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									New Training and Support Business Launched for Self Storage Industry

Providing training and support for self storage companies to improve
employee performance and business results

Los Angeles, CA, February 11, 2013 -- Self storage facility owners and
operators seeking improved results and innovative employee training are
urged to arrange for a no-cost consultation and connect with a dynamic
new self storage coaching company – StorageAlly.

Led by Mark Beck, self storage expert and industry veteran of eighteen
years, the StorageAlly team can provide your business with outstanding
support for new and existing facilities and self storage employee
training at all levels.

Mr. Beck, who has served as the former Vice President of Operations for
the William Warren Group and StorQuest Self Storage, Market Manager for
Shurgard Self Storage in Belgium, and Ambassador for the California Self
Storage Association, has lent his expertise to the operation of more than
200 self storage facilities in both North America and Europe during his
management career in the industry.

His new company aims to share that level of knowledge and experience with
small to medium-sized business owners via all-round training or through
focusing on one particular aspect of the client’s operation, such as
staff training and sales.

StorageAlly founder, Mark Beck, said, “I’m passionate about self storage
and developing people. I’ve worked my way up from an assistant self
storage manager position and understand the day-to-day details of the
industry. As a result, I want to provide the type of affordable support
that employees and small operators find valuable.

“Whether you’re a new self storage facility owner who wants to get off on
the right foot, or someone who wants to take an existing business to the
next level, we can certainly help business owners achieve that goal.

“Our team has the experience of running all aspects of self storage
management from a day-to-day level right through to long-term strategic

“The assistance a company needs may require one day, one month, or even
several months. It’s about building a strong enough foundation on which
the business can ultimately prosper.”

Self storage property owners, operators, and employees working within the
industry can all benefit from the services and coaching expertise offered
by StorageAlly. The wide range of available training and topics include,
but are not limited to: sales training, phone and mystery shops, facility
audits, employee recruiting, collection training, competitor surveying,
social media support, and strategic planning.

The one-to-one intensive coaching provision or team instruction is
available 365 days a year. All calls placed to StorageAlly after normal
business hours receive a response within two hours. Training may be
delivered through face-to-face contact, telephone, or webinar and
involves looking at a client’s company goals and identifying any barriers
to achieving them. The next step is to remove the barriers and promote a
more profitable strategy based on company capacity and current trends
within the self storage industry.

This industry is booming, with self storage REIT’s posting double-digit
returns in 2012. According to the Self Storage Association, one in ten
U.S. citizens were documented as having rented a self storage unit in
2009, while the U.S. population census shows around 40 million Americans
move to a new residence on an annual basis. This tends to be due to
changing circumstances and major life transitions, such as job
relocation, divorce, and retirement.

For more information or advice on self storage coaching and training
services, see

Contact :
Mark Beck
PO Box 4534
Chatsworth, CA 91313

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