ-     ronmental choice, but will save on                                                                      NEWS CANADA
sunny destination travellers         ated with melanoma and non-          water bills too. Standard faucets
don’t know about. The CSPA is        melanoma skin conditions, two-       use 2.2 gallons of water per minute       fixtures pop with rich blue walls or     If you are looking for more ideas
reminding Canadian that skin         in-five travellers don’t think       while high efficiency faucets, such       complement dark cabinetry with a       on how to update your bathroom,
health includes being vigilant       they are at risk of developing       as the American Standard cadet            stylish shade of light gray. When      check out the Bathroom Planner at
about all sun-induced skin con-      skin cancer. In fact, the more sun   faucet, can use as little as 1.5, with-   selecting paint for a bathroom, con-
ditions, including AK.               exposure our skin has, the more      out affecting performance.                sider options that are moisture and
   Actinic keratosis can poten-                                              Brighten the bathroom: A splash        mildew resistant. These high per-
                                     we increase our risk.
tially go on to develop into squa-                                        of paint can take a bathroom from         forming paints will last the test of
mous cell carcinoma (SCC), a                  drab to fab. Make existing white          time.

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                                                                                  Special Advertising Feature

Hardwood flooring offers a breath of fresh air
T    he beauty, architectural detail
     and overall inviting warmth of-
fered by hardwood floors are often
what make a house a home. So, it’s
no surprise that hardwoods are in-
creasingly bringing the comforts of
home to all types of settings, from
schools and workspaces to health
care facilities and performance
   But, there is more. According to
the American Hardwood Informa-
tion Center, (www.HardwoodIn- hardwoods also help im-
prove the air quality in the places
you spend your time.
   We’ve all seen those tiny parti-
cles floating around in a beam of
sunlight. Those culprits are often
the cause of many indoor allergies
which affect nearly 40 million
Americans. Did you know that to
ease allergy symptoms, one of the       Hardwood flooring in public areas reduces allergen exposure.
                                                                                                                                                                                          ED MASSERY
first recommendations allergists
make is to remove wall-to-wall car-     Waldron. “They are easier to clean      lion in lost productivity each year.   feeling to hardwood that is difficult    tobacco products and more.
peting in favour of solid floor sur-    and do not harbor dust, dirt and al-       “Perhaps the increase in aller-     to replicate.”                              Today, most paints and stains
faces, such as hardwoods?               lergens like carpeting.” And to ease    gies and asthma over the past cen-        The experts at Renaissance 3 Ar-      will have low- or no-VOC on their
   Hardwood products offer help         the suffering to a greater degree,      tury has some relationship to mov-     chitects are not alone in their think-   labels, and that’s significant be-
   “Allergists recognize that carpet    Dr. Wallace suggests additional         ing away from hardwood flooring,”      ing. More and more designers are         cause low- or no-VOC finishes
is a huge collection net for dust and   home considerations.                    says Wallace. “My school had           recognizing the limitless benefits       which are water-based, are health-
dust mites, live and dead insects          “The newest research shows that      hardwood flooring in the 1960s,        of hardwood products, and are in-        ier for you and the environment,
and their waste products, mold and      making one change in the home,          and more recently, schools have        creasingly featuring them in             give off virtually no odor, and are
animal dander,” says Dr. Dana V.        like carpet removal, will reduce the    been installing more carpeting. We     schools, workspaces and health           much less likely to trigger allergies
Wallace, immediate past president       allergen load, but it takes multiple    need hard surfaces such as hard-       care facilities across the country.      or other sensitivities.
of the American College of Aller-       interventions to reduce symp-           wood flooring, in public areas, to        But what about the finishes -            Let’s clear the air
gy, Asthma & Immunology                 toms,” Wallace says. “Other chang-      reduce allergen exposure.”             won’t they affect allergies?                The benefits of using products
(ACAAI). “Chemical treatments           es, like removing upholstered fur-         Utkarsh Ghildyal, project man-         The American Hardwood Infor-          made from American hardwoods
and professional steam cleaning         niture, need to be made.” And hard-     ager at Renaissance 3 Architects       mation Center suggests you breathe       are limitless. Incorporate them into
will not remove all allergens, and      wood furniture, such as stools and      feels that healthy and environmen-     deep, relax, but be knowledgeable.       the places where you live, work and
are only effective for a short time.    desk chairs, offer a perfect solu-      tally favorable hardwood floors are    Reading product labels, specifical-      play. And then, breathe deep.
But all of these allergens can be re-   tion.                                   “more comfortable than concrete        ly looking for the key words "vola-         For more information on Amer-
duced with hardwood flooring.”             But allergy issues also exist out-   and are more easily maintained         tile organic compounds," or VOCs,        ican Hardwoods, visit www.Hard-
   The Asthma and Allergy Foun-         side the home. The AAFA reports         than carpet.” Ghildyal says that,      is important because VOCs are  
dation of America (AAFA), agrees.       that allergies and asthma cause         “we use hardwoods in our designs       emitted by many, many items, in- 
“We       recommend        hardwood     40,000 people to miss school or         to express warmth and a sustaina-      cluding carpeting, electronics, cos-
floors,” says spokesperson Angel        work every day, resulting in $3 bil-    ble aesthetic. There is a natural      metics, plastics, cleaning supplies,

Little tricks
keep your
home always
looking clean
We’ve all seen it: the home of a
friend, relative, or neighbour
that looks like the pages of a de-
sign magazine. Nothing is out of
place, and then, often green with
envy you return to your home to
find dust bunnies, food crumbs,
and splatters of toothpaste on the
bathroom mirror. How do some
people work all week and still
find time to clean? Surely, they
must be scrubbing all weekend.
   The truth is, homeowners can
keep their homes tidy during the
busy work week with just a few
simple tips. That way, you can
relax on the weekend. Soon
enough, you’ll be showing envi-
ous guests around your own
spotless home. Here’s how:
Tips for the kitchen
I Wipe up cooking messes from

the stovetop or counters immedi-
ately after they happen, before                                                                                                                                                          NEWS CANADA
they dry and become difficult to
I Use a damp sponge and a cup

of water boiled in the microwave
to wipe away crusted food stains.
I Consider using a robotic vac-

uum to keep floors free of dirt,
dust, food particles, and hair
while you finish other chores or
watch TV.
Tips for the bathroom
I Keep a squeegee handy to wipe

windows, mirrors, and counter
surfaces after a shower to keep
them sparkling.
I The touchless faucet is both

practical and chic. Ideas are
available online at deltafaucet-
.ca. Take a look at Delta’s Lah-
ara or Addison with what they
call, Touch2O.xt Technology.
Faucets with the option for
hands-free activation can ensure
that sticky or greasy toiletries
are not transferred to the faucet
handle,    minimizing     weekly
cleaning tasks.
I Use an automatic toilet bowl

cleaner that you can set and for-
get while still keeping toilet
bowls fresh all week long.
Around the House
I Fifteen minute power cleaning

or de-cluttering sessions, done a
few times a week, can help to cut
down on out-of-control messes.
Pick one small space to attack
each time, and you’ll be sur-
prised how it helps keep house-
hold clutter under control.
TRIDENT, MARCH 19, 2012                                                                                                                                                                             17

The CF Atlantic Regional Badminton and Squash Championships took place in Shearwater Fitness and Sports Facility and Cole Harbour Place respectively. The winner of both
championships overall were players from CFB Halifax. National Championships take place in May at CFB Borden
                                                                                                                                                                        BENJAMIN J. DELONG, TRIDENT STAFF

Racket sports take centre stage at CFB Halifax
                                       she didn’t lose a single game in the    lenge to him. “The final game was        Clerk from Formation Administra-        came from many different loca-
By Benjamin J. DeLong
Trident Staff                          singles competition.                    the hardest competition.” Cpl Si-        tion, took home the gold medal for      tions, to be patrons for their sports
                                          The badminton games were             mard played MWO Tom Roy from             women’s singles at the squash tour-     in their units and bases. “When I
“I’ve been playing badminton since     played at Shearwater Fitness and        CFB Halifax. “He’s a hard player,”       nament. She said the games were a       was in high school I played bad-
I was a little girl,” said Capt MJ     Sports Facility in Shearwater, and      Cpl Simard said of MWO Roy. As a         lot of fun, and she was glad to play    minton all of the time, but these
Diotte from CFB Gagetown. Capt         brought out a large crowd from sev-     hint towards his secret to winning,      again. “I used to train a lot, and I    sports have really died off in the
Diotte competed in the Atlantic Re-    eral areas and at varying skill lev-    Cpl Simard recommended power             played squash for many many             Forces. You have to make the
gional Badminton and Squash            els. Some played the sport more ca-     training for the legs before a game,     years. But then I got posted on a       sports big in your own areas and
Championships hosted at CFB Ha-        sually, and were newer to the sport,    and said that good core muscles are      ship, so I had to stop playing for      bases. They are good games to stay
lifax from Tuesday, Feb 28 to Fri-     and some were playing to win.           important to be able to excel in bad-    about six years. I just started again   active and enjoy. These are sports
day, Mar 2.                               Cpl Roger Simard, also from          minton.
                                                                                                                        recently.” She said that having a       that you can have for the rest of
   Capt Diotte will be going back to   CFB Gagetown, was playing to               In badminton, CFB Halifax won
                                                                                                                        good coach helped bring her back        your life.”
CFB Gagetown with three medals         win. He was undefeated in the           first place overall with 22 points,
                                                                                                                        up to speed after her six year hiatus      As a reminder to the players, Cdr
for her performance in different       Men’s Masters badminton compe-          and CFB Gagetown came second
badminton matches throughout the       tition, and he has won the Atlantic     with 17 points. The squash side of       from the sport. Her final game was      Paddock told them that they are
competition. She placed at least       Regional championship 10 years          the competition was also won by          between her and her teammate, “so       able to use the PSP fitness and
second in mixed doubles, women’s       straight. Cpl Simard said that he       CFB Halifax with 66 points, and          we didn’t really have to play,” she     sports facilities even after they re-
doubles, and won women’s singles.      was definitely the man to beat in the   was followed by 14 Wing Green-           said.                                   tire. Cdr Paddock wished the win-
   “I think I played about 12 games.   competition, and that many people       wood with 58 points. Squash was             The Formation Administratrion        ner good luck in the national cham-
I found the doubles difficult. I’m     knew that.                              played at three squash courts in         Officer, Cdr Lin Paddock, is the CF     pionships, which take place in May
not comfortable with doubles; I’m         “I play maybe 12 - 15 hours a        Cole Harbour Place, and, like bad-       patron for badminton and squash,        in CFB Borden. “The team we sent
a single player.” Capt Diotte said     week, throughout the year.” He          minton, was supervised by PSP Ha-        and he presented medals at the cer-     last year did exceptionally well and
that she didn’t face many challeng-    said that competitors try hard but it   lifax staff.                             emonies to the competitors. He also     brought back the gold; so you have
es throughout the competition, and     didn’t seem like much of a chal-           PO1 Ghislaine Arsenault, RMS          had a message to the players who        some big shoes to fill.”

Sports trivia                                                                  Sports updates
                                                                                                                                                                lièrement destiné aux responsables
                                                                                                                                                                du conditionnement physique et
                                                                                                                                                                des sports des unités.
                                                                                                                                                                   Le nombre maximal de partici-
By PO1 Bill Sheridan                   Celtics in 1986?                        By Trident Staff                           HMC ships’ personnel are to be
NCSM Ville de Québec                                                                                                                                            pants est de 16. Les inscriptions se-
                                       18. What Hall of Fame pitcher nev-                                               loaded by contacting LS Leblanc at
                                                                                                                                                                ront prises selon le principe du pre-
                                       er gave up a grand slam?                                                         427-3476 or via email at Josee.Le-
1. Who is the only two-time winner                                                Fleet Fitness and Sports will                                                 mier arrivé, premier servi.
of the Heisman Award?                  19. Who was nicknamed the Old           host a Basic Fitness Training As-                                                   Les intéressés doivent s’inscrire
                                                                                                                          For more information on the
                                       Perfessor?                              sistant Course (BFTA) March 26 to                                                en passant par leur chaîne de com-
2. How many fillies have won the                                                                                        BFTA course, please contact the
Kentucky Derby?                        20. Who left the NFL to join the        April 6, 2012. This course will be       Fleet Fitness Coordinator, Jose         mandement, qui peut inscrire son
                                       military and serve in Iraq?             conducted by CFB Borden training         Martins at 427-1469.                    personnel par l’intermédiaire du
3. Who scored the cup winning goal                                             staff at the Fleet Fitness and Sports                                            système d’IIEM.
in overtime for the Islanders in       Answers                                 Centre (Dockyard gym). Although             Le Centre sportif et de condi-          Les membres d’équipage des na-
1980?                                                                          this course is open to all military      tionnement physique offre un
                                       1. Archie Griffin                                                                                                        vires CSM peuvent s’inscrire en
4. Janet Guthrie became the first                                              personnel, it is specifically targeted   Cours de moniteur adjoint d’éduca-
                                       2. Three, Winning Colors in 1988,                                                                                        communiquant avec le Mat 1 Le-
woman to qualify for what race?                                                at Unit Fitness/Sports Reps.             tion physique - niveau élémentaire
                                       Genuine Risk in 1980 and Regret in                                                                                       blanc, par téléphone au 427-3476
                                                                                  The maximum number of par-            (MAEP NE) du 26 mars au 6 avril
5. What sports building is at 2000                                                                                                                              ou par courriel à Josee.Le-
                                       1915                                    ticipants is 16, therefore it will be    2012.
Brush Street, Detroit Michigan?                                                                                                                       
                                       3. Bobby Nystrom, 7:11 of over-         based on a first-come/first-served          Ce cours sera donné au Centre
6. Who was the only coach for the                                                                                       sportif et de conditionnement phy-         Pour de plus amples renseigne-
                                       time                                    basis for course loading.
Houston Aeros of the WHA?                                                                                               sique de l’arsenal, par le personnel    ments sur le cours de MAEP NE,
                                       4. Indy 500                                Loading procedures are to be
7. What American city was select-                                              done through your chain of com-          de l’instruction de la BFC Borden.      veuillez contacter Jose Martins, le
ed to host the 1976 winter Olym-       5. Ford Field, home of the Lions        mand, which are to load their per-       Il est accessible à tout le personnel   coordonnateur du conditionnement
pics?                                  6. Bill Dineen                          sonnel through the MITE system.          militaire. Toutefois, il est particu-   physique de la flotte, au 427-1469.
8. Who was Sports Illustrated first    7. Denver, but there was a referen-
Sportsman of the year in 1954?         dum for funding which got defeat-

                                                                                 The Fit Zone
                                       ed.                                                                                                                      little stress to joints. Throughout
9. Who has won the most golf ma-                                                                                                                                the class we will perform many
jors?                                  8. Roger Banister, breaking the four
                                                                                                                                                                intervals on the spin bikes, includ-
10. Who has won the most tennis        minute mile
                                                                                                                                                                ing hill climbs, sprints, and high
singles majors?                        9. Jack Nicklaus
                                       10. Steffi Graff
                                                                                 Tuesday Fit Mix                        push through the cycling range of
                                                                                                                        motion. It only seems fit to com-
                                                                                                                                                                intensity surges.
11. How did World Champion bull                                                                                                                                     As mentioned above core
                                                                                                                        bine both spinning and core into a
rider Lane Frost die?                  11. Gored and trampled by a bull          By Maria Chalker                                                               strength is crucial for stability
                                                                                                                        45-minute power workout.
12. Who holds the baseball, basket-    12. Ripken, AC Green Jr, Jeff Fea-        PSP Fitness and Sports Instructor                                              while riding a bike. So mixed into
                                                                                                                           The training zones for spinning
ball, football and hockey records      gles, and Jarvis                                                                                                         spinning are core exercise cir-
                                                                                    Spring is approaching and most      run on a one to 10 scale, where
for most consecutive games                                                                                                                                      cuits, typically timed intervals, 30
                                       13. Reggie Jackson                                                               one is no exertion and 10 is maxi-
played?                                                                          people are looking for a way to                                                to 60 seconds. These exercises in-
                                       14. First and Second World Wars.          shake a few pounds or change           mal effort. Using this scale per-
13. Reggie: The Autobiography                                                                                                                                   clude crunches, planks, super-
                                       15. Charlie Ward                          their winter routine. Five days a      mits each participant to gage their
was written about whom?                                                                                                                                         mans, leg raises and much more.
                                                                                 week at noon, fitness classes are      own level of exertion. In other
                                       16. He was a fictional character in                                                                                      It is not rare to see a few heart rate
14. Hank Gowdy is the only Major                                                 offered to military members and        words one person’s level five may
                                       the book called The Hustler, por-                                                                                        elevating exercises such as moun-
league baseball player to serve in                                               civilians of all fitness levels. The   not be the same exertion as anoth-
                                       trayed by Jackie Gleason in the mo-                                                                                      tain climbers, pushups and jump-
what two wars?                                                                   Fit Mix is just one of the classes     er participant cycling at the same
                                       vie of the same name.                                                                                                    ing jacks thrown into the mix.
15. What player won the Heisman                                                  offered, a combination of spin and     level. Whether you are new to
                                       17. He was pronounced dead from                                                                                              I encourage beginners and vet-
and then went on to a career in the                                              core circuit training. In spinning,    spinning or an advanced partici-
                                       intoxication of cocaine.                                                         pant the class is designed so you       erans of spin and core training to
NBA?                                                                             your core provides the torso with
                                                                                                                        work at your level of comfort.          come out and burn off some calo-
                                       18. Jim Palmer                            support, keeping your body bal-
16. Who was Minnesota Fats?                                                                                                                                     ries Tuesday at noon. I look for-
                                       19. Casey Stengel                         anced and upright. A strong core       Spinning requires power from
17. How did Len Bias celebrate af-                                               provides stability for the legs to     major leg and core muscles, with        ward to seeing you all there.
ter being drafted number 1 by the      20. Pat Tillman
18                                                                                                                                                             TRIDENT, MARCH 19, 2012

CF women compete at World Pond Hockey Tournament
By Sgt Katherine Greer-Hulme             have to use the small ice surface
Army News, CFB Gagetown                  and it’s a different game. It’s the
                                         best tournament for pond hockey

F    or one weekend in early Febru-
     ary, Roulson Lake in the heart
of Plaster Rock, New Brunswick
                                         that I know.”
                                            The Minister of National De-
                                         fence, the Honourable Peter Mac-
comes alive with the sounds of hun-      Kay not only visited the World
dreds of people enjoying hockey in       Pond Hockey Championships, he
its purest form.                         took part in it. Dressed in a blue
   For the past 11 years, teams from     hockey jersey with the Conserva-
across Canada and the world make         tive emblem emblazon on the front
the pilgrimage to this secluded          and wearing a CFB Gagetown
lake, which is transformed into a        toque, the minister skated in two
hockey mecca known as the World          games. “It’s just a great time, it
Pond Hockey Championships. The           brings you back to your childhood
women’s division at the World            to be outdoors on a pond, playing
Pond Hockey Championships in             hockey. Everybody is so upbeat
Plaster Rock, New Brunswick              and enjoying it and you couldn’t get
grows each year. This year, of the       a better place to play the game,” he
twelve teams registered for the          said.
11th annual event, four came from           The men’s team from CFB Gage-
the Canadian Forces.                     town along with the Base Com-
   Sounds of laughter fill the play-     mander and the Base RSM were on
ers’ tents as teams lace up their
                                         hand to watch the Minister of Na-
skates, tape up their sticks and put
                                         tional Defence’s team and cheer
on their teams’ colours in prepara-
                                         them on. “I hope to watch some of       Cpl Julie Pelchat shoots on goal during the 11th annual World Pond Hockey Championship held in Plaster
tion for their first match. From the
                                         our military teams play and I hope      Rock, New Brunswick.
Montreal team known as the Lager
                                         they do better than we did in our                                                                                          SGT CARL ELSON, CFB GAGETOWN
heads, dressed in colourful blue,
                                         matches,” said Minister MacKay.
red and white stripes, to the team
                                         “We have some people that I know
dressed in hot pink shirts, nothing
stood out more than the military         are in very good condition from
women dressed in CADPAT.™                their military training. We have a
   This year, four CF women’s            deep talent pool and their tough and
teams representing all three ele-        they want to win and that’s again
ments, Army, Navy and Air Force,         something common with hockey
not only came to compete but to en-      players and the Canadian Forces.”
joy the sportsmanship, camarade-            Once all the games in the semi fi-
rie and opportunity to relive their      nals were played, one military team
childhood on this frozen lake.           stood ready to compete in the fi-
   “I have been coming here for the      nals. The Air Force women from 14
past three years not just to play        Wing Greenwood in Nova Scotia
hockey but for the friendships and       had earned the right to advance to
fun,” said Cpl Julie Pelchat from        the final championship game.
CFB Gagetown. “When I first came            On the coldest day of the week-
here, there was only one women’s         end with temperatures hovering
team from the CF, this year we have      around the -26 degree mark, spec-
four and its fun to see that there are   tators huddled together in the
more girls from the military.”           bleachers and lined the sides of the
   Over the years, the calibre has in-   ice surface to watch this important
creased in the women’s division          match. The girls from Greenwood         Dozens of teams play at night during the championship, which attracts participants from across Canada
and it has become more competi-          were determined to win this year        and around the world.
tive. “It’s not just skating around,     and not even the biting cold and bit-                                                                                      SGT CARL ELSON, CFB GAGETOWN

it’s pond hockey strategy,” said Cpl     ter wind chill was going to deter       the Greenwood women were here        and playing last year really helped   applause, the smiles on the faces of
Pelchat. “It’s not about skating, it’s   them. “Last year we lost in the fi-     for redemption and started racking   us this year,” said Capt Smith.       the Greenwood women were price-
not about being fast, it’s about         nal, so we really wanted to come        up the points. When the final horn     As they stood at center ice, the    less.
passing, passing, passing and posi-      back this year and win,” said Capt      sounded the end of the game, the     coveted World Pond Hockey Cup            “Quintessential Canadian,” said
tion. You don’t have any boards          Heather Smith, team captain.            score was 21 – 10 in favour of the   was presented. Hoisting it over       Minister MacKay. “Our forces and
like you would in an arena so you           Within minutes, it was obvious       Greenwood team. “The experience      their heads to sounds of cheers and   hockey, they go together.”

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                                                                                                                                    24. Most loathsome
                                                                                                                                    27. Farewell (Spanish)
                                                                                                                                    29. Plant germination vessel
                                                                                                                                    30. Am. Heart Assoc.
                                                                                                                                    32. Sock repair
                                                                                                                                    33. Gather fabric in rows
                                                                                                                                    35. Muscat is the capital
                                                                                                                                    36. Goat and camel hair fabric
                                                                                                                                    37. Raised meeting platform
                                                                                                                                    38. Oral polio vaccine developer
                                                                                                                                    39. Yield to another’s wish
                                                                                                                                    40. A country’s entry permit
                                                                                                                                    41. Hero of Spain El ___
                                                                                                                                    42. Partner of pepper                  Solution
                                                                                                                                    43. Famous grandma artist
                                                                                                                                    46. Freedom from difficulty            22. Affirm positively
                                                                                                                                    47. Supervises flying                  23. Paul Adrien __, Br. physicist
                                                                                                                                    50. In spite of                        25. Ballroom dance
                                                                                                                                    53. Insatiable                         26. Tai (alt. sp.)
                                                                                                                                    54. Source of chocolate                27. Dental group
                                                                                                                                    55. Sulk                               28. Aba ____ Honeymoon
                                                                                                                                    56. CCC                                29. Female sibling
                                                                                                                                    57. Amounts of time                    31. Today host Curry
                                                                                                                                    DOWN                                   33. Deriving pleasure from cruelty
                                                                                                                                    1. Popular Mexican dish                34. Went quickly (archaic)
                                                                                                                                    2. Fe                                  35. Kiln for drying hops
                                                                                                                                    3. Obstruct                            37. Misrepresentation
                                                                                                                                    4. Fixes firmly in                     38. Absence of sound
                                                                                                                                    5. Indian frocks                       40. Many blood vessels
                                                                                                                                    6. Music, ballet and literature        42. Satisfies to excess
                                                                                                                                    7. What part of (abbr.)                43. Glandular fever
                                                                                                                                    8. More deceitful                      44. Capital city of Shiga, Japan
                                                                                                                                    9. Informal term for data              45. Hit sharply
                                                                                                                                    10. Chinese gelatin                    46. This (Spanish)
                                                                                                                                    11. Repair fabric                      47. Payroll tax
                                                                                                                                    12. Nellie __, journalist              48. Freshwater duck genus
ACROSS                                       13. Brand of clear wrap                     19. Tennessee’s flower                     13. Single Lens Reflex                 49. In the past
1. Medical products manufacturer             14. Gabriel was one                         20. Narrow inlet                           15. Away from one’s home               50. A small drink of liquor
5. Depletes gradually                        16. Famous for his window’s &               21. Puts it on the chopping block          17. Mined minerals                     51. Own (Scottish)
9. Metrical foot used in poetry              glass                                       22. Fed                                    21. Longest division of geological     52. Daughters of the Am. Revolu-
                                             18. H. Potter’s best friend                 23. Hall of Fame DJ Rick                   time                                   tion

  Ex UNIFIED BEAR prepares                                                                                    L’Ex Unified Bear prépare
  soldiers for Task Force 2-12                                                                                les militaires à la FO 2-12
  End of training is in                                Sergeant Major, Command Chief Warrant
                                                       Officer Gino Moretti who, as part of the                L’exercice tire à sa                              terrestres, s’est rendu à la BFC Gagetown
                                                                                                                                                                 pour constater par lui-même l’entraînement
  sight for more than                                  visit, met with the ROTO 1 Sergeant Ma-
                                                       jor, CWO Ambrose Penton.                                fin pour plus de 700                              des soldats de l’ESCN. Il était accompagné
                                                                                                                                                                 de l’Adjudant-chef du commandement Gino
  700 troops headed for                                   “On behalf of General Devlin I’m here
                                                       to have a look as you enter your last few               soldats qui iront en                              M«Je suis ici au nom du Général Devlin pour
  Afghanistan                                          days of training,” said BGen Dabros. “I                                                                   observer alors que vous entamez vos derniers
                                                       have a very positive feeling on the state of
                                                       readiness and the work that you have done,
                                                                                                               Afghanistan                                       jours d’instruction », a dit le Bgén Dabros. «
                                                                                                                                                                 Je suis convaincu que vous êtes prêts et que
   By Sgt Katherine Greer-Hulme
   Army News, CFB Gagetown                             not just what you have done here in Gage-                                                                 vous avez fait du bon travail, non seulement
                                                       town for the past two months, but what                  Par Sgt Katherine Greer-Hulme                     ici, à Gagetown au cours des derniers mois,
     CFB Gagetown was the staging grounds              you have done throughout your career                    Les Nouvelles de l’Armée, BFC Gagetown            mais aussi tout au long de votre carrière. Cela
  for Exercise UNIFIED BEAR, a collective              that’s going to help you with the specific                                                                vous aidera à accomplir les tâches que vous
  training and confirmation exercise for               jobs that you’re being asked to do.                       L’exercice Unified Bear, une instruction        serez appelés à accomplir.??«Si vous com-
  members of the headquarters of the Na-                  “If you understand where the interna-               collective et un exercice de confirmation à        prenez l’orientation de la communauté inter-
  tional Command and Support Element                   tional community and NATO is headed                    l’intention des membres du quartier général        nationale et de l’OTAN, vous savez que ce
  (NCSE), prior to their deployment as part            with Afghanistan you know that the job                 de l’élément de soutien du commandement            que vous faites ici est une partie importante
  of Task Force 2-12, Operation ATTEN-                 that you’re doing there is an important part           national (ESCN), a eu lieu à la BFC Gage-          de l’état final stratégique. Nous voulons nous
  TION ROTO 1.                                         of the strategic end state. We want to be in
                                                                                                              town. Les militaires y ont pris part en prévi-     assurer que les Afghans sont en mesure d’as-
     The 2nd Battalion, The Royal Canadian             a position where Afghans become respon-
                                                                                                              sion de leur participation à l’opération Atten-    sumer leur propre sécurité d’ici 2014. Pour
  Regiment, is responsible for training the            sible for their own security in the 2014
  Task Force and many of its soldiers are de-          time frame and in order to do that we have             tion Roto 1, à titre de membres de la Force        ce faire, nous devons former les membres des
  ploying on the mission.                              to professionalize the ANSF, the police                opérationnelle 2-12.                               FSNA, de la police et de l’ANA, et c’est ce
     Nine hundred and twenty-five Cana-                and the Army and that’s really the job that               Le 2e Bataillon, The Royal Canadian Re-         que nous vous demandons de faire.
  dian Forces personnel are currently de-              we’re asking you to do.                                giment, est responsable de l’entraînement de          « Grâce à votre expertise, votre profes-
  ployed on Op ATTENTION, Canada’s                        “We’re trying to take you with all of               la Force opérationnelle et plusieurs de ses        sionnalisme et votre expérience, vous servi-
  participation in the NATO Training Mis-              your expertise, all your professionalism,              soldats participeront à cette mission.             rez de mentors aux Afghans avec qui vous
  sion–Afghanistan (NTM-A). The NTM-A                  all your experiences and for the time that                Neuf cent vingt-cinq membres des Forces         travaillez afin qu’ils puissent un jour mettre
  delivers training and professional devel-            you are there to mentor and advise the Af-             canadiennes sont actuellement déployés à           en pratique les compétences en leadership
  opment services to Afghanistan’s national            ghans that you work with so that they can              l’OpAttention, soit la participation du Cana-      qu’ils auront acquises de sorte que l’Afghan-
  security forces.                                     be the one that steps up front and applies             da à la Mission de formation de l’OTAN en          istan puisse assurer son avenir.»
     “EXERCISE UNIFIED BEAR gives                      their leadership in a way that’s going to              Afghanistan, laquelle est chargée d’assurer           Les membres du quartier général ont eu à
  the headquarters the opportunity to come             carry Afghanistan forward for the future.”             la formation et le perfectionnement profes-
  together as a group and start working                   The scenarios that headquarters staff                                                                  résoudre des scénarios variés allant de sim-
                                                                                                              sionnel des forces de sécurité nationales af-
  through their standard operating proce-              had to deal with ranged from simple per-                                                                  ples questions de dotation et d’irrégularités
  dures collectively,” said Colonel Greg               sonnel issues and financial irregularities                                                                financières à des sujets un peu plus complex-
                                                                                                                 «L’exercice Unified Bear permet au per-
  Smith, deputy commander of Op ATTEN-                 to far more complex ones such as IED                                                                      es tels que des attaques des convois aux IED,
                                                                                                              sonnel du quartier général de revoir les in-
  TION ROTO 1.                                         strikes on convoys, attacks on Canadians                                                                  des attaques contre les Canadiens de la part
                                                                                                              structions permanentes d’opération ensem-
     “Prior to this exercise, the training has         by Afghans posing as members of the Af-                                                                   d’Afghans se faisant passés pour des
                                                                                                              ble», a affirmé le Colonel Greg Smith, com-
  been individually focused ensuring sol-              ghan National Security Forces and mov-                                                                    membres des forces de sécurité nationales
                                                                                                              mandant adjoint de l’Op Attention Roto 1.
  diers were prepared to deploy for both               ing one of the camps. The training ensured                                                                afghanes et le déménagement d’un des
                                                                                                                 «Avant cet exercice, l’instruction se fai-
  force protection needs, advisory skills and          that members of the NCSE are highly pre-                                                                  camps. Grâce à cette instruction, les
  have the tactical flexibility. It is only now        pared for any situation that they may face             sait surtout sur une base individuelle et veil-
                                                                                                              lait à ce que les soldats soient prêts à prendre   membres de l’ESCN sont prêts à confronter
  that the headquarters has been given the             while deployed.                                                                                           toutes les situations qui pourraient survenir
  opportunity to come together and work                   “We are excellent trainers, excellent               part à des missions de protection de la force
                                                                                                              ou à transmettre leurs compétences en con-         pendant qu’ils sont en mission.
  through various training scenarios devel-            soldiers, and we have a very professional
                                                                                                              sultation, tout en étant souples d’un point de        «Nous sommes d’excellents formateurs,
  oped by the Formation Centre of Excel-               military, and I think it is going to be an
  lence in Kingston.”                                  interesting challenge to try to build on the           vue tactique. Ce n’est que maintenant que          d’excellents soldats et nos forces armées sont
     Brigadier General Michael Dabros, Di-             good work that has been done by Roto 0,”               l’on donne l’occasion au personnel du quar-        extrêmement professionnelles. On devra mi-
  rector General Land Staff and Chief of               concluded Col Smith.                                   tier général de travailler ensemble dans le        ser sur le bon travail entrepris par la Roto 0»,
  Staff Land Operations went to CFB Gage-                 “This is a very honourable mission and              cadre d’instructions développées par le cen-       a confié le Col Smith en terminant.
  town to see first-hand how the soldiers              we want to make sure that we maintain the              tre de formation de l’excellence de King-             «Cette mission est très honorable; nous
  from NCSE are working through various                legacy of what Canada has done, what our               ston.»                                             voulons nous assurer de maintenir l’héritage
  training scenarios as part of Ex UNITED              allies have done, and enable the Afghans                  Le Brigadier-général Michael Dabros, di-        du Canada et celui de nos alliés, et de per-
  BEAR. He was accompanied by the Army                 to carry on and own their own country.”                recteur général de l’État-major de l’Armée         mettre aux Afghans d’être maîtres de leur
                                                                                                              de terre et Chef d’état-major des opérations       pays.»

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