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                                                           Can You Afford Pomona?
                                                           The Answer is Yes

                                                           With Pomona’s generous program of
                                                           financial aid, no student should ever
                                                           hesitate to apply because of cost. One
                                                           of a handful of institutions committed to
                                                           both need-blind admissions and fully
                                                           funded, need-based financial aid, the
                                                           College meets 100 percent of the
                                                           demonstrated need of every student
                                                           admitted, with more than half of our
                                                           students receiving financial aid.

                                                           Pomona strives to provide a consistent

                                                           level of financial aid funding for all four
                                                           years, as long as a family’s finances
                                                           remain the same. Visit our Net Price
                                                           Calculator to learn more:

                Affordable Excellence
                A Commitment to Need-based Financial Aid
Applying for Financial Aid
Apply for aid; complete and submit these forms and documents:
CSS Profile: submit online
Non-Custodial Profile: (When you complete the
Profile, you will receive a CSS ID and Initial Password for the Non-Custodial Profile. You may
have the link, CSS ID and Initial Password sent to the non-custodial parent by email.)
FAFSA: submit online (available after January 1)
2011 Federal Tax Return, schedules and W-2 statements: mail directly to Financial Aid
2012 Federal Tax Return, schedules and W-2 statements; IDOC:

                                                     Fall 2013                 Fall 2013                Fall 2013                 Fall 2013
                                                     Early Decision l          Early Decision ll        Regular Decision          Transfer
                                                     First-year Admission      First-year Admission     First-year Admission      Admission

 2013-14 CSS PROFILE if required*                    November 1, 2012          January 2, 2013          February 15, 2013         April 1, 2013

 2013-14 Free Application for
                                                     February 15, 2013         February 15, 2013        February 15, 2013         April 1, 2013
 Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

 2012 Federal Tax Returns and W-2 forms
                                                     February 15, 2013         February 15, 2013        February 15, 2013         April 1, 2013
 to IDOC or Non-Filing Statements to Pomona

 Cal Grant GPA Verification Form
                                                     March 2, 2013             March 2, 2013            March 2, 2013             March 2, 2013
 (California Residents)

*The CSS Profile is not required if total family income is less than $40,000 annually and parents file a 1040A or 1040 EZ federal tax form.
Sources of Financial Aid Funds
Pomona College awards financial aid using various institutional,   Awards
state and federal programs. The amount and type of aid in            Students Receiving Scholarships          54%
each package depends on each student’s demonstrated need             Average Financial Aid Package            $37,688
and their eligibility for funds.                                     Total Scholarships and Grants Offered
                                                                     to All Pomona Students in 2011-12        $29,827,325
Pomona Expenses for 2012-13
If you were to live on campus for the current academic year,       Federal Aid Programs
2012-13, your budget would be $57,014.                             Pomona College participates fully in Federal Student Aid
  Tuition                 $41,120                                  programs. The FAFSA is used to determine each student’s
  Fees                    $318                                     eligibility for federal awards.
  Room and Board          $13,526
  Books                   $900
                                                                   U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens who demonstrate financial
  Personal Expenses       $1,150                                   need, meet specific enrollment criteria, and make satisfactory
  Total                   $57,014                                  progress toward a degree may be eligible for Federal Student
                                                                   Aid funds.
Pomona Resources
Financial aid funds are derived primarily from Pomona              State Aid Programs
College, and state and federal funds.                              State Grant programs are awarded based on each state’s
During 2011-12, Pomona College distributed financial aid in        residency, financial need and academic performance criteria.
the following amounts:                                             Consult the Department of Education in your state to determine
                                                                   eligibility requirements.
Financing Options
Many families are unable to meet educational costs with
current income and seek alternative ways to pay these ex-
penses. Please visit to explore
financing options. We encourage families to borrow federal
loans prior to pursuing alternative private loans. Contact the       About the College
Pomona College Office of Financial Aid for assistance in your        Founded in 1887, Pomona is a coeducational undergraduate
college financial planning.                                          college offering distinguished instruction in the natural sciences,
                                                                     social sciences, fine arts and humanities. Emphasis is placed
Pomona College Payment Plan                                          on close interaction between faculty and students. Pomona’s
                                                                     enrollment is approximately 1,550 students. (including 100 on
The Pomona Student Accounts Office administers the Pomona
                                                                     study abroad/exchange programs each semester). The student to
College Payment Plan, which allows families to spread their
                                                                     faculty ratio is 8 to 1, and the average class size is 15 students.
educational expenses over eight installments. The plan begins
in August with four monthly payments for fall. No payment is
due in December. Spring payments begin in January and end
in April. A fee of $50 per semester is charged for this plan.        Non-Discrimination Policy
                                                                     Pomona College complies with all applicable state and federal
Federal Direct Loan                                                  civil rights laws prohibiting discrimination in education and the
The Federal Direct Loan Program is available to students and         workplace. This policy of non-discrimination covers admission,
parents who file a valid FAFSA for 2013-14. For details on           access and service in Pomona College programs and activities,
eligibility for the subsidy on the Federal Direct Stafford student   as well as hiring, promotion, compensation, benefits and all
loan, or on interest rates for the student or parent PLUS loans,     other terms and conditions of employment at Pomona College.
please visit
A Typical Pomona College Class
Here are a few facts about recent entering    First generation in college:
classes at Pomona College.                    17%

Middle 50% of SAT-I scores:                   Geographic distribution::
Critical Reading: 680–780                     California    32.9%
Math: 690–770                                 Northwest     10.6%
Writing: 680–780                              Midwest       16%
                                              Other West    10.5%
Middle 50% of ACT scores:
                                              Northeast     16%
Composite: 31-34
                                              South         6.4%
High school class rank:                       International 7.6%
Of students from high schools that provide
rank, 90% were in the top 10% of their high
school graduating class.
Need-Based Financial Aid
Pomona College practices need-blind admissions and offers only
need-based financial aid. More than half of Pomona’s students receive
financial aid, and the College meets 100 percent of demonstrated need.
The chart below provides an indication of the aid our families typically
qualify for based on income ranges.

  Range of Family Income           Average Aid Package
  $0 – 20,000                      $53,300
  $20,001 – 40,000                 $51,700
  $40,001 – 60,000                 $48,100
  $60,001 – 80,000                 $45,700
  $80,001 – 100,000                $40,800
  $100,001 – 120,000               $37,200
  $120,001 – 140,000               $28,700
  $140,001 – 160,000               $23,100*
  $160,001 +                       $19,500*

*Students qualifying for aid whose family income is above $160,000 tend           For more information:
 to be from families with more than one child in undergraduate study at           Pomona College
 similar cost institutions. Family assets, such as home equity, rental property   Office of Financial Aid
 and investments not in designated retirement funds, are also used, in addition   550 N. College Avenue, #117
 to income, to determine a student's eligibility for financial aid.               Claremont, CA 91711- 6327
                                                                                  Phone: (909)621-8205
 Visit our Net Price Calculator to explore potential aid eligibility.             Fax: (909)607-7941                                            

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