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									Crystal Coast Tourism Authority

Serving Carteret County Residents And Visitors
               For Over 17 Years!
Crystal Coast Tourism Facts
• Tourism provides over 3,000
  jobs in the county
• Tourism saves each county
  taxpayer $437 each year
• Tourism economic impact in
  2006 was over $262 million
• 7% Increase in 5% OT in 2006
   Tourism Authority History
* Occupancy tax bill written in late 1980’s
* Tax collectors began in August of 1989
* 3% tax was then placed on Hotel/Motel,
  Cottage/condo units rented. It changed
  to 5% in 2001.
* Tourism Authority receives 50% of tax
  collected. The remainder is used for
  beach nourishment projects.
      The TDA Consists of:
• 10 Staff Members (5 full time located in
  Morehead City, 5 part time in Cape Carteret &
  Morehead City)

• 9 Voting Board Members- Volunteers serving
  from several organizations:
     1 Mayor
     2 from Board of Realtors
     2 from Hotel/Motel Association
     2 from Chamber of Commerce
     1 County Commissioner
     1 At-large appointed by the County
Local Tourism Authority Staff

Carol Lohr, Executive Director      Rita LeClair, Administrative Assistant

             Elizabeth Barrow, Public Relations Director
  The TDA Promotes Travel & Tourism by:
• Soliciting conventions, group tours, trade groups &
  travel writers

• Conducting market research

• Providing media interviews

• Hosting local and international FAM tours

• Offering Community Grant Program

• Participating in local events & projects

• Publishing and distributing pamphlets

• Providing information to callers on 800# and assist
  guests in both Visitor Centers
        Marketing Partner
 Zimmerman Agency- Tallahassee, FL

Handles all of the county advertising
 and promotion:

Magazines              Newspaper            TV
        Radio                Public Relations
 2008 Culinary Tourism Campaign
         The Crystal Coast is Cookin’

Website Driven Promotion During Feb-April, 2008
      Culinary Tourism Campaign
• Build awareness of the      • Encourage website
  Crystal Coast to visitors     visitors to enter a
  who engage in culinary        sweepstakes to win a 3-
  activity while traveling      night stay on the Crystal
                                Coast including
                                accommodations, meals
• Drive Visitors to
                                and attractions
  Promotional section of
  website to view
  accommodation and           • Increase overall visitation
  restaurant listings from      levels to the Crystal
  participating local           Coast during spring of
  partners                      2008 to new audiences
 Local TDA Staff Projects &
         Events :

Crystal Coast School
     Art Project
                                   Fall 2007
                                 Travel Writer
                                  Group FAM
The group enjoys appetizers at                   Fun on the Lookout Cruise!
   the Sandbar Restaurant

                                                    TDA Public
                                                    Relations Director
 Individual Stay
                                                    Elizabeth Barrow
 FAM Tour-Oct.                                      at lunch with
   12, 13, 2007                                     German Journalist
                                                    Henry Barchet

Travel Writer FAM Tours
 2007 State Welcome Center   2007 Western FAM tour- Emerald Isle
    FAM- N.C. Aquarium

 Familiarization Tours
For Hospitality Industry
Quarterly E-Newsletter
   2007 Governor’s Conference

Conference & Trade
 Show Attendance
Western Carteret Visitor Center           Morehead City Visitor Center
 Cape Carteret before Emerald Isle              3409 Arendell Street

We greet visitors and       Provide information to
hand out pamphlets              800# callers               Give Directions

             Visitor Centers
The Tourism Authority Is Your Gateway
To Information On The Crystal Coast !

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