SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY CARBONDALE                                              Arizona Western College 2006-2007
University Core Curriculum Substitution List                                         Yuma, AZ
6/19/2006                                                                            School Code: 001071

The following courses will substitute for SIUC Core Curriculum courses. SIUC courses are listed to the left of the = sign,
transfer courses to the right. When more than one transfer course is listed opposite an SIUC course, any of those listed will
NOTE: Course substitutions are valid only for courses taken during the time period covered by the catalog edition indicated.
English Composition (6 hours)              Mathematics (One course-3 hours)            Speech (One course-3 hours)
(Minimum grade of C required)              MATH=MAT 130, 135, 142, 151, 172,           SPCM101=SPC 110, 215
ENGL101=ENG 101                                  187, 212, 220, 231, 241, 252
ENGL102=ENG 102

Science (6 hours). Select one course from each group:
Group 1 (Physical Sciences)                                       Group 2 (Biological Sciences)
CHEM106=CHM 130, 140, 151, 154, 235, 236                          PLB 115=BIO 100, 181, 182, 205, 245
GEOL111=GLG 101, 102, 110
PHYS101=PHY 201, 202, 221, 222
PHYS103=AST 100

Social Science (Two courses-6 hrs). (Students may take no more than one course in history to satisfy this area requirement).
ANTH104=ANT 100, 130                                             POLS114=POS 110
ECON113=ECN 100, 240, 250                                        PSYC102=PSY 101
GEOG103=GEO 105                                                  SOC 108=SOC 101
HIST110=HIS 122                                                  SOCSSUB1=ANT 120; FCS 238; POS 100, 140;
HIST112=POS 120                                                               PSY 238, 270; SOC 230; SSC 100

Humanities (6 hours). Select two courses OR select a sequence from ENGL 121 and 204, or FR 101A and 101B, or GER 101A
and 101B, or HIST 101A and 101B, or PHIL 103A and 103B, (if substitutes are listed). Three semesters of a single foreign
language or one semester of Latin or Classical Greek will satisfy one course requirement.

AD 207A=ARH 141                                                   HIST101B=HIS 241
AD 207C=ARH 142                                                   PHIL102=PHI 101, 240, 241
CLAS230=ENG 185                                                   PHIL104=PHI 105
ENGL121=ENG 190, 231                                              PHIL105=PHI 103
ENGL204=ENG 232, 242, 252                                         HUM SUB1=ENG 170
HIST101A=HIS 240                                                  HUM SUB2=ENG 241, 251, 261, 262; SPA 260, 261, 265

Fine Arts (One course-3 hours)                                             Human Health (One course-2 hours)
AD 100A=ART 101                                                   BIOL202=BIO 240
AD 100B=ART 102                                                   FN 101=FCS 139, 201
ENGL119=ENG 291                                                   PE 101=PER 100
MUS 103=MUS 120                                                   PHSL201=BIO 160, 201, 202
THEA101=THE 101, 102

Multicultural: Diversity in the U.S.                                         Interdisciplinary
(One course-3 hrs)                                                (One course-3 hrs)
BAS 215=HIS 232, 233                                              ENGR301I=ENV 101
HIST202=PHI 201                                                   GEOG303I=GEO 110
HIST210=HIS 121                                                   GEOL328I=GLG 230
PSYC233=FCS 204                                                   GEOL327I=OCN 110
SOC 215=SOC 240                                                   GEOL330I=AST 130
SPCM201=THE 242                                                   PHIL309I=PHI 257
WMST201=HIS 230                                                   SOC 304I=FCS 160, 220; SOC 160
                                                                  ZOOL312I=AGR 130
Academic Support Programs                        Core Curriculum Substitution List            Date:   6/19/2006
Southern Illinois University Carbondale          Arizona Western College                  Catalog:    2006-2007
Carbondale, Illinois 62901                       Yuma , AZ                                   Code:    001071
(618) 453-2012                                   Unit of Credit:    Semester Hr.
                                                                               Senior Institution?:   No

ARTICULATION: Effective with the 1996-97 catalog, the Associate degrees from Arizona Western College will not fulfill the
University Core Curriculum requirements required for general graduation purposes at SIUC. Students should refer to the
SIUC Undergraduate Catalog to determine if their major requires any specific University Core Curriculum courses.

The Capstone Program provides full recognition of the Associate in Applied Science degree and similar two year occupational
programs by outlining a (60) sixty semester hour program for the baccalaureate to those who qualify.

All other two-year associate degrees or certificate programs will be evaluated on a course by course basis.

ACCEPTABLE CREDIT: Courses numbered 100 through 299 will be accepted if satisfactorily completed. Applicability of all
accepted credit will be determined by the Academic Support Programs section of Records and Registration and by the
department of the students intended major. SIUC will accept and evaluate all transfer oriented/college parallel credit and
coursework classified as vocational-technical. The University Core Curriculum Substitution List indicates the courses that will
be accepted and evaluated as core curriculum credit. Courses/credit not on this list that are acceptable for other than core
curriculum credit are evaluated by the academic unit/major of the student.

GRADING SYSTEM: A, B, C, D, F, CR(credit), NC(no credit), AU(audit), I(incomplete), W(withdrawal), NS(no show),
R(repeat), IP(in progress).
SIUC calculates a GPA for admission purposes only and it is not included in the cumulative average, except for honors purposes.

INFORMATION: For further information call Lee Fronabarger at (618) 453-2998 or email Up-to-date
information on this school and others can be found on the Internet at:

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