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      AMC reigns as the only cable network in history to ever win the Emmy® Award for Outstanding Drama
      Series four years in a row, as well as the Golden Globe® Award for Best Television Series - Drama for
      three consecutive years.  Whether commemorating favorite films from every genre and decade or
      creating acclaimed original programming, the AMC experience is an uncompromising celebration of
      great stories.  AMC's original stories include "Mad Men," "Breaking Bad," "The Walking Dead," "The
      Killing" and "Hell on Wheels." AMC further demonstrates its commitment to the art of storytelling
      with its slate of unscripted original series, as well as curated movie franchises like AMC's Can't
      Get Enough and AMC's Crazy About.  Available in more than 97 million homes*, AMC is owned and
      operated by AMC Networks Inc. and its sister networks include IFC, Sundance Channel and WE tv.
      AMC is available across all platforms, including on-air, online, on demand and mobile.  AMC: Story
      Matters HereSM.
      *Source: Nielsen Media Research

                                                   network ProgrAM ForMAt
      Local Avails:                     2 minutes per hour

      times:                            2-one-minute floating breaks per hour, in program
                                        Approximately 00:20 and 00:50

      Insertion Hours:                  9am-6am ET

                                                        network InForMAtIon
      Subscribers:                      95.7 million subscribers
                                        Source: Nielsen Media Research, October ‘11, Universe Estimates

      Service type:                     Basic

      Satellite Feed:                   Dual

      Launch Date:                      October 1984

      ownership:                        AMC Networks

                                                      beneFItS to ADvertISerS
      We’ve come to be known now as a programmer of distinction, and as a network on the move, Its clear
      that AMC is in not just the originals business, but truly in the originality business – making programming
      like nothing else on television. We continue to take enormous pride in the original way that we do
      movies, because we present them in an original way, watching a movie like Rocky on FX is not like
      watching it on AMC. It’s a different experience. These are the movies that are viewer favorites. The
      ones they feel passionate about. No other network feels that way about the movies, because we love
      the movies you love. AMC is the answer to prime decline.
          • 10/11 Season was AMC's Strongest Ever in Adult 25-54 & Adult 18-49
          • AMC's THE WALKING DEAD is the #1 Drama in Basic Cable History
          • Breaking Bad Season 4 is the most engaging program on television and had its strongest season ever.
      Source: The Nielsen Company. Live+SD. 10/11 Season (9/27/10-9/25/11) AA(000). M-Su 8p-11p (1993 - 10/16/11), Program Type: Original, General Drama,
      Telecast level among A18-49 AA(000). Nielsen TV Brand Effect (IAG) 3Q11 (7/1/11-9/30/11), A18-49, premiere episodes. All measured primetime broadcast
      and cable programs, Breaking Bad S4 (7/17-10/9/11) A18-49, A25-54 AA(000). Qual avail upon request.


                                                          vIewer tArgeteD
                                Persons: 25-54, 18-49                                          Men: 25-54, 18-49

                                                            vIewer ProFILe
                                                                                 P2+            P25-54
                                                    Median Age:                  50.0             44.2
                                                    Median HHI:                $48,000          $53,000

                                       P2+              P25-54                                                  P2+                P25-54
Market break                         % Comp.           % Comp.                     territory                  % Comp.             % Comp.
HH Income=$40,000+                     59%               67%                       Northeast                    18%                 18%
HH Income=$75,000+                     31%               35%                       Pacific                      16%                 17%
HH Income=100,000+                     19%               22%                       Southeast                    24%                 23%
HH Size 3+                             49+               60%                       Southwest                    12%                 12%
HOH ED=4+ years College                21%               23%                       Central                      29%                 30%
HH with Children                       32%               43%                       County Size=A                33%                 34%
DVR Household                          32%               36%                       County Size=B                32%                 33%
                                                                                   County Size=C                17%                 17%
                                                                                   County Size=D                18%                 16%
Source: Nielsen Media Research. Live+SD Data. 10/11 Full Season (09/27/10-09/25/11) M-Sun/6P-1A. Base P2+ & P25-54.

                                                          vIewer LIFeStYLe
                                                                      Adults   25-54
Automobiles (Decision Maker)                                       Index        Finances                                               Index
Car wax & polish: heavy users                                       184         Acquired: investment real estate/last 12 months         240
Manufacturer: any vehicle-Chevrolet                                 166         Acquired: securities: own: mutual funds (bonds)         198
Currently drive: motorcycle                                         159         Loans & mortgages: home mortgage (1st)                  186
Leather and vinyl protectants-heavy users                           150         Securities: own: money market funds                     165
Manufacturer: any vehicle: Infinity                                 149         Own: money market account                               163
Manufacturer: any vehicle: Dodge                                    145         Securities: acquired or added to IRA                    162
Manufacturer: any vehicle: Cadillacs                                139
Leisure Activities/Dining                                                       Hotels & motels: where stayed: Red Roof Inn            189
Attend: basketball-NBA regular season regulary                      261         Theme parks - Busch Gardens (Virginia/Florida)         171
Leisure activities - collecting - coins                             201         Hotels & motels: where stayed: Days Inn                151
Leisure activities - woodworking                                    180         Means of travel: bus                                   149
Leisure activities - collecting - antiques                          177         Hotels & motels: where stayed: Comfort Inn             146
Fast food & Drive-In: Long John Silvers                             168         Hotels & motels: where stayed: La Quinta Inns          131
Leisure activities - crossword puzzles                              167         Hotels & motels: where stayed: Holiday Inn             129

Shopping (Store visited)                                                        Internet
Whole Foods Market                                                  191         Visited a chat room                                    131
Jordans Furniture                                                   188         Played games online                                    120
Trader Joe’s                                                        168         Looked for employment                                  113
Costco Wholesale                                                    160         TV shows viewed last 30 days: 6+                       112
BJ’s Wholesale Club                                                 153         Obtained sports news/info                              111
Stop & Shop                                                         149         Used on-line gambling site                             109
IKEA                                                                145         Movies viewed last 30 days: 6+                         108
Source: Nielsen/MRI Fusion, Live+SD Data. 2Q11 (03/28/11-06/26/11) M-Su/6P-1A. Based P25-54.

                                                           DAYPArt vIewIng
                                                             HH                  HH            P25-54        M25-54       MF Skew (18+)
DAYPArt                        time                         AA%                (000s)          (000s)         (000)       M18+     w18+
Total Day              Mon-Sat/Su   9a-6a/6a-6a             0.52                 506             281           169         60%      40%
Prime                  Mon-Sun       8p-11p                 0.82                 797             469           279         60%      40%
Sales Prime            Mon-Sun        6p-1a                 0.73                 708             425           252         59%      41%
Daytime                Mon-Fri       10a-4p                 0.38                 365             179           110         62%      38%
Access/Fringe          Mon-Fri        4p-8p                 0.51                 491             273           166         62%      38%
Late Night             Mon-Sun       11p-3a                 0.46                 444             284           169         59%      41%
Weekend                Sat-Sun        8a-8p                 0.77                 749             375           223         59%      41%
Source: Nielsen Media Research,Live+SD Data.10/11 Full Season (09/27/10 - 09/25/11).


      ProgrAMMIng genreS: Movies, Original Series, Scripted Series, Non-Scripted Series, Entertainment, Westerns,
      Action, Horror, Drama, Family

                                       vIewer tArgeteD ProgrAMMIng
                                           Please contact AMC directly for information.

                 new ProgrAMS For 2012/PoPULAr eStAbLISHeD ProgrAMS
      Mad Men: The first cable series ever to win the Emmy® for Outstanding Drama four years in a row and hailed as
      "the best show on tv" (Rolling Stone). Jon Hamm and the rest of the award-winning ensemble continue to captivate
      as they contend with a world on the brink. Welcome to Mad Men - a shocking portrait of a time that was anything
      but innocent.
      Breaking Bad: Bryan Cranston - winner of the Emmy® for Outstanding Lead Actor three years in a row- shatters
      suburban stereotypes in his "brilliant" (The Hollywood Reporter) performance as chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin
      Walt White. As danger and suspicion around him escalates, Walt straddles two conflicting worlds; a ruthless swirl of
      drugs and a complex and emotionally fraught domestic life.
      Hell on WHeels: Hell on Wheels is the epic story of the building of the transcontinental railroad told up close.
      Through our characters, we will examine the themes of identity, revenge, reinvention of self and adapting to a quickly
      changing world. The importance of their achievement cannot be overstated. With the railroad, America as both a
      country and an idea, would be changed forever.
      THe Walking dead: Based on the bestselling comic book written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics,
      The Walking Dead tells the story of life following a zombie apocalypse as it follows a group of survivors in search of a
      safe and secure home. Executive produced by Gale Anne Hurd, who is behind renowned films like Terminator 2 and
      THe killing: The Killing ties together three distinct stories around a single murder including the detectives assigned
      to the case, the victim's grieving family and the suspects. Set in Seattle, the story also explores local politics as it
      follows politicians connected to the case. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that there are no accidents in The
      Killing. Everyone has a secret, and while the characters think they've moved on, their past isn't done with them.
      aMC FearFesT: In October, AMC is transformed into an on-air, online and on demand, buzz-worthy horror film
      festival, complete with fan debate, filmmaker commentary, and interactive viewers' choice awards. In its 15th
      consecutive year, AMC FEArFEsT is the only basic cable destination for this genre with over 336 hours of programming
      spanning 8 decades from the '30s to the '00s.
      aMC MoB Week: Mafia films have had an immeasurable impact on pop-culture and have been a rich part of
      American cinema and television. One of America’s greatest genres will get the proper respect it deserves in a week-
      long prime time marathon. AMC delivers a knockout punch each night with tightly-knit “family” films, exploring
      hierarchies of power, competition, chains of command, initiation, “business” ethics, codes of conduct and more.
      aMC War Heroes: AMC salutes real American heroes and takes a leadership position in supporting our troops -- both
      past and present -- by airing cinema’s best war stories during Memorial Day weekend. War Heroes Weekend will be
      hosted by a true hero’s hero who, along with introducing each film, will speak candidly about the American spirit and
      the meaning of Memorial Day.
      Talking dead: Get up close and personal with AMC’s hit series THE WALKING DEAD in TALKING DEAD. This half-hour
      live and interactive studio-based talk show is mandatory viewing for fans of the series. Hosted by Chris Hardwick
      (The Nerdist, Singled Out, Web Soup), the show will take the viewer deeper into the world of Rick Grimes and the
      other survivors. Designed to satisfy the hardcore fan, but also entertaining for the casual viewer, TALKING DEAD is
      the conversation every viewer will want to be a part of. While reveling in the outright fun of the series and its
      campier aspects, this post mortem also provides expert analysis and features exclusive bonus material that true fans
      will stay tuned to see.
      aMC Can'T geT enoUgH: We’re not shy about great movies, which is why each month we clear the schedule and
      treat viewers to movies they’re passionate about with Can’t Get Enough Week. One movie. One franchise. One
      special week. When they want it. AMC becomes a multiplex for a moment in prime with a title that is a proven
      ratings winner.
                                                     all dates are subject to change

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                                     Please contact AMC directly for information.

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