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									                                                            Dallas Dressage Club

                         The Dallas Dressage Club is a Group Member Organization of the United States Dressage Federation
                                         Volume 4, Issue 8                  August 2003

By Carol Bentzlin

In June 2003, Lynn Seidemann competed in
the Festival of Champions at the USET Ham-
ilton Farms, in Gladstone, NJ. Her goal was
to confirm a place on the USA Paralympics
Dressage Team that will travel to Athens
2004 following the Olympic Games. Riding
Ryan, an American Quarter Horse gelding,
Lynn secured her place on the team and the
chance to compete at the World Disabled
Riders Championships in Brussels, Belgium
scheduled for early September.
                                                                                                                 Lynn Seideman and “RYAN” at the
Lynn had already made the team prior to                                                                                June USET Selection
Gladstone with scores she had earned at          2003, I learned that Lynn had been paralyzed                           Trials at Gladstone
other recognized shows, including the DDC        some 20 years ago in a skiing accident. Being
Spring show at Las Colinas. The only thing       an athlete and a competitor, she took up ten-                          IN THIS ISSUE
that could knock her out would to fall off or    nis and played in the Barcelona Games in                   5       Calendar of Events
be eliminated by going off course. Lynn had      1992. She had also taken up horseback rid-
                                                 ing and had some remarkable results.                       6       Enter at the ...Show Office
hoped she would go into the competition
relaxed and that she would be able to prove                                                                 8       Yellow Rose Festival
that she had improved her riding abilities.      I had a very nice QH gelding (Ryan) that I
                                                                                                            11      Vet Check
                                                 had shown in some DDC schooling shows in
And what is most amazing is that Lynn only       2001 at Training Level. Barbara Lewis and                  13      The Fixed Hand vs Following Hand
started riding Ryan in mid February in prepa-    Joan Myrthue had helped me with his train-                 14      DDC Medals Schooling Show Results
ration for the Festival of Champions. That       ing and I was preparing him for 1st Level
                                                 competition. Due to financial limitations,                 15      Yellow Rose Volunteer Sign-Up
says something about Lynn’s determination,
Ryan’s heart and work ethic and Lynn’s in-       Ryan and I were going to spend our time                    17      Walter Zettl Clinic Auditor Registra-
structor, Renee Albrecq of Flower Mound          together trail riding, until I saw Lynn’s need.                    tion Form
Equestrian Center.                                                                                          18      DDC Member’s Corner
                                                 Lynn came out and watched Ryan and me in
I first met Lynn through an ad at Petsmart.      a lesson with Joan. Lynn saw qualities in                  20-21 Annual Foal Pictorial
She had lost her dressage horse, Hershey’s       Ryan that made her think that he might be                  22      BOD Meeting Minutes
Kiss, to colic the previous year. Now she was    her partner. And when Ryan walked over
                                                 and put his head in Lynn’s lap as she sat in               24      Dressage Schooling Show Entry Form
seeking a new horse to help her achieve her
goal: a spot on the dressage team for the        her wheelchair, I knew that I would have to                26      National News
Paralympic competition for disabled riders.      let Lynn take Ryan on trial.
                                                                                                            27      Region 9 Director’s Letter

From an article in Dressage Today, January                                         (Continued on page 12)
                                                                                                            29      Classified Ads
Transitions, August 2003                                                                                         Volume 4, Issue 8


  PRESIDENT (02-04)
  Frances Luse                                                                          Region 9
  972-524-7157                                                                            Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana,
  VICE PRESIDENT (02-04)                                                                     Mississippi, Arkansas
  Jennie Bohart

  SECRETARY (02-04)
  Debbie Stucker
   972-771-7228                             CHANGES OF ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBERS AND EMAILS, SEND
  TREASURER (03-05)
  Barbara Lewis
                                                        SUSAN STURDIVAN-BROWNLEE
  903-866-3122                                          DDC MEMBERSHIP OFFICER
                                                        522 EAST TRIPP ROAD
  MEMBERSHIP (02-04)                                    SUNNYVALE, TX 75129
  Susan Sturdivan Brownlee                                     PHONE: 972-226-0366

  AWARDS, MEETINGS &                                    EMAIL: BROWNL468@AOL.COM
   EVENTS (03-05)
  Pauline Jaroscewicz
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Transitions, August 2003                                                                    Volume 4, Issue 8

                                  President’s Message
                                           2003 is now half-gone. By the time you receive this newsletter,
                                   many of your board of directors will have attended the USDF Region 9
                                   Summer Meeting (held in The Woodlands). Last year we had no official
                                   representation at the meeting—this year I know of nine members who
                                   will attend. What a significant change in attitude! Having attended the
                                   USDF convention last December, I learned how important it is for
                                   DDC’s membership to have representation at these meetings. The next
 Region 9 meeting will be in December—at the USDF convention. If you cannot attend the convention
 (ie. Lack of time, money, etc), try to stop by for the 30-60 minute region meeting. We’ll publish the
 date/time/ location when it’s announced. I promise it will be worth your effort.
         The Adult Clinic with Jeff Moore, held at Noble Champions on July 26-27, was a success. I’ve
  never seen so many auditors at a DDC event! Wonderful. Jeff challenged the riders to modify their posi-
  tions towards a less interfering seat. It was not easy, as many riders tried to change what had been in-
  grained over years of riding. Besides a lecture and hand-out, Jeff provided visual demonstrations and
  aids to help the riders and auditors understand the concepts. I look forward to Sandy Holcomb and
  Elizabeth Jeter’s efforts to organize such quality DDC sponsored events. In 2004, DDC will host
  Gerhardt Politz for the Adult Amateurs. Sandy has plans for more.. So stay tuned.
         Although holding the General Membership meeting concurrent with the Jeff Moore clinic was not
  ideal, attendance was higher than the past 2 years. Some members came out just for the meeting (thanks
  for caring!) Each board member reviewed their jobs and gave a 1/2 year report. Discussion from the
  membership was welcome and encouraged regarding ways to better solicit membership & renewals,
  sponsorships, and plan recognized shows. We had no by-law changes to vote-in, however Dana, Pauline,
  and Sandy were “re-elected” to their positions. Barb Lewis was elected to the position of DDC treasurer
  and Jackie Hawks appointed by the board as Recognized Show Chair. Barb will begin training Jackie
  with the Yellow Rose and then act as a subject matter expert in 2004.
        The Yellow Rose Festival is fast approaching… The prize list was delayed at the printers because a
  printing press broke… then Bulk Mail slowed things down. The document is at
  in PDF format as well. Please note the information regarding sponsoring the Yellow Rose Festival on
  page 8 and volunteering on page 15.
        I will conclude by wishing everyone good rides and upward/onward progress. I will be showing at
  the Yellow Rose—2 more training level scores to get Mari her USDF performance certificate, and then
  on to 1st level… I’m in pursuit of my bronze medal! Hopefully it won’t take the looonnng time it took
  me to get my Qualified Riders patch… BTW—where do you put your patch? Suggestions would be ap-

Transitions, August 2003                                                                 Volume 4, Issue 8

                           Bob & Cheryl Walker
                           Prosper, Texas
                           469-855-3329 cell

                           Jennifer Welsh-Wise             Full Care Boarding
                           Sachse, Texas                For the Discriminating Horse Owner

                                                 ● 2 FOR 1 SALE: 12 yr TB broodmare, 16.2 hh,
                                                 grey. by Dominator. Secretariat, Bold Ruler,
                                                 Nasrullah bloodlines. Jockey Club registered, also
                                                 approved by German Oldenburg Verband. In foal
                                                 for late January 2004, to 5-star Oldenburg stal-
                                                 lion, Frohwind, a 16.3hh dark bay stallion by Fu-
                                                 rioso II out of Windstille by Weltmeister, a lead-
                                                 ing producer of premium foals. $6000. 940-372-
                                                 0314 or

                                                 ● 2 FOR 1 SALE: 12-yr TB broodmare, 16.1 bay
                                                 by Danzatore, Northern Dancer, Native Dancer
                                                 bloodlines. Jockey Club registered, plus PMB ap-
                                                 proved in Holsteiner stud book. Not sound for rid-
                                                 ing. In foal for early February 2004 to Le Santo, a
                                                 16.3 hh dark bay Holsteiner stallion, by Land-
                                                 graf. A producer of premium foals, was named
                                                 Sire of the Year for 2 yrs. $6000 940-372-0314

Transitions, August 2003                                                                                                     Volume 4, Issue 8

                   AUGUST 2003                                                  13-14 DDC Yellow Rose Festival I & II, Las Coli-
                   2-3     Region 9 Summer Meeting, The Woodlands, TX.                nas Equestrian Center,,
                           Kat Kyle, 830-589-2707,                contact Barb Lewis, recognizedshows
                   9-10    Silver Hill Sport Horse Breeders’ Extravaganza I &
                           II, Austin, TX, contact Jan Colley, 512-267-         20-21 Dressage at Silver Hill I & II, Austin, TX. Jan
                           5990,                                     Colley, 512-267-5990.

                   12      DDC Board Meeting (open to all members), Las         27-28 September CEDAR TRACE Dressage with Friends
                           Colinas Equestrian Center, Main Ring View Room,            I & II, College Station, TX Dorothy Mikeska,
                           7pm, contact Frances Luse,           979-764-0904,

                   16-17 Lyndon Rife Clinic at Woodbine Farm, Copper Can- 27-28 USDF Adult Clinic with Walter Zettl, Stargate
                         yon, Texas. Go to             Sport Horses, Argyle, TX. Contact Marsha
                         clinics.htm for registration form and more informa-    McCleney at 859-271-7877, or mmccle-
                         tion, or call 940-206-5756.                  

                   16-17 Whit Watkins Dressage Clinic, To be held at Silver     OCTOBER 2003
                         Hill Stables, Austin, Tx. Contact Cean Embrey,         3-5    Clinic with Dr Thomas Ritter, Elmore Ranch,
               , 512-267-1774 . Visit the CTDS                Denison, TX. Contact Sandy Holcomb,
                         website for information       Auditors welcome
                         and forms.                                                    for small fee.

                   17      Dressage Schooling Show, Diamond R Ranch,            4-5    Windy Knoll Fall Dressage Show, Magnolia, TX
                           Aubrey, TX. Judge—Pam Fowler Grace ‘L’,                     Fran Dearing,
                           contact Sara Craig, 972-423-0708
                                                                                4-5    Jane Savoie Clinic, Legacy Stables, Celina, TX. Con-
                   30-31 HDS Laborious Day Shows I & II, Lone Star Expo                tact Jennifer Beard, (214)726-5873 or (972)475-
                         Center at the Montgomery County Park Fair-                    9548
                         grounds, Conroe, TX. Contact Julie Harkness,
                         281-351-1477,                  11     American Warmblood Society Inspection, Spring-
                                                                                       town Horse Quarters, Springtown, TX. Vickie
                   30-31 Meg Flemming Clinic and Pot Luck. Whispering                  Ferrer, 817-220-0937 or springtown-
                         Winds Training Center, Quinlan, TX. Contact         
                         Debbie Lavallee at or
                         903-356-2100,           14     DDC Board Meeting (open to all members),
                                                                                       Las Colinas Equestrian Center, Main Ring View
                   SEPTEMBER 2003                                                      Room, 7pm, contact Frances Luse, auntiefran-
                   6       DDC Free Junior Riders Clinic, location           
                           Southern Comfort Farm, Aubrey, TX, lessons by
                           DDC’s Advanced Young Riders Andreanna                Oct 29—Nov 3 ABIC/USDF Region 9 Championships,
                           Stucker & Chelsea Braman (recently returned                Katy, TX Lloyd Landkamer, 612-810-3445,
                           from studying in Germany). Contact Michelle      
                           Cavanaugh for more information: YoungRid-
                                                NOVEMBER 2003
                                                                                14     DDC Board Meeting (open to all members),
                   6       Topsider Dressage II, College Station, TX. Ginni            Las Colinas Equestrian Center, Main Ring View
                           Cifelli, 979-690-6788                                       Room, 7pm, contact Frances Luse, auntiefran-
                   6-7     San Antonio Fall Show I & II, Contact Betty
                           McMahan, 830-249-9219                                15-16 Le Bon Temps I & II, Folsom. LA. Kimberly Kel-
                                                                                      ler, (504) 861-0637. lebon-
                   6-7     Arkansas Dressage Fall, Maumelle, AR, Tracy      
                                                                                DECEMBER 2003
                   10      DDC Board Meeting (open to all members),             3-7    USDF Annual Convention, Fairmont Hotel, Dal-
                           Las Colinas Equestrian Center, Main Ring View               las, TX contact USDF— or phone
                           Room, 7pm, contact Frances Luse, auntiefran-                859/271-7875

Transitions, August 2003                                                                                                       Volume 4, Issue 8

 “Enter at … the Show Office”                                                     gards to fees, the show secretaries set and collected
                                                                                  the office fee, the late fee, the change fee, and the
 Or There’s MORE to know about Entering Competitions                              missing information fee. These fees do not fund
 By Julie Madriguera                                                              the competition. Seem like a lot of fees? Well, it
                                                                                  is a lot. A competitor that is charged all of these
      Last month Frances Luse wrote an excellent article on          fees on one entry is looking at a big expenditure. The real
 how to correctly fill out a Region 9 recognized competition         question is: Is it right? The only way to tell is to try to assess
 entry form. I HOPE that many of you took the time to re-            the value of the competition secretaries’ time, and the risk
 view this article as it had a lot of useful information. I have     that they take in accepting and processing entries.
 lobbied several show secretaries to produce just this type of             A competition secretary has to invest a lot of time, ef-
 article, so I am happy to see it, even if not produced by a         fort, and money into her job. Computer hardware and soft-
 show secretary! There is a lot of information that a competi-       ware have to be purchased, maintained, and, invariably, up-
 tor should know about entering recognized competitions, in          dated, along with other office equipment (faxes, copiers,
 addition to how to fill out an entry form, and I am going to        etc.). This can add up to a major financial investment. Be-
 try to shed some light on the questions and concerns that I         fore the competition the secretary invests time receiving the
 hear from many different voices.                                    entries, reviewing them and trying to fill in the missing infor-
                                                                     mation. They have to do this by doing what many competi-
 READING IS FUNDAMENTAL                                              tors do not—they call USDF, USAEq, or read the rulebooks
                                                                     to find out what is necessary to make the entry complete and
      Entering a recognized dressage competition is a big step.      “legal”. The secretary should contact the competitors at this
 It becomes a huge step if one would like to use the competi-        point with an entry confirmation that either explains that the
 tion to qualify for another event such as the Regional Cham-        entry received has been accepted as complete, or needs to be
 pionships. The single most important step that any competi-         completed and how. If you do not get this, hunt down
 tor can take to ensure her success in entering a competition is     the secretary and find out what the status of your
 to read any information that she can get her hands on.              entry is. Do not trust the mail, do not trust the service you
 The prize list offers a wealth of information—read it from          pay to “correctly” fill out your entries for you. After all of
 top to bottom! This is something that most competitors do           the entries are in the competition needs to be scheduled.
 not do as evidenced by entry forms filled out with incorrect        Scheduling a three or four arena show is no easy task! Con-
 fees, checks made out to the incorrect parties, missing signa-      flicts turn up around every corner and have to be ironed out
 tures, and the list goes on. Reading is the most simple and         to perfection, or there are understandable complaints. Plus,
 effective tool that a competitor has to educate herself on how      there are rules about scheduling, and they seem to change
 and why things work the way that they do at a competition.          from year to year, from recommended times between a sin-
 In addition to the prize lists, read the Region 9 Omnibus,          gle competitors’ ride times, to mandatory time allowed be-
 [every Region 9 GMO member receives a copy if membership is on file tween the rides. How many classes can one horse enter in a
 with USDF as of 1 November] the information provided by             day, how many horses can one competitor enter in a single
 USDF, and the USAEq rulebook. I know that it does not               class? (This is another case where the rider knowing what the spe-
 sound like fun, but it is very important. Competing is a huge       cific rule is can help them to get the desired result) After the show
 investment of your time and money; know the rules and in-           is scheduled and all seems to be well, the scratches, late en-
 formation that provide you with your rights so that you can         tries, and changes come in. I will leave you to use your
 stand up for them. This information is intended to level the        imaginations on this one.
 playing field and work for you in the end—make use of it!                 Pouring over entries, countless telephone calls, emails,
                                                                     and research all add to up to an uncountable number of
 THE PEOPLE YOU SHOULD KNOW (Part 1)                                 hours. These are hours spent away from their horses, fami-
                                                                     lies, friends, and in addition to their jobs. Yes, many secre-
                                                                     taries have jobs in addition to the lush lifestyle that being a
      The show secretary is the one person that everyone sees        show secretary provides them. Then it is off to the competi-
 in the show office. This person receives the entries and proc-      tion! By this time the secretary had better be up on every
 esses them, creates the competition schedule, handles the           rule that has just been changed for the third or fourth time by
 accounting for USDF, SWDC, USAEq and the competition,               our sports’ governing bodies and is in immediate effect, and
 does countless hours of research with USDF and USAEq, and           every other rule that most of us do not take the time to learn.
 tries to put a friendly face on the show office. Show secretar-     When check in time comes each incomplete entry has to be
 ies also set many of the fees. In the case of the Texas Dres-
                                                                                                                             (Continued on page 7)
 sage Classic, which has the point of much controversy in re-

Transitions, August 2003                                                                                               Volume 4, Issue 8

 (Continued from page 6)
 examined with its owner and set right so that the competitor
 can compete and qualify and have their scores count nationally
 and for any specific award the competition is sponsoring. This
 usually takes a little time to explain. In addition to answering
 many of these questions in the show office there are a lot of
 other jobs to keep up with such as updating the entry book
 with the new information that has just arrived, catching up on
 the accounting, answering to the Technical Delegate, listening
 to competitors’ input, rearranging the competition schedule
 to allow for late entries, scratches, and changes, and even eat-
 ing or using the restroom when time allows. The show secre-
 tary has a lot of accountability to the competition management
 by satisfying the Technical Delegate (TD) who advises them of
 any rule that they are not enforcing, protocol, and reviews
 their book of competitors’ entries every day to make sure that
 all of the paperwork is in order. Every entry should be perfect
 before the competitor is allowed to compete. This is no easy
 task. So, what happens if entries are accepted that are not
 correct and the competitors are allowed to go into the arena?
 The Secretary is subject to fines from USAEq. Substantial
 fines, and loss of rights, in some cases.
      Are you ready to sign up for this job yet? There is more
 fun for the Secretary! After the competition has concluded
 the accounting is needs to be completed and all of the paper
 work is filed and ready to be sent into USAEq, USDF, and
 SWDC. The balance sheet for the competition is done, re-
 funds are calculated, scores are submitted, and then it is just
 about over. Just about over except for the protests, com-
 plaints, and bad news.                                                  and start organizing your paperwork well ahead of schedule.
      This is a big job. It is an important job and, most                If you feel as if you are being treated unfairly speak with the
 of the time, it is not a fun job.                                       secretary, or the show manager, or the TD and voice your
      Our show secretaries see us when we are at our worst—              specific concerns. Organize a meeting between the secretary,
 stressed by competition nerves, financial strain, bad weather,          manager, and the TD. If no one can give you an explanation
 frustrated by USAEq—they are at the competition at least an             that satisfies you, then go to USDF and ask their take on the
 hour and a half before its start and are usually the last ones to       situation. You may not get an immediate response, but having
 leave at night (around 9:30 or 10:00 is standard, and that              your voice heard and protests on record are a vital part of
 doesn’t mean that all of the work is done).                             developing the policies that govern our sport and I urge every-
      So back to the original question:                                  one to use this power. Do not just sit back and complain to
      Is it fair for competition secretaries to charge a missing         one another though—go to the source!
 information fee?
      My answer? I do not know. I hate to see unhappy com-               NEXT MONTH:
 petitors, but I am also at a loss when it comes to assigning
 value to all of the work that the secretary performs. And                Managers, Technical Delegates, Judges, and the roles they
 maybe there are some cases that are “borderline” on if the              play.
 missing information fee should be assessed, but what if one
 individual is not charged and the next person who is shame-
 lessly delinquent uses that against the secretary and refuses to
      I still do not have the answer.
      My advice as a competition manager, competitor, and one
 who has successfully filled out many entries over the years, is
 to learn all that you can about how to have a complete entry

Transitions, August 2003                                                                         Volume 4, Issue 8

                     Yellow Rose Festival                              Opening Date: July 15, 2003
                   September 13-14, 2003                               Closing Date: August 16, 2003

   DDC’s “BIG SHOW” is fast approaching— the Yellow Rose Festival is only 1 1/2 months away! This
   year our Judges will be:

                  Brenda Minor ‘S’, Joan Macartney ‘S’, Bobbie Paulk ‘R’ and a 4th Judge TBD.

   We hope to continue with the Yellow Rose Extravaganza—the FEI and Freestyle classes entered on
   Saturday will be held in the evening—proceeds benefiting EQUEST therapeutic riding center. Addi-
   tionally, we’ll hold our 2nd Annual Silent Auction on Saturday which will also benefit EQUEST. Get
   your donations together. The Silent Auction raised nearly $500 for EQUEST last Fall…

   In 2002, we had a record number of vendors present at the Yellow Rose Festival. We hope to con-
   tinue this tradition in September. We would like to see more spectators at this event, and creating a
   small “trade fair” would encourage people to come out and watch. Additionally, we’ve planned a
   “horse show dog talent contest. So many of us bring our dogs along with to the shows. Now we can
   “show off ” our dogs’ skills as well as the horse’s. More information including time/date will be pub-
   lished in the show program.

   Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities are available—the show Program will go to print on/
   about September 1st—contact Sandy Holcomb ( for more information.

   Basic advertising rates are: Full Page—$55.00. The Inside Front/Back and Outside back cover may
   cost more.
                                 Half Page—$45.00
                                 Quarter Page—$30.00
                                 Business Card—$20.00

   Sponsorships are encouraged and help support DDC—enabling us to continue providing great tro-
   phies/awards and beautiful ribbons.

                           Class sponsorships run $75.00 - and
                           Ribbon sponsorships $25.00.

   If you’re interested in sponsoring a Breed High Score award—contact
   She’s got the know-how to help you decide what you might do for your favorite type of dressage

Transitions, August 2003                                                                  Volume 4, Issue 8

                                                       A Letter from Andreanna Stucker…
                                                              I loved the [Dr Cesar] Parra clinic, he
                                                       was so personable and really kept everyone
                                                       going with asking lots of questions and theory!
                                                       The first day we worked on our half passes
                                                       and changes and he really wanted the horses
                                                       to have forward/back transitions within the
                                                       gait. So the second day, we were practicing
                                                       that at the trot and Poet did a couple passagy
                                                       steps and then that is what we
                                                       started working on! I had never done passage
                                                       so it was really cool! And then we did some
                                                       pirouettes and tried some changes, but by that
                                                       time Poet was already really tired so we ended
                                                              Dr. Parra really pushes you hard and
                                                       said we all needed to work harder and train
                                                       harder but it was all in a positive way. He
                                                       joked around a lot and really kept the clinic
         Andreanna Stucker, “Poet” and Dr Cesar               Thanks to DDC for sponsoring the Clinic
                 Parra, May 30, 2003                   and Pizza party, we heard lots of funny stories
                                                       from Dr. Parra that night and it was a good
                                                       time for the girls to get to know each other! It
                                                       was lots of fun and I learned a lot!

                            DDC Member Bre Dorsett Awarded USDF/Dover
                            Saddlery Adult Amateur Medal
                              Lexington, Kentucky (June 27, 2003) -
        Bre Dorsett, of Athens, TX, has been awarded the United States Dressage Federation (USDF)/
 Dover Saddlery Adult Amateur Medal for an excellent dressage performance. Riding Titan, a Frie-
 sian stallion, Dorsett was the top-placing adult amateur in the Dover Medal class at the Texas Dres-
 sage Classic II competition in Dallas. Dorsett is a graduate student who has been riding all her life,
 focusing on dressage for the last seven years. She trains at Icon Ranch in Athens. Titan was the USDF
 Region 9 Champion at Training Level in 2002, and has also won SWDC Training and First Level cham-

 Dover Saddlery, a leading equestrian catalog dedicated to the needs of both horse and rider, offers
 this national medal program in partnership with USDF in an effort to provide encouragement and
 recognition to the growing number of adult amateurs who compete in the Olympic discipline of dres-
 sage. These riders typically balance the demands of career and family with their desire to train and
 compete. The highest-scoring adult amateur in the Dover Medal class at a participating USA Eques-
 trian/USDF recognized competition is awarded a handcrafted pewter USDF/Dover Adult Amateur
 Medal. In 2003, over 200 competitions across the country will offer this medal program.

 Both Dover Saddlery and USDF wish to congratulate Bre Dorsett on this outstanding achievement.
 For additional information on the USDF/Dover Saddlery Adult Amateur Medal program visit the True-
 man Communications Group Web site,
Transitions, August 2003                                                                                   Volume 4, Issue 8

        --Glen Rose, Texas. The American Holsteiner Horse Association of Georgetown, Kentucky, has announced
 that its 2003 Stallion Approvals site will be held at the Somervel County Expo in Glen Rose, Texas, on October
 10th, 11th, and 12th, 2003. This event will be, say organizers, a first-of-its-kind event, where the association’s stan-
 dard annual breeding stock approvals will be combined with audience-attracting showcase classes: a $10,000
 mini-prix, a $7500 Hunter Classic, and a $2500 Dressage Musical Freestyle Challenge.
       The American Holsteiner Horse Association, or AHHA, was established in 1977, and is a breed membership
 organization which maintains a registry of Holsteiner horses, promotes the breed, and presents year-end awards
 to Holsteiner horses competing in a number of equestrian disciplines. In the fall of every year, the AHHA con-
 ducts an inspection tour of new stock, including mares, stallions, and foals, that are to be presented for inclusion
 in the studbook. This year, the tour takes the AHHA’s group of judges to nine different sites across the United
 States, and the Glen Rose stop is the only location which will offer the Final Stallion Approvals.
       Stallion candidates will be judged in hand, at liberty, in free-jumping, and in two riding tests, a dressage and
 a jumping test, and must pass requirements in all phases of the approvals to be approved as licensed breeding
 stallions with the organization. Mares and foals are also presented and receive scores in such categories as con-
 formation and quality of gaits. This site also offers a Mare Performance Test for qualified mares.
       The Glen Rose site is offering more for the curious spectator than just the stock approvals, however. Two of
 the site co-hosts, Wendy Davis Gerrish, of Weatherford, and Ed Wallace, of Houston, say their idea to expand on
 the standard approvals schedule came from a desire to introduce more people, specifically potential owners and
 their horse trainers, to the quality Holsteiner horses being bred and raised in the region, as well as across the
       “We started with the idea to have just a mini-prix, something that would draw a crowd of trainers, spectators,
 and owners to the event so that they could become more familiar with the process of raising registered Holsteiner
 horses,” says Gerrish. “Getting these folks in the same place at the same time is a challenge, because trainers
 and their clients are usually at horse shows, and breeders are usually at home running their farms and other busi-
 nesses. We didn’t have the funding or the resources to put on a full-blown horse show, but we decided we could
 hold one special class to draw some attention to the approvals. We’ve never known of another event which
 brings together the horse show world and the breeding stock approvals in quite the way we are planning, even in
       “Now our idea has grown,” she adds, “and we’ve added new aspects to this event, which will be open to all
 breeds, not just Holsteiner horses. Along the with the $10,000 mini-prix, we will hold a $7500 Hunter Classic and
 a $2500 Dressage Musical Freestyle Challenge. All of the money awarded in these three classes is being pri-
 vately donated by our AHHA member breeders and by several Texas trainers, and any proceeds will be donated
 to the AHHA member programs.”
       The schedule for this three-day extravaganza also features receptions and dinners for both exhibitors and
 spectators, a calcutta for the mini-prix, a free-jumping exhibition, a Stallion Revue area, as well as an opportunity
 to learn more about the AHHA and its programs. A number of AHHA board members, staff and volunteers will be
 on hand to answer questions and introduce the breed to newcomers.
       Says co-host Ed Wallace, “We hope that our event will usher in a new era of warmblood breeding, where the
 resources for these highly-bred horses are gathered and showcased in front of ever-larger audiences, much like
 the approvals in Europe. In the future, we hope that we can continue this event, perhaps find more funding and
 add more classes and even an auction. The most important piece of this, is the breeders. They need to get in-
 volved with this. Through our efforts, trainers and their clients may be inclined to delay their shopping trips to
 Germany in order to buy comparable warmblood prospects right here in the United States.”
       The three performance classes are open to all riders, professional and amateurs. Riders who are interested
 in participating should contact the co-hosts for entry information and requirements. Specifications for the Mini-
 Prix will be, tentatively, at Level 7-8 (4’6”-4’9”) and the Hunter Classic will be at 3’6”. The Dressage Musical Free-
 style Challenge will be a rider’s choice test at Level 3 and higher. Riders who are interested in competing need to
 contact the organizers for more information, schedules, and entry forms at 817-341-2012. Holsteiner breeders
 who are interested in participating and volunteering should contact Wendy Davis Gerrish at 817-341-2012, oc-

Transitions, August 2003                                                                                             Volume 4, Issue 8

 West Nile Virus (WNV) and Encephalitis a Threat to Horses;
                                           Vaccination Can Provide Protection
 Texas Animal Health Commission For Immediate Release - June 25, 2003

           A few moments with your local veterinary practitioner can help protect horses, mules and donkeys against mosquito-borne
 diseases, advises Dr. Terry Conger, veterinarian and state epidemiologist for the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC), the state's
 livestock health regulatory agency. Vaccines are available to protect horses against three viral diseases that pose a risk to Texas
 horses: West Nile Virus (WNV), and Eastern and Western Equine Encephalitis (EEE) and (WEE). The three diseases are forms of
 "sleeping sickness," that can cause infected horses to develop debilitating fever, swelling of the brain, muscle tremors, weakness and
 extreme fatigue, and in about a third or more of cases, death of the animal.
           "As of June 24, 26 cases of West Nile Virus (WNV) have been reported this year by the Texas Department of Health's (TDH)
 Zoonosis Control Division, which maintains the state's statistical database for reporting laboratory-confirmed WNV cases in humans,
 mosquitoes, birds, and horses," said Dr. Conger. "According to the TDH, the 26 cases have been confirmed in one horse each in Ange-
 lina, Calhoun and Van Zandt Counties. WNV also has been detected in six birds and four mosquito pools in Harris County; one bird in
 Orange County; one bird and two mosquito pools in Dallas County; four mosquito pools in Tarrant County, three mosquito pools in
 Jefferson and two in Nueces Counties."
           "In June 2002, Texas had its first case of WNV, and by year's end, 1,699 equine cases had been reported. Denton County
 was hit hardest, with 69 equine cases," explained Dr. Terry Conger, TAHC's state epidemiologist. "More unreported cases undoubt-
 edly occurred across the state, as owners may have been reluctant to ask their veterinarian or the TAHC for assistance. Only labora-
 tory-confirmed cases are included in the state's database. Most private veterinary practitioners send blood or tissue samples for WNV
 testing to the Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (TVMDL) in College Station or Amarillo."
           WNV infection was first detected in the U.S. in New York in l999, and since then, the virus has swept across the country,
 spread by infected mosquitoes that have fed on birds carrying the disease. Only four states on the U.S. mainland have not reported
 cases: Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Utah. Dr. Conger said it is likely that these states also will eventually have cases of WNV.
           "Sporadic outbreaks of WEE and EEE also occur throughout the U.S., and this year we may have cases in Texas, as South
 Carolina, Florida and Georgia have already confirmed EEE in horses. Because Texas has a large mosquito population and history of
 infection in past years, it is prudent to have equine animals vaccinated against WEE and EEE every year," said Dr. Conger. "It is im-
 portant to note that the vaccines for WNV, WEE and EEE do not provide cross-protection. For example, WNV vaccine protects only
 against WNV." As of late June, 14 horses in South Carolina have been diagnosed with EEE. In Florida, more than 110 EEE cases in
 equine animals have been confirmed, and in Georgia, a dog, three birds and 16 horses have tested positive for the disease.
           "WNV, EEE and WEE are going to be with us always, as these diseases have become endemic in our country. Even if you try
 to reduce the mosquito population in your area, vaccinating against these mosquito-borne diseases still needs to be part of routine
 horse health maintenance," said Dr. Conger.
           Dr. Conger explained that the WNV vaccine for horses vaccination requires a series of two shots, administered three to six
 weeks apart. After the second injection, several more weeks must pass before full immunity is developed. Equine animals vaccinated
 last year should receive a single WNV booster this year. In areas where mosquitoes are a continual problem year-round, animals
 should receive a WNV booster every six months. "Owners should take action now to get their equine animals vaccinated, before
 cases become more widespread," urged Dr. Conger.
           "EEE and WEE vaccines are available in a combined product. To develop disease protection, the animal will need two injec-
 tions, 30 days apart. A booster shot is then needed annually or biannually," said Dr. Conger. "In most cases, horses can be vacci-
 nated for WNV, EEE/WEE at the same time." He said some veterinarians also employ the EEE/WEE vaccine in an off-label use to pro-
 tect ratites (emus, rheas and ostriches) against the disease.
           "While no vaccine can guarantee 100 percent protection, it's much better than no protection," commented Dr. Conger. "Last
 year, Colorado State University followed more than 500 equine animals infected with the WNV in Colorado and Nebraska. The
 death rate was greater than 36 percent in animals that had not received vaccine. The death loss dropped to around 20 percent for
 animals that had received at least one dose of WNV vaccine. Of the 13 animals properly vaccinated with two doses of vaccine, a
 dozen survived."
           Dr. Conger said equine animals infected with WNV, EEE or WEE, may exhibit similar signs, including fever, irregular gait,
 teeth grinding, drowsiness, an inability to swallow. Affected animals may be paralyzed and be unable to rise. He said TAHC and
 public health officials advise owners to have sick animals tested to diagnose the disease that caused illness or death, because rabies
 always must be considered when an animal is disoriented or staggers. If an owner has been exposed to rabies while caring for a sick
 horse, appropriate preventive health measures must be taken immediately, he said.
           "WNV, EEE and WEE impact a community's animals, and owners should take advantage of opportunities to protect their stock
 by reducing mosquito populations and vaccinating," said Dr. Conger. "Although these "sleeping sicknesses" aren't regulatory diseases,
 veterinarians are required to report cases, so that disease trends or outbreaks can be followed and all preventive and educational
 measures can be taken."

Transitions, August 2003                                                                                                  Volume 4, Issue 8

 (Continued from page 1)                                                It was a positive atmosphere with a definite air of competition.
 Lynn had Ryan for one month when I drove out to watch her ride         We had our team mental trainer work with us during the compe-
 with other adult riders in a regular dressage lesson; I was inspired   tition. He definitely put things into perspective of what to focus
 when I saw Lynn and Ryan working together. Watching them               on.
 warm up at the DDC Spring show, I was aware that these two
 were thinking of each other as they worked. Their scores were          How many different tests did you ride? Scores? What
 very good that weekend receiving a 70% score in one of their           parts came easiest? Hardest?
 classes.                                                               I rode three different Tests and scored as follows: Team Test
                                                                        scored 63%, Championship Test 61% and Musical Kur 60%. The
 In an email interview, Lynn recalls her experience at Gladstone        hardest part of my test is my trot extensions. It has been hard for
 with the following:                                                    me to load my spring and then letting that spring go in the right
 How did you prepare mentally for competition at the
 Festival of Champions?                                                  Since I have only been riding Ryan for 4 months at this level of
 I did a lot of mental visualizing going through every moment of dressage, this is new to my horse. Due to my added tension and
 my tests.                                                               his soreness, our scores were not as high as I know we are capable
                                                                         of doing.
 Would you do anything differently now that you have
 competed there?                                                         How is the team selected? On scores, on horse/rider
 I felt a couple things got in my way from really doing an out- pairs or on ability/performance of the rider?
 standing job: I was tense and Ryan was sore.                            The team is selected based on 2002 scores (40%), Spring Scores
                                                                         (20%) and Festival (40%). Plus they have to take one Grade I or II
 I got my new custom saddle two weeks before the competition for the team. So I got the first slot on the team because I had the
 and I intend to use it in Gladstone. However it turned out that the highest score for the Grade I and II.
 saddle did not fit Ryan or me correctly. I was so excited about
 having “nicer and better” equipment that I did not realize that this Only two horses which performed at the Festival were chosen to
 was deterring from my training instead of helping our progress. I go to the competition in Belgium. The rest of us will have to bor-
 learned that you MUST stick with the equipment that works when row horses.
 you get close to a competition. You need time to adjust to new
 things when you have more time to pay attention to the details.         How many riders own their horses? Or are most donated
                                                                         for a time?
 Do you feel you have learned more about classical dres- Out of the ten riders that were selected for the team, 3 riders had
 sage during this experience?                                            borrowed horses.
 Yes. I have learned that I have a lot more to learn. It is difficult to
 put this all into words.                                                The good news from this experience is that I will never try to rush
                                                                         into anything new with out having enough time to evaluate the
 Do you feel you have learned about your horse during situation appropriately. I had gotten a new saddle a couple of
 this experience?                                                        weeks before the competition that I thought would improve my
 Yes. Traveling such a long distance was hard on my horse. He was riding vastly. I worked hard to try to make the saddle work for
 tired and sore by the last day. However this gave me a new chal- Ryan and me. I turned out that we took both saddles, but went
 lenge. Ryan has always been willing to work; by the last day; I had back to my old saddle when we got there. This was a big mental
 to make him work.                                                       set back for me. I felt I wasted my time and was not as prepared,
                                                                         as I would have liked to have been. I was also disappointed that I
 Do you feel you have learned more about yourself dur- did not realize sooner that Ryan was not himself and that it was
 ing this experience?                                                    due to the saddle.
 I have always competed in events like tennis where you depended
 on yourself to make things happen. I have always been able to The second is that my trainer, Renee Albrecq, really got a chance
 come back when I was behind. In dressage it is a partnership, so to see how I react and how I perform at big shows. She has come
 both parties have to be prepared for the competition. Ryan was up with just the right stuff to make me the best rider I can be in
 tired and I was tense. It did not make for the best combinations. If Belgium. Since our return from Gladstone, Ryan is back to his
 I could have read my horse better and relaxed a little, it would normal hard working disposition and I have improved my riding
 have made for a better last day.                                        ability by about 50%.
 What was the atmosphere like at the Festival of Champi- Part II of Carol’s interview with Lynn will be published in the
 ons?                                                                    September issue of Transitions.

Transitions, August 2003                                                                                                  Volume 4, Issue 8

                                                                        Keeping the elbows connected to the rider's hips and keeping
 FIXED HAND VS. FOLLOWING HAND                                          the hands still has very interesting repercussions. It does not
 By Dr. Thomas Ritter                                                   allow the rider to cheat with his hands any more. In order to
                                                                        apply half halts, to steer, etc. and maintain a good rein contact
                                                                        at the same time, the seat has to do the majority of the work.
       It is difficult to do justice to the subtleties of riding in light-
 ness with words.                                                       Eliminating the possibility of cheating brings out and under-
       The concept of the "fixed hand" versus the "following hand"      scores even the smallest shortcomings in the training of horse
 is a case in point. Opponents of the "fixed hand" usually reject it    and rider. It's a wonderful diagnostic tool. This means that if the
 out of a belief that it is rigid, because the word "fixed" can cer-    "fixed" hand results in a stiff, constricting rein contact, there is
 tainly have this connotation. However, the "fixed hand" can ac-        something wrong with the seat.
 tually be very soft and light, and I would like to try and explain          Most riders are too wobbly in their waist, which compro-
 how and why this is the case.                                          mises the stability of their seat. The problem is almost always
       My own position is that the "following hand" that moves visi-    compounded by a less than perfect distribution of the weight
 bly forward and back is by no means lighter or gentler than the        (especially leaning forward). The lack of balance and stability
 quiet hand that does not move visibly. On the contrary, it makes       forces them in turn to compensate by gripping with hands and
 it difficult, if not impossible, to feel and affect the hind legs      legs. This can be paraphrased as a rule of thumb. The more defi-
 with any precision.                                                    cient the muscle tone is in the midsection, the greater it has to
       First of all, I would like to point out that all the classical   be in the extremities - to the point of stiffness. On the other
 schools seem to ride with a "fixed hand". If you watch videos of       hand, the greater the muscle tone is in the rider's midsection
 the SRS, the Cadre Noir, Egon von Neindorff, the Real Escuela          (without getting rigid), the more the arms, hands and legs can
 Andaluza, and Nuno Olivera, you can observe that all of these          relax.
 riders hold their hands very still in all three gaits. The move-            In my own experience, elbows that are disconnected from
 ment of the hands is minimal, especially front to back. Yet, in        the hips create a gap in the energy flow. The same thing goes
 spite(or because) of this "fixed" hand the horses are light, sup-      for a waist with insufficient muscle tone, leading to collapsing
 ple, energetic, and collected, all of which would be impossible        either laterally or forward. They are comparable to false bends
 with stiff hands. The agreement of all these schools with their        in the horse's spine. The energy from the hind legs exits the
 different traditions is very significant.                              horse/rider unit in these locations, instead of travelling all the
       This may seem like a contradiction at first sight. However, a    way to the mouth, and all rein aids get stuck in these locations
 closer look shows that there is no contradiction at all. Egon von      as well, instead of being passed on to the hind legs. This is a
 Neindorff repeats several times in each lesson: "The hand stands       point that is all too often neglected. Teachers talk about false
 still, and yet it moves." Nuno Oliveira paraphrases the very same      bends or breaks in the horse, but they usually don't dedicate as
 thought as: "Immobile hand, mobile fingers." Both masters refer        much attention to these false bends or breaks in the riders. The
 to the same concept. While the hands themselves should not             result of these holes in the energy flow is always a loss of true
 move visibly, the wrists and fingers have to be elastic and mo-        lightness, suppleness, balance, self carriage, permeability, im-
 bile enough to prevent the rein contact from becoming dead.            pulsion, and collection.
       When a rider tries to stop following the horse's mouth with               When the elbows are taken off the hips, the hands of-
 his hands for the first time, he will most likely experience resis-    ten develop too much a life of their own that is no longer syn-
 tance and rein contact that goes from nonexistant to taught and        chronized with the seat. Whereas when the elbows remain close
 back with each stride. This is of course not what we want to           to the hips, the upper arms lend additional stability to the torso,
 achieve. So, how do we reconcile quiet hands with a soft, un-          and the hands automatically assume a subordinate role to the
 constricting rein contact? It is again Nuno Oliveira who gives the     seat. This touches on what Steinbrecht (Gymnasium of the
 answer quite simply (Notizen zum Unterricht von Nuno Oliveira,         horse, English translation, 1995, 38) means when he says: "By
 1998, 33, the translation is as usual my own): "Follow the horse's     weight aids in general, the rider can restrain or reinforce every
 mouth by means of a supple back." He says it even more con-            movement as desired. It is understood, of course, that in all
 cisely on page 35: "If you want to accompany the young horse's         these weight aids, hands and legs must participate correspond-
 walk, do it with the lumbar back and not with the hand."               ingly, but the less such participation is required, the greater is
       Charles de Kunffy teaches very much the same philosophy.         the perfection of the dressage training." The seat is the aid with
 He has all of his students tuck their elbows against their hips so     which the rider controls his horse first and foremost. Legs and
 that the hands become quiet, instead of moving forward and             hands are merely supporting aids.
 back.                                                                           After quoting Otto De La Croix concerning the depen-
       Here is how it works. By keeping the elbows or forearms in       dance of the hands on the seat, I also want to give you a quote
 close contact with the hips, the rider's hands become extensions       that establishes the subordinate nature of the leg aids under the
 of the seat bones. Whatever the seat bones are doing is what           seat (Natuerliche Reitkunst, 1910, 67, translation: TR): "The calf
 the hand is doing. In other words, if the seat bones are following     aids are, in short, never the main aids but have to be considered
 the horse's back, the rider's hands will automatically follow the      merely supporting aids. They must originate in the correct seat,
 horse's mouth *without* visible movement. If the seat bones re-        adapt to it and subordinate themselves to it. They must be given
 sist the grounded hind leg for a split second, the hand will auto-     in the awareness that they are even worthless by themselves
 matically apply a half halt on the same side in support of the         and without their correct exploitation through the seat."
 seat. The rider's pelvis and seat bones are controlled to a large               To return to the original discussion of the fixed hand;
 extent by the muscle ring above it. Otto De La Croix                   the preceding paragraphs should have made it clear that a fixed
 (Natuerliche Reitkunst, 1910, 75, translation: TR) discusses the       hand is perfectly reconcilable with lightness and gentleness,
 same principle and sums it up in these words: "The hand can            since the quality of the hand depends entirely on the quality of
 therefore not exist without the abdominal and back muscles. If         the rider's seat. The same thing can be said about the legs and
 the latter yield, the hand also yields eo ipso. Without good use       the purity of the horse's gaits.
 of the abdominal and back muscles, a good hand is unthinkable."
 That's why Oliveira says you should follow the horse's mouth with Dr. Ritter is a regular clinician in Denison, TX.
 your back, not with your hand.                                            For more   information          contact     Sandy    Holcomb,

Transitions, August 2003                                                                                          Volume 4, Issue 8

 DDC “Medals” Schooling Show Results
 June 22, 2003 Judge: Carla Short ‘L’, Legacy Equestrian Center, Celina, TX

 Adult Amateur                                                       Junior
 USDF Intro Test A                                                   USDF Intro Test A
 Score    Place Rider                    Horse                       Score     Place   Rider             Horse
 71.5%      1     Phelicia Tubbs         Bear Necessities            67.5%       1     Katie Beard
 68%        2     Debbie Van Nurden      I'ma Sunny Dee Satin        67%         2     Angela Knicker    Skylar
 67.5%      3     Vanessa Kinsala        Madison                     58.5%       3     Miranda Broom     Tuff
 63%        4     Jane Hayes                                         53%         4     Tara Will         Missy
 61.5%      5     Annika Linquist                                    USDF Intro Test B
 61%        6     Katherine Coleman      Bella                       72.4%      1     Angela Kicker      NKR Jack of Diamonds
 58%              Jennifer Clark         Gazelle                     57.6%      2     Miranda Broom      Tuff
 56.5%            Sara Sharratt          Rumba                       Training Level Test 1
 53%              Michelle Andrews       Maverick                    66.4%       1    Angela Knicker     Skylar
 51%              Nettie Olsen           Flachau Windermere          65%         2    Kelly Furlong      M&Ns Scarlets Gold Jewel
 USDF Intro Test B                                                   62.3%       3    Katie Beard
 73.3%      1     Vanessa Kinsala        Madison                     50%         4    Laura Cade         Apollo
 71.9%      2     Debbie Van Nurden      I'ma Sunny Dee Satin        Training Level Test 2
 69%        2     Becky Roper            Simplify                    60.8%       1    Kelly Furlong      M&Ns Scarlets Gold Jewel
 67.6%      3     Annika Lindquist                                   Open
 66.2%      4     Jane Hayes                                         USDF Intro Test A
 65.7%      5     Jennifer Clark         Gazelle                     Score    Place Rider                Horse
 64.8%      6     Katherine Coleman      Bella                       65%        1     Shannon Heiner     Judah
 63.3%            Phelicia Tubbs         Bear Necessities            USDF Intro Test B
 56.7%            Nettie Olsen           Flachau Windermere          74.8%      1     Sara Sharratt      Rumba
 Training Level Test 1                                               61.9%      3     Jennifer Knicker   Skylar
 69.5%      1     Teresa Deeter          Bon's Cadillac              60%        4     Amber Clarkson     Northern Beacon
 67.7%     2tie   Becky Roper            Simplify                    Training Level Test 1
 67.7%     2tie   Sara Saman             Perfect Change              70%         1    Amber Clarkson     Northern Beacon
 65.5%      3     David B. Lambert       Othello                     67.7%       2    Colleen Wells      Gray Haven Kelsey Kilcullen
 63.2%      4     Debbie Van Nurden      I'ma Sunny Dee Satin        Training Level Test 2
 61.8%      6     Jane Hayes                                         67.7%       1    Colleen Wells      Gray Haven Kelsey Kilcullen
 61.8%      5     Kathy Knappitsch       Heidi                       64.2%       2    Lydia Erhardt      CCF My Guy
 61.4%            Phelicia Tubbs         Bear Necessities            60.8%       3    Mary Mahler        Flachau Windermere
 58.2%            Margaret Button        Patty Keys                  Training Level Test 3
 Training Level Test 2                                               52.5%       1    Lydia Erhardt      CCF My Guy
 65.4%      1     David B. Lambert       Othello                     Training Level Test 4
 65%        2     Teresa Deeter          Bon's Cadillac              62.7%       2    Di Hopkins         Promi Shadahd
 Training Level Test 3                                               65.8%       1    Becky Roper        Grand Rememberance
 68.3%      1     Margaret Button        Patty Keys                  First Level Test 1
 66.7%      2     Teresa Deeter          Bon's Cadillac              66.7%        1     Becky Roper      Grand Rememberance
 62.1%      3     Jenifer Gyger          Genius                      64.1%        2     Lydia Erhardt    Steve Perry
 Training Level Test 4                                               63.3%        3     Di Hopkins       Promi Shadahd
 66.9%      1     Jennifer Gyger         Genius
 60.8%      2     Teresa Deeter          Bon's Cadillac              Vintage
 First Level Test 1                                                  USDF Intro A
 65.9% 1tie         Wistie Oppenlander   Pocket Change               57.5%      1      Patti Catagnus    Keeley
 65.9% 1tie         Claudia Shiply       Maestro                     USDF Intro B
 Suitability                                                         61%               Patti Catagnus    Keeley

               1   Jane Hayes                                        Training Level Test 2
               2   Debbie Van Nurden     I'ma Sunny Dee Satin        69.2%       1    Mark Patterson     Salute to Destiny
 Equitation                                                          Training Level Test 4
   Junior                                                            69.2%       1     Mark Patterson    Salute to Destiny
               1   Laura Cade            Apollo
               2   Angela Kicker         Skylar
               1   Amber Clarkson        Northern Beacon
               2   Jane Hayes

                                            Dallas Dressage Club
                             Yellow Rose Festival I & II

The Dallas Dressage Club’s primary fund-raising events are it’s Recognized USA Equestrian/US Dressage Federation
sanctioned shows. Without the revenue these shows generate, the DDC would be hard pressed to provide its quality
awards, educational clinics and symposia, shows and scholarships.

The Yellow Rose Festival, held this year on September13 & 14 is a product of DDC’s members—it’s volunteers who
come together, creating an outstanding competition for members and non-members to test themselves and their horses
and to receive applause for their riding achievements….

The show cannot go on………..without YOUR HELP. Please consider donating some time and energy to run the show
— As usual, DDC will provide each volunteer with a DDC t-shirt (while quantities last), free beverages (water/soda)
from the DDC coolers, concessions meal ticket (for those who work 4+ hours), an opportunity to win a gift certificate
from Instride Manufacturing (via random draw of names) and a heart felt thank you for show staff, competitors, and
the BOD.

To sign up—either email:, or or
send in this form with your information. You will be contacted—please ensure emails include phone numbers.

Name: ____________________________________________
Phone: (home) _________________(work) _________________(cell) ________________
Email Address: _______________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________

Day/Date [circle one or more]
   Friday/12th                 ! Arena Set-Up (starts 8am)
                               ! Judges Hospitality (airport pick-up)
                               ! Stable Assistant (direct traffic)

   Saturday/13th or Sunday/14th
      ! Scribe                      ! Scorer                       ! Runner
      ! Ring Steward                ! Bit Checker                  ! Awards Table
      ! Announcer
      ! Judges Hospitality - Pick up Lunch
      ! Judges Hospitality - Taxi from hotel to showgrounds in morning
      ! Judges Hospitality - Taxi to hotel from showgrounds in evening
      ! Judges Hospitality - Taxi to airport (Sunday afternoon only)
      ! Arena Tear Down (Sunday afternoon only—starts approx 3pm)

Time Period [2 ½ hr blocks preferred to aid planning]
       ____ 7-9:30am         Other: _________________________________________________
       ____9:30-12pm         _______________________________________________________
       ____12-2:30pm         _______________________________________________________
       ____ 2:30-5pm         _______________________________________________________

T-Shirt Size (circle one):    Adult        S     M       L     XL       XXL       (while sizes last)

From:                                             First Class

        TO:   Yellow Rose Volunteer Coordinator
              c/o Frances Luse
              112 Forrest Creek Lane
              Terrell, TX 75160


Transitions, August 2003        Volume 4, Issue 8

Transitions, August 2003                                                                                          Volume 4, Issue 8

   Raise Money for DDC—While You Shop!!!
           How Easy Can it Get?? DDC has enrolled in two new programs sponsored by national companies which gener-
   ate income passively—
           1)      Back in the Saddle Catalog : DDC will get 7% commission of online sales that go though our link. i.e.
   they have to go to the BITS website via our link to be counted. Our webmaster will soon be working out the link de-
   tails—but if you shop at BITS—click in via and help fund out clinics, awards, and year end ban-
           2)      Farnam: DDC will get points for every proof of purchase barcode seals from any/all Farnam products.
   products earn more points than others such as Continuex, Thermaflex and pastewormers. Send your barcode seals to:

                           Sandy Holcomb (Ads Promotions Chair) - 10165 CR 534,Whitewright, TX 75491

   Sandy will forward the barcodes to Farnum—they must go through DDC’s representative for the club to get points.

   If you used the Albertson’s Community Partners card—that program has changed—To participate you must go on-line
   to WWW.SCHOOLPOP.COM and register. (this program raises money for DDC’s Jr/YR programs) - Key Info you’ll
   need— Organization—Dallas Dressage Club Junior Yong Riders, Frisco, TX ID: 0619069

   Do these programs make a difference?? YES!! Since January 2003, the Kroger program has generated $146.00, Safeway
   $72.00 and Albertson’s $30 (likely lower due to new criteria described above). DDC can easily raise $500 for Junior
   Young Riders per year if members use their cards when they shop!

   Stable Chat….
             Our Junior/YR Chair—Michelle Cavanaugh—recently went to Mexico on vacation and returned ENGAGED to her beau!
   Congratulations Michelle!
             Andreanna Stucker and Chelsea Braman returned from their training in Germany, having both passed their Reitabzeichen,
   receiving their bronze medal. Both girls scored above all others (even Germans) on the exam. Way to Go! We’ll hear more about
   their trip next month.
             Last month DDC member Phylecia Bare was omitted as co-author of the article about Dressage Riding Ponies published in
   Dressage Today. Apologies!
             Carol Bentzlin reports that DDC member Pat Terrell is making great progress coming back from riding and auto accidents
   under Joan Myrthue’s careful eye and lessons. Pat recently cantered three times. That’s making great progress! Keep trying Pat!
             Get Well Wishes to DDC Awards Chair—Pauline Jaroszewicz—who recently had surgery to remove skin cancer.
             Sandy Holcomb recently purchased a purebred yearling Lippizan stud colt from Washington State.

            Send tidbits for Stable Chat to:

   ""              JUNIOR RIDERS—FREE CLINIC ""
           Open to all DDC Junior riders, this clinic will be held on Saturday September 6th at Southern Comfort Farm
   (12028 FM 428) in Aubrey, TX. Lessons will be private, unless participation warrants semi-private. Andreanna Stucker
   and Chelsea Braman will be passing on the dressage riding knowledge and theory they’ve accumulated, which enabled
   them to achieve passing scores on the German National Junior Rider Licensing Exam (Reitabzeichen). Refreshments for
   Juniors provided by DDC. Adult auditors welcome.

           Contact Michelle Cavanaugh 214-369-3369 or to sign up.

                       For day or overnight stabling, call or email Pegge Kinslow (Southern Comfort Farm)
                                              940-440-2333 or email
Transitions, August 2003                                                                                           Volume 4, Issue 8

 Foal Pictorial
      Many of DDC’s members breed their mares for love or
 profit, hoping to product that ‘great’ horse tht will take the Dallas
 dressage scene by storm. Is there a regional or national champion
 amongh the horses our members have bought, bred or raised
 from birth? We’ll have to wait a few years to see how these ba-
 bies turn out… Enjoy!

                                                                         Alice’s Faith
                                                                                 owned by Mark & Becky Patterson

   WinterStar (by Winterprinz) and Windsachte
   (by Windfall) — owned by Sarita Simmon’s
   Star Chase Ranch

           an Anglo/Arab filly owned by Carol Bentzlin

                                                                         PERCEPHANY, a Prelude/QH mare filly,
                                                                         owned by John & Beth Norton

Transitions, August 2003                                                                              Volume 4, Issue 8

                                                             Debbie & Ed Lavallee’s Friesian Blood Horse—
                                                                    Kahkah Kaliente

   Rootbeer Fizz (above) and Royal Waltz (below) two
   colts by Routinier, owned by John & Beth Norton

   Linda Delwood’s two month old Dutch filly

                                                            Darla Ripley’s arabian filly
                                                              —Santana’s Angelina—by Santana
                                                            HF— who will go to the race track then “retire” to the
                                                            dressage arena.

                                                               A heartfelt thank you to our members who
                                                               sent in their baby pictures. Let’s continue
                                                               the tradition and have a 3rd annual picto-
                                                               rial in August 2004!

Transitions, August 2003                                                                                                            Volume 4, Issue 8

 DDC BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S                           request in writing and we have an eager re-         limited time available, this is not necessary at
                                                   placement needing to be officially installed,       this time. Jennie made motion to not bid for
 MEETING MINUTES,                                  Pauline made a motion to remove Gretchen            the Championship in 2004. Doreen 2nd Motion
 MAY 6, 2003                                       from office. Dana 2nd . Motion carried. Dana        carried.
 The DDC Board meeting was held at Las Coli-       then made a motion to nominate Sandy Hol-
 nas on Tuesday, May 6, 2003 in Dallas. The        comb for Ads Promotion Chairperson. Pauline          After discussion, Jennie made a motion to con-
 meeting was called to order at 7:15 P.M.          2nd motion and the motion carried. Sandy sub-        sider the use of the 3rd arena a donation rather
 Board members and Committee Chairs present        mitted a receipt for banners.                        than a rental to the Hannes Muller Clinic and
 were Frances Luse, Jennie Bohart, Debbie                                                               no bill be sent to the Mansons. Pauline 2nd
 Stucker, Doreen Atkinson, Pauline Jarosce-        Awards/Meets/Events – Linda will bring motion, motion carried.
 wicz, Sandy Holcomb and Dana Pendergraph.         the awards on Friday night for the show
 Absent were Gretchen Holmquist, Susan                                                                  NEW BUSINESS –
 Brownlee, Lynn Lipford, Michelle Cavanaugh,       Publications Chair – Dana reported that the
 Linda Walker, Barb Lewis and Sue Casey.           programs are done and she received full spon- YR Scholarship Request - The following
 Other DDC members present were Andreanna          sorship of the Competitiors Dinner from Royal topic Debbie Stucker abstained from participat-
 Stucker, Katie Caballero. Jennie Bohart had       Palm Fresians for which we are all so very ing in due to the relationship to subject matter.
 Susan Brownlee’s proxy.                           grateful.      Newsletter - May newsletter cost Frances read a letter from Liz Braman asking
                                                   breakdown: $132.80 for postage, $136.10 in support for Chelsea and Andreanna who have
 A quorum was present.                             ads. Printing no cost (Padgett pro-bono) for been invited to go to a State run riding camp in
                                                   250 sets (due to Spring Show giveaways) at 28 Vechta, Germany, June 26 thru July 18, 2003.
 Approval of Minutes                               pages.                                               The cost of the camp is $500.00. After discus-
                                                                                                        sion, motion make by Jennie to give each girl
 The March 11, 2003 minutes were approved          JR/YR CHAIR – Michelle provided a list of $500.00 for the cost of the camp and in return
 with corrections. The April 08, 2003 minutes      riders and is tying up loose ends for the Parra DDC asks for them to write in a diary daily, do
 were also approved with corrections.              clinic. Michelle wants to do something else for a clinic in the fall that would include a Fri. night
                                                   the Juniors in the fall. She will report back theory session and a Sat. and Sun. clinic. Also
 REPORT OF OFFICERS                                with her ideas later.                                the girls will be the main speakers at the
                                                                                                        Awards Banquet in January, 2004 with a video
 Vice-President’s Report – Jennie reported         Recognized Show Chair - No report.                   if possible. Motion 2nd by Pauline and passed.
 that the trailer was loaded and will be brought                                                        Debbie was asked to email Jennie flight info for
 to Las Colinas Thursday morning for the Spring    Schooling Show Chair – No report                     the girls. She might be able to help with fre-
 Show. On Monday she will take it to Feather-                                                           quent flyer miles. We will see if Cathy will set
 lite to see what its problem is –possibly the     UNFINISHED BUSINESS                                  up a website and Debbie will find out if host
 tires. She also announced that DDC had             Yellow Rose Show final planning:                    family has a computer and internet (Deutch
 awarded 3 Scholarships – one to Sarah Hastings        Volunteer issues – Katie will email Ed Telecom).
 as a rider in the Hannes Mueller Clinic and 2     Lavallee to see what the needs for a FEI show is.
 Young Riders (Andreanna Stucker and Chelsea       She is also filling in the blanks for volunteers for The next DDC Board of Directors meeting will
 Braman) to ride in the Conrad Schumacher          the show.                                            be held on May 26, 2003 at 11 AM in Athens,
 Clinic.     For the information of the Club,          Pick up for Judges – Jennie volunteered to TX to discuss the budget. The regular June
 Jennie reported that when she was at the USDF     pick them up on Friday.                              meeting will be canceled.
 Symposium she saw arenas for sale by Premier          Competitor’s party – Dana will make a sign
 Dressage that were single rail, solid, not hol-   about meals being free Saturday night and a big The meeting was adjourned at 9:17 P.M.
 low, weighing 600# at $1300.00.                   thank you to Royal Palm Fresians for its spon-
                                                   sorship.                                             Respectfully submitted, Debbie Stucker
 Secretary’s Report:                                   Publications – The programs will be deliv-
 The Secretary had no report.                      ered soon to Frances.                                DDC SPECIAL BOARD OF DI-
                                                       Sponsorship - Smart Paks are coming for
                                                   give away at the show.                               RECTOR’S MEETING MINUTES,
 Treasurer’s Report – Doreen reported that
 all the checks she has received for the show                                                          MAY 27, 2003
 have been deposited. She also gave Frances the    Adult Amateur Clinic – We will have Jeff
 Insurance for the show. Profit/Loss to date       Moore on July 26-27 and the Clinic will be free     Attendees Frances Luse, Jennie Bohart, Pauline
 (May 7, 03) = $ 18,007.63; Assets/Liabilities     to the members. People will submit a check          Jarozcewicz, Susan Brownlee, Dana Pender-
 2003= $ 56,025.59 (figures include Spring         and then be reimbursed after they ride. He will     graph, Sandy Holcomb and Barb Lewis. Ab-
 Show entry income).                               also do an educational lecture. Applications        sent: Debbie Stucker, Lynn Lipford, Michelle
                                                   will be taken from all 3 levels. The order of       Cavanaugh, and Sue Casey. Also present:
 Membership Chair – Susan was absent so no         consideration for selection to ride in the clinic   Ernie Brownlee.
 report.                                           will be 1st Adult Amateur, Adult Open, Young
                                                   Riders. Motion carried. Jennie will write up        A quorum was present. CTO: 11:36am
 Ads Promotion – Gretchen Holmquist has            offer of scholarships for newsletter.
 desired for quite awhile to resign from the        FEI-Young Horse Championship Bid 2004 -            Facility tour and discussion. Arena sizes,
 Board of DDC but since she has not sent the       After discussion it was determined that due to      footing, pros/cons, site show management

Transitions, August 2003                                                                                                            Volume 4, Issue 8

 issues, volunteers, stabling, warm-up configura-   meeting.                                           lunch on July 26th of Jeff Moore clinic. Susan
 tions, distance from Dallas. Facility is very      Awards. Pauline requested authorization to         2nd. Discussion followed. Motion carried.
 inexpensive ($15.00 per stall 1st day, $12.00      destroy old medal sashes – imprinted w/ Spring     Region 9 Summer Meeting. DDC needs as
 per stall 2nd day with 125 stall minimum, if       show and yellow rose. Medals had been recy-        many of DDC board members to attend Region
 stall minimum is not met, add $500 per day)        cled w/ new schooling show sashes. Susie mo-       9 meeting on 1-2 August as possible. Barb
 Motion to test site by submitting a bid for 2004   tioned, Sandy 2nd, carried.                        briefed on different committee and council
 USDF Adult Team championships to Region 9          Volunteer T-shirts/Logo-Wear. A new idea           chair positions, work load of region 9 positions,
 director. Motion 2nd. Carried. Dana will           had been brought forward about getting design      etc.
 check to see what dates are free from late May     for each position, ie. Scribe, scorer,e tc. Dis-   Recognized Show Planning.
 2004 to late August 2004.                          cussion regarding pros/cons, costs, etc. Susie          Miscellaneous –
                                                    motion was made to use current t-shirt design           • Barb said she would get the three 2004
       USDF Team Championship Show:                 with different colored fabric and SHOW STAFF               contracts from Michaelann at Las Coli-
 Discourse by Barb Lewis on history of USDF         imprinted on back above design. Dana 2nd,                  nas, so we can review and sign them as
 team championships, background, minimum            carried. Logo-wear. Much was sold at Spring                soon as possible.
 requirements. Discussion on options. Barb          show. Discussion regarding inventory, reor-             • She had a Bobbie Paulk “R” on stand-by
 will contact Kat Kyle for Adult team and Junior    dering. Pauline would approach Katie about                 as 4th judge for Yellow Rose.
 team championships.                                possibly finding vendor for new logo-wear or-           • She has identified an announcer for the
      Question - to hold recognized show, un-       der.                                                       Champs, but is open to other sugges-
 recognized show, or one day/each.                  Junior Rider Clinic. Chelsea and Andreanna                 tions. Ernie Brownlee would email her
      Issues -                                      identified Saturday, September 6th, for the                info for Sherry McGraw and another
      • Recognized show requires R judge and        Junior Rider free clinic. Sandy will ask Pegge             professional announcer.
 TD.                                                Kinslow if she’d offer Southern Comfort Farm            • has not forwarded official show
      • r judge meets standards for USDF recog-     as facility.                                               results           to      ddcboard
 nition.                                            Convention Planning. Dana announced that          Also owed to
      • “fun” team uniforms can be                  Max-A-Million carriages will be displaying two             DDC is the last of the credit card money
 worn/displayed at unrecognized show (ie.           USDF convention banners during their routes                –approx $1500.00
 Matching polo shirts, polo wraps, funky saddle     in Dallas. Barb and Frances encouraged / rein-          • Pauline is trying to get to con-
 pads, creative braiding, etc). Recognized show     forced the need for DDC members to attend                  firm/verify the high score, champion-
 (USA Eq) rules would prohibit such creativity.     the convention to learn how the USDF works                 ship and breed awards for SS II (and
      • Scores at recognized event could be         and to attend educational symposiums. Barb, as             some of SSI). At least 2 errors were
 ABIC/SWDC qualifiers and other national            previously decided, will be head of committee              found Sunday afternoon. Pauline does-
 awards programs. Unrecognized would not            for DDC convention scholarships. Jennie will               n’t want to send out awards until confir-
 count for USDF awards.                             be on committee as well. Need 1 more mem-                  mation of accuracy is received.
      • Professionals would not likely ride at an
                                                                                                            • Pauline sent a Dover award document
 unrecognized event. Discussion on how to           Clinics/Education. Sandy would like to work
                                                                                                               to, which requires show secre-
 draw professionals to an unrecognized event –      w/ Elizabeth Jeter in developing more DDC
                                                                                                               tary signature.
 idea for a prize to the professional who brings    educational events that are USDF university
 most students. Idea to refund one horse’s entry    accredited. She has ideas for developing an
                                                                                                       USA Eq FEI Young Horse Champs. DDC had
 at Yellow Rose as prize. Tentative plan might      unmounted educational program, something on
                                                                                                       been approached by interests out of Austin to
 be to give pro 5 points for each student brought   smaller scale of USDF education (university)
                                                                                                       consider making a bid for this champs in 2004
 to show and 1 point for each ride. Pro w/ most     program with year-end recognition w/in the
                                                                                                       concurrent with ABIC champs. Application
 points gets “award.”                               club. USDF program requires many credit
                                                                                                       deadline is June 2nd. Discussion of pros/cons –
                                                    hours and takes quite a while to get accumulate
      • Affordability – lower stabling costs but                                                       ie. National attention, FEI competition. 2004
                                                    enough credits to get a certificate.
 keep ride fees the same.                                                                              bid deadline is too soon, also too close-in for
                                                    Ads, Promotions/Sponsorships. Sandy pre-
      • Number of rings – two covered 60 x 20                                                          planning and fund-raising. Need to identify a
                                                    sented board members with draft of new letter
 m rings. Outdoor and covered warm up.                                                                 top-notch facility for event. Barb will start
                                                    to potential sponsors for 2004. Presented ideas
      •Offer “mens” team competition as well as                                                        talking to FEI judges and TDs. Barb and Sandy
                                                    for increasing sponsorship of DDC events as
 multi horse ride (pas de deux, etc) teams.                                                            may try to get to Devon for FEI Young Horse
                                                    well as enticements for sponsorships, ie. Web-
                                                                                                       champs to see how its done this year. Board
                                                    site link.
 Barb will talk with some TDs about problems                                                           decided to seriously consider and plan for bid-
                                                    DDC Summer General Membership Meeting.
 surrounding 1 day each and report back via                                                            ding on the 2005 USA Eq FEI Young Horse
                                                    Discussion on what to do and where to have
 email to BOD.                                                                                         Championships. Bid application would be due
                                                    this meeting. Held concurrently w/ school
                                                                                                       on/about June 1st, 2004.
                                                    shows (2002, 2001) was ineffective – very low
 Other Business                                     attendance. Meeting is important as by-law
 Budget Planning. Each resource area discussed                                                         Jennie motioned to cancel the June 10th BOD
                                                    changes are voted on (if proposed), board
 expenditure needs based on experience so far in                                                       meeting. Dana 2nd. Motion carried. Next
                                                    members elected (treasurer needs nominee,
 2003 and documents from treasurer for 2002.                                                           board meeting is July 8th, 2003, at 7pm, Olive
                                                    Dana is nominee for Publications, Sandy is
 Frances will formalize into excel spreadsheet                                                         Garden, Mesquite TERRA.
                                                    nominee for Ads, Promotions, and Pauline is
 with 2002 and 2003 (to date) information.                                                               Meeting adjourned at 3:pm
                                                    nominee for Awards) and annual position re-
 Will be forwarded to BOD via email or at next                                                           Respectfully. Frances Luse
                                                    ports presented. Sandy proposed we hold it at

Transitions, August 2003                                                                           Volume 4, Issue 8

     Down Center Line A---X (whew!)
        Thanks everyone for your contributions to this month’s newsletter. Some of our local rid-
     ers have done some wonderful things these past few months. Keep sending me information
     and writing articles about the goings-on. The Dallas area dressage community really wants to
     hear about your accomplishments.
         Fonts, fonts, fonts… Well, I’m getting a clue to the solution with the fonts… and in doing so
     am getting more competent with Adobe Photoshop. Eventually, I’ll use that program … but
     for now, it’s a complicated path from MS Publisher document to printed product… If I seem
     busy, sit down with me sometime and I’ll tell you how it gets done…
         Keep in touch! Email:

                                                                      The Editor

                                                      A P P R E N T I C E                   W A N T E D
                                                      for a successful dressage trainer in Aubrey. If you are
                                                      willing to do light work, (tacking up horses, turning them
                                                      out, warming them up), for me in exchange for lessons
                                                      and some pay please contact Clare Salmon at 972-
                                                      489-1097. Join our team at clinics and shows all the
                                                      way up to National level. Some experience with horses
                                                      is preferable. Check me out at our web page at lizsal-
                                             and then click on my name.

Transitions, August 2003                                                                                                           Volume 4, Issue 8

                                                                     In addition to viewing membership status online, USDF mem-
 SERVICES                                                            bers will also be able to print an online Letter of Verification
                                                                     which can be used as proof of membership at competitions until
                                                                     the membership card arrives from the USDF office. This will
 The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) has announced a
                                                                     eliminate the need to fill out membership and registration affida-
 new, free, online score-check service for USDF members. This
                                                                     vits at competitions.
 new Web service allows members to view USDF-recognized
 competition results for each horse registered with USDF. All
                                                                     USDF Senior Director of Member Services Cindy Vimont sees
 information in the USDF online database is updated daily and is
                                                                     this as a time saver for members as well as for the Member Ser-
 current as of 5 p.m. the previous business day.
                                                                     vices Department staff. "Having this information on our Web
                                                                     site enables members to access information quickly when they
 USDF Director of Competitions Sally Davenport explained,
                                                                     need it. A Letter of Verification printed from the Web site can
 "This is a time saver for members competing for USDF year-end
                                                                     be taken to the show and presented as proof of membership, thus
 awards as well as for the Competitions Department staff. Instead
                                                                     decreasing time spent filling out paperwork at the shows."
 of waiting for a score check to arrive in the mail, members can
 keep track of their scores online throughout the competition
                                                                     USDF Director of Competitions Sally Davenport added, "This
                                                                     new service will allow competitors to check their current mem-
                                                                     bership and horse-registration status prior to the competition in
 Score checks are available from USDF for those members with-
                                                                     order to determine their eligibility for USDF awards programs."
 out Internet access by written request. Please send your request
 to: USDF Competitions Department, 220 Lexington Green Cir-
                                                                     This new service has been developed with input from show sec-
 cle, Suite 510, Lexington, KY 40503; or fax it to (859) 971-
                                                                     retaries, technical delegates, competition management, active
                                                                     competitors, USDF Executive Board members, and third-party
                                                                     software vendors.
 To learn more and to try the new USDF online score-check ser-
 vice, visit
                                                                     "USDF is working with third-party software vendors to make
                                                                     this system compatible with their own systems, enabling them to
                                                                     be able to access USDF membership information in their own
 ON-LINE MEMBERSHIP & HORSE REGISTRATION VERIFICA- system. We are hopeful that this cooperative effort will also al-
 TION SERVICE                                                        low competition management to work more efficiently in deter-
 The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) has announced a mining USDF membership and horse registration at the time of
 new, free, online membership and horse-registration verification the show," said William Adams, USDF director of information
 service for USDF members. This new Web service allows mem- technology.
 bers to search and view their current membership status as well
 as the current registration status of their horses. All information To learn more and to try the new USDF online verification ser-
 in the USDF online database is updated daily and is current as of vice, visit
 5 p.m. the previous business day.

                                 U.S. Equestrian                            There is also a section for news, links to the websites of USA Equestrian
                                                                            and the USET, and a way to contact the executive directors of those two
                                 Website Debuts                             organizations. Shortly, there will be a special section for equestrian ath-
                                  The new website of U.S. Equestrian,       letes. Until the approval of the new NGB by the USOC, both websites,
                                  the expected new National Governing and will continue operating. Once
                                   Body (NGB) for equestrian sport, will    USOC approval is granted to U.S. Equestrian, these sites will transform
 debut on Thursday, July, 24.                                               into the websites of the USA Equestrian Trust and the USET Founda-
 The website, developed by representatives of USA Equestrian and the
 United States Equestrian Team (USET), will be available by accessing the “We anticipate that the U.S. Equestrian website will eventually become
 address, WWW.USEF.ORG.                                                     the definitive source of information for people interested in our sport,”
                                                                            said USET Executive Director Bonnie B. Jenkins. “We appreciate all the
 The website is in the preliminary development stages and will continue time and work that has been put in to get the Federation started.”
 to evolve and expand in preparation of U.S. Equestrian Federation be-
 coming the NGB for equestrian sport on December 1, 2003. The web- “This has been a joint project of USA Equestrian and the USET,” said
 site contains current information on the status of the new NGB, ex- USA Equestrian Executive Director Lori L. Rawls. “We are very excited
 pected to be approved by the U.S. Olympic Committee this fall. In- to have it go live and we invite everyone interested in equestrian sports
 cluded are details on the timetable for the start of the NGB, its by-laws, to visit the site and give us their feedback.”
 officers, Board of Directors and various working groups.

Transitions, August 2003                                                                                                                Volume 4, Issue 8

                              FROM THE REGION 9 DIRECTOR – KATHRYN KYLE
  NATIONALLY                                                           transfer (no she not leaving just has more work) and has resigned as the
  If you don’t already know USDF has some very special new features on Omnibus chair. Thank you Leigh for all the years and hours you have
  their web site.                                                      put into this project. For the 2004 Omnibus I will be the chair.

       •Now you can check your membership and horse registration on I know it seem early but it is time to get the Omnibus started. Remem-
       line. You can even print the page(s) and take them with to shows, ber that this is the major fund raiser for the region. Past income have
       just in case you lost/misplaced your card(s). Show secretaries that allowed the region to be financially solid and helped to put on a num-
       are online at shows can check the information as well.              ber of programs. In order to continue this trend we need all the adver-
                                                                           tising we can get. If you need information about advertising please
       •The horse score checking. You can now check your year’s scores contact me.
       on line. Everyone is urged to do this prior to the USDF awards
       year end. October 1st.                                              This year only two region 9 riders will be going to the NAYRC in Can-
                                                                           ada. We wish both these young ladies all the best – good rides and a
       •The prize list for all the regional championships – this is the wonderful learning experience at the NAYRC.
       ONLY official prize list
                                                                         Information and the prize list for the Region 9 USDF/ABIC Champion-
      •List of qualifiers for the regional championships can be accessed
                                                                         ships can be found at the USDF web site.
      online – there is a notation that this takes a few minutes to
      download.                                                          GENERAL NOTES
                                                                         Don’t forget to check the Region 9 web page regularly. It is updated
  There will be more very convenient online features coming from USDF with changes and added information often.
  in the near future, watch for them.
  REGIONALLY                                                            These are absolute, no excuses, no exceptions, no fudging, must be in
  Information from the summer meeting will miss this issue but will be the appropriate person’s hands on or before that date deadlines.
  the main topic of this column next month.
                                                                         November 15, 2003 – letters of intent to host the 2005 Regional
  After several years of doing the Omnibus Leigh Olejer has taken a job Championship must be received by the Regional Director.

   United States Equestrian Federation Board, Executive Committee and Officers
        The officers and Executive Committee for the      Federation or December 1, 2003, whichever is later.     Herb Lurie
 proposed new National Governing Body (NGB) of                                                                  FEI AFFILIATES WORKING GROUP
 equestrian sport, the US Equestrian Federation           [Editor’s Note:Following is a listing of the USEF       Dr. Samuel J. Barish – Vice President
 (USEF), were elected at a meeting held Tuesday,             Board of Directors broken up into their respective   Robert Dover or Lisa Singer
 July 8, at the Marriott Griffin Gate Resort in Lexing-      working groups.]                                     Pete Kyle
 ton, KY.                                                                                                         Leslie Howard
        David J. O’Connor of The Plains, VA, was          HIGH PERFORMANCE WORKING GROUP                          Janine W. Malone
 elected as President. Kathy Knill Meyer of Edwards,         Armand Leone – Vice President                        Mike Tomlinson
 CO, was elected as Treasurer and Eric Straus of New         Anne K. Kursinski                                    Natasha A. Grigg
 Canaan, CT, was elected as Secretary. Armand                Mark Leone                                           Jan Weber
 Leone, Jr. of Glen Rock, NJ, was elected Vice Presi-        Sue Blinks                                           William Bradley
 dent of International High Performance; Sam Barish          Karen O’Connor                                       Charles L. Lloyd III
 of Rockville, MD, was elected as Vice President of          George Morris                                        Denise Avolio
 FEI Affiliates; Bill Hughes of Chino Hills, CA, was         Jessica Ransehousen                                  Jeff W. Wirthman
 elected as Vice President of National Affiliates and        Mike Huber                                           Carol C. Lavell
 Judy Werner of Waterloo, IL was elected as Vice             James Fairclough                                   NATIONAL AFFILIATES WORKING GROUP
 President of Administration and Finance.                    Art Priesz                                           Bill Hughes – Vice President
        Other members of the Executive Committee             Don Burt                                             Hope C. Hand
 include Stephen O. Hawkins of Saddle River, NJ, as          Jeff Moore                                           Bruce Davidson
 the USAE Trust Representative; Frank V. Lloyd of            A. Kent Allen, DVM                                   Devon Maitozo
 Hackensack, NJ, as the USET Foundation Represen-         ADMINISTRATION & FINANCE WORKING                        Beth K. Miner
 tative; Mark Leone of Oakland, NJ, as the USOC              GROUP                                                Gary Baker
 AAC representative and Bill Moroney of Aldie, VA,           Judy Werner – Vice President                         William J. Moroney
 Jessica Ransehousen of Unionville, PA, and Valerie          Valerie Kanavy                                       Alvin R. Topping
 Kanavy of Fort Valley, VA, were elected as members          Robert Dover or Chester Weber                        Gary Dearth
 at large. The election of Dressage and Eventing ath-        Frank Lloyd                                          Larry Hoffman
 letes is currently on-going.                                Stephen O. Hawkins                                   Shirley M. Nowak
        USA Equestrian will remain the national gov-         Robert A. Ridland                                    Dennis E. Valentine
 erning body and national federation for the sport of        Keith D. Bartz                                       Georgie F. Green
 equestrian until the recognition by the United States       Cecile K. Hetzel Dunn                                Mary Anne O. Cronan
 Olympic Committee of the United States Equestrian           Andrew Ellis                                         Ron Rhodes

Transitions, August 2003                                                                                        Volume 4, Issue 8

                            2004 Region 9 Omnibus Advertising
           It is mailed free of charge to over 2,000 USDF members. It is a highly valued publication and
                                        frequently referenced by our members.

             Outside Back Cover Page - $500          Inside Cover Pages - $300         Full Page - $225
                            1/2 Page - $150             Business Card (1/3 Page) - $80

            All Omnibus Advertising must be sent CAMERA READY and the correct size.
           We cannot accept ads on Disk or Film. We will not accept copy without payment.
                           MAKE ALL CHECKS OUT TO USDF REGION 9 OMNIBUS

     Because we must have page numbers and margins                       in Omnibus and on web page Mail to Barbara Lewis,
          the finished copy should be no larger than                     169 CR# 2397 Winnsboro, TX 75494 903 866-3122,
     Full page = 7 3/4" tall, 4 1/2" wide    1/2 Page = 3       Deadline 9/15/03
                     3/4 " tall, 4 1/2" wide
                                                                     •    INSTRUCTOR OR TRAINER LISTING - $50 for list-
                                                                         ing of ONE Name, Farm Name, Levels taught, Ad-
               Any larger area will be cropped                           dress, Phone, Fax, & e-mail (additional information
                    in the finished product                              must appear in a business card or larger ad) in omni-
                                                                         bus and on web page Mail to Marie Morgan 12500
 Purchase a full page Advertisement and get one free                     Edwina Blvd. Houston TX 77045-4800 mmor-
 listing in the Breeder or Instructor section. (You must        Deadline 9/15/03
 include the copy for the additional listing when you
 send in your camera ready advertisement. Also, in-                  •    JUDGES LISTING - FREE to all USDF Participating
 clude directions as to the section in which your free                   members listing of Name, Level, Address, Phone,
 listing should appear.)                                                 Fax, &
                                                                     •   E-mail. Mail to Joan K Darnell 2500 CR 100 George-
 DIFFERENT PEOPLE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR DIF-                               town TX 78626 (512) 868-1814
 FERENT SECTIONS OF THE OMNIBUS. PLEASE PAY                              Deadline 9/15/03.
                                                                     •    TD LISTING - FREE to all USAEq T.D.’s that are also
 MAY BE DIFFERENT DEADLINES FOR DIFFERENT                                USDF Participating members. listing Name, Address,
 SECTIONS                                                                Phone, Fax, & e-mail. Mail to Sally Chionsini, 11785
                                                                         Thompson Rd, Willis, TX 77318, (936) 865-4650,
                                                                Deadline 9/15/03
 Please address questions to Kathryn Kyle 3660 El
 Parisio Bandera TX 78003 (830) 589-2707 re-                         •    GMO 1/2 PAGE INFORMATION LISTING (no show                                                       information to be listed here.) - $50 for a 1/2 page
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 •      COMPETITION PRIZE LIST PAGES - Competitions                      clinics, &/or special program. Anything more must util-
       using the Omnibus as their prize list: $100 per page.             ize the Advertising pages - rates above. Mail or email
       Competitions not using the Omnibus as their prize list            to Kathryn Kyle 3660 El Parisio Bandera TX 78003
       $125 per page per show. Competitions supplying paid               (830) 589-2707 . Deadline
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       reduce fee by $25 per advertiser. Competitions not
       meeting the deadline or accompanied with payment
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       will be charged an additional $100 per competition.               the above Listings see the rates in bold print above.
       Mail to Laura Freeman, 206 Henri St., Folsom, LA
       70437, 985 796-1386, Deadline                 Mail or email to Kathryn Kyle 3660 El Parisio Bandera TX
       9/15/03.                                                      78003 (830) 589-2707
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       of ONE Stallion name, Farm Name, Breed, Contact                   Deadline October 1, 2003.
       Name, Address, Phone, Fax, & e-mail (additional in-
       formation must appear in a business card or larger ad)

Transitions, August 2003                                                                                                                  Volume 4, Issue 8

 CLASSIFIED ADS                                                                      years old, quiet, fun horse with big gaits that are very comfortable
                                                                                     to sit. Easy flying changes, lateral work, and piaffe. $17,000.00
 SERVICES                                                                        #   TWO TALENTED TWO YEAR OLDS Rohdiamont grandson out of
 #   CLASSICAL DRESSAGE INSTRUCTION. Riding lessons (school                          Dutch Warmblood mare. Gaits for the big time. Bay will mature
     horses available), longe lessons, training, clinics. Be the best you            at 16-2+ $9500. Thoroughbred filly by See Me Com En out of
     can be! Call Kass Lockhart at 972-317-7330 (12/03)                              mare by Preclusive (Secretariat/Native Dancer). Chestnut with
                                                                                     chrome.        Will mature at 16 H.                  She is fancy
                                                                                     fancy. $3,800. for photos. (817) 560-3100
                                                                                 #   IMPORTED KWPN FEI SCHOOLMASTER. Handsome ‘86 16.3 H
 #   FOURTH LEVEL SCHOOLMASTER for lease. Flying changes are his                     chestnut gelding with 3 stockings.                 Excellent bloodllines
     specialty. 15 yo gray TB gelding, 16.3 hh. Professionally trained               (Aktion/MarcoPolo). Temperment is a 10. He is kid safe but fancy with
     and ridden for 10 years - or phone                     very nice gaits. This horse has a “ring presence.” Ras is sound and has no
     214.674.2765.                                                                   health issues. He is uncomplicated and honest. Tempis are his forte.
                                                                                     He’ll take you up through the levels. Would make a great Adult Amateur
 HORSES FOR SALE                                                                     or Young Rider horse. Good home a must. $30,000. Connie at 817-
                                                                                     220-5201 or cell 817-308-4353 or
   Schooling Intermediate I & II. Has wonderful Passage and Piaffe,              #   13 YR OLD TB MARE, flea bit grey, 16.2H. Excellent mover!
   with uphill changes. A real gentleman all the time. 15 years young.               Sadly must sell. Best for brood mare or for the EXTREMELY
   Beautiful Dark Bay, 16.2 hands with up hill frame. Elegant Hessen                 experienced rider! Has had two babies previously and is an excel-
   Gelding. A true horse of your dreams. Imported and very well                      lent mother. See pic's and bloodlines at and
   trained and cared for. Offered by Classic Meadow Farm. 817 295                    search under Silver Fairway. She is a deal at $2500. Been
   0790                                                                              Schooled to 1st level.        Lisa 942-422-6375       lgmontgom-
 # 14YR TB BAY GELDING, 16.1HH. Has been shown to 2nd level at             
   Lexington, Virginia very sucessfully with scores in the mid 60's.             #   BLACK ARABIAN GELDING, Rebony Bey, Purebred Region VIII
   Very fancy, quiet, exceptional mover, "wow" lengthens", hacks                     Top Five Western Pleasure . Shown Training level Dressage
   out "on the buckle". Also very talented over fences. Can jump x-                  60%’s) and first level. $10,000. Brownlee’s, 972-226-0366
   country fences, H20 jumps, etc. Currently being shown and used
                                                                                 #   LILIA, Oldenberg mare, inspected and branded, age 4, by
   as a lesson horse for riders with various abilities. Call Sue Ott for
   additional information at 972-937-5032.                                           Lehnsritter. Chestnut, approx. 16.2 hh. Very sweet tempera-
 # 13 YO SORREL REG. AQHA USDF, 15.3H Gelding for sale. Has                          ment and very nice gaits. Versatile, should be suitable for dres-
   done training level dressage, jumps 2' and is currently being used                sage, hunter or eventing. $15,000. Please call Beth Sorensen @
   for lessons. In his previous life, he was shown english and western               817-312-6100 or Dana Gilbert @ 817-919-5508.
   pleasure, halter, trail and trained for police work. We have too              #   AQHA 1994 15h. SORREL GELDING, Two-eyed Jack and Dry
   many babies and hate to part with him, but we're not using him.                   Doc bloodlines. Sweet disposition. Good with kids. Would be
   Asking $7,000 OBO. Bob or Bonnie Martinez 254-498-0953/                           good for an intermediate rider. Has western and training level
   254-624-1821.                                                                     dressage training. $3,000 OBO. Nancy, 972-723-6663,
 # 2 FOR 1 SALE: 12 yr TB broodmare, 16.2 hh, grey. by Domina-             
   tor. Secretariat, Bold Ruler, Nasrullah bloodlines. Jockey Club               #   2001 1/2 TB 1/2 QH GELDING; train your way. An eye catcher,
   registered, also approved by German Oldenburg Verband. In foal                    most agile and handy horse I have ever seen, he collects and lifts
   for late January 2004, to 5-star Oldenburg stallion, Frohwind, a                  himself naturally. Short coupled, three stockings and a strip,
   16.3hh dark bay stallion by Furioso II out of Windstille by Welt-                 bright deep red. Alidar is great grand sire. You see him, you will
   meister, a leading producer of premium foals. $6000. 940-372-                     want him. Has had all shots and dewormings. Not broke $7,500
   0314 or                                                    972, 222-8382 .
 # 2 FOR 1 SALE: 12-yr TB broodmare, 16.1 bay by Danzatore,
   Northern Dancer, Native Dancer bloodlines. Jockey Club regis-                 TRUCKS & TRAILERS
   tered, plus PMB approved in Holsteiner stud book. Not sound for               #   ** PRICE LOWERED ** 4 HORSE SLANT LOAD TRAILER
   riding. In foal for early February 2004 to Le Santo, a 16.3 hh dark               with dressing room. $11,500. Brownlees, 972-226-0366.
   bay Holsteiner stallion, by Landgraf. A producer of premium
                                                                                 #   TWO HORSE TRAILER Slant Load with dressing room. Drop down
   foals, was named Sire of the Year for 2 yrs. $6000 940-372-
                                                                                     windows on both sides. 7'4" tall, 6'6" wide. White with blue
   0314 or
                                                                                     stripes. Also great for mare and foal. Just 3,300 pounds - pull it
 # 6 YO DAPPLE GRAY GELDING. Excellent dressage or English pros-
                                                                                     with a half ton. Excellent condition. $4,950              louisa-
   pect. Quiet enough for anyone to ride. 16.1hh, 1200 lbs. Cur-
   rent on shots and worming. Loves to be handled. .This horse has          for photos. (817) 560-3100
   a fool proof disposition. He will stand tied to the trailer all day           #   2 HORSE STRAIGHT LOAD Sundowner TRAILER with ramp
   without any problems. $10,000. contact Jamie Pinson, 214-875-                     and tack/dressing room. $6,000. Caren Foster 214-485-0329
   2957 daytime, 972-524-8823 evenings or 972-567-2271 mobile.
   16.3, attractive bay gelding by FEI dressage stallion Armin. 16               #   16.5" COLLEGIATE JUMPING SADDLE with leathers and irons. Very

Transitions, August 2003                                                                                                      Volume 4, Issue 8

     good Condition, $400. Call Sue Ott for additional information at     cellent condition. Retails $2300. Asking $2000. Beth
     972-937-5032.                                               or 214-923-8396
 #   16.5" PASSIER DRESSAGE SADDLE, medium tree. Brown. Very          # 17 1/2" COURBETTE FUTURA Soft Seat Dressage saddle.
     balanced, very good condition, $500. Call Sue Ott for additional     Standard size "flex" tree. All fittings included. Excellent condi-
     information at 972-937-5032.                                         tion. $550. McKinney area. 903-364-1287 (leave message).
 #   17" CROSBY CLOSE CONTACT JUMPING SADDLE. very good condi-  
     tion, $500. Call Sue Ott for additional information at 972-937-  # SIZE 16 GRAND PRIX COAT FOR SALE. Navy blue with 3
     5032.                                                                silver buttons in front and on each sleeve, 2 silver buttons in
 #   DRESSAGE SADDLE, Arabian Saddle Company, two available.              back. Worn once, originally $300, will sell for $150. Contact
     $950.00 Brownlees, 972-226-0366.                                     Doreen at or 214-850-1087
     tree. Black. Excellent condition—3 1/2 years old, used 2 1/2      OTHER/MISC
     years. $1000. Contact Joan Myrthue, 214-675-8385,
                                                                      # STALL SKINS - the alternative to stall mats at half the price too.
 #   17" BLACK KARL NIEDERSUSS dressage saddle, regular; re-              12 x 12 kit, I have 5 of them, buy all or one @ $170 ea. Sandy
     flocked, new billets to accommodate American straps; $700.
                                                                          Holcomb (903) 364-0973 or
     Call Linda at 972/617-7079, or office 214/740-1463.
 #   REMBRANDT DRESSAGE SADDLE, Black 17 1/2 seat. Me-
     dium tree. Very good condition, $950.00 Contact Jennifer at
     940-206-0652                                                                   #       C LASSIFIED DS      A           #
 #   WINTEC ISABELL dressage saddle with CAIR, 18" seat, $625. The DDC Board voted to make non-service classified ads
     Like new condition, one year old. Full set of small and large
                                                                      FREE for all DDC members. Length is limited to 6 lines
     flexiblocks. Medium-wide gullet plate installed, but will sell
     with either the medium or the medium-wide plate, buyer's
                                                                      (see above) and to no more than 3 free
     choice. Contact Sharon Miesen, 469-742-0828 or                   ads/person/month. Ads will run 2 months only, unless                                             newsletter editor is notified at the end of that period.
 #   PRESTIGE 2000D DRESSAGE SADDLE, black, 17” seat, 33 Total newsletter classified ad space will be limited to 1
     cm tree, regular length flap. Bought new, used 7 months. Ex-     1/2 pages.

                                  Noble Champion Sport Horses held their First Annual Adult Camp on
                              June 20-21. The camp started with a very entertaining and informative lecture fol-
                              lowed by a one on one custom bitting clinic by Alixe Etherington. All of the campers
                              came away with a greater amount of knowledge about the different bits and their abil-
                              ity to work in a horses mouth. It was interesting to look at the differences in the size
                              of the tongues and the amount of room between the tongue and the roof of the mouth
                              and the all important "bars" that the bit sits on. A few of the horses had a very dra-
                              matic change in the way they went after it was discovered they were being ridden in
 bits much too thick to fit comfortably in their mouths. The next morning started off with a session of Tai Chi
 from Kristi and Dale's Martial Arts studio in Duncanville. Tai Chi incorporates so many of the same principles of
 dressage and can be used to strengthen ones half halts, help to coordinate the use of our aides and to keep our
 bodies centered in the saddle. This is a great way to work on your self while saving your horse. We also had Dr.
 Joe Parrish come to give us a lecture on the use of a Chiropractor on your horses and on yourself. He showed us
 how a horse that is not straight can be adjusted so he is much freer and loose. He also stressed the importance
 that the rider be in line as well since it doesn't matter how straight your horse is if the rider is a crooked mess. In
 between our guest speakers, Jim Eldridge, Noble Champion's head trainer worked with each of the campers and
 their individual horse. He had the different riders work on different types of moves depending upon their level
 and then put all the moves together to form a quadrille. Riding movements in a group is a great way for riders to
 learn how to keep your horse on the aides while having fun. The camp was completed by great food and a grab
 bag of goodies brought by one of our campers, Tracy Hayes. If you missed this year it's too late but mark your
 calendars now because next summer we will once again be having an exciting "Adult Camp" here at Noble
 Champion Sport Horses.

                                                              The Dallas Dressage Club
                                                                2003 Membership Application

Renewal of all DDC Memberships is required by January 1st of each year. Included with your DDC membership is a group membership in the
United States Dressage Federation (USDF) and a subscription to the DDC monthly newsletter.

Individual Membership ($30.00)_____                      Junior Membership ($20.00) _____                              Family Membership ($35.00) _____
New Member _____                  Renewal   _____            (2003 Junior Members are 21 or younger as of 1/1/03)

I prefer an electronic newsletter via email: NO ____ YES ____
The DDC may release my address for selected mailings? Yes ____ No ____
Select membership directory category: Full ____ Limited ____ Name Only ____ None ____ (Limited = name, city, state only)

NAME: DR./MR./MRS./MS./MISS _______________________________________ PHONE (HOME): _________________________
                   (circle one)

DATE OF BIRTH: _____/_______/_______                     E-MAIL ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________                         PHONE (WORK): ____________________________
             ___________________________________________________                       PHONE (FAX):_______________________________
             ___________________________________________________                       PHONE (OTHER):_____________________________


NAME: DR./MR./MRS./MS./MISS _______________________________                            BIRTH DATE: _      __/_ __/_      __
             (circle one)

NOTE: Family Memberships applicants may obtain an USDF Group Membership for each additional applicant for $10.00 each

Can you give a helping hand? (please check all that apply)

          Shows/Meets _____ Newsletter _____                       Public Relations _____          Photography _____              Scribing ____
          Video Taping _____ Phone Committee _____                 Other _____ (please list ____________________________)

Please complete the following: (please check all that apply)

     Do you show at meets _____, schooling shows _____, and/or recognized competitions _____? If so, at what levels? _____________________ How many
     horses do you own? _____ Additional Comments: _________________________________________________________________

  I hereby release the Dallas Dressage Club, Inc., its officers, members, employees, and agents from any liability and all claims of every kind (including costs,
  expenses, or attorney fees) that might result from damages, injuries or losses to my person or property during, or in connection with, any show, clinic, event or
  function, whether or not such damages, injuries, losses result directly from the negligent act of omissions of the officers, members, employees, or agents of the
  Dallas Dressage Club, Inc.

          Signed ___________________________________________________________                                Date ____________________
          (if under 18, must be signed by parent or legal guardian)

           Return application and check made payable to “DDC” to: Susan Sturdivan Brownlee, 522 East Tripp Road,
       Sunnyvale, TX 75182 . Questions: Contact Susan Brownlee, or 972-226-0366 (h)

                                                                        DDC Office Use Only

                   Check #: ________ Amount: __________ Date: ______________ Date Rec’d: _____________ ID:______________

Name of Horse______________________________________ Year Horse was Born_____________________________
Breed_____________________________________________ Color______________________________________
Brand &/or Markings _______________________________________________________________________________
DDC Member ID ______________________ or
Name & Address: ___________________________________________
Registration is for the life of the horse and costs $5. The horse must be registered and the rider must be a current DDC
member for a test/ride to be eligible/qualify for the year-ends award program.
Please send completed form and check payable to ‘DDC’ to:
                       Susan Sturdivan Brownlee, 522 East Tripp Road, Sunnyvale, TX 75182

          Check # _______________ Amount ___________________ Date __________________ Date Rec’d _____________
          Horse ID _____________ Removed because________________________________ Removed date _____________

                       TRANSITIONS EDITOR
                       FRANCES V. LUSE
                       112 FORREST CREEK LANE
                       TERRELL, TX 75160

               Pass This Membership Form along to a Friend. Enjoy DDC and USDF GMO
                                        member benefits!

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