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Audit Schedule - Sinclair Community College

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					  College for

  Lif elong
   Lea  rning

           ...for every age and stage of life

Winter Quarter                                                  Sinclair
Audit classes begin January 5
Seminars & Workshops begin January 12

    Building 10, Room 10112 • 444 West Third Street • Dayton, Ohio 45402-1460
                                               (937) 512-2372 • (937) 512-5184

College for Lifelong Learning                                                        Winter Quarter 2009

Winter Quarter 2009                                                                            Welcome!

Mission                           Dear Friends,
Statement                         Welcome to Sinclair’s College for Lifelong Learning Winter Quarter lineup of
To develop a collaborative
relationship with adults of       You will notice that this quarter’s book is thicker. That’s because we have added
the Miami Valley area to          a section that lists the most popular classes you are auditing, since the printed
promote lifelong learning         schedule has been discontinued. We hope this contains all the classes you are
through educational, cultural,    interested in, and we hope having everything in one publication will be more
recreational, and social          convenient for you. If you have access to the web, you can view the entire list
opportunities that embrace        of credit classes at, click on “Current Students,” and then
diversity and service to the      click on “Current Course Schedule.” But, if you have any questions or need any
community.                        assistance, just call and Samantha and I will be happy to help you.
Holiday/Closings                  Remember, there are several ways you can take classes with us. If you are an
                                  adult of any age, look at our Seminars & Workshops designed with your interests
Martin Luther King,               in mind. This quarter, we have new classes for you—such as how to use all the
Jr. Day                           features of that cell phone, new Dayton History sessions, and new health topics—
       January 19                 as well as your favorites.
Any College for Lifelong          If you are age 60 or better, you may also audit credit classes tuition free on a
Learning student attending        space-available basis, and in addition, you may sign up for classes presented at
courses at a site other than      designated sites in the community.
the Dayton campus should          Finally, you may sign up to take any Sinclair class for credit, just as any other
check with the instructor or      student, and work toward a certificate or degree for your personal satisfaction or
site coordinator for any unique   as you seek to enhance your job skills.
closings for that site only.
                                  Please, remember that even if a session is free, we need you to call and register
                                  with us. It’s important that we have an accurate count to ensure enough
                                  handouts, refreshments, and seating. Also, if your plans change and you are
                                  unable to attend a session you registered for, please let us know – we may have
                                  someone on a waiting list who will be thrilled to be able to attend in your place.
                                  We look forward to having you back with us for another great quarter of
                                  learning, engaging in life, and expanding your horizons.
                                  Best wishes,

                                  Anne Holaday
                                  Coordinator, College for Lifelong Learning
                                  (937) 512-5184
                                  P.S. I would love to hear your suggestions for new classes and your comments
                                  on any aspect of our program. We’re always looking for ways to improve and
                                  enhance what we do for you.

Winter Quarter 2009                                                    College for Lifelong Learning

Winter Quarter 2009                                                  General Information
College for Lifelong Learning Advisory Board                                          College for Lifelong
Our College for Lifelong Learning Advisory Board is an important part of our          Learning Executive
effort. Through representatives, we receive constructive input about our program,
including new sessions to develop, as well as valuable volunteer assistance during    Board & Advisory Board
registration and other peak times. The guidance we receive keeps us on target to      Meeting Dates
meet your educational interests and needs.                                            The College for Lifelong Learning
Committees work on specific issues and make recommendations to the Advisory           Executive Board and Advisory
Board. Individuals work in the areas of Curriculum, Marketing/Publicity, SEEK         Board will meet on the following
Conference (Sharing Education, Experience, Knowledge), Speaker’s Bureau, and          dates:
Volunteerism.                                                                         February 4    Executive Board
If you are interested in becoming part of the Advisory Board and helping to shape     February 18 Advisory Board
the future learning opportunities we offer, call (937) 512-5184. Thank you!
                                                                                      April 1       Executive Board
                                                                                      April 15      Advisory Board
Don’t Forget…
You are accumulating class hours toward a certificate once you complete 50 hours      May 6         Executive Board
and/or complete seven different Dayton history sessions. We look forward to           May 20        Advisory Board
recognizing you for your participation in the College for Lifelong Learning program                 Spring Appreciation
at Sinclair!                                                                                        Luncheon
                                                                                      All meetings are open to
                                                                                      interested individuals.

                                                                                       Winter Quarter
                  In This Issue                          Page                          Registration Dates
                  Advisory Board              2                                       Seminars & Workshops:
                                                                                      December 1 until session meets.
                  Audit/Golden Age            2
                  New Directions              3                                       Audit & Golden Age:
                                                                                      •	 Monday	&	Tuesday,	December	
                  Health & Well Being         4                                          29 & 30, 8 a.m.-7 p.m.
                  Computers & Technology      7                                       •	 Wednesday,	December	31		
                                                                                         8 a.m.-5 p.m.
                  Arts & Entertainment        9
                                                                                      •	 Friday,	January	2,	8	a.m.-5	p.m.
                  History & Culture          14
                  Senior Site Audit Schedule 18                                        Spring Quarter
                  Sinclair Audit Schedule    21                                        Registration Dates
                  Theatre & Dance            35                                       Seminars & Workshops:
                                                                                      March 1 until session meets.
                  Campus Map                 36
                  Emergency Closing          37                                       Audit & Golden Age:
                                                                                      •	 Monday – Thursday, March 23-26
                  Registration              37, 38                                       8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                      •	 Friday,	March	27		 	        	
                                                                                         8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                      There will be no registering
                                                                                      after classes begin.                                                                                                 2
College for Lifelong Learning                                                                   Winter Quarter 2009

Seminars & Workshops                                                                           New Directions
 Course Descriptions                                                                            At a Glance!
LL 30 Live & Learn: Your Options at Sinclair                                     1 session      LL 30 Live & Learn
Did you know that if you are age 60 or better you can audit credit classes tuition free on      X1—Free	•	Sinclair
a space-available basis? And that Sinclair offers non-credit courses open to adults of any      Wednesday	•	3:30p-5:00p
age? Learn about this exciting program and how to sign up.                                      3/18	•	A.	Holaday
                                                                                                X2—Free	•	Dayton	Urban	League
LL 33 X1 Effective Board Leadership                                              1 session      Tuesday	•	9:00a-10:30a
Interested in giving back to your community or to an organization that has special
                                                                                                1/6	•	A.	Holaday
meaning? Or already serving on a board and want to enhance your contributions?
Learn to effectively participate on an organization’s board, bringing your expertise and        LL 33 X1 Effective Board
making a difference in the community. This is a panel discussion with the executive             Leadership
director of a non-profit and board leaders sharing how they became involved and what            $20	•	Dayton	Racquet	Club
works for them. No charge for the workshop; the cost of lunch is $20, all-inclusive. This       Wednesday	•	11:30a-1:00p
is a partnership between Sinclair’s College for Lifelong Learning and the Philanthropy          1/28	•	T.	Sprinkel/A.	Holaday
Committee of the Dayton Racquet Club.                                                           LL 34 X1 2Young2Retire
LL 34 X1 2Young2Retire Workshop                                                  1 session      Workshop
What’s next? Good question—one that more people age 50 and better are asking. Good              $75	•	Sinclair	
news: there is a “next.” The challenge is the “next” step could be a span of years equal        Saturday	•	9:00a-12:00p
to your entire working life. That’s too much time to fill with 24/7 leisure or to approach      2/28	•	A.	Beach
without careful thought. Based on Too Young to Retire: 101 Ways to Start the Rest of Your
                                                                                                LL 36 X1 Career Services: The
Life, and led by a 2young2retire certified facilitator, this workshop introduces a different
way of thinking and behaving for life after 50. Explore issues such as money, adopting          Resume & Interview
wellness habits, considering new career possibilities, and giving back through volunteer        Free15	•	Sinclair	
and community service. Deadline: Registration and payment due Thursday, February 12.            Wednesday	•	9:00a-11:00a
                                                                                                2/11,	2/18	&	2/25	•	M.	Massie
LL 36 X1 Career Services: The Resume & Interview                                3 sessions
If you are looking for a new opportunity but haven’t been in the job market for awhile,         LL 37 X1 Experience:
this session is for you. Learn the principles of writing a strong resume for today’s market,    Recognizing Your Value
receive instructor and peer critique of your draft resume, and discover how to secure the       Free15	•	Sinclair	
job with your interview. Taught by the director of Sinclair’s Career Services department.       Wednesday	•	9:00a-11:00a
                                                                                                3/4	&	3/11	•	M.	Massie
LL 37 X1 Experience: Recognizing Your Value                                     2 sessions
Experience means that you have a lot to offer, both in a work environment and as a              LL 38 X1 Careers Fair
community volunteer. But sometimes we need to convince others of that value. This               Free	•	Sinclair,	Building	12	Great	Hall
informative session teaches how to recognize and communicate your value, no matter              Friday	•	11:00a-2:00p
where life is taking you. Taught by the director of Sinclair’s Career Services department.      2/13	•	M.	Massie

LL 38 X1 21st Annual Life & Health Sciences Careers Job Fair 1 session                          LL 08 1 Retirement Reality Check
This event provides a unique opportunity for health care providers to present their             Free2	•	Crestview
organizations to potential employees, and at the same time offer the students and               Thursday	•	1:30p-3:00p
prospective graduates and alumni the opportunity to learn more about health care                1/15	•	R.	Solada/P.	Callahan
organizations throughout the State of Ohio and the nation.                                      LL 08 X2 Smart Start to Mutual
LL 08 Xxx Investing for Seniors: Retirement Reality Check                        1 session      Funds
Discussion will center around the logic needed to prepare for your target retirement            Free2	•	Crestview
number and the importance of asset allocation, as well as a list of the key choices and         Thursday	•	1:30p-3:00p
decisions that need to be made in retirement planning.                                          2/19	•	R.	Solada/P.	Callahan

LL 08 Xxx Investing for Seniors: Smart Start to Mutual Funds                      1 session     LL 08 X3 Making Sense of
This is a step-by-step guide to mutual fund investing. Diversifying your portfolio using        Retirement
mutual funds, and the process of selecting funds to fit your needs will also be discussed.      Free2	•	Crestview
                                                                                                Thursday	•	1:30p-3:00p
LL 08 Xxx Investing for Seniors: Making Sense of Retirement                       1 session     3/12	•	R.	Solada/P.	Callahan
This session will cover the 5-step planning process for your finances. Learn how to
analyze your current pre-retirement situation and how to find the right relationship with
your advisor.                                                                                   List of sponsors: page 19
Winter Quarter 2009                                                        College for Lifelong Learning

Seminars & Workshops                                                                    New Directions
At a Glance!                            Course Descriptions
LL 08 X4 Managing Your Money           LL 08 Xxx Managing Money: Checkbook to Financial Planning                          5 sessions
$15	•	Barnes	                          Those interested in learning more about personal finance matters will appreciate the
Friday	•	2:00p-4:00p	                  understandable explanation of financial terms, investment options, and foundations of
Dates	•	J.	Taylor                      financial planning. Learn how different investment opportunities work, why you should have
LL 08 X5 Small Business Online         some and not others, and how to better manage your checkbook. Fee covers the workbook
Free2	•	Crestview	                     used to complete exercises; add to your knowledge and outline a personal strategy. This is
Friday	•	1:00p-2:30p                   an educational class, not a sales session. J. Taylor, licensed investment counselor.
1/16,	2/20,	or	3/20	•	                 LL 08 Xxx Get Your Small Business Online                                           1 session
J. Goeke/P. Callahan                   Want to start a small business or already have one? Learn how to get a web site up and
                                       running, from choosing the right domain name, to good web design, to getting good
                                       search engine results. It will also help businesses currently with a web site evaluate and
                                       improve their online performance. This is not a class on web design, but we will talk about
                                       what is needed to design it yourself or what to look for if you hire someone else.

                                                                          Health & Well Being
At a Glance!                            Course Descriptions
LL 02 X1 Caregiver                     LL 02 X1 Caregiver: Taking Care of Mom & Dad                                      2 sessions
$50	•	Englewood	L.C.                   Billions of dollars a year are lost in productivity when working adult children are involved in
Saturday	•	9:30a-11:30a                caring for their parents. If you are a caregiver, you already know this because you’ve been
1/24	&	1/31	•	A.	Holaday               called away from work, made phone calls at work, and have taken time off to care for your
LL 02 X2 Discussion Group              parents. Receive information to help you deal with these issues and save time later. If you
Free4	•	Mercy	Siena                    come with your parent, you can address these subjects together in a positive way.
Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00p               LL 02 X2 Taking Care of Your Loved Ones: Discussion Group 3 sessions
1/17,	2/7,	3/7	•	A.	Holaday            Caring for a parent, spouse, or other loved one? Discuss useful tips and helpful
LL 08 X6 Caregiver Activities          information, as well as brainstorm about your specific situation. You are not alone.
Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Pott	Hall        LL 08 Xxx Caregiver Activities for the Alzheimer’s Patient                         1 session
Thursday	•	1:30p-3:00p                 Learn how to offer failure-free activities for the person you care for who may be declining
2/26	•	D.	Stewart                      cognitively. Explore methods to enhance learning through teaching methods that not only
LL 06 X1 Play Cards: Euchre            work, but also help to maintain a person’s present abilities as long as possible.
$10 for non-residents4	•	Mercy	Siena   LL 06 X1 Play Cards: Euchre                                                       4 sessions
Friday	•	10:00a-12:00p                 Science is finding that we can maintain or build brain cells by taking on new challenges,
1/23-2/13	•	B.	Schleman
                                       such as learning card games. Euchre is a popular yet relatively simple trick-taking card
LL 06 X2 Play Cards: Bridge            game. Learn the rules, strategy, and system for playing in a friendly atmosphere. Practice
$10 for non-residents4	•	Mercy	Siena   playing each week, learning from a representative of the Miami Valley Bridge Association.
Friday	•	10:00a-12:00p
2/20-3/13	•	B.	Schleman                LL 06 X2 Play Cards: Bridge                                                       4 sessions
                                       Bridge is another trick-taking card game, mixing skill and chance, to give your brain a
LL 06 X3 Duplicate Bridge              workout. The rules are similar to other trick-taking games, such as euchre, but with the
$16	•	Sycamore	Creek	CC                added twist that one player’s hand is displayed face up on the table as the “dummy.”
4th	Wednesday	•	10:00a-3:00p           Learn the rules, strategy, and system for playing in a friendly atmosphere. Practice playing
2/25,	3/25	•	L.	Walker                 each week, learning from a representative of the Miami Valley Bridge Association.
                                       LL 06 X3 Duplicate Bridge                                                         2 sessions
                                       This is a beginning program to increase your awareness about Duplicate Bridge and how
                                       much fun it can be, but it is also a good session for accomplished players as well. Sessions
                                       take place the fourth Wednesday of each month, so choose the sessions that fit your
                                       schedule; this is an ongoing session, and you don’t need to play every time. Price includes
                                       a soup & salad lunch, bridge play, and prizes. Deadline: 2/18 and 3/18.                                                                                                            4
College for Lifelong Learning                                                                  Winter Quarter 2009

Seminars & Workshops                                                         Health & Well Being
 Course Descriptions                                                                           At a Glance!
LL 08 X7 Healthy Aging with Good Nutrition                                      1 session      LL 08 X7 Nutrition & Health
A Registered Dietitian will discuss how nutrition affects the immune system’s ability to       Free16	•	Englewood	Health	Center
function at optimal levels to resist disease and how nutrition affects our health as we age.   Tuesday	•	10:00a-11:00a
                                                                                               1/27	•	R.	Studer,	R.N./D.	Wehlner
LL 08 X8 Weight Management                                                      1 session
It’s January, and we’re all thinking about the normal winter weight gain. But while this       LL 08 X8 Weight Management
happens to many of us, there are risks in being overweight. Become more knowledgeable          Free4, 16	•	Mercy	Siena
about this topic, because the more you know the better you can care for yourself.              Thursday	•	10:00a-11:30a
                                                                                               1/29	•	R.	Studer,	R.N./B.	Kreuzer
LL 08 X9 Keeping Your Heart Healthy                                             1 session
Did you know that the conditions that result in heart disease are usually preventable and      LL 08 X9 Heart Health
often reversible through daily lifestyle choices? February is heart health month, so come      Free4, 16	•	Mercy	Siena
and learn the 7 steps necessary to keep your heart healthy.                                    Tuesday	•	1:30p-3:30p
                                                                                               2/10	•	R.	Studer,	R.N./B.	Kreuzer
LL 08 X10 Managing High Blood Pressure                                          1 session
This session will explain why lowering your blood pressure is critical to good health and      LL 08 X10 Blood Pressure
present ways for you to lower your blood pressure.                                             Free16	•	Englewood	Health	Center
                                                                                               Thursday	•	2:00p-3:00p
LL 08 X11 Balance & Fall Risk Screening                                         1 session      2/26	•	R.	Studer,	R.N./D.	Wehlner
As we age, our balance decreases and we are more prone to falls. Each year, more
                                                                                               LL 08 X11 Balance Screening
than one-third of adults age 65 and older fall, possibly resulting in serious injury. KMC’s
                                                                                               $8	•	Englewood	Health	Center
Exercise Physiologist will provide 15 minutes of education and a 15 minute screening to        Thursday	•	1:00p-4:00p,	call	for	
determine your fall risk, based on balance activities. Tips on reducing your risk will also    appointment
be discussed. Registration is required and an appointment must be scheduled. Call KMC          3/19	•	R.	Studer,	R.	N./D.	Wehlner
Community Wellness directly at (937) 384-4857 or 1-800-888-8362 for an appointment.
                                                                                               LL 08 X12 Cholesterol
LL 08 X12 Managing Cholesterol                                                  1 session      Free16	•	Englewood	Health	Center
What is cholesterol? Find out the risks and problems that can occur when cholesterol is        Thursday	•	6:30p-7:30p
elevated. Discover 9 steps to manage it, and receive help on changing eating patterns.         3/19	•	R.	Studer,	R.N./D.	Wehlner
LL 08 X13 Healthy Living                                                       2 sessions      LL 08 X13 Healthy Living
Learn the myths and facts about growing older. Also, fill out a questionnaire and receive a    Free4, 16	•	Mercy	Siena
profile that tells your age in “health years.”                                                 Tuesday	•	10:00a-11:30a
LL 23 X1 Chair Exercises for Balance & Strengthening                         10 Sessions       3/10	•	R.	Studer,	R.N./B.	Kreuzer
Learn gentle chair exercises focusing on improving functional balance and strength. By         LL 23 X1 Chair Exercises
improving core strength and flexibility, you can improve balance with easy-to-do exercises.    (suggested for age 60 and better)
LL 24 X1 Tai Chi                                                             10 Sessions       Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Pott	Hall
                                                                                               Tuesday		•	10:15a-11:00a
Tai Chi is a gentle approach to physical and mental training. Benefits include stress
                                                                                               1/14-3/17	•	D.	Stewart
reduction, better focus, and concentration. When adults study and train using this ancient
art form, they can find improved balance, flexibility, and coordination.                       LL 24 X1 Tai Chi
                                                                                               (suggested for any age)
LL 25 X1 Chair Pilates & Yoga                                                10 Sessions       Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Pott	Hall	
Focus on the core section of the body to strengthen up-right balance, using gentle yoga        Friday	•	10:15a-11:00a
techniques to improve mobility and functional balance. All exercises are done from a           1/16-3/20	•	D.	Stewart
seated position and are moderate in intensity.
                                                                                               LL 25 X1 Chair Pilates & Yoga
                                                                                               (suggested for age 60 and better)
                                                                                               Free12	•	St.	Leonard	
                                                                                               Tuesday	•	2:00p-2:45p
                                                                                               1/16-3/20	•	D.	Stewart

Winter Quarter 2009                                                      College for Lifelong Learning

Seminars & Workshops                                                    Health & Well Being
At a Glance!                         Course Descriptions
LL 26 X1 Zumba Gold                 LL 26 X1 Zumba Gold                                                               10 Sessions
(suggested for age 60 and better)   Zumba Gold is an exercise/dance class that is a great aerobic workout for the senior adult.
Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Pott	Hall	    The choreography is geared to improve functional balance and overall strength. Zumba
Tuesday	•	2:00p-2:45p               Gold at St. Leonard is offered at a step-by-step pace to allow for learning and great fun!
1/13-3/17	•	D.	Stewart
                                    LL 27 X1 Self-Defense with a Cane                                                 11 Sessions
LL 27 X1 Self-Defense with Cane     Learn various defensive moves with the cane and found objects. Taught by Brown
(suggested for age 60 and better)   Institute of Martial Arts 4th Dan weapons instructor Debra Stewart, this program is also
Free12	•	St.	Leonard	               considered an exercise program, as certain muscles for balance and strength need to be
Tuesday	•	3:00p-4:00p               toned to successfully perform the movements and stances for self-defense.
1/13-3/17	•	D.	Stewart
                                    LL 28 X1 Fit-Mit-Spass                                                             10 sessions
LL 28 X1 Fit-Mit-Spass              Fit-Mas-Spass is a fun exercise and dance class that provides a great aerobic workout
(suggested for age 60 and better)   for the senior adult. The choreography is set to Polka music and steps, with fitness
Free12	•	St.	Leonard                movements designed to improve strengthening and balance.
Friday	•	3:00p-3:45p
1/16-3/20	•	D.	Stewart              LL 29 X1 Integrated Asian Arts                                                     10 sessions
                                    Great amounts of strength, stamina, and flexibility are developed through the practice of
LL 29 X1 Integrated Asian Arts      Asian Arts. Proper form and movement develop the mind-body connection, coordination,
(suggested for age 60 and better)
                                    strength, flexibility, and stamina. This is an alternative for the healthy, active senior adult to
Free12	•	St.	Leonard,	Pott	Hall
                                    take the Asian Arts to a new level without being at risk: no breaking boards or free-sparring!
Tuesday	•	5:30p-6:30p
1/13-3/17	•	D.	Stewart              LL 08 X14 One for the Money, Two for the Show,
LL 08 X14 Make Germs Go! Go! Go!    Three for Ways to Make Germs Go! Go! Go!                                              1 session
Free 	•	St.	Leonard,	Pott	Hall
    12                              Take control of your health—you don’t have to be the victim of germs. Learn to take
Thursday	•	2:30p-4:00p              charge of germs in your environment for a healthier you. Stay healthier this winter!
2/19	•	B.	White,	B.S.N.,	R.N./D.	   LL 08 X15 Treats to Make for Your Valentine                                           1 session
Stewart                             Prepare a meal for your special valentine. Join the chef and a registered dietary technician
LL 08 X15 Valentine Treats          to learn how to pamper your valentine with a wonderful meal, while keeping a healthy
$412	•	St.	Leonard,	Pott	Hall       heart, too! The meal that is demonstrated will be both healthy and nutritious.
Wednesday	•	1:30p-3:00p
                                    LL 08 X16 Long Term Care Awareness                                                    1 session
2/11	•	M.	Wilhelm/A.	Partlow/D.	
                                    When you hear the words “long term care,” what do you think? If you live a long life and
                                    need care, what is your plan? How will your spouse, children, and family be affected?
LL 08 X16 Long Term Care            Learn from a certified long term care advisor how to provide and preserve your lifestyle,
Free2	•	Crestview                   security, comfort, freedom, happiness, and peace of mind.
Friday	•	1:30p-3:00p	
1/23,	2/27,	or	3/27	•	              LL 08 X17 Labyrinth Walk                                                              Monthly
R. Gallas/P. Callahan               The Labyrinth is a one-hour walking meditation that quiets the mind and offers a
                                    metaphor for life. Labyrinths are found in many spiritual traditions, from the Tree of Life in
LL 08 X17 Labyrinth Walk            Jewish Mysticism to the Medicine Wheel in Native American tradition. Walk the indoor 11
Free	•	Sinclair	&	Westminster       circuit (circle) labyrinth at Westminster Presbyterian Church, downtown Dayton, designed
First	Tuesday	•	12:00p-1:00p        after the labyrinth of the Chartres Cathedral in France. Brief instruction is offered to those
1/6,	2/3,	3/3,	&	4/7	•	B.	Battin    not familir with the practice. To walk with a group, meet at Sinclair’s office of Campus
LL 08 Don’t Act Your Age!           Ministry, Building 10, Room 10310, at 12:00 noon; to walk on your own, the labyrinth is
X18—Free14	•	Vandalia	Library       open 12-8 p.m. Choose either option, but register and indicate which you will be doing.
Thursday	•	6:30p-7:30p              LL 08 Xxx Don’t Act Your Age!                                                         1 session
1/29	•	A.	Holaday/K.	Vanderhorst    Research shows that humor plays a positive role in health and longevity, and that
X19—Free14	•	Kettering	Library      we shouldn’t look at age as a defining factor in what we can and cannot do. This
Wednesday	•	6:30p-7:30p
                                    entertaining talk includes ideas on staying healthy and maintaining a positive outlook.
2/25	•	A.	Holaday/K.	Vanderhorst
X20—Free14	•	Ft.	McKinley	Library
Friday	•	1:30p-2:30p
1/30	•	A.	Holaday/K.	Vanderhorst                                                                                                           6
College for Lifelong Learning                                                                Winter Quarter 2009

Seminars & Workshops                                                          Health & Well Being
 Course Descriptions                                                                         At a Glance!

 LL29 X1 Exploring the Dimensions of Wellness Weekend Workshop, 1 session LL29 X1 Dimensions of Wellness
 Wellness is the key to an active and rewarding life. We’ve all heard what we’re supposed    $8512	•	Sinclair
 to do—exercise, eat properly, and don’t overstress ourselves. So, why don’t we always do    Saturday	•	9:00a-3:00p
 those things? Learn practical ways of promoting good health, including how perceptions      3/21	•	D.	Stewart/A.	Holaday
 of aging can influence what we do, exercises that have health benefits, and ways to put
 nutrition into our lives, as well as how to interact with your health care professionals.
 Discover the dimensions of wellness, so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

                                                               Computers & Technology
 Course Descriptions                                                                         At a Glance!
LL 43 X1 Photoshop I                                                            6 sessions   LL 43 X1 Photoshop I
With the Photoshop software you will learn in class, you can become the electronic           $75	•	Sinclair,	Room	13202
equivalent of your all-time favorite artist. Learn the basics, as well as how to touch up    Wednesday	•	11:30a-1:30p
pictures on your home computer.                                                              1/14-2/18	•	N.	Roach
LL 46 X1 Photoshop II                                                           6 sessions   LL 46 X1 Photoshop II
Build on the fundamentals presented in LL 43, Photoshop I. Emphasis on applying              $75	•	Sinclair,	Room	13202
techniques to improve or restore photographs. Studio time will be provided for applying      Wednesday	•	2:30p-4:30p
the principles learned to personal projects. Perquisite: Photoshop I or equivalent skills.   1/14-2/18	•	N.	Roach
LL 50 Introduction to P.C.s                                                    10 sessions   LL 50 Introduction to P.C.s
Are you computer challenged? Let this course introduce you to the computer age. As a         X1—$55	•	Barnes,	Room	111
                                                                                             Monday	•	1:00p-3:00p
beginner, you’ll appreciate the clear introduction to computer terminology, hardware,
                                                                                             1/12-3/16	•	P.	Kuczak
and software. You will also be introduced to Windows, a graphical operating system. Text
                                                                                             X2—$55	•	Sinclair
materials provided.
                                                                                             Wednesday	•	1:30p-3:30p
LL 61 Introduction to Microsoft Word                                           10 sessions   1/14-3/18	•	M.	Jones
Learn basic word processing skills, including commonly used commands and strategies for      X3—$5513	•	Dayton	Urban	League
formatting, editing, and revising text. Prerequisite: keyboarding and computer experience.   Tuesday	•	9:00a-11:00a
                                                                                             1/13-3/17	•	M.	Jones
LL 68 X1 E-mail                                                                 5 sessions   X4—$5513	•	Dayton	Urban	League
Electronic mail is the most popular use of the Internet. It offers a convenient, quick way   Wednesday	•	9:00a-11:00a
for staying in touch with family, friends, and others. Learn to compose, send, receive,      1/14-3/18	•	M.	Jones
and manage e-mail messages. Commonly used e-mail features will be demonstrated and
practiced.                                                                                   LL 61 Intro to Microsoft Word
                                                                                             X1—$55	•	Barnes,	Room	111	
                                                                                             Tuesday	•	9:30a	-11:30a
                                                                                             1/13-3/17	•	G.	Frericks
                                                                                             X2—$55	•	Englewood	LC
                                                                                             Tuesday	•	1:30p-3:30p
                                                                                             1/13-3/17	•	M.	Jones
                                                                                             X3—$5513	•	Dayton	Urban	League	
                                                                                             Monday	•	9:00a-11:00a
                                                                                             1/12-3/16	•	M.	Jones
                                                                                             X4—$5513	•	Dayton	Urban	League
                                                                                             Thursday	•	9:00a-11:00a
                                                                                             1/15-3/19	•	M.	Jones
                                                                                             LL 68 X1 E-mail
                                                                                             $30	•	Barnes	111
                                                                                             Thursday	•	9:30a-11:30a
                                                                                             1/15-2/12	•	G.	Frericks
Winter Quarter 2009                                                     College for Lifelong Learning

Seminars & Workshops Computers & Technology
At a Glance!                          Course Descriptions
LL 71 X1 PowerPoint                  LL 71 X1 PowerPoint                                                             4 sessions
$45	•	Barnes,	Room	111               Learn the basics of PowerPoint, which allows you to prepare presentations with graphics
Tuesday	•	12:00p-2:00p               and/or text. This is a very useful tool, whether you are still working, volunteering with a
1/13-2/3	•	G.	Frericks               community organization, or just want to put together a show for your family.
LL 72 X1 PowerPoint & Publisher      LL 72 X1 PowerPoint & Publisher                                               10 sessions
$55	•	Sinclair                       Learn the basics of PowerPoint, which allows you to prepare presentations with graphics
Thursday	•	12:00p-2:00p              and/or text and be ready for that business meeting or family show. Also learn the
1/15-3/19	•	M.	Jones                 basics of Publisher, which provides formats you can easily use for newsletters and other
LL 79 X1 Excel                       publications, including business cards, flyers, and more.
$55	•	Northmont	H.S.
                                     LL 79 X1 Excel                                                                10 sessions
Thursday	•	3:30p-5:30p
                                     Explore basic spreadsheet functions using Microsoft’s Excel program. Excel can be used
1/12-3/16	•	M.	Jones
                                     for a wide range of functions, from creating a list to performing accounting functions.
LL 80 Buying & Selling on e-Bay
X1—$5	•	TBA                          LL 80 Buying & Selling on e-Bay                                                  1 session
TBA	•	TBA                            Almost anything is available to purchase on e-Bay these days. But how do you get started,
TBA	•	L.	Seery                       and how do you protect yourself? Learn how to find what you’re looking for, or how to
Maximum: 15                          sell the things you no longer need. Also become aware of efficient search methods, safe
X2—$5	•	TBA                          methods of payment, and “buyer beware” issues you need to know.
TBA	•	TBA                            LL 87 X1 Photography Made Easy                                                  4 sessions
TBA	•	L.	Seery                       In this basic photography class, we will start by discussing digital cameras and what
Maximum: 15                          to look for when purchasing one, as well as important terms such as file types, pixels,
LL 87 X1 Photography Made Easy       resolution, memory cards, and more. Learn the basic steps of good photography,
$45	•	Centerville	H.S.,	Room	C-124   including how to design a photograph by arranging the various picture elements in the
Saturday	•	9:00a-11:00a              most pleasing way. Bring digital images for in-class critique and discussion. Weather
1/17-2/7	•	T.	Watson                 permitting, we will also go out and shoot as a class.
LL 88 X1 Advanced Photography        LL 88 X1 Advanced Photography                                                   5 sessions
$50	•	Centerville	H.S.,	Room	C-124
                                     Take the mystery out of camera settings and functions, and unleash the power of your
Saturday	•	9:00a-11:00a
                                     digital camera. Learn about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, as well as depth of field
2/14-3/14	•	T.	Watson
                                     and capturing motion. It is recommended that you have a camera with manual settings.
LL 08 X21 Cell Phone                 Digital SLRs are perfect!
Free	•	Englewood	L.C.
Wednesday	•	1:00p-2:30p              LL 08 X21 Choosing & Using Your Cell Phone                                       1 session
2/4	&	2/11	•	J.	White/P.	Mutter      Do you ever wonder what all those menus on your cell phone contain? What exactly is
                                     instant messaging, and how do you use your built-in planner? This two-part program will
                                     guide you through learning how to use the features on the phone you own now, and
                                     help you to choose your next phone.                                                                                                          8
College for Lifelong Learning                                                                  Winter Quarter 2009

Seminars & Workshops                                                     Arts & Entertainment
 Course Descriptions                                                                           At a Glance!
LL 08 X22 Lunch Bunch: C’est Tout Bistro                                         1 session     LL 08 X22 Lunch Bunch: C’est
C’est Tout Bistro provides casual French dining in a charming, country atmosphere. The         Tout
restaurant serves American and French entrees, so everyone will find something on the          Free	•	C’est	Tout	Bistro
menu. Located at 2600 Far Hills Avenue, Oakwood. Deadline: Registration due January 30.        Tuesday	•	11:30a-1:30p
LL 08 X23 Lunch Bunch: Franco’s Ristorante Italiano                              1 session     2/3	•	A.	Schwieterman
“Let me share with you the art of Italian cuisine and my family’s long-shared traditions,”     LL 08 X23 Lunch Bunch: Franco’s
invites Franco. His culinary experiences began in Italy and have been carried here to          Free	•	Franco’s
America. Buon Appetito! Located at 825 E. Fifth Street, Dayton. Deadline: Registration         Tuesday	•	11:30a-1:30p
due February 27.                                                                               3/3	•	A.	Schwieterman
LL 08 X24 Lunch Bunch: China Cottage                                             1 session     LL 08 X24 Lunch Bunch: China
Experience the art of traditional Chinese cuisine in the newly remodeled setting depicting     Cottage
Chinese culture. Located at 6290 Far Hills Avenue, Centerville. Deadline: Registration         Free	•	China	Cottage
due April 3.                                                                                   Tuesday	•	11:30a-1:30p
                                                                                               4/7	•	A.	Schwieterman
LL 08 X25 Starbucks Coffee Tasting                                               1 session
A Starbucks coffee master will talk about one of America’s most popular coffees, as well       LL 08 X25 Starbucks Tasting
as how to brew the perfect cup, coffee pots and brewing devices used, and the varieties        $3	•	Starbucks,	Oakwood
available. Taste several coffees, paired with a perfect accompaniment. Meet at the             Day	•	Time
Oakwood location, 2418 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton 45419.                                         Date	•	D.	McGarvey/A.	Holaday
LL 08 X26 Guided by the Light                                                    1 session     LL 08 X26 … by the Light
Enjoy a stress-relieving luminary walk through the gardens and grounds of Cox                  Free6	•	Cox	Arboretum
Arboretum. Hundreds of candles will light the way for you, or join one of our tour guides      Friday	•	7:00p-9:00p
to discover many hidden treasures. Experience the calming impact of nature at night, and       12/12	•	Y.	Dunphe
enjoy hot chocolate and s’mores by the outdoor fireplace. Note: this event will be held        LL 08 X27 Holiday Rejuvenator
weather permitting, call (937) 277-4147 to confirm.                                            Free6	•	Cox	Arboretum
LL 08 X27 Holiday Rejuvenator                                                    1 session     Monday	•	5:30p-7:30p
Participate in a leisurely hike and discover the wonders of our environment in the heart of    12/29	•	Y.	Dunphe
holiday mayhem. Do not miss this opportunity to get out of your house and into nature,         LL 08 X28 From Seed to Bloom
and finish with some rejuvenating remedies. If registering after Thursday, December 18,        Free6	•	Cox	Arboretum
call Cox Arboretum directly at (937) 277-4147, and say you are a Sinclair student.             Wednesday	•	10:00a-12:00p
                                                                                               1/7	•	Y.	Dunphe
LL 08 X28 Tea Time Talks: From Seed to Bloom                                     1 session
Learn which plants are easy to grow from seed, what materials to use, when to start your       LL 08 X29 Design Essentials
plants, how to care for them, when and how to transplant them, and how to understand           Free6	•	Cox	Arboretum
the terminology. Participants will also learn to interpret seed catalogs correctly, and what   Friday	•	11:30a-1:00p
it takes to grow plants successfully at home. Bring your seed catalogs.                        1/16	•	Y.	Dunphe
LL 08 X29 Lunch & Learn: Design Essentials                                                     LL 08 X30 Soap Making
Wonder why some gardens make people stop and stare? There are elements to create               Workshop
the impact most gardeners want to have. Learn the essentials needed to create a good           $10	members;	$20	non-members	•	
garden design, how to calculate the number of plants needed to fill a space, what              Cox Arboretum
information is essential in design, and how to gather it. Space is limited.                    Sunday	•	2:00p	–	4:30p
                                                                                               1/25	•	Y.	Dunphe
LL 08 X30 Bubble Your Troubles Away:
Soap Making Workshop                                                             1 session     LL 08 X31 Made for the Shade
Learn how to make glycerin soaps using herbs and essential oils – both for aromatherapy        Free6	•	Cox	Arboretum
and just for fun. Of course, you’ll get to take several samples home. Light refreshments.      Friday	•	11:30a-1:00p
                                                                                               1/30	•	Y.	Dunphe
LL 08 X31 Lunch & Learn: Made for the Shade                                      1 session
Learn about the many aspects of shade and plants that can thrive in these areas. Add
interest to your shade garden with texture, stature, and color by broadening the plants
within your gardening palette. Space is limited.
Winter Quarter 2009                                                   College for Lifelong Learning

Seminars & Workshops                                             Arts & Entertainment
At a Glance!                        Course Descriptions
LL 08 X32 Garden Primer Series     LL 08 X32 Garden Primer Series                                                   7 sessions
Free6	•	Cox	Arboretum              Now is the perfect time to gain knowledge you need for creating the garden you have
Tuesday	•	10:00a-12:30p            always wanted. This series includes fundamentals, soils, problem solving, and more to get
2/3-3/24	•	Y.	Dunphe               you started on the path to a great gardening season. Those completing all 7 classes will
LL 08 X33 All about Orchids        receive a certificate. Space is limited.
Free6	•	Cox	Arboretum              LL 08 X33 Lunch & Learn: All About Orchids                                        1 session
Wednesday	•	11:30a-1:00p           See why the long thought to be fragile orchids are just another house plant. Learn how a
2/4	•	Y.	Dunphe                    little abuse and knowledge will make you a great orchid grower.
LL 08 X34 Orchid Show              LL 08 X34 Orchid Show                                                            2 sessions
Free6	•	Cox	Arboretum              Hundreds of orchids will be on display, as well as orchids and other items for purchase.
Saturday	&	Sunday	•	10:00a-4:00p   Informal orchid talks and repotting classes will be held throughout the weekend. This
2/14	&	2/15	•	Y.	Dunphe            event is sponsored by the Miami Valley Orchid Society.
LL 08 X35 Hypertufa Containers     LL 08 X35 Tea Time Talks: Creative Hypertufa Containers                           1 session
Free6	•	Cox	Arboretum              Hypertufa is the term for the material used to make “rock-like” containers and troughs.
Wednesday	•	10:00a-12:00p          These containers are tough enough to withstand winters outside and can be as simple or
2/18	•	Y.	Dunphe
                                   as intricate as you choose. Participants will see the variety of material that can be used
LL 08 X36 Pruning Basics           in making a hypertufa container, and be given all the how-to information to make a
Free6	•	Cox	Arboretum              container at home. Materials will be available for purchase in the Garden Store.
Friday	•	11:30a-1:00p
2/27	•	Y.	Dunphe                   LL 08 X36 Lunch & Learn: Pruning Basics                                           1 session
                                   Proper pruning is the key to maintaining plant health and the desired form. Learn the
LL 08 X37 Tea & Tastings           basic techniques for caring for your woody plants. A portion of the class will consist of
$5 Foundation member; $10 non-     outdoor demonstrations, so please bring your pruners and dress for the weather.
member	•	Cox	Arboretum
Sunday	•	2:00p-4:00p               LL 08 X37 Tea & Tastings                                                          1 session
2/22	•	Y.	Dunphe                   Take the chill out of the winter as we taste and discuss herbs for culinary use. Learn about
                                   tea blending, the differences between white, green, black & herbal teas, and how to read
LL 08 X38 Green MetroParks         your tea leaves. Enjoy some sweet & savory treats that can accompany a good cup of tea.
Free6	•	Wegerzyn
Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00p           LL 08 X38 The Greening of MetroParks                                              1 session
1/10	•	B.	Hoevel                   MetroParks is going green. Find out how MetroParks is contributing to land and water
                                   conservation in the Miami Valley. This is the kick-off for this year’s “Living with Mother
LL 08 X39 Ecological Restoration   Earth” series. Meet in the Adult Education room.
Free6	•	Wegerzyn
Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00p           LL 08 X39 Mt. Saint John’s & Ecological Restoration                               1 session
1/17	•	B.	Hoevel                   Representatives from The Marianist Environmental Education Center at Mt. Saint John’s
LL 08 X40 Soil                     will talk about their ecological restoration projects, which began in the 1990s, and their
Free6	•	Wegerzyn                   continuing work in woodlands, wetlands, and prairies. This is an exciting, not-to-be
Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00p           missed program. Meet in the Adult Education Room.
1/24	•	B.	Hoevel                   LL 08 X40 Examining the Soil                                                      1 session
LL 08 X41 Field Trip               It’s not just dirt! A representative from Montgomery County Soil and Water Conservancy
Free6	•	Wegerzyn                   will talk about soil, what is it, how it got here, and what’s happening to it. Bring your
Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00o           questions and a notebook. Meet in the Adult Education Room.
1/31	•	B.	Hoevel                   LL 08 X41 MetroParks Field Trip                                                   1 session
                                   Our MetroParks don’t close just because it’s cold outside! Join our director of
                                   conservation, Dave Nolin, who will lead an adventure to Taylorsville MetroPark. The park
                                   will be in full winter beauty, so dress for the weather and bring a camera. Meet in the
                                   Wegerzyn parking lot and carpool to Taylorsville.                                                                                                       10
College for Lifelong Learning                                                                 Winter Quarter 2009

Seminars & Workshops                                                     Arts & Entertainment
 Course Descriptions                                                                          At a Glance!
LL 08 X42 Energy Efficient Homes                                                 1 session    LL 08 X42 Energy Efficient
Heating costs are on the rise, yet we can have more comfortable and energy efficient          Free6	•	Wegerzyn
homes. Come learn how, with money-saving tricks from Larry Halpern, a savvy man who           Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00p
is nearly off the grid. Meet in the Adult Education Room.                                     2/7	•	B.	Hoevel
LL 08 X43 Green Fashion & Beauty                                                 1 session    LL 08 X43 Green Fashion
Green-living guru Donna Walls will be here to show us how to green our cosmetics and          Free6	•	Wegerzyn
clothes. You can be fashion conscious and earth conscious at the same time! Make a            Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00p
natural beauty or spa product to take home. Meet in the Adult Education Room.                 2/21	•	B.	Hoevel
LL 08 X44 Green Pets                                                             1 session    LL 08 X44 Green Pets
You try to live conscientiously, but what about your pet? Come and discover how               Free6	•	Wegerzyn
Fido and Kitty can be green, too! Dr. Taylor of Alex Bell Veterinary Clinic will talk         Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00p
about products available that allow you to take care of your pet and be good to the           2/28	•	B.	Hoevel	
environment at the same time. Meet in the Adult Education Room.                               LL 08 X45 Spring Cleaning
LL 08 X45 Spring Cleaning                                                        1 session    Free6	•	Wegerzyn
Spring cleaning is an annual ritual for many families. Examine how to get the cleanest,       Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00p
                                                                                              3/7	•	B.	Hoevel
freshest house with the least chemical input. Your home can sparkle without being toxic.
Meet in the Adult Education Room.                                                             LL 08 X46 Eating Local
                                                                                              Free6	•	Wegerzyn
LL 08 X46 Food: From Market & Garden to Table                                    1 session    Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00p
The Miami Valley has abundant local food resources. Local experts will be here to discuss     3/21	•	B.	Hoevel
the number of farms and markets available to conscientious eaters. We’ll also have a
group discussion on the future of food. So bring questions and prepare to brainstorm!         LL 08 X47 Seed Trays
We’ll end by cooking something local in the kitchen. Meet in the Adult Education Room.        Free6	•	Wegerzyn
                                                                                              Saturday	•	10:00a-12:00p
LKL 08 X47 Seed Trays & Sweet Potatoes                                           1 session    3/28	•	B.	Hoevel
Is this your year to start a vegetable garden? Doug Christen, a local organic farmer, will
be here to teach you how to get a jump on the growing season by seeding indoor trays          LL 08 X48 Gardening Conference
and propagating sweet potatoes. Meet in the Adult Education Room.                             $65	•	Sinclair	
                                                                                              Saturday	•	8:00a-5:00p
LL 08 X48 Miami Valley Gardening Conference                                      1 session    3/14	•	B.	Hoevel
Need a little creative inspiration to rejuvenate your garden this spring? The 14th annual
Miami Valley Gardening Conference, sponsored by Five Rivers MetroParks, is the perfect        L 08 X49 Springtime Tour of
place to get fresh ideas and prepare for the coming growing season. Experts and other         Homes
presenters will tell you how to go organic, get the best out of perennials, use the edible    Free5	•	Mill	Ridge	Village
landscape, and plant the best trees, among other topics. Mail in your gardening questions     Saturday	•	1:00-2:00p,	tour;	
for “Ask the Experts!” Deadline: Registration and payment due February 20.                    2:00p-4:00p, Personal Q&A
                                                                                              4/4	•	G.	King
LL 08 X49 Springtime Tour of Homes                                               1 session
After being cooped up all winter, take a tour of the homes at Mill Ridge Village.             LL 08 X50 DAI Tour: Glass
Beginning at 1:00 p.m., sign up at the Community Center and receive a map for the open        Exhibit
homes. There will be a personal Q&A session, along with refreshments and door prizes.         TBA	•	Dayton	Art	Institute
                                                                                              Tuesday	•	10:30a-11:30a,	tour;	
LL 08 X50 Dayton Art Institute Exhibit Tour:                                                  11:30a-1:00p, lunch
William Morris Glass Exhibit                                                     1 session    2/24	•	M.	Anderson	
William Morris is regarded as one of America’s most gifted and innovative glass artists. He
lives in the Pacific Northwest, where he originally worked as Dale Chihuly’s gaffer (lead
glassblower) in the early 1980s. His work has been strongly influenced by an interest in
archeology and ancient pagan cultures. Tour the exhibit, then lunch together at the DAI’s
Café Monet; order from the menu and pay on your own. Deadline: Registration and
payment due February 10; payment is non-refundable, cannot accept cancellations.

Winter Quarter 2009                                                        College for Lifelong Learning

Seminars & Workshops                                                  Arts & Entertainment
At a Glance!                             Course Descriptions
LL 08 X51 Dinner and a Play:            LL 08 X51 Dinner & a Play: The King and I                                          1 session
The King and I                          East meets West for a fascinating tale, with music by Richard Rodgers and Oscar
$18	•	Dayton	Playhouse                  Hammerstein. In 1862, an English widow, Anna Leonowens, and her young son are
Friday	•	5:45	p.m.	dinner;	8:00	p.m.	   summoned by the King to the Royal Palace in Bangkok, to serve as tutor to his children
play                                    and wives. Considered a barbarian by Westerners, the King seeks Anna’s help in changing
2/6	•	D.	&	P.	Mutter                    his image, if not his ways. With vastly different backgrounds, both grow to understand
Minimum: 12                             and, eventually, respect one another. Meet for dinner at Boston’s Bistro, 7500 N. Main
                                        Street; order off the menu and pay on your own. The performance will be at Dayton
LL 08 X52 Dinner & a Concert:
                                        Playhouse, 1301 E. Siebenthaler. Deadline: Registration and payment due January 30.
Soirees Musicales
$23	•	Barnsider	&	Shiloh	Church         LL 08 X52 Dinner & a Concert: Soirees Musicales                                    1 session
Saturday	•	6:00	p.m.	dinner;	8:00	      This winter Soirees Musicales piano concert features pianist Spencer Myer. A recent
p.m. play                               newspaper article said that “although the technical demands of Liszt’s works make
1/10	•	D.	&	P.	Mutter                   them familiar fare at piano competitions, Myer kept them fresh, showing how they call
Minimum: 12                             forth the athlete, the intellectual, and the seer in every pianist. Myer turned out to be all
                                        three.” Meet for dinner at the Barnsider, 5202 N. Main Street; order off the menu and
LL 08 X53 Lunch & a Play:
                                        pay on your own. The performance is at Shiloh Church, 5300 Philadelphia Drive at Main
Catfish Moon                            Street. Deadline: Registration and payment due January 2.
$18	•	Pepito’s	&	Dayton	Theatre	
Guild                                   LL 08 X53 Lunch & a Play: Catfish Moon                                             1 session
Sunday	•	1:00	p.m.	lunch;	3:00	p.m.	    A hilarious look at fishing, beer, and the meaning of life, particularly as they apply to
performance                             aging, friendship, and the struggle between men and women. In the end, there is a
1/18	•	P.	Mutter                        realization that life is too precious and too short to let true friendship get away. Meet
Minimum: 12                             for lunch at Pepito’s Mexican Restaurant & Cantina, 2412 Catalpa Drive; order from the
LL 08 X54 Dinner & the Arts:            menu and pay on your own. The performance is at Dayton Theatre Guild, 2330 Salem
                                        Avenue. Deadline: Reservation and payment due January 9.
Brother Wolf
$20	•	Uno	&	Loft	Theatre                LL 08 X54 Dinner & the Arts: Brother Wolf                                          1 session
Wednesday	•	6:00p-10:00p                No one in Dayton grasps the traditions of Appalachian music and movement better than
2/4	•	D.	&	P.	Mutter                    Rhythm in Shoes! Rick, Sharon, and the gang will be joining our actors to highlight a
Minimum: 12                             modern retelling of Beowolf. Fiery preacher Brother Wolf does battle with the evil Grin
LL 08 X55 Dinner & a Concert:           Dell and his Maw to save his mountain community, all to old-time gospel and traditional
                                        folk	tunes.	Classical	fun	with	one	of	the	great	legends	of	yore.	Meet	for	dinner	at	Uno’s,	
Miami Valley Symphony                   126 N. Main Street, Dayton; order off the menu and pay on your own. The performance
Orchestra                               will be at the Loft Theatre, 126 N. Main Street. Deadline: Registration and payment due
$10	•	China	Cottage	&	Epiphany	         January 27.
Lutheran Church
Saturday	•	6:00p	dinner;	8:00p	         LL 08 X55 Dinner & a Concert: Miami Valley Symphony Orchestra 1 session
concert                                 Enjoy the winter orchestra concert, conducted by Dr. Kenneth Kohlenberg, professor of
2/21	•	D.	&	P.	Mutter                   Music at Sinclair. The program selections include “An Outdoor Overture,” Aaron Copland;
Minimum: 12                             “Four Dances from Rodeo,” Aaron Copland; and Symphony #5, Ludwig van Beethoven.
                                        Meet for dinner at the China Cottage, 6290 Far Hills Avenue; order off the menu and pay
LL 08 X56 Hors D’oeuvres &              on your own. The performance is at Epiphany Lutheran Church, 6430 Far Hills Avenue,
Taking Steps                            approximately one block south. There is ample parking; both are handicap accessible.
$12	•	Sinclair,	Blair	Hall              Deadline: Registration and payment due February 13.
Thursday	•	6:00p-7:00p,	
refreshments; 7:00p-9:00p, play         LL 08 X56 Hors D’oeuvres & Sinclair Theatre: Taking Steps                          1 session
2/26	•	A.	Holaday                       Taking Steps is a British farce in which a woman plots to leave her husband but is foiled
                                        by his comedic comings and goings. Although the slapstick action takes place on three
                                        floors, a single, one-level set is used; the actors climb and descend “steps” to reach the
                                        various rooms of the manor. Hors d’oeuvres, beverages, and a cash bar in the Blair Hall
                                        Theatre lobby prior to the performance are included; free parking available on the street
                                        or in Sinclair Lot B directly across Fourth Street from Blair Hall (Building 2). Deadline:
                                        Registration and payment due February 12.                                                                                                          12
College for Lifelong Learning                                                                     Winter Quarter 2009

Seminars & Workshops                                                      Arts & Entertainment
 Course Descriptions                                                                              At a Glance!
LL 08 X57 Appetizers & Arias: The Elixir of Love                                  1 session       LL 08 X57 Appetizers & Arias:
An Italian love story just in time for Valentine’s Day. Nestled in a small Italian village, the   The Elixir of Love
young, flirty Adina is wooed by the poor, gentle Nemorino, as well as by the shallow,             $10	•	Schuster	Center
preening Sgt. Belcore. In desperation, love-sick Nemorino purchases a magical “Elixir of          Thursday	•	5:00p-10:00p
Love” from a traveling quack. Drunk with love and elixir, he stumbles his way into Adina’s        2/12	•	A.	Holaday
heart!	Gather	before	the	performance	at	Uno’s,	126	N.	Main	Street,	Dayton;	order	off	the	
menu and pay on your own. Deadline: Registration and payment due February 2.
                                                                                                  LL 10 Writing About Your Life &
LL 10 X 1, 2, 3 Writing About Your Life & Times                                   1 session       X1—$45	•	Sinclair	
Everyone has a story to tell. Provide your family with your story for now and in the              Tuesday	•	2:15p-4:15p
future. This course leads you through the process of writing, sharing, and preserving your        1/13-3/17	•	K.	Berg
personal history. Each student may submit a writing sample to be duplicated, bound in             X2—$251	•	Mercy	Siena
booklet form, and distributed to class members.                                                   Thursday	•	1:00p-3:00p
                                                                                                  1/15-3/19	•	S.	Kelleher
LL 11 X1 Creative Writing                                                         1 session
                                                                                                  X3—$251	•	Mercy	Siena
If you’re interested in creative writing, this Dayton Daily News columnist will have ideas
                                                                                                  Tuesday	•	10:00a-12:00p
to get you started. Look at objects in new ways and describe what you see. Sharpening
                                                                                                  1/13-3/17	•	S.	Kelleher
your powers of observation will help you create the scenes that your readers can easily
picture.                                                                                          LL 11 X1 Creative Writing
                                                                                                  Free	•	Crestview
LL XX xx Five Tall Women: The Lives & Works of                                                    Friday	•	12:30p-2:00p
Some Great Contemporary Writers                                                  5 sessions       1/30,	2/13,	or	3/13	•	A.	Kochnen/P.	
Read and discuss some short stories of five outstanding contemporary women writers:               Callahan
Bobbie Anne Mason, Margaret Atwood, Alice Munro, Alice Walker, and Annie Proulx.
We’ll discuss their lives and works, and see clips of movies made from their writings.            LL 12 X1 Five Tall Women
                                                                                                  $35	•	Sinclair
LL 13 X1 Ten Top Ten: The Best of the Best American Movies                        5 sessions      Wednesday	•	1:00p-3:00p
In 2008, The American Film Institute conducted a poll to select the 10 best American films        1/21	–	2/18	•	P.	Mutter
ever made in 10 categories: Animation, Romantic Comedy, Western, Sports, Mystery,                 Minimum: 6; Maximum: 15
Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Gangster, Courtroom Drama and Epic. Watch parts of some of these iconic
                                                                                                  LL 13 X1 Ten Top Ten
films, and discuss why they are great and stand the test of time. Also, we’ll take a look at
                                                                                                  $35	•	Sinclair
directors and their techniques, and some of their other films.                                    Wednesday	•	1:00p-3:00p
LL 14 X1 Moviemaking in the Movies                                              10 sessions       2/25-3/25	•	P.	Mutter
Ever wonder how feature films are made, how things really work in Hollywood, and what             Minimum: 12; Maximum: 24
all those people in the credits do? Sharing his own professional experiences in the film          LL 14 X1 Moviemaking
industry, screenwriter/film professor Thomas Girvin uses Hollywood’s views of itself to           $10 for residents, $55 for non-
teach the filmmaking process. Weekly screenings of motion pictures about moviemaking              residents	•	Bethany	Village
offer entertaining, behind-the-scenes insights into the magic of cinema, from the silent era      Friday	•	9:00a-12:00p
to today.                                                                                         1/16-3/20	•	T.	Girvin
LL 15 X1 Love that Music!                                                        8 sessions       LL 15 X1 Love that Music!
Re-live the music you grew up with as DJ/Musicologist Tony Peters guides you on a                 $25	•	Rosewood
journey through the “Golden Age of Music” from 1930 to 1960. Hear great tunes and                 Wednesday	•	10:00a-11:00a
watch performances by Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller, Rosemary Clooney, and            1/21-3/11	•	T.	Peters
more. Enjoy the Big Bands and Crooners who shaped the early days of recorded music,
while hearing some of the fascinating stories behind the popular songs of yesteryear.

Winter Quarter 2009                                                    College for Lifelong Learning

Seminars & Workshops                                                           History & Culture
At a Glance!                         Course Descriptions
LL 08 X58 Paris & Provence          LL 08 X58 A Week in Paris & a Wedding in Provence                                  1 session
$5	•	MCL,	Kettering                 Come on an unforgettable walking tour of famous historic sites, fountains, and buildings
Wednesday	•	11:30a	lunch;	12:30p	   in Paris, the City of Light, along with a dinner cruise on the Seine, a visit to the grave
program                             of Dayton’s famous Natalie Barney, plus a wedding in Provence amidst the vineyards
1/21	•	L.	Bey                       and olive groves. Program presenter, Leon Bey, who has been called “Dayton’s National
LL 08 X59 Abe Lincoln in Dayton     Treasure,” attended the wedding of his Godchild in Provence in September 2008.
$5	•	Kuntz	Building                 Program includes Edith Piaf songs and French accordion music.
Wednesday	•	11:30a-1:00p            LL 08 X59 Abe Lincoln in Dayton in 1859:
2/11	•	L.	Bey                       The 150th Anniversary Celebration of His Visit and Vision                          1 session
LL 08 X60 Armchair Tour: Main       On September 17, 1859, Abraham Lincoln visited Dayton. He delivered a 2½ hour anti-
Street                              slavery speech on the steps of the Courthouse at Third and Main Streets. This one-hour
Free10	•	One	Lincoln	Park           program with music celebrates the 150th Anniversary of his visit with photographs, local
Day	•	Time                          newspaper accounts, Lincoln trivia, and Lincoln’s legacy. Leon Bey, program presenter, is a
Date	•	L.	Bey                       retired librarian, local historian, and member of the Lincoln Society of Dayton.
LL 08 X61 Annie Oakley & My         LL 08 X60 Armchair Walking Tour: Main Street                                       1 session
Dad                                 See photos of lost and distinguished buildings and restored buildings on the popular
Free4	•	Mercy	Siena                 walking tour of Downtown Dayton—without the walking! Visit the old Public Market
Tuesday	•	1:30p-3:00p               House, Beaver Power Building (the automobile self-starter was first manufactured here),
1/13	•	L.	Bey                       site of the only downtown Wright Brothers Bicycle Shop, grand movie palaces, long-
                                    gone department stores, courthouses, and more. This is a blend of buildings gone and
LL 08 X62 Tea & Shakespeare…        buildings saved and restored, plus new condos, apartments, and downtown life.
$5	•	The	Cannery
Thursday	•	11:00a-1:00p             LL 08 X61 Annie Oakley & My Dad                                                    1 session
1/29	•	L.	Bey                       Leon Bey, program presenter, and his dad were both raised on farms near Versailles in
                                    Darke County, Annie Oakley country. A slideshow of “Little Miss Sureshot” will be shown,
LL 08 X63 Watervliet Shakers
                                    including many photos and personal stories about his dad seeing Annie Oakley perform.
$5	•	MCL
Saturday	•	5:00p-6:30p              LL 08 X62 Tea & Shakespeare, Art & Lunch                                           1 session
3/21	•	L.	Bey                       Explore the Cannery downtown with this progressive event. Begin with a private tea
LL 08 X64 Armchair Tour:            tasting at the Basically British Shop, then on to an art gallery, and finally, enjoy lunch at
                                    the Wine Gallery & Café (order from the menu and pay on your own). Some history and
Oregon District
                                    Shakespeare add to the adventure. Meet at the Basically British Shop, 502 E. Third Street;
$5	•	Sinclair
                                    free	parking	available	in	the	lot	behind	St.	John’s	United	Church	of	Christ,	across	the	
Monday	•	11:30a-1:00p
                                    street (enter the front lot on Third Street to the left of the church to get to the back lot).
3/16	•	L.	Bey/N.	Roach
LL 08 X65 Movie Palaces &           LL 08 X63 All of One Family: The Watervliet Ohio Shakers                           1 session
                                    For 95 years, there was a Shaker community in the Dayton area, where the residents were
Department Stores                   known for their fruits, vegetables, brooms, brushes, eggs, meats, seeds, and other items
Free 	•	Mercy	Siena
                                    sold at the weekly market. Experience a first-person account, recorded music, and cookies
                                    from an authentic Shaker recipe.
TBA	•	L.	Bey
                                    LL 08 X64 Armchair Walking Tour: The Oregon District                               1 session
                                    Learn about Dayton’s first suburb, from the comfort of your chair! We’ll talk about
                                    the businesses on Fifth Street as well as the residential homes of the Oregon District,
                                    including the Dutch House, the Stepladder House, and other distinctive homes.
                                    SA 08 X65 Historical Dayton: Movie Palaces &
                                    Department Stores                                                                  1 session
                                    Remember going to the glorious movie theatres in downtown Dayton during the 1950s
                                    with your family or special dates? Do you have memories of shopping downtown when
                                    there were many department stores to browse through? Take this historical trip down
                                    memory lane. Instructor: L. Bey.                                                                                                      14
College for Lifelong Learning                                                                  Winter Quarter 2009

Seminars & Workshops                                                                 History & Culture
 Course Descriptions                                                                           At a Glance!
LL 08 X66 Women of Flight: A Look at Women in Aviation History 1 session                       LL 08 X66 Women of Flight
Women have had an impact on aviation since the first hot-air balloon crested the horizon,      Free8	•	Suites	of	Walnut	Creek
being an ever-present force as supporters, inventors, and pioneers. Susan Lightcap             Tuesday	•	10:30a-11:30a
reviews that history and highlights those women who have affected the history of flight.       1/13	•	S.	Lightcap/J.	Ashworth
LL 08 X67 Mr. Lincoln of Springfield                                            1 session      LL 08 X67 Mr. Lincoln of
Farmer, log splitter, shop keeper, lawyer, congressman, and president are all descriptors of   Springfield
Mr. Lincoln of Springfield. This presentation examines the life of our 16th president in the   Free8	•	Suites	of	Walnut	Creek
days before his presidency.                                                                    Tuesday	•	10:30a-11:30a
                                                                                               2/10	•	J.	Lightcap/J.	Ashworth
LL 08 X68, X69 The Luck of the Irish: A Look at All Things Irish 1 session
In March, America’s “melting pot” turns green. It does not matter whether your heritage        LL 08 Luck of the Irish
is German, Dutch, English, French, or Spanish, in March everyone is Irish. Take a peek at      X68—Free8	•	Suites	of	Walnut	Creek
how this small island in the North Atlantic and its patron saint have given us a popular       Tuesday	•	10:30a-11:30a
holiday that is celebrated each spring around the world. Along the way, we will discover       3/10	•	J.	Lightcap/J.	Ashworth
the history behind many of those traditions.                                                   X69—Free5	•	Mill	Ridge	Village
                                                                                               Friday	•	1:30p-2:30p
LL 08 X70 Historic Woodland Cemetery—Part 3                                     1 session      3/6	•	J.	Lightcap/G.	King
This session will discuss some of the prominent families of Dayton that are buried at
Woodland, such as the Pattersons, James Ritty, and John Stoddard, just to name a few.          LL 08 X70 Historic Woodland
We will learn about the famous actress in Woodland and the infamous Madam who is               Cemetery—Part 3
also there. In addition, we have many soldiers in Woodland that we will honor.                 $3	•	Woodland	Cemetery	
LL 08 X71 Historic Woodland Cemetery—Part 4                                     1 session      Tuesday	•	8:30a-10:30a
This time we will discuss the Wright Brothers and Paul Laurence Dunbar, in addition to         2/3	•	S.	Pesut/D.	Erisman
continuing the stories of the more prominent families of Dayton buried at Woodland,
such as Adam Schantz, Gustuve Weideke, the Steele family, the Harshman family, the             LL 08 X71 Historic Woodland
Winters family, and our own infamous lawyer, who is the man without a country.                 Cemetery—Part 4
                                                                                               $3	•	Woodland	Cemetery	
LL 08 X72 Preserving Family Photographs                                         1 session      Mausoleum
This workshop will cover identification of the major 19th and 20th century photographic        Tuesday	•	8:30a-10:30a
processes, from the daguerreotype to the silver gelatin print. Identification is important     3/3	•	S.	Pesut/D.	Erisman
in determining the proper care for each unique photographic type. During the
workshop, prepare to learn basic techniques to prolong the life of family photographs          LL 08 X72 Preserving Family
through proper handling, storage, and display. Feel free to bring in a few of your own         Photographs
photographs for advice on storage and care. Taught by an Archivist for Special Collections     $2	•	Location
&	Archives,	Wright	State	University	Libraries,	where	she	has	taught	for	the	past	six	years.    Monday	•	1:00p-2:00p
                                                                                               3/23	•	T.	Vanden	Bos/A.	
LL 08 X73 Capturing the Family Stories:                                                        Schwieterman
Interviewing Your Relatives                                                     1 session
Oral histories are a wonderful way to capture family information and preserve stories for
                                                                                               LL 08 X73 Capturing Family
future generations. Many people are hesitant to “interview” another family member, or          Stories
draw a blank about the best way to do this. This session will focus on tips to make the        $2	•	Sinclair
experience a pleasant one for all involved and will cover topics including project planning,   Thursday	•	1:00p-3:00p
developing questions, recording options, and project ideas. Taught by an Archivist and         3/26	•	L.	Kachurek/A.	Schwieterman
Collection	Manager	in	Special	Collections	&	Archives	at	Wright	State	University.	              LL 08 X74 Underground Railroad
                                                                                               Free17	•	Otterbein
LL 08 X74 Exploring the Underground Railroad in Warren County                    1 session
                                                                                               Saturday	•	10:00a-11:00a
We	will	examine	what	the	Underground	Railroad	really	was,	as	well	as	the	myths	that	
                                                                                               1/17	•	J.	Zimkus/S.	Black
surround it. We will also take a look at known “stations” and “conductors” within our

Winter Quarter 2009                                                      College for Lifelong Learning

Seminars & Workshops                                                            History & Culture
At a Glance!                          Course Descriptions
LL 08 X75 The Golden Lamb            LL 08 X75 The Golden Lamb: Its Guests, Ghosts, & Presidents                         1 session
Free17	•	Otterbein                   The Golden Lamb has long been recognized as “Ohio’s Oldest Inn.” Since its founding on
Tuesday	•	7:00p-8:00p                December 23, 1803, there have been 12 presidents, world famous writers, and scores of
3/10	•	J.	Zimkus/S.	Black            other dignitaries who have graced its doors and enjoyed the hotel’s famous hospitality.
LL 08 X76 Life in the Congo          We will discuss who some of these guests were and why they came to Lebanon and
Free17	•	One	Lincoln	Park            visited the Golden Lamb. Plus, we will explore the stories of the spirits who are also said
Monday	•	1:30p-2:30p                 to “visit” the inn on a regular basis.
3/2	•	M.	Ratcliff/M.	Shoemaker/H.	   LL 08 X76 A Look at Life in the Congo                                              1 session
Campbell-Bradley                     Away from the tourist side of Africa and isolated from civil wars, cities and villages are
LL 08 X77 Quilt Code                 home to much of the African population. These towns have very few modern amenities
Free5	•	Mill	Ridge	Village           and have a level of poverty that is almost indefinable, yet the people are rich in spirit,
Tuesday	•	1:30p-2:30p                wonderfully giving, and hopeful about the future. Take a look at the people and how they
1/6	•	J.	Lightcap/G.	King            live. The presenter has spent a portion of the past two summers doing missionary work
                                     in the interior of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and brings a seldom-seen view
LL 08 X78 First Ladies               of life in Central Africa. He will also present a brief look at Robbin Island, off the coast of
Free5	•	Mill	Ridge	Village           South Africa, the location of the maximum security prison where Nelson Mandela was
Tuesday	•	1:30p-2:30p                imprisoned during his fight against apartheid. The prison is now a national historic site.
2/3	•	J.	Lightcap/G.	King
LL 08 X79 Mary Todd Lincoln          LL 08 X77 The Quilt Code: Secrets of the Underground Railroad 1 session
                                     The	Underground	Railroad	was	perhaps	the	most	dramatic	protest	against	slavery	in	
Free5	•	Mill	Ridge	Village
Tuesday	•	1:00p-3:00p                United	States	history.	The	story	of	the	“Railroad”	is	a	story	of	codes	and	secrets	using	a	
2/24	•	J.	Michna/G.	King             cunning system of visual and oral communication; the Quilt Code was part of the system.
                                     Historian Susan Lightcap tells the story of this remarkable chapter in American history.
LL 08 X80 Jewish Traditions
Free7	•	Boonshoft	Center             LL 08 X78 The Secret Lives of America’s First Ladies                               1 session
Monday	•	1:00p-2:30p                 Your	husband	has	just	been	elected	President	of	the	United	States	and	is	beginning	a	
2/23	•	Cantor	Raizen	/J.	Hochstein   demanding relationship with the American people. You, too, are about to take on a new
Minimum: 6                           role:	First	Lady	of	the	U.S.	It	has	been	said	that	“being	the	First	Lady	is	the	hardest	unpaid	
                                     job in the world.” As First Lady you will attain a certain level of immortality, a permanent
                                     place in history that allows you to be scrutinized and picked apart by any and all. Susan
                                     Lightcap relates the stories of five of the lesser known ladies of the White House.
                                     LL 08 X79 Mary Todd Lincoln                                                        1 session
                                     After the assassination of her husband Abraham, Mary Lincoln was an unsettled spirit.
                                     She lived in New York, Chicago, and Europe, but could never find rest. Mary had lost
                                     three of her four sons and suffered estrangement from her eldest. Set upon by creditors,
                                     plagued by declining health and weighed down by her grief, Mrs. Lincoln had become a
                                     sad and dejected figure. This was a far cry from the youthful woman who captured the
                                     hearts of Springfield, Illinois, in 1837. Mrs. Lincoln’s life comes full circle as she returns
                                     to Springfield to live with her sister Elizabeth. She recalls the days of her girlhood in the
                                     genteel society of Lexington, Kentucky, her marriage to the gangly young lawyer, and
                                     eventually her rise to become the First Lady. Speaker Jessica Michna will be in costume!
                                     LL 08 X80 Jewish Life Cycle Events & Traditions                                    1 session
                                     Have you ever been invited to a Jewish Wedding or to a Bat or Bar Mitzvah and
                                     wondered what to expect or what certain customs meant? Did you ever wonder what
                                     to do when someone Jewish passes away? Cantor Andrea Raizen will discuss Jewish life
                                     cycle events from birth to death, and the various customs and traditions associated with
                                     the Jewish religion. Deadline: Registration due February 18.                                                                                                        16
College for Lifelong Learning                                                                     Winter Quarter 2009

Seminars & Workshops                                                                     History & Culture
 Course Descriptions                                                                               At a Glance!
LL 19 X1 Understanding Islam                                                        4 sessions     LL 19 X1 Understanding Islam
Broaden your horizons and learn about Islam, from both historic and religious                      Free	•	Barnes
perspectives. Islam will be examined from Moslem and Christian points of view. The                 Wednesday	•	10:00a-12:00p
Hadith, commentaries on the Koran and important to Moslem belief and practice, will be             1/21-2/11	•	L.	Briskin
studied. A history of Moslem and Christian relationships will also be discussed. Taught by         LL 20 X1 Our Contemporary
a	retired	U.S.	Air	Force	engineer	who	has	intensively	studied	this	faith	since	2001.
LL 20 X1 Our Contemporary World                                                     4 sessions     $10, non-residents5	•	Mill	Ridge	
The purpose of this course is to examine our contemporary world through current                    Village
writings. Each week members of the class will bring in three articles from newspapers,             Wednesday	•	9:00a-11:00a
magazines, the Internet, or other media, and briefly explain what their articles are about;        2/18-3/11	•	J.	Cash/G.	King
the moderator will then open the floor for discussion. The articles can be about current           LL 08 Xxx Fairness in the Media
news, the arts, or other subjects. This is a discussion class and all views are welcome, in        Free18	•	Bethany	Village	Center	
fact, encouraged. Members of the class treat each other respectfully and gain insight on           Classroom
others’ views. James B. Cash, an author and playwright, is a former federal and private            Thursday	•	10:30a-11:30a
sector executive who has taught at several colleges and universities and developed this            1/29	•	K.	Combs/R.	Ryan
course for “lifelong learners.”
                                                                                                   LL 08 Xxx Energy & Alternatives
LL 08 Xxx Fairness in the Media                                                      1 session     Free18	•	Bethany	Village	Center	
This class willl discuss topics of current interest in our lives. This month’s topic will be       Classroom
Fairness in Media legislation, and will also include discussion on the reasons media is            Thursday	•	11:00a-12:00p
biased and how we can be better information consumers.                                             3/19	•	K.	Combs/R.	Ryan
LL 08 Xxx Traditional Energy & the Alternatives                                      1 session
This month’s discussion topic focuses on our traditional sources of energy and the
alternatives we have. Since this has been a hot topic in recent months, we will talk about
options and what various people’s ideas are.

 DIT 143 S1 Healthy Cooking               This class explores the basic principles of nutrition, food selection, meal preparation, and
 Audit	(no	tuition,	if	60	or	better)	•	   recipe modifications/substitutions that promote healthy eating and disease prevention.
 Sinclair 13422                           Menu planning and sanitation principles will be incorporated. This class is very interactive
 Tuesday	•	9:00a-12:30p                   and hands-on. Each week the class begins with a 45-60 minute lecture, demonstration, and
 Dates	•	Chef	Lorraine	Gose               discussion, followed by a 2 hour lab session, during which students prepare items and taste
                                          what has been prepared. “Celebrate life by being healthy” is the course’s theme.

  LL 96 X1 Conversation Tables            LL 96 X1 Conversation Tables
  Free	•	Sinclair	                        The department of Humanities, Government & Modern Languages supports several
  TBA	•	TBA                               conversation tables in French, German, and Spanish every week during the winter quarter.
  TBA	•	D.	Petrey                         These are free of charge and open to the public. For a current list of times and places, call
                                          the College for Lifelong Learning at (937) 512-2372 or the Modern Language Lab at (937)
                                          512-2228 at the beginning of the quarter.

Winter Quarter 2009                                                                College for Lifelong Learning

Senior Sites                                                                                    Audit Schedule
To register for Sinclair classes at senior and community centers, register at the site that you will be attending. Membership
in the site may be required. These classes are tuition-free for those age 60 and better. Others may attend with permission
and by paying the tuition. Call (937) 512-2372 or (937) 512-5184 for more information.

Beth Jacob                                                                     7020 N. Main St., Dayton 45415 (937) 274-2149
HIS 297/GG          America in the 19th Century                     R                  1:00p-3:45p        D. Williams
Bethany Village                                                       6445 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton 45459, (937) 433-2110
ART 297/GM          Painting & More                                 W                 10:00a-1:15p    F. Betz
PED 148/8E          Beginning Ballroom Dance**                      M                 1:00p-2:40p     J. & D. Rose
PED 149/9F          Intermediate Social Dance**                     R                 6:00p-7:40p     J. & D. Rose
Brookville Senior Citizen Center                                       Golden Gate Park, Brookville 45309, (937) 512-5184
ART 297/GA          Painting & More                                 T              9:00a-12:00p       K. Moore
PED 105/GH          Physical Fitness                                MR             9:30a-10:20a       T. Penick
Dayton Jewish, Boonshoft Center                                       525 Versailles Dr., Centerville 45459, (937) 853-0372
MUS	115/GH		 From Russia with Love                                  W               1:00p-3:45p         R. Bobo
ART 297/GP          Art Appreciation                                F               9:00a-12:15p        B. Stork
Earl Heck Community Center                                           201 N. Main Street, Englewood 45322, (937) 836-5929
ART 297/GN          Painting & More                                 W               9:00a-12:15p     S. Harbaugh
Ellison Senior Citizen Center                                         2412 West Third Street, Dayton 45417, (937) 333-6606
ART 297/GJ          Painting & More                                 F                9:00a-12:15p      B. Bolton
PED 105/GA          Physical Fitness                                TR               9:45a-10:35a      L. Tschippert
PED 148/GC          Soulful Line Dance                              MF               10:00a-10:50a     J. Drummond
HIS 297/GL          Dayton’s African-American                       W                9:00a-11:45a      M. Peters
                    Heritage & You

    Legend of Sponsors
    Sponsored by Mercy Siena Retirement         7
                                                     Sponsored by the Oscar & Marjorie          13
                                                                                                     Dayton	Urgan	League	may	pay	for	
    Community (Mercy Siena will pay $20 of           Boonshoft Center for Jewish Culture             training for qualified students.
    the $45 tuition fee.)                            and Education.                             14
                                                                                                     Sponsored by Dayton Metro Library
    Sponsored by Crestview Manor                8
                                                     Sponsored by the Suites at Walnut               System: Northmont Library
    Cooperatively offered by Lathrem Senior                                                     15
                                                                                                     Provided by Sinclair’s Career Services
    Center and Sinclair College for Lifelong    9
                                                     Offered in collaboration with Dayton            department
    Learning                                         History - Carillon Historical Park         16
                                                                                                     Provided by KMCN Community Wellness
    Sponsored by Mercy Siena Retirement         10
                                                     Offered in collaboration with One               Program
    Community                                        Lincoln Park                               17
                                                                                                     Sponsored by Otterbein Retirement
    Sponsored by Mill Ridge Village             11
                                                     Sponsored by Mercy Siena Retirement             Community, Lebanon
                                                     Community (Mercy Siena will pay the
    Offered in collaboration with Five Rivers                                                   18
                                                                                                     Sponsored by Bethany Village
                                                     instructor’s fee, plus $2 of the $6 food
    MetroParks: Aullwood, Cox Arboretum
                                                     supply fee).                                	Sponsored	by	Dayton	Urban	League
    and the Germantown Nature Center,
    and Wegerzyn Gardens                        12
                                                     Sponsored by St. Leonard’s Wellness        20
                                                                                                     Sponsored by Fairhaven Church
                                                     Program                                                                                                                     18
College for Lifelong Learning                                               Winter Quarter 2009

Senior Sites                                                            Audit Schedule
Fairborn Senior Center                              325 N. Third Street, Fairborn 45324, (937) 878-4141
PLS 297/GA   Political Life                       M              1:30p-4:15p        L. Mayer
Friendship Village                                  5790 Denlinger Road, Dayton 45426, (937) 837-5581
ART 297/GB   Painting & More                      M              1:00p-4:15p      B. Stork
HIS 297/GE   Presidential Families                W              1:30p-4:15p      W. Kuhn
Hithergreen Senior Center                         5900 Hithergreen Drive, Dayton 45429, (937) 435-2415
ART 297/GC   Painting & More                      M              9:00a-12:15p      B. Bolton
ART 297/GD   Watercolor Painting*                 R              9:30a-12:45p      D. Coyle
ART 297/GE   Watercolor Painting*                 T              9:30a-12:45p      D. Coyle
HIS 297/GB   Rise & Fall of Hitler I              M              1:00p-3:45p       K. Combs
PED 154/GA   Aerobic Conditioning                 TR             10:00a-10:50a     M. Pittman
PED 165/GD   Country/Western Dance                T              1:30p-3:10p       P. Burger
PED 204/GA   Adv. Aerobic Conditioning            TR             8:45a-10:00a      M. Pittman
Huber Heights Senior Center              6428 Chambersburg Road, Huber Heights 45424, (937) 233-9999
PED 105/GG   Physical Fitness                    TF            8:00a-8:50a       F. Strahan
PED 105/GC   Physical Fitness                    MW            10:00a-10:50a     D. Pence
PED 105/GD   Physical Fitness                    MW            8:00a-8:50a       D. Pence
PED 105/GB   Physical Fitness                    MW            9:00a-9:50a       D. Pence
Kettering Rosewood Arts Centre                           2655 Olson Drive, Dayton 45420, (937) 296-0294
ART 297/GF   Painting & More                      W               1:00p-4:15p       D. Black
ART 297/GG   Painting & More                      R               1:00p-4:15p       D. Black
Lathrem Senior Adult Center                         2900 Glengarry Drive, Dayton 45420, (937) 296-2480
ENG 260/GF   Memoir Writing                       M              1:15p-4:00p       S. Kelleher
PED 165/GE   Country/Western Dance                R              1:00p-2:40p       P. Burger
Lohrey Recreation Center                            2366 Glenarm Avenue, Dayton 45420, (937) 333-3131
ART 297/GH   Painting & More                      T               9:00a-12:15p    R. Wourms
Maria-Joseph Living Care Center                      4830 Salem Avenue, Dayton 45416, (937) 278-2692
DAN 105/GB   Adapted Wheelchair Dance             WF             2:00p-2:50p     M. Pittman
DAN 105/GC   Adapted Wheelchair Dance             WF             3:00p-3:50p     M. Pittman
Mature American Citizens                        Meets at American Legion in Englewood, (937) 512-5184
PED 105/GF   Physical Fitness                    MW              9:45a-10:35a      F. Strahan
Mercy Siena Retirement Community                         6105 North Main Street, Dayton 45415, (937) 279-2879
DAN 105/GE   Adapted Wheelchair Dance                    F              10:00a-11:40a     M. Pittman
ART 297/GK   Painting & More                             T              1:30p-4:15p       S. Harbaugh
PED 105/GE   Physical Fitness (meets at Wellness Center) TR             11:00a-11:50a     L. Tschippert
Miami Shores of Moraine Nursing Center               3421 Pinnacle Road, Dayton 45418, (937) 268-3488
DAN 105/GA   Adapted Wheelchair Dance             MW             11:00a-11:50a    D. Miller
Winter Quarter 2009                                                   College for Lifelong Learning

Senior Sites                                                                     Audit Schedule
Miamisburg Senior Adult Center                    305 East Central Avenue, Miamisburg 45342, (937) 866-8999
PED 204/9E      Adv. Aerobic Conditioning**            MWF             4:00p-4:50p      D. Pence
ART 297/GI      Painting & More                        F               1:00p-4:15p      S. Harbaugh
PED 204/GB      Adv. Aerobic Conditioning              TR              1:00p-2:15p      D. Pence
HIS 297/GM      Civil War                              M               1:15p-4:00p      P. Cook
Mill Ridge Village                                        1000 Mill Ridge Circle, Union 45322, (937) 832-6302
PED 165/9E      Country/Western Line Dance **           M              3:00p-4:40p        R. Collins
One Lincoln Park                                             590 Isaac Prugh Way, Dayton 45429, (937) 298-0594
HIS 297/GC      Native Americans                        F                 1:00p-3:45p      B. Weiss
Sinclair Downtown Campus                                  444 West Third Street, Dayton 45402, (937) 512-5184
PED 101/02      Beginning Swimming                      TR              11:00a-11:50a     N. Peavy
PED 102/02      Intermediate Swimming                   TR              10:00a-10:50a     N. Peavy
PED 153/05      Water Aerobics                          TR              2:00p-2:50p       N. Peavy
PED 203/01      Advanced Swimming                       TR              9:00a-9:50a       N. Peavy
ART 297/5Z      Ceramic Arts for Seniors                MW              8:30a-11:15a      G. Hageman
DIT 143/S1      Healthy Cooking                         T               9:00a-12:30p      Chef L. Gose
Trinity Community of Beavercreek                    3218 Indian Ripple Rd., Beavercreek 45440, (937) 426-8481
HIS 297/GT      Ohio History                           W                1:00p-3:45p       C. McDonough
Trotwood Seniors, Cross Point United Methodist Church, 506 E. Main St., Dayton 45345, (937) 512-5184
PED 148/8D  Soulful Line Dance**              T                6:00p-7:40p       C. Echols
Vandalia Senior Center                                  21 Tionda Drive, South, Vandalia 45377, (937) 898-1232
ART 297/GL      Painting & More                         R                12:00p-3:15p      B. Stork
PLS 297/GD      State & Local Government                M                1:00p-3:45p       C. Curran
PED 144/GE      Advanced Physical Fitness               MW               11:00a-12:15p     F. Strahan
ART 297/GO      Art Appreciation                        T                1:30p-3:30p       B. Stork
Villas of Brookhaven                                      One Country Lane, Brookville 45309, (937) 833-4006
TBA/GJ          TBA                                     W              1:00p-3:45p       TBA
Walnut Creek Nursing Center                                    5070 Lamme Road, Dayton 45439, (937) 293-7703
DAN 105/GG      Adapted Wheelchair Dance                TR              4:10p-5:00p      M. Pittman
Wood Glen Nursing Center                                3800 Summit Glen Drive, Dayton 45449, (937) 436-2273
DAN 105/GH      Adapted Wheelchair Dance                TR             2:00p-2:50p       M. Pittman
DAN 105/GJ      Adapted Wheelchair Dance                TR             3:00p-3:50p       M. Pittman

* Restricted class. Instructor’s signature required.
**Not restricted to seniors 60 and over. Tuition charged for those under 60 and membership fee at offering site may be
required.                                                                                                20
College for Lifelong Learning                                                                Winter Quarter 2009

Sinclair Community College                                                              Audit Schedule
College for Lifelong Learning students can register for credit classes at any of the Sinclair campuses on a space-available
basis. Those age 60 or better can take the classes tuition-free. This list is a compilation of the most popular classes among
College for Lifelong Learning students, but it doesn’t show all available classes; a complete list of Sinclair classes is available
exclusively online at

Accounting (ACC)
ACC 121/01       Principles of Financial Accounting             MWF       8:00a - 9:25a
ACC 121/04       Principles of Financial Accounting             MW        11:30a - 1:45p
ACC 121/09       Principles of Financial Accounting             TR        1:30p - 3:45p
ACC 121/8B       Principles of Financial Accounting             TR        11:30a - 1:45p         HHLC
ACC 121/9A       Principles of Financial Accounting             TR        7:00p - 9:15p          ELC
Allied Health (ALH)
ALH 104/03       Allied Health Informatics                      MW        11:00a - 12:15p        2120       MB. Brown
ALH 104/09       Allied Health Informatics                      TR        11:00a - 12:15p        2120       MB. Brown
ALH 120/S1       Nurse Aide Training                            MW        8:00a - 12:00p         1143
ALH 120/S2       Nurse Aide Training                            TR        8:00a - 12:00p         1143
Art (ART)
ART 101/01       Introduction to Art                            TR        8:00a - 9:15a          13404
ART 101/02       Introduction to Art                            TR        11:00a - 12:15p        13404
ART 101/04       Introduction to Art                            F         1:00p - 3:45p          13404
ART 101/3        Introduction to Art                            F         9:00a - 11:45a         13404
ART 101/50       Introduction to Art                            W         5:30p - 8:15p          13404
ART 101/51       Introduction to Art                            T         7:00p - 9:45p          13404
ART 101/66       Introduction to Art
ART 101/8A       Introduction to Art                            MW        10:30a - 11:45a        ELC, 111
ART 101/8B       Introduction to Art                            MW        2:00p - 3:15p          HHLC, 114
ART 101/90       Introduction to Art                            W         6:00p - 8:45p          WPAB
ART 101/93       Introduction to Art                            R         5:30p - 8:15p          CHS
ART 101/9A       Introduction to Art                            T         7:30p - 10:00p         ELC
ART 101/FN       Introduction to Art                            MW        10:30a - 11:45a
ART 102/01       Art Appreciation: Art Media                    TR        9:30a - 10:45a         13404
ART 102/03       Art Appreciation: Art Media                    TR        2:00p - 3:15p          13404
ART 102/8A       Art Appreciation: Art Media                    TR        12:30p - 1:45p         ELC, 111
ART 102/WI       Art Appreciation: Art Media                    S         9:00a - 11:45a         HHLC
ART 107/01       Beginning Photoshop                            R         11:30a - 2:15p         13202
ART 107/02       Beginning Photoshop                            W         9:00a - 11:45a         13202
ART 107/50       Beginning Photoshop                            M         5:30p - 8:15p          13202
ART 107/W1       Beginning Photoshop                            S         9:00a - 11:45a         13202
ART 108/01       Design Basics: Color                           TR        8:30a - 11:15a         13224
ART 108/02       Design Basics: Color                           TR        11:30a - 2:15p         13224
ART 108/50       Design Basics: Color                           TR        5:30p - 8:15p          13224
ART 111/01       Art Drawing I                                  MW        8:30a - 11:15a         13301
ART 111/02       Art Drawing I                                  TR        8:30a - 11:15a         13301
ART 111/03       Art Drawing I                                  TR        2:30p - 5:15p          13301
ART 111/04       Art Drawing I                                  F         9:00a - 2:30p          13301

Winter Quarter 2009                             College for Lifelong Learning

Sinclair Community College                                 Audit Schedule
ART 111/50   Art Drawing I                MW   5:30p - 8:15p    13301
ART 111/8A   Art Drawing I                MW   11:00a - 1:45p   CVCC
ART 111/W1   Art Drawing I                S    9:00a - 2:30p    13301
ART 121/02   Painting I                   TR   11:30a - 2:15p   13304
ART 121/8A   Painting I                   MW   2:00p - 4:45p    CVCC
ART 121/W1   Painting I                   S    9:00a - 2:30p    13304
ART 122/03   Painting II                  TR   2:30p - 5:15p    13304
ART 122/W1   Painting II                  S    9:00a - 2:30p    13304
ART 131/01   Sculpture I                  TR   2:30p - 5:15p    13306
ART 131/02   Sculpture I                  MW   11:30a - 2:15p   13306
ART 131/W1   Sculpture I                  S    9:00a - 2:30p    13306
ART 132/03   Sculpture II                 TR   11:30a - 2:15p   13306
ART 132/04   Sculpture II                 MW   2:30p - 5:15p    13306
ART 132/W1   Sculpture II                 S    9:00a - 2:30p    13306
ART 133/03   Sculpture III                TR   11:30a - 2:15p   13306
ART 133/04   Sculpture III                MW   2:30p - 5:15p    13306
ART 133/W1   Sculpture III                S    9:00a - 2:30p    13306
ART 141/01   Ceramic Art I                TR   8:30a - 11:15a   13307
ART 141/02   Ceramic Art I                TR   11:30a - 2:15p   13307
ART 141/03   Ceramic Art I                TR   2:30p - 5:15p    13307
ART 141/51   Ceramic Art I                TR   5:30p - 8:15p    13307
ART 141/W1   Ceramic Art I                S    9:00a - 2:30p    13307
ART 142/03   Ceramic Art II               TR   2:30p - 5:15p    13307
ART 142/51   Ceramic Art II               TR   5:30p - 8:15p    13307
ART 142/W1   Ceramic Art II               S    9:00a - 2:30p    13307
ART 143/03   Ceramic Art III              TR   2:30p - 5:15p    13307
ART 143/51   Ceramic Art III              TR   5:30p - 8:15p    13307
ART 143/W1   Ceramic Art III              S    9:00a - 2:30p    13307
ART 161/01   Photography I                TR   8:30a - 11:15a   13303
ART 161/02   Photography I                TR   11:30a - 2:15p   13303
ART 161/W1   Photography I                S    9:00a - 2:30p    13303
ART 162/01   Photography II               M    4:00p - 9:15p    13303
ART 216/01   Life Drawing & Anatomy I     MW   11:30a - 2:15p   13301
ART 217/01   Life Drawing & Anatomy II    MW   11:30a - 2:15p   13301
ART 218/01   Life Drawing & Anatomy III   MW   11:30a - 2:15p   13301
ART 221/03   Advanced Painting I          TR   2:30p - 5:15p    13304
ART 221/W1   Advanced Painting I          S    9:00a - 2:30p    13304
ART 222/03   Advanced Painting II         TR   2:30p - 5:15p    13304
ART 222/W1   Advanced Painting II         S    9:00a - 2:30p    13304
ART 223/03   Advanced Painting III        TR   2:30p - 5:15p    13304
ART 223/W1   Advanced Painting III        S    9:00a - 2:30p    13304
ART 231/50   Art of the Ancient World     M    5:30p - 8:15p    13404                                                  22
College for Lifelong Learning                                             Winter Quarter 2009

Sinclair Community College                                          Audit Schedule
ART 232/01    Art of the Medieval & Renaissance   W     12:00p - 2:45p      13404
ART 232/8A    Art of the Medieval & Renaissance   MW    11:00a - 12:15p     CVCC
ART 233/01    Art of the Modern World             M     12:00p - 2:45p      13404
ART 243/03    Advanced Ceramic Art III            TR    2:30p - 5:15p       13307
ART 243/51    Advanced Ceramic Art III            TR    5:30p - 8:15p       13307
ART 243/W1    Advanced Ceramic Art III            S     9:00a - 2:30p       13307
ART 251/03    Advanced Sculpture                  TR    11:30a - 2:15p      13306
ART 251/04    Advanced Sculpture                  MW    2:30p - 5:15p       13306
ART 251/W1    Advanced Sculpture                  S     9:00a - 2:30p       13306
American Sign Language (ASL)
ASL 111/01    Beginning American Sign Language    MW    9:00a - 10:15a      9212
ASL 111/02    Beginning American Sign Language    TR    11:00a - 12:15p     9212
ASL 111/03    Beginning American Sign Language    MW    12:00p - 1:15p      9212
ASL 111/51    Beginning American Sign Language    TR    7:00p - 8:15p       9212
Automotive (AUT)
AUT	100/50	   Basic Automotive Systems            R     6:00p - 10:00p      20110
AUT	100/S1	   Basic Automotive Systems            MW    11:30a - 3:30p      20-241
AUT	165/01	   Automotive Brake Systems            MW    1:00p - 4:15p       20112
AUT	165/50	   Automotive Brake Systems            MW    6:00p - 9:00p       20112
AUT	165/S4	   Automotive Brake Systems            MWF   1:00p - 5:00p       20111
Aviation (AVT)
AVT 110/01    Ground School/Private Pilot         MW    10:00a - 11:50a
AVT 110/W1    Ground School/Private Pilot         S     8:00a - 11:50 a     20119
Business Information Systems (BIS)
BIS 101/01    Personal Computer Keyboarding       TR    12:00p - 12:50p
BIS 101/02    Personal Computer Keyboarding       MW    12:00p - 12:50p
BIS 101/03    Personal Computer Keyboarding       TR    1:00p - 1:50p
BIS 101/04    Personal Computer Keyboarding       MW    9:00a - 9:50a
BIS 101/05    Personal Computer Keyboarding       TR    10:00a - 10:50a
BIS 101/50    Personal Computer Keyboarding       MW    6:00p - 6:50p
BIS 101/8A    Personal Computer Keyboarding       MW    1:00p - 1:50p
BIS 101/8B    Personal Computer Keyboarding       M     11:00a - 12:40p     HHLC
BIS 104/8B    Introduction to P.C. Usage          W     11:00a - 1:45p      HHLC
BIS 104/S1    Introduction to P.C. Usage          MW    12:00p - 1:25p
BIS 104/S2    Introduction to P.C. Usage          MW    2:00p - 3:25p
BIS 104/S3    Introduction to P.C. Usage          TR    9:00a - 10:25a
BIS 104/S4    Introduction to P.C. Usage          TR    11:00a - 12:25p
BIS 104/S5    Introduction to P.C. Usage          T     7:00p - 9:45p
BIS 104/S6    Introduction to P.C. Usage          W     5:30p - 8:15p
BIS 104/S7    Introduction to P.C. Usage          MW    2:00p - 3:25p       ELC
BIS 104/S8    Introduction to P.C. Usage          F     11:00a - 1:45p      ELC
BIS 105/01    Computer Concepts                   TR    9:30a - 10:45a
BIS 105/02    Computer Concepts                   TR    11:00a - 12:15p
Winter Quarter 2009                                        College for Lifelong Learning

Sinclair Community College                                            Audit Schedule
BIS 105/03   Computer Concepts                       MW   11:00a - 12:15p
BIS 105/04   Computer Concepts                       MW   2:00p - 3:15p
BIS 105/50   Computer Concepts                       T    5:30p - 8:15p
BIS 136/Y1   Introduction to Medical Terminology     M    10:00a - 11:40a   5224
BIS 138/Y1   Advanced Medical Terminology            W    10:00a - 11:40a   5224
BIS 160/02   Intro to Word, PowerPoint & Excel       MW   9:30a - 10:45a
BIS 160/05   Intro to Word, PowerPoint & Excel       MW   11:00a - 12:15p
BIS 160/13   Intro to Word, PowerPoint & Excel       MW   2:30p - 3:45p
BIS 160/15   Intro to Word, PowerPoint & Excel       TR   9:30a - 10:45a
BIS 160/20   Intro to Word, PowerPoint & Excel       TR   1:00p - 2:15p
BIS 160/51   Intro to Word, PowerPoint & Excel       MW   4:00p - 5:15p
BIS 160/54   Intro to Word, PowerPoint & Excel       T    5:30p - 8:15p
BIS 160/8C   Intro to Word, PowerPoint & Excel       F    9:00a - 11:45a    CVCC
BIS 160/9A   Intro to Word, PowerPoint & Excel       M    7:00p - 9:45p     ELC
BIS 160/9B   Intro to Word, PowerPoint & Excel       MW   5:30p - 6:45p     HHLC
BIS 160/9C   Intro to Word, PowerPoint & Excel       M    7:00p - 9:45p     HHLC
BIS 160/9D   Intro to Word, PowerPoint & Excel       MW   5:30p - 6:45p     ELC
BIS 161/01   Intermediate Word, PowerPoint & Excel   TR   2:00p - 3:15p
BIS 161/02   Intermediate Word, PowerPoint & Excel   MW   12:30p - 1:45p
BIS 201/01   Customer Service                        MW   11:00a - 12:15p
BIS 201/48   Customer Service                        TR   1:10p - 2:30p
BIS 251/Y1   Medical Transcription I                 T    2:00p - 3:40p     5224
BIS 252/Y1   Medical Transcription II                R    5:30p - 7:10p     5224
BIS M25/50   Desktop Publishing                      W    5:30p - 7:10p
BIS M35/01   Microsoft Access                        MW   10:00a - 10:50a
BIS M35/02   Microsoft Access                        TR   11:00a - 11:50a
BIS M35/51   Microsoft Access                        W    5:30p - 7:10p
BIS M36/50   Advanced/Expert Access                  R    5:30p - 8:15p
BIS M45/01   Microsoft Excel                         TR   10:00a - 10:50a
BIS M45/50   Microsoft Excel                         W    5:30p - 7:10p
BIS M45/8A   Microsoft Excel                         S    9:00a - 10:40a    HHLC
BIS M45/W2   Microsoft Excel                         S    10:00a - 11:40a   ELC
BIS M75/01   The Internet                            MW   9:30a - 10:45a
BIS M75/02   The Internet                            TR   12:30p - 1:45p
BIS M75/8A   The Internet                            F    2:00p - 4:45p     ELC
BIS M85/01   Microsoft Word                          MW   10:00a - 10:50a
BIS M85/02   Microsoft Word                          T    11:00a - 12:40p
BIS M85/8A   Microsoft Word                          F    12:00p - 1:40p    HHLC
BIS M86/01   Advanced/Expert Word                    W    2:00p - 3:40p
Civil Architectural Technology (CAT)
CAT 260/01   Architectural Energy Analysis           F    8:00a - 11:35a    11123                                                             24
College for Lifelong Learning                                             Winter Quarter 2009

Sinclair Community College                                          Audit Schedule
Chemistry (CHE)
CHE 120/06    Introduction to Chemistry           TR    11:00a - 12:15p     12336   R. Jones
CHE 120/09    Introduction to Chemistry           MW    1:00p - 2:15p       12336   L. Dorgan
Chinese (CHN)
CHN 105/50    Conversational Chinese II           T     5:30p - 8:10p
Computer Information Systems (CIS)
CIS 107/02    Introduction to Operating Systems   TR    11:00a - 12:15p     5043    A. Coale
CIS 107/03    Introduction to Operating Systems   MW    12:00p - 1:15p      5043    S. Ivory
CIS 130/01    Introduction to Web Development     TR    12:00p - 1:15p      5041    M. Ali
CIS 130/50    Introduction to Web Development     M     6:00p - 8:40p       5212    R. Vore
CIS 238/01    PC Hardware Troubleshooting         TR    9:00a - 10:40a      5043    M. Robinson
CIS 238/50    PC Hardware Troubleshooting         M     6:00p - 9:30p       5043    M. Robinson
CIS 265/01    Database Management Systems         TR    12:00p - 1:15p      5212    M. Robinson
CIS 265/50    Database Management Systems         R     6:00p - 8:45p       5212    K. Konsdorf
Criminal Justice (CJS)
CJS 102/01    Constitutional Law                  TR    9:30a - 10:45a
CJS 102/50    Constitutional Law                  W     6:00p - 8:45p
Developmental Studies (DEV)
DEV 075/02    Foundations of Paragraph Writing    MW    12:00p - 1:40p      6213    B. Wallace
DEV 075/06    Foundations of Paragraph Writing    TR    12:00p - 1:40p      6211    K. Fleming
DEV 084/04    Basic Mathematics I                 TR    12:00p - 1:40p      6332    J. Brooks
DEV 084/11    Basic Mathematics I                 MW    12:00p - 1:40p      6346    J. Darden-Jones
DEV 085/02    Basic Mathematics II                MW    10:00a - 11:40a     6321    P. Fernandez
DEV 085/11    Basic Mathematics II                TR    12:00p - 1:40p      5134    B. Cafarella
DEV 108/03    Introduction to Algebra             MW    10:00a - 11:40a     5134    M. Smith
DEV 108/08    Introduction to Algebra             TR    12:00p - 1:40p      6242
DEV 110/02    Foundations of Composition          MW    10:00a - 11:40a     6240    S. Whiting
DEV 110/06    Foundations of Composition          TR    10:00a - 11:40a     6241    K. Rickard
Dietetics (DIT)
DIT 143/S1    Healthy Cooking                           9:00a - 12:30p
Economics (ECO)
ECO 105/01    General Economics                   TR    11:00a - 12:15p             R. Daoud
ECO 105/51    General Economics                   W     7:00p - 9:45p
Electronics Engineering Technology (EET)
EET 114/02    Basic Electronic Measurements       TR    1:00p - 3:10p       1230
EET 114/50    Basic Electronic Measurements       M     6:00p - 10:10p      1230
English (ENG)
ENG 131/02    Business Communications I           MWF   10:00a - 10:50a             L. Christensen
ENG 255/02    Creative Writing: Poetry            TR    3:00p - 4:15p               A. Cassel

Winter Quarter 2009                                             College for Lifelong Learning

Sinclair Community College                                                   Audit Schedule
ENG 256/01      Creative Writing: Fiction                TR    12:30p - 1:45p            T. Waggoner
Engineering Technology Design (ETD)
ETD 199/02      Intro to Computer-Aided Drafting Concepts T    1:00p - 3:45p     11440
ETD 199/04      Intro to Computer-Aided Drafting Concepts M    1:00p - 3:45p     11448
ETD 199/50      Intro to Computer-Aided Drafting Concepts W    6:00p - 8:45p     11440
Financial Management (FIN)
FIN 245/01      Personal Finance                         TR    12:30p - 1:45p
FIN 245/50      Personal Finance                         T     7:00p - 9:45p
FIN 246/50      Principles of Investment                 W     7:00p - 9:45p
French (FRE)
FRE 100/01      Intro to French Conversation,            MW    10:00a - 11:15a
                Language & Culture
FRE 100/50      Intro to French Conversation,            TR    5:30p - 6:45p
                Language & Culture
FRE 101/01      Elementary French I                      TR    12:00p - 1:40p
FRE 101/50      Elementary French I                      MW    5:15p - 6:55p
FRE 201/01      Intermediate French I                    MW    10:00a - 11:40a
Geography (GEO)
GEO 101/01      Physical Geography                       MW    9:00a - 10:45a    12311   L. Limoges
GEO 101/02      Physical Geography                       TR    11:00a - 12:45p   12311   M. Khani
Health Information Management (HIM)
HIM 260/01      ICD-9-CM Medical Office Coding           MW    10:00a - 11:15a   2121    J. White
HIM 260/50      ICD-9-CM Medical Office Coding           MW    7:00p - 8:15p     2121
HIM 261/01      CPT Medical Office Coding                MW    11:30a - 12:45p   2121    J. White
HIM 261/8A      CPT Medical Office Coding                TR    12:30p - 1:45p    HHLC    C. Williams
HIM 262/01      Advanced Medical Office Coding           TR    2:30p-4:45p       2121    M. Dudash-White
History (HIS)
HIS 101/02      United States History (1607-1815)        MWF   11:00a - 11:50a
HIS 101/03      United States History (1607-1815)        MW    2:00p - 3:15p
HIS 101/04      United States History (1607-1815)        TR    2:00p - 3:15p
HIS 101/50      United States History (1607-1815)        M     7:00p - 9:45p
HIS 101/51      United States History (1607-1815)        T     4:00p - 6:45p
HIS 101/8A      United States History (1607-1815)        TR    8:00a - 9:15a
HIS 101/8B      United States History (1607-1815)        F     9:00a - 11:45a
HIS 101/9A      United States History (1607-1815)              7:00p - 9:145p
HIS 102/01      United States History (1815-1919)        MWF   10:00a - 10:50a
HIS 102/02      United States History (1815-1919)        MW    10:00a - 11:15a
HIS 102/03      United States History (1815-1919)        MWF   12:00p - 12:50p
HIS 102/04      United States History (1815-1919)        TR    9:30a - 10:45a
HIS 102/05      United States History (1815-1919)        TR    12:30p - 1:45p
HIS 102/06      United States History (1815-1919)        TR    8:00a - 9:15a                                                                                  26
College for Lifelong Learning                                                Winter Quarter 2009

Sinclair Community College                                             Audit Schedule
HIS 102/50    United States History (1815-1919)      TR    4:00p - 5:15p
HIS 102/51    United States History (1815-1919)      MW    5:30p - 6:45p
HIS 102/52    United States History (1815-1919)      W     7:00p - 9:45p
HIS 102/8A    United States History (1815-1919)      TR    11:00a - 12:15p
HIS 102/8B    United States History (1815-1919)      TR    8:00a - 9:15a
HIS 102/8C    United States History (1815-1919)      TR    8:00a - 9:15a
HIS 102/9A    United States History (1815-1919)      T     7:00p - 9:45p
HIS 102/9B    United States History (1815-1919)      M     7:00p - 9:45p
HIS 102/9C    United States History (1815-1919)      MW    5:30p - 6:45p
HIS 103/01    United States History (1919-Present)   MWF   9:00a - 9:50a
HIS 103/02    United States History (1919-Present)   TR    9:30a - 10:45a
HIS 103/03    United States History (1919-Present)   MWF   11:00a - 11:50a
HIS 103/04    United States History (1919-Present)   TR    2:00p - 3:15p
HIS 103/51    United States History (1919-Present)   M     7:00p - 9:45p
HIS 103/8A    United States History (1919-Present)   MW    11:00a - 12:15p
HIS 103/8B    United States History (1919-Present)   F     9:00a - 11:45a
HIS 111/01    Western Civilization (0-1300)          MWF   10:00a - 10:50a
HIS 111/02    Western Civilization (0-1300)          MWF   12:00p - 12:50p
HIS 111/03    Western Civilization (0-1300)          TR    8:00a - 9:15a
HIS 111/04    Western Civilization (0-1300)          TR    12:30p - 1:45p
HIS 111/50    Western Civilization (0-1300)          MW    5:30p - 6:45p
HIS 111/51    Western Civilization (0-1300)          T     7:00p - 9:45p
HIS 111/8A    Western Civilization (0-1300)          TR    10:00a - 11:15a
HIS 111/8B    Western Civilization (0-1300)          MW    8:00a - 9:15a
HIS 111/9A    Western Civilization (0-1300)          R     7:00p - 9:45p
Hospitality Management (HMT)
HMT 107/02    Sanitation & Safety                    TR    9:30a - 10:45a
HMT 107/50    Sanitation & Safety                    W     7:00p - 9:45p
Humanities (HUM)
HUM	141/01	   Appalachia                             W     2:00p - 4:45p
HUM	255/01	   People & Religion                      MW    10:00a - 11:15a
HUM	255/02	   People & Religion                      TR    2:00p - 3:15p
Japanese (JPN)
JPN 105/01    Conversational Japanese II             TR    2:00p - 3:15p       2320
Law (LAW)
LAW 101/01    Business Law I                         TR    11:00a - 12:40p     5121    S. McSherry
LAW 101/04    Business Law I                         MW    1:00p - 2:40p       5121    J. Cammel
LAW 101/52    Business Law I                         M     6:00p - 9:40p       5121    L. Young
LAW 102/01    Business Law II                        TR    11:00a - 12:40p             J. Cammel
LAW 102/8A    Business Law II                        MW    7:00p - 8:40p       HHLC    T. Dawe
Literature (LIT)
LIT 230/02    Great Books of the Western World       MWF   12:00p - 12:50p             J. Dunham
LIT 230/04    Great Books of the Western World       TR    10:00a - 11:15a
Winter Quarter 2009                                         College for Lifelong Learning

Sinclair Community College                                             Audit Schedule
Management (MAN)
MAN 201/03    Introduction to Supervision           TR     11:00a - 12:15p           D. Brode
MAN 201/05    Introduction to Supervision           MW     11:00a - 12:15p           D. Siefert
MAN 201/51    Introduction to Supervision           T      7:00p - 9:45p             D. Landom
MAN 205/02    Principles of Management              MW     10:30a - 11:45a           M. Loges
MAN 205/06    Principles of Management              TR     11:00a - 12:15p           S. King
MAN 205/50    Principles of Management              M      7:00p - 9:45p             J. Yeamans
MAN 205/54    Principles of Management              T      6:00p - 8:45p             M. Loges
Marketing (MRK)
MRK 201/07    Marketing I                           MW     9:30a - 10:45a            S. Gross
MRK 201/FM    Marketing I                           TR     5:30p - 6:45p             C. Mann
Mathematics (MAT)
MAT 101/01    Elementary Algebra                    MW     8:00a - 9:50a     13120
MAT 101/06    Elementary Algebra                    TR     10:00a - 11:50a   13120
MAT 101/11    Elementary Algebra                    MTWR   11:00a - 11:50a
MAT 101/8C    Elementary Algebra                    TR     2:00p - 3:40p     HHLC
MAT 101/8E    Elementary Algebra                    MW     11:00a - 12:40p   ELC
MAT 191/03    Pre-college Algebra I                 MW     12:00p - 1:50p
MAT 191/05    Pre-college Algebra I                 TR     10:00a - 11:40a
MAT 201/01    Calculus & Analytic Geometry I        MTWRF 9:00a - 9:50a
MAT 201/51    Calculus & Analytic Geometry I        TR    4:30p - 6:45p
Music (MUS)
MUS	105/01	   Introduction to Music                 MWF    10:00a - 10:50a   2020    J. Song
MUS	105/50	   Introduction to Music                 MW     5:30p - 6:45p     2020    B. Jordan
MUS	114/01	   Women’s Ensemble                      TR     12:30p - 1:45p    2L15    N. Long
MUS	115/01	   Music Appreciation                    MWF    11:00a - 11:50a   2020    R. Wolf
MUS	115/02	   Music Appreciation                    MW     2:00p - 3:15p     2020    J. Parcell
MUS	115/04	   Music Appreciation                    TR     2:00p - 3:15p     2020    K. Mulhall
MUS	115/05	   Music Appreciation                    TR     9:30a - 10:45a    2020    N. Perrin
MUS	115/50	   Music Appreciation                    W      7:00p - 9:45p     2020    R. Bobo
MUS	115/8B	   Music Appreciation                    F      9:00a - 11:45a    ELC     N. Perrin
MUS	115/9A	   Music Appreciation                    T      7:00p - 9:45p     CVCC    C. Hubbard
MUS	115/GA	   Music Appreciation                    M      1:00p - 3:45p             R. Bobo
MUS	119/01	   Men’s Ensemble                        TR     12:30p - 1:45p    2022    D. Greene
MUS	120/50	   African-American Music/Gospel Choir   M      7:00p - 9:30p     2334    D. Greene
MUS	121/01	   Piano Class I                         MWF    1:00p - 1:50p     2030    R. Nahhas
MUS	121/03	   Piano Class I                         TR     9:30a - 10:45a    2030    M. Kozlowski
MUS	121/50	   Piano Class I                         TR     5:30p - 6:45p     2030    N. Perrin
MUS	121/W1	   Piano Class I                         S      9:00a - 11:45a    2030    N. Perrin
MUS	151/01	   Guitar Class I                        W      1:00p - 1:50p     2031B   K. Mulhall
MUS	151/02	   Guitar Class I                        W      2:00p - 2:50p     2031B   K. Mulhall
MUS	151/03	   Guitar Class I                        W      3:00p - 3:50p     2031B   K. Mulhall                                                                           28
College for Lifelong Learning                                              Winter Quarter 2009

Sinclair Community College                                               Audit Schedule
MUS	151/50	   Guitar Class I                     W       6:00p - 6:50p        2031B     K. Mulhall
MUS	166/01	   Chorale                            TR      2:00p - 3:15p        2L15      N. Long
MUS	170/01	   Applied Music – Piano              VARIES; Register with Music Department, 512-4580; Room 2220.
MUS	170/02	   Applied Music – Piano              Lesson times will also be assigned at the same time.
MUS	170/03	   Applied Music – Piano
MUS	171/01	   Applied Music – Voice              VARIES; Register with Music department, 512-4580; Room 2220.
MUS	171/02	   Applied Music – Voice              Lesson times will also be assigned at the same time.
MUS	171/03	   Applied Music – Voice
MUS	296/50	   Classical Guitar Ensemble          VARIES; Register with Music department, 512-4580; Room 2220.
MUS	298/01	   Performance class                  W        11:00a - 11:50a       2-L31     R. Ruckman
MUS	298/02	   Performance class                  VARIES; Register with Music department, 512-4580; Room 2220.
MUS	298/03	   Performance class                  W        11:00a - 11:50a       2-022     D. Greene
MUS	298/W1	   Performance class                  S        10:00a - 10:50a       2-022     W. Spurlock
MUS	298/W2	   Performance class                  S        10:00a - 10:50a       2-L31     C. Phillis
MUS	298/W4	   Performance class                  S        10:00a - 10:50a       2-031B N. Bolen
MUS	298/W5	   Performance class                  S        10:00a - 10:50a       2-L15     R. Hamblin
MUS	298/W6	   Performance class                  S        11:00a - 11:50a       2-L15     N. Bolen
MUS	299/01	   Applied Music Practicum            VARIES; Register with Music department, 512-4580; Room 2220.
MUS	299/02	   Applied Music Practicum            Lesson times will also be assigned at the same time.
MUS	299/03	   Applied Music Practicum
MUS	299/04	   Applied Music Practicum
Operations Technology (OPT)
OPT 126/01    Supervision & Team Leadership      R       1:00p - 3:40p        13-123
OPT 126/50    Supervision & Team Leadership      T       5:30p - 8:10p
OPT 198/01    Excel for Engineering Technology   T       9:00a - 11:40a
OPT 198/51    Excel for Engineering Technology   W       5:30p-8:10p
OPT 201/01    Statistical Process Control        T       8:30a - 12:00p       13-123
OPT 201/50    Statistical Process Control        W       6:00p - 9:30p        13-224
Physical Education (PED)
PED 101/01    Beginning Swimming                 MW      10:00a - 10:50a      8-024     N. Peavy
PED 101/02    Beginning Swimming                 TR      11:00a - 11:50a      8-024     N. Peavy
PED 101/W1    Beginning Swimming                 S       10:20a - 12:00p      8-024
PED 102/01    Intermediate Swimming              MW      9:00a - 9:50a        8-024
PED 102/02    Intermediate Swimming              TR      10:00a - 10:50a      8-024
PED 105/GA    Physical Fitness                   TR      9:45a - 10:35a       ESCC
PED 105/GB    Physical Fitness                   MW      9:00a - 9:50a        HHSC
PED 105/GC    Physical Fitness                   MW      10:00a - 10:50a      HHSC
PED 105/GD    Physical Fitness                   MW      8:00a - 8:50a        HHSC
PED 105/GF    Physical Fitness                   MW      9:45a - 10:35a       EAL
PED 105/GG    Physical Fitness                   TF      8:00a - 8:50a        HHSC
PED 105/GH    Physical Fitness                   MR      9:30a - 10:20a       BSCC
PED 106/01    Weight Training                    MW      9:00a - 9:50a        8112

Winter Quarter 2009                      College for Lifelong Learning

Sinclair Community College                          Audit Schedule
PED 106/02   Weight Training       MW   10:00a - 10:50a   8112
PED 106/03   Weight Training       MW   11:00a - 11:50a   8112
PED 106/04   Weight Training       MW   1:00p - 1:50p     8112
PED 106/05   Weight Training       MW   2:00p - 2:50p     8112
PED 106/06   Weight Training       MW   3:00p - 3:50p     8112
PED 106/07   Weight Training       TR   8:00a - 8:50a     8112
PED 106/08   Weight Training       TR   9:00a - 9:50a     8112
PED 106/09   Weight Training       TR   10:00a - 10:50a   8112
PED 106/10   Weight Training       TR   11:00a - 11:50a   8112
PED 106/11   Weight Training       TR   12:00p - 12:50p   8112
PED 106/12   Weight Training       TR   1:00p - 1:50p     8112
PED 106/13   Weight Training       TR   2:00p - 2:50p     8112
PED 106/14   Weight Training       TR   3:00p - 3:50p     8112
PED 106/15   Weight Training       F    9:00a - 10:40a    8112
PED 106/16   Weight Training       F    1:00p - 2:40p     8112
PED 106/50   Weight Training       MW   4:00p - 4:50p     8112
PED 106/51   Weight Training       MW   5:00p - 5:50p     8112
PED 106/52   Weight Training       MW   6:00p - 6:50p     8112
PED 106/53   Weight Training       TR   4:00p - 4:50p     8112
PED 106/54   Weight Training       TR   5:00p - 5:50p     8112
PED 106/55   Weight Training       TR   6:00p - 6:50p     8112
PED 106/8A   Weight Training       MW   8:00a - 8:50a     ELC
PED 106/W2   Weight Training       S    10:20a - 12:00p   8112
PED 106/W3   Weight Training       S    12:15p - 1:55p    8112
PED 107/01   Flexibility Fitness   MW   1:00p - 1:50p     8115
PED 107/02   Flexibility Fitness   TR   11:00a - 11:50a   8113
PED 107/03   Flexibility Fitness   MW   11:00a - 11:50a   8018
PED 107/8A   Flexibility Fitness   TR   3:00p - 3:50p     CVCC
PED 107/8B   Flexibility Fitness   TR   2:00p - 2:50p     ELC
PED 117/50   Badminton             M    5:20p - 6:55p     8L10F
PED 119/01   Golf                  F    12:00p - 1:40p    8L10E
PED 119/50   Golf                  M    7:00p - 8:40p     8L10E
PED 119/51   Golf                  R    6:00p - 7:40p     8L10E
PED 119/W1   Golf                  S    8:30a - 10:10a    8L10E
PED 126/W1   Volleyball            S    8:30a - 10:10a    8113
PED 131/01   Beginning Tennis      MW   12:00p - 12:50p   8L10C
PED 131/02   Beginning Tennis      TR   11:00a - 11:50a   8L10C
PED 131/51   Beginning Tennis      T    5:20p - 6:55p     8L10C
PED 131/W1   Beginning Tennis      S    8:30a - 10:10a    8L10C
PED 132/01   Intermediate Tennis   MW   11:00a - 11:50a   8L10C
PED 132/02   Intermediate Tennis   TR   12:00p - 12:50p   8L10C
PED 132/03   Intermediate Tennis   F    9:00a - 10:40a    8L10C
PED 132/50   Intermediate Tennis   M    7:00p - 8:40p     8L10C
PED 132/51   Intermediate Tennis   W    7:00p - 8:40p     8L10C
PED 132/52   Intermediate Tennis   W    5:20p - 6:55p     8L10C                                           30
College for Lifelong Learning                                   Winter Quarter 2009

Sinclair Community College                                Audit Schedule
PED 132/W1   Intermediate Tennis         S    10:20a - 12:00p     8L10C
PED 133/01   Advanced Tennis             MW   10:00a - 10:50a     8L10C
PED 133/02   Advanced Tennis             TR   10:00a - 10:50a     8L10C
PED 133/03   Advanced Tennis             F    11:00a - 12:40a     8L10C
PED 133/50   Advanced Tennis             M    5:20p - 6:55p       8L10C
PED 133/51   Advanced Tennis             R    5:20p - 6:55p       8L10C
PED 133/W1   Advanced Tennis             S    12:15p - 1:55p      8L10C
PED 136/01   Beginning Yoga              MW   9:00a- 9:50a        8115
PED 136/03   Beginning Yoga              TR   8:00a - 8:50a       8022
PED 136/04   Beginning Yoga              TR   1:00p - 1:50p       8113
PED 136/50   Beginning Yoga              M    5:20p - 6:55p       8115
PED 136/51   Beginning Yoga              T    5:20p - 6:55p       8022
PED 136/9A   Beginning Yoga              TR   4:00p - 4:50p       CVCC
PED 142/01   Beginning Pilates           MW   10:00a - 10:50a     8115
PED 142/02   Beginning Pilates           MW   12:00p - 12:50p     8113
PED 142/03   Beginning Pilates           MW   2:00p - 2:50p       8113
PED 142/04   Beginning Pilates           TR   11:00a - 11:50a     8115
PED 142/50   Beginning Pilates           MW   7:00p - 7:50p       8022
PED 142/51   Beginning Pilates           TR   4:00p - 4:50p       8115
PED 142/8A   Beginning Pilates           TR   12:15p - 1:05p      HHLC
PED 142/W2   Beginning Pilates           S    12:15p - 1:55p      8115
PED 144/GE   Advanced Jogging/Fitness    MW   11:00a - 12:15p     VSCC
PED 148/01   Beginning Social Dance      TR   3:00p - 3:50p       8113
PED 148/02   Beginning Social Dance      MW   10:00a - 10:50a     8113
PED 148/8D   Beginning Social Dance      T    6:00p - 7:40p       CPC
PED 148/8E   Beginning Social Dance      M    1:00p - 2:40p       BLV
PED 148/GC   Beginning Social Dance      MF   10:00a - 10:50a     ESCC
PED 149/9F   Intermediate Social Dance   R    6:00p - 7:40p       BLV
PED 153/01   Water Aerobics              MW   11:00a - 11:50a     8024
PED 153/02   Water Aerobics              MW   12:00p - 12:50p     8024
PED 153/03   Water Aerobics              TR   12:00p - 12:50p     8024
PED 153/04   Water Aerobics              TR   1:00p - 1:50p       8024
PED 153/05   Water Aerobics              TR   2:00p - 2:50p       8024
PED 153/06   Water Aerobics              F    9:00a - 10:40a      8024
PED 153/50   Water Aerobics              TR   5:00p - 5:50p       8024
PED 153/51   Water Aerobics              TR   6:00p - 6:50p       8024
PED 153/52   Water Aerobics              MW   5:00p - 5:50p       8024
PED 153/W1   Water Aerobics              S    8:30a - 10:10a      8024
PED 154/01   Aerobic Conditioning        MW   9:00a - 9:50a       8022
PED 154/02   Aerobic Conditioning        MW   12:00p - 12:50p     8022
PED 154/03   Aerobic Conditioning        TR   10:00a - 10:50a     8022
PED 154/04   Aerobic Conditioning        TR   12:00p - 12:50p     8022
PED 154/05   Aerobic Conditioning        TR   3:00p - 3:50p       8022
PED 154/06   Aerobic Conditioning        F    12:00p - 1:40p      8022
PED 154/50   Aerobic Conditioning        MW   4:00p - 4:50p       8022
Winter Quarter 2009                             College for Lifelong Learning

Sinclair Community College                                     Audit Schedule
PED 154/51   Aerobic Conditioning        MW    5:00p - 5:50p      8022
PED 154/52   Aerobic Conditioning        TR    4:00p - 4:50p      8022
PED 154/53   Aerobic Conditioning        R     5:45p - 7:25p      8022
PED 154/8A   Aerobic Conditioning        TR    1:00p - 1:50p      ELC
PED 154/8B   Aerobic Conditioning        TR    1:15p - 2:05p      HHLC
PED 154/GA   Aerobic Conditioning        TR    10:00a - 10:50a    HSC
PED 154/WI   Aerobic Conditioning        S     10:20a - 12:00p    8022
PED 164/02   Cardio Sculpt               MW    1:00p - 1:50p      8113
PED 164/04   Cardio Sculpt               TR    12:00p - 12:50p    8113
PED 164/06   Cardio Sculpt               MW    1:30p - 2:20p      19124
PED 164/50   Cardio Sculpt               TR    5:30p - 6:20p      19124
PED 165/9E   Country/Western Dance       M     3:00p - 4:40p      MRV
PED 165/GD   Country/Western Dance       T     1:30p - 3:10p      HSC
PED 165/GE   Country/Western Dance       R     1:00p - 2:40p      LSAC
PED 166/01   Fitness Walking             MW    12:00p - 12:50p    8L10D
PED 166/02   Fitness Walking             TR    12:00p - 12:50p    8L10D
PED 166/50   Fitness Walking             MW    5:00p - 5:50p      8L10D
PED 166/W1   Fitness Walking             S     12:15p - 1:55p     8L10D
PED 168/01   Advanced Weight Training    MWF   8:00a - 8:50a      8112
PED 168/02   Advanced Weight Training    MWF   12:00p - 12:50p    8112
PED 170/01   Tai Chi                     MW    8:00a - 8:50a      8022
PED 170/02   Tai Chi                     TR    9:00a - 9:50a      8022
PED 170/03   Tai Chi                     F     9:00a - 10:40a     8022
PED 170/W1   Tai Chi                     S     10:20a - 12:00p    8115
PED 171/01   Beginning Self Defense      MW    10:00a - 10:50a    8022
PED 171/03   Beginning Self Defense      MW    2:00p - 2:50p      8L11A
PED 171/04   Beginning Self Defense      TR    1:00p - 1:50p      8L11A
PED 171/05   Beginning Self Defense      F     11:00a - 12:40p    8115
PED 171/06   Beginning Self Defense      F     1:00p - 2:40p      8L11A
PED 171/50   Beginning Self Defense      T     5:20p - 6:55p      8L11A
PED 171/W1   Beginning Self Defense      S     8:30a - 10:10a     8L11A
PED 171/W2   Beginning Self Defense      S     10:20a - 12:00p    8L11A
PED 176/01   Core Conditioning           MW    11:00a - 11:50a    8022
PED 176/02   Core Conditioning           TR    11:00a - 11:50a    8022
PED 176/03   Core Conditioning           TR    2:00p - 2:50p
PED 176/8A   Core Conditioning           MW    10:00a - 10:50a    CVCC
PED 192/01   Group Indoor Cycling        MW    12:00p - 12:50p    8L10E
PED 192/02   Group Indoor Cycling        TR    12:00p - 12:50p    8L10E
PED 192/50   Group Indoor Cycling        TR    5:00p - 5:50p      8L10E
PED 192/W1   Group Indoor Cycling        S     12:15p - 1:55p     8L10E
PED 203/01   Advanced Swimming           TR    9:00a - 9:50a      8024
PED 204/9E   Adv. Aerobic Conditioning   MWF   4:00p - 4:50p      MBSC
PED 204/GA   Adv. Aerobic Conditioning   TR    8:45a - 10:00a     HSC
PED 204/GB   Adv. Aerobic Conditioning   TR    1:00p - 2:15p      MBSC                                                  32
College for Lifelong Learning                                            Winter Quarter 2009

Sinclair Community College                                          Audit Schedule
PED 211/W1    Intermediate Volleyball            S     10:20a - 12:00p     8113
PED 231/50    Rescue Diving                      T     7:00p - 9:40p       8024
Philosophy (PHI)
PHI 205/01    Introduction to Philosophy         MW    10:00a - 11:40a     4011
PHI 205/02    Introduction to Philosophy         TR    10:00a - 11:40a
PHI 205/03    Introduction to Philosophy         TR    2:00p - 3:40p
Political Science (PLS)
PLS 101/02    American Federal Government I      MWF   1:00p - 1:50p
PLS 101/04    American Federal Government I      TR    11:00a - 12:15p
PLS 102/02    American Federal Government II     MWF   11:00a - 11:50a
PLS 102/05    American Federal Government II     TR    11:00a - 12:15p
PLS 104/01    Urban Government                   MWF   11:00a - 11:50a     3111
PLS 104/02    Urban Government                   TR    9:30a - 10:45a      3111
PLS 200/01    Political Life, Systems & Issues   TR    10:00a - 11:40a     3145
PLS 200/03    Political Life, Systems & Issues   MW    10:00a - 11:40a     3145
Psychology (PSY)
PSY 119/01    General Psychology                 MW    9:00a - 11:15a
PSY 119/02    General Psychology                 MW    11:30am - 1:45p
PSY 119/04    General Psychology                 TR    12:30p - 2:45p
PSY 119/07    General Psychology                 MW    9:00a - 11:15a
PSY 119/08    General Psychology                 MW    12:30p - 2:45p
PSY 119/50    General Psychology                 MW    5:00p - 7:15p
PSY 119/51    General Psychology                 MW    7:30p - 9:45p
PSY 119/8A    General Psychology                 TR    8:30a - 10:45a      CVCC
Real Estate (RES)
RES 202/01    Real Estate Law                    MW    10:00a - 11:40a             G. Tolliver
RES 202/R6    Real Estate Law                    SU	   8:00a	-	6:00p	      CVCC	   	
RES 202/S1    Real Estate Law                    SU	   8:00a	-	6:00p	      	       S.	Butler
RES 202/S2    Real Estate Law                    SU	   6:00p	-	10:00p	     DABR	   M.	Butler
RES 202/S3    Real Estate Law                    SU	   8:00a	-	6:00p	      CVCC
RES 203/R6    Real Estate Finance                SU	   8:00a	-	6:00	p	     CVCC	
RES 203/S1    Real Estate Finance                SU	   8:00a	-	6:00p	      DABR	   L.	DeWine
RES 203/S2    Real Estate Finance                SU	   8:00a	-	6:00p	      	       L.	DeWine
RES 203/S3    Real Estate Finance                SU	   8:00a	-	6:00p	      CVCC
RES 215/50    Real Estate Investing              T     7:00p - 9:45p       1121    J. Dierkers
Sociology (SOC)
SOC 117/01    Popular Culture                    TR    11:00a - 12:15p             K. Gish
SOC 117/50    Popular Culture                    W     7:00p - 9:45p               C. This
SOC 118/50    Appalachian Families               M     6:00p - 8:45p
Spanish (SPA)
SPA 100/01    Conversational Spanish I           TR    12:30p - 1:45p

Winter Quarter 2009                                                            College for Lifelong Learning

Sinclair Community College                                                                  Audit Schedule
SPA 100/02       Conversational Spanish I                          F         9:00a - 11:45p           2320
SPA 100/50       Conversational Spanish I                          MW        5:30p - 6:45p
SPA 100/W1       Conversational Spanish I                          S         1:00p - 3:45p            2320
SPA 101/01       Elementary Spanish I                              MW        9:00a - 10:40a           2320
SPA 101/02       Elementary Spanish I                              MW        11:00a - 12:40p          2320
SPA 101/03       Elementary Spanish I                              MW        1:00p - 2:40p            2320
SPA 101/04       Elementary Spanish I                              MW        3:00p - 4:40p            2320
SPA 101/05       Elementary Spanish I                              TR        10:00a - 11:40a
SPA 101/06       Elementary Spanish I                              TR        12:00p - 1:40p
SPA 101/07       Elementary Spanish I                              TR        2:00p - 3:40p
SPA 101/08       Elementary Spanish I                              TR        3:30p - 5:10p            2320
SPA 101/09       Elementary Spanish I                              F         1:00p - 4:30p            2320
SPA 101/50       Elementary Spanish I                              MW        5:15p - 6:55p
SPA 101/51       Elementary Spanish I                              TR        5:15p - 6:55p
SPA 101/8B       Elementary Spanish I                              MW        3:00p - 4:40p            ELC
SPA 101/9A       Elementary Spanish I                              TR        5:15p - 6:55p            CVCC
SPA 101/S1       Elementary Spanish I                              TR        6:00p - 9:40p            CHS
SPA 102/01       Elementary Spanish II                             TR        12:00p - 1:40p
SPA 102/50       Elementary Spanish II                             MW        5:15p - 6:55p
SPA 102/51       Elementary Spanish II                             TR        5:15p - 6:55p
SPA 102/8A       Elementary Spanish II                             TR        11:00a - 12:40p          HHLC
SPA 102/8B       Elementary Spanish II                             TR        2:00p - 3:40p            ELC
SPA 102/9A       Elementary Spanish II                             MW        5:00p - 6:45p            HHLC
SPA 102/W1       Elementary Spanish II                             S         9:00a - 12:30p           2320
SPA 103/01       Elementary Spanish III                            MW        2:00p - 3:40p
SPA 103/50       Elementary Spanish III                            TR        5:15p - 6:55p

Seminars & Workshops                                                                          Late Additions
LL 17 X1 Living Life ON Purpose            LL 17 X1 Living Life ON Purpose                                                   1 session
$75 (waived for early registration)19	•	   This session will teach how to live your life wholly, not hollowly, and for your own
Dayton	Urban	League                        individual purpose. We’ll talk about the “Seven Deadly Habits” and the “Seven Caring
Tuesday	•	6:00p-8:00p                      Habits,” as well as lessons for continual success. Learn that “You are what you think, what
2/10	•	P.J.	Banks-Anderson/M.	             you eat, and what you speak.” And, “Memory replays your past… Imagination pre-plays
Walker-Floyd                               your future.” Instructor P. J. Banks- Anderson, D.-Min. & Consultant, delivers a positive and
                                           encouraging message, saying “What you are looking for is also looking for you.”

LL 18 X1 Better Relationships              LL 18 X1 Building Better Relationships                                          9 sessions
Free20	•	Fairhaven	Church                  Are you discouraged with past dating relationships? Been through the trauma of a divorce?
Tuesday	•	7:00p-9:00p                      Come discover how you can build relationships in a better way! This Biblically-based class is
1/6-3/3	•	J.	Hood                          for singles of all ages. Facilitated by Joan Hood, Director of Single Adult Ministries.                                                                                                             34
College for Lifelong Learning                                                          Winter Quarter 2009

Theatre & Dance                                                              2008-2009 Season
                                                                                       At a Glance!

  Chart Your Season                                                                    Hors D’oeuvres & Theatre
                                                                                       Join a congenial group of other
                                                                                       lifelong learners for an enjoyable
 Actors From The London Stage                                                          evening that includes a reception
 Much Ado About Nothing By William Shakespeare                                         in the lobby of Blair Hall. See the
 One of the greatest romantic comedies from the Renaissance serves as a perfect        listing on page 12.
 prelude to Valentine’s Day. Shakespeare’s words are brought to life by the
 highly skilled Actors From the London Stage, the company that brought Sinclair
 audiences their memorable performance of Hamlet in the 2006-2007 season.
                                                                                       Box Office
                                                                                       The box office is located in the
 Wednesday,	Feb.	4	•	10:00	a.m.	         Downtown	Dayton	Thursday	Nights               lobby of Blair Hall, Building 2.
 Friday,	Feb.	6	•	8:00	p.m.	             February	5	•	7:00	p.m.	                       Call (937) 512-2808.
                                                                                       The box office opens one hour
 Taking Steps By Alan Ayckbourn, Directed by Nelson Sheeley                            prior to performance and seating
 A British farce in which a woman plots to leave her husband, but is foiled by
 his comedic comings and goings. Although the slapstick action takes place on
                                                                                       begins approximately 30 minutes
 three floors, a single one-level set is used which requires the actors climbing and   prior to curtain. Any other times,
 descending “steps” to reach the various rooms of the manor.                           please call the box office and
                                                                                       leave a message. All calls will be
 Friday,	Feb.	20	•	8:00	p.m.	            Downtown	Dayton	Thursday	Nights
                                                                                       returned in a timely manner.
 Saturday,	Feb.	21	•	8:00	p.m.	          February	26	•	7:00	p.m.
 Sunday,	Feb.	22	•	2:00	p.m.	            Friday,	Feb.	27	•	8:00	p.m.
 Wednesday,	Feb.	25	•	10:00	a.m.	        Saturday,	Feb.	28	•	8:00	p.m.                 Directions
                                                                                       Take Fourth Street west to
Coming Spring Quarter!                                                                 Building 2 (on right past Building
Stop Kiss By Diana Son, Directed by Gina Neuerer                                       10). Complete directions are
Set in present day New York City, Callie and Sara meet, become friends, and            available at;
develop—much to their surprise—an unspoken attraction. Stop Kiss is a love story       use QuickLinks and select
about taking chances and finding out who we are no matter what that means.             campus map and parking.

                                                                                       Reserved Ticket Pricing
Safe and easy access to ample parking is located on both sides of Fourth                  $12     Adults
Street and in the triangle parking lot (B) across from Building 2, where                  $9      Seniors
parking is free after 6:00 p.m. and on weekends. Please refer to campus                   $7      Students/Sinclair
map on page 36.                                                                                   employees
Special Assistance
For information on handicap parking, wheelchair seating, and assisted listening
devices, contact the theatre manager at (937) 512-2076.
Special Performances & Prices for Seniors
Persons age 60 and better can purchase tickets for only $4.00 each for any
of this season’s performances when ordering tickets through the College for
Lifelong Learning office. Call (937) 512-2372 or (937) 512-5184 at least three
days prior to the performance desired. The office is closed Fridays, Saturdays,
Sundays, and holidays. Seniors who do not call ahead will be charged $9.00
at the performance (Regular Price: $12).

Winter Quarter 2009                         College for Lifelong Learning

Sinclair Community College                                                     Campus Map

                                                                                                                      Ludlow Street
                                    Lot L


                                                                                                 Court Street
                                                                                                      Parking Lot I
                                                                                                      West Sixth Street

                                                                                               35 Eaker Street

                                                                            Franklin Street

                                                Lot for
                                                          S. Perry S


                                                                             West Washington Street

                                 College for Lifelong Learning
                                 Building 10, Room 10112
                                 (937) 512-2372 or (937) 512-5184                                                                                                             36
College for Lifelong Learning                                                             Winter Quarter 2009

                              Seminars & Workshops Registration
 Want to sign up for Seminars & Workshops?
                                                                                           Beginning winter
There are three ways to do it.
                                                                                           quarter 2009, the
     • By mail, send your completed application, which appears on page 38, to the          quarterly Sinclair
       address on the form.
                                                                                           class schedule will be
     • In person, bring your application and payment to Sinclair College for Lifelong      exclusively online at
       Learning, Building 10, Room 10112, Dayton Campus.                         
     • By phone, call (937) 512-2372 or (937) 512-5184.                                    schedule.
 Want to take a course at a Senior Center Site?                                            Note: you will continue to
Register at the community site near you. Because some classes are limited in size,         receive a printed College for
call the site for more information. See the list of College for Lifelong Learning sites    Lifelong Learning schedule
on pages 18-20 for sites and available courses.                                            each quarter.
                                                                                           Beginning with this quarter,
 Want to audit a regular curriculum course?                                                we have incorporated a list
Come to the Registration & Student Records area, Building 10, Second Floor, Dayton         of the most frequently taken
Campus, or to your nearby Learning Center, December 29, 30, 31 and January                 classes into the College for
2. Complete a yellow Golden Age Application and Registration Form, and submit              Lifelong Learning schedule.
it to the special College for Lifelong Learning desk. College for Lifelong Learning
                                                                                           In fact, this will make it
personnel will be there to assist you.
                                                                                           easier for you to find the
 Want to register for regular Sinclair credit-bearing courses?                             classes you’re interested
                                                                                           in because the seminars &
Whether on campus or at credit centers such as Wright-Patterson, register through          workshops, site offerings, and
the Registration & Student Records office, Building 10, Second Floor, Dayton               credit classes to audit will all
Campus, or at your nearby Learning Center.                                                 appear together in the same
You may register and pay your fees at any time during the registration period. See         publication.
the winter 2009 quarterly schedule, available online, for course choices. If you want      We appreciate your feedback
counselor assistance, call (937) 512-5184 for more information.                            to let us know if the audit
 Want a refund?                                                                            listing in this schedule includes
                                                                                           the classes you are interested
Full refund for sessions will be given if withdrawing within one week after the            in taking. And, as always, just
beginning of class. No refund for single session workshops after workshop date.            call the office if you have any
                                                                                           questions or need assistance.
 Have any questions?                                                                       We will be happy to help you.
Call (937) 512-2372 or (937) 512-5184 for more information.
 Weather Emergency Closing
In the event that Sinclair Community College must curtail its operating schedule or
close because of weather or other emergency, the Public Relations office is responsible
for notifying news media and updating the college’s automated 24-hour telephone
Information Line. The telephone number for the Sinclair Community College
Information Line is (937) 512-2888. If Sinclair’s Dayton campus is closed, all
other sites will also be closed. However, some remote sites may close even if the
Dayton campus is open; students should discuss with their instructors or the site
coordinators how inclement weather closings will be announced for that site.

Winter Quarter 2009                                                College for Lifelong Learning

 Seminars & Workshops Registration Form
 For faster registration, call the College for Lifelong Learning office as soon as
 you receive the class schedule to sign up for a selection of courses and other
 special sessions. Pay either by credit card or by mailing a check.

      Mail application and check to:
      College for Lifelong Learning, Room 10112
      Sinclair Community College
      444 West Third Street
      Dayton, Ohio 45402-1460
      (937) 512-2372 or (937) 512-5184

 Tartan Card # _________________________________



 City _________________________________________ State ________________ Zip ____________________

 Home Phone__________________________________ Cell Phone ___________________________________

 E-mail address _____________________________________________________________________________

    Course Number                            Course Name                    Days          Time

 1. ________________________________________________________________________________________

 2. ________________________________________________________________________________________

 3. ________________________________________________________________________________________

 4. ________________________________________________________________________________________

 5. ________________________________________________________________________________________

 6. ________________________________________________________________________________________

 Payment must be received before registration can be confirmed.

 Method of payment:	       ❑ Check (Payable to Sinclair)	     ❑ VISA	     ❑ MasterCard
 Name as it appears on card __________________________________________________________________

 Account # ____________________________________________ Expiration Date _______________________

 Signature ________________________________________________ Date ____________________________

                                                                                            B E C
  Transferred to Bursar _________________ Payment Received___________________Check # __________________                                                                                 38
Sinclair Community College, 444 West Third Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402-1460             Postage
College for Lifelong Learning

                 Your levy support
                 guarantees quality
                 and affordability.                                •       (937) 512-2372, (937) 512-5184

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