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									                           ALDINE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT
                               14910 ALDINE WESTFIELD ROAD
                                 HOUSTON, TEXAS 77032-3099
                                  SUPPLEMENTARY AGENDA
                         STUDY SESSION MEETING – NOVEMBER 16, 2009
                           REGULAR MEETING – NOVEMBER 17, 2009

In addition to the regular agenda, the following items will be discussed/voted on: Approval of Minutes of
previous meeting; Oath of Office; Staff Assignments/Changes in Assignment; Recommendation for
Proposed Termination of Frances Elina Adams; High School Final Exam and Dismissal Times for Mid-
Year; High School Final Exam and Dismissal Times for End-of-Year; Official Textbook Committee;
Release of Judgment Liens in Cause Nos.: 2001-29578, 2002-57111, 2007-64902, and 2008-33533;
Release of Abstract Judgments in Cause No.: 2003-57695; Resolutions Authorizing Resale of Property in
Cause Nos.: 2003-67529, 2004-40062, 2004-41896, 2005-55241, 2005-57930, 2005-59612, 2006-15507,
2006-16182, 2006-18667, 2006-66191, 2006-73381, 2006-73382, 2006-75356, 2007-09960, 2007-24721,
and 2007-54578; Tax Office Report; Ratification of check register; Bids for Fund Raiser Services; Partial
Payment Agreement for School Taxes; Investment Policy; Harris County Appraisal District Board of
Trustees Resolution; Budget Amendment #2; Report of Human Resources Department; Student Teacher
Agreement with South Dakota State University; Student Teacher Agreement with Texas Southern
University; Board Policy Revisions/Additions – Donation of Sick Leave; Corrected Bids for Kitchen
Additions and Renovations at Hoffman, Shotwell, Teague Middle Schools, and Sammons Elementary
School; Advertising on School Buses and Stadium; Facsimile Signature Plates; Board of Trustee’s
Nominating Committee; Board of Trustee’s Standing Committees; Budget Reduction Recommendations;
Aldine Area Schools Activities; Carver Area Schools Activities; Eisenhower Area Schools Activities;
MacArthur Area Schools Activities; Nimitz Area Schools Activities; Campus Plans; Elementary and
Intermediate Schools Boundaries; Pre-K Data; Science Specialist Plan; Special Education Update; Head
Start Update; College Board District Integrated Summary Report 2008-2009; 2009-2010 Quarter 1
Scorecard; Job Description for Information Literacy Specialist; Job Description for District Coordinator of
OnLine Learning; Job Description of Director of Strategic Planning; Job Description of Read 180 Coach;
2008-2009 Gold Performance Acknowledgements; District Activity Report; Hearing Report; Legislative
Update; Monthly Media Update; Monthly Clippings; Monthly News Releases; Broad Prize Celebration
Summary; Recognitions; Important Dates; Senate Bill 2033 – Grading Policy; Budget Analysis; Investment
Report; Revenue Status; Quarterly Investment Report; Enrollment by Campus; District Vendor List;
Property Acquisition Update – land use; Vacancy list; Fingerprinting; Presentation of School Closing,
Consolidated, or Reorganized; Aldine High School Field House Addition; West Hardy Middle School;
Rayford Road Intermediate School; Fire Alarm System Additions to Various Schools; Buildings and
Properties Report; Child Nutrition Report; Construction Progress Report; Maintenance Report;
Transportation Report; Upcoming Presentations/travel of the Superintendent; Professional Development
Plans for Board Members for 2009-2010; Reform Governance in Action (RGA); Team Building Follow-
up; Board Goals; School Names Committee; Letters regarding Mendel Elementary School; Congratulatory
notes; TASB Leadership Team Times; Letter from MASBA; Board Relations; Personnel Issues;


                                                      Wanda Bamberg, Superintendent

Yolanda V. Loera

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