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									                                 The Aquatic Revolution
JOIN US AT IAFC 2011 FOR THE AQUATIC REVOLUTION.                                                        WYNDHAM ORLANDO RESORT
The popularity of aquatic fitness continues to rapidly expand as a
new generation heads to the pool; more aquatic facilities are built                                     Orlando, Florida
and new programming is developed.
                                                                                                                                            Surrounded by 42 acres of
Nowhere is the excitement more palpable than at IAFC where the                                                                              winding lagoons and lush, trop-
latest research, programming and equipment are debuted on a                                                                                 ical gardens, the Wyndham
world stage. For one week of the year, the aquatic faithful from                                                                            Orlando Resort is located on
across the globe descend on the Wyndham Orlando to celebrate                                                                                International Drive and within
and educate all that is water.                                                                                                              walking distance or shuttle to
                                                                                                                                            restaurants, shopping and many
We are especially thrilled this year to add even more value and                                                                             of Orlando’s major entertain-
education to an already affordable and high quality education                                                                               ment attractions!
event. Conference attendees will enjoy an enhanced conference                                                                               For hotel registrations call 800-
schedule as Wednesday is now a Full Conference Day with sessions                                                                            421-8001 or internationals call
offered from morning until night. Participants will also SAVE a sig-                                                                        407-351-2420. Hotel reserva-
nificant amount of money when they stay at the Wyndham where                                                                                tions must be made by April 11.
rooms for IAFC attendees will be available for $79.00, which is                                                                             Rates: $79.00 per night
$40.00 LESS than last year.
                                                                                                        For online registrations go to the official AEA/IAFC Reservations
Whether you are an IAFC regular or attending for your first time, we                                    Page at the Wyndham:
are confident that you will be awed by the stellar line-up of pre-                            
senters, programs, product showcases, shopping, special events                                          NOTE: Online reservations will require a credit card to reserve but your
and more.                                                                                               card will not be charged until check in.

Please join us for the Aquatic Revolution in Orlando, May 10-14, as
we prepare to rock the waves and revolutionize the aquatic
                                                                                                        EARN CONTINUING EDUCATON CREDITS
industry with passion and purpose.                                                                      (CECs/CEUs)
                                                                                                        AEA, ACE, AFAA, ATRIC and BOC

                                                                                                        IAFC SPONSORS

                        Angie Proctor
                        Executive Director

                                                                                                        IAFC AFFILIATES
                        Julie See

                                                                                                        IAFC FAVORITES
  TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                     Aquatic Health & Fitness Expo
                                                                                                        Shop and explore for the latest in programming, equipment, music,
  General Information & Highlights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-3                      clothes and more.
  Registration Information & Fees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3                     IAFC Innovations Research Lounge
                                                                                                        What’s up in the world of research? Meet the committee, review
  AEA Membership Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
                                                                                                        poster sessions and more.
  Hosted Programs & Tracks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-5
                                                                                                        Specialty Tracks
  Product Demos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-7       Conference attendees will have an opportunity to register for one
                                                                                                        of the Specialty Tracks at no extra cost. Track topics this year
  Session Descriptions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-21
                                                                                                        focus on aquatic programming for special populations and
  IAFC Presenter Biographies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22-26              science and research applications for pool programming. See
                                                                                                        pages 4 & 5 for details.

   M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
                                                                          IAFC Conference
                                                                          Session Types
                                                                          AEA is pleased to have over 100 NEW sessions at IAFC! Choose a
                                                                          mixture of pool, lecture and land classes for the most invigorating
                                                                          & educational IAFC experience!

                                                                          The guide below will assist you in diversifying your session
                                                                          choices when registering and selecting your schedule!

                                                                          Aquatic Workshop (AWS) Pool & Lecture
                                                                          Enjoy the best of practical applications and theory with a 90-
                                                                          minute workshop! Submerge into a wide array of aquatic fitness
                                                                          topics and learn from some of the world’s best instructors as they
                                                                          share their top-notch programming ideas! Workshops will alter-
MEALS & SPECIAL EVENTS                                                    nate between pool & lecture, with some sessions starting in pool
Lunch Buffets                                                             and some starting in classroom. Fitness shoes are required!
Thursday, May 12 11:30am-1:30pm
Saturday, May 14 12:15pm-2:30pm                                           Grounded Practical Session (GPS)
Long days of classes in the pools at the Wyndham leads to hearty          Industry leaders blend theory and practice to give you solid fitness
appetites and we’ve got you covered with a healthy and satisfying         programming! Learn the moves and concepts, the reasons behind
mid-day meal.                                                             them and enhance your leadership skills in these all new“NO POOL
                                                                          REQUIRED” fitness training platforms. Fitness shoes are required!
Breakfast Buffet and Global Awards
Friday, May 13      7:45am-9:15am
                                                                          Land Workshop (LWS) Land Fitness
Join us bright and early for breakfast as we recognize the winners
                                                                          Whether you currently teach land fitness or are curious about cross
of the 2011 AEA Global Awards
                                                                          training, IAFC also provides opportunities to explore select land fit-
NEW! Afternoon Energy Break and Special Prize Drawings                    ness programming. These 90-minute workshops include practical
Friday, May 13        1:15pm-1:50pm                                       applications and discussion. Fitness shoes are required!
Join us in the Expo for an afternoon energy snack and some special
drawings.                                                                 Lecture (LEC) No Pool Activity
                                                                          Dry off, give your body a break and stimulate your brain with a 90-
Dinner & Dance                                                            minute session delivered by some of the industry’s top profes-
Friday, May 13       7:00pm-11:00pm                                       sionals. Expand your awareness and gain new insights into a
We are remembering the 60’s! Turn on, tune in and drop out for            variety of topics in key areas, including the sciences, motivation &
Friday evening’s psychedelic dinner & dance. From beehives to bell        leadership, business & marketing, nutrition and much more!
bottoms, the Wyndham will be rocking on Friday night.
                                                                          Master Class (AMC) Water or (LMC) Land
KPH Worldwide Aquatic Revolution –                                        Sometimes you just want to move, groove and have fun! These 50-
Finale Class & 50/50 Drawing                                              minute sessions are offered featuring practical applications only.
Saturday, May 14 6:30pm-8:00pm                                            These sessions are a great opportunity to take away new routines
Wrap up your IAFC experience with a global aquatic revolution class       & ideas for your classes! Fitness shoes are required!
staged by IAFC presenters from around the world. Say goodbye to
your IAFC friends and find out if you won the 50/50 drawing.
                                                                            Innovations Lectures
                                                                            These direct and precisely delivered 45-minute sessions are
               SESSION TYPES AT A GLANCE                                    guaranteed to give you a wealth of information! Learn from
  AWS        90-minute aquatic workshop with both classroom                 leading researchers who will deliver great information in a
             & pool
                                                                            30-minute format. Finish up with a 15-minute question &
  LWS        90-minute land fitness workshop with practical                 answer dialogue.
  LEC        90-minute classroom education & theory
                                                                            Demos & Affiliate Sessions
  GPS        90-minute classroom education & practical applications         These sessions are targeted and directly related to products
  AMC        50-minute aquatic master class                                 and or specialized programming. Review pages 6 & 7 for more
                                                                            details on these programs.
  LMC        50-minute land master class
  DEMO       45-minute pool demo (Tuesday & Thursday)
             75-minute mini lecture & pool/land demo (Wednesday)            Wake Up & Unwind
  INNOV      50-minute research, science & theory                           For you early risers on Wednesday and Thursday, start your
                                                                            day with an early morning workout or swim clinic! Need to
  WAKE       45-minute early AM session                                     relax and unwind at the end of a long conference day?
  UNWIND 30-minute PM cool down session                                     Participate in aquatic or land unwind sessions scheduled
  TRACK      Daylong session targeting specific topics or area
                                                                            Wednesday through Friday evening.
             of interest

   M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
Important IAFC Registration Information
 Please visit the IAFC Menu at the AEA Website.
                                                                                                                 Become an
                 IAFC Registration Fees                                                                          AEA Member
                                                                                                                 When You
  AEA Member Early Bird Full Conference
  received on/before March 16                                $385.00
  Late OR Non Member                                         $495.00
                                                                                                                 For IAFC
  Wednesday Only                                             $175.00
  Thursday Only                                              $195.00
  Friday Only                                                $225.00                                             Being an AEA Member gives you
  Saturday Only                                              $195.00                                             the leading edge as a profes-
                                                                                                                 sional. Not only will you stay up
       Additional Fees AEA Affiliate/Hosted Programs                                                             to date with current industry top-
  AEA AFP Practical & Skills Application Course* $65.00 Member                                                   ics and informative educational
                                               $105 Non Member                                                   access and privileges, you will
  *This course is FREE if you are taking the                                                                     also help AEA increase awareness
   Exam & registered as a Full Conference Delegate.                                                              of aquatics worldwide.

  AEA AFP Certification Examination                          $145.00            Member benefits include:
  Zumba Jump Start Gold                                      $275.00            • AKWA Magazine Subscription
  PLEASE REGISTER DIRECTLY WITH ZUMBA at                          • Exclusive access to AKWA Quizzes
                                                                                • Discounts on Online Education
  H2O Toolbox                                       $49.00 Member               • Discounts on AEA Hosted Educational Events & Conferences
                                                $69.00 Non Member               • Discounts from Select Industry Vendors & AEA CEC Providers
  ATRI Quick Prep Lecture & Exam                   $255.00 Member               • MEMBERS ONLY area of the website providing exclusive
                                               $295.00 Non Member                 resources
                                                                                • FREE Classified Ad Listings on the website
  HydroRider Training                               $89.00 Member
                                                                                • 20% Discount on AEA AKWA Shop Purchases
                                               $109.00 Non Member
  Aqua Zumba Training                                        $125.00            Additional Benefits for Two-Year Elite Members:
  PLEASE REGISTER DIRECTLY WITH ZUMBA at                          • Save $20
                                                                                • Free submittal of 5 AKWA Magazine CEC Quizzes - Value $50
   AEA Member Early Bird Deadline is March 16

IAFC Cancel Policy:                                                             AKWA Magazine
I understand that all IAFC registration fees are non-refundable if I                                   AKWA is the aquatic fitness industry’s lead-
cancel my registration AFTER April 23, 2011. I understand I can pay                                    ing magazine! Offered 6 times per year, it
a $75.00 transfer/cancel fee if I cancel or transfer in writing to AEA no                              brings professionals the most up to date
later than April 22, 2011. I understand that any membership fees or                                    and innovative ideas in programming, man-
manuals purchased are not refundable.                                                                  agement, safety, and nutrition for group
                                                                                                       exercise and personal training in the pool.
Family Discount Packages                                                                               In-depth articles, CEC home programs,
Don’t want to leave the family at home? Bring them along and                                           research and more in each issue. Success
make your IAFC Conference a family vacation! The Family Package                                        stories and professional spotlights recognize
entitles your family members to join you at all meal functions and                                     both participants and program leaders.
they are also welcome in the Health & Fitness Expo. (Adults $175,
Children 6-12 $100, Children age 5 or under $40) Spouse/Significant
Other may participate in up to 4 master classes and 4 lectures.                 Members Only Exclusive
  Please visit the IAFC Menu at the AEA Website.                      
                                                                                •   AQ BIZ (Business articles & more)
Helpful Information to Complete Your IAFC Registration                          •   AKWA + (Additional AKWA magazine resources)
Get the Most Out of Your IAFC Registration!                                     •   Class Tips (Choreography, toning & stretching ideas)
• Read through the entire E-brochure and select the sessions you                •   Science (Research Reviews & more)
  wish to attend
• Click through the “IAFC ‘11 Register Now“ Banners on the AEA
  Website or register directly from the IAFC Page                               Membership Options
• Register as soon as possible, as sessions will fill up fast.                                          One-Year AEA Pro Membership
IAFC Registration Assistance
• Visit the IAFC page of the website for more detailed directives
                                                                                                        Two-Year AEA Elite Membership
• Call toll-free in the US or Canada 1.888.232.9283, ext. 222
• International Callers, 941.486.8600, ext. 222
• Email AEA at                                             3

   M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
Hosted Programs & Tracks
These programs are in addition to the regular conference sessions. Additional registration fees
are required for the Hosted Programs but there are no additional fees for the Tracks.

Wednesday, May 11
 K AH1-Aquatic Fitness Professional Practical
 & Skill Applications Course – 8 Hours
 AEA Member Early Bird Registration: $65.00
 Late or Non-Member Registration: $105.00
 This course is free if you are taking the Exam
 & registered as a Full Conference Delegate.

 A hands-on workshop format led by AEA and designed to rein-
 force the Online Prep Course. This course does not cover all
 AFP Manual Chapters or topic areas; rather it targets prac-
 tical applications and instructor skills that are sometimes
 difficult to master through reading or distance learning.
 Theory, classroom movement and pool participation help you
 to apply your knowledge to enhance your teaching! Advanced
 Course preparation is recommended. The AFP daylong course
 outline will detail what is covered in the AFP Course and can be
 downloaded when you complete your registration or directly
 from the AEA Website Certification Menu.

 * AEA CECs issued ONLY to individuals who are currently AEA
   Aquatic Fitness Professional Certified and are not issued to those
   sitting for the Certification Examination.                               K AH2-Jump Start Gold
 K AH5-AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional                                     Price: $275.00
 Certification Examination                                                  Please register directly with Zumba Fitness at
 Examination Fee: $145.00                                                   Zumba/ Zumba Gold Instructor Training Program
 You must complete the AFPC Application                                     Jump Start Gold is a program designed to bring together the
 when registering for Examination.                                          foundation of Zumba Fitness as taught in the Basics (B1)
                                                                            Instructor Training and our Zumba Gold Training. This course is
 Increase your credentials and career opportunities with the                designed for new instructors who wish to teach the active older
 most comprehensive and recognized Aquatic Fitness                          adult and addresses the anatomical, physiological and psycho-
 Certification. This 100-question, multiple-choice written exam             logical needs specific to this population. This program will pre-
 is designed to test a standard level of theoretical and practical          pare you to instruct those just starting their fitness journey.
 competence and skill for aquatic fitness professionals.                    Jump Start Gold teaches you the foundation and formula to
                                                                            teach a Zumba class and prepares you to teach Zumba Gold
 An 8 month examination preparation schedule is available in                classes by integrating the concepts of the Zumba Gold program.
 the AFPC Candidate Handbook. AEA highly recommends that                    License: One year Basic Zumba License
 ALL Candidates have a minimum of 6 months practical experi-                License: Zumba Gold License as long as you are a ZIN
 ence in aquatic exercise and allow at least 8-12 weeks of                  member in good standing
 advanced study utilizing the AFP Manual and Examination                    Prerequisite: None

 Note: Follow the AFPC Examination Objectives to fully pre-                 K AH3-H20 Tool Box
 pare. These can be downloaded when you register.                           HYDRO-FIT/Craig Stuart
 Certification development, complete candidate requirements                 Early Bird AEA Member: $49.00
 and policy and procedural information can be found on the                  Non-Member or Late: $69.00
 AEA Website under the Certification Menu or mailed to you                  Cardio, Strength, Core & Flexibility
 upon request.                                                              Expand your aquatic toolbox and make the most of your time
                                                                            and budget in this action packed session – updated for 2011.
 For complete AFPC Examination information, download                        Craig combines one hour of strength conditioning, one hour of
 the AFPC Candidate Handbook from the AEA Website                           cardio moves and one hour of core & flexibility technique into
 Certification Menu.                                                        a powerhouse aqua program designed to quench your thirst
                                                                            for fresh shallow water ideas and new content. Come prepared
                                                                            to make waves and learn.

  M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
 K AH4-ATRI Aquatic Therapeutic Exercise                                         Saturday, May 14
 Certification – Quick Prep Lecture & Exam
 ATRI                                                                              K AH6-HydroRider Instructor Training
 12:00pm-7:00pm                                                                    8:00am-2:30pm
 Early Bird AEA Member: $255.00                                                    Roxana Brasil & Giorgia Collu
 Non-Member or Late: $295.00                                                       Early Bird AEA Member: $89.00
                                                                                   Non-Member or Late: $109.00
 ATRI Certification Quick Prep Lecture                                             Aquatic Cycling Training Program
 This lecture will NOT give you enough information to pass                         This specialty certificate/training program is designed to pre-
 the ATRI Certification Exam if you aren’t already prepared.                       pare professionals to instruct safe and effective aquatic cycling
 This course is a last-minute review of things you should                          programs. Focus is on group fitness, rehabilitation, special
 already know; of practice with the application-type of ques-                      populations and athletic training. In-depth discussion and
 tions on the exam; of legal and safety exam objectives that                       learning objectives include proper bike fit, the bio-mechanics
 are not covered in the Intro to Aquatic Therapy and Rehab                         involved in riding, cadence and music, anatomy, physiology,
 course; and of general information regarding the exam. Legal                      intensity monitoring, injury prevention and overall class
 and safety issues covered are scope of practice, ethical prac-                    design. A manual will be provided at the training program.
 tices, emergency actions, risk management, client and per-
 sonal safety.
                                                                                   K AH7-Aqua Zumba
 Course Objectives:                                                                Zumba
 • Discuss the legal and safety objectives that aren’t covered in                  8:00am-5:00pm
   the Intro (ATRI) course.                                                        Price: $125.00
 • Examine types of questions on the exam and ways to analyze                      YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THIS SESSION THROUGH ZUMBA.
   them.                                                                           Please sign in to the Zumba website with your login to
 • Evaluate knowledge needed to sit for the exam.                                  register for this session.
 • Disseminate last-minute advice regarding test-taking.                           Aqua Zumba Training
                                                                                   This course is the "pool party" workout for all ages. You'll learn
 ATRI Certification Exam
                                                                                   how to teach safe, effective and challenging water-based
 The exam is for competent, knowledgeable professionals in
                                                                                   workouts that integrate the Zumba formula and philosophy
 aquatic therapy, rehab and therapeutic exercise. The exam will
                                                                                   into traditional aqua fitness disciplines. Cost Includes an Aqua
 test your ability to meet the Aquatic Therapy and
                                                                                   Zumba Training DVD, music CD, the Aqua Zumba Instructor
 Rehabilitation Industry Standards to practice. The Standards                      Manual and an Aqua Zumba Certificate.
 are available on the ATRI web site and can be downloaded free
 of charge at                                      Prerequisite: Attendees must be a current Zumba Instructor and
                                                                                   member of the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN™). AEA certifica-
 It will allow you to use the term “ATRI Certified” or the initials                tion is recommended.
 “ATRIC” after your name. The certification will not make you a
 therapist if you aren’t already a licensed therapist.

 The Exam will consist of approximately 110 to 130 written ques-
 tions taken over a three hour time period. The questions will be                  Diversify Your Skills With
 made up of multiple choice and matching. For a sample ques-
 tion, please refer to:
                                                                                   Speciality Programs

Speciality Track – Wednesday, May 11                                            Speciality Track – Thursday, May 12
 K 204-Aquatics – In Fitness & In Health                                        K 309-9:00am-7:30pm
 7:45am-4:15pm                                                                  (Total Track Time if selecting Daylong Program)
 Marty Biondi, Laurie Denomme, Connie Jasinskas,                                Science & Research: Theoretical to Practical Integration
 Eduardo Netto, Ruth Sova, Sandy Stoub & Helen Tilden                           June Chewning MS, Juan Carlos Colado PhD, Kimberly Huff
 Build your aquatic career, In Fitness & In Health! Modifiable risk fac-        MS, Lori Sherlock MS, Marty Biondi MD, Mary Wykle PhD &
 tors, including lack of physical activity,contribute to chronic disease.       Mimi Rodriguez Adami
 However,aquatic programming can address both health and fitness                Gain knowledge and learn the latest in evidence-based aquatic
 issues to improve quality of life and increase longevity. Hands-on             fitness applications. This daylong track combines general ses-
 training targets metabolic syndrome, breast cancer, stroke and                 sions from the IAFC schedule with an informative morning lec-
 osteoporosis while sharing key concepts applicable to all popula-
                                                                                ture review to maximize your knowledge and implementation of
 tions, including balance, stabilization and healthy aging. Assist your
                                                                                research! AEA Research Committee members, industry
 clients in reaching a new level In Fitness & In Health through aquatic
 programming.                                                                   researchers and practitioners explain how to utilize innovative
 • The Battle Against Metabolic Syndrome                                        and functional concepts to develop stronger and more effective
 • Aqua for Breast Cancer                                                       programs for your clientele.
 • Post Stroke: Return to Function                                              • Technique & Safety Aspects During Aquatic Resistance Training
 • Power Balance for Healthy Aging                                              • Aquatic Plyometric Exercise
 • The Benefits of Water Exercise for the Osteoporotic Client                   • Strengthening the Core with Aquatics
 • Aging with a Purpose                                                         • Aquatic Resistance Training for the Strong & Healthy Client
 See page 10 for detailed information.                                          See page 14 for detailed information.

  M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
Product Demos
                                                                            K 223-LEC/DEMO Aquafit Gear™ Bars – SEE Results
Tuesday, May 10                                                             Aquafit Gear – Dumke, Randell & Julie See
                                                                            Explore the Versatility of the Aquafit Gear NOODLE BARS
7:00pm-7:45pm                                                               The Aquafit Gear team presents an educational presenta-
                                                                            tion regarding the Aquafit Gear NOODLE BARS and how these ver-
K 117-DEMO HydroRider Aquatic Revolution                                    satile bars can be implemented in both general fitness and
HydroRider - Collu                                                          therapeutic aquatic applications. And then get ready because Julie
Showcasing HydroRider Cycles and Treadmills                                 See is going to take it to the pool and prove the versatility of the
Revolutionize your pool programming and capture a new audi-                 bars with a fun cardio/resistance fusion program that blends
ence by adding aquatic cycling and trekking for both group fitness          cardio, body sculpting and abs ALL in one workout!
and individual training sessions. HydroRider programming keeps
evolving and this product demo is geared towards the latest appli-          3:45pm-5:15pm
cations and philosophy regarding aquatic cycles and treadmills.
                                                                            K 224-LEC/DEMO HYDRO-FIT® Deep Resistance
K 118-DEMO Speedo-Where Swim Meets the Gym                                  HYDRO-FIT - Stuart
Speedo - Grevelding                                                         Deep Water Demo with HYDRO-FIT
Debut of Speedo Aqua Fit 360 System                                         Go deep and experience a dynamic sampling of HYDRO-
Transform your shallow end into a weight room! Whether you are              FIT's new deep-water resistance training workouts. Harness the
new to aqua fitness or an advanced all-star, this system provides a         power of liquid resistance and discover great new choreography
range of strength building and toning exercises. Combining both             ideas, innovative training techniques and the amazing benefits of
drag and buoyant resistance and the ability to increase or decrease         non-impact exercise with HYDRO-FIT's exclusive equipment.
intensity, this brand new and unique equipment simply has to be             HYDRO-FIT and Craig will show you how to pump some energy
experienced to be believed.                                                 into your deep water classes.

8:00pm-8:45pm                                                               K 225-LEC/DEMO SilverSplash®
                                                                            SilverSneakers® - Marotto
K 119-DEMO Aqua Sphere® P2K: Kick it up with                                SilverSneakers Older Adult Aqua Program
Kickboard Choreography                                                      SilverSplash features shallow water movement choreography and
AquaSphere - Toogood                                                        effective muscular conditioning. Participants can individualize
Workout with Aqua Sphere’s Brand New P2K Kickboard                          their routine with the SilverSplash kickboard to develop strength,
Aqua Sphere is introducing their brand new P2K kickboard design             balance and coordination in a format that is safe, fun and effective.
at IAFC 2011! With fitness in mind, P2K stands for Pull-Push-Kick.          This workshop includes class format objectives and water safety
Drag and sweep the board against the water’s resistive multi-direc-         and risk management recommendations for all skill levels.
tional forces and create a workout that showcases choreography
for cardio, strength, balance, core and more.                               4:30pm – 5:15pm

K 120-DEMO Hydro-Pilates                                                    K 226-LEC The Scoop on HydroRider®
Hydro-Pilates - Anthony                                                     HydroRider – Randell
Water Pilates Program                                                       How to Profit from Your Pool
Immerse yourself in warm water and use the Hydro-Pilates bands to           Discover the “how to” for generating profit and return on your
increase muscle strength and endurance. This class features non-            HydroRider equipment investment. Owning and presenting the
impact and "new" impact moves that require precise breathing and            HydroRider system (15 bikes and 2 treadmills) for over 5 years,
muscle control. Practicing Pilates in the water helps correct posture       Joanne will teach you how to incorporate the HydroRider equip-
and develop core stability while providing relaxation.                      ment into your pool schedule and then turn a profit on it. Whether
                                                                            you already own or plan on purchasing Hydorider bikes or treadmills,
                                                                            you will take away a solid business plan for marketing success.
Wednesday, May 11
                                                                            Thursday, May 12
K 222-LEC/DEMO Speedo Aqua Fit 360 System
Speedo - Grevelding                                                         K 317-DEMO HydroRider Aquatic Revolution
Debut of Speedo Aqua Fit 360 System                                         HydroRider - Collu
Get your students fit and sculpted like never before with                   Showcasing HydroRider Cycles and Treadmills
Speedo’s new Aqua Fit 360 System. Understand the reasons                    Revolutionize your pool programming and capture a new audi-
behind the development of this unique drag/buoyant hybrid                   ence by adding aquatic cycling and trekking for both group fitness
equipment design. Then get in the pool to explore a wide range              and individual training sessions. HydroRider programming keeps
of training opportunities from shallow to deep and cardio to                evolving and this product demo is geared towards the latest appli-
strength.                                                                   cations and philosophy regarding aquatic cycles and treadmills.


   M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
Product Demos
 K 318-DEMO Aqua Sphere® Ergo Bell: The
Evolution of Buoyant Resistance
AquaSphere - Toogood
Total Body Workout with Ergo Bells
Aqua Sphere, known as the Goggle Guru is making much more
than goggles these days! Check out a sampling of their innovative
line of aquatic fitness equipment, including the Ergo Bells, a unique
design of hand held buoyant resistance. Experience a total body
workout featuring upper body, core and more with the versatile
Ergo Bells!

K 319-DEMO SilverSneakers® CardioFit
SilverSneakers - Marotto
New SilverSneakers Cardio Program
Experience “boomer” friendly cardio class programming that is safe,
effective and gentle on the joints. This much needed format is the
“next step”for older adults who do not need to exercise in a chair,but
who insist on an appropriate, easy-to-follow choreographed routine.
An optional chair offers support for seated strength work and aids in
learning how to safely get down and back up from the floor. This is
a land session.


K 323-DEMO HYDRO-FIT® Shallow Integration
HYDRO-FIT - Stuart
Shallow Water Training with HYDRO-FIT
Discover how to challenge the body and take your core
training to the next level with new ideas from HYDRO-FIT. Craig will
show you how to enhance postural stability, improve functional
strength and challenge the deepest muscle layers using simple
buoyancy equipment. Learn creative training techniques that
target the core through progressive overload and multi-plane
movement patterns.

K 324-DEMO A Taste of Zumba®
Zumba - Browning & Witt
Bring the Fun Back to Fitness with Zumba
Zumba is a fusion of Latin and international music
and dance themes, creating a dynamic, exciting,
effective fitness system! It is based on the principle that a workout
should be fun and easy to do. Zumba offers a complete break
down of all basic rhythms and movements, demonstrating how
each rhythm defines the movement. Learn how to Merengue,
Salsa, Cumbia and Reggaeton Zumba Fitness Style! This is a land


   M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
Tuesday Session Descriptions
                                                                              K 106-AMC Party Dance
Tuesday, May 10                                                               Maria Sabater
                                                                              Aqua Dance Around the World
Select (1) Session From 101-104                                               You are invited to the best aqua dance party ever! Have fun and
                                                                              enjoy a water dance class that provides an eclectic mix of rhythms,
11:00am – 11:50am                                                             styles and movements, including Caribbean, Flamenco,
                                                                              Reaguetton, belly dancing and more. Match the music to the
K 101-AMC Creative Cardio Stride II
                                                                              moves and prepare for nonstop dance.
Julie See
Enhanced Cardio/Water Walking Program
This powerful and creative shallow water workout is more than a               K 107-AMC Pilates Resistance
walk around the pool! Experience a cardio training program that               Ekaterina Khapkova
focuses on high intensity techniques, easy to follow movement                 Total Body Aqua Pilates
patterns and travel to maximize intensity progression. Creative               Feel this Pilates workout deep in your muscles with a program
Cardio Stride – the fun way to travel to your fitness destination.            designed to improve total body muscular strength and endurance.

K 102-AMC Functional Abs
                                                                              Buoyant leg cuffs will be used for additional resistance. Prepare
                                                                              to challenge your coordination skills in this powerful shallow
Silvia Senati                                                                 water format.
Core Training Techniques
Explore the world of water and transform the pool into a gym                  K 108-AMC Dynamic Hand Buoy
where you can discover new and functional ways to train the core.             Joao Regufe
Enhance body control, improve balance and take away lots of new               Shallow Water Training with Hand Buoys
ideas to train the abdominals in the water with a noodle.                     Get armed and explore different angles of attack! Experience a ses-
                                                                              sion where you can feel the varied intensity opportunities that a
12:00pm- 12:50pm                                                              hand buoy workout can bring.The focus here is on maximizing the
                                                                              properties of the water using a large range of motion. And of
K 103-AMC Into Deep Motion                                                    course you will have fun!
Ricardo Maia
Deep Water Interval Workout                                                   Select (1) Session From 109-112
Maximize your sequence possibilities with a total body deep water
interval program. This session combines upper and lower body                  3:00pm-3:50pm
                                                                              K 109-AMC Aqua Box
combinations with core training sequences. Learn how to connect
your whole body with a wide variety of movements in this chal-
lenging and effective workout.                                                Mikhail Zhidkov
                                                                              Aqua-Aerobic Boxing Workout
K 104-AMC Alive & Kicking                                                     Coordination and strength are the classic components. Speed,
Cristina Senra (Tinoca)                                                       endurance, reaction and force of blow are the distinctive boxing
Choreography Featuring Kicking Variations                                     features. Mikhail demonstrates the European origin of boxing
Kicks are the special feature for this class. Learn how to create fluid       and adapts the popular sport to the water for a unique aqua
and easy to follow choreography by building combinations from                 aerobic workout.

                                                                              K 110-AMC Me, My Towel & My Fitness
kick variations. This program is basic, effective and a crowd pleaser.
Kick it up and keep your students motivated and dedicated.
                                                                              Waldir Assad
                                                                              Aquatic Workout with a Towel
Select (1) Session From 105-108
                                                                              Waldir is back with more creative ideas for developing a shallow
                                                                              water workout with nothing more than a towel for equipment.
1:00pm-1:50pm                                                                 Muscular strength and endurance are the ultimate goal in this
                                                                              innovative pool program for beginner and intermediate students.
K 105-AMC Brazilian Style Training                                            Towels are provided – muscles are required!
Roxana Brasil
Circuit/Interval Mix of Training                                              4:00pm-4:50pm
Behold the power of water and the principle of progressive over-
load! Explore methods for altering intensity output in your cardio-           K 111-AMC Recreation vs. Fitness
vascular and strength conditioning programs. Optimize your time               Joao Santos
with this aquatic program design and learn how to create progres-             Recreational Circuit Training
sive overload through organization of tempo and music.                        How can we create an aqua fitness class that includes both recre-
                                                                              ation and fitness in the same workout? Join Joao and discover a
                                                                              different way to have fun and get in shape. Enjoy a total body con-
                                                                              ditioning program that combines cardio, strength and circuit

   M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
K 112-AMC Circuit Training vs. Interval Training
Javier Bergas                                                               K 115-AMC Cardio Bike Own Zone
Circuit/Interval Strength Workout                                           Giorgia Collu
How can a circuit training session turn into an interval program for        Athletic Aqua Cycling Training
upper, core and lower body? Learn how to control and develop a              This session is all about elevating motivation and performance in a
circuit training session by sequencing the exercises and intervals to       water cycling class. Hop on a Hydrobike and experience different
obtain better results. Javier will show you how to combine both             rides with varied intensities and learn how to help students iden-
formats into one powerhouse workout.                                        tify the ideal ride for themselves. Discover how to evaluate cardiac
                                                                            output and improve teaching and pedaling skills.
Select (1) Session From 113-116
                                                                            K 116-AMC Tai Fans
5:00pm-5:50pm                                                               Tatiana Maximova
                                                                            Dynamic Tai Chi Inspired Movements
K 113-AMC WaterCYCling
                                                                            Enjoy an elegant yet energetic workout that combines Chinese
                                                                            Martial Arts with dynamic Tai Chi. Increase flexibility, coordination,
Vanina Delfino
                                                                            balance and endurance with riveting movement that keeps students
Cycling With & Without Bikes
                                                                            engaged. Connect powerful lower body combinations with stylized,
This session incorporates a variety of ways to implement water
                                                                            dynamic arm patterns and stage your own water theater production.
cycling into the pool, with, or without, bikes. Whether sitting on a
bike or sitting on a noodle, you can improve core stabilization and
arm strength with cycling movements. Take away ideas to turn                  Select (1) Session From 117-120
your aqua class into a spinning workout!                                      See page 6 for Demo descriptions

K 114-AMC Keep Them Moving – Keep Them Warm                                   7:00pm-7:45pm
                                                                              K 117-DEMO HydroRider Aquatic Revolution
Mushi Harush

                                                                              K 118-DEMO Speedo-Where Swim Meets the Gym
Power Workout for Cooler Waters
Learn how to heat up your aqua aerobics and body toning in a
cooler pool and discover the power, potency and resistance that
water can deliver. Understand bio-mechanic functions and strength             8:00pm-8:45pm
                                                                              K 119-DEMO Aqua Sphere P2K: Kick it up with
training concepts, as well as linkage and flow and how they all come
together to keep your students warm the whole session.
                                                                                Kickboard Choreography
                                                                              K 120-DEMO Hydro-Pilates

Wednesday Session Descriptions
                                                                            K 201-WAKE Swim Drills & Skills I
  Hosted Programs & Tracks                                                  Lori Sherlock
  Please see pages 4 & 5 for details on sessions AH1-AH5 &                  Early Morning Swim Clinic
  page 10 for details on session 204                                        This swimming skills session will focus on competitive strokes
                                                                            with great emphasis on free style. Participants will learn skills and
  K AH1-AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional Practical Skills                   drills to enhance their own stroke along with learning new drill
    & Applications Course                                                   sets to develop individual instruction. Goggles are recommended
  K AH5-AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional Examination                        for this session.
  K 204-Specialty Track: Aquatics – In Fitness & In Health                  K 202-WAKE Julie’s Journey & Power Walk
  K AH2-Jump Start Gold                                                     Julie See
  K AH3-H20 Tool Box                                                        Outdoor Morning Walk & Stretch
  K AH4-ATRI QuickPrep Lecture & Exam                                       Start your day with Julie and an invigorating walk around the
                                                                            beautiful Wyndham property! Enjoy the warmth and serenity of
                                                                            a spring morning in Florida. Wrap up your walk with a rejuve-
                                                                            nating stretch and get ready to face an exciting and action
              Meet new friends at IAFC                                      packed day at IAFC.
              from all over the world.                                      K 203-WAKE Centering Tools
                                                                            Tara Palmer Schaeffer
                                                                            Relaxing Morning Restoration
Wednesday, May 11                                                           Begin your IAFC experience with an awakening land session! Enjoy
                                                                            a journey that will take you through a relaxing, yet rejuvenating,
Select (1) Session From 201-203                                             process of getting centered so that you can make the most of the
                                                                            day ahead. Stretch your body, restore your energy and take away
6:45am-7:30am                                                           9   ideas for sharing these centering techniques with your students.

   M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
Specialty Track
Wednesday, May 11 7:45am-4:15pm
There is no additional cost for this track. If selecting track,
you may not select any sessions before 4:15pm.

 K 204-Aquatics – In Fitness & In Health
 Marty Biondi, Laurie Denomme, Connie Jasinskas,
 Eduardo Netto, Ruth Sova, Sandy Stoub & Helen Tilden
 Build your aquatic career, In Fitness & In Health! Modifiable risk
 factors, including lack of physical activity, contribute to chronic
 disease. However, aquatic programming can address both
 health and fitness issues to improve quality of life and increase
 longevity. Hands-on training targets metabolic syndrome,
 breast cancer, stroke and osteoporosis while sharing key con-
 cepts applicable to all populations, including balance, stabiliza-
 tion and healthy aging. Assist your clients in reaching a new
 level In Fitness & In Health through aquatic programming.                  Select (1) Session from 205-212
 Course Objectives:                                                         7:40am-10:30am
 • Identify health issues increasing in global prevalence.
 • Discuss metabolic syndrome causes, concerns & outcomes.                  K 205-AMC Tour de ….
 • Practice specific exercise progressions for osteoporosis,                Mikhail Zhidkov
   lumbar stabilization, balance issues, breast cancer and stroke.
                                                                            Cycling & Strength - Water Fusion Class
 • Consider aquatic alternatives for healthy aging.
                                                                            Calling all bicycle fans! Prepare for a hydro-bike journey that features
 The Battle Against Metabolic Syndrome: Win the battle                      speed, endurance force and fun. Enjoy a magnificent fusion class that
 against Metabolic Syndrome by understanding the phys-                      combines bikes and buoyant hand bars. High speed aerobic bursts
 iopathology and management recommendations, including                      will alternate with strength exercises for a total training experience.
 lifestyle interventions of weight loss, physical activity and
 healthy eating habits. Increase exercise effectiveness and                 K 206-AMC Partner Power Workout
 develop state of the art fitness programming for your clients              Daniela De Toia
 with fundamental, factual and practical information.                       Shallow Water Partner Strength
 Aqua for Breast Cancer: Vital information for anyone working               Team up with a partner for powerful, creative and fun training ideas
 with breast cancer survivors, including aquatic professionals and          that will target all the large muscle groups. Using partner activities in
 personal trainers! Explore the specific benefits of aquatic exer-          a workout helps to develop trust and communication. Foster the
 cise for this population and learn pertinent and practical con-            desire for socialization using playful activities that will challenge bal-
 cepts of exercise selection, class design, program planning and            ance, coordination, speed, agility, power and reaction time.
                                                                            K 207-LMC Body Weight Workout
 Post Stroke: Return to Function: Assist clients who have had               Eduardo Netto
 strokes by taking them to the water. Review a sample post-
                                                                            Channeling Zones of the Body
 stroke program with specific examples for increasing or
                                                                            This one of a kind workshop was designed to help you train your
 decreasing exercise difficulty. The theory and research behind
 the program will discuss details on safety considerations and              clients and classes anywhere. Learn how to use the most portable,
 precautions, equipment selection, ideal water temperature                  functional and effective piece of training equipment on the market
 and training duration.                                                     today…your body! This master class uses only body weight and is
                                                                            the perfect complement to your water workout.
 Power Balance for Healthy Aging: Design more effective fall
 prevention programs using water currents to increase activa-               K 208-LEC Welcoming Injured Soldiers into
 tion of trunk stabilizers. Research-supported techniques can               Community Programs
 add a new dimension to your static and dynamic exercises for               Mary Wykle
 improved body awareness, posture and coordination. Attempt                 Helping Those in Uniform
 to maintain your ground as you complete this shallow-water                 Soldiers in the U.S. Army’s Aquatic Program are transitioning into
 power balance challenge!
                                                                            community programs and they are seeking training similar to that
 The Benefits of Water Exercise for the Osteoporotic Client:                experienced in the army. This course will summarize the army’s
 Osteoporotic clients have typically been steered away from                 official program and the challenges the soldiers face, including
 aquatic training since buoyancy decreases weight bearing.                  amputations, PTSD symptoms and the invariable need for non-
 However, water may actually afford the best option for move-               weight bearing or low impact exercise.
 ment as many also suffer from conditions related to inactivity.
 Learn specific exercises that address decreased bone density               K 209-AMC Zen Riders
 and discuss restricted exercises for this population.                      Ivan Amaral
 Aging with a Purpose: Remember when life was filled with                   Mind-Body Aquatic Cycling
 endless vision and possibilities? When each day was a new                  Learn how to blend aquatic cycling with powerful techniques that
 adventure filled with meaning and purpose? Reflect on                      will help you focus the mind and increase body awareness.
 Positive Mental Aging in this insightful and inspirational pres-           Enhance your aquatic cycling technique and increase conscious-
 entation discussing: What is my legacy/purpose? How can I age              ness with a state of presence in action. Take away excellent appli-
 well and embrace each day in a holistic way?                               cations for both general classes and sports performers.

  M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
K 210-AMC Aqua Body Talk                                                       K 217-GPS Functional Stability
Akie Hayama                                                                    Ivan Amaral
Let Your Body Communicate with Dance                                           Stability Training for Daily Living
How well do you know your body? Your body moves sponta-                        This session focuses on balance and stability training and how it
neously by communicating with yourself. Learn techniques that                  transfers to daily activities. Starting from the core, experience a full
will make water exercise more fun, more doable and more fulfilling.            range of functional balance and stability exercises, complete with
Refresh your mind, relieve stress on the body, put a smile on your             progressions, adaptations and cueing tips. This program is excel-
face and experience post workout exhilaration.                                 lent for both personal training and group classes.

K 211-LMC More for Your Core                                                   Select (1) Session from 218-221
Julie See
Training Your Body for Deck Instruction                                        11:00am-3:30pm
Get more for your core with standing, seated and supine training
options utilizing the small Pilates balls. Stretch, strengthen and sta-        K 218-LWS Breathing Techniques for the Athlete
bilize for posture and performance with this land-based workout                Anna Shay-McEntee
that will improve your deck instruction. Learn how to transition               Breathing Techniques for Improved Athletic Performance
many of the moves to the pool to double your rewards!                          This workshop teaches proper techniques for optimal breathing
                                                                               that can lead to significant benefits in overall fitness, enhance ath-
K 212-LEC Chronic Pain Management from A-Z                                     letic performance and aid in all aspects of our daily lives. The goal
Maria Sykorova Pritz                                                           in this session is awareness of breath combined with specific but
Understanding Chronic Pain Management                                          natural instructions on “how to” use breathing as a powerful tool.
                                                                               K 219-AMC Fit Legs
People suffering from chronic pain need to be fully educated
about the process of managing pain. With the information and
techniques presented in this lecture, a health-fitness professional            Rui Azevedo
can increase a client’s ability to manage chronic pain while learning          Toning Your Legs
the important role that water exercise plays in this process.                  The legs can't stop! Dive in for a water tune-up from your glutes to
                                                                               your feet. With muscle specific routines for the lower body, this
                                                                               class will shape your legs and give your butt a lift. Tonicity, strength,
Select (1) Session from 213-217
                                                                               posture — this class is a must for anyone wanting to have awe-
                                                                               some looking legs.
                                                                               K 220-AMC Total Body - Aqua Combat Training
K 213-AMC Zumba Pool Party                                                     Silvia Senati
Zumba                                                                          Alternative Strength Training
Aqua Zumba Master Class                                                        Learn how to incorporate aqua combat movements into your
It's Party Time in the Pool! Check out this non-stop Latin Splash Party        classes and train all the major muscles using the resistance and
that will have you moving and grooving with music and movement,                power of water. Step up your programs and create a fun and fit
otherwise known as the Zumba Experience. Make waves in this siz-               fight with alternative programming that includes Karate, boxing,
zling workout and discover just how HOT the water can be!                      Tai Chi and much more.

K 214-AMC Harmony                                                              K 221-AMC Tribal Combat 101
Maria Simashova                                                                Javier Bergas
Shallow Aerobic Training – Endurance & Coordination                            Different Combat Choreography Styles
This multi-level shallow water program will transform basic move-              Discover how to mix different styles of combat choreography in
ments by changing the way they are performed. Build pyramids                   your shallow water classes. Explore styles such as Capoeira, African
from easy to hard with lots of level changes. Get fit, train all your          movements, Maoris hakas, as well as more traditional karate and
muscles, endurance and your coordination, while improving your                 kickboxing movements. Enjoy the energy and get into the mood
mood and becoming more harmonious.                                             with tribal music rhythms.

K 215-LMC Core-Y-Ography
Tara Palmer Schaeffer                                                            Product Mini Lectures & Demonstrations
Land Based Core Training                                                         Select (1) Session from 222-226
Most instructors incorporate an abdominal portion in their classes,
                                                                                 See page 6 for Demo descriptions
but are the routines effective and do they flow? Learn how to
                                                                                 K 222-LEC/DEMO Speedo Aqua Fit 360 System
properly cue body positioning for maximum benefit. Shock and

                                                                                 K 223-LEC/DEMO Aquafit Gear Bars – SEE Results
awe your students with fun abdominal choreography that will
intensify the workout beyond their expectations.
                                                                                 K 224-LEC/DEMO HYDRO-FIT Deep Resistance
K 216-LEC Aquatic Exercise & Heart Disease –                                     K 225-LEC/DEMO SilverSplash
                                                                                 K 226-INFO/LEC
a Scientific Review & Recommendations
Bruce Becker                                                                                           The Scoop on HydroRider
Practical Guidelines Relating to Heart Disease
Aquatic exercise can help improve fitness in older populations.The
presence of heart disease increases with age and may pose a chal-
lenge for aquatic professionals who lead group classes.This lecture              Aquatic shoes are recommended
will review the existing research for aquatic immersion and exer-
cise in heart disease and make recommendations for practical
                                                                                 for all pool sessions at IAFC.
guidelines in working with these clients.

   M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
Select (1) Session from 227-231                                              K 233-LWS Mind & Body Connection
                                                                             Judi Powers
5:30pm-7:15pm                                                                Yoga Basics Using Visualization
                                                                             Experience a basic yoga practice to deepen your meditation and
K 227-AMC Synchro Aqua                                                       physical calmness. Explore visualization as a tool for guided
Ekaterina Khapkova                                                           imagery that will aid your relaxation and unwinding after a full day
Deep Synchronized Inspired Programming                                       of learning. Basic yoga asanas will be used while breath-work calms
Learn how to incorporate the basics of synchronized swimming                 and unifies the mind-body-spirit connection.

                                                                             K 234-AMC Deeply Conscious – Avatar Training
into your vertical deep water programs. This programming was
developed to create intra-muscle coordination and enhanced core
activation. Using classic choreography and basic synchronized                Cristina Senra (Tinoca)
swimming skills you can create your own pool production!                     Deep Water Training for Deep Consciousness
                                                                             Be aware, be mindful and be cognizant about posture and the way
K 228-AMC Water Play – It’s Just For Fun                                     you move between exercises and how you stop. Create space for
Norma Shechtman                                                              motion and stillness and explore different angles while conquering
Games & Sporting Activity in the Pool                                        all planes and axes. Go deep and bring balance to your body with
Finding your inner child in the water is fun. Using games, drills and        a conscious mind.

                                                                             K 235-AMC Noodle Trip
sporting events, attendees will not only enjoy themselves, but they
will want to share the fun with others. Learn water games, team
sports and partner work. Most importantly, learn how to create               Tatiana Maximova
pure enjoyment and have fun.                                                 Shallow Water Noodle Training
                                                                             Noodles are the most cost effective piece of aquatic fitness equip-
K 229-LEC The Magic Bullet                                                   ment we have. Explore a fresh approach to using noodles from var-
Len Kravitz                                                                  ious positions. Improve coordination and increase flexibility.
The Positive Effects of Exercise                                             Everyone will find something new, interesting, comfortable and
Join Len Kravitz in an incredible educational journey documenting            effective on this noodle trip!
the physiology, biology and dynamics of the positive effects of exer-
cise. This multi-media presentation will inspire, motivate and capti-        Select (1) Session from 236-238
vate. Highlights of this presentation include twelve fabulous 'think
different be different' exercise ideas and ten evidence-based strate-        7:30pm-8:00pm
gies to help clients successfully adhere to their exercise program.
                                                                             K 236-UNWIND Aquatic Endings
K 230-LEC Pump Up Your Presentations – Present Like a Pro                    Mark Grevelding
Connie Jasinskas                                                             Ideas for Cool Downs and More
Enhancing Presentation Skills                                                Explore your dramatic side and stage a grand finale guaranteed to
Does your job require you to train staff or make presentations to            command an enthusiastic encore. This classic cool down collection
businesses or clients? This session will help you maximize your              features final acts that include core work, rhythmic strength, ener-
ability to make presentations and educate adults. Learn the fun-             getic movement,yoga stretching and more. Explore ideas for ending
damentals of adult education, how to overcome jitters, organize,             your training program with grace, fluidity, power and passion.
prepare and present like a pro.
                                                                             K 237-UNWIND Stretch Fusion – Reflex & Relax
K 231-LEC Aquatic Research Review II: What’s New for 2011?                   Laurie Denomme
Flavia Yazigi                                                                Flexibility, Core & Muscle Endurance Fusion
Understanding Current Research Findings                                      Relax, unwind and restore muscle balance as you experience the
This session will break down hard subjects into understandable               magnificent benefits of stretch fusion in the water. Participation
terms so that you can discover how the latest research findings can          will reduce joint and muscle pain, increase flexibility and improve
improve aquatic workouts. Sometimes small tidbits of information             core stability and muscular endurance using functional movement
can make a big difference in aquatic practical applications. Join            combinations. End the first full day of IAFC with a total body treat.
Flavia and get up to date on the latest news from aquatic research.
                                                                             K 238-UNWIND Essential Unwinding: Core & Torso
Select (1) Session from 232-235                                              Release & Relaxation
                                                                             Mee Hee Park
                                                                             Energy Exercise for Stress Relief
5:45pm-7:20pm                                                                This session highlights a land based mind-body program named
K 232-GPS Ramp Methodology                                                   Liangong, which is a type of Chi, or energy exercise. The focus is the
Ian Levia                                                                    upper, middle and lower back, which will help you get stress relief
Deck Leadership – A Different Approach                                       at the end of the day, as well as provide you with exercises to take
Ramping is the method used to create the ideal learning environ-             home to your students.
ment and experience for instructors and students of every level
and population. It is designed to facilitate learners and movers
alike by adopting a linear approach to teaching and dissemination
of information which allows for maximum participation, muscle
memory and student satisfaction!


   M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
Thursday Session Descriptions
                                                                             Select (1) Session from 303 – 308

                                                                             7:45am – 9:30am

                                                                             K 303-AWS Aquatic Athletes: Skills & Drills
                                                                             Joao Santos
                                                                             Adaptations for Aquatic Athletic Training
                                                                             The water has been chosen by several coaches and athletes as not
                                                                             only a way of recovering, but also as a principal way of training. This
                                                                             session is all about how to adapt the sport, the athlete and the
                                                                             workout to the water environment. Learn how to captivate the ath-
                                                                             letic clientele with your aquatic workouts.

                                                                             K 304-AWS Tranquility & Turbulence Deep
                                                                             Steph Toogood & Craig Stuart
                                                                             Mind Body Circuit & Interval
                                                                             Indulge yourself and celebrate the joy of mindful movement in
                                                                             deep water. Discover how to integrate high-intensity training with
                                                                             purposeful relaxation techniques. Strengthen your body and
                                                                             nourish your soul as you feel ignited with a new sense of POWER
                                                                             (turbulence) and GRACE (tranquility).

                                                                             K 305-AWS Power Pool Pilates Intervals
                                                                             Judi Powers
                                                                             Cool Pool Pilates
                                                                             Do you have a cool pool but want to incorporate some hot
                                                                             mind/body formats? This session is designed to facilitate the
                                                                             advanced student’s understanding of core strengthening and sta-
                                                                             bilization moves while staying warm. Pilates Principles govern core
                                                                             body movements in this interval format, but high intensity moves
                                                                             maintain body heat.
Thursday, May 12
Select (1) Session from 300-302                                              K 306-AWS Mindful Movements – Fitness for Mind & Body
                                                                             Mushi Harush & Sandy Stoub
6:45am-7:30am                                                                Connected Mind & Body Movements
                                                                             Integration of mind and movement is simple, yet complex. To con-
K 300-WAKE Swim Skills & Drills II
                                                                             tinue to challenge brain and body development, training should
                                                                             include physical and mental challenges. Discover the latest
Lori Sherlock
                                                                             research on brain-body fitness and how to integrate fun & func-
Early Morning Swim Clinic
                                                                             tional drills, games and partner activities to maximize the mind and
This swimming skills session will focus on the competitive
                                                                             body experience.
including breast stroke, free style, back crawl and butterfly.

                                                                             K 307-GPS Secrets behind the Poses
Participants will learn skills and drills to enhance their own stroke
along with learning new drill sets to develop individual instruction.
Goggles are recommended for this session.                                    Lauren Eirk
                                                                             Digging Deeper into Yoga
K 301-WAKE Cayman Crawl                                                      Why practice yoga? What is really happening on the inside? Why
Laura Ribbins                                                                do asanas (poses) seem to get more complicated after we have
Outdoor Morning Walk & Stretch                                               practiced them for a period of time? Why are people drawn to spe-
Join Laura as she guides you through a refreshing walk of the                cific postures? Why does a yoga practice develop the mind and the
Wyndham property. This isn’t just any walk, this is the Cayman Crawl!        body? In this workshop you will uncover some of the secrets to the
Get ready to power walk and power play with this innovative                  practice of yoga asana.
walking and strengthening program. Athletic shoes are required!
                                                                             K 308- LEC Selling Aquatic Personal Training
K 302 – WAKE AM Yoga                                                         Jennifer Hall
Mart Boutin Peters                                                           Marketing & Selling Personal Training
Land Based Yoga Class                                                        Learn how to successfully build a client base within 90 days. The
Wake up with this invigorating land-based yoga class. Experience             Selling Personal Training workshop will teach each trainer a step by
a stress-reducing way to wake up your body and mind. By coordi-              step process to become one of the top trainers at their club. This
nating breath with movement, we will derive the most of each                 session is perfect for recently certified or new personal trainers
asana and prepare our bodies for the day ahead and the overall               looking to master the entrepreneur spirit and attitude.
conference experience.

   M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
                                                                          Select (1) Session from 310 – 315
Specialty Track                                                           9:45am-11:30am
Thursday, May 12
There is no additional cost for this track.                               K 310- AWS Aquatic I.T. – Pyramid
                                                                          Mark Grevelding
  K 309-9:00am-7:30pm
                                                                          Instructional Techniques Using Pyramid Choreography
                                                                          Slice it and dice it for maximal cardio intensity. This fast paced
  (Total Track Time if selecting Daylong Program)                         shallow water class showcases repetition reduction, a gold medal
  Science & Research: Theoretical to Practical Integration                standard of fitness instruction. Whether you teach free style or
  June Chewning MS                                                        choreographed, this session will load you up with ideas for trans-
  Gain knowledge and learn the latest in evidence-based aquatic           forming simple movement into a gut busting whitewater workout!
  fitness applications. This daylong track combines general
                                                                          K 311-AWS Bike & Towel Resistance Training
  sessions from the IAFC schedule with an informative morning
  lecture review to maximize your knowledge and implementa-
  tion of research! AEA Research Committee members, industry              Waldir Assad & Roxana Brasil
  researchers and practitioners explain how to utilize innovative         Cycling With Simplified Equipment
  and functional concepts to develop stronger and more effec-             Instead of trying to invent new moves, learn how to re-invent the
  tive programs for your clientele.                                       way you move your students in the pool! Explore cross training
  • Advancing Research: The Past Decade                                   methods that will help motivate your clients to discover more pos-
  • Specific Concepts:                                                    sibilities in the water. Enjoy a complete cycling class with cardio
     I Kruel Individualized Aquatic HR Formula                            and resistance training.
     I Weight Loss Implications
     I Quantifying Cardiovascular Exercise                                K 312-AWS The Accumulator
     I Quantifying Aquatic Resistance Training                            Stephanie Thielen
     I Cadence Training                                                   Challenging Athletic Circuit
     I Aquatic Plyometric Exercise                                        A carefully sequenced workout that focuses on cardio, power,
     I Low Back Pain Rehabilitation/ Prevention                           strength and self motivation, this session will challenge all partici-
     I Bone Density Applications                                          pants to push their endurance to complete the exercises. The
  • Research to Application: Building the Knowledge Base                  Accumulator starts off with one exercise and keeps adding for an
  Technique & Safety Aspects During Aquatic                               overall conditioning format for your more intense, athletic, or boot
  Resistance Training                                                     camp style classes.
  Juan Carlos Colado, PhD
  Although we train in water, improperly executed exercises can           K 313-AWS The Heavy Concept – Neuromuscular Retraining
  lead to injuries, especially with high intensity resistance             for Orthopedic Issues
  training. Learn the recommendations to avoid injury to the              Ruth Sova
  shoulders, wrists, knees and vertebral column for a safe and            Improving Functional Movement
  effective aquatic program.                                              One of the main effects of injury is the loss of neuromuscular
  Aquatic Plyometric Exercise                                             timing, balance and control leading to loss of skill and function.
  Kimberly Huff MS & Lori Sherlock MS                                     The Heavy Concept can help to restore these factors and promote
  Aquatic Plyometric exercise is making a huge splash! Learn              normal musculoskeletal biomechanics. Learn how to improve
  how to teach evidence based aquatic plyometric exercises and            functional movement organization by re-educating neuromus-
  tap into this great resource for training athletes and athletic         cular patterns of the trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle by simply
  teams. Research indicates equal benefits with less injury and           thinking ‘heavy’ while moving.
  reduced muscle soreness. Bring your fit clients to the pool and
  get explosive results!                                                  K 314-GPS Hit the Deck
  Strengthening the Core with Aquatics                                    Lori Templeman
  Marty Biondi MD & Mary Wykle PhD                                        Deck Teaching Skills
  We depend on the core to help us manage every special                   Time to take your deck skills to the next level! This grounded work-
  motion so it needs to be strong and responsive to the tasks at          shop explores a variety of strategies for safe and effective deck
  hand. This course will delve into the theory of trunk stability;        instruction. Embrace this chance to practice and polish your skills
  discuss research regarding the benefits of water with core              while gaining greater awareness of body movement. Your partici-
  strengthening; and then put theory into practice with an                pation will help you successfully lead from the deck.
  aquatic progression that is useful at all levels. Incorporating
  core strengthening in aquatic programming is not hard; it's             K 315-LEC Updated! Women’s Health Report
  just a motion away.                                                     Len Kravitz
                                                                          Understanding Women’s Health Issues
  Aquatic Resistance Training for the Strong
  & Healthy Client                                                        Come learn the latest research on women and their health and fit-
  Juan Colado PhD, June Chewning MS &                                     ness issues, including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, breast
  Mimi Rodriguez Adami                                                    cancer, exercise metabolism, social relationships & exercise, exer-
  Open the pools to new clients with effective strength training          cise intensity, metabolic syndrome and more.This updated presen-
  techniques. Innovative strategies with proven results will              tation is geared exclusively for exercise professionals wanting to
  encourage men, as well as all strong, healthy & athletic female         educate their female students and clients on the newest research
  clients, to move to the water for resistance training or cross          and health information for females.


   M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
                                                                                K 328-AWS CPR: Cue, Pace, Resist
Aquatic Health & Fitness Expo Open                                              MaryBeth Marotto
Demo & Lunch 11:30am-1:30pm                                                     Improving Instructional Skills
                                                                                C.P.R. will save your life and pump up your teaching skills! Cueing
                                                                                techniques, safe transitions and rhythm changes will be taught and
  Product Demonstrations                                                        applied to the resistive environment otherwise known as the
  11:40am-12:30pm See pages 6 & 7 for Demo descriptions                         “liquid weight room.” Whether you are a seasoned or newer
                                                                                instructor you will learn techniques sure to wow your participants!
  K 317-DEMO HydroRider Aquatic Revolution
                                                                                K 329-TRACK/AWS Aquatic Plyometric Exercise
  K 318-DEMO Aqua Sphere Ergo Bell: The Evolution of                            Kimberly Huff & Lori Sherlock
    Buoyant Resistance                                                          Aquatic Plyometric exercise is making a huge splash! Learn how to
  K 319-DEMO SilverSneakers CardioFit                                           teach evidence based aquatic plyometric exercises and tap into this
                                                                                great resource for training athletes and athletic teams. Research
  K 320-INNOV Asthmatics: Physiological Impact of                               indicates equal benefits with less injury and reduced muscle sore-
  Aquatic Exercise Protocol                                                     ness. Bring your fit clients to the pool and get explosive results!
  Bruce Becker
  Insight to Better Health                                                      K 330-GPS From “Power” Yoga to “Allower” Yoga
  Research has demonstrated that aquatic exercise has signifi-                  Lauren Eirk
  cant value in working with individuals with asthma, although                  Teaching Yoga Safely
  nearly all previous studies have assessed swimming as the                     The trend today in fitness is power yoga, boot-camp, or “anything-
  exercise modality. Using AEA and ACSM guidelines, we                          goes” exercise. Learn that we can push people to get more fit and
  designed a 12-week study of the impact of exercise on asthma                  healthier without violating an individual’s structure and limits. We
  status. The lecture will review findings of our research study                must teach from where a student can actively move from. Learn
  and future recommendations for this line of research.                         many ways to challenge a yoga practice without the risk of injury.

                                                                                K 331-LEC Proven Strategies: Make Your Small Group
  Product Demonstrations                                                        Training Programs a Success
  12:40pm – 1:30pm See page 7 for Demo descriptions                             Ann Gilbert
                                                                                Increase Revenue with Small Group Training
  K 323-DEMO HYDRO-FIT Shallow Integration                                      Study the business model of a successful small group training pro-
  K 324-DEMO A Taste of Zumba
                                                                                gram. Review program successes and failures and learn how to
                                                                                generate more revenue from existing groups while launching new
  K 325-INNOV/TRACK Technique & Safety Aspects During                           programming at your facility. Sharpen your skill set at selling for a
  Aquatic Resistance Training                                                   fee and marketing to the masses.
  Juan Carlos Colado
  Preventing Injuries During Strength Training                                  Select (1) Session from 332-337
  Although we train in water, improperly executed exercises can
  lead to injuries, especially with high intensity resistance training.         3:45pm – 5:30pm
                                                                                K 332- AWS Fight for Fun
  Learn the recommendations to avoid injury to the shoulders,
  wrists, knees and vertebral column for a safe and effective
                                                                                Ricardo Maia
  aquatic program.
                                                                                Creating a Fun Aqua Combat Program
                                                                                Play, fight and have fun in this aqua combat class that mixes tech-
                                                                                nical moves with lots of joyful challenges. Drills and exercise
Select (1) Session from 326-331                                                 sequences will combine both fight skills and demanding coordina-
                                                                                tion/strength moves. Take home ideas that combine technique
1:45pm – 3:30pm                                                                 with recreation, all designed to motivate your students.
K 326-AWS Deep & Oblique                                                        K 333-AWS Aquatic X-Games
Terri Mitchell                                                                  Laura Ribbins
Deep Core Workout                                                               Showcasing More Aggressive Programming
Let’s exercise our core muscles in“oblique”planes for greater stability,        Attention all Baby boomers, Gen X and Y’s - this workout is just
function and challenge. Explore how to incorporate diagonal pat-                what you are looking for! The program is designed to attract the
terns and synchro moves in a non impact environment. Learn the                  younger participants, men and athletes into your water programs
3 P’s of deep water and explore PNF patterns in the deep to                     while delivering much desired results without damage to pre
strengthen the core.                                                            existing injuries. Run the gauntlet, bust a gut and join Laura for
K 327-AWS Regeneration of Athletes
                                                                                your first X-Games.
Maria Sykorova Pritz                                                            K 334-AWS Muscles from Brussels
Aquatic Athletic Training                                                       Martine Flamen
Those who train athletic performance should focus their attention               Muscle Conditioning for the Pool
on the athlete in a more holistic way, a manner that focuses on                 Explore a unique system of strength training. Be prepared to
psychological and physical regeneration. Discover why a water                   work the muscles in an original way with original music to moti-
exercise program is an ideal part of the holistic approach to this              vate the participants. Learn variations and combinations of
athletic training view.                                                         movements using equipment at different intensities for a fun way
                                                                                to train muscles.


   M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
                                                                              K 341-TRACK/AWS Aquatic Resistance Training for the

      Free Your Mind At IAFC!                                                 Strong & Healthy Client
                                                                              Juan Colado PhD, June Chewning MS &
                                                                              Mimi Rodriguez Adami
                                                                              Open the pools to new clients with effective strength training tech-
K 335-TRACK/AWS Strengthening the Core with Aquatics
                                                                              niques. Innovative strategies with proven results will encourage
                                                                              men, as well as all strong, healthy & athletic female clients, to move
Marty Biondi & Mary Wykle                                                     to the water for resistance training or cross training.
We depend on the core to help us manage every special motion so
it needs to be strong and responsive to the tasks at hand. This               K 342-GPS Let’s Do it Together
course will delve into the theory of trunk stability; discuss research        Flavia Yazigi
regarding the benefits of water with core strengthening; and then             Developing Lesson Plans for Class
put theory into practice with an aquatic progression that is useful           Let’s do it together! This workshop will help you to organize your
at all levels. Incorporating core strengthening in aquatic program-           class by defining goals and selecting appropriate programming to
ming is not hard; it's just a motion away.                                    reach those goals. We will define the warm-up and create the cool
                                                                              down by learning the best strategies. Learn to realign your program-
K 336-GPS Defying Gravity                                                     ming to service the wellness of your clients.
Julie See
Improving Deck & Leadership Skills                                            K 343-LEC Weight Loss 101
It is easy to defy gravity when training in the water, but how is this        Adita Yrizarry
possible when teaching from deck? The key is to FLOAT – Focus on              Understanding Weight Loss Concepts
technique, Lead the workout, Overcome obstacles, Adjust your atti-            Weight loss seems to be a common component of any exercise
tude and Train for success. Learn how to overcome deck obstacles              program. Learn how you can help your students and others on a
and excel as a leader and motivator to your class participants.               path to successful weight loss and understand which foods play an
                                                                              important role, along with exercise recommendations to speed up
K 337-LEC Alternative Treatments for your                                     caloric expenditure.
Wellness Programming
Donna Adler                                                                   Select (1) Session from 344-346
Understanding Alternative Treatments for Clients
Understand what alternative treatments are out there, what they               7:40pm – 8:10pm
are and how to refer clients. Make your personal training sessions
complete by offering this valuable information. Learn where to go             K 344-UNWIND YOQUA™ III
to teach clients if herbs are safe for them with their medications.           MaryBeth Marotto
Design a program of self-care for clients.                                    Mind, Body & Breath
                                                                              YOQUA III allows the mind and the body to release, reenergize and
                                                                              rebalance as you move through standing vinyasas. Sets of poses
Select (1) Session from 338-343
                                                                              for balance and strength, as well as restorative and integrative
                                                                              breath techniques will be taught to enhance one’s own self. Let go
5:45pm – 7:30pm                                                               and unwind!

K 338-AWS Turbo Abs                                                           K 345-UNWIND Aqua Fluid Pilates
Marti Boutin Peters                                                           Giorgia Collu
Cardio/Ab Circuit                                                             Aquatic Adapted Pilates Movement
Make some waves with this circuit class that combines cardio pro-             The basic principles of Pilates will guide this session and the fluidity
gramming and abdominal exercises. Keep your classes splashing                 of the movement will be combined with the unique properties of
and heart rates elevated with this popular circuit format. Deliver            the water. Strategize movements with the use of various planes
the results your students want in this cardiovascular and abdom-              and axis for maximal core training. Learn how to create easy
inal conditioning workshop.                                                   sequences with a purposeful fluidity of movement.

K 339-AWS The Water Horse Workout                                             K 346-UNWIND Yoga for the Soul
Karen Westfall                                                                Ivan Amaral
Deep Training with Versatile Flotation Aid                                    A Deeper Approach to Yoga on Land
Are you ready for a change from traditional deep water exercise?              Enjoy a yoga practice that will help you recover and re-balance the
The Water Horse is a simple, yet extremely comfortable and versa-             body and mind. Move beyond traditional techniques, transcend
tile flotation aid that opens the door to new and innovative exer-            reality and allow for a more open and closer relationship with that
cises. Strengthen your core with unique Pilates style toning. Burn            deeper/higher part of yourself. Relax and recover from a long day
calories, tone your muscles and protect your joints in this non-              in this very unique yoga experience.
impact workout.

K 340-AWS Total H2O Core Solutions
Steph Toogood
Fusion of Stability & Sculpting
Explore a balance and fitness fusion formula that showcases a
medley of elements to train stability and mobility. Learn how to
blend static and dynamic balance with body sculpting segments
that feature symmetry and asymmetry and discover how to design
functional exercises that blend and flow.

   M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
Friday Session Descriptions
                                                                          K 407-LEC Winning at Losing:
                                                                          The TRUTH About Successful Weight Loss
                                                                          Len Kravitz
                                                                          Weight Management Strategies
                                                                          This lecture is the all-inclusive review on understanding weight
                                                                          management for women and men. Topics include genetics, hor-
                                                                          monal concerns, behavioral approaches, dieting, lifestyle manage-
                                                                          ment, exercise, maintenance, future research directions and the
                                                                          most successful strategies. Fitness professionals will learn key
                                                                          strategies to effectively implement successful weight manage-
                                                                          ment programs into their practice.
Friday, May 13                                                            Select (1) Session from 408-413
Select (1) Session from 402 – 407                                         11:30am-1:15pm
9:30am-11:15am                                                            K 408-AWS Partner & Small Group Training
K 402-AWS Splash & Dash
                                                                          Marti Boutin Peters
                                                                          Alternative Personal Training Options
Lori Sherlock                                                             Experience the dynamics and motivation that partner, or small
Swimming Skills with Vertical Training                                    group training, can create. Take your personal training business to
Combine vertical and horizontal exercises while blending shallow          new heights by offering these training options. Your clients will
and deep environments to create a real splash for your fitness            love the social aspect and, by training more people in less time, you
classes! This workshop will mix up basic swimming drills and ver-         can increase your income potential.
tical movements to create a fun circuit and interval workout.
                                                                          K 409-AWS Liquid Nitrogen
K 403-AWS Transitioning the Hip Replacement                               Linda Grymes
Patient to Water Exercise                                                 Athletic Cardio Interval Program
Marty Biondi                                                              Get ready to ignite your workout and elevate your choreography to
Aquatic Considerations for Hip Replacements                               an explosive new level! Learn to challenge advanced students with
Explore hip replacement surgical techniques and how they                  progressive combinations. Take your basic and not so basic moves,
impact client outcomes. This class will discuss specific aquatic          fire them up like it’s the 4th of July and let the sparks fly!
exercises to address strength, muscle endurance, balance and
flexibility to complement the hip rehab process. Review the var-          K 410-AWS Spotting Techniques for Aquatic
ious hip replacement surgeries and how they impact return to              Resistance Training
function and restrictions.                                                Monique Acton
                                                                          Instructing Correct Form for Resistance Exercises
K 404-AWS EZ-Tone                                                         Learn spot (correctional) training techniques to allow your clients
Steph Toogood                                                             to get the most out of each exercise. The pool practical will demon-
Buoyant Equipment Choreography                                            strate spotting techniques for basic movements using no equip-
Sculpt and tone your body the EZ way. Add buoyancy and surface            ment and how to progress the exercises using buoyant equipment.
area to upper and lower body limbs and explore flow with arm and          This session is a must for anyone who uses equipment in their
leg patterning options. Add force and power as you drag and               aquatic class.

                                                                          K 411-AWS Aqua Tri Power
sweep against the resistive multi-directional forces of the water.
Exercise the EZ way with kickboards and buoyancy cuffs.
                                                                          Silvia Senati
K 405-AWS A New Slant on Aquatic Fitness                                  Cardio Choreography Training
Terri Mitchell                                                            Three is better than one! Explore different tempos and music vari-
Exploring Body Positioning for Enhanced Outcomes                          ations for three different styles of cardio choreography training.
Since we have muscles that are aligned diagonally on our body,            Movement by movement the combinations are constructed and the
let’s get into diagonal positions and movement planes to target           intensity increases as the water’s resistance is used in different ways
those muscles and to challenge our core. The aquatic environment          Enjoy a fun mix of cardio training and feel the power of movement
allows our bodies to balance and move in three dimensions. Come           in the water.
feel the power!
                                                                          K 412-GPS It’s a Small World – Aquatic Exercise
K 406-GPS Name That Muscle                                                for Small Spaces
Mark Grevelding                                                           Connie Jasinskas
Identifying Working Muscles in Base Aquatic Moves                         Aquatic Exercise for Smaller Spaces
Students want to know what they are working and why? This inter-          Clients often want a workout for the hot tub or a small home pool.
active classroom session focuses on indentifying the major muscle         Small group aqua training may occur in a home pool of limited size
groups worked in base aquatic moves for cardio, strength and              and depth. This session will explore challenges and solutions when
stretching. Perfect for anatomy-challenged instructors who want           pool space and depth are not ideal.
to satisfy their students need to know.

   M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
K 413-LEC       Nutrition for Life                                           K 420-AMC Proprioception Training & the Aquatic Connection
Adita Yrizarry                                                               Cristina Senra (Tinoca)
Nutrition for Optimal Health                                                 Enhance Your Sixth Sense
Did you know that nutrition has a major impact on your health and            The key issue to getting an effective workout is the under-
well being? This workshop is created to empower you to take                  standing/knowing and communicating with your body. Learn prac-
charge. Doctors are there when you really need them, but you and             tical awareness techniques and neurological signals that will
your nutrition choices create what happens to your body from the             connect your consciousness to your movements and help enhance
inside out.                                                                  and stabilize your posture, balance, coordination and more!

Aquatic Health & Fitness Expo Open                                           K 421-LMC Zumba Gold
1:00pm-3:30pm                                                                Browning, Prouty & Witt
                                                                             Movements Modified for Seniors
                                                                             Did you know that the number of Americans over the age of 65 is
Select (1) Session from 415 – 422                                            expected to double to over 70 million by 2040? This population
                                                                             grew up dancing and they still have energy, passion and the need
2:00pm-2:50pm                                                                for fun! Zumba Gold is specifically designed to take the exciting
K 415-AMC Latin Paradise                                                     Latin and International dance rhythms and bring them to the
Kayo Tsuboko                                                                 active older adult, the beginner and special populations.

                                                                             K 422-INNOV Implementation of a National
Latin Dance Water Workout
Open, improve and satisfy the mind and body with this fun Latin
dance workout in the pool. This program was designed for                     Physical Activity Plan
everyone, even those who have never danced. Experience the                   Sheila Smith
advantage of submerged resistance and move your body to the                  Get America Physically Active
fantastic rhythm of Latin music.                                             The U.S. National Physical Activity Plan has a vision that Americans
                                                                             will be physically active and that they will live, work, and play in
K 416-AMC Within the Limit                                                   environments that facilitate regular physical activity. The plan aims
Maria Sabater                                                                to create a national culture that supports physically active
Arm Toning Exercises                                                         lifestyles. Its ultimate purpose is to improve health, prevent disease
It’s all about the arms in this aquatic master class. Invigorate your        and disability and enhance quality of life.
muscle conditioning programs with isolation exercises that train
and target specific upper body muscle groups. Explore rhythm                 Select (1) Session from 423-427
options and intensity variations for movement execution. Arm your-
self and prepare to take it to the limit!                                    4:00pm-5:45pm

K 417-LMC Core Express                                                       K 423-AWS Sink or Swim Vertical Workout
Norma Schechtman                                                             Lori Templeman
Land Based Core Training                                                     Interval Using Impact Levels
Not enough time for your core? Learn the 10 most effective core              Jump in and experience a multi-level workout targeting the
exercises to help you keep your core strong. Learn great cueing              core. Discover how to assist and resist the effects of buoyancy in
techniques, modifications and ideas for successful flow of move-             the water by varying your working position. Suspended
ment. Waste no time! Get right to the core in an express fashion!            sequences are alternated with grounded movements to
                                                                             develop strength and endurance. This is a low impact interval
K 418-INNOV Updates for the Development of                                   challenge for all body types.
Aquatic Stretching Activities
Juan Colado                                                                  K 424-AWS Heart Rates & Aerobic Training:
Aquatic Stretching Techniques                                                Methods Used to Increase Fitness
The water’s buoyancy can be used to develop a variety of                     Bruce Becker & Teresa Triche
stretching techniques. Understanding the best techniques and                 Heart Rates & Aerobic Training
devices could lead towards the development of solid practical                Aerobic training helps to improve health by increasing cardio-
applications for group and individual sessions in both fitness facil-        respiratory fitness. Review literature on exercise intensity for
ities and in rehabilitation settings.                                        various populations and participate in practical applications
                                                                             demonstrating reviewed material. This session will incorporate
3:00pm-3:50pm                                                                cadence, along with RPE as training measures for achieving
                                                                             increased cardio-respiratory fitness.
K 419-AMC HydroRider Rhythms
Roxana Brasil                                                                K 425-AWS Exercise & Nutrition for Diabetes
Aquatic Cycling with Music/Rhythm                                            Donna Adler
Discover the amazing cross-training benefits provided by cycling             Reverse Pyramid for Diabetes
classes in the water while enjoying traditional rhythms from all             Discover how to add pre-hab into your personal training and
continents. Learn new combinations to motivate your students as              group classes by learning the newest techniques for controlling
you make waves with unique spinning techniques in the water.                 and preventing Diabetes, lowering cholesterol and controlling
Hop on the hydro bike and shake your body!                                   triglycerides. Simple ways will be explored to enhance burning
                                                                             sugar in your diet and exercise routine. This is a must for everyone!


   M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
K 426-AWS AAACT: Aquatic Abdominal Aerobic
Circuit Training
Mimi Rodriguez Adami
Core and Pelvic Floor Toning Workout
Did you know that abdominal “strengthening” may actually cause
loss of core and pelvic floor muscle tone? How can we tone these
muscles to control floppy bellies and prevent organ prolapse and
incontinency? Learn this new technique in an aerobic circuit
training format for yourself and your clients!

K 427-GPS Don’t Lose it! Learn to Move it!
Kimberly Huff
Aquatic Movement Anatomy
We’ve learned anatomy but the water can make it confusing! If
you add equipment, it can change everything! Have fun while
reviewing movement anatomy and learn to design exercises that
leave no joint unmoved or muscle group unchallenged!

Saturday Session Descriptions
                                                                            K 504-AWS Aqua Back
Saturday, May 14                                                            Vanina Delfino
                                                                            Strengthening Posterior Muscles
  Hosted Programs                                                           Look behind you! All of our activities are designed to be per-
  Please see page 5 for details on sessions                                 formed to the front and side - but we need to work our posterior
  K AH6-HydroRider Instructor Training
                                                                            muscles too! Muscle imbalances in strength and flexibility can
  K AH7-Aqua Zumba
                                                                            increase risk of injury. Take away ideas to train muscles we do “not
                                                                            see,” as well as tools to promote and build muscle balance.

                                                                            K 505-GPS Balance Training: An Aquatic Perspective
Select (1) Session from 501-506
                                                                            Marty Biondi
7:45am-9:30am                                                               Aquatic Balance Training
                                                                            Dynamic balance is compromised for the older adult with arthritic
K 501-AWS Essential Aqua Pilates                                            joints or replacements, peripheral neuropathies or just general
Anna Shay-McEntee                                                           weakness. The water, due to its buoyancy and resistance affords an
Pilates for Body Awareness & Fitness                                        optimal medium to assist with balance acquisition. This class will
Essential Aqua Pilates integrates Pilates and aquatic exercises for         provide specific exercises that can be incorporated in a general
greater body awareness and fitness. The fusion of these two for-            water fitness class to address various balance problems.
mats results in a unique blend of physiotherapy and mainstream
exercises. Aqua Pilates develops body awareness, core stability and         K 506-LEC The Critic’s Corner
provides a safe, balanced, effective and powerful program that will         Stephanie Thielen
result in a toned, lean and supple body.                                    Leadership & Professional Development
                                                                            The word critic comes from Greek, meaning a person who offers
K 502-AWS Unity in Diversity                                                reasoned judgment or observation. From peer-to-peer, instructor-
Mimi Rodriguez Adami                                                        to-supervisor, or attendee-to-presenter, this session focuses on
Combining Deep & Shallow Water Choreography                                 learning to provide feedback with constructive intent in order to
The issue of varying pool depths can pose a problem. What if your           help maintain excellent standards within the discipline of aquatic
clients can’t all fit in the shallow area? Learn how to develop cho-        instruction.
reography and one set of exercises that can be adapted for both
shallow and deep water at the same time. Who will get the best
workout? Everyone!
                                                                               Register by the Early
K 503-AWS Pi-Yo-Chi Balance Training & Core Stabilization
Mary Wykle                                                                     Bird Date of March 16
                                                                               to Get Your Groove
Advanced Balance & Core Challenges
Learn new ideas to expand the basics of Aqua Pi-Yo-Chi to focus on
advanced core stabilization and balance. Exercises introduce the
polo ball and the noodle and then progress to combination chal-
lenges that require balance on the noodle while moving with the
                                                                               At IAFC 2011
ball in solo positions and with a partner.


   M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
                                                                            K 514-LMC Get to the Core in 4
Aquatic Health & Fitness Expo Last Day                                      Stephanie Thielen
9:30am-1:00pm                                                               Land Based Core Training
                                                                            We all know that the foundation of all movement begins with the
Select (1) Session from 507-510                                             core. Target your mid section from all directions for a complete
                                                                            middle management workout in 4 moves - flexion, extension,
10:45am-12:15pm                                                             rotation and stabilization. Your core won’t know what hit it!
K 507-LEC Social Media Netiquette –
Networking with Your Aquatic Participants                                   K 515-INNOV Technique & Safety Aspects During Aquatic
Jennifer Hall                                                               Resistance Training
Networking with Students via Social Media                                   Juan Colado
Join us for this must attend workshop to discover social media - the        Preventing Injuries During Training
latest craze in networking with aquatic class participants. You will        Although we train in water, exercises executed improperly could
learn the benefits, challenges and proper etiquette when utilizing          develop injuries, especially when resistance exercises are per-
Facebook, Twitter and Linked In to network, market and communi-             formed. Therefore, it is necessary to know the techniques that
cate with your aquatic class participants.                                  could avoid injuries in the shoulders, wrists, knees and vertebral
                                                                            column. Keep educated and keep your students safe.
K 508-LEC Stop the Stress Before it Stops You
Laurie Denomme & Helen Tilden                                               1:30pm-2:20pm
Stress Management Strategies
The effects of stress often manifest with age and busy lifestyles,          K 517-AMC Magic Number 3 Interval Training
resulting in pain and chronic health conditions.What can you do to          Rui Azevedo
prevent this from happening? This session will provide information          Interval Training Format
about stress and stress management strategies that may help                 Can you work out for three minutes at your maximum intensity?
improve your quality of life. Relax, rewind and respect your body in        Come find out!This class features high intensity intervals for three min-
this rejuvenating interactive lecture.                                      utes and active recovery (lower intensity) intervals for a minute and a
                                                                            half. Push your limits with this interval class. Giving up is impossible!
K 509-LEC Stop Revolving: Evolve into Fitness Management
Ann Gilbert                                                                 K 518-AMC Ethno Aqua Dance
Excelling at Fitness Management                                             Giorgia Collu
The fitness manager’s position is ever changing. Understand the             Choreography with Ethnic Flair
expectations of the job circa 2011 and create a game plan for your          Treat your students to different styles and sequences matched to
career growth. Learn how to build and drive the most dynamic                ethnic rhythms. Easy to learn choreography and fluid transitions
team of professionals possible. Role-play during this interactive           will enrich this aquatic fitness workout. Learn to interpret various
session and walk away with proven strategies to make your job as            musical styles and take away new ideas and input for your classes.
a manager fulfilling and profitable.
                                                                            K 519-LMC Glutes & Guts
K 510-LEC Do it My Way!                                                     Eduardo Netto
Teresa Triche                                                               Lower Body & Core Exercises
Aquatic Personal Training                                                   Join Eduardo for the workout of a lifetime! Experience brand-new
Most pools today are used for relaxation and entertainment.                 exercises and sequences for the lower body (glutes) and the core.
Expand your business to a new level by showing clients how to use           Learn the simple principles that drive this incredible workout and
their backyard pool as a gym. Learn how to market, advertise and            produce such amazing results. Refresh your approach to land-
create personal programs (laminate exercise cards), that will razzle        based resistance training.
and dazzle your clients. I can show you how to make it happen!
                                                                            K 520-INNOV Community Based Physical Activity Plan
Select (1) Lunch and (1) Session from 511-520                               Sheila Smith
                                                                            Initiative to Motivate Physical Activity
12:30pm-1:20pm                                                              Obesity is a contributor to four of the top ten causes of mortality
K 512-AMC ABC: Aqua, Boxing & Capoeira
                                                                            for American adults. A community based biannual program imple-
Daniela De Toia                                                             mented in 2008 has led to 8,010 total pounds of weight loss so far.
Aquatic Workout with Boxing & Capoeira Movements                            Understand how to orient participants to the benefits of various
Learn the basic steps for an aqua aerobic workout; bringing in the          exercise modalities.
technique of boxing to the super flowing movements of Capoeira
to make your workout something unique.This class is based on the
“KISS” formula and on the theme stationary and movement. So get
in the water and learn your ABC´s!

K 513-AMC Hot Latino
Joao Regufe
Aquatic Latin Choreography
Heat up the pool with a sizzling combination of Latin moves, hot
rhythms and lots of energy. Enjoy very expressive choreography
with technical movements that feature large range of motion and
lots of power. Feel the music with each movement and experience
the uniqueness of the water’s properties.

   M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
                                                                             Select (1) Session from 527 -532


                                                                             K 527-AWS Ai Chi for Balance and Trunk Stabilization
                                                                             Ruth Sova & Jun Konno
                                                                             Ai Chi Core Training
                                                                             Using Ai Chi with some Pilate’s concepts, we will apply core stability
                                                                             and fall prevention techniques to develop balance and lumbar sta-
Select (1) Session From 521 – 526                                            bilization. The focus of this Ai Chi class will be on deep, rather than
                                                                             superficial muscles. Learn to use trunk muscles to initiate movement
2:30pm-4:15pm                                                                in the extremities. Balance, mobility and stability all in one program!

K 521-AWS Body Balance                                                       K 528-AWS Salsa Splash 2011
Monique Acton                                                                Mimi Rodriguez Adami
Muscle Balance & Balance Training                                            More Salsa Splash Choreography
Got balance? Discover how to create balance two fold in an                   Let the music move you! When the salsa starts your feet just can't keep
aquatic workout using a mixture of choreography that encourages              still, your hips and shoulders shake and you are mesmerized! Learn to
muscle balance combined with balance training techniques that                use the music to develop new Latino aquatic choreography to train
encourage core stability and fall prevention. Take these ideas and           and motivate your clients and keep them coming back for more!

                                                                             K 529-AWS Aquatic Rock
apply them in your next aquatic class.

K 522-AWS Aqua Latin Rhythms                                                 Laura Ribbins
Karen Westfall                                                               Intervals that Burn Calories
Latin Dance Party                                                            Aquatic programs for the upcoming baby boomers are in high
Latin dance movements are intensified against water’s resistance             demand! Getting the healthy fit and fitter will be the goal and with the
in this phenomenal cardiovascular water workout. Learn fun and               power of water at our finger tips- we have it made. Rock the boomers
invigorating dances from south of the border - Salsa, Samba,                 into greater heights of fitness – safely and effectively with a program
Rumba, Merengue, Tango and more. Inhibitions? Check them at                  design of metabolic boost exercises and motivational tips.

                                                                             K 530-AWS Aqua HH
the door and get ready to shake, shimmy and sizzle with Karen, a
former Latin dance champion.
                                                                             Ian Levia
K 523-AWS Rev it Up: Power Options                                           Urban Dance Choreography
Tara Palmer Schaeffer                                                        Aqua HH epitomizes the newest craze in aqua choreography; the
Shallow Water Impact Options                                                 unique blend of urban street dance styles choreographed to the
Finding it difficult to entice fit individuals, athletes and younger         freshest beats from the hip hop community. There is no gender or
participants into your class? Rev up the intensity by revisiting how         ethnic restriction, just pure adrenalin and a pumping undertone of
to use impact options and the physical laws of the water. Keep               wet fun and excitement!

                                                                             K 531-GPS Advanced Cueing Techniques for Maximal
them coming back for more by using simple choreography and
recreating the moves with “power” options.
                                                                             Training Results
K 524-AWS Managing an Effective Cardio Workout                               Lauren Eirk
Flavia Yazigi                                                                Resistance Training Cueing Techniques
Ingredients for an Effective Cardio Workout                                  In this session, learn how to create optimal exercise outcomes by
Discuss the primary methods and strategies needed to build a                 using masterful cueing. Learn the importance of focus,intention and
cardio-respiratory workout and then apply them in practical appli-           specific response to strategic forces to stimulate muscular response
cations so that you can be assured that you are teaching an effective        and purposeful training results. Move beyond counting reps and
training.Working together, we will uncover the best cues and strate-         become a world class teacher with this hands-on cueing session.

                                                                             K 532-LEC The Science of Longevity
gies that will help manage intensity and guarantee a great workout.

K 525-LWS Yogalatis                                                          Len Kravitz
Adita Yrizarry                                                               Explore Anti-Aging Strategies
Combination of Yoga & Pilates                                                In the last decade, the increasing life expectancy of humans has
In our hectic society it always seems nice to enjoy a workout that           generated intense focus and research on the biological mecha-
also elicits relaxation and centering. This program combines the             nisms of old age and longevity. In this research-driven presenta-
core training benefits of Pilates with the stretching and strength-          tion, the physiology of aging and anti-aging strategies (drugs,
ening benefits of yoga and ends with a relaxation that will help to          antioxidants, exercise, caloric-restriction, etc.) to slow down aging
calm the mind and center the body.                                           and extend lifespan will be discussed.

K 526-LEC You Kneed to Know                                                    KPH Worldwide Aquatic Revolution Class
Terri Mitchell                                                                 & 50/50 Drawing           6:30pm-8:00pm
                                                                               K 533-IAFC Finale Class & 50/50 Drawing
Total Knee Replacement Post-Rehab
The age of persons receiving total knee replacements is getting
younger. What leads to having to get the surgery? What challenges              Wrap up your IAFC experience with a global aquatic revolution
do some patients face? How can aquatic fitness improve a person’s              class staged by IAFC presenters from around the world. Say
range of motion, strength, balance and functional goals when                   goodbye to your IAFC friends and find out if you won the 50/50
therapy is finished?                                                           drawing. You must be present to win.

   M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
2011 IAFC Presenter Biographies
        Monique Acton is the president of The Personal                     Javier Bergas, BS, is an international AEA Training
        Health Trac in Venice, FL. She is an international                 Specialist and a sport and physical education teacher
        presenter, an AEA Training Specialist and co-author/               in Spain. He is an aqua fitness instructor for Speedo
        executive director for Aquatic Options educational                 and RFEN; Golden Waves (University of Nevada) and a
        programs. Monique has been featured in several                     master in aqua fitness, advanced level for EAFA. Javier
        aquatic exercise videos / DVDs. As a medical & post-               is an international presenter and personal trainer and
        rehab exercise specialist, she designs both land and               has co-authored magazine articles and books on
        water exercise programs to fit her client’s needs.                 aquatic fitness.

        Mimi Rodriguez Adami is an American born                           Marty Biondi, PT – has been involved in aquatics for
        European who has been living in Italy for over 35                  over 30 years; from lessons to pool administration and
        years. She founded, and is the technical director for,             all types of fitness and aquatic physical therapy
        FIAF-SIAF, Italy’s only accredited training school for fit-        classes. She teaches classes on orthopedics, neuro-
        ness professionals. Her most recent achievements                   logical and sports specific aquatic rehab and is a co-
        include a degree in motor sciences from Rome’s                     author of various resources pertaining to aquatic
        TorVergata University. Mimi is the author of Aqua                  therapy. She is currently involved with applying water
        Fitness and a contributing author to the Aqua Zumba                therapy to the U.S. Army’s Wounded Warrior Program.
        training program.
                                                                           Roxana Brasil, MS, has been an international AEA
        Donna Adler, BA, is the owner of Liquid Assets for                 Training Specialist since 2000. She graduated with a
        Fitness. She is a trainer for the Arthritis Foundation             degree in physical education and received her
        and works with geriatrics and clients with health chal-            master’s degree in human motricity. Roxana is a
        lenges. She has been an AEA Advisory Board member                  HydroRider Training Specialist, personal trainer, fitness
        and is a recognized national provider for AEA and                  consultant and has authored books, DVDs and maga-
        ATRI. Beyond her active aquatic and private healing                zine articles. She was honored with the 2010 AEA
        practice, Donna facilitates workshops on healing and               Aquatic Fitness Professional of the Year award.
        spiritual self-mastery.
                                                                           Maria Browning is a former competitive synchro-
        Ivan Amaral, MS, holds degrees in exercise science                 nized swimmer, synchronized swimming coach and
        and sports and fitness science. His areas of expertise             choreographer with over eight years of teaching
        include yoga, Ai-Chi, personal development, energy                 experience in both land and water based group exer-
        work and massage. He is a professional educator with               cise. She is a national and international presenter and
        Mundo Hidro (Portugal). Ivan has previously worked                 education specialist with Zumba. Maria is certified by
        in the Department of Sport, Exercise Science and                   AEA, ACE and AFAA.
        Sports Therapy of the University of Luton in England.
                                                                           June Chewning, MA, works as president and educa-
        Waldir Assad, MS, graduated with a degree in phys-                 tional specialist for Fitness Learning Systems, a company
        ical education from the University of Brasilia and                 providing continuing education to fitness professionals.
        holds a post graduate degree in movement educa-                    She serves as adjunct faculty for Cincinnati State College
        tion. He is a professor of physical education at the               and has developed several course curriculums for their
        Catholic University of Brasilia, teaching recreation and           health/fitness technician degree program.June’s accom-
        leisure courses, as well as internship supervision in              plishments include international presenter,fitness center
        physical activity. Waldir presents at fitness conven-              owner,and author of several fitness articles,manuals,and
        tions in Brazil and other countries.                               CD Rom courses.

        Rui Azevedo, MS, has a post graduate specialization                Juan Carlos Colado, PhD, holds his PhD in physical
        in physical education. He is a physical education                  education and sport and is a faculty member at the
        teacher and the technical director/proprietor of                   University of Valencia in Spain. He is an international
        Profitness Health Club in Portugal. Having taught for              presenter and has been a master trainer for profes-
        15 years, Rui specializes in the field of aquatic exercise         sionals since 1998. Juan Carlos was recognized with a
        and dedicates himself as an international presenter                professional award by the Spanish fitness industry
        and AEA certified instructor.                                      and has authored books and scientific articles about
                                                                           aquatic physical conditioning.
        Bruce Becker, MD, is a research professor at
        Washington State University where he directs the                   Giorgia Collu, MS, is an international training specialist
        National Aquatics and Sports Medicine Institute                    for AEA, HydroRider and FIN. She is a former swimming
        studying the effects of aquatic activity. He is a noted            competitor and has been in the fitness industry for over
        aquatic researcher and author in the field of aquatic              20 years. Giorgia currently teaches swimming sports at
        therapy, with emphasis regarding research on the                   the university level in Italy. She has presented at
        effects of water immersion on the body.                            numerous water fitness conventions worldwide and is
                                                                           recognized for having created several popular water
                                                                           fitness programs in Italy.


 M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
2011 IAFC Presenter Biographies
        Vanina Delfino is a recognized presenter in swimming            Linda Grymes is the founder and CEO of LG Total
        and aquatic activities in Argentina and is the managing         Fitness/Triple Delight Aquatics, LLC. She is an interna-
        operator of ACQUAMAR an aquatic education center in             tional aquatic fitness presenter and is also the fitness
        Buenos Aires. She is also the owner of AcquaSwym, an            director of Congress Heights Senior Wellness Center
        enterprise dedicated to aquatic education solutions.            in Washington DC. Linda is the preseason trainer for
        Vanina specializes in aquatic programming for seniors,          the Coppin State University women's basketball team
        children and infants and is certified by Speedo, AEA,           in Baltimore, MD and an adjunct professor at
        Watsu, Halliwick and Bad Ragaz.                                 American University.

        Laurie Denomme, BS, is the co-founder of Exercise               Jennifer Hall, BS, is partner for New Paradigm
        Elements LLC, the assistant director of operations              Partners and chair of the health and fitness depart-
        for the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) and the              ment for Cincinnati State Technical and Community
        co-author of a book on special populations and post-            College. Jennifer is an advisory board member for
        rehab aquatic fitness. Laurie travels internationally to        AEA and the Arthritis Foundation; a national presenter
        share her unique and personally developed aquatic               for AEA, Club Industry, IHRSA, and MFA; and a contrib-
        training methods and is known for her creative fusion           utor for AKWA International, Human Kinetics, IHRSA
        programming.                                                    Active Career Digest, Club Success, and Personal
                                                                        Fitness Professional.
        Daniela De Toia, MS, holds a master’s degree from
        the German Sport University Cologne in physical edu-            Mushi Harush, MS, is the chair of the Israeli
        cation and is pursuing her PhD. She has 10 years expe-          Aquatic Exercise Center and teaches at the Wingate
        rience in the aquatic fitness industry and her areas of         Institute for Physical Education, Science and Sport
        expertise include everything from A-Z; aerobic to               in Israel. She is an international training specialist
        Zumba. She was voted one of Germany’s best aqua                 for AEA and presents internationally at health and
        presenters in 2006 and 2007. Daniela is a professional          fitness conventions. Mushi was a proud recipient of
        educator with DEHAG ACADEMY in Europe.                          the 2005 AEA Global Award for Contribution to the
                                                                        Aquatic Industry.
        Lauren Eirk, BA, is the creator of the internationally
        recognized program, Yoga I.S®, Yoga Integrated                  Akie Hayama – has been teaching aquatic fitness
        Science™. She is a member of the teaching faculty for           for over 12 years in Kawasaki, Japan. She presented
        the RTS®123 programs and a certified yoga instructor            at IAFC in 2009 and is looking forward to returning
        and Registered ERYT 500 with Yoga Alliance. Lauren              in 2011. Akie is known for her fun aquatic dance
        has a private personal training business and teaches            choreography and attention to body awareness.
        yoga classes and continuing education courses for the           She is certified with AEA and also holds a certifica-
        YMCA and Yoga East, Inc. in Louisville, KY.                     tion in Ai Chi.

        Martine Flamen started dancing as a child and                   Kimberly Huff, MS, has experience in both clinical
        became a jazz dancer and dance instructor. She is the           settings and community fitness programs. Currently,
        founder of Aqua & Move, an institute for aqua fitness           her focus is on educating fitness professionals. She
        and she also owns the dance school VDRG in Gent,                presents certification review courses for ACSM and
        Belgium. Martine is an international presenter and              AEA and has presented at IAFC and other professional
        training specialist for AEA and Speedo and a former             conferences. Kim is the co-chair of AEA’s Research
        master trainer for AVIA and Reebok University.                  Committee and has authored articles for the AKWA
                                                                        Magazine and other fitness journals.
        Ann Gilbert is the executive vice president of Fitness
        for Shapes Total Fitness for Women in Tampa Bay. With           Connie Jasinkas, MS, brings over 30 years of experi-
        over 25 years experience in fitness, she directs the            ence, passion and humor to her work as an interna-
        Shapes Fitness Academy, which offers continuing edu-            tional health and fitness educator. Through her
        cation opportunities for professionals in the Tampa Bay         company, For the Love of Fit, she has trained leaders in
        area. Ann is responsible for the supervision of 500             England, Europe, South Africa, Australia, the USA and
        group fitness and personal training professionals               all across Canada. Connie specializes in aqua fitness,
        within the corporation.                                         aquatic rehab and personal training. She is known for
                                                                        sessions that are fun, informative and practical.
        Mark Grevelding is an AEA Training Specialist and
        also serves as AEA’s Promotions Consultant. He is an            Ekaterina Khapkova, MS, holds a master’s degree in
        international presenter and a continuing education              synchronized swimming. She works at a management
        provider for AEA, AFAA & ACE. Mark is the founder of            level for sports clubs in Moscow, where she also trains
        Fit Motivation and the creator of Visual Choreography           and certifies other instructors. Ekaterina is an interna-
        Notes, an exclusive line of choreography DVDs for               tional presenter and has been featured at conferences
        aquatic fitness professionals.                                  in Europe, Brazil and the USA.


 M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
2011 IAFC Presenter Biographies
        Jun Konno is a highly successful entrepreneur in the              Terri Mitchell, BA, is a physical therapist assistant
        aquatic industry, a decorated swimming coach, author              (PTA) who lives, works and plays in various pools in
        and international speaker on aquatics. He is an advisor           Austin, Texas. Terri is celebrating 25 years as an AEA
        to AEA and also one of AEA’s International Training               Trainer in 2011. Having been involved with aquatic
        Specialists. Jun is the founder and president of the              therapy for 20 years, she is aging gracefully with the
        Aqua Dynamics Institute, a consulting firm for fitness            benefits of the water. Terri is an award winning
        clubs and swimming schools in Japan.                              instructor and shares her knowledge globally.

        Len Kravitz, PhD, is the program coordinator for exer-            Eduardo Netto, MS, is the group fitness director of
        cise science and a researcher at the University of New            the Body Tech Health Club in Rio de Janeiro. He grad-
        Mexico where he won the "Outstanding Teacher of                   uated with a bachelor’s degree in physical education
        the Year" award. Len was recently honored with the                and he has a master’s degree in human motricity.
        2009 Canadian Fitness Professional Specialty                      Eduardo is an international presenter and well-
        Presenter of the Year award and the American Council              respected fitness professional and consultant in Brazil.
        on Exercise 2006 Fitness Educator of the Year. He also            He has written four books on fitness programs and is
        received the Canadian Fitness Professional Lifetime               certified through AEA, ACSM, AFAA and IDEA.
        Achievement Award.
                                                                          Mee Hee Park is the president of Korea’s Aquatic
        Ian Levia has taught physical education for many                  Exercise Association and has trained over 2,000
        years and is a dynamic international fitness presenter            aquatic instructors as an international AEA Trainer
        who has continued to evolve with the industry’s ever              since 1998. She has many years of experiences as an
        changing dynamics. He is an international AEA                     instructor, trainer and practitioner in a variety of fit-
        Training Specialist and the director of the Trinidad and          ness formats, including yoga, aerobics, Korean tradi-
        Tobago Fitness Academy. Ian continues to be fresh                 tional dance, Korean Sundo (zen exercise), Qigong,
        and in demand around the globe where he spreads                   water exercise, Watsu and more.
        his infectious brand of fitness.                                  Marti Boutin Peters presents educational programs
                                                                          worldwide and is an author for several publications.
        Ricardo Maia holds a degree in physical education                 She works as a personal trainer and group fitness
        and is an international presenter who has been fea-               leader in Fort Myers, FL. She is also the owner of Heart
        tured at conferences in Europe and the in USA. He                 Dancing Fitness which provides instructor training
        teaches classes in Portugal and loves interacting with            and DVD’s. Marti is a training specialist for AEA, ISCA,
        his students. Ricardo is known for his dynamic and                and Team SPRI and was awarded AEA’s Fitness
        positive approach, as well as his attention to technical          Professional of the Year award in 1995.
        detail and good posture.
                                                                          Judi Powers, MS, holds a master’s degree in clinical
        MaryBeth Marotto is a training specialist for AEA and             exercise physiology and a bachelor’s degree in physical
        was awarded the 2008 AEA Global Aquatic Fitness                   education. She co-authored and presents program-
        Professional of the Year Award. She is the co-creator of          ming for Aquatic Options and developed a Pilates CD
        YOQUA® and is a R.Y.T with Yoga Alliance. MaryBeth                Rom with Fitness Learning Systems. Judi has led the
        owns Hydro-Health Unlimited and specializes in cre-               AEA Aquatic Fitness Instructor and ACSM Personal
        ative and alternative programming. She is a national              Trainer certification programs and continuing educa-
        trainer for the Healthways SilverSneakers® Fitness                tion for the past 20 years. She currently trains transi-
        Programs and curriculum advisor for SilverSplash.                 tional clients at MidMichigan Medical Center.
                                                                          Joy Prouty is a former Radio City Music Hall Rockette
        Tatiana Maximova, PhD, is a two time recipient of                 and has enjoyed 40 years in the fitness industry. She
        the pan-Russian Instructor of the Year award. She is              currently operates Fitness Programming Inc. and has
        general director of Wellness Hall and Aqua Fitness                trained consumers and professionals worldwide
        School (AFS) in Moscow. Tatiana has over 16 years                 through her affiliations with Zumba International,
        experience in the industry and is a top presenter for             Reebok University and ACSM. Joy and Josie Gardiner
        the Russian Federation.                                           have collaborated on many projects, including DVDs,
                                                                          fitness programs and breast cancer awareness.
        Anna Shay-McEntee integrates her experience as a
        health care practitioner with her fitness training. She is        João Regufe, BS, has a degree in physical education
        a continuing education provider and presenter for                 and enjoys teaching aquatic fitness classes in Portugal;
        ACE, AFAA, Systematic T.O.U.C.H. Training, California             he particularly likes creating new movements &
        Medical Board of Acupuncturist, California Board of               sequences. He has appeared in conferences in Europe,
        Registered Nursing, Health Classic Inc. and other                 Brazil and the USA and is an expressive presenter who
        organizations, specializing in fitness, mind/body,                loves sports and everything that is connected to water.
        nutrition and stress management. Anna has also                    Joao is looking forward to returning to IAFC to share his
        authored weekly columns and articles for health and               knowledge and energy.
        fitness publications.


 M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
2011 IAFC Presenter Biographies
        Laura Ribbins is an international AEA Training                    Norma Shechtman, MS, won the ACE Fitness
        Specialist and was honored with the 2000 AEA                      Professional of the Year Award in 2003, after being
        Aquatic Professional of the Year award. She is also a             nominated in both 2002 and 2003. She holds a bach-
        certification specialist for AFAA, ISCA and Resist-A-Ball.        elor’s and master’s degree in education and a master’s
        Laura inspires all ages through her innovative fitness            degree in kinesiology. Her certifications include
        programming, international presentations and aquatic              Pilates, personal training, group fitness, kickboxing,
        fitness videos.                                                   indoor cycling, water fitness and others. Norma
                                                                          enjoys traveling the world presenting the latest
        Maria Sabater, MS, has successfully combined her                  training information to fitness professionals.
        master’s degree in sports management with her busi-
        ness degree to offer top quality education in the wide            Lori Sherlock, MS, is an assistant professor at West
        variety of fitness classes that she teaches. She works            Virginia University’s School of Medicine, Division of
        as an administrative and technical director in a sports           Exercise Physiology. She is the coordinator for the
        management company and is also on faculty for Apta                only aquatic therapy emphasis curriculum in the
        Vital Sport, an instructor training program in Valencia,          United States. Lori is a proud member of AEA, the co-
        Spain.                                                            chair of the AEA Research Committee, an AEA Trainer
                                                                          and a regular contributor to AKWA magazine.
        João Santos, BS, holds a degree in sports science &
        physical education by FCDEF from the University of                Maria Simashova, BS, graduated from Moscow
        Coimbra. He teaches aquatic fitness at the University             Regional State University with a degree in physical
        ESE Jean Piaget in Gaia, Portugal. He is an interna-              culture and sport. She has been in the fitness and
        tional presenter and a master trainer for Mundo Hidro.            aquatics industry for 17 years and is currently an
        Joao is certified by AEA and specializes in athletic              instructor and fitness manager for Fizika Fitness
        training and circuit/interval formats.                            Center in Moscow. Maria also organizes and manages
                                                                          Moscow’s annual international aquatic convention.
        Julie See is AEA’s Director of Education and co-
        founder of Innovative Aquatics. She has been active in            Sheila Smith PhD, RN, is a faculty member for the
        the fitness industry for 25+ years and specializes in             Medical University of South Carolina’s College of
        innovative programming for both land and water. She               Nursing. Her research interests include exercise, obe-
        has produced numerous videos/DVDs and instruc-                    sity and health promotion. She recently received the
        tional CDs and travels worldwide blending education,              2010 Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society in
        motivation and leadership skills to assist exercise pro-          Nursing Research Award. Sheila has been funded to
        fessionals and enthusiasts alike.                                 study the effects of a community based physical
                                                                          activity and obesity program.
        Silvia Senati was awarded the 2009 AEA Global
        Award for Aquatic Fitness Professional of the Year. She           Ruth Sova, MS, is president of the Aquatic Therapy &
        is an international AEA Training Specialist and pre-              Rehab Institute and the founder of AEA. She is on the
        senter and is well known for creating popular Aqua                Wisconsin Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and
        Combat Programs (ACP). Silvia is a master trainer for             received the Governor's Entrepreneurial Award. She
        the European Aquatic Association (EAA) in Italy and               has also won the IDEA Outstanding Business Award,
        has authored two books on aquatic fitness manuals,                the first Presidential Sports Award in aquatic exercise
        videos and numerous magazine articles.                            and AEA's Contribution to the Industry Award. Ruth
                                                                          has authored fifteen books and over 50 videos/DVDs.
        Cristina Senra (Tinoca) , MS, is an international
        training Specialist for AEA and Ai Chi. She has a                 Sandy Stoub, MS, blends degrees in exercise science
        master’s degree in sport and exercise psychology and              and gerontology with over 25 years experience in her
        conducts research in motor development and health                 role as director of wellness services for Alliance Rehab,
        concerns. She is a YogaBugs instructor and the organ-             Inc. She is an AEA Training Specialist, AEA Advisory
        izer of Mundo Hidro, an aquatic convention in                     Board Chair, international presenter, author, professor
        Portugal. Tinoca’s achievements include Portugal’s                and grandma. Sandy’s practical, innovative and
        Instructor of the Year Award (2002) and the 2005 AEA              humorous presentations reflect her passion and her
        Award for Aquatic Fitness Professional.                           diverse background in the fitness and aquatics
        Tara Palmer Schaeffer is a training specialist with
        AEA and Fit Motivation and has over 12 years experi-              Craig Stuart is the founder and president of HYDRO-
        ence working with a wide spectrum of populations.                 FIT. He has more than 25 years experience leading and
        She is also a continuing education provider for AEA,              directing aquatic fitness programs. Craig is certified
        AFAA and ACE. Tara currently teaches at several fit-              with AEA and ACE, the star of several acclaimed water
        ness centers in Rochester, NY and serves the commu-               fitness DVDs and a frequent instructor at Mexico’s
        nity as a fitness and wellness educator. She is also a            award winning Rancho la Puerta Health & Fitness Spa.
        contributor to AKWA magazine.


 M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
2011 IAFC Presenter Biographies
        Maria Sykorova Pritz, PhD, an exercise physiologist,            Kayo Tsuboko has been working and teaching in a
        earned her doctorate in education (specialty in phys-           well-known fitness club in Tokyo for more than 15
        ical education and sports) from University Comenius             years. She is a member of the popular Samba dancing
        in Bratislava, Slovakia. She is a member of the AEA             team which was awarded a national championship in
        Research Council, author of health fitness articles, and        Japan in 2009. Kayo is known for her very lively and
        presenter for national and international fitness confer-        very fun aqua dance choreography.
        ences. Maria's unique training method (Sykorova-
        Synchro Method) involves integration of multi-                  Karen Westfall has presented instructor training
        disciplinary techniques in order to achieve overall             workshops throughout the country and worldwide.
        health and optimized performance.                               She has produced and starred in 15 aquatic fitness
                                                                        videos/DVDs. Karen was awarded AEA's 1994 Aquatic
        Lori Templeman is the owner of Fitness Temple in                Fitness Professional of the Year Award. With a B.A. in
        Sacramento, CA. She is a personal trainer, group fit-           Professional Dance at B.Y.U., she is currently pursuing
        ness instructor, and freelance writer – contributing            her master's degree in sports science. She is a former
        frequently to AKWA Magazine. She holds certifica-               U.S. Latin dance champion.
        tions through AEA, ACE, AFAA, and the Arthritis
        Foundation. Lori is in training to become an AEA                Tony Witt is a third generation professional dancer
        Aquatic Training Specialist.                                    and co-owner and head choreographer for Amore
                                                                        Dance in Kansas City, MO. He has performed profes-
        Stephanie Thielen, BS, is an AEA Trainer and has 20             sionally as a dancer and now brings his well-rounded
        years of experience in group fitness instruction, pro-          dance background and approach to the fitness
        gram development, and staff management at the cor-              industry. Tony has presented Zumba extensively in
        porate, community, and collegiate level. Dedicated to           the USA and worldwide.
        quality education, Stephanie travels nationally pre-
        senting continuing education workshops and works                Mary Wykle, PhD, leads the development and imple-
        with additional fitness companies such as NETA, BOSU            mentation of the U.S. Army’s Aquatic Rehabilitation
        and Gliding.                                                    Program for OTSG/PR&R. She is an IAFC presenter, AEA
                                                                        Advisory Board Member and senior instructor for ATRI.
        Helen Tilden, RN, is the former director of education           Mary created the Aquatic Pi-Yo-Chi™ course which is
        for a home health agency specializing in geriatrics.            a specialty certificate program for AEA. She was also
        She is a national trainer for the Arthritis Foundation          the 2010 recipient of the AEA Global Award for
        Aquatic Program and recently developed a home                   Lifetime Achievement.
        exercise program (HEP) for physical therapists to dis-
        tribute to patients upon discharge from therapy to              Flavia Yazigi, MS, is a professor at the Technical
        maintain a healthy lifestyle with aquatic exercise.             University of Lisbon and is an AEA Training Specialist
                                                                        and a member of the AEA Research Committee. She
        Steph Toogood is a well qualified and highly recog-             has a master’s degree in exercise and health and is
        nized international educator and presenter of water             currently working towards her Ph.D. Flavia loves
        fitness. Certified by AEA, ACE and AFAA, she is an AEA          aquatic exercise and believes that the secret for suc-
        Trainer and education consultant to Speedo                      cess lies in the fusion between scientific research and
        International. Steph was named as one of the top 10             strategies for exercise recommendations.
        fitness instructors in the United Kingdom by the
        Independent on Sunday and was the recipient of the              Adita Yrizarry, BS, brings over 25 years of experience
        2004 AEA Fitness Professional of the Year Award.                into the industry as a presenter and health coach. She
                                                                        owns several fitness businesses and writes articles
        Teresa Triche, MS, has a master’s degree in exercise            relating to restorative fitness and nutrition. Adita has
        science from Texas State University. Her aquatic                a bachelor’s degree in holistic nutrition from the
        thesis/paper,“Aquatic Therapy for the Injured Athlete”          Clayton College of Natural Medicine. She is also a Chek
        was published in the book, Clinical Orthopedic                  Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach and is accredited
        Rehabilitation, in 2003. She developed this program             through NASM, ISCA, and ACE.
        while training through injuries in the 1992 Olympic
        Trials for the marathon. Teresa was recently selected           Mikhail Zhidkov,BS, graduated from the Russian State
        to work with the U.S. Army’s Wounded Warrior                    University of Physical Education, majoring in physical
        Program, teaching her deep water cadence program.               culture and sport. He taught secondary education and
                                                                        then studied aquatic fitness at the Russian Center of
                                                                        Aerobics in Moscow. Mikhail now presents aquatic fit-
                                                                        ness at Russian conventions and works as a manager
                                                                        and group fitness instructor at Moscow’s Fizkult club.


 M ore infor mation at www. ae awave. com • Toll Free 1.888.232.9283, ex t. 222 • Phone 941.486.8600, ex t. 222
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