1949-50 Macomb County _Michigan_ Directory by liuhongmeiyes



    . Officials of the
. COUNTY~    CITY~          VILLAGE

     and TOWNSHIPS

       1949 · 1950

            County Seat

        Complied and arranged

       A. H. Jim Hofstetter

            County Clerk


                                                                                   S'I'ATE OFFICERS

                                                                     G. Mennen Williams                       Lansing
                                                                  LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR
               THE AIHERICAN CREED                                   John W. Connolly                         Lansing
                                                                  SECRETARY OF STATE
   I believe in the United States of America as a govern­            Fred M. Alger, Jr                        Lansing
ment of the people, by the people, for the consent of the         ATTORNEY GENERAL
governed; a democracy in a Republic; a Sovereign Nation              Stephen J. Roth                          Lansing
of many Sovereign States; a perfect Union, one and
inseparable; established upon these principles of freedom,        STATE TREASURER
equality, justice and humanity for which American pa­                D. Hale Brake                            Lansing
triots sacrificed their lives and fortunes.                       AUDITOR GENERAL
                                                                    Murl K. Aten                             Lansing
  I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to
love it; to support its constitution; to obey its laws; to        SUPT. of PUBLIC INSTRUCTION
respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies.              Lee M. Thurston                          Lansing
                                                                  STATE HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER
                         WILLIAM TYLER PAGE                          Charles M. Ziegler                       Lansing

                         Clerk of the                                       UNITED STATES SENATORS
                         House of Representatives-1917
                                                                    Arthur H. Vandenberg                Grand Rapids
                                                                    Homer Ferguson                            Detroit
                                                                            REPRESENTATIVE, Seventh Dlst.
                                                                     Jesse P. Wolcott                   Port Huron
                                                                          STATE SENATOR. Eleventh Dist.
             THE PLEDGE TO THE FLAG                                 Bruce Clothier .,                         Lapeer

  I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of           REPRESENTATIVES IN STATE LEGISLATURE
America and to the republic for which it stands, One
nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.                               First District
                                                                    Howard R. Carroll                  Mount Clemens
                                                                                     Second District
                                                                    William Romano                          Van Dyke

               CIRCUIT COURT OFFICERS                                                        COUNTY OFFICERS

                     16th Judicial Circuit                               Circuit Judge               ~               . Alton H. Noe
                                                                         Circuit Judge                               James E. Spier
Alton H. Noe                                    Circuit Judge
                                                                         Probate Judge                           Joseph V. Trombly
James E. Spier                                   Circuit Judge
A. H. Jim Hofstetter                   Clerk of Circuit Court            County Clerk          "               A. H. Jjm Hofstetter
Eunice L. Rose                   Chief Deputy County Clerk               Prosecuting Attorney                        Fred Nicholson
Elmore E. Lester                             Assignment Clerk            Sheriff                                      Harley Ensign
Betty Cron                        "               Court Clerk      4     County Treasurer                             Lynn Whalen
Fred Nicholson                          Prosecuting Attorney
                                                                         Register of Deeds                              Aaron Burr
Wendell Lichtenfelt                   Chief Ass't Prosecutor
                                                                         Drain Commissioner                             Fran};;: Lohr
Charles H. Earl                  Ass't Prosecuting Attorney
                                                                         Coroner    "                             Clifford H. Read
John Matthews                    Ass't Prosecuting Attorney
                                                                         Coroner                           Howard V. Groesbeck, Jr.
Mildred Vlaich                   Ass't Prosecuting Attorney
                                                                         Circuit Court Comm'r                    Wm. H. Nunneley
Paul S. Hirt                                     Civil Council
                                                                         Circuit Court Comm'r                    J. Russell LaBarge
Lorraine Nicholson                      County Stenographer
                                                                         County Controller                      Sherwood J. Bennett
Bertha Daubendick                     Official Court Reporter
                                                                         Probation Officer                       Guy L. Brown, Jr.
flarley Ensign                                         Sheriff
                                                                         County Health Direcior              Oscar D. Stryker, M.D.
Clarence Shirey                                 Court Officer
                                                                         County Sanitary Engineer                  Marvin L. Smith
Edward Schoenherr                                COllrt Officer
                                                                         Co. Supervisor of Nursing               Marie Presley, R.N.
Guy L. Brown, Jr                             Probation Officer
                                                                         County Agent                        Martin H. Walkenhorst
Marybelle Baker                          Friend of the Court
                                                                         ~o.   Agriculture Agent                       Wm. Murphy
Wm.	 H. Nunneley                      Circuit Court Comm'r.
J. Russell LaBarge                    Circuit Court Comm'r.	       1     Commissioner of Schools                        WiU L. Lee
                                                                         County Dog Warden                           Forbes Duncan
               TERMS OF CIRCUIT COURT	                             i     Juvenile Register                          John H. Ahrens
                                                                  , \­
                                                                    I    County Librarian                             Dorothy Hiatt
 Second Monday in January, April, June, August and                  ,
Odober.                                                                  Friend of the Court                       Marybel1e Baker

                           -4­                                                                       -5­
                                                                  MACOMB COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS
                                                                        COMMITTEES FOR 1949-1950
                                          Vice-Chairman         CHAIRMAN-Floyd W. Rosso  •

A. H. JIM HOFSTETTER                              ClerIc        VICE-CHAlRMAN-A. N. Brewer
                                                                CLERK-A. H. Jim Hofstetter

Armada TQwnship                               W. A. Toles       ATTORNEY-·Paul Hift

Bruce Township    :              ,          A. N. Brewer
                                                                AGRICULTURE-Lemmon, Wangelin, O. Henderson,
Chesterfield Township
Clinton Township          ,
                                          Adolph Veryser
                                            Paul Stepnitz
                                                            •      Powell, LaGodna, Priehs, Toles, Schoenherr, Bock.
Erin Township                        ,        Frank Biehl       APPORTIONMENT-Kalahar, Powell, O. Henderson,
Harrison Township                         Floyd W. Rosso           Stepnitz, Rettmiller, Shorkey, Large, Visnaw, Bock.
Lake Township                                 Roy Visnaw
Lenox Township                            Frank Lemmon          APPROPRIATIONS-Powell, Wangelin, Veryser. La­
Macomb Township                                Paul Bock           Godna, priehs, Wagner, Large, Bock, Lin d s e y,
Ray Township                          Ernest R. Wangelin           Leonard.
Richmond Township                       Omar Henderson          BUDGET AND PRINTING-Brewer, Stepnitz, powell,
Shelby Township                  :         Fred LaGodna            Wangelin, Lemmon, Hill, Hogue, Miller.
Sterling Township                          Arthur Priehs
                                                                BUILDING-O. Henderson, Biehl, LaGodna, Veryser,
Warren Township                          Arthur J. Miller
                                                                   Lemmon, Wagner, Rettmiller, Shorkey, Hogue, Wey­
Washington Township                     Grover J. Powell
City of Mount Clemens                   Alfred A. Wagner           mouth.
                                          Harold Lindsey        CLASSIFICATION-Hill, Lemmon, Stepnitz.
                                           Hugh H. Neale        DOG-'Pl'iehs, Brewer, Wagner, Wangelin, Stepnitz, Shor­
                                              Paul Hogue           key, Weymouth, Miller, Bock.
                                       Lawrence Oehmke
                                                                DRAIN_Schoenherr, Brewer, O. Henderson, B i e h 1.
City of East Detroit                    Carl Weymouth              Wagner, Veryser, Beaubien, Miller, Visnaw.
                                       Charles- Beaubien
                                         Thomas Large           EQUALIZATION--Lindsey, Powell, Hill, Beaubien, Biehl,
                                           Everett Blair           Schoenherr, Lemmon, Visnaw, Miller, Leonard.

City of New Baltimore                   Kenneth W. Hill          FINANCE-Biehl, Wangelln, Brewer, LaGodna, Wagner,
                                         Arthur Shorkey             Powell, Stepnitz, Beaubien, Oehmke, Visnaw.
                                                                 INDUSTRIAL AND PUBLIC RELATIONS-KaJahar,
City of Center Line                       B. A. Kalahar             Lemmon, Neale, Rettm.il1er, Shorkey, Hogue, Visnaw,
                                       Alex Schoenherr
                                                                    rv'filler, Blair.
City of Utica                        Matthew Rettmiller                         (Continued on next page)
                                       Luke E. Leonard
                          -6-·                                                          -7­
                (Continued from Page 7)                                COUNTY BUILDING GUIDE
             COlUMITTEES FOR 1949-1950                                 Offices a.nd 'Phone Numbers
LEGISLATIVE-Neale, Hill, Weymouth, LaGodna, Biehl,
                                                                                 1st Floor
   Powell, Schoenherr, Hogue, Rettmiller, Visnaw.         Controller            Sherwood Bennett       6381
REJECTED TAXES-Stepnitz, Priehs, Hill, O.    Henderson~   Addressograph         Arthur D. Roese        5732
   Miller, Hogue, Large, Leonard.                         Treasurer             Lynn Whalen            2591

RESOLUTIONS-Neale, Hill, Kalahar, Powell, Wangelin,                              2nd Floor
   Veryser, Stepnitz, Rettmiller, Weymouth.
                                                          County Clerk          A. H. Jim Hofstetter   5791
ROADS-Veryser, LaGodna, Lemmon, Beaubien, O. Hen­         Register of Deeds     Aaron Burr             6951
   derson, Toles, Stepnitz, Shorkey, Oehmke, Miller.
RADIO-Wagner, Beaubien, Lemmon, Biehl, Hill,      Scho~                          3rd Floor
  enherr, Miller, Visnaw.                                 Circuit Court         Hon. James E. Spier    5622
S'HERIFF AND DEPUTIES-Rettmiller, Hogue, Hill, O.         Probation Officer     Guy L. Brown, Jr.      2462
    Henderson, Schoenherr, Veryser, Toles, Miller, Vis­   Friend of the Court   Marybelle Baker        5901
    naw, Oehmke, Blair.                                   Drivers License       Marvin Miller
TOWNSHIP TAX-LaGodna, Biehl, Powell, P r i e h s,                               4th Floor
    Veryser, O. Henderson, Bock, Miller, Shorkey.
·WELFARE-O. Henderson, Hill, LaGodna, Biehl, Lindsey,     County School         Will L. Lee            6921
   Beaubien, Kalahar, Wagner, Miller.                       Commissioner
TREASURER-Beaubien, Powell, Priehs, "Brewer, Biehl,                             5th Floor
   Kalahar, Toles, Hogue, Leonard.
                                                          Circuit Court         Hon. Alton H. Noe      6821
JUDICIARY--Hill, Neale, Wangelin, Toles, K a I a h a r,                         Elmore E. Lester       5841
                                                          Assignment Clerk
   Wagner, Weymouth, Blair, Visnaw.                                                                    5841
                                                          County Law Library
DEFENSE--Lindsey, Kalahar, Hill, Miller, Large, Visnaw.
REGISTER OF DEEDS-Powell, Wagner, Oehmke.                                       Gth Floor
CO-ORDINATING ZONING-Wagner, Powell, Beaubien.            City of Mount Clemens Offices
                                                          City Clerk          Joseph H. Matthews       5681
NOTE---<The first n8me on above committees is the res­                          7th Floor
   pective chairman thereof, and in absence thereof
   the second name acts, and likewise in the absence of   Probate Court         Hon. Jos. V. Trombly   2579
   the first two, the third name acts.                    Probate Register      Nelson Zott            2579

                        -8­                                                        -9­
                        8th Floor                                       MACOMB COUNTY BOARD


Prosecuting Attorney     Fred Nicholson
Agriculture Dept.        Wm. Murphy
              3-1539                 COUNTY.CANVASSERS

                                                           Harold Donaldson          ,              Mt. Clemens
                        9th Floor                          Louis L uch tman                         Washington
County Health Dept.      Oscar D. Stryker, M.D.     5633   D. M. Kennedy                               Roseville
Veterans Council         D. W. Yonkers              2852   A. H. Jim Hofstetter                     Mt. Clemens
Board of Supervisors
                                                                   COUNTY TAX ALLOCATION BOARD
                       10th Floor
                                                           William H. Nunneley, Chairman             Mt. Clemens
Juvenile Register        John H. Ahrens
          3-1580   A. H. Jim Hofstetter, Secretary           Mt. Clemens
Bureau of Social Aid     Mary B. Garmon
            9781   Will L. Lee                               Mt. Clemens
                                                           Lynn Whalen                                  Roseville
                       11th Floor
                                                           Sarah Moore ..                        St. Clair Shores
County Road              Wm. Mallow, Chairman       4531   Frank Biehl                                  Roseville
 Commission              Arnold Ullrich, Sec'y             Frank Wiegand                                  Warren
                                                           Thos. H. Scott, Statistician              Mt. Clamens
                       12th Floor
Drain Commissioner       Frank Lohr
               4539              SOCIAL WELFARE COMMISSION
Social Welfare           Isaac A. Hartung
         4574    John E. Merrill                             Chairman
                                                           Lyle E. Rosso                          Vice-Chairman
                       13th Floor

                                                           Isaac A. Hartung                            Secretary
County Library           Dorothy Hiatt

                                                                       ELECTION COMMISSIONERS
                       Boiler Room
                                                           Joseph V. Trombly                     Probate Judge
Building Engineer        August Casier              5521   Lynn Whalen                         County Treasurer
                                                           A. H. Jim Hofstetter                   County Clerk

                                                                                  PLAT BOARD
                                                           Aaron Burr                          Regisier of Deeds
                                                           Lynn Whalen                         County Treasurer
                                                           A. H. Jim Hofstetter                     County Clerk
                         -10­                                                       -11­
               JURY COMMISSIONERS                                     MACOMB COUNTY LIBRARY BOARD
Hugh Stepnitz                                  Romeo      B. A. Kalahar, Chairman                                            Center Line
Christian M. NiH                       st.
                                         Clair Shores     Paul Cousino                           ~                ,.,              Warren
Howard Fenton                          Mount Clemens      A. N. Brewer                                                              Romeo
Elmer Stier                                Richmond
                                                          Marjorie Montgomery                                                   Armada
Margaret C. McCarthy                   Mount Clemens      Will I •. Lee                                                     Mt. Clemens
Grace Jones                            St. Clair Shores
                                                                  EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT COMnnSSION

             A. H. Jim Hofstetter                         Eunice L. Rose, Chairman                                             Mt. Clemens

                                                          -Clyde Denison, Vice-Chairman                                        Mt. Clemens

                   NATURALIZATION                         Arthur Engel................................................................ Romeo

                                                          Floyd W. Rosso                                                       Mt. Clemens

  Final Hearings of Petitions on 4th Thursday of Jan­
uary, June and November.                                  Frank Biehl                                                                Roseville

                                                          A. N. Brewer                                                                 Romeo
                                                                         COUNTY ROAD COMMISSIONERS
Oscar D. Stryker, M.D                         Director
Marvin L. Smith                     Sanitary Engineer     Wm. Malow                                          Commission Chairman
Marie Presley, R.N              Supervisor of Nursing     Karla. Brink                                       County Rond Engineer
Emma Alexander                            Chief Clerk     Roy Connor                                           Road Commissioner
                                                          Alfred Foerster                                      Road Commissioner
    CONCEALED WEAPONS LICENSING BOARD                     Arnold F. Ullrich                                             Secretary
Fred Nicholson                    Prosecuting Attorney
Harley Ensign                                  Sheriff                            COUNTY VALUATION
Sgt. Paul Fredericks             Michigan State Police
A. H. Jim Hofstetter                     County Clerk       The 1948 assessed valuation of Macomb County                                 wa~
Kenneth W. Hill, President             New Baltimore
Floyd W. Rosso                           Mt. Clemens
Allen Rush                                    Romeo
Bert Will                                 New Haven
Fred McArthur                            Mt. Clemens
                        -12­                                                                    -13­
             OFFICIALS OF THE CITY OF                                           OF}'lCIALS OF THE CITY OF

                 MOUNT CLEMENS                                                         EAST DETROIT

                        1949-1950                                                         194t-1950
Commissioner of Public Affairs           Albert A. Wagner
                                                                  Mayor                   ,               Mildred B. Stark
 Commissioner of Streets and
   Public Property.....                Ray Brandenburg            City Manager                           W. T. Williamson
Commissioner of Finance              ,    Paul G. Hogue           City Clerk                            Chas. H. Beaubien
Commissioner of Public Safety        Lawrence Oehmke         \    City Treasurer                           Esley J. Rausch
Commissioner of Water Works
                                                                  City Assessor                        Charles H. Beaubien
  and Sewers                          DeForst N. Cooley      ),
City Clerk                          Joseph H. Matthews            City Attorney                            Carl Weymouth
Deputy City Clerk      ,   ~            Harold Lindsey            Police Chief                            Lyman Eckhardt
City Treasurer                       George A. Dankers            Supt. of Public Works                 Charles Paternoster
City Assessor and Welfare                                         Electricial Inspector                    Robert. J. Kern
  Director '"                             Harold Lindsey
City Attorney                             Hugh H. Neale           Plumbing Inspector                          W. S. Cook
City Engineer                             E. L. Pettingill        Building Inspector                      Paul F. Linenger
Supt. of water Works and
                                                                  Health Officer                      , Dr. D. W. McKinley
  Sewers        , "                  ,     Harry McEntee
Supt. of Water Works and                                          Fire Chief                                  August Zado
  Sewers                             Robert E. Hansen             Constable                                Henry C. Hauss
Supt. of Filtration                  Robert E. Hansen
Chief of Police                     Harvey Hammond                Constable                               ,  Frank Zolbe
Chief of Fire Department                 Clayton Dubay            Justice of the Peace                    John McPherson
Health Officer                           Dr. W. J. Kane           Justice of the Peace                      Carl Hollinger
SUpt. of Streets and Parks               Henry Bruneel
Director of Recreation   ,           Howard Harrison              Supervisors                            Chas. H. Beaubien
Electricial Inspector                    Clyde B. Gass                                                     Carl Weymouth
Plumbing Inspector             ,      Joseph H. Miller                                                      Thomas Large
Board of Review                         Guy H. Verkler
                                                                                                             Everett Blair
                                           Byron Stuck
                                         John Schelling           Councilmen                  ,               ,. Betty Hays
Municipal Judge         ,            Donald J. Parent
Associate Municipal Judge           Frank E. Jeannette                                                 George S. Stone, Sr.
Constable                             "    John Miller                                                     Walter Sullivan
Dog Warden     ,           "            Thomas Martin                                                   Russell deBeauclair
                                          NEW BALTIMORE (Cont.)
                  CENTER LINE

                                                            Justice of the Peace                               John Marsh
                                                            Councilmen     ,,...                            Cyril Hayman
                        1949-1950                                                                       Phillip Henderson
                                                                                                            Leo Niebauer
l\1ayor                                 James L. Eisele                                                 Chas. S. Hubbard
City Clerk                               Wm. Steinhaus                                                   Arthur Shorkey
City Treasurer                           Wm. Steinhaus                                                  Gilbert Matthews
City Assessor                             B. A. Kalahar     Chief of Police                                  John S. Dye
City Attorney                          Chas. A. Retzlaff    Health Officer                                 Dr. J. F. Paul
Health Officer                      Dr. John G. Barker      Fire Chief                                     Floyd Strauch
Councilmen                          Alex M. Schoenherr      City Attorney                                Kenneth W. Hill
                                        Joseph A. Henk      Supervisors                                  Kenneth W. Hill
                                        Robert F. Stout                                                  Arthur Shorkey
                                      Andrew J. Mehall      Water Commissioner                             Wm. G. Baker
Justice of the Peace                 Irving D. Robinson     City SUperintendent                         Andrew Meldrum
Fire Chief                             Nelson Bruechert
Police Chief                          Elmer G. Flechsig
Supt. of Water Dept                      Wm. Steinhaus                 OFFICIAl,S	 OF THE CITY OF
Supt. of D. P. W                         Wm. Steinhaus                             UTICA
Constable                           Charles E. Hamden
Supervisors                         Alex M. Schoenherr                                  1949·1950
                                          B. A. Kalahar     Mayor                                   Matthew J. Rettmiller
                                                            Clerk                                             E. W. Havel
                                                            Treasurer                                       Dora M. Hahn
                                                            Assessor .,                                  Luke E. Leonard
                                                            Justice of the Peace                          Chas. A. Merritt
                        Councilmen                               Howard G. Crissman
                NEW BALTIMORE
                                                                          Charles M. Foster
                                                                                                      W. Frank Chapoton

                        1949-1950                                                                     Herbert E. Doebler

                                                                                                     Floyd B. Thonnann

                                                                                                         William C. Aller
Mayor                                  Alfred H. Ashley
Clerk                                  Grace C. Balfour     Chief of Police         ,                 Hazen S. Anderson
Treasurer                                     Irvin Fritz   Fire Chief                                    Edward Stadler
Assessor                                 Frank J. Smith     Attorney                                        Henry F. Gage
Justice of the Peace                   Howard L. Clapp      Health Officer                                 Dr. D. B. Wiley
                                                            Constables                                  Walter Kiekbusch
                 (Continued on next page)                                                           Lawrence Winkelman

                           -16­                                                           -17­
               TOWNSHIP OFFICERS                                   CLINTON TOWNSHIP OFFICERS (Coni.)
                                                                 Hugo Nieman              ¥          R.   ,Mt. Clemens
Supervisor-W. A. Toles                        Romeo              Earl Buss ..",                                  Fraser
Clerk-Raymond O. Schnell                     Armada              John A. Schrade                      R. 1, Mt. Clemens
Treasurer-Carl Plauman                       Armada              Charles R. Lobaugh                   R. 5, Mt. Clemens
Justices of the Peace
    Orvy Hulett, Sr                          Armada
   Edmund Durst                              Armada                                   ERIN
   Walter W. Schultz
   Eugene Kent
                                                         l   Supervisor-Frank Biehl
                                                             Clerk-Darius Kennedy                ,
                                                             Treasurer--Joseph E. Riesterer                        Roseville
                       BRUCE                             J   Justices of the Peace
                                                                 Roy F. Diesing                                    Roseville
Supervisor-A. N. Brewer                       Romeo              Robert J. Nunn         ,                          Roseville
Clerk-Conrad Turrell                          Romeo              Woldemar H. Nikkel                                Roseville
Treasurer-Hazel Kohlhagen                     Romeo              John T. Bowman                                    Roseville
Justices of the Peace
     James H. Reid                            Romeo                                HARRISON
    Frank R. McIntosh                         Romeo
     John M. Bailey                           Romeo          Supervisor-Floyd W. Rosso, .. R. 6, Box 660, Mt. Clemens
     Francis A. Castellucci                   Romeo          Clerk-Ralph Beaufait                  R. 3, Mt. Clemens
                                                             Treasurer-William Tegeder              R. 4, Mt. Clemens
                                                             Justices of the Peace
                                                                 Louis J. Lozon                     R. 4, Mt. Clemens
Supervisor-Adolph Veryser          R. 3, Mt. Clemens             Carl H. Jobse                      R. 3, Mt. Clemens
Clerk-Leo Blakely                R. 1, New Baltimore             Emil Beuschlein                    R. 6, Mt. Clemens
Treasurer-earl A. Brandenburg       R. 3, Mt. Clemens            Lew D. Ackerman                    R. 4, Mt. Clemens
Justices of th€" Peace
     John Sikon                  R. 1, New Baltimore                                  LAKE
    Phil Green         ;           R. 3, Mt. Clemens
     Joseph Weisenberger         R. 1, New Baltimore         Supervisor-Roy E. Visnaw                     St. Clair Shores
    Louis Thoel                    R. 3" Mt. Clemens         Clerk--John Danta                            St. Clair Shores
                                                             Treasurer-Fred V. Willette                   St. Clair Shores
                                                             Justices of the Peace
                                                                 Frederick Van Fleteren                   St.   Clair   Shores
Supervisor-Paul Stepnitz           R. I, Mt. Clemens
                                                        .\       Herman L. Brys                           St.   Clair   Shores
Clerk-Elmore Lester                R. 7, Mt. Clemens             Hugh Robert Dodge                        st.   Clair   Shores
Treasurer-Arthur C. Lietz          R. 1, Mt. Clemens             James W. Cork                            St.   Clair   Shores
Justices of the Peace
                                                                               RICHMOND (Con!.)
                                                             Justices of the Peace
Supervisor-Frank Lemmon                  New Haven               Erwin W. Fenton           ""                   Richmond
Clerk--G. A. Schultz                         Lenox               Perry Spencer                                   Memphis
Treasurer-Ed. F. Beier                       Lenox                Paul Russ                                     Richmond
Justices of the Peace                                             Vern B. McConnell    ,                         Memphis
     Elmer W. Hartsig   ,                New Haven
     E. Buel Priestap ,                      Lenox
     Chris Schulz                        New Haven                                    SHELBY
     Wm. J. Webb                             Lenox       •   Supervisor-Fred LaGodna ,                          R. 3, Utica
                                                             Clerk-Chester A. Yenny             ,   ,           R. 3 Utica
                     MACOMB                                  Treasurer-D. G. Helfrich                            Ro~hester
                                                             Justices of the Peace
Supervisor-Paul Bock                R. 2, Mt. Clemens            J. Gordon Rankin                             R. 3, Utica
Clerk-Wm. Stier                     R. 2, Mt. Clemens             Julius C. Kirschbaum                        R. 3, Utica
Treasurer-Theodore Leyer                   R. 1, Utica           Wm. Frase                                    R. 3, Utica
Justices of the Peace                                            Harry Fuhrman                          R. 1, Washington
     Julius Blank                   R. 2, Mt. Clemens
Raymond Juelgel                     R. 1, Mt. Clemens                               STERLING
     Clarence Stier   ~                    R. 1, Utica
     Norman Marcath                 R. 2, Mt. Clemens        Supervisor-Arthur Priehs                               Fraser
                                                             Clerk--John Wright                                      Utica
                                                             Treasurer-Otto Maas                                     Utica
                        RAY                                  Justices of the Peace
Supervisor-Ernest R. Wangelin             Washington             Henry Malburg                                  R. 1, Utica

                                                                 ~~isE~~~~O~~~~                                 ~~.1~~~~:;
Clerk-J. Nellis Clark           ,             Romeo
Treasurer-G. R. Smith                         Romeo
Justices of the Peace                                            Aelred Murphy...                          ..       Fraser
    Orville Tewksbury                R. 1, Washington
     Fred Diener                     R. 1, Washington                                 WARREN
     John Grader                           Washington        ~~pervisor-ArthurJ.    Miller                  ,    Baseline
     George Whiting                  ,     Washington          erk-Hildegarde M. Lowe                           Van Dyke
                                                             Treta.surer-William A. Shaw                        Van Dyke
                     RICHMOND                                Jus Ices of the Peace
                                                                 Ark W. Moss                                      Warren
 Supervisor-Omar C. Henderson                 Memphis            E~w.ard Gallagher                              Van Dyke
 Clerl~-Frank C. PuIs                        Richmond            WIllIam Romano                                 Van Dy1l;:e
 Treasurer-Jo1m T. Joseph                    Richmond            Frank Zagaiski                                 Van Dyke
                        -20­                                                       -21­
                                                                       VILLAGE OFFICERS
Supervisor-Gl'over J. Powell     Washington
Clerk-R. Eugene Inwood               Romeo                                           •
TreasUJ;-er-Wm. M. Oming             Romeo                                     ARMADA
Justices·'of the Peace
     Vernon J. Hosner                Romeo         President                                     W. J. Campbell
     Charles C. Tincknell    ,       Romeo         Clerk       "       , ',                     Raymond Schnell
     Cassius W. Thorington           Romeo         Treasurer                                       Carl Plauman
     Roy H. Bauer                    Romeo
                                                   President       ,                             Walter A. Miller
                                                   Clerk                                       Richard E. Nicolai
                                                   Treasurer                                    G. Roland Stumpf

                                                   President                                     l{arry L. Ganger
                                                   Clerk                         ~                  A. J. Pearsall
                                                   Treasurer                                         Harold Fries

                                                                              NEW HAVEN
                                                   President   _                                Walter W. Willert
                                                   Clerk                                            A. J. Bennett
                                                   Treasurer                                 Helen Adelaide Bates

                                                   President                                      Ben H. Duengel
                                                   Clerk                                            Karl N. Hirt
                                                   Treasurer                                      Grace Ferguson


                                                                                                    Jewel E. West
                                                                                                   Conrad Turrell
                                                                                                     Grace McKay

                          -22­                                                  -23­
                   VILLAGE OFFICERS (Coni.)

~~::~d~~~. .::::::~~ . :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::"W~l~:~k E~it~~           History of Macomb County
'Treasurer                                                 August H. Peters
                            ST. CLAIR SHORES                                                                   By Desmond A. Arnsby
President..                                          Adrian A. Linge mann                       The grim visages of Indians, and the rugged features
Clerk                                                      Douglas Taylor                     of hardy pioneers gazing down in stony calm from the
Treasurer               "                                   Laura L. Boye                     pinnacles of a million dollar Macomb County Building,
                                                                                        •     symbolize 170 years of recorded history in this rkh
                                                                                              rural and urban area.
                                                                                                Once the happy hunting and fishing grounds of the
President                                                       N. D. Eckstein                Pottowattamies, the Ottawas, the Wyandottes and the
Clerk .:                                                     ~~~or:n~~d L[~~~                 Chippewas--and often their skirmishing place with the
Treasuler-                                         "........      Y                           earliest settlers--the County of Macomb now belongs to
                                                                                              the titans and workers of industry, the chieftains and
                                                                                              clerks of business and those who wrest nature's bounty
                                                                                              from the soil.
                                                                                                CZl-owners arc the more than· 150,000 people who call
                                                                                              it home. Old and new Americans who enjoy Macomb
                                                                                              COtmty's living, culture, education, and recreation.
                                                                                                 For the purpose of the record it might be well to sum­
                                                                                              marize the evolution of Macomb County from territorbl
                                                                                              days to the present:
                                                                                                 When Wayne County was established as a county in
                                                                                              Michigan Territory in 1815, it included all that part of
                                                                                              1\1"ichigan to which the Indian title had been extinguished,
                                                                                              including our present Macomb County. Prior to that time
                                                                                              (in 1305), the territorial government had been organized

   in Detroit under Gen. William HUll, the first governor,
                                                                                              and it was he whose signature in- 1807 voided Indian
                                                                                              land titles.
                                                                                                By proclamation of Gov. Lewis Cass, on Jan. 15, 1B18,
all land ceded to the United States by the several Indian
tribes from Maumee to White Rock was formed into the               was first called Harrison).
County of Macomb (See Terr. Laws Vol. 2 Page 796).
   William Brown, Henry J. Hunt and Conrad V, Ten                    It was   on Jan. 12, 1819 that the tremendous area of
Eyck were named commissioners to ascertain the most                Macomb     County was. first lessened by the laying out of
eligible site for the seat of justice. On March 11, 1818,          Oakland    County. ThIS was proclaimed in 1819 but did
they designated Mount Clemens, then on the Huron                   not take   effect until Jan. 1, 1823. (Terr. La';s Vol. 2
River, as the county seat. (Terr, Laws Vol. 3, Page 24)            Page 798-9).                                                  '
   On May 4, 1818, $400 was appropriated by the terri­               Perry r:ownship wa!'! organized also on Jan. 12, 1819
torial legislature to aid in the erection of a courthouse          (same reference) out of the Lapeer-Genesee area of
and jail, which like other structures in the settlement,           Macomb. On March 28, 1820, St. Clair County \vas formed
was a log building. (Terr. Laws Vol. 2, Page 129)                  ~Terr. Laws Vol. 2, Page 200) and with this subtraction
   Macomb County was the third county organized in                .from the once huge territory, Macomb County Was re­
Michigan: Wayne being organized in 1796 and Monroe                duced to the smallest extent in its history.
in 1817.
   Contradicting nature's routines, Macomb County stal-ted         . Two years l~ter Sept. to, 1822, Gov. Cass by proclama_
life as a veritable giant.                                        tIon. re-estabhshed the boundaries of Macomb County,
                                                                  addmg small amounts of territory at various points.
   In 1818, at the time of its organization, Macomb County
occupied th8 space now taken by the whole of Living­               On July 17; 1824, the name of the Huron River was
stone, Oakland, St. Clair and Lapeer Counties (and of            change~ to the Clinton and in the same year Huron
course, the whole of Macomb) and most of Sanilac,                TownshIp, occupying extensively the district ndw often
Shiawassee, Genesee and Ingham Counties and small
                                             j                   ca~led "South Macomb" was changed to Clinton Town­
part of Huron, Tuscola and Saginaw Counties, as we               ShIp.
know them today.
                                                                 . On April 12, 1827, a Legislative Act was passed divid­
  By an executive proclamation made April 8, 1818, a             mg Macomb County into five townships: Harrison, Clin­
month after the county seat was established, Gov. Cass           ton, Shelby, Washington and Ray. (Terr. Laws Vol. 2
divided this huge "county" into two townships. (Terr.            Pages 478-9)    "                       " , '
Laws Vol. 2, Page 797).
                                                                    In 1832 R.ay Township was greatly enlarged to the
   All of Macomb County which lay north of a line                east, embraCIng an area later to become Macomb, Rich­
drawn due west from the mouth of Swan Creek was                  mond and Lenox Townships-_the section covered by the
called St. Clair Township, and the land south of this            latter three (!=rior to 1832) being part of St. Clair County.
line was called Huron Township.
                                                                   On ~arch 9, 1833, the northern half of Washington
  On Aug. 12, 1818, the Township of Harrison was

                                                                 TownshIp was fonned into a new township named
formed from territory within the Township of Huron               Bruce. (Terr. Laws Vol. 3, Page 983).
(Terr. Laws Vol. 2, Page 797), the new Harrison area
being roughly the space, size and location of what we             On April 22, 1"833, the northern part of Ray Township
now call Macomb County. (It might be said that Macomb            was formed into Annada Township, or "Armadia" as
                                                                 most of the ~arly map-makers and writers termed it.
(Terr. Laws Vol. 3, Page 1, 124).                                1840, following the debates, that a new courthouse was
                                                                 voted for Mount Clemens to replace the log structure
  On March 7, 1834, Macomb Township was organized                which formerly existed. (The county seat dispute con­
out of part of Clinton and Harrison. Ray Township v.: as         tinued intermittently up 10 1879).
enlarged from its base line eastward to lop off the entIre
upper part or Harrison Township (which took in all of              By an act approved March 26, 1839, the name Aba
what is now Lenox Township (Terr. l,aws Vol. 3, Page             Township (only one year old) was changed to Warren.
l. 275).                                                         And on Feb. 26, 1842, Macomb Township was divided
                                                                 into two equal parts to form Macomb and Chesterfield
  On March E 1835, the lower part of Shelby Township             Townships.
was formed int~ a new Township called Jefferson, where
Sterling Town;,hip lies today. (Terr. Laws Vol. 3, Page 1,         In 1842, Sertion 36 was taken from Warren Township
368).                                                            and added to Orange Township. On March 9, 1843 (Laws
                                                                 of Michigan, 1843, Page 198), the name of Orange was
  By an act passed March 11, 1837, Hickory and Orange            changed to Erin--a defiant gesture demanded by South
Townships w.:!re formed in the lower section of Clinton          of Ireland settlers.
Township, which until Jefferson was formed was actually
the original "South Macomb". (Laws of Michigan, 1837,              The last remaining straightening of township lines
Page 41).                                                        took place under authority of Act. 172, 1865, when
                                                                 Section 36 was detached from Erin and restored to
  The Township of Lenox was formed from the east                 Warren Town::.hip.
part of Ray Township on March 20, 1837. (Laws of
Mlchigan 1337, Page 140).                                          Thus--with the subsequent establishment of prosper­
                                                                 ing villages and cities--we attain the Macomb County of
  On March 13, 1837, the village of Mount Clemens was            today: 15 townships, 7 villages, five cities and a dozen
incorporated. (Laws of Michigan, 1837, Page 61).                 well-populated hamlets which are villages and cities in
                                                                 the making.
  On March 6, 1838 legislative acts created the Town­ 

ship of Richmond from the east portion of Armada
                  But mere history as recorded in legislative acts is
Township, and also changed the name of Jefferson to
             actually far from the true picture of Macomb County's
Sterling Township. (Laws of Michigan, 1838, Pages 78
            historic past.
and 83).

                                                                   Even though the termination of the revolutionary war
 An act of April 2, 1838, removed some territory from
Orange (Erin & La}{e) and added it to Hickory (Warren
Township), and also changed the name of Hickory to
                                                             .   in 1783 established the· English-American boundary line
                                                                 on the lake channel, English control continued in this
                                                                 area until 1796.
Aba Township. (Laws of Michigan, 1837-8, Page 158).
                                                                   At that time, under Jay's Treaty, Detroit and other
  In 1840 came the historic debate in the Legislature            outposts south and west of the lakes were formally sur­
concerning the rivalry of Romeo for Mount Clemens'               rendered to the American forces. So actually, it was 1796
county seat; a move that left the situation unchanged.           before Macomb County became part of the United States.
Utica also contended for the county seat. It was also in
                                                                   It was about 1796 that there was projected into this
                          -·28­                                                          -29­
half-Indian, half-French settlement on the Huron River              In the 1850's attempts were made by local promoters
the energy and civic;..mindedness of a man, Christian             to find oil in the black, ill-smelling waters that wel'e
Clemens--whose name is perpetuated in the county seat.            often found by well-diggers. But the oil promotions
A Detroiter, he undertook a surveying trip for Gov. Cass,         failed. Frequently the flow was densely impregnated
and sizing up the slightly elevated townsite that is now          with salt, so promoters changed their plans and by
a city he later purchased large private claims and                evaporating the waters met with fair success in producing
called 'the settlement Mount Clemens. He built the first          a low-grade salt.
house on the westerly side of what is today North
Broadway.                                                           The story has been told and re-told of an old, rheu­
                                                                  matic horse, unfit for wor1fll; that wandered under one of
  From 1818 to 1826 Macomb County was governed by                 the dripping, elevated salt tanks used in the process. The
a board of commissioners. The Board of Supervisors did            animal allowed the mineral water to saturate its hide,
not come into existence until 1827. In 1837 the county      ~
                                                                  even rolled in the muddy puddles on the ground.
returned to the commission system, but by 1842 it had
again reverted to a supervisors government.                         Within a short time, old settlers recall, the nag was
                                                                  galloping around with a new lease on life.
  The amount of governmental and legislative trans­
actions covered by supervisors in those days may be                 Health-seeking residents timidly tried bathing in the
gauged from the fact that the entire county proceedings           waters, with excellent results. In 1875 a small bathhouse
from 1'827 to 1837 required a book of only 55 pages               was built, and the rest of the story is history---a million_
written in longhand. (The minutes of one average meet­            dollar industry that attracts patrons from every state
ing today, if written in longhand, would require this             and country.
space.)                                                             But no record should be closed without particular
  Meetings of the county board since the beg;~ming have           mention of the growing might of South Macomb as an
always been at the county seat in Mount Clemens; from             industrial giant, particularly Warren Township, once
log cabin to million-dollar County Building.                      known by the rustic name of "Hickory". Warren Town­
                                                                  ship's industry now flourishing, reached its proudest
  By the middle 1830's the success of the Erie Canal;             height during World War II when it was termed "The
plans for the ill-fated Clinton-Kalamazoo Canal starting          Heart of the Arsene1 of Democracy".
on the Clinton River and heavy settlement from New
York State, had given Mount Clemens a definite stimulus.            Two fully-equipped war plants estimated in value at
The communtiy was platted and developed and small                 $100,000,000 each were the major establishments, sur­
businesses and industries were started on every corner.           rounded by a diadem of lesser, but no less vigorous
                                                                  factories. They produced a tremendous share of the
  It was an old decrepit horse, legend insists, that gave         weapons of war, and today practically all are forging
the community of Mount Clemens a big and lasting claim            the plowshares of peace.
to fame; a boost that eventually was to produce untold
millions of dollars in trade and patronage. The old horse           The establishment of Selfridge Field, Mount Clemens,
                                                                  as the home of the First Pursuit Group of the Army Air
was the first discoverer of the rich mineral waters               Corps in 19'17 was the beginning of a modern-day U.S.
underlying the city.                                              Air Force establishment second to none in strategic
                        -30­                                                                  -31­


 imporlance. It is now the nation's leading military center
for jet-propelled fighter planes, and its widespread in­                                                                                              -,,-'­
stallations are valued in the tens of millions of dollars.
  Today, thanks to a well-balanced combination of all
factors in the urban-rural economy of Macomb County,
there has developed a prosperous territory with an
estimated 150,000 inhabitants; an area growing daily
with great expectations.
  Its valuation is approximately $160,000,000. Its total
annual county budget is in exce~s of $1,000,000. Its gov­
ernmental and administrative functions are largely
centered in a pretentious Macomb County Building, fully
paid for, which today would cost far in excess of a
million dollars to construct.
  Progress constantly has spurred on both governing
bodies and the people of Macomb County, with improve­                                                                             -   ~   -'
ment following improvement despite changing economic
conditions. (The majestic County BUilding was conceived
and completed in the throes of a major depression.)
  Volumes could be written of the great wave of progress
l!weeping across the countryside where once the Wyan­            ;i~Al?:rFbR()-DAtlsltiiNTlI'i(;COMPANY
dottes and the Chippewas camped, and to which came                 , ~ ,- -{__ .46 q1"~kei~~~~(f_-- ~ .~. _.-­
the French pioneers and the Eastern Settlers to carve                                MOUNT ot~ME!!~~f;ftGHt9AN'
homes from the wilderness.
  Possibly this brief sketch, which scarcely raises the
dust frOm hi.story's rich records, will inspire further
research by those to whom Macomb County is home.

                                                                                                         ,     -   '--~.

                                                                             -.   -;..­

                                                                                                         +-.        ;..,.:   -:       '.,>­

                                                                                      . ....        .l:1"·~:j, i'"2. :.~.idi ~{<t ..
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