Baking Courses Taught From State of the Art Facilities

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					  Baking Courses Taught From State of the Art
Progress Campus is not only the largest of Centennial College’s four
locations; it is also home to all programs within the School of
Hospitality, Tourism and Culture. As such, this campus boasts state-of-
the-art facilities that include a restaurant, conference centre and
kitchens. It should come as no surprise then that some of the best
baking courses in Toronto are facilitated here. Students who attend
Baking – Commercial Bakeries, a one-year Ontario College Certificate
program, obtain hands-on training in a newly renovated kitchen lab,
while also enjoying access to a state-of-the-art computer lab at their

The purpose of Centennial College’s baking course is to meet industry
demands for people skilled in producing baked goods. Those interested
in applying must first complete the admission process, which requires
them to have: at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma
(OSSD) or equivalent, or mature student status (19 years or older). In
addition, they must have completed English Grade 12 C or U or
equivalent, or skills assessment.

Once accepted, students attend baking courses within a program that
boasts the title of affiliate member of the World Tourism Organization,
UNWTO. This organization promotes tourism as a driver of economic
growth, inclusive development and environmental sustainability, and
offers leadership and support to the sector in advancing knowledge
and tourism policies worldwide.

In their baking courses, students are exposed to the knowledge they
need to create all sorts of baked goods and the practical practice to
master them. As such, students produce commercial quantities of
breads, rolls, sweet dough, savoury and sweet pastry, danish and puff
pastry, cookies, cakes and desserts (in a safe and ethical manner). To
ensure students’ success in the industry, baking courses also focus on
business know-how to run the business end of the bakery.

Specific baking courses in the program include: Mathematics for
Bakers (examined will be how to convert formulae from imperial to
metric, calculate baking percentages, determine flour factor, and
prepare formulae for practical applications); Quantity Bakery
Production (learners will demonstrate the basic principles of baking
and develop the skills necessary for success in a large scale baking
environment with emphasis on technique, terminology, organization,
professionalism, safe handling and storage of products); and Pastry
Arts Practice (through demonstration and skill development exercises
learners review and apply basic production principles and gain
confidence in weighing ingredients, mixing doughs and preparing
batters, fillings and icings. Students prepare, bake and finish specific
sweet and savoury doughs, quick breads, cookies, pastries, custards,
pies and laminated doughs); and more. All baking courses at
Centennial College are geared to mature learners and led by
instructors who are professional bakers.

By attending Centennial College’s baking courses, students are
prepared for work at retail bakeries, supermarkets (Costco, Wal-Mart
Supercentre, Loblaws, Metro and Sobeys), department stores, hotels,
camps and other related businesses.

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