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Advanced techniques for the management and development of
software and business projects

 Lean thinking has spread from manufacturing to software development and its impact is significant in a number of respects.
 First of all, it has influenced the Agile movement as recognition grew of the overlap between Agile approaches and lean
 principles, reinforcing Agile and adding to Agile practices a solid foundation. Second, Lean adds new techniques to Agile
 practices, for example the idea of Kanban and in particular the combination of Kanban Scrum, which is explored in this
 Master Class. Third, Lean thinking provides a way of analyzing an organization not just from an IT perspective but from the
 business through to IT activities. Value Stream Analysis allows an organization to understand where it is today, where it
 wants to be, and provides a means of analyzing how to change and achieve the transformation. Finally, Lean thinking is a
 language that the business understands, helping bridge the language barrier between the business and its IT people.
 Agile software development practices are now in the mainstream of application methodologies and processes. The Agile
 approach has brought fresh thinking to how we should manage development projects as well as examining the core
 construction practices. As a result, techniques such as daily stand-up meetings, test driven development, continuous
 testing, pair programming, Agile estimation and the 'planning game', requirements representation as stories, use of
 whiteboard with velocity and burn-down charts are becoming common. Agile breaks from the waterfall tradition in being an
 iterative process, and unlike other iterative techniques, it has multiple layers of iterations with an emphasis on the Sprint-like
 iteration as the shortest iteration to deliver working code to the client, in a matter of weeks and not months or years.
 Adopting Agile practices involves a quite deep change, as the Agile approach has cultural aspects within the business as
 well – Agile is not just about tools and methods, but also how people collaborate at various levels, from the
 customer/business, marketing, management, the various roles in the development team, end users. With this new wave of
 changes to work practices there is the greater impact on the business – how the business can support Agile
 adoption, and how Agile practices can help the business.
 This Master Class will cover specific techniques that software development management will find are
 powerful ways of transforming their teams, delivering better software in a predictable fashion. The
 combination of Lean with Agile practices leads to a highly adaptive and flexible approach for effective
 iterative development. We find that the state-of-the-art in development today is to move away
 from a single ‘branded’ Agile process/methodology, towards a discovery of what fluid mix of
 Agile and Lean practices are most suitable to meet the needs of the particular organization or
 project – especially the latter as different project types vary widely in their characteristics.
 The Ovum Master Class on Lean and Agile Management Practices will provide delegates an
 opportunity to gain deep insight into specific Lean and Agile practices, be involved in
 exercises after each presentation for immediate reinforcement of learned material, and
 have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with other attendees.
 NB For those people who have attended previous Butler Group Agile Master Classes, this
 Ovum Master Class will offer over 90% new material.
                                                                             Michael Azoff
                                                                             Principal Analyst

                                                                                        An Ovum Master Class
                                                                                Wednesday 16 June 2010 Edinburgh
Event Format

Formal Presentations
Ovum’s Senior Analysts present the latest research and analysis on Lean and Agile Management Practices. This
enables you to gain a perspective on how the topic under discussion will impact your organisation.

Questions & Answers
You have opportunity to comment on and ask questions about the material covered at the end of each
presentation, often leading to lively debate.

Case Studies
We invite carefully selected senior executives from end-user organisations, or independent domain experts, to
share with you their practical experiences in developing the strategy or technology under discussion.

An important part of the Master Class is the opportunity for you to network with your peers, and to exchange
thoughts and experiences on the topic under discussion. This takes place both during group discussions and on a
one-to-one or one-to-few basis during breaks.

Key Themes

•   Fundamentals of managing Agile software and business development projects.

•   Application of Lean Thinking to Agile Practices.

•   Value Stream Mapping and Analysis to help transform your organization.

•   Managing costs to deliver on budget and in a predictable way.

•   When to choose one practice over another and when to combine practices, with a gentle guide through the
    processes and frameworks maze.

Benefits of Attending

    100% independent content (industry sponsorship of these events is not permitted).

    Provides access to Ovum's many years of cross-industry expertise in many major
    technology and strategy areas.

    Information sharing between groups is key and our smaller audiences facilitate greater
    networking opportunities.

To book your place, e-mail: conferences@ovum.com or call: +44 (0) 1482 608 390
Master Class Agenda                                                                                16.06.10
08.55 – 09.10   Registration

09.10 – 09.20   Welcome and Introduction

09.20 – 10.05   Lean Agile Culture: rethinking how teams work effectively – Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst, Ovum
                Brief: Introducing the ideas of Lean and how they apply to Agile practices. The impact on the business culture
                and the people aspects: effective collaboration and learning through reviews/retrospectives. Scrum will be
                introduced and discussed as a model Agile process.

10.05 – 10.35   Exercise 1
                Related group exercise to help reinforce the material presented, and stretch the delegates

10.35 – 11.20   Lean concepts in practice – Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst, Ovum
                Brief: This session examines how a few Lean changes can have a big impact: looking at Kanban applied to Agile
                development as well as hybrid projects; understanding concepts of workflow and queues and how to manage
                them effectively. The question of quality is central to Lean and Agile practices, and we examine how we
                implement a high quality process and what pitfalls to avoid.

11.20 – 11.35   Coffee Break

11.35 – 12.05   Exercise 2
                Related group exercise to help reinforce the material presented and stretch the delegates.

12.05 – 12.55   Value Stream Mapping and process analysis
                Brief: Value Stream Mapping and Analysis are techniques to apply Lean thinking to business and development
                processes in order to remove waste, improve productivity, and achieve a set of targets. This talk will guide you
                through the approach and also show how a metrics approach to process monitoring helps provides visibility into
                complex processes.

12.55 – 13.55   Lunch

13.55 – 14.25   Exercise 3
                Related group exercise to help reinforce the material presented and stretch the delegates.

14.25 – 15.10   Managing project development costs and risks – Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst, Ovum
                Brief: Managing project costs in real-time through the lifecycle, helping make better decisions as features are
                continuously prioritized, including revenue impact on the choices made. The techniques of this approach are
                examined in detail, including how to use estimation, planning, and risk assessment, and how to deliver projects
                faster to market and ensure profitable outcomes.

15.10 – 15.40   Exercise 4
                Related group exercise to help reinforce the material presented and stretch the delegates.

15.40 – 15.55   Coffee Break

15.55 – 16.40   Next Steps for Lean Agile – Tony Baer, Senior Analyst, Ovum
                Brief: Addressing the growing pains for Lean Agile as adoption scales out to enterprise projects, examining issues
                around People, Project selection, Process selection, and Agile development beyond small groups. The
                presentation will assess Agile in context of wider frameworks and standards such as CMMI, PRINCE:2009, ITIL
                version 3, PMBOK, Six Sigma, Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) for Agile Software, RUP, EssUP, and look
                at process-support tools.

16.40 – 17.00   Forum Debate: The Master Class will conclude with an open discussion of the day’s topics and Q&A.

17.00           Close

This Master Class will focus on devising practical strategies for deploying Lean and Agile Management Practices
to help the organisation gain greater insight for business efficiency, agility and improved performance.

To book your place, e-mail: conferences@ovum.com or call: +44 (0) 1482 608 390
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