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Mission Statement
Our Mission                   4   Head Start / Early Head Start
Our Vision
Our Values
Operating Principles
                                  Youth Services
Board of Directors
2010-2011 Board               5
2011-2012 Board                   Family Life Services
Message from the President
and Chief Executive Officer       Health Care For All
Year In Numbers               7   Annual Fund
                                                                  17   Educates Children,
Adult Services
                              8                                         Strengthens Families
Community & Supportive
Services                      9   Development &
                                  Communications                  22       Builds Community

    O UR M ISSION , V ISION                                           AND   V ALUES
    Our Mission                                                        Remaining true to our time-
    Kingsley House educates children, strengthens families and
    builds community.                                                  honored tradition at Kingsley
    Our Vision                                                         House, we are committed to
    Kingsley House is dedicated to improving the quality of life in
    Southeast Louisiana by collaboratively working with others to      working together with
    build a comprehensive system of services and resources that
    meet the needs of our recovering community.                        communities to assess their
                                                                       needs and find effective
    Our Values
    We are committed to:                                               solutions to meet them.
     Integrity and excellence
     Best practices and evidence-based programs                        While specific programs have
     True partnerships with our participants and community
     Cultural sensitivity and diversity                                changed throughout the

    Operating Principles                                               years, our dedication to
    We provide:                                                        enhancing the quality of life in
     Nationally accredited and recognized programs that provide
     positive results in a nurturing environment                       our community continues to
     Education and advocacy on issues affecting children,
     families and community                                            shape our mission, vision and
     Fiscally responsible programs and agency operations
     A focus on measuring results and documenting success              values.

B OARD                OF        D IRECTORS
The Board of Directors at Kingsley House consists of a diverse group of community leaders who                               2010-2011 Board of Directors with Magic Johnson
support our mission and endeavors. We thank them for their steadfast dedication and support.

Board of Directors                                           Board of Directors
2010-2011                                                    2011-2012
Margaret Montgomery-Richard, President                       Margaret Montgomery-Richard, President
Melanie Bronfin, First Vice President                        Melanie Bronfin, First Vice President
Richard J. “Dickie” Brennan, Jr., Treasurer                  Richard J. “Dickie” Brennan, Jr., Treasurer
Charles L. Rice, Jr., Vice President                         Charles L. Rice, Jr., Vice President
Kit Fritchie, Secretary                                      Kit Fritchie, Secretary
Margaret L. “Margi” Sunkel, Immediate Past President         Margaret L. “Margi” Sunkel, Immediate Past President
Darryl Barrett                     Sheldon Lykes             Diane Africk                         Sheldon Lykes             Immediate Past Board President Margi Sunkel presenting staff
Jerry Bonds                        Jeanette H. Magnus        Darryl Barrett                       Nicole Major              member Keionne Jackson with an award at the 2011 Annual
Sheldon F. “Skip” Brechtel         Michael Marsiglia         Jerry Bonds                          Michael Marsiglia
Sheila Burns                       Lynn Smallpage Morgan     Sheldon F. “Skip” Brechtel           Lynn Smallpage Morgan
Rebecca Conwell                    Lori Ochsner              Sheila Burns                         Richard J. Roth III
Karen A. Dunn                      Frank L. Stansbury, Jr.   Rebecca Conwell                      Frank L. Stansbury, Jr.
Octave J. “Todd” Francis           Roderic F. Teamer, Sr.    Karen A. Dunn                        Roderic F. Teamer, Sr.
Candice Gatlin                     Miles Channing Thomas     Octave J. “Todd” Francis             Miles Channing Thomas
Moylan Feild “Fritz” Gomila, Jr.   Joel Vilmenay             Moylan Feild “Fritz” Gomila, Jr.     Joel Vilmenay
Ryan Gootee                        Jeffery Waltz             Ryan Gootee                          Jeffery Waltz
Bill Hammack                       K. Orian Williams         Bill Hammack                         K. Orian Williams
Henry L. Hudson                    W. Michael Wilson         Henry Hudson                         W. Michael Wilson
S. Mark Klyza                                                Russell B. Jones III                 Board Interns:
William L. Kohlmann                                          S. Mark Klyza                        Gregory Brumfield Jr.
                                                             William L. Kohlmann                  Mark Minutaglio
                                                                                                                            Board Treasurer Richard J. “Dickie” Brennan, Jr. having
                                                                                                                            lunch with Adult Services Participant Doris Blanchard

                                 F ROM          THE        P RESIDENT & C HIEF E XECUTIVE O FFICER
                                 January 2012
    Margaret M. Richard, Ph.D.
                                 Dear Friends,
                                    When              on     2010-2011                                                    The
                                 visitors and events to our campus. Kingsley House is home to the State of Louisiana’s only Magic Johnson Community
                                 Empowerment Center, a state of the art technology center with 24 personal computers that our participants and community
                                 groups use for word processing, internet research and computer skills training. This past year, the legendary Magic Johnson
                                 Johnson, along with Kingsley House teen participants, showed off the center’s new abilities at a press conference where they
                                 skyped in and interacted with our U.S. Troops in Afghanistan. It was a wonderful experience for our staff, board members
                                 and participants, and we are grateful to Magic Johnson and Best Buy.
                                    A new special event also launched this past year. Kingsley House hosted its inaugural Get Fired Up for Kingsley House
                                                                                                                            of New            The         of
                                 the event was to raise awareness of Kingsley House and our mission to young professionals. With the help of our partners,
                                 300 young area professionals attended. It is now an annual event for Kingsley House, which continues to raise awareness and
    Keith H. Liederman, Ph.D.    support for our high quality, nationally accredited programs and services.
                                    And, to top this amazing year off, as the New Orleans Museum of Art celebrated its Centennial anniversary, Kingsley
                                 House celebrated too. NOMA selected Kingsley House to participate in their beautiful Art in Bloom exhibit as one of the
                                        100                         We were                                               our 115
                                 guests of the museum.
                                    Everyday, Kingsley House has a reason to celebrate. In the pages that follow, you will see the impact of our programs
                                 on nearly 7,000 children and families in Southeast Louisiana. We know that you share our intense pride and passion for the
                                 extraordinary work of Kingsley House and thank you for your steadfast support and friendship.
                                    With our sincere thanks and gratitude,

                                 Margaret M. Richard, Ph.D.                        Keith H. Liederman, Ph.D.

                                                                                                                                                             PARISHES WE SERVE

Y EAR I N N UMBERS                                                                                                                                                 Jefferson
                                                                                                                                      Resettlement &
                                                                                                                                       Recovery 5%
REVENUE SOURCES: FISCAL YEAR 2010-2011                                                                                                                        St. John the Baptist
Self Support                    $409,000                 6%                                     Family
Fees & Grants: Government     $4,541,000                65%                                    Center 1%       and Fundraising
                                                                                                                                                                  St. Charles
Fees & Grants: Non-government   $910,000                13%                                                                                 Head Start 21%
Program Service Fees            $123,000                 2%                                            Adult Services 10%                                          St. James
Investment Income               $305,000                 4%                               Health Care
                                                                                          For All 2%
Miscellaneous Revenue            $92,000                 1%                            Community and
                                                                                     Supportive Services
                                                                                                                                  Early Head Start                Ascension
United Way                      $592,000                 9%                                  5%
                                                                                                                    Family        21%
TOTAL                              $6,972,000
                                                                                                  Meals 4%         Services Youth
                                                                                                                     10% Services

              Hispanic 3%                                                                                               65 and older – 4%


                                                                                                        35 to 64 – 16%
                                                                                                                                     0 to 5 – 21%
                                                                                                                                                                  St. Bernard
                                                                         Male 41%
                                                                                                                                                                 St. Tammany
                                                Female 59%                                             18 to 34 – 24%
           African American
                                                                                                                                   6 to 17 – 35%
                                                             75% Orleans Parish

                                                             7% Jefferson Parish

                                                             6% St. John Parish

                                                             2% St. Charles Parish

                                                             10% Other

    Quick Facts:                              Program Funders:                               The program focuses on reducing
     Adult Services provides a full day,        Louisiana Department of Health and        isolation and promoting independence,
     full year Adult Day Health Care and        Hospitals                                 positive health and well-being among
     Senior Citizen Center, licensed by the     New Orleans Council on Aging              our participants. We also support
     State of Louisiana Department of           United Way of Southeast Louisiana         caregivers by offering a safe,
     Health and Hospitals to serve 84           Veterans Administration                   stimulating and productive environment
     senior citizens and medically fragile                                                for their loved ones while they are at
     adults.                                                                              work. Adult Services participants and
     The goal of the Adult Services
                                              Contact Information:                        families see Kingsley House as their
                                              Paul Metoyer, LMSW                          home away from home.
     program is to prevent social isolation
                                              Program Director                               Participants receive two nutritious
     and enhance the physical and mental
                                              pmetoyer@kingsleyhouse.org                  meals and a healthy snack each day,
     health of our participants by
                                              504-523-6221 ext. 131                       along with on-site health monitoring
     providing comprehensive services
     that support their health, nutrition,                                                provided by our nursing staff. Social
                                                Our Adult Services program provides       workers provide ongoing case
     social and recreational needs.
                                              year round day care for senior citizens     management and support for
     Services are available to seniors aged
                                              and medically fragile adults.               participants and their families. Adult
     60 and over and medically fragile
                                                Participants enjoy stimulating social     Services program services are available
     adults aged 18 and over.
                                              and recreational activities in a safe and   to residents of Orleans and Jefferson
                                              stable environment, including weekly        Parishes. Transportation is available.
    Impact:                                   bingo games, arts and crafts, music,
     80% of participants’ health improved,    field trips to community and cultural
     was maintained at an appropriate         activities and birthday celebrations.
     level or overall health deterioration    Some exciting events of the past year
     was delayed.                             included a talent show, fashion show
     100% of participants live with           and Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day
     families in safe, healthy and            Balls.
     supportive environments.

Quick Facts:
 Community and Supportive Services (CSSP) provides           homebuyer’s preparation, parent support and enrichment
 case management services and facilitates community          groups, health and nutrition, and effective communications.
 building and educational activities for Columbia Parc
 at the Bayou District residents and former St. Bernard     Program Funders:
 Public Housing residents.                                   Columbia Residential
 The goal of the program is to support residents’ self-      Capital One
 support and strengthen the capacities of individuals and   Contact Information:
Impact:                                                     504-523-6221 ext 125
 409 families (totaling 945 individuals) participated in
 case management services and were linked to needed
                                                                The Kingsley House Community and Supportive Service
 community resources, including: job readiness training,
                                                            Program (CSSP) works with former St. Bernard Housing
 employment placement, rental and utility assistance,
                                                            Development residents, residents of the newly redeveloped
 parent support groups, tutoring, academic support and
                                                            Columbia Parc at the Bayou District neighborhood, and
 enrichment activities for youth, resources for senior
                                                            the surrounding Gentilly community, providing an array
 citizens, disaster preparedness and various family
                                                            of supportive services, in conjunction with our community
 support services.
                                                            partners, designed to strengthen and support families and
 Residents participated in 1,010 hours of resident
                                                            build community.
 engagement/community building activities, including:
                                                                The Community and Supportive Services Program hosts
 movie night, resident bingo, fall and spring festivals,
                                                            or facilitates trainings and educational sessions for residents,
 night out against crime, arts and crafts, Boy and Girl
 Scout Troops and parent appreciation events.
 Residents participated in 602 hours of training and
                                                            addition, CSSP conducts year-round resident engagement and
 educational activities, including: child development
                                                            community building events.

     Quick Facts:                               cognitive, language, self-help, social       Our nationally accredited, state
      Our Head Start and Early Head             and emotional skills.                              Head Start and Early Head
      Start Programs are Class A licensed       95% of three and four year olds met      Start programs provide a dynamic,
      through the State of Louisiana            their developmental milestones in the    comprehensive array of academic and
      256 students, ages six weeks to           areas of cognitive, communication,       social enrichment activities, along with
      years old, are currently enrolled in      personal, social and motor skills        essential health and supportive services
      our center based child development                  as key components for          for 296 children and their families at
      program and Family Childcare              school readiness.                        no cost to them. We are expanding
      Program; and 40 additional Head           Kingsley House provided 50,274           our program to include 70 additional
      Start children are served at our Asia     hours of safe and stimulating full-day   children to meet the increasing demand
      Baptist Church site, located adjacent     child development services.              for high quality child development
      to Columbia Parc at the Bayou             80% of Head Start parents either         services.
      District in Gentilly.                     worked full-time outside of the home,        Classrooms are arranged in an
      Parental involvement is required to       or were enrolled in school. 90%          environment conducive to learning
      fully engage parents in their child’s     of Early Head Start parents either       through the experience of play by
      educational activities.                   worked full-time outside of the home,    utilizing hands-on exploration and
      Our high quality early childhood          or were enrolled in school.              interaction. To guide instruction, the
      development programs are designed                                                  teaching staff use an evidence-based
      to give children and their families     Program Funders:                           and developmentally appropriate
      the tools they need to succeed and      Total Community Action                     curriculum, Creative Curriculum.
      become                  and life-long   United Way of Southeast Louisiana              Our low student to teacher ratio
      learners.                                                                          allows the staff to individualize
                                              Contact Information:                       instruction to meet the diverse needs of
                                                                                         each child.
     Impact:                                  Kecia L. Wright, M.Ed                          Both programs require parent
      100% of infants and 98% of toddlers     kwright@kingsleyhouse.org                  participation in building the academic
      met their developmental milestones in   504-523-6221 ext. 152                      foundations of their children
      the areas of: gross motor,   motor,
                                                                                         through monthly meetings, ongoing

communication, planned center               We were awarded four stars on May 27, 2011 from the
activities and other activities that aid
parents on how to advocate for their        Louisiana Quality Start Program. Quality Start is a voluntary
child and increase their knowledge of
their child's growth and developmental      program for licensed child care centers designed to
needs. Each week, parents receive
newsletters updating them on                increase the quality of child care and early learning for all
educational activities and special events
                                            children throughout Louisiana. Both Class A and Class
planned in the center. The programs
support the children and their families     B centers may choose to participate and earn up to five
by serving as a safe and stimulating
full day, year round Early Childhood        stars based on meeting standards established for program,
Development Center.
    There are two initial prerequisites     staff qualifications, administration practices, and family and
for entry into the Head Start and Early
Head Start Programs: a) the age of the      community involvement. We are also the only Head Start
child and b) income eligibility based
on the Federal Poverty Guidelines.          and Early Head Start programs in the State of Louisiana
Infants and toddlers, ages six weeks to
                                            accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Children and
two years old, are eligible for the Early
Head Start Program and children, ages       Family Services, the largest accrediting body for social and
three to      years old, are eligible for
the Head Start Program. We actively         human services in the world.
recruit children with disabilities for
participation in the program.

     Quick Facts:                             Summer Program
      Youth Services offers high quality       97% of participants improved from      Collaborative
      out-of-school time programs for          pre to posttest or maintained a        United Way of Southeast Louisiana
      youth, ages 5 - 17.                      score of 80% or higher in English
      Our goal is to understand and            and Language Arts throughout the     Contact Information:
      support the physical, social and         summer.                              Adrian Todd
      emotional development of our             97% of participants improved
      children and youth by building           from pre to posttest or maintained   atodd@kingsleyhouse.org
      their cognitive, creative, behavioral    a score of 80% or higher in Math     504-523-6221 ext. 125
      and academic competencies critical       throughout the summer.
      to lifelong success.                     86% of participants improved            Kingsley House’s Youth Services
      Last year, over 500 youth                or maintained a score of 75% or      Department consists of three
      participated in the Afterschool,         higher from pre to posttest for      programs: After School, Teen and
      Teen and Summer Camp programs.           substance abuse prevention.          Summer Camp. The goal of these
                                               79% of participants improved         programs is to understand and support
     Impact:                                   or maintained a score of 75% or
      87% of participants improved their                                            youth in their physical, social and
                                               higher from pre to posttest for      emotional development by building
      academic performance from the 1st
                                               violence prevention.                 their cognitive, creative, behavioral
      to 4th quarter or maintained an “A”
      or “B” in reading.                                                            and academic competencies.
      92% of participants improved their      Program Funders:                         Activities do not simply focus on
      academic performance from 1st to         Blue Cross Blue Shield of            improving test scores and passing
      4th quarter or maintained an “A” or      Louisiana                            high stakes exams but, perhaps even
      “B” in language arts.                    Louisiana Commission on Law          more importantly, we help youth to
      62% of participants improved             Enforcement                          develop a positive sense of self and
      from pre to posttest or maintained       New Orleans Recreation               kinship to the community, as well
      a score of 80% or higher in              Department Commission                as nurturing their capacities to make
      awareness and understanding of           Trinity Episcopal Church - Vincent   responsible and healthy choices.
      substance abuse and effective            Memorial Legacy Fund
      methods of prevention.

    The program emphasizes                After School Program                      Summer Camp Program
cultivating respect for self and              Our Youth Services After School           Our summer camp is an 8 week
others, and guiding young people          Program operates until 6 p.m. each        full day camp. Participants rotate
toward success in school and in life,     school day at Benjamin Franklin           through various classes: Math,
especially young people vulnerable        Elementary School in Uptown New           English/Language Arts, computer,
to negative             and          in   Orleans. Students receive daily           dance, creative arts, substance abuse
their neighborhoods.                      homework assistance, individual and       and violence prevention education,
    All Youth Services programs           small group tutoring, creative arts and   anger management and indoor and
include substance abuse and               recreational activities. This program     outdoor structured recreational
violence prevention education             is available only to Ben Franklin         activities. Participants also attend
groups, facilitated by Master’s level     students.                                            to     and
counselors and social workers. Not                                                  locations throughout the area.
only do youth learn about the dangers                                               Children ages 5 to 12 are eligible for
of alcohol, drugs and tobacco use but,
                                          Teen Program
                                              Throughout the year, our Teen         this program.
more importantly, the groups foster
                                          Program provides highly structured
healthy coping and decision making
                                          academic enrichment, creative
skills, build self-esteem, teach youth
                                          arts, and recreational activities to
how to keep safe from harm and
                                          youth, most of whom reside in the
provide a supportive outlet for them
                                          surrounding neighborhood. Teens
to discuss the many pressures they
                                          have full access to our historic
face on a daily basis that make them
                                          gymnasium, several classrooms,
vulnerable to all types of negative
                                          courtyard and Magic Johnson
behavior and abuse.
                                          Foundation Technology Center.

     Quick Facts:                              Resettlement and Recovery:                   Louisiana Department of Health and
       Family Life Services provides             Services were provided to 878              Hospitals
       counseling, truancy intervention and      individuals.                               Methodist Health Systems
       life skills education to support and      88% of participants made                   Foundation
       enhance family and individual             positive changes in their emotional        United Way of Southeast Louisiana
       functioning and improve overall           well-being and ability to maintain         United Way of St. John the Baptist
       well being.                               a healthy and supportive living            Parish
       Last year, Family Life programs           environment.
       served more than 1,000 individuals      Multi-Systemic Therapy:                    Contact Information:
       and families.                             Services were provided to 61 families.   Stephen Ball, LPC-S, LMFT
                                                 93% of families served exhibited         Clinical Director
     Impact:                                     improvement in Parenting Skills to       sball@kingsleyhouse.org
     Family Preservation Services:               handle future problems.                  504-523-6221 ext. 168
       Family Preservation served 105            100% improved family relations.          Family Preservation Services
       families.                                 90% showed improved network of           Josie Goodrow, LPC, Clinical Supervisor
       94% of these families remained            supports.                                jgoodrow@kingsleyhouse.org
       intact.                                   93% of youth became involved with        504-523-6221 ext. 173
       Family Preservation Services              pro-social peers/activities.             504-415-7295 (cell)
       assesses progress across     critical     90% of families served demonstrated      Resettlement and Recovery
       domains of family functioning             sustainment of positive change           Counseling Services
       and well-being, using the North           following MST services.                  Cheryl Bowie, LMSW
       Carolina Family Assessment Scale                                                   Clinical Supervisor
       at the beginning and end of services.   Program Funders:                           cbowie@kingsleyhouse.org
       Substantial improvement or stability      Annie E. Casey Foundation                504-240-2264
       was indicated across all 5 domains        Catholic Charities – Spirit of Hope      540-333-2916 (cell)
       for over 88% of families following        Project                                  Multi-Systemic Therapy Services
       program intervention.                     Louisiana Children’s Trust Fund          Stephen Ball LPC-S, LMFT
                                                 Louisiana Department of Children         Clinical Director
                                                 and Family Services                      sball@kingsleyhouse.org
                                                                                          504-523-6221 ext. 168

                                                                                                                                Our programs provide
                                                                                                                                individual, family
                                                                                                                                counseling, life skills
                                                                                                                                education, parenting,
                                                                                                                                and communication skills
Family Life                               Family Preservation                        Parishes. Master’s level social workers    to reduce and eliminate
                                                                                     and counselors assist individuals and
Services Department                          Family Preservation Services is a
                                                                                     families with learning the skills needed
   The Family Life Services               nationally established evidence-based
                                                                                     to become their own best problem           child abuse and neglect,
Department offers 3 distinct behavioral   counseling program that provides a
                                                                                     solvers, communicate more effectively
and mental health counseling programs:    comprehensive array of home-based                                                     domestic violence and
                                                                                     and improve their overall well-being,
Family Preservation Services,             and intensive services for families at
                                                                                     so that they can effectively manage
                                          imminent risk of having a child(ren)
Re-settlement and Recovery
                                          removed from their home due to severe
                                                                                     their major challenges and prevent         other factors posing risk.
Counseling, and Multi-Systemic                                                       more serious risk from occurring. The
Therapy. Our programs provide             child abuse and/or neglect. Master’s
                                                                                     program also conducts life skills groups
individual, family counseling, life       level social workers and counselors
                                                                                     for students in several partner schools
skills education, parenting and           help participants learn effective and
                                                                                     throughout the region.
communication skills to reduce and        appropriate parenting, communication
eliminate child abuse and neglect,        and
                                          strengthen their families and keep their   Multi-Systemic Therapy
domestic violence and other factors                                                     Multi-Systemic Therapy is an
posing risk. Counseling can either        children safe. Family Preservation
                                          Services are provided by Kingsley          intensive therapeutic program that
take place at one of Kingsley House’s                                                works with juvenile offenders, ages
multiple locations throughout Southeast   House to residents in the 12 Southeast
                                          Louisiana parishes.                        11 – 17 years old, their families and
Louisiana or at the individual or                                                    communities. This highly effective,
family’s home. Services are designed                                                 evidence-based program provides
to support and enhance family and         Resettlement and Recovery                  3 – 5 months of home-based counseling
individual functioning and improve        Counseling                                 for families in St. John the Baptist,
overall well-being. During FY 10/11,         Our Resettlement and Recovery           St. James and St. Charles Parishes.
the Family Life counseling programs       Counseling program offers early            Master’s level social workers and
served more than 1,000 individuals and    intervention and preventive counseling     counselors work with families to help
families.                                 and supportive services to individuals     behaviorally challenged youth remain
                                          and families residing in Orleans,          safely at home, in school, and out of
                                          Jefferson, Plaquemines and St. Bernard     trouble.

     Quick Facts:                                                       The Health Care For All program is dedicated to
      Health Care For All promotes awareness of and access          reaching out to families and connecting them with
      to health care, mental health support, nutrition and other    essential health and nutritional resources and other needed
      supportive services for the greater New Orleans population.   supportive services.
      Helps individuals and families enroll in Medicaid,                Since its inception in 1999, Health Care For All (HCFA)
      LaCHIP and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance                  has enrolled nearly 10,000 individuals in Medicaid/
      Programs.                                                     LaCHIP, more than 6,800 individuals and families in
                                                                    Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs and helped
     Impact:                                                        more than 1,000 households replace vital documents lost
      Completed 1,084 community health assessments.                 during Hurricane Katrina.
      Assisted 591 individuals and families with Supplemental           The staff, known in the community as “Walker/Talkers,”
      Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) enrollment.               conduct door-to-door family needs assessments to identify
      Enrolled 186 individuals in Medicaid health insurance         individuals and families that qualify for these services
      program.                                                      and assist them in successfully completing the necessary
      Facilitated 5 parent support groups.                          application forms. The HCFA strategy of employing
                                                                    neighborhood residents and utilizing the “neighbor to
     Program Funders:                                               neighbor” approach has yielded consistent and tremendous
      Annie E. Casey Foundation                                               for    program               and
      Baptist Community Ministries                                      In addition to these services, Health Care For All
      Methodist Health Systems Foundation                           staff refer individuals and families in need of other types
      United Way of Southeast Louisiana                             of social services assistance to appropriate programs at
      Share Our Strength                                            Kingsley House and other partner agencies. Health Care
                                                                    For All program services are available in Orleans Parish.

     Contact Information:
     Stephen Ball LPC-S, LMFT
     Clinical Director
     504-523-6221 ext. 168

                                                                                                                     Thank You
At Kingsley House, we appreciate all contributions regardless of scale. Each donation makes a                         for your
difference in the lives of children, families and communities we serve and we would like to recognize
the following individuals and organizations for their generous support during the 2010-2011 Fiscal Year.
                                                                                                                  generous support
Mr. and Mrs. Hirschel T. Abbott, Jr.      Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Ball       Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Braunig
Abraham Productions, LLC                  Mr. and Mrs. William F. Banta   Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon F. Brechtel, Jr.
Reverend Jesse R. Adams, Jr.
Mr. Lee R. Adler
                                          Baptist Community Ministries
                                          Stephanie Barksdale
                                                                          Ms. Lisa Brener
                                                                          Ms. Gloria R. Bridges
                                                                                                                       for the
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Adler             Toya Barnes-Teamer              Mr. and Mrs. Creed Brierre
Diane Africk                              Mr. and Mrs. Cameron B. Barr    Ms. Jody Ann Briggs
Al Bourgeois Plumbing and Heating, LLC    Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Barrett     Mr. James A. Brignac                    vitally important
Alchemy Entertainment                     Todd A. Battiste                Dr.     Mrs.
Christopher J.                            Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Beery    Mr.     Mrs.           A.
Leonard Alsfeld
Ms. Laura Anderson
                                          Lauren Jacobs Benjamin
                                          Ms. Ann V. Bennett
                                                                          Mr. Fred
                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Brown
                                                                                                                      work of
Ms. Brittany Andrews                      Kathleen Berni                  Gregory            Jr.
Dr. Kathy Richard Andrews                 Julia Bland                     Burkedale Foundation
Dana Ascani                                                   LLC         Renata Campbell                         Kingsley House.
Collin Avery                              Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Boh      E. Capowich
Tiki Axelrod                              Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Bohn     Mr. and Mrs. Claude J. Carbo, Jr.
Bryon and Leah Badger                     Mr. Jerry D. Bonds              Martha L. Castillo
Judge and Mrs. Michael G. Bagneris        Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bories   Mr. and Mrs. D. B.H. Chaffe III
Robert C. Baird, Jr.                      Marguerite Bouchner             Mr. Kevin J. Chesnut
Mrs. William A. Baker, Jr.                Ms. Gladys J. Boudoin           Robert and Ellen Cisco
Mr. and Mrs. William Anderson Baker III   Mr. and Mrs. Andre L. Boutté                              (Continued)

                     A NNUAL F UND C AMPAIGN
                     Michelle R. Clay                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ewy              Ms. Theresa K. Gioia

   At Kingsley       McKenzie Coco
                     Dr. and Mrs. Edward S. Connolly
                                                        Mrs. Daisy B. Fant
                                                        Ms. Daina Farthing and
                                                                                             Give With Liberty
                                                                                             Louis A. and Lillian L. Glazer
                     Mr. and Mrs. William B. Conway        Dr. George Capowich                  Family Foundation, Inc.
                     Ms. Rebecca Conwell                Mr. and Mrs. D. Blair Favrot         Mr. and Mrs. Brian Glorioso
       House,        Brenda J. Cox                      Barbara M. Fitz-Hugh                 Goldring Family Foundation
                     Creative Artists Agency            Ashleigh Flower                      Mr. and Mrs. Moylan F. Gomila, Jr.
                     Mr. and Mrs. Craig Cuccia          Mr. Harold Forman                    Good Search

 we appreciate       Marshall J. and Debra C. Daniel
                     Karen V. Darensbourg
                                                        Mr. and Mrs. George J. Fowler III
                                                        Fox Family Foundation
                                                                                             Heather Goodwin
                                                                                             Mr. Ryan Gootee
                     Cynthia Davis                      Mr. Octave J. Francis                Elaine Gootee
                     Richard and Ina Davis              Ms. Lucy Frank                       Elizabeth H. Gray
all contributions.   Ms. Kathan Dearman                 Mr. and Mrs. George C. Freeman III   Greater New Orleans Foundation
                     Mr. Charles M. Delbaum and         Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer J. Freiberg      Sarah Beth Greenberg
                        Ms. Marjorie E. Kornhauser      Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Friedman     Mark S. Greenberg
                     Mr. and Mrs. George Denegre, Jr.   Mrs. Lorraine C. Friedrichs          Ms. Marion Greenup
                     Design The Planet                  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Friend        Group Insurance Associates
                     Mr. Michael Diecidue               Mr. and Mrs. Gus A. Fritchie         Mr. and Mrs. George Griswold II
                     Downman Family Foundation          Miss Katherine P. Gage               Aimee Grubbs
                     Ms. Shirley Dumas                  Abigail F. Gaunt                     Victoria L. Gruntz
                     Ms. Orelia Duvernay                Mr. Arthur Geary                     Linda H. Guider
                     Ms. Lin Emery                      A. L. Geary                          Gustaf Westfeldt McIlhenny Family
                     Entergy New Orleans                Ann and Jim Geary                       Foundation
                     Quinn Eubanks                      Carol S. Gernon                      Dominique Harris
                     Robin Evans                        Ms. Kristina Gibson

  A NNUAL F UND C AMPAIGN                                                                                                 Each donation
Mr. John L. Haspel and                   Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kohlmann      Ms. Geraldine Makofsky
   Mrs. Amy Gainsburgh-Haspel            Miss Eleanor Kohlmeyer                Stephen A. Malley                            makes a
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Heller            Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Kolb           Marsiglia Construction Company
Mary Herren                              Marjorie E. Kornhauser                Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Marsiglia
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Hess
Karl J. Hill
                                         Mr. Thomas Krentel
                                         Ruth S. Kullman
                                                                               August V. Martens
                                                                               Dr. and Mrs. David H. Martin
Mr. Philip Holland                       Mrs. Elizabeth M. Landis              Ms. Joy A. Maurice
Lloyd Huck                               Mr. and Mrs. John Landrum             Sonja A. McCarthy
Reverend Henry L. Hudson                 Edward and Julie Landry               Mr. and Mrs. Stanley McDermott, Jr.         in the lives
Ms. Leslie Depass Jackson                Mr. and Mrs. Clyde H. LeBlanc         Sharon Barthelemy McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Jackson         Dr. Louis P. LeBlanc, Jr.             Thomas McEachin
Mr. Scott B. and Mrs. Leslie R. Jacobs
Gilda Johnson
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Zachary K. Lemann
                                         Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Lewis
                                                                               Amanda McFillen
                                                                               Thomas McMahon
                                                                                                                           of children,
Mr. and Mrs. Hans A. B. Jonassen         Keith, Luanne and Camille Liederman   Tammy O. McQueen
Donald Jones                             Mr. Larry H. Liederman                Claire P. Meaney
Jennifer Jones                           Mr. Larry S. Liederman                Adrian Mendez                               families and
Jump 21 Productions, LLC                 Steve and Janice Liederman            Dr. and Mrs. Alvin S. Merlin
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Kadden             Ms. Toby Liederman                    Mr. and Mrs. William M. Metcalf, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Joann Katz
Emily Kellam
                                         Ms. Wendy Liederman
                                         Mr. Joseph Lodwick
                                                                               Steven Michel
                                                                               Mrs. Elizabeth P. Miles
Claire Kellam                            Looper LLC                            Patricia S. Miller
Ms. Anita L. Kimmons                     Lana B. Lovick                        Ms. Elizabeth N. Milton
Suzanne Butler and Stephen M. Klyza      Ms. Anne Lowenburg                    Mr. Derek A. Mitchell                        we serve.
Mr. and Mrs. David Knowles               Ms. Sheldon Lykes                     ML Management Associates, Inc.
Mrs. Jane N. Kohlmann                    Mr. and Mrs. William Lykes            Dr. Margaret Montgomery-Richard

     Mr. and Mrs. James Mooney             Ms. Geraldine Pierre                   Mrs. Rosemary G. Ryan
     Mr. David B. Moore                    Ms. Alexia Pierre                      Savory LLC
     Mrs. Betty Moran                      Ms. Jessie Pope                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schenk
     Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Moreau        Reimer Priester                        Eric Scher and Barbara Stone
     Mr. and Mrs. Digges Morgan III        Judith Prince                          Schonekas, Evans, McGoey &
     Mr. David William Morris              Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Pulitzer           McEachin, LLC
     Edith H. Mossy                        Mrs. Phyllis Hutton Raabe              Sedna Films
     Ms. Yolanda T. Motley                 Kathy Rabin                            Mr. and Mrs. David Sharkey
     Mary Lee Murphy                       Bruce W. Rafferty                      Mr. Jonathan S. Shelley
     Mrs. Joel G. Myers and                Ms. Shawanda D. Raphael                Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Shreves
        M. Bert Myers, M.D.                Marceau Ratard                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Siegel
     Mr. and Mrs. Slater E. Newman         Phillip Rebowe                         Carolyn H. Simmons
     New Orleans Hornets                   Dorothy F. Reese                       Simons Foundation
     New Orleans On Stage, LLC             Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Reily           Mr. Charles Simonson
     Mr. Ronald Newson                     Simeon B. Reimonenq, Jr.               Mr. and Mrs. I. William Sizeler
     Dr. and Mrs. John L. Ochsner, Jr.     Laurie Ricchiuti                       Mr. Todd C. Smith
     Mr. and Mrs. Henry O'Connor, Jr.      The Reverend and Mrs. Hill C. Riddle   Mr. Z E. Smith
     Mr. and Mrs. John F. Olinde           Mark J. Ripple                         Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Smith
     Larry and Naomi Orlansky              Mr. and Mrs. William S. Rippner        Mr. and Mrs. Sam Spalitta
     Ms. Donna Paramore                    River Boat Productions LLC             Brandon Speed
     Mr. William M. Hammack and            Tanisha Robinson                       Ms. Susan Staley
        Mrs. Janice Parmelee               Mrs. James C. Roddy                    Mr. Frank Stansbury
     Richard C. Pavlick                    Mrs. Elka Rosenzweig                   Pamela Stanton
     Payton’s Play It Forward Foundation   Vincent J. Rossmeier                   Suzanne Starr
     Kristin Phillips                      Colleen Rush                           Mr. and Mrs. Robert Steeg

Mrs. Maurice Stern                       Mr. and Mrs. Miles C. Thomas      Tracie L. Washington
Ms. Joanna Sternberg                     Paulette Thompson                 Mr. and Mrs. Warren Kearny Watters
Ms. Sara B. Stone                        Mrs. Adrian Y. Todd               Alyssa E. Wenck
Mr. and Mrs. J. Walker Sullivan, Jr.     Trapolin Architects               Mr. Mike Whalen
Dr. Erik Sundell                         Matthew A. Treuting               Mrs. Donna Whalen Little
Ms. Margaret L. Sunkel                   Mr. and Mrs. Steve Usdin          Aimee E. Willem
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Sunkel            Valero St. Charles                John C. Williams
Mr. Gregory A. Sunkel                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Van Horn     Ms. Elizabeth V. Williams
Adam Swensek and Elizabeth Carter        Ms. Daisy M. Vandenburgh          Luella T. Williams
Torrence L. Taylor                       Ms. Stella M. Vasquez             Mrs. Louaunne Williams-Gilyot
Mr. Roderic F. Teamer, Sr.               Tyronne Walker                    Mr. and Mrs. Willie
Henry M. Teles                           Sean Walleck                          "Michael" and Dominique Wilson
The Fore!Kids Foundation                 Mrs. Eileen B. Wallen             Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wogan
The Kullman Firm                         Amy Walters                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Wolf
The Lucky Ladle                          Ms. Stevia M. Walther             Mr. and Mrs. William E. Wright, Jr.
The William Randolph Hearst Foundation   Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery J. Waltz     Ms. Caroline Wright
Mr. Larry Thibodeaux, Sr.                Jody Waltz                        Elia D. Yeager
Mr. James W. Thokey                      Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.   Mrs. Christopher Brooks Young
                                                                           Mr. Mark Zetzmann

              If we have overlooked your name, please accept our sincerest apology
                 and advise the Development Department, 504-523-6221, ext. 127

Representative Neil Abramson, Kim Abramson, JLNO
                                                            D EVELOPMENT & C OMMUNICATIONS D EPARTMENT
Luetkemeier, former JLNO President and Tiana Christopher,
JLNO Community Affairs Vice-Chair.                           Goals:                                                              The Development and Communications Department
                                                               To solicit and gather           support and other gifts       raises funds and awareness for Kingsley House.
                                                               in-kind by requesting donations from individuals,             Methods for achieving these goals include direct
                                                               businesses, charitable foundations and governmental           mailings, personal solicitations, grants, and special
                                                               agencies.                                                     events.
                                                               To attract new supporters to Kingsley House each year.            Kingsley House hosted its second annual
                                                               To increase visibility and recognition of Kingsley House in   Friendraising Luncheon in April 2011. The theme
                                                               a clear and concise fashion among various target audiences.   was “Our Community Footprint.” Sponsors for the
                                                               To generate a greater presence in the media, including        event included Baptist Community Ministries, Entergy,
                                                               newspaper, radio, television and internet.                    Freeman Decorating Company, the Kullman Firm, Link
                                                                                                                             Restaurant Group, Marsiglia Construction, Southern
                                                                                                                             Candymakers, and Total Graphics, Inc.
                                                             Impact:                                                             To raise awareness, Kingsley House continued its
                                                               In 2010-2011, the Annual Fund Campaign raised 100%            branding campaign courtesy of ongoing support from
Ruth Kullman, Kingsley House CEO Keith H. Liederman,           of the desired goal.                                          WDSU. WDSU produced a second PSA that has aired
Ph.D. and Nancy Marsiglia.                                     In 2010-2011, Kingsley House was mentioned in local,          on the station throughout the 2010-2011         year. The
                                                               state and national media more than 87 times, including        PSA continues to receive positive feedback and attracts
                                                               newspaper, television, internet and radio spots.              both alumni and new friends to Kingsley House.

                                                             Contact Information:
                                                             Donna Paramore – Chief Development
                                                             504-523-6221 ext. 163
                                                             Gina Jackson – Public Relations / Events Manager
                                                             504-523-6221 ext. 127

Chef Donald Link, Don Jones and Jennie Jones

A United Way Community Impact Partner

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