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Session Enactments - Louisiana Legislature


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									2004 Regular Legislative Session
Summary of House & Senate Bills
Session Enactments

BILL NO    KEYWORD(S)                AUTHOR               DATE PASSED    ACT

 SB      4 PUBLIC WORKS               MCPHERSON     SI     GOV   06/21   361
      Provides relative to certain public contracts (gov sig)

 SB      8 MARKETING/PROMOTION        B GAUTREAUX   SI     GOV 07/05     594
      Designates St. Mary Parish as the "Gateway to the Atchafalaya
      Basin, home of some of the best bass fishing tournaments in
      the world."
 SB     10 PUBLIC LANDS               DUPRE         SI     GOV 07/05     595
      Authorizes the Terrebonne Parish School Board to negotiate and
      lease certain properties to the Terrebonne Council on Aging,
 SB     11 LEGIS POWERS/FUNCTIONS     THEUNISSEN    SI     GOV 07/05     596
      Establishes the Louisiana Commission on Civic Education. (gov

 SB     12 ROADS/HIGHWAYS             THEUNISSEN    SI     GOV 07/05     597
      Extends the authorization for appropriation of state funds for
      the Monkey Island Ferry, renamed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
      Ferry, until July 1, 2008.

 SB     13 AIRCRAFT/AVIATION          THEUNISSEN    SI     GOV 05/28     57
      Provides for a notice of the proposed construction of and for
      the marking of certain wireless communication facilities.
 SB     14 CRIMINAL PROCEDURE         DUPRE         SI     GOV 07/12     911
      Authorizes the release of criminal history records to the
      office of disciplinary counsel of the La. Attorney Disciplinary
      Board of the LA. State Bar Association.

 SB     15 WILDLIFE/FISHERIES DEPT    DUPRE         SI     GOV 07/05     598
      Provides an affirmative defense to dealers for undersized crab

 SB     16 STUDENTS                   B GAUTREAUX   SI     GOV   07/05   599
      Requires local school boards to adopt, enforce, and post
      policies prohibiting the hazing of students in public
      elementary and secondary schools. (gov sig)
 SB     17 ROADS/HIGHWAYS             B GAUTREAUX   SI     GOV 06/10     169
      Designates La. Highway 1013 in Assumption Parish as "Reedy

 SB     18 ROADS/HIGHWAYS             MCPHERSON     SI     GOV   06/10   170
      Designates a portion of La. Highway 28 East in central
      Louisiana as Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway.

 SB     21 PRIVILEGES/LIENS           DUPRE         SI     GOV 06/18     294
      Provides relative to the cancellation of certain mortgage
      inscriptions on residential property.
 SB     23 RACING                     MOUNT         SI     GOV 07/06     688
      Increases the membership of Louisiana State Racing Commission.
 SB     24 WATER/WATERWAYS            THEUNISSEN    SI     GOV 05/12     13
      Renames the Monkey Island Ferry as the Dr. Martin Luther King,
      Jr. Ferry.
 SB     28 TRANSPORTATION/DEV DEPT    DUPRE         SI     GOV 06/10     171
      Adds safe evacuation of population as factor to be considered
      in priority reports on current construction projects. (gov sig)

 SB     30 FEES/LICENSES/PERMITS      DUPRE         SI     GOV 07/05     600
      Increases time required for possession of a learner's permit
      prior to obtaining an intermediate license from 90 to 180 days
      if the holder is under 17 years of age.
SB     35 HUNTERS/HUNTING            N GAUTREAUX   SI     GOV 06/10    172
     Allows the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to offer
     instruction for safely riding a "four wheeler" or all-terrain
     vehicle in the firearm and hunter education program.

SB     37 EMPLOYMENT                 HOLDEN        SI     GOV 07/05    601
     Provides relative to designating paydays under the Department
     of Labor.

SB     42 AGRICULTURAL COMMODITIES NEVERS          SI     GOV 05/28    58
     Authorizes the licensing and use of state-owned trademarks or
     labels to promote Louisiana agricultural products.
SB     45 WILD REFUGES/PRESERVES     M SMITH       SI     GOV 06/10    173
     Authorizes the Saline Lake Game and Fish Preserve Commission
     and the Grant Parish Police Jury, under the supervision of the
     Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, to place triploid grass
     carp in certain lakes at their own expense.

SB     46 MOTOR VEHICLES             THEUNISSEN    SI     GOV 06/24    451
     Authorizes the use of electric mobility aids by individuals
     with mobility impairments. (gov sig)

SB     48 CRIME/PUNISHMENT           HAINKEL       SI     GOV 07/05    602
     Revises provisions relative to the definition of contraband
     prohibited in municipal or parish correctional facilities.
SB     51 SCHOOLS                    ULLO          SI     GOV 07/05    603
     Limits certain sick leave to up to 90 days and authorizes
     board to extend such leave beyond 90 days.

SB     52 IMMOVABLE PROPERTY         ULLO          SI     GOV 06/24    452
     Requires additional information in residential property
     disclosures which informs a potential purchaser of the
     existence of a homeowners' association affecting the property.

SB     53 CHILDREN                   M SMITH       SI     GOV 05/21    25
     Provides for qualifications of certain mediators appointed to
     custody or visitation proceedings.
SB     55 ELECTION CODE              C D JONES     SI     GOV 07/05    604
     Allows for payment of qualifying fee by means of a certified or
     cashier's check or a money order issued by a credit union.
SB     57 SCHOOLS                    HOLDEN        SI     GOV 07/05    605
     Requires that student field trips or extracurricular activities
     involving travel or lodging be regulated.
SB     58 HEALTH/HOSPITALS DEPT      BARHAM        SI     GOV 06/18    295
     Requires Louisiana nursing homes to provide notice of
     availability of their latest Department of Health and Hospitals
     annual inspection survey results to applicants at the time of
SB     65 CHILDREN                   C FIELDS      SI     GOV 05/21    26
     Provides for a change in terminology for illegitimate children.
SB     67 EXPROPRIATION              MCPHERSON     SI     GOV 05/28    59
     Authorizes the city of Pineville to expropriate by a
     declaration of taking for the Susek Drive Project. (gov sig)
SB     70 SCHOOLS                    THEUNISSEN    SI     GOV 07/05    606
     Authorizes the parish school board in certain parishes to name
     a headstart and community center in honor of a former teacher
     and community leader. (gov sig)

SB     73 DENTISTRY                  MCPHERSON     SI     GOV 07/05    607
     Provides for dental patients to choose dental services,
     regardless of insurance coverage, if the paitent approves in
     advance charges for which the patient will be responsible.
SB     79 HEALTH/HOSPITALS DEPT      DUPRE         SI     GOV 07/05    608
     Deletes from the definition of "food establishment",
     for purposes of sanitary inspections, certain private clubs
     and establishments.
SB     82 LOCAL RETIREMENT           BOISSIERE     SI     GOV 07/05     609
     Changes the interest paid on Deferred Retirement Option Plan
     for members of the New Orleans Firefighters' Pension and
     Relief Fund who continue employment after participation in the
     plan ceases. (gov sig)

SB     90 LOCAL RETIREMENT           BOISSIERE     SI     GOV 07/05     610
     Authorizes the New Orleans Firefighters Association, Local 632
     and the Firefighters' Pension and Relief Fund for the city of
     New Orleans to negotiate a cooperative endeavor agreement with
     the city of New Orleans. (gov sig)

SB     97 RADIO/TV                   ADLEY         SI     GOV   06/18   296
     Repeals licensing requirement for citizens band radio

SB     98 COURTS                     C FIELDS      SI     GOV 07/05     611
     Increases the time limit for accepting public bids on a new
     facility in the 19th Judicial District to three years.
SB    102 COURTS                     CHAISSON      SI     GOV 07/05     612
     Provides that the Supreme Court of Louisiana may expend any fee
     fund balance to defray the expense of employment benefits.

SB    105 WILDLIFE/FISHERIES DEPT    DUPRE         SI     GOV 06/18     297
     Provides that Wildlife and Fisheries Commission shall elect its
     chairman and vice-chairman at first meeting in January.

SB    112 CIVIL PROCEDURE            HOLLIS        SI     GOV 05/28     60
     Clarifies that ROTH IRA's are exempt from seizure by creditors.

SB    117 FUNDS/FUNDING              MCPHERSON     SI     GOV 06/10     174
     Requires $2 of any penalty or fine to be paid into the Fish and
     Wildlife Violations Reward Fund to pay rewards to individuals
     who provide information on criminal activity involving fish and

SB    118 NATURAL RESOURCES DEPT     MCPHERSON     SI     GOV 07/05     613
     Provides for governance of White Lake Property, and creates the
     White Lake Property Advisory Board and fund. (1/1/05)

SB    119 NURSING HOMES              MCPHERSON     SI     GOV 05/21     27
     Authorizes the Louisiana Board of Examiners of Nursing
     Facility Administrators to incur debt in the purchase of an
     office building. (gov sig)
SB    120 WATER/WATERWAYS            MCPHERSON     SI     GOV 06/10     175
     Includes certain waters within state natural and scenic rivers
     system. (gov sig)

SB    126 LEGISLATIVE AUDITOR        ULLO          SI     GOV   07/05   614
     Provides relative to the selection of first assistant
     legislative auditor.

SB    128 SPECIAL DISTRICTS          N GAUTREAUX   SI     GOV 07/05     615
     Provides for the compensation for certain officers of the
     governing board of Fire Protection District No. 7 of Vermilion
SB    129 SPECIAL DISTRICTS          THEUNISSEN    SI     GOV 07/05     616
     Increases the Cameron Parish Ambulance Service District No. 2
     board membership from five members to six members.

SB    132 CHIROPRACTORS              HOLLIS        SI     GOV 06/10     176
     Amends requirements for the license of chiropractors in the
     state of Louisiana. (gov sig)

SB    133 SPECIAL DISTRICTS          C FIELDS      SI     GOV   07/05   617
     Creates the Concord Estates Crime Prevention District.

SB    137 COMMERCIAL REGULATIONS     C FIELDS      SI     GOV 05/28     61
     Requires the Department of Justice, consumer protection section,
     to provide certain notice to retail businesses.

SB    138 PARISHES                   SCHEDLER      SI     GOV 06/18     298
     Provides for additional administrative adjudication procedures
     in St. Tammany Parish. (gov sig)
SB    140 SOCIAL SERVICES DEPT       BAJOIE        SI     GOV 06/18     299
     Requires criminal background checks on those working with the
     infirm in certain agencies and bars employment in such agencies
     of persons convicted of enumerated offenses. (gov sig)

SB    142 SPECIAL DISTRICTS          BOISSIERE     SI     GOV   07/05   618
     Provides for the extension of the authorization for a
     voter-approved drainage tax in the city of New Orleans.

SB    143 NOTARIES                   DUPRE         SI     GOV   05/28   62
     Provides relative to notaries and notarized documents.

SB    145 LIABILITY                  ELLINGTON     SI     GOV 07/12     912
     Increases weight limitation on motorized off-road vehicles
     relative to limitation of liability during off-road vehicle
SB    146 MATRIMONIAL REGIMES        ELLINGTON     SI     GOV 06/10     177
     Provides relative to the valuation of goodwill as an asset
     of community property.
     Provides relative to effective financing statements for farm

SB    152 FARMING                    MARIONNEAUX   SI     GOV 06/18     300
     Provides for issuance of special weight permits to operators of
     vehicles hauling sugarcane, agronomic, or horticultural crops.
     (gov sig)

SB    157 INSURERS                   CAIN          SI     GOV 07/06     689
     Provides for payment of benefits on funeral policies. (gov sig)
SB    160 WATER/WATERWAYS            HAINKEL       SI     GOV 06/24     453
     Revises certain commercial or suburban agricultural zoning
     classification exemptions for tracts of land located along
     the banks of the Tchefuncte River from Louisiana Highway No.
     22 to Lake Pontchartrain.
SB    161 MARKETING/PROMOTION       B GAUTREAUX   SI     GOV 07/12      913
     Creates the Louisiana Aquatic Chelonian Research and Promotion
     Board. (gov sig or 7/1/04)

SB    164 JUVENILES                  N GAUTREAUX   SI     GOV 06/10     178
     Provides additional locations where it is unlawful for sexually
     violent predators and sexual offenders to be present.

SB    169 CHILDREN'S CODE            IRONS         SI     GOV   06/18   301
     Provides relative to qualifications of counsel in child
     protection proceedings. (gov sig)

SB    177 DONATIONS                  HAINKEL       SI     GOV 07/05     619
     Provides relative to inter vivos donation made contemplation
     of marriage and interspousal donations. (9/1/05)
SB    186 PRIVILEGES/LIENS           MCPHERSON     SI     GOV 06/10     179
     Provides privilege for the recovery of cost on repaired marine
     vessels, trailers, and equipment.
SB    190 JUDGES                     LENTINI       SI     GOV 06/24     454
     Provides authority for certain federal judges to preside over a
     marriage ceremony for certain periods of time. (gov sig)

SB    191 LOCAL AGENCIES             IRONS         SI     GOV 07/05     620
     Limits the amount of deposit in a bank by a local depositing

SB    193 CHILDREN                   BAJOIE        SI     GOV 05/21     28
     Creates a pilot program for delivery of children's mental
     health services.
SB    196 WEIGHTS/MEASURES           M SMITH       SI     GOV 06/18     302
     Provides that there is no violation of the vehicle weight laws
     unless the weight of a tandem axle on a vehicle transporting
     farm and forest products in their natural state under a special
     harvest season permit is 3,000 pounds over the limit. (gov sig)
SB    199 U S PROPERTY               M SMITH       SI     GOV 06/10     180
     Removes sunset provision relative to authorization of agreements
     ceding concurrent jurisdiction to the United States over certain
     lands acquired, leased, occupied, or controlled by or for the
     U.S. Department of Justice for operation of correction.

SB    200 FEES/LICENSES/PERMITS      BARHAM        SI     GOV   05/28   64
     Provides for exemption form completion of a standardized
     program to obtain a license for certain locksmiths and
     locksmith shop technicians. (gov sig)

SB    205 LOCAL RETIREMENT           BOISSIERE     SI     GOV 07/05     621
     Provides relative to Harbor Police to correct citations and
     clarify definitions. (gov sig)

SB    209 TOPS                       ADLEY         BL     GOV 07/11     804
     Provides relative to the alternative means established for
     determining residency for TOPS purposes for certain dependent
     students graduating from eligible La. high schools. (gov sig)
SB    212 SPECIAL DISTRICTS          DUPRE         SI     GOV 07/05     622
     Authorizes certain changes relative to the Terrebonne Economic
     Development District.(7/1/04)

SB    218 SPECIAL DISTRICTS          C FIELDS      SI     GOV 07/05     623
     Creates the South Burbank Crime Prevention and Development
     District. (gov sig)

SB    219 HEALTH/HOSPITALS DEPT      DARDENNE      SI     GOV 07/05     624
     Requires that juveniles in the custody of juvenile correction
     centers be immunized for Hepatitis B.
SB    224 TOPS                       MALONE        SI     GOV   07/05   625
     Provides that a TOPS award may be applied to cover other
     "cost of attendance."

SB    226 NOTARIES                   DARDENNE      SI     GOV 06/24     455
     Provides relative to the form of the names required on notarial
SB    227 COMMERCIAL REGULATIONS     DARDENNE      SI     GOV   06/18   303
     Provides for security on movable property.

SB    229 ELECTION CODE              C FIELDS      SI     GOV 07/05     626
     Prohibits the intimidation of a person at a polling place on
     election day and prohibits commissioners and poll watchers
     from carrying or possessing firearms.

SB    231 ELECTION CODE              SCHEDLER      SI     GOV   07/05   627
     Establishes a commission to insure clear, complete, and
     understandable ballot language describing constitutional
     amendment proposals. (1/1/05)

SB    233 PROBATION/PAROLE           NEVERS        SI     GOV 05/21     29
     Provides with respect to the parole of offenders convicted of
     certain offenses.

SB    238 VOCATIONAL PROGRAMS        DARDENNE      SI     GOV 07/05     628
     Provides relative to the annual report issued by the Board of
     Supervisors of Community and Technical Colleges on career
SB    239 BANKS/BANKING              HOLLIS        SI     GOV 05/28     65
     Authorizes certain credit transactions to collect fees and
     charges when payment is made by electronic means from an
     account with insufficient funds.

SB    248 CEMETERIES                 ULLO          SI     GOV 05/28     66
     Provides for regulation of pre-construction sales of interment
     mausoleums or similar structures.
SB    249 SOCIAL SERVICES DEPT       BAJOIE        SI     GOV 06/24     456
     Provides for corrections to Louisiana's adopted subsidy laws
     for compliance with federal regulations. (gov sig)
SB    261 ETHICS                     HINES         SI     GOV 07/12      914
     Authorizes employment of the immediate family members of a
     school board member or school superintendent as a certified
     guidance counselor.(gov sig)

SB    267 ROADS/HIGHWAYS             HAINKEL       SI     GOV 06/18      304
     Renames the Lafitte Larose Boulevard to the Leo Kerner/Lafitte
     Parkway in Jefferson Parish.

SB    268 CEMETERIES                 ULLO          SI     GOV    05/28   68
     Provides relative to investment of perpetual care and
     merchandise trust funds.
SB    269 ROADS/HIGHWAYS             CAIN          SI     GOV 06/18      305
     Re-designates a portion of U.S. 90 in Calcasieu Parish as the
     "Veterans Memorial Highway 90".
SB    274 SOCIAL SERVICES DEPT       LENTINI       SI      GOV   06/24   457
     Provides relative to the disposition of child abuse
     investigatory reports within DSS. (gov sig)
SB    275 HOSPITALS                  NEVERS        SI     GOV 07/05      629
     Provides for additional reporting regarding health care services
     at LSU hospitals to the Senate and House health and welfare
     committees and for payment methodology.
SB    276 FIRE PROTECTION            ADLEY         SI     GOV    05/12   14
     Provides for the work shift cycle for fire alarm system
     operators in the Bossier City Fire Department. (gov sig)

SB    281 CEMETERIES                 ULLO          SI     GOV    05/28   67
     Makes technical changes to perpetual care trust fund
     requirements and trustee's duty.
SB    288 FUNDS/FUNDING              SCHEDLER      SI     GOV 07/05      630
     Provides for the distribution of certain funds by the St.
     Tammany Parish Tourist and Convention Commission. (gov sig)

SB    289 PUBLIC WORKS               BOISSIERE     SI     GOV 06/24      458
     Provides for notification by governmental entities of addendums
     to a bid over the contract limit.
     (gov sig)

SB    290 PAROCHIAL EMPLOYEES RET    BOISSIERE     SI     GOV 07/05      631
     Provides with respect to DROP and member contributions. (gov

     Provides requirements for gift certificates.

SB    301 STUDENTS                   HOLDEN        SI     GOV 07/05      632
     Creates a pilot program of eight classes, one in each regional
     service district, of extended kindergarten for disadvantaged
SB    302 MALPRACTICE                HINES         SI     GOV 06/18      306
     Provides that medical review panel reports and requests are
SB    303 REVENUE SHARING            HOLDEN        SI     GOV 05/21      30
     Provides for an adjustment of distribution of FY2003-2004 funds
     within East Baton Rouge Parish. (gov sig)

SB    308 NATURAL RESOURCES DEPT     DUPRE         SI     GOV 06/24      459
     Provides certain procedures and requirements relating to
     coastal management program guidelines, coastal use permitting,
     and mitigation of wetlands losses.(gov sig)
SB    310 NATURAL RESOURCES DEPT     DUPRE         SI     GOV 07/05      633
     Authorizes department to expropriate by a declaration of taking
     for certain barrier island purposes in the coastal zone.
     (gov sig)

SB    330 COURTS                     MOUNT         SI     GOV    07/05   634
     Provides for the disposition of certain court reporter
     fees paid for the indigent transcript fund for the
     14th Judicial District Court.
SB    334 HEALTH/ACC INSURANCE       HAINKEL       SI     GOV 07/08     799
     Authorizes the offer of health insurance free of any type
     of mandated coverage to individuals and employees of employers
     who employ 50 or fewer employees on an optional basis.

SB    337 LEGISLATIVE AUDITOR        M SMITH       SI     GOV 07/05     635
     Provides for exclusion of urban or rural development monies in
     computing revenue necessary to require an audit.

SB    338 ENVIRONMENT QUALITY DEPT ADLEY           SI     GOV   07/05   636
     Restricts dissimination of certain security sensitive
     information via the Internet.
SB    341 SAFETY REGULATIONS         CHAISSON      SI     GOV 05/12     15
     Defines passengers in the "open container" prohibition and
     provides exclusions for certain operators, passengers, and
     areas of the motor vehicle.

SB    342 GAMING                     CHAISSON      SI     GOV 05/21     31
     Eleminates requirement that a video draw poker device accept
     coins equal in value to the amount of any minimum wager set
     for the machine.

SB    345 GAMING                     CHAISSON      SI     GOV 07/05     637
     Specifies the restaurant features for a truck stop to be
     qualified for video poker and limits restaurant requirements
     to such features.

SB    346 PORTS/HARBORS/TERMINALS    CHAISSON      SI     GOV   06/18   307
     Provides for the South Louisiana Port Commission.

SB    347 ROADS/HIGHWAYS             M SMITH       SI     GOV 06/18     308
     Authorizes DOTD to sell timber on highway rights-of-way and
     provides for dedication of such proceeds to the Transportation
     Trust Fund for repair of roads not eligible for federal
     matching funds. (gov sig)

SB    352 STATE EMPLOYEE RET         BOISSIERE     SI     GOV 07/06     690
     Provides with respect to employment of retired members and
     payment for unused sick and annual leave of certain
     postsecondary education employees. (gov sig)

SB    356 MUNICIPALITIES             CHEEK         SI     GOV 06/21     362
     Provides for renewal of certain additional sales and use taxes
     in the city of Shreveport as the codification of laws relative
     to the Shreveport Downtown Development District.

SB    359 MALPRACTICE                HINES         SI     GOV 06/18     309
     Provides relative to claims filed under the Medical Malpractice

SB    363 SCHOOLS                    HOLDEN        SI     GOV 07/05     638
     Provides for the state to discharge certain debts owed the
     state by the city of Baker School Board. (6/30/04)
SB    364 DISTRICT ATTORNEYS         C ROMERO      SI     GOV   07/05   639
     Provides for funding of the 16th JDC district attorney.
SB    366 AMUSEMENTS/SPORTS          HINES         SI     GOV 07/05     640
     Increases and imposes new fines for certain violations and
     allows for certain inspections pursuant to the Amusement Rides
     and Attraction Law. (2/3-CA7s2.1(A))

SB    367 HEALTH/ACC INSURANCE       HINES         SI     GOV 07/05     641
     Provides for the classification of certain types of cancer as
     occupational diseases or infirmities connected with the duties
     of a firefighter.
SB    368 LEVEES                     DUPRE         SI     GOV 06/18     310
     Provides for the powers, duties, functions, and membership of
     the Lafourche Basin Levee District. (gov sig)
SB    370 MALPRACTICE                LENTINI       SI     GOV 06/18     311
     Authorizes the attorney for the plantiff to appoint the
     attorney member of the state medical review panel under certain
SB    371 MALPRACTICE                LENTINI       SI     GOV   06/10   181
     Provides for future medical care and related benefits in
     medical malpractice claims.
SB    372 CONSUMERS                  THEUNISSEN    SI     GOV 05/28     70
     Expand the use of proceeds obtained by a consumer from a
     consumer loan made by a lender pursuant to the Louisiana Motor
     Vehicle Financing Act.

SB    381 MALPRACTICE                LENTINI       SI     GOV 06/10     182
     Adds students being trained as paramedics to definition of
     ambulance service for purposes of the Patient's Compensation
SB    382 MALPRACTICE                LENTINI       SI     GOV 06/10     183
     Provides for only one panel for the review of state and private
     medical claims in certain circumstances. (gov sig)

SB    385 TAX/TAXATION               LENTINI       SI     GOV 05/28     71
     Requires reporting the assessment of certain property owned by
     Louisiana Tax Commission members or members of their immediate
     families. (gov sig)

SB    387 NURSES                     MCPHERSON     SI     GOV 07/05     642
     Clarifies registered nurses' authorization regarding
     administration, titration, and continued infusion of anesthetic
     agents and local anesthetic agents. (gov sig)

SB    388 GOVERNOR                   MCPHERSON     SI     GOV 07/05     643
     Creates the office of the coordinator of faith-based programs
     within the office of the governor.
SB    392 HEALTH CARE                MCPHERSON     SI     GOV 06/10     184
     Provides for inclusion of adult residential centers in the
     facility need review process.

SB    394 TAX/TAXATION               BARHAM        SI     GOV   07/06   691
     Exempts diesel fuel from local sales tax or excise tax.
     (gov sig)
SB    400 GAMING                     MARIONNEAUX   SI     GOV 05/12     16
     Requires the governor to appoint one of the at-large Lottery
     Board members from among five Louisiana Oil Marketers and
     Convenience Store Association nominees.
SB    408 HEALTH/HOSPITALS DEPT      BAJOIE        SI     GOV 07/05     644
     Creates the Women's Health Commission within the Department
     of Health and Hospitals.
SB    411 SOCIAL SERVICES DEPT       BAJOIE        SI     GOV   07/12   915
     Mandates licensure of child-placing agencies. (gov sig)
SB    415 CIVIL SERVICE              MICHOT        SI     GOV 07/05     645
     Allows persons from out of state to apply for civil service
     positions in fire and police civil service for certain
     municipalities. (gov sig)

SB    427 SENATE                     C D JONES     SI     GOV 07/05     646
     Requires that the proposed name of any building titled in the
     name be approved by certain legislative committees.

SB    432 WORKERS' COMPENSATION      C D JONES     SI     GOV 07/05     647
     Changes the amount of attorney fees on workers' compensation
     awards to twenty percent of the recovered amount. (gov sig)
SB    433 WILDLIFE RESOURCES         THEUNISSEN    SI     GOV 06/10     185
     Creates the Louisiana Aquatic Invasive Species Council and Task
     Force. (gov sig)

SB    434 AIRCRAFT/AVIATION          THEUNISSEN    SI     GOV 06/18     312
     Authorizes the use of certain monies for the General Aviation
     and Reliever Airport Maintenance Grant Program and provides
     limitations. (7/1/05)

SB    435 TUITION                    THEUNISSEN    SI     GOV 07/08     800
     Adds Agriscience I and II to the list of sciences that may be
     taken as part of the TOPS curriculum.
SB    437 OBLIGATIONS                L JACKSON     SI     GOV 06/10     186
     Provides relative to the initiation of prescription on child
     support judgments. (gov sig)
SB    439 CRIME/PUNISHMENT           ULLO          SI     GOV   07/05   648
     Clarifies that consent is not a defense to the crime of
     aggravated incest.
SB    441 CRIME/PUNISHMENT           ULLO          SI     GOV 07/05     649
     Provides for intent to inflict great bodily harm while engaged
     in ritualistic acts.

SB    443 CRIME/PUNISHMENT           ULLO          SI     GOV 07/05     650
     Provides for assault by drive-by shooting and second degree
     kidnapping in the crime of first degree feticide.

SB    444 CRIME/PUNISHMENT           ULLO          SI     GOV 07/05     651
     Renames the offense of aggravated robbery to second degree
SB    445 FAMILY LAW                 L JACKSON     SI     GOV 07/05     652
     Provides for administrative suspension of certain licenses for
     nonpayment of child support.

SB    446 PHARMACISTS                L JACKSON     SI     GOV   07/05   653
     Provides for duties and responsibilities of the Medicaid
     Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee.

SB    460 TAX EXEMPTIONS             DUPRE         SI     GOV 06/18     313
     Requires any taxpayer entitled to the homestead exemption to
     own and occupy the homestead on or before November 15 of the
     calendar year in which the exemption is claimed except in
     Orleans. (gov sig)
SB    463 FUNDS/FUNDING              DARDENNE      SI     GOV 07/05     654
     Provides for the investment of certain monies in the Louisiana
     Education Quality Trust Fund. (7/1/04)

SB    464 ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY      FONTENOT      SI     GOV 05/28     72
     Modifies the public hearing process on environmental assessment
     statements and proposed permits.

SB    466 ENVIRONMENT QUALITY DEPT FONTENOT        SI     GOV   05/28   73
     Prohibits duplication of badges worn by DEQ employees
     commissioned by state police.
SB    467 ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY      FONTENOT      SI     GOV 05/12     17
     Provides relative to general enforcement of the Louisiana
     Environmental Quality Act. (gov sig)

SB    468 HAZARDOUS WASTE            FONTENOT      SI     GOV   07/05   655
     Establishes the Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund.

SB    477 CONTROL DANGER SUBSTANCE DARDENNE        SI     GOV 07/05     656
     Relative to the offense of possession of ephedrine,
     pseudoephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine, or their salts,
     optical isomers, or salts of optical isomers.
SB    480 LOCAL AGENCIES             THEUNISSEN    SI     GOV 07/05     657
     Provides for the territorial composition of the Jefferson Davis
     Parish Tourist Commission.
SB    484 HEALTH CARE                HINES         SI     GOV   06/10   187
     Creates Interagency Task Force on the Future of Family

SB    487 FEES/LICENSES/PERMITS      HEITMEIER     SI     GOV 06/18     314
     Waives the collection of any charges for a duplicate driver's
     license if the license has been stolen.

SB    488 WORKERS' COMPENSATION      HEITMEIER     SI      GOV 06/10    188
     Defines "owner operator" as regards motor carriers.   (gov sig)

SB    490 JUVENILE JUSTICE           CRAVINS       SI     GOV 07/05     658
     Provides that a regional defense service center shall include a
     regional juvenile defense center.
SB    492 NURSING HOMES              SCHEDLER      SI     GOV   07/05   659
     Creates the Nursing Home Quality and Efficiency Board.

SB    493 FUNDS/FUNDING              SCHEDLER      SI     GOV 07/05     660
     Abolishes the Medicaid School-Based Administrative Claiming
     Trust Fund and provides for direct reimbursement of monies to
     public schools. (7/1/04)
SB    494 FISH/FISHING               SCHEDLER      SI     GOV 06/24     460
     Authorize use of multi-pronged barbed gigs for harvesting

SB    495 HOSPITALS                  SCHEDLER      SI     GOV 07/12     916
     Requires public hearings to be held in the location of the sale
     of a not-for-profit hospital.

SB    496 ROADS/HIGHWAYS             SCHEDLER      SI     GOV 06/18     315
     Designates a portion of Interstate 10 as the Stephen E. Ambrose
     Memorial Parkway.
SB    500 CIVIL PROCEDURE            LENTINI       SI     GOV 05/12     18
     Provides that a notice of seizure is a required document in
     service upon a garnishee.

     Authorizes the state to sell surplus movable property through
     the use of certain electronic technology, including Internet
     web sites.

SB    504 FISCAL CONTROLS            HEITMEIER     SI     GOV 05/12     20
     Provides for certain reporting requirements relative to annual
     fiscal oversight and program evaluation. (7/1/04)
SB    505 FUNDS/FUNDING              HEITMEIER     SI     GOV 05/12     21
     Provides for actual earnings from interest, dividends, and
     capital gains in the Millennium Trust.

SB    506 FUNDS/FUNDING              HEITMEIER     SI     GOV 05/21     32
     Provides with respect to the Support Education in Louisiana
     First Fund. (7/1/04)

     Changes Tobacco Settlement Financing Corporation board meeting
     requirement from quarterly to no less than annually.
     Provides for employee compensation payments via electronic fund
     transfer. (7/1/04)
SB    513 TAX/AD VALOREM             ELLINGTON     SI     GOV 06/24     461
     Provides relative to various property tax payment under protest
     procedures. (gov sig)

SB    523 WEAPONS                    BAJOIE        SI     GOV 07/05     661
     Prohibits the illegal carrying of a firearm at a parade when the
     firearm is used in the commission of a crime of violence.

     Corrects references to state planning office.

SB    530 ANIMALS                    IRONS         SI     GOV 05/28     74
     Provides relative to the receipt of donations for the Louisiana
     Animal Welfare Commission and the terms of the commission
SB    535 CRIME/PUNISHMENT           IRONS         SI     GOV 07/05     662
     Prohibits the employment of nonlicensed persons who have been
     convicted of certain offenses in certain care facilities.

SB    538 INSURANCE POLICIES         CAIN          SI     GOV 07/05     663
     Provides that group and individual high deductible health
     policies are excluded from the rate limitation provisions for
     health benefit plans providing coverage for small employers.

SB    539 CHILDREN                   IRONS         SI     GOV 07/05     664
     Provides relative to the attorney compensation system in child
     protection cases.
SB    540 INSURANCE POLICIES         CAIN          SI     GOV   05/21   34
     Amends statute relative to standard fire policy.

SB    542 TEACHERS                   ULLO          SI     GOV 06/24     462
     Requires participants in certain undergraduate teacher
     education programs to complete a prescribed number of semester
     hours as established by the State Board of Elementary and
     Secondary Education.

SB    545 SPECIAL DISTRICTS          DUPLESSIS     SI     GOV 07/12     917
     Changes the name of the New Orleans Business and Industrial
     District and provides for the composition of the board. (gov
SB    550 ANIMALS                    IRONS         SI     GOV 06/10     189
     Provides relative to the Louisiana Animal Welfare Commission.
SB    553 PROPERTY INSURANCE         DUPRE         SI     GOV 07/05     665
     Provides certain requirements under the Coastal and FAIR Plans.
SB    555 SAFETY REGULATIONS         DUPRE         SI     GOV 06/24     463
     Provides for medical exemptions to the window tint requirements
     on motor vehicles. (1/1/05)

SB    556 DWI                        DUPRE          SI   GOV    07/05   666
     Creates the impaired driver tracking system.
SB    560 ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY      FONTENOT      SI     GOV 07/06     692
     Provides relative to the Motor Fuels Underground Storage Tank
     Trust Fund and the Energy Efficiency Fund. (gov sig)

SB    561 ELECTION CODE              FONTENOT      SI     GOV 07/06     693
     Authorizes a parish board of election supervisors to schedule
     two commissioners to serve for half of an election day and
     receive half a full day's pay and increases certain
     commissioners salaries. (1/1/05)

SB    562 WATER QUALITY              FONTENOT      SI     GOV   07/05   667
     Requires an annual license for onsite treatment system
     providers. (gov sig)

SB    564 CHILDREN                   DARDENNE      SI     GOV   07/05   668
     Provides relative to federal and state tax deduction,
     extraordinary medical expenses, and mortgage and rental
     payments as they apply to child custody obligations.
SB    570 EVIDENCE                   CHAISSON      SI     GOV 07/06     694
     Provides when prior inconsistent statements are not hearsay.
SB    579 PUBLIC RECORDS             C D JONES     SI     GOV 07/05     669
     Provides that certain records pertaining to negotiations
     relative to economic development activities shall not be public
     records until negotiations are concluded. (gov sig)

SB    581 CIVIL PROCEDURE            SCHEDLER      SI     GOV 06/24     464
     Requires a tenant who refuses to comply with an eviction notice
     to pay resulting court costs.
SB    586 MOTOR VEHICLES             DARDENNE      SI     GOV   07/05   670
     Provides relative to the distribution and sale of motor
SB    591 HEALTH SERVICES            CHEEK         SI     GOV 07/05     671
     Provides for a credentialing process for health insurance
     issuers who contract directly with health care providers.

SB    592 CRIMINAL PROCEDURE         CHAISSON      SI     GOV 06/24     465
     Provides with respect to evidence of similar crimes, wrongs, or
     acts in sex offense cases.
SB    593 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT       B GAUTREAUX   SI     GOV 07/05     672
     Authorizes and provides for regional research and development
     parks. (gov sig)
SB    594 PUBLIC SFTY/CORRECT DEPT BAJOIE          SI     GOV 07/05     673
     Provides for a pilot program for post-release facilities.
SB    603 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE          MCPHERSON     SI     GOV 07/05     674
     Provides for release of information from the Protective Order
     Registry to department of health and hospitals, bureau of
     protective services, the governor's office of elderly affairs,
     elderly protective services and the attorney general's office.

SB    609 SOCIAL SERVICES DEPT       BAJOIE        SI      GOV 05/28    75
     Provides relative to child abuse reporting laws.   (gov sig)

SB    616 GAMING                     CHAISSON      SI     GOV   07/12   918
     Relative to the Video Draw Poker Devices Control Law.

SB    617 POSTSECONDARY ED           ULLO          SI     GOV 07/06     695
     Requires the Board of Regents to develop and maintain a state
     student financial aid plan.

SB    622 STATE EMPLOYEE RET         BOISSIERE     SI     GOV 06/29     588
     Relative to the experience account of the Louisiana State
     Employee's Retirement System and the payment of unfunded accrued
     liabilities of the system and other certain systems. (6/30/04)
SB    628 LIABILITY                  BAJOIE        SI     GOV   05/28   76
     Clarifies immunity laws for reporters of child abuse.

SB    629 ADVERTISING                ULLO          SI     GOV 05/21     35
     Adds promotion of Master Plan goals and learning centers to the
     Board of Regents authority to advertise. (gov sig)

SB    633 CRIME/PUNISHMENT           KOSTELKA      SI     GOV   07/08   801
     Criminalizes nonpayment of child support.

SB    635 NOTARIES                   BARHAM        SI     GOV 05/28     77
     Provides for one year period of prescription and three year
     period of peremption for filing of actions against notaries.
     (gov sig)

SB    636 ETHICS                     MCPHERSON     SI     GOV 07/06     696
     Requires that a member of the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission
     is disqualified from participating in any transaction involving
     his leases.

SB    638 CHILDREN                   BAJOIE        SI     GOV   05/28   78
     Provides for changes in child abuse mandatory reporting
     procedures. (gov sig)
SB    641 COLLEGES/UNIVERSITIES      MALONE        SI     GOV 07/06     697
     Provides for scholarships for disabled firefighters and their
SB    645 CONTROL DANGER SUBSTANCE HINES           SI     GOV   07/06   698
     Provides for updated definitions regarding controlled

SB    653 ECONOMIC DEVELOP DEPT      C D JONES     SI     GOV 07/06     699
     Provides for cooperation between the Department of Economic
     Development and other state agencies.

SB    654 TANF                       BAJOIE        SI     GOV   07/05   675
     Provides for eligibility for FITAP benefits, and removes
     restriction on earned income disregard for TANF.

SB    655 SELF INSURANCE             DARDENNE      SI     GOV 07/06     700
     Provides changes in administration of joint self insurance
     programs by local housing authorities. (gov sig)
SB    657 COURTS                     BOISSIERE     SI     GOV 07/06     701
     Provides for funding of mandated positions, jury commissions,
     and sanity hearings in the Orleans Parish criminal district
     court and a judical expense fund for the Traffic Court of
     New Orleans. (gov sig)
SB    659 CRIME/PUNISHMENT           ULLO          SI     GOV 07/05     676
     Renames offense of aggravated sexual battery as second degree
     sexual battery.
SB    662 CONTROL DANGER SUBSTANCE DARDENNE        SI     GOV 07/06     702
     Substitutes hydrocodone for and dihydrocodeinone as Schedule
     III controlled dangerous substance.
SB    668 FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS     HOLLIS        SI     GOV 07/06     703
     Exempts bank service companies from the occupational license
     tax.(gov sig)
SB    680 LIABILITY                  BOISSIERE     SI     GOV 07/06     704
     Provides for a limitation of liability for a private
     corporation which manages the staff and services of public
     transit authority created by law such as Transit Management
     of Southeast Louisiana, Inc. 9/1/04)

SB    689 HEALTH CARE                L JACKSON     SI     GOV 07/06     705
     Provides for the utilization of a prior approval process and
     criteria related thereto.
SB    690 FEDERAL PROGRAMS           HINES         SI     GOV 05/21     36
     Provides for federally qualified health center and rural health

SB    691 PHARMACISTS                L JACKSON     SI     GOV 07/05     677
     Provides for changes to requirements for membership on the
     Medicaid Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee.

SB    692 EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS     BARHAM        SI     GOV 06/18     316
     Requires employers of first responders to homeland security
     emergencies to maintain the employment, pay rate levels,
     pensions, and benefits for those first responders. (gov sig)
SB    693 VOTERS/VOTING              DUPRE         SI     GOV 07/05     678
     Provides that in presidential primary election, persons
     registered as independent or not otherwise registered in a
     recognized political party may vote in a primary election for a
     recognized political party.
SB    695 PRESCRIPTION               MALONE        SI     GOV   07/12   919
     Provides relative to mineral rights in land acquired or
     expropriated by governmental entity. (8/1/04)

SB    696 RETIREMENT SYSTEMS         DARDENNE      SI     GOV 07/06     706
     Exands seizure for child support to include retirement benefit,
     refund of accumulated contributions or a portion thereof.
     (gov sig)

SB    701 CHILDREN                   BAJOIE        SI     GOV 07/06     707
     Provides relative to orientation for family child care
     providers receiving payments from Department of Social Services
     or Department of Education.

SB    702 OFFICIAL JOURNALS          HAINKEL       SI     GOV 07/06     708
     Permits certain legislative records be made accessible on
     the Internet.

SB    706 CONSUMERS/PROTECTION       HOLLIS        SI     GOV 05/28     79
     Eliminates exemption for nonprofit or charitable organizations
     that engage in debt adjusting from the Credit Repair Services
     Organization Act.(gov sig)

SB    709 PUBLIC RECORDS             MICHOT        SI     GOV 07/05     679
     Provides for the disposition of original records and
     evidentiary status of reproduced records, except plats,
     maps, and photographs and provides relative to documentation of
     certain records in certain courts. (1/1/05)
SB    710 BOATS/BOATING              ELLINGTON     SI     GOV 07/06     709
     Prohibits persons under 16 from operating a personal watercraft,
     but authorizes such operation by those 13 years of age or older
     on 1/1/05, but less that 16, if they have completed a boating
     safety course.
SB    711 NURSING HOMES              MCPHERSON     SI     GOV 06/18     317
     Provides that nursing home operators be required to participate
     in the Medicaid Part A skilled nursing facility program.
SB    716 LEGIS POWERS/FUNCTIONS     HAINKEL       SI     GOV   07/05   680
     Establishes February 6th as Ronald Reagan Day.
SB    725 PAWNBROKERS                HOLLIS        SI     GOV 05/28     80
     Changes license eligibility from "net worth" to "net assets"
     and provides for license revocation. (gov sig)
SB    726 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT       HOLLIS        SI     GOV 05/21      37
     Increases the membership of the Louisiana Economic Development
     Council and provides for various changes.
SB    730 ETHICS                     DUPRE         SI     GOV 07/06      710
     Requires that payments over $1000 for the expenses of
     certain public higher education employees be approved by
     the employee's board and makes the approval docements public

SB    731 INSURANCE DEPARTMENT       CAIN          SI     GOV 07/06      711
     Establishes the Louisiana Theft and Insurance Fraud Prevention
     Authority. (8/15/04)
SB    732 INSURERS                   CAIN          SI     GOV 06/24      466
     Provides for surplus lines policies and certain requirements
     for surplus lines insurers and brokers. (1/1/05)

SB    735 HEALTH CARE                MCPHERSON     SI     GOV 06/10      190
     Exempts penal and correctional facilities from the requirements
     of licensure as end stage renal disease (ESRD) facilities. (gov

SB    743 MILITARY AFFAIRS           THEUNISSEN    SI     GOV 07/06      712
     Provides benefits for Civil Air Patrol members injured or
     killed during performance of their duty. (gov sig)
SB    744 DISTRICT ATTORNEYS         C FIELDS      SI     GOV 07/06      713
     Authorizes the district attorney for the 19th JDC to fix the
     salary of his assistant district attorneys. (gov sig)

SB    746 COURTS                     N GAUTREAUX   SI     GOV 07/06      714
     Provides relative to the civil jurisdiction of the city courts
     of Abbeville and Kaplan.

SB    749 FUNDS/FUNDING              CAIN          SI     GOV 07/06      715
     Provides for the distribution of the proceeds of all of the
     state sales tax on hotel/motel rooms in Vernon Parish. (7/1/04)
SB    758 TAX/LOCAL                  C D JONES     SI     GOV 07/05      681
     Authorizes the city of Monroe to levy and collect an additional
     sales and use tax. (gov sig)

SB    761 SPECIAL DISTRICTS          SCHEDLER      SI     GOV 07/05      682
     Requires appointment of an advisory committee by the board of
     the St. Tammany Parish Hospital District No. 2.

SB    765 TRAFFIC                    ADLEY         SI     GOV    06/24   467
     Prohibits "rolling roadblock" on certain multiple-lane

SB    767 WATER/WATERWAYS            HAINKEL       SI     GOV 07/06      716
     Prohibits the dredging of the bottom of Lake Pontchartrain in
     areas other than Jefferson Parish for certain purposes.(gov sig)
SB    768 SEIZURES/SALES             HOLLIS        SI     GOV 06/10      191
     Provides procedure for taking repossession of collateral
     without judicial process and for repossession agent licenses.
SB    769 PUBLIC EMPLOYEES           HEITMEIER     SI      GOV   06/29   589
     Provides for payroll deductions for certain foreign
     corporations. (gov sig)

SB    770 HOSPITALS                  C FIELDS      SI     GOV 07/06      717
     Includes University Medical Center in Baton Rouge as a hospital
     under the LSU Health Sciences Center, New Orleans.

SB    772 SCHOOLS                    MALONE        SI     GOV 07/06      718
     Authorizes parish school boards in certain parishes to name
     an auditorium in honor of a former principal. (gov sig)
SB    774 PORTS/HARBORS/TERMINALS    HOLLIS        SI     GOV 07/06      719
     Provides relative to the borrowing power and debt limitation of
     the board of commissioners for the Port of New Orleans.
SB    778 RETIREMENT SYSTEMS         BARHAM        SI     GOV 07/08     802
     Provides for certain oversight requirements when the Joint
     Legislative Committee on the Budget reviews the annual
     operating budgets of certain retirement systems. (gov sig)

SB    781 CRIMINAL PROCEDURE         LENTINI       SI     GOV 07/06     720
     Relative to the mental incompetence of a person to be executed
     in capital cases.

SB    785 SCHOOLS                    C D JONES     SI     GOV 07/06     721
     Provides for the creation of the Northeast Louisiana Delta
     Learning Center.
SB    795 ETHICS                     BOISSIERE     SI     GOV 07/06     722
     Excepts salary and benefits paid to NOCCA faculty, staff or
     administrators from money raised by a foundation from the
     ethics code prohibition.

SB    799 HOUSING                    MOUNT         SI     GOV 07/06     723
     Authorizes the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency to sponsor a
     statewide community housing development organization.

SB    800 CONTRACTORS                MOUNT         SI     GOV 07/06     724
     Adds requirements for obtaining certain building permits.

SB    801 LOCAL FINANCE              C ROMERO      SI     GOV 07/05     683
     Authorizes political subdivisions, with voter approval, to renew
     or continue any sales tax for any purpose set forth in the
     proposition and provides that renewal or continuation may exceed
     constitutional or statutory limit on tax rates. (gov sig)

SB    802 STATE OFFICIALS            MOUNT         SI     GOV 07/06     725
     Provides that certain elected public official can do business
     with riverboat gaming licensees as a non-key gaming employee
     under certain circumstances.

SB    805 SEIZURES/SALES             ADLEY         SI     GOV 06/24     468
     Adds federal earned income tax credit of debtor as item exempt
     from seizure except for the Department of Revenue or arrears in
     child support payments. (gov sig)

SB    808 HOSPITALS                  HINES         SI     GOV 07/05     684
     Requires certification by the Rural Hospital Coalition, Inc. as
     a prerequisite to being designated a "rural hospital".
SB    810 LOCAL FINANCE              FONTENOT      SI     GOV   06/10   192
     Authorizes an increase in sales and use taxes in certain
     parishes. (7/1/04)
SB    815 FEES/LICENSES/PERMITS      SCHEDLER      SI     GOV 07/12     920
     Provides for the Employee Assistance Professional Certification
     Act. (gov sig)

SB    821 HEALTH CARE                BAJOIE        SI     GOV   07/06   726
     Creates and provides for Louisiana Diabetes Initiatives
     Council. (7/1/04)

SB    822 CORONERS                   MCPHERSON     SI     GOV 06/18     318
     Requires the coroner to determine if alcoholic content present
     in one involved in a traffic fatality is due to ingestion of
     alcoholic beverages or postmortem syntheses of ethanol.
SB    825 TAX/SALES                  MOUNT         SI     GOV 06/24     469
     Creates Uniform Local Sales Tax Admin. Procedure Act required by
     the UTC for the adoption of uniform regulations for local sales
     tax law or its administration.(7/1/04)

SB    826 HEALTH/HOSPITALS DEPT      L JACKSON     SI     GOV 07/05     685
     Creates an advisory board to establish a standard health form
     for schools.
SB    829 STATE EMPLOYEE RET         THEUNISSEN    SI     GOV   07/06   727
     Provides relative to membership in LASERS. (gov sig)

SB    831 PUBLIC LANDS               ELLINGTON     SI     GOV 07/12     921
     Authorizes the sale and transfer of certain property from DOTD
     and from DHH to certain entities.
SB    835 RETIREMENT SYSTEMS         BOISSIERE     SI      GOV   07/05   686
     Requires consultants and money managers to disclose
     relationships. (gov sig)
SB    837 WEAPONS                    CAIN          SI     GOV 06/24      470
     Provides for reciprocity with other states regarding concealed
SB    840 PUBLIC HEALTH              L JACKSON     SI     GOV 07/05      687
     Provides relation to educational materials on hepatitis C for

SB    841 PUBLIC CONTRACTS           ELLINGTON     SI     GOV 05/28      81
     Authorizes DOTD to construct a certain TIMED project using the
     design-build method.

SB    842 WATER/WATERWAYS            C ROMERO      SI     GOV    07/06   728
     Provides relative to the Acadiana Gulf of Mexico Access
SB    843 SOCIAL SERVICES DEPT       AMEDEE        SI     GOV 07/06      729
     Provides for inclusion of CAPTA language in DSS provisions
     regarding child protection and foster care workers.

SB    852 MOTOR VEHICLES             CHAISSON      SI     GOV    07/06   730
     Provides for the implementation and maintenance of a DWI
     electronic database.

SB    855 MUSEUMS                    BAJOIE        SI     GOV 07/06      731
     Establishes and provides for the Louisiana Civil Rights Museum
     Board, to be domiciled in the city of New Orleans. (gov sig)
SB    859 GAMING                     C ROMERO      SI     GOV 07/13      924
     Permits continued operation of an activity licensed in good
     faith based in part on a certified but mistaken survey. (gov

SB    861 OBLIGATIONS                N GAUTREAUX   SI     GOV 06/18      319
     Adds registration of personal watercraft, motorboats,
     sailboats, all-purpose terrain vehicles or trailers to those
     licenses which may be suspended for nonpayment of child

SB    864 SPECIAL DISTRICTS          MCPHERSON     SI     GOV 07/06      732
     Provides relative to a waterworks districts of a parish
     supplying water to or taking water from an adjoining parish.

SB    869 APPOINTED OFFICIALS        C D JONES     SI     GOV 07/06      733
     Mandates certain qualifications for the appointed members of
     boards and commissions with statewide jurisdiction. (1/1/05)

SB    871 SCHOOLS                    IRONS         SI     GOV 07/06      734
     Provides for physical activity of students, awards to school
     systems with outstanding programs, and a pilot program for a
     fitness assessment to collect baseline and longitudinal data.
     (gov sig)

SB    874 SCHOOLS                    IRONS         SI     GOV 07/06      735
     Provides for priority funding of type 2 charter schools which
     have been renewed for ten years.

SB    875 SUBSTANCE ABUSE            MCPHERSON     SI     GOV 07/08      803
     Repeals the Substance Abuse Counselor Certification and enacts
     the Addictive Disorders Practice Act. (gov sig)
SB    876 FEES/LICENSES/PERMITS      ULLO          SI     GOV 07/12      922
     Provides for revising alarm industry and locksmith licensing
     standards. (gov sig)

SB    877 TELECOMMUNICATIONS         ELLINGTON     SI       GOV 07/06    736
     Creates the Local Government Fair Competition Act.    (gov sig)
SB    878 SPECIAL DISTRICTS          L JACKSON     SI     GOV 07/06      737
     Requires multi-line phone systems to provide automatic location
SB    879 TEACHERS                   C D JONES     SI     GOV 07/06     738
     Authorizes establishment of a teachers' homebuyer program and
     establishes an advisory panel to develop such program for

HB      1 APPROPRIATIONS             ALARIO        SI     GOV   07/13   1
     Provides for the ordinary operating expenses of state

HB      2 CAPITAL OUTLAY             HAMMETT       SI     GOV   07/14   2
     Provides for the comprehensive capital outlay budget

HB      3 CAPITAL OUTLAY             HAMMETT       SI     GOV   07/12   3
     Provides for the Omnibus Bond Act

HB      5 INDIGENT DEFENSE           FAUCHEUX      SI     GOV 06/10     142
     Deletes residency requirements for contract attorneys for
     indigent defense board

HB      6 PUBLIC BUILDINGS/GROUNDS FAUCHEUX        SI     GOV 06/15     228
     Authorizes the parish school board in certain parishes to name
     a gymnasium in honor of a former school board member under
     certain circumstances

HB      7 HIGHWAYS                   M STRAIN      SI     GOV 06/04     117
     Names the portion of U.S. Highway 190 from the Mississippi
     River to the Louisiana-Mississippi state line the Ronald Reagan

HB     14 MUSEUMS                    BRUCE         SI     GOV 06/15     229
     Changes name of Mansfield Women's College Museum to Mansfield
     Female College Museum
HB     15 COURTS/CITY                TOWNSEND      SI     GOV 06/25     471
     Authorizes the transfer of surplus funds or unclaimed fees to
     the court's judicial expense account

HB     17 CIVIL/LAW                  BOWLER        SI     GOV 06/04     118
     Provides for the use of surnames by a widowed, divorced, or
     remarried woman

HB     19 CRIMINAL/VERDICTS          SHEPHERD      SI     GOV 07/06     739
     Adds negligent homicide as a responsive verdict to the crime of
     second degree murder
HB     20 HOLIDAYS                   SHEPHERD      SI     GOV 07/06     740
     Designates Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday as a mandatory
     state holiday
HB     24 DISTRICTS/NEIGHBORHOOD     BRUNEAU       SI     GOV 06/15     230
     Creates the Lakewood Crime Prevention and Improvement District
     in New Orleans

HB     26 MTR VEHICLE/DRIVER LIC     BOWLER        SI     GOV   06/23   363
     Provides relative to the fee for driver's licenses

HB     27 STATE SYMBOL               E GUILLORY    SI     GOV   06/24   406
     Designates gumbo as the official state cuisine
HB     30 PROPERTY/IMMOVABLE         BRUNEAU       SI     GOV 07/12     819
     Provides relative to notice of tax sales of immovable property
HB   32 STUDENT/LOANS-SCHOLARSHP MARTINY         SI      GOV 06/25      472
   Provides relative to TOPS high school core curriculum
   requirements for Opportunity, Performance, and Honors awards
   for students who graduate from high school during the 2007-2008
   school year and thereafter
HB   33 CRIME                      FARRAR        SI     GOV 06/10       143
   Amends crime of cruelty to juveniles to include exposure to a
   clandestine laboratory operation
HB     37 CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES      BALDONE       SI     GOV 07/12     820
     Provides that drug-free zone sentences shall be served without
     suspension of sentence
HB     38 LEASES                     ANSARDI       SI     GOV   07/12   821
     Revises and reorganizes the Civil Code Articles on lease
HB     39 WILLS/TESTAMENTS           BRUNEAU       SI     GOV   06/15   231
     Prohibits certain persons from witnessing testaments

HB     40 CIVIL/MOTIONS              BRUNEAU       SI     GOV   06/15   232
     Provides relative to the special motion to strike

HB     41 SHERIFFS                   DOVE          SI     GOV 05/21     38
     Authorizes parish prisoners to participate in work activities
     on the property of certain tax-exempt organizations

HB     42 CRIME/BATTERY              FAUCHEUX      SI     GOV 06/10     144
     Defines "household member" for the purpose of the crime of
     domestic abuse battery
HB     43 CRIME/HOMICIDE             FAUCHEUX       SI    GOV   06/10   145
     Provides with respect to first degree murder
HB     50 TRAFFIC/SPEED LIMITS       CROWE         SI     GOV 06/15     233
     Requires the Dept. of Transportation and Development to make
     a final decision regarding the maximum speed limit along a
     certain portion of I-10

HB     58 RETIREMENT/STATE EMPS      TRICHE        SI     GOV 06/14     194
     Provides for early retirement of LASERS members with actuarial
     reduction of benefits; requires abolition of positions vacated
     by early retirement and permits reestablishment only as
     provided in Act

HB     59 LIBRARIES                  BRUCE         SI     GOV 06/15     234
     Transfers the administration and accounting of funds of the
     DeSoto Parish Library from the DeSoto Parish Police Jury to the
     DeSoto Parish Library Board of Control
HB     63 TAX/SALES-USE, LOCAL       ERDEY         SI     GOV 06/15     235
     Authorizes the town of Springfield to levy and collect an
     additional sales and use tax

HB     64 PORTS/HARBORS/TERMINALS    JOHNS         SI     GOV 06/04     119
     Provides relative to the name of the West Calcasieu Port,
     Harbor, and Terminal District

HB     65 ANIMALS                    HILL          SI     GOV 05/21     39
     Increases the fine for violations of state law regarding the
     disposal of animal carcasses and restraint of sick animals
HB     68 SHERIFFS                   WOOTON        SI     GOV 06/18     320
     Requires that the insurance premiums of retired sheriffs and
     deputy sheriffs in Plaquemines Parish be paid in full from the
     sheriff's general fund

HB     69 CHILDREN                   ANSARDI       SI     GOV   06/18   321
     Provides for the representation of children in certain

HB     77 LAW ENFORCE/OFFICERS       HUTTER        SI     GOV 06/25     473
     Increases witness fees for off-duty law enforcement officers

HB     79 LEVEES/BDS & DISTRICTS     HUTTER        SI     GOV 05/28     82
     Authorizes the construction of bicycle paths and walkways along
     the main line levees of the Mississippi River St. Bernard
HB     96 LICENSING                  CRANE         SI     GOV 06/10     146
     Allows BESE to disqualify an applicant for employment or for a
     license, permit, or certificate for an occupation, trade, or
     profession based solely on the applicant having a prior criminal
HB     97 JUVENILES/COMMITMENT       SALTER        SI     GOV 06/04     120
     Provides with respect to the costs of the preadjudication
     custody of children
     Creates fund to pay group insurance premiums for retired
     sheriffs and deputies in Bossier Parish
HB    103 CLERKS OF COURT            TOOMY         SI     GOV 06/15      236
     Authorizes the utilization of alternative population data as a
     basis for determining compensation
HB    104 HOLIDAYS                   TOOMY         SI     GOV 06/25      474
     Extends all state holidays proclaimed by the governor to the
     clerks of certain courts
HB    105 FISHING/CATFISH            SALTER        SI     GOV 06/15      237
     Provides relative to recreational limits for channel catfish in
     Toledo Bend Reservior

HB    106 BOATS/SHIPS/VESSELS        FARRAR        SI     GOV 06/15      238
     Establishes "no-wake" zones around public boat launches and
     public docking facilities

HB    107 PORTS/NEW ORLEANS          HUTTER        SI     GOV 05/28      83
     Provides relative to nominations for membership on the board of
     commissioners of the Port of New Orleans
HB    108 CIVIL/GARNISHMENT          FAUCHEUX      SI     GOV 07/06      741
     Provides for service of process of garnishment proceedings on
     the judgment debtor

HB    109 MOTOR VEHICLES             BAUDOIN       SI     GOV 07/06      742
     Requires any person who operates or rides upon a motorcycle to
     wear a safety helmet

HB    114 INSURANCE/RATES            ODINET        SI     GOV 06/15      239
     Provides for a 36-month rate reduction for seniors completing
     defensive driving course
HB    117 FISHING/CRABS              J D SMITH     SI     GOV 06/15      240
     Provides that crab traps in freshwater areas north of the
     Intracoastal Waterway and west of LA Hwy. 70 are not required to
     have floats

HB    119 COURTS/PARISH              TOOMY         SI     GOV    07/12   823
     Limits jurisdiction over suits filed under the Louisiana
     Governmental Claims Act

HB    120 ADVERTISING                WALKER       SI       GOV   06/23   364
     Enhances penalties for false advertising

HB    121 COURTS/PARISH              TOOMY         SI     GOV 06/04      121
     Limits the jurisdiction of the First and Second Parish Courts
     in Jefferson Parish

HB    126 EVIDENCE                   ANSARDI       SI     GOV 06/25      475
     Provides for the admissibility of certain recorded instruments

HB    128 CHILDREN/TUTORSHIP         ANSARDI       SI     GOV 06/18      322
     Provides for the recordation of a certificate of inventory

HB    129 JUDGMENTS                  ANSARDI       SI      GOV   06/25   476
     Provides for the partial cancellation of a judgment

HB    130 SUNSET LAW                 LANCASTER     SI     GOV 06/25      477
     Changes the termination dates of departments and statutory
     entities and other time frames and dates in the "sunset law"

HB    132 WITNESSES/FEES             JOHNS         SI     GOV 06/04      122
     Provides for compensation for off-duty law enforcement officers
     testifying at the mayor's court in the town of Vinton
HB    134 CRIMINAL/TRIALS            BRUCE         SI      GOV   06/15   241
     Provides with respect to testimony of children
HB    137 CRIME/SEX OFFENSES         WALKER        SI     GOV 06/10      147
     Provides with respect to the length of time certain persons
     must register as a sex offender
HB    139 MTR VEHICLE/LICEN PLATES HUTTER          SI     GOV 05/28      84
     Provides relative to issuance of mobility impaired hang tags to
     persons with special license plates for disabled veterans
HB    142 TRAFFIC                    J D SMITH     SI     GOV   06/15   242
     Requires that vehicles yield to persons who require a
     wheelchair for transportation who are crossing a street
HB    148 CIVIL/DISCOVERY            GALLOT        SI     GOV   06/23   365
     Provides for deposition conduct and procedure
HB    150 CIVIL/LAW                  GALLOT         SI    GOV   07/06   743
     Provides for the Civil Code articles on loan

HB    154 CRIME                      MARTINY       SI     GOV   05/28   85
     Creates crimes related to fraudulent portrayal of a law
     enforcement officer
HB    155 CORR FACILITIES/JAILS      MARTINY       SI     GOV 06/04     123
     Authorizes the sheriff or the parish governing authority to
     collect reimbursement from inmates for the costs of room and

HB    159 COURTS/MAYORS              QUEZAIRE      SI     GOV 06/25     478
     Creates a mayor's court of the town of St. Gabriel in Iberville

HB    160 FISHING/OYSTERS            FRITH         SI     GOV   06/25   479
     Authorizes the use of certain dredges in Calcasieu Lake
HB    161 COURTS/JUSTICE OF PEACE    FAUCHEUX      SI     GOV   07/12   824
     Provides for fees for performing marriage ceremonies

HB    165 MORTGAGES                  ANSARDI       SI     GOV 06/25     480
     Provides for the erasure of mortgages upon the presentation of
     a release
HB    166 PROPERTY                   ANSARDI       SI     GOV 06/25     481
     Provides for the waiver of the homestead exemption from seizure

HB    168 FISHING/COMMERCIAL         J D SMITH     SI     GOV   05/28   86
     Provides for use of shad seine for commercial fishing
HB    169 CIVIL/PROCESS              FAUCHEUX      SI     GOV 07/06     744
     Provides relative to service of process on incarcerated persons

HB    173 SCHOOLS/EMPLOYEES          CRANE         SI     GOV 06/15     243
     Provides relative to salary supplements for certain school
     employees who have acquired certain credentials
HB    175 TAX/SALES-USE, LOCAL       HAMMETT       SI     GOV 06/15     244
     Authorizes the town of Lake Providence to levy and collect an
     additional sales and use tax

HB    176 TAX/SALES-USE, LOCAL       KENNEY        SI     GOV   06/18   323
     Authorizes the village of Baskin to levy and collect an
     additional sales and use tax

HB    177 COLLEGES/ADMISSIONS        MONTGOMERY    SI     GOV 06/25     482
     Beginning with the 2004-2005 academic year, exempts certain
     out-of-state persons from having attained a minimum ACT score
     (or SAT equivalent score) of at least 17
HB    178 ELECTIONS                  MURRAY        SI     GOV 07/06     745
     Removes special provisions relative to the membership of the
     Orleans Parish board of election supervisor

HB    180 ELECTIONS/COMMISSIONERS    FUTRELL        SI    GOV 07/06     746
     Provides for a parish board of election supervisors to schedule
     two commissioners to each serve for half of an election day and
     to receive half of the full day's compensation
HB    181 SHERIFFS                   G SMITH       SI     GOV 06/14     195
     Provides for the payment of insurance premiums for certain
     retired sheriffs and deputy sheriffs in St. Charles Parish
HB    182 COURTS/CITY                M JACKSON     SI     GOV 06/25     483
     Authorizes the destruction of certain records in the City Court
     of Baton Rouge
HB    184 JUVENILES/DETENTION FAC    GRAY          SI     GOV 06/25     484
     Provides relative to the confinement of children adjudicated
HB    185 JUVENILES/DELINQUENTS      GRAY          SI     GOV 06/25     485
     Provides with respect to juvenile delinquency proceedings
HB    188 CRIME                      RICHMOND      SI     GOV 06/23     366
     Creates crime of unlawful sale or use of a traffic signal
     preemption device

HB    189 TELEPHONES                 WINSTON       SI     GOV 06/10     148
     Exempts calls from optometrists, dentists, and chiropratic
     physicians to their patients and veterinarians calls to their
     clients from "do not call" law

HB    190 GAMBLING                   DEWITT        SI     GOV 06/25     486
     Provides for disclosure of professional services information

HB    193 PROCUREMENT                SALTER        SI     GOV 06/14     196
     Provides with respect to the public notice of the request for
     proposals for procurement of certain used fire and emergency
     response vehicles and equipment by local political subdivisions

HB    201 FISHING/NETS               DARTEZ        SI    GOV    07/12   825
     Authorizes shad gill net use in certain lakes
HB    203 PUBLIC LANDS/STATE         FRITH         SI     GOV 05/28     87
     Authorizes the transfer of certain state property in Vermilion
     Parish from the Department of Health and Hospitals to the
     Vermilion Parish Police Jury
HB    205 TAX/TAXATION               FUTRELL       SI     GOV 06/14     197
     Increases from ten to thirty days from date of notice the time
     period within which delinquent taxes are due

HB    207 COURTS/CITY                HILL          SI     GOV 06/25     487
     Increases the civil jurisdictional amount in dispute in the
     City Court of Oakdale
HB    208 COURTS/COURT COSTS         GALLOT        SI     GOV 06/25     488
     Provides for the fees of office in civil matters of the office
     of marshal of the City Court of Ruston

HB    209 COURTS/CITY                GALLOT        SI     GOV 06/25     489
     Provides for the maximum salary of the marshal of the City
     Court of Ruston

HB    213 EDUCATION/SPECIAL          CRANE         SI     GOV 06/14     198
     Specifies that the special education advisory panel shall be
     appointed by BESE instead of the Dept. of Education and provides
     that the panel shall advise BESE instead of the department in
     certain matters

HB    217 PUBLIC RECORDS             MARTINY       SI     GOV 06/10     149
     Excepts certain records pertaining to security systems and
     features, interior layouts of residences, and certain
     proprietary information submitted to obtain individual building
     permits from public records laws

     Authorizes the parish school board in certain parishes to name
     a football stadium in honor of a school board member under
     certain circumstances
HB    225 RETIREMENT/TEACHERS        FARRAR        SI     GOV 07/06     747
     Requires benefits paid to at least equal member's accumulated

HB    229 SCHOOLS/BOARDS             QUEZAIRE      SI     GOV 07/06     748
     Repeals requirement that certain local school board
     expenditures relative to travel and related expenses of school
     board members be in accordance with specified state travel
HB    230 CRIMINAL/PROCEDURE         PIERRE        SI     GOV   06/23   367
     Provides for independence of indigent defender boards
HB    234 DISTRICTS/NEIGHBORHOOD     BRUNEAU       SI     GOV 06/14     199
     Relative to the Lake Oaks Subdivision Improvement District,
     provides relative to district boundaries, board membership, and
     levy of a parcel fee

HB    235 DISTRICTS/CRIME PREVENT    BRUNEAU       SI     GOV 06/14     200
     Creates the Lakeshore Crime Prevention District in New Orleans
HB    246 MTR VEHICLE/LICEN PLATES DANIEL          SI     GOV 06/15     245
     Creates the Louisiana State University National Champions and
     Southern University Black College National Champions prestige
     license plates
HB    247 CRIME/THEFT                THOMPSON      SI     GOV   07/06   749
     Provides relative to theft of animals

HB    251 TAX/SALES-USE, LOCAL       HAMMETT       SI     GOV 06/15     246
     Authorizes the Madison Parish Tourism Commission to levy a
     hotel occupancy tax without voter approval
HB    252 MARRIAGE                   BROOME        SI    GOV    06/25   490
     Provides for incidents of covenant marriage

HB    254 TRUSTS                     ANSARDI       SI     GOV   06/25   491
     Provides for the effectiveness of inter vivos trusts in
     improper form
HB    255 CRIME/HOMICIDE             BADON         SI     GOV 07/06     750
     Provides for criminal penalties for the crime of vehicular

HB    257 STUDENT/LOANS-SCHOLARSHP CRANE           SI     GOV 06/14     201
     Increases membership of Louisiana Student Financial
     Assistance Commission and provides relative to commission
     members of La. Tuition Trust Authority

HB    258 EDUCATION/SPECIAL          CRANE         SI     GOV 06/25     492
     Provides relative to residential status of children with
     exceptionalities and other eligible individuals enrolled in
     state-operated programs and facilities and receiving
     educational services provided by the special school district

HB    263 GAMBLING                   MARTINY       SI     GOV   06/18   324
     Creates crimes related to gaming activities
HB    269 INSURANCE/HEALTH           ERDEY         SI     GOV   06/23   368
     Provides relative to the Louisiana Health Plan

HB    270 TAX/HOTEL OCCUPANCY        PITRE         SI     GOV 06/15     247
     Relative to the hotel occupancy tax levied by the Lafourche
     Parish Tourist Commission, defines "hotel"
HB    271 DISTRICTS/SPECIAL          ST GERMAIN    SI     GOV 06/23     369
     Increases the maximum rate of ad valorem tax which the
     Iberville Parks and Recreation District is authorized to levy

HB    272 HEALTH CARE                DURAND        SI     GOV 06/15     248
     Provides for the creation of the Louisiana Emergency Response
     Network (LERN)

HB    276 BANKS/BANKING              J D SMITH     SI     GOV 06/23     370
     Eliminates the requirement for posting of a surety bond under
     the Louisiana Check-Cashing Law

HB    277 FUNDS/FUNDING              ALARIO        SI     GOV 05/28     88
     Changes the name of the recipient of the monies derived from
     the Compaq Classic in the Sports Facility Assistance Fund from
     the Classic Foundation, Inc. to the FORE Kids Foundation, Inc.

HB    283 TAX/HOTEL OCCUPANCY        WINSTON       SI     GOV 06/14     202
     Increases the maximum rate of hotel occupancy tax which the
     Tangipahoa Parish Tourist and Film Commission is authorized to

HB    285 MTR VEHICLE/TOWING         DANIEL        SI     GOV 06/14     203
     Provides relative to the surrender of a stored vehicle to a
     secured party
HB    290 MTR VEHICLE/LICEN PLATES GALLOT          SI     GOV    06/23   371
     Provides relative to issuance of the Louisiana educators
     special prestige license plate
HB    302 EDUCATION ACCOUNTABILITY G SMITH         SI     GOV 06/14      204
     Relative to certain distinguished educators, sets selection
     deadlines, requires certain notice and limits the number of
     certain persons selected as such

HB    303 ENVIRONMENT/SOLID WASTE    R CARTER      SI     GOV 06/10      150
     Prohibits certain disposal facilities in St. Helena Parish

HB    310 INSURANCE/HEALTH           HEBERT        SI     GOV 06/25      493
     Transfer administration of the La. Safety Net Health Insurance
     Program from the La. Health Plan to the Department of Insurance

HB    312 CREDIT/CONSUMER            PINAC         SI     GOV 05/28      89
     Provides for an alternative documentation fee that lenders may
     charge in connection with certain non-real estate consumer
HB    317 BANKS/BANKING              PINAC         SI     GOV 05/21      40
     Revises the procedure for appraisal of immovable property held
     by a state bank

HB    319 COMMERCIAL REGS/ANTITRUS PINAC           SI     GOV 06/25      494
     Repeals provisions relative to business franchise agreements
     and reciprocal agreements

HB    327 PROPERTY/PUBLIC            DURAND        SI     GOV 05/21      41
     Authorizes the state to transfer certain tracts of land in St.
     Martin Parish
HB    329 BANKS/BANKING              PINAC         SI     GOV 05/21      42
     Deletes certain obsolete provisions relating to inheritance

HB    332 BANKS/BANKING              PINAC         SI     GOV 06/10      151
     Provides for certain exemptions from licensure and continuing
     education under the Residential Mortgage Lending Act

HB    333 HIGHWAYS                   SMILEY        SI     GOV    06/04   125
     Provides relative to "RV friendly" markers on specific
     information logo signs
HB    334 INSURANCE/HEALTH           K CARTER      SI     GOV 06/25      495
     Provides relative to the Louisiana Health Care Commission

HB    335 COURTS/CITY                JOHNS         SI     GOV 06/14      205
     Increases the civil jurisdictional amount from $20,000 to
     $25,000 in the City Court of Sulphur
HB    340 CRIMINAL/BAIL              MARTINY       SI     GOV 06/25      496
     Provides for cancellation of the bail bond in felony cases in
     certain circumstances

HB    344 INSURANCE/HEALTH           K CARTER      SI     GOV 07/06      751
     Authorizes LaChoice as a pilot program established by the
     Department of Insurance

HB    345 INSURANCE/LIFE             K CARTER      SI     GOV 06/25      497
     Changes the termination date for the interest rate paid on

HB    346 INSURANCE                  K CARTER      SI     GOV 06/23      372
     Provides for a surety bond for third-party administrators

HB    349 INSURANCE/HOMEOWNERS       HEBERT        SI     GOV 07/12      826
     Requires actual payment by the insurer for there to be a claim
     against a homeowner's policy
HB    350 INSURANCE DEPARTMENT       K CARTER      SI      GOV   06/23   373
     Changes the termination date of the insurance fraud
     investigation unit
HB    352 INSURANCE/HEALTH           K CARTER      SI     GOV   06/18   325
     Provides relative to health coverage provided through an
     employee benefit trust, a multiple benefit trust, or an

HB    353 PARTNERSHIP                TOOMY         SI     GOV 07/12     827
     Provides when a partner ceases to be a member of a partnership
HB    355 CRIME/ESCAPE               MARTINY       SI     GOV   05/21   43
     Provides for the forfeiture of good time

HB    356 GAMBLING                   MARTINY       SI     GOV 07/12     828
     Creates crime of unlawful play of certain gaming devices by a
     person under the age of 21

HB    357 DWI                        MARTINY       SI     GOV   07/06   752
     Provides with respect to implied consent on waterways

HB    358 GAMBLING                   MARTINY       SI     GOV 07/06     753
     Removes disqualification for failure to be current in filing
     federal tax returns

HB    360 GOVT REGS/BUILDING CODE    PINAC         SI     GOV 06/18     326
     Creates a fee schedule charged by the state fire marshal for
     enforcement of the State Uniform Construction Code on behalf of
     political subdivisions
HB    361 INSURANCE                  K CARTER      SI     GOV   06/25   498
     Defines fraudulent insurance acts relative to viatical
     settlements and unauthorized insurance

HB    362 CRIMINAL/PROCEDURE         MARTINY       SI     GOV   06/23   374
     Provides that surety be given a receipt for fees paid in
     connection with defendant's surrender

HB    363 NOTARIES                   ANSARDI       SI     GOV   07/06   754
     Provides relative to notary examinations

HB    367 FISHING/CRAWFISH           THOMPSON      SI     GOV 05/12     12
     Provides relative to the membership of the Louisiana Crawfish
     Promotion and Research Board

HB    370 NOTARIES                   ANSARDI       SI     GOV 06/14     206
     Provides relative to the required annual report of non-attorney
HB    373 RETIREMENT/STATE-STWIDE    SCHNEIDER     SI     GOV 06/14     207
     Changes the educational requirements of the boards of trustees
HB    377 ENVIRONMENT/AIR            DAMICO        SI     GOV   06/29   584
     Provides for fees on motor vehicle emissions inspections
HB    382 ELECTIONS/CANDIDATES       E GUILLORY    SI     GOV 07/12     829
     Requires Board of Ethics to provide information to a candidate
     who qualifies for elective office; exempts certain candidates
     and political committees from certain campaign finance reporting
HB    384 MTR VEHICLE/BUSES-SCHOOL TOWNSEND        SI     GOV 06/14     208
     Provides relative to use of visual stop-indicator signals on
     school buses
HB    389 PROPERTY/EXPROPRIATION     MURRAY        SI     GOV 07/06     755
     Provides with respect to the taking and selling of blighted or
     abandoned property by the city of New Orleans

HB    390 PROPERTY/EXPROPRIATION     MURRAY        SI     GOV 05/28     90
     Authorizes the city of New Orleans to "quick take" certain
     property needed for capital projects

HB    391 PROPERTY/IMMOVABLE         MURRAY        SI     GOV 06/14     209
     Provides for the imposition and enforcement of civil fines and
     liens for violations of public health, housing, and environment
HB    393 PORTS/NEW ORLEANS          ANSARDI       SI     GOV 05/28     91
     Provides relative to nominations for membership on the board of
     commissioners of the Port of New Orleans
HB    395 PUBLIC LANDS/STATE         ALARIO        SI     GOV 06/18     327
     Authorizes the exchange and transfer of certain state property
     situated in Jefferson Parish between the Department of Culture,
     Recreation, and Tourism and the Jefferson Parish Council

HB    396 SEWERAGE/N O WATER BD      MURRAY        SI     GOV 06/14     210
     Provides with respect to certain limitations on issuing water
     and sewerage revenue bonds by the New Orleans Sewerage and
     Water Board

HB    398 INSURANCE/POLICIES         JOHNS         SI     GOV 05/21     44
     Defines "delivered" for purposes of notice of cancellation of
HB    401 CONTRACTORS                FLAVIN        SI     GOV 05/21     45
     Reduces the warranty period under the New Home Warranty Act for
     certain major structural defects and clarifies tree exclusion

HB    402 CRIMINAL/PROCESS           FLAVIN        SI     GOV   06/25   499
     Authorizes service of subpoenas by district attorney

HB    403 BONDS/BAIL                 DANIEL         SI   GOV    07/12   830
     Provides with respect to criminal bail bonds

HB    404 CHILDREN/SUPPORT           BOWLER        SI     GOV 07/06     756
     Provides for the consideration of continuing expenses of a
     domiciliary party

HB    409 PUBLIC RECORDS             DAMICO        SI     GOV   06/25   500
     Provides relative to documents produced by governmental
     entities pursuant to a subpoena
HB    415 FISHING/CRABS              J D SMITH     SI     GOV 07/12     831
     Institutes a moratorium on the purchase of commercial crab trap
     gear licenses

HB    417 DISTRICTS/NEIGHBORHOOD     RICHMOND      SI     GOV 06/25     501
     Creates the Kenilworth Improvement District in New Orleans and
     provides for renewal of fees in similar improvement districts in
     certain parishes

     Provides with respect to assistance in applying for protective
     orders in certain circumstances
HB    419 RACING/COMMISSION          PINAC         SI     GOV 06/18     328
     Prohibits a horse owned by a State Racing Commission member
     from racing in Louisiana

HB    421 PUBLIC RECORDS             BEARD         SI     GOV 07/12     832
     Provides that the laws relative to public records are not
     applicable to certain proprietary or trade secret information

HB    423 INSURANCE/PROPERTY         MORRISH       SI     GOV   05/21   46
     Provides for the dates for the fiscal year and reporting
     requirements for the FAIR and Coastal plans
HB    428 PHYSICIANS                 DURAND        SI     GOV 06/10     152
     Provides relative to the furnishing of security to accompany an
     appeal of a decision by the La. State Board of Medical

HB    429 COASTAL RES/COASTAL ZONE DOVE            SI     GOV 06/24     407
     Provides for a program for barrier island stabilization and

HB    431 SCHOOLS/LA MATH, SCIENCE TOWNSEND        SI     GOV 06/25     503
     Provides relative to certain fees imposed by the bd. of
     directors of the La. School of Math, Science, and the Arts
HB    441 LOCAL FINANCE              GALLOT        SI     GOV 07/06     757
     Exempts parish sheriffs from the requirement of submitting
     reports of expenditures to parish governing authorities and
     clerks of court
HB    442 SOCIAL WORKER              GALLOT        SI     GOV 06/23     375
     Provides with respect to the certification and licensure of
     experienced social workers who graduated from nonaccredited

HB    445 CRIMINAL/PROCEDURE         ODINET        SI     GOV 07/12     833
     Limits justices of the peace authority to arrest teachers and
     authorizes certain district court judges to grant parole

HB    446 INSURANCE                  K CARTER      SI     GOV 06/23     376
     Provides for fees for risk retention groups and grounds for
     revocation of registration
HB    447 MTR VEHICLE/SALES FIN      PINAC         SI     GOV 06/10     153
     Provides relative to documentation fees under the Motor Vehicle
     Sales Finance Act
HB    448 INSURANCE/HEALTH           HEBERT        SI     GOV 06/25     504
     Provides relative to continuity of care under health insurance
HB    449 INSURERS/ALIEN             K CARTER      SI     GOV 06/23     377
     Provides for certificate of authority for foreign and alien

HB    450 FISHING/OYSTERS            ODINET        SI     GOV 06/14     211
     Requires a vessel monitoring system to be used by persons
     convicted of certain oyster offenses

HB    466 FUNDS/FUNDING              ALARIO        SI     GOV 05/28     92
     Provides relative to competitive bidding for certificate of
     deposit and share accounts
HB    467 TREASURER                  ALARIO        SI     GOV 05/28     93
     Provides relative to the payment of principal and interest by
     the state treasurer

HB    471 REVENUE/TAXATION DEPT      MURRAY        SI     GOV 06/10     154
     Provides with respect to the payment of taxes under protest for
     such taxes to be timely paid

HB    472 INSURERS                   K CARTER      SI     GOV 06/25     505
     Deletes requirement of having approval of the commissioner of
     insurance for domestic insurers to invest in land
HB    473 PHYSICIANS                 DURAND        SI     GOV   06/10   155
     Provides relative to stays of adjudication proceedings,
     decisions, and orders of the La. State Board of Medical

HB    478 WEIGHTS/MEASURES           DANIEL        SI     GOV 05/21     47
     Provides relative to regulation of certain measuring devices

HB    481 CAMPAIGN FINANCE           LANCASTER     SI     GOV 06/25     506
     Relative to forty-eight hour reports, increases amount of
     contributions to district and major office candidates or
     political committees supporting or opposing such candidates
     that require such reporting
HB    485 TAX/AD VALOREM-EXEMPTION BRUNEAU         SI     GOV 06/14     212
     Authorizes exemption of motor vehicles, owned by persons
     sixty-five years of age or older, from general or special ad
     valorem taxes of municipalities or districts created by them

HB    486 STUDENT/TUITION            McDONALD      SI     GOV 06/18     329
     Concerning education savings accounts administered by
     Louisiana Tuition Trust Authority, deletes certain investment
     limitations and provides relative to payment of refunds upon
     account termination

HB    487 STUDENT/LOANS-SCHOLARSHP T POWELL        SI     GOV 06/25     507
     Establishes additional means for certain students to qualify
     for TOPS Opportunity, Performance, and Honors awards

HB    488 PUBLIC RECORDS             LAFLEUR       SI     GOV 07/06     758
     Provides relative to effective dates of exception for military
     discharge records
HB    490 LEGISLATIVE AUDITOR        RITCHIE       SI     GOV 06/25     508
     Removes provisions relative to the audit authority of the
     legislative auditor to audit certain organizations subject to
     the open meetings laws whose income is derived from a public
     agency or body

HB    491 LAW ENFORCEMENT            TOOMY         SI     GOV 05/06     8
     Relative to training of municipal police chiefs, provides for
     training requirements and removes certain authority of the Law
     Enforcement Executive Management Institute

HB    492 PUBLIC RECORDS             WRIGHT        SI     GOV 07/06     759
     Allows persons under the age of majority to receive a copy or
     reproduction of a public record

HB 493 COUNSELORS/GUIDANCE        HONEY         SI     GOV 06/25        509
  Includes guidance counselors holding appropriate ancillary
  certificates issued by the state Dept. of Education in
  definitions of persons eligible for certain sabbatical and sick
  leave benefits provided by law
HB 494 FISHING/OYSTERS            ODINET        SI     GOV 06/14        213
  Provides relative to the National Shellfish Sanitation Program

HB    498 CHILDREN/SUPPORT           TRICHE        SI     GOV 06/25     510
     Provides for the electronic transmission of notices for income
     assignment orders
HB    501 TAX/SALES & USE            HAMMETT       SI     GOV 05/21     48
     Eliminates requirement for international visitor to show
     foreign passports to participate in Tax Free Shopping Program

HB    505 REVENUE DEPARTMENT         HAMMETT       SI     GOV   06/18   330
     Provides relative to fees charged by third party payment
     processors for the Department of Revenue

HB    506 TAX/SALES & USE            HAMMETT       SI     GOV 05/21     49
     Changes the source of price data used to determine the sales
     price of refinery gas
HB    507 PARISH/ORLEANS             MARCHAND      SI     GOV 07/12     834
     Authorizes the governing authority for the parish of Orleans to
     provide for a fine and a sentence of imprisonment for violation
     of any ordinance prohibiting the dumping of trash and other
HB    508 COURTS/CITY                M POWELL      SI     GOV 06/25     511
     Increases the civil jurisdictional amount in controversy of the
     City Court of Shreveport
HB    510 CAMPAIGN FINANCE           MURRAY        SI     GOV 07/06     760
     Provides for limitations on campaign contributions made to the
     commissioner of insurance and public service commissioners by
     persons under their jurisdiction

HB    517 INSURANCE/PROPERTY         JOHNS         SI     GOV 07/06     761
     Provides for governance and administration of Louisiana
     Insurance Underwriting Plan (Coastal Plan) and Louisiana Joint
     Reinsurance Plan (Fair Plan)
HB    521 INSURANCE/PROPERTY         K CARTER      SI     GOV 06/23     378
     Provides relative to issuance of an insurance policy covering a

HB    523 INSURERS/AGENTS            K CARTER      SI     GOV 06/25     512
     Provides relative to continuing education requirements for
     insurance agents

HB    524 INSURERS                   K CARTER      SI    GOV    06/25   513
     Repeals laws providing for Lloyd's plan insurers

HB    525 NOTARIES                   QUEZAIRE      SI     GOV   06/25   514
     Provides relative to notaries for police departments

HB    530 CAMPAIGN FINANCE           LANCASTER     SI     GOV 06/02     115
     Changes civil penalties for any person who makes a contribution
     in the name of another person
HB    531 CHILDREN/SUPPORT           JOHNS         SI     GOV 06/10     156
     Provides for the determination of income for unemployed or
     underemployed parties
HB    532 CHILDREN/SUPPORT           JOHNS         SI     GOV   06/15   249
     Provides for the review of the child support guidelines
HB    533 CAMPAIGN FINANCE           LANCASTER     SI     GOV 06/25     515
     Provides that the offices of marshal and constable of a city
     court are district offices for purposes of campaign finance

HB    541 CRIME/SEX OFFENSES         LAFLEUR       SI     GOV   06/24   408
     Creates the Louisiana Sexual Assault Task Force

HB    542 CRIME/HOMICIDE-MURDER      LAFLEUR       SI     GOV 06/23     379
     Provides for venue in the parish where the body of the victim
     was found

HB    544 LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS        BRUNEAU       SI     GOV 06/25     516
     Relative to legislators-elect, provides for reimbursement for
     orientation, allows for certain actions and expenditures
     relative to the establishment of district offices, and allows
     hiring of legislative assistants

HB    548 ELECTIONS                  LANCASTER     SI     GOV 06/25     517
     Creates the elections compliance unit in the Department of

HB    549 DWI                        BALDONE       SI     GOV 07/06     762
     Provides for criminal penalties for driving while intoxicated
HB    552 MTR VEHICLE/DEALERS        PINAC         SI     GOV 06/24     409
     Provides relative to warranty and repair services on school

HB    553 MTR VEHICLE/DEALERS        PINAC         SI     GOV 06/15     250
     Revises provisions relative to franchise agreements and
     licensure of motor vehicle dealers, manufacturers, and others
HB    554 CREDIT/CONSUMER            PINAC         SI     GOV 07/06     763
     Prohibits the collection of certain delinquency charges under
     the Louisiana Consumer Credit Law

HB    556 STUDENT/TUITION            CRANE         SI     GOV 06/14     214
     Deletes (for new students) exceptions to the payment of
     authorized increases in tuition amounts at the LSU laboratory
     school years after 1999-2000 provided for certain families
     based on gross annual household income

HB    561 CRIME                      WALSWORTH     SI     GOV   06/10   157
     Creates the crime of unauthorized entry of a critical

HB    565 PUBLIC LANDS/SCHOOLS       FARRAR        SI     GOV 06/14     215
     Makes certain provisions relative to lease of sixteenth section
     school lands by schools boards for hunting or trapping
     applicable to Rapides Parish
HB    566 PUBLIC LANDS/SCHOOLS       FARRAR        SI     GOV 06/24     410
     Authorizes the exchange of unused school land by Rapides Parish
     School Board and provides procedures, terms, and conditions for
     such exchange

HB    569 CHILDREN/SUPPORT           TRICHE        SI     GOV 06/23     380
     Requires private collection agencies to comply with the Fair
     Debt Collection Practices Act and the Federal trade Commission

HB    570 MTR VEHICLE/DRIVER LIC     G SMITH       SI     GOV   06/14   216
     Provides that driving instructions and tests include
     information on sharing the road with motorcycles and
     tractor/trailer trucks

HB    571 AGRICULTURE/STRAWBERRIES T POWELL        SI     GOV 07/06     764
     Provides relative to the Louisiana Strawberry Marketing Board
HB    573 CIVIL/PROCEDURE            JOHNS         SI     GOV 07/06     765
     Provides for the issuance of injunctions and restraining orders

HB    574 PARDON/PAROLE              MORRISH       SI     GOV 06/18     331
     Provides with respect to time restrictions for applying for a
     pardon or commutation of sentence
HB    575 CHILDREN/SUPPORT           BOWLER        SI     GOV 06/15     251
     Provides for the definition of ordinary and extraordinary
     medical expenses

HB    576 PROPERTY/USUFRUCT          BOWLER        SI     GOV   06/10   158
     Provides for security by the legal usufruct
HB    577 CIVIL/PROCEDURE            M JACKSON     SI    GOV    06/10   159
     Provides for the constructive contempt of court
HB    580 BOARDS/COMMISSIONS         DORSEY        SI     GOV 06/25     518
     Create the Louisiana Task Force on Violent Crime Against Women
HB    586 CRIME/HOMICIDE             E ROMERO      SI     GOV 06/23     381
     Increases maximum penalties for the crime of vehicular homicide

HB    587 CRIMINAL/PROCEDURE         E ROMERO      SI     GOV 06/23     382
     Provides relative to certificates of analysis from crime labs
HB    593 ADMINISTRATION DIVISION    ALARIO        SI     GOV 06/10     160
     Provides relative to the annual report on the state's risk
     management program

HB    595 FISHING/LICENSES           J D SMITH     SI     GOV 05/28     94
     Provides relative to gear covered by the Louisiana Sportsman's
     Paradise license
HB    596 FISHING/LICENSES           J D SMITH     SI     GOV 05/28     95
     Provides relative to temporary transfer of recreational and
     commercial fishing gear licenses

HB    597 FISHING/COMMERCIAL         J D SMITH     SI     GOV 05/28     96
     Provides that all fish found on board a vessel operated by a
     person with a commercial license are deemed to have been caught
     for commercial purposes

HB    598 FISHING/NETS               DARTEZ        SI     GOV 05/28     97
     Requires unattended nets and trawls in saltwater areas to be

HB    599 WATERWAYS/SCENIC RIVERS    G SMITH       SI     GOV 05/21     50
     Provides relative to environmental remediation activities on
     Bayou Trepagnier

HB    600 WILDLIFE & FISHERIES       J D SMITH     SI     GOV 05/28     98
     Provides relative to the designation of exotic fish and the
     taking of exotic fish from public waters
HB    601 FISHING/SHRIMP             BALDONE       SI     GOV   06/10   161
     Provides relative to limits for taking of bait shrimp
HB    602 FISHING/SHRIMP             DANIEL        SI     GOV   06/10   162
     Provides relative to methods for taking bait shrimp and
     provides for a fee for a bait dealers permit
HB    603 FISHING/SHRIMP             PIERRE        SI     GOV 06/04     126
     Authorizes commercial taking of freshwater shrimp in certain

HB    605 SEAFOOD                    FRITH         SI     GOV 05/28     99
     Removes duplicative exemption for restaurants from the
     requirement for a wholesale/retail seafood dealer's license

HB    606 HUNTING/LICENSES           J D SMITH     SI     GOV 07/12     835
     Provides for a senior lifetime hunting and fishing license

HB    608 WILDLIFE & FISHERIES       J D SMITH     SI     GOV 07/12     836
     Makes prohibition on exploitation of natural resources by
     employees of the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission unapplicable
     to classified employees subject to certain limitations
HB    609 HUNTING                    J D SMITH     SI     GOV 05/28     100
     Provides relative to hunting engaged in by persons under the
     age of sixteen
HB    610 WATER/SEWER OPERATORS      DANIEL        SI     GOV 06/24     411
     Requires that agreements between sewerage service entities and
     water service entities provide for shutting off of water to
     enforce collection of sewer charges

HB    613 CHILDREN/VISITATION RGTS HEBERT          SI     GOV   06/25   519
     Provides for intentional violations of visitation orders

HB    619 FUNDS/FUNDING              ALARIO        SI     GOV 06/29     585
     Provides for use of monies appropriated from the Higher
     Education Initiatives Fund and transfers various state fund
     balances to the Medical Assistance Trust Fund
HB    620 COASTAL RES/COASTAL ZONE PIERRE          SI     GOV 06/14     217
     Provides relative to venue for actions involving oyster leases
HB    622 CHILDREN/VISITATION RGTS HEBERT          SI     GOV   06/25   520
     Provides penalties for violations of visitation orders

HB    623 CONSUMERS/PROTECTION       JEFFERSON     SI     GOV   07/06   766
     Provides for protection from identity theft
HB    626 MTR VEHICLE/VIOLATIONS     QUEZAIRE      SI     GOV 06/14     218
     Provides relative to sworn reports when a person refuses to
     submit to chemical testing

HB    627 TRUSTS                    BURNS          SI    GOV    06/25   521
     Provides relative to trusts
HB    628 TRANSPORTATION DEPT        QUEZAIRE      SI     GOV 06/04     129
     Provides relative to descriptions for certain projects included
     in the TIMED Program

HB    631 TRANSPORTATION DEPT        QUEZAIRE      SI     GOV 06/04     127
     Repeals provision requiring the Department of Transportation
     and Development to adopt rules for minimum safety standards for
     reflective work-site materials

HB    634 TRANSPORTATION DEPT        QUEZAIRE      SI     GOV 06/04     128
     Provides relative to placement of the Louisiana Transportation
     Authority within the Department of Transportation and

HB    635 HIGHWAYS                   QUEZAIRE      SI     GOV 07/12     837
     Provides relative to certain measurements for placement of
     off-premise outdoor advertising signs along designated state
HB    636 TRANSPORTATION DEPT        QUEZAIRE      SI     GOV 06/04     130
     Provides relative to administration of the National Flood
     Insurance Program by the office of public works and intermodal
     transportation, which is in the Department of Transportation
     and Development
HB    637 PROPERTY/PUBLIC            QUEZAIRE      SI     GOV 05/28     101
     Authorizes the transfer of certain state property in Sabine
     Parish from the Louisiana Technical College to the Department
     of Transportation and Development

HB    638 HIGHWAYS                   QUEZAIRE      SI     GOV 06/10     163
     Allows the Department of Transportation and Development to
     issue permits for outdoor advertising devices in certain areas

HB    640 CRIME                      M GUILLORY    SI     GOV 07/06     767
     Creates the crime of unlawful exhibition of sexually explicit
     material in a motor vehicle
HB    643 INSURANCE/LIFE             HEBERT        SI     GOV 07/12     838
     Exempts credit life insurance from inclusion in the central
HB    648 FUNDS/FUNDING              ALARIO        SI     GOV   07/12   839
     Provides relative to the presumptions of abandonment of
     intangible property
HB    649 ENERGY                     PIERRE        SI     GOV 06/14      219
     Authorizes the secretary of the Department of Natural Resources
     to provide the training and certification for home energy

HB    650 ENERGY/OIL & GAS           PIERRE        SI     GOV    06/14   220
     Repeals provisions relative to a Unified Oil and Gas
     Development Regulatory Index

HB    651 ENERGY/OIL & GAS           PIERRE        SI     GOV 06/24      412
     Provides for an increase to oilfield site restoration fees

HB    652 ENERGY/OIL & GAS           PIERRE        SI     GOV 07/06      768
     Provides relative to monies deposited to the Oilfield Site
     Restoration Fund

HB    653 WILDLIFE & FISHERIES       PIERRE        SI     GOV 06/14      221
     Authorizes the Department of Natural Resources to sample oyster
HB    654 ENERGY/PIPELINES           PIERRE        SI     GOV 06/14      222
     Provides relative to fees paid for the hazardous liquid
     pipeline program in the office of conservation, Department of
     Natural Resources

HB    655 ENERGY/PIPELINES           PIERRE        SI     GOV 06/14      223
     Provides relative to natural gas distribution and pipeline
     safety inspection fees

HB    656 ENERGY/PIPELINES           PIERRE        SI     GOV    06/14   224
     Provides relative to natural gas distribution systems at
     certain facilities
HB    657 PUBLIC LANDS/STATE         QUEZAIRE      SI     GOV 05/28      102
     Authorizes the transfer of certain state property in Assumption
     Parish from the Department of Transportation and Development to
     the Assumption Parish Police Jury

HB    661 ECONOMIC DEVEL/COMMUNITY GEYMANN         SI     GOV 06/23      383
     Provides for filling of vacancies, removal, and appointment of
     board members of the Ward One Economic Development Board of
     Calcasieu Parish

HB    663 SOCIAL SERVICES DEPT       WINSTON       SI     GOV    05/28   103
     Provides for availability of criminal history record

HB    666 FUNDS/FUNDING              CRANE         SI     GOV 06/23      384
     Provides relative to Education Excellence Fund amounts and
     related investment earnings credited to ineligible entities

HB    667 PUBLIC CONTRACT/BIDS       MORRELL       SI      GOV   06/25   522
     Provides relative to bidding for public contracts

HB    668 ENERGY/OIL & GAS           MONTGOMERY    SI      GOV   05/28   104
     Provides relative to underground storage facilities

HB    669 ENERGY/OIL & GAS           PIERRE        SI     GOV 06/14      225
     Provides relative to which oilfield sites are eligible for
     restoration under the oilfield site restoration program

HB    671 FUNDS/FUNDING              BRUNEAU       SI      GOV   06/29   586
     Create the Department of Justice Legal Support Fund

HB    672 BRIDGES/FERRIES            ARNOLD        SI     GOV    07/13   925
     Provides relative to the membership of the Crescent City
     Connection Oversight Authority
HB    677 CIVIL/JURY TRIALS          JOHNS         SI     GOV    07/12   840
     Provides for procedures relative to civil jury trials
HB    682 HUNTING/DEER               TOWNSEND      SI     GOV    07/12   841
     Provides for the issuance and use of harvest records for
     hunting deer or turkey
HB    687 CORPORATIONS               BURNS         SI      GOV   06/25   523
     Provides relative to corporations
HB    690 WEAPONS/FIREARMS           BADON         SI     GOV 06/23      385
     Creates the crime of illegally supplying a felon with a firearm

HB    691 EMPLOYMENT OF MINORS       JOHNS         SI      GOV   06/25   524
     Provides relative to the employment of minors

HB    693 DISTRICTS/COMMUNICATIONS DAMICO          SI     GOV 06/14      226
     Provides with respect to the Jefferson Parish Communication

HB    695 ANIMALS                    J D SMITH    SI       GOV   06/10   164
     Prohibits feeding bears in the wild
HB    696 APPROPRIATIONS             ALARIO        SI     GOV 05/28      105
     Provides with respect to granting a cash advance or seed to
     state agencies
HB    698 PHARMACISTS                JOHNS         SI     GOV 06/04      131
     Provides relative to the powers and duties of the Board of
HB    699 HEALTH CARE/RECORDS        DURAND        SI     GOV 06/15      252
     Provides relative to disclosure of medical records related to
     substance or alcohol abuse, education, training,
     rehabilitation, or research
HB    700 WORKERS COMPENSATION       HUNTER        SI     GOV 06/14      227
     Clarifies prescriptive period for filing of notice for Second
     Injury Fund reimbursement

HB    702 PURCHASING/SERVICES        DURAND        SI     GOV 07/12      842
     Provides for the length of certain contracts for electronic
     disbursement services for child support payments and electronic
     benefits issuance systems

HB    704 EMBALMERS/FUNERAL DIRECT BRUNEAU         SI     GOV 06/04      132
     Allows refrigeration of human remains by funeral establishments

HB    706 INSURERS                   HEBERT        SI     GOV 06/25      525
     Deletes requirement that directors of a domestic insurance
     corporation must be shareholders in the company

HB    711 SOCIAL WORKER              BROOME        SI     GOV 05/21      51
     Provides relative to payable benefits and reimbursement for
     certain services provided by a social worker
HB    726 HEALTH/DHH                 WALKER        SI     GOV 06/18      332
     Provides relative to fees, licenses, and penalties assessed by

HB    727 FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS     PINAC         SI     GOV 06/29      587
     Provides relative to governmental immunity of the Office of
     Financial Institutions and its agents and employees

HB    735 ELECTION CODE              BRUNEAU      SI       GOV   06/25   526
     Makes changes to the Election Code

HB    736 WILDLIFE/ENFORCEMENT       LAFLEUR       SI     GOV    06/15   253
     Provides relative to penalties for class one violations

HB    738 CRIMINAL/PROCEDURE         MARTINY       SI     GOV 06/24      413
     Authorizes an automatic 24-hour stay following a mistrial

HB    742 FRAUD/WELFARE              CAZAYOUX      SI     GOV 06/18      333
     Provides relative to administrative subpoenas for records of
     providers of goods and services to DSS recipients

HB    750 VITAL STATISTICS           DURAND        SI      GOV   06/15   254
     Provides relative to the release of birth and death
     certificates for judicial purposes
HB    752 INSURANCE/PROPERTY         MORRISH       SI     GOV 05/28      106
     Deletes farmowners' multiperil insurance from the La. Citizens
     Property Insurance Corporation
HB    756 LIBRARIES                  KENNEY        SI     GOV 06/24     414
     Transfers the administration and accounting of funds of the
     Caldwell Parish Library from the Caldwell Parish Police Jury to
     the Caldwell Parish Library Board of Control

HB    759 INSURANCE/HEALTH           K CARTER      SI     GOV 07/12     843
     Requires the Department of Insurance to establish a pilot
     program to administer the federal Health Coverage Tax Credit

HB    762 CHILDREN/CARE              WINSTON       SI     GOV 06/15     255
     Provides for compliance with federal law regarding parental
     contributions to costs of care and treatment
HB    763 TEACHERS/SALARY             SALTER       SI     GOV 07/08     778
     Provides relative to the calculation of cost savings to a local
     school board or a state special school resulting from changes
     relative to certain sick leave and sabbatical leave and
     provides for use of saved monies
HB    764 EMBALMERS/FUNERAL DIRECT BRUNEAU         SI     GOV 06/04     133
     Increases certain fees and adds new fees to be imposed by the
     Louisiana State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors

HB    766 LIABILITY/CIVIL            GALLOT        SI     GOV 07/06     769
     Provides for limitations of liability for clerks of court
HB    784 CRIMINAL/PROCEDURE         M POWELL      SI     GOV 06/24     415
     Adds two criminal offenses to the definition of racketeering

HB    788 COASTAL RES/COASTAL ZONE PIERRE          SI     GOV   06/23   386
     Provides relative to information to be considered in the
     issuance of a coastal use permit

HB    789 FEES/LICENSES/PERMITS      FUTRELL       SI     GOV 06/25     527
     Provides relative to special container permits issued by the
     Department of Transportation and Development
HB    790 WORKERS COMPENSATION       HUNTER        SI     GOV 06/15     256
     Establishes the Nineteenth Judicial District Court, as venue for
     appeals of Second Injury Board decisions

HB    791 CIVIL/PROCEDURE            JOHNS        SI      GOV   06/18   334
     Provides for the pleading of damages
HB    793 LIABILITY/CIVIL            DOVE          SI     GOV   07/12   844
     Provides a limitation of liability for mold damage
HB    797 INSURANCE/AUTOMOBILE       TUCKER        SI     GOV 07/06     770
     Provides for a discount for automobile liability insurance for
     active military personnel paid by a credit on the premium taxes

HB    809 CAMPAIGN FINANCE           LANCASTER     SI     GOV 06/25     528
     Provides that certain offices of a board or governing authority
     with a municipality with more than a certain population within
     its jurisdiction are district level offices for purposes of
     Campaign Finance Disclosure Law
HB    811 ENVIRONMENT/QUALITY        HAMMETT       SI     GOV 05/28     107
     Exempts transporters from reporting certain incidents to the
     office of state police

HB    820 WORKERS COMPENSATION       HUNTER        SI     GOV 06/18     335
     Provides for the chairman of the Workers' Compensation Advisory

HB    821 WORKERS COMPENSATION       HUNTER        SI     GOV   06/24   416
     Provides for civil penalties for collecting workers'
     compensation premium from employees
HB    823 WORKERS COMPENSATION       MURRAY        SI     GOV   06/15   257
     Requires disputes be resolved according to the medical
     reimbursement schedule
HB    825 WORKERS COMPENSATION       HUNTER        SI     GOV   06/15   258
     Provides for the time frame for receiving prior written
     approval from the Second Injury Board
     Provides for plan qualification under the federal laws

HB    833 UNEMPLOYMENT COMP          HUNTER        SI     GOV   07/12   845
     Repeals provision requiring fifty percent discount in
     unemployment benefits for illegal drug use
HB    836 RETIREMENT/POLICE FUNDS     GLOVER       SI     GOV 06/25     529
     Provides with respect to benefits from the Policemen's Pension
     and Relief Fund of the City of Shreveport for a surviving widow
     and for benefits upon remarriage

HB    838 ENVIRONMENT/ENFORCEMENT    DAMICO        SI     GOV 05/21     52
     Increases the maximum civil penalty for violations of the
     Environmental Quality Act

HB    842 CHILDREN/LEGITIMATION      JOHNS         SI     GOV   06/25   530
     Provides for the establishment of paternity

HB    843 INSURANCE/HEALTH           TUCKER        SI     GOV   06/24   417
     Provides for limitations on the obligations of a health
     insurance issuer

HB    846 ENVIRONMENT/WASTE TIRES    MORRISH       SI     GOV 07/12     846
     Provides for fees collected on the sale of tires for recycling
HB    849 WILDLIFE/MGT AREAS         FARRAR        SI     GOV 07/12     847
     Provides relative to use of all-terrain vehicle trails in
     wildlife management areas

HB    857 COUNSELORS/VOC REHAB       WALKER        SI     GOV 06/18     360
     Provides licensure requirements for vocational rehabilitation
HB    866 MOTOR VEHICLES             QUEZAIRE      SI     GOV 06/25     531
     Provides relative to stop lamps and turn signals on motor

HB    868 MOTOR VEHICLES             MONTGOMERY    SI     GOV 06/24     418
     Provides relative to certain notices of transfer of motor
     vehicles, trailers, and semitrailers

HB    870 RETIREMENT/FIREFIGHTERS    TUCKER        SI     GOV 06/25     532
     Removes provisions authorizing retirees to participate in DROP
HB    877 CRIMINAL/VICTIMS           DORSEY        SI     GOV   07/06   771
     Provides with respect to victim impact statements

HB    878 HEALTH CARE/RECORDS        DURAND        SI     GOV 06/15     260
     Provides relative to the confidentiality of client case records

HB    880 TAX/TAXATION               HAMMETT       SI     GOV 06/04     134
     Authorizes arbitration and mediation of tax issues when the
     aggregate amount does not exceed five million dollars
HB    881 MTR VEHICLE/DRIVER LIC     QUEZAIRE      SI     GOV 06/23     387
     Exempts drivers of certain vehicles from test specifications
     for issuance of drivers' licenses
HB    889 SANITARY CODE              GRAY          SI     GOV 07/06     772
     Provides for the assessment of fines and penalties against
     those who violate the sanitary code

HB    891 AGRICULTURE                THOMPSON      SI     GOV 05/06     9
     Provides relative to the use of certain terms in the labeling
     of food products

HB    896 GAMBLING                   MARTINY       SI     GOV 06/18     336
     Requires electronic gaming devices located at certain gaming
     facilities be linked to a central computer monitoring system
HB    897 HOUSING/MANUFACTURED       PINAC         SI     GOV 06/24     419
     Provides for various revisions to the Uniform Standards Code
     for Manufactured Housing
HB    898 TAX/INCOME TAX             HAMMETT       SI     GOV 05/21     53
     Provides for waiver of penalty for underpayment of individual
     income taxes
HB    899 EDUCATION                  GALLOT        SI     GOV 06/25      533
     Relative to private support of public higher education
     programs. Provides that certain nonprofit corporations are
     not public or quasi public for any purpose; provides for audit
     of certain such corporations

HB    903 MTR VEHICLE/INSPECTION     QUEZAIRE      SI     GOV 07/12      848
     Provides for exceptions from inspections for certain vehicles

HB    904 MTR VEHICLE/LICEN PLATES HAMMETT         SI     GOV 07/12      849
     Requires the Department of Public Safety and Corrections to
     resume issuing certain military special prestige license plates
     and provides for the creation of a NASCAR special prestige
     license plate

HB    907 WORKERS COMPENSATION       HUNTER        SI      GOV   06/25   534
     Allows the director to collect data for the Medical
     Reimbursement Schedule

HB    908 WORKERS COMPENSATION       HUNTER        SI     GOV 06/15      261
     Repeals provisions allowing for the release of earnings records
     and information of workers' compensation claimants

HB    909 CRIMINAL/PROCEDURE         MARTINY       SI     GOV 06/18      337
     Provides for funding of certain operations of crime stoppers
HB    910 REAPPORTIONMENT/HOUSE      LANCASTER     SI     GOV    06/25   535
     Provides for the composition of House of Representatives
     Districts Nos. 2, 4, 51, 54, 55, and 60

HB    911 BANKS/BANKING              LANCASTER     SI     GOV 06/24      420
     Authorizes the creation of International Development Banks and
     allows foreign banks to receive deposits in Louisiana

HB    914 PUBLIC LANDS/STATE         McVEA         SI     GOV 05/21      54
     Authorizes the exchange of certain state property in West
     Feliciana Parish between the Department of Culture, Recreation
     and Tourism and West Feliciana Parish Police Jury
HB    915 PARKS/STATE                BAYLOR        SI     GOV 06/23      388
     Removes provisions relative to the posting of boundaries of
     state parks, state historic sites, state preservation areas,
     and other lands under the jurisdiction of the office of state
HB    916 FIRE PROTECT/FIREMEN       CAZAYOUX      SI     GOV 06/15      262
     Provides relative to the rights of fire employee; provides for
     rights to attend hearings, time limitations on completing
     investigation, and extensions of time to complete investigations

HB    920 TRADEMARKS/TRADE NAMES     BURNS          SI     GOV   06/25   536
     Provides relative to trade name registration

HB    921 PARKS/STATE                BAYLOR        SI     GOV 06/23      389
     Revises the lists of state historic sites, state parks, and
     state preservation areas within the office of state parks
HB    925 CRIME/SEX OFFENSES         J D SMITH     SI     GOV 06/18      338
     Provides with respect to the posting of notices by recreational
HB    935 RETIREMENT/ASSESSORS       SCHNEIDER     SI     GOV 07/12      850
     Allows investment of up to 65% of portfolio in equities and
     requires investments in indexed funds

HB    936 RETIREMENT/ASSESSORS       SCHNEIDER     SI     GOV 06/15      263
     Provides for the uses of funds resulting when the board of
     trustees increases the net direct employer contribution rate

HB    938 RETIREMENT/STATE SYSTEMS TUCKER          SI     GOV    07/12   851
     Requires systems to submit report on utilization of La.

HB    944 PUBLIC BUILDINGS/GROUNDS SCALISE         SI     GOV 05/21      55
     Designates the Oswald-Dubea Arboretum and Nature Center of
     LaSalle Park in Jefferson Parish
HB    948 LOCAL OFFL/MARSHALS        T POWELL      SI     GOV 06/24     421
     Authorizes the marshal of the city of Hammond to use fees to
     defray office expenses
HB    949 RETIREMENT/MUNICIPAL EMP FANNIN          SI     GOV 06/15     264
     Allows certain mayors to opt out of mandatory participation in
     the system
HB    950 DISTRICTS/WATERSHED        GALLOT        SI     GOV 06/23     390
     Provides relative to the Claiborne Parish Watershed District

HB    952 DISTRICTS/HOSPITAL SERVC FRITH           SI     GOV 07/05     592
     Increases the maximum per diem authorized to be paid to members
     of the board of commissioners of Hospital Service District No.
     1 of the parish of Vermilion

HB    953 DISTRICTS/SPECIAL          McVEA         SI     GOV 06/25     537
     Relative to the board of commissioners of Gas Utility District
     No. 1 of West Feliciana Parish, increases membership and
     provides for terms
HB    955 DISTRICTS/TAXING           DURAND        SI     GOV 06/24     422
     Creates the Acadiana Criminalistics Laboratory taxing district

HB    956 CHILDREN                   DURAND        SI     GOV 07/12     852
     Authorizes the creation of an early intervention pilot program
     for at-risk children and their families in certain parishes

HB    960 TAX/LOCAL                  FARRAR        SI     GOV 07/12     853
     Authorizes Rapides Parish and the cities of Alexandria and
     Pineville to levy a sales tax on cigarette papers
     Authorizes certain changes relative to the North Lake Charles
     Economic Development District

HB    964 COURTS/CITY                WHITE         SI     GOV 06/25     538
     Increases the civil jurisdictional amount from $15,000 to
     $25,000 in the city courts of Zachary and Baker
HB    967 DISTRICTS/TAXING           FLAVIN        SI     GOV 06/24     423
     Authorizes the governing authority of the city of Lake Charles
     to create a special taxing district

HB    968 MUSEUMS                    FANNIN        SI     GOV 06/24     424
     Authorizes the governing authority of the parish of Jackson to
     create a museum board

HB    970 ASSESSORS                  ALARIO        SI     GOV 06/15     265
     Increases expense allowance for assessor of Jefferson Parish

HB    971 CLERKS OF COURT            BRUCE         SI     GOV 06/18     339
     Provides for a branch office of the DeSoto Parish clerk of
     court's office in Stonewall
HB    972 COURTS/CITY                WALKER        SI     GOV 06/25     539
     Increases civil jurisdictional amount from $15,000 to $20,000
     in the city courts of Marksville and Bunkie
HB    973 JUDICIAL EXPENSE FUND      R CARTER      SI     GOV   07/06   773
     Provides for a judicial expense fund for the 20th JDC
HB    974 PARKS                      ARNOLD        SI     GOV   06/25   540
     Creates the Algiers Park Commission within the parish of

HB    975 FISHING                    GALLOT        SI     GOV 06/25     541
     Authorizes the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission to regulate
     certain fishing gear on Lake Claiborne

HB    979 RETIREMENT/STATE EMPS      SCHNEIDER     SI     GOV 06/15     266
     Provides for a default joint and survivor benefit and
     establishes benefits due a surviving spouse of a deceased
HB    980 RETIREMENT/STATE EMPS      SCHNEIDER     SI     GOV 06/18     340
     Allows purchase of up to five years of service credit for
     one-year members and repeals certain provisions relative to the
     purchase of service credit

HB    982 RETIREMENT/STATE EMPS      SCHNEIDER     SI     GOV 06/15     267
     Provides for the return to active service by any disability

HB    983 RETIREMENT/ASSESSORS       SCHNEIDER     SI     GOV   06/15   268
     Provides for lump sum repayment of withdrawn employee
HB    984 RETIREMENT/ASSESSORS       PINAC         SI     GOV 07/06     774
     Provides for the option reduction factor used to determine
     actuarial equivalencies among retirement options
HB    986 INSURANCE/HEALTH           HEBERT        SI    GOV    06/15   269
     Provides relative to coverage of a newborn child
HB    990 COMMERCIAL REGULATIONS     BROOME        SI     GOV   07/06   775
     Sets maximum fees that may be charged by check-cashers

HB    991 MTR VEHICLE/COMMERCIAL     FUTRELL       SI     GOV 06/25     542
     Provides relative to violations included on a commercial motor
     vehicle driver's operating record
HB    994 CRIME                      MARTINY       SI     GOV 06/15     270
     Provides with respect to unauthorized interception of cable
     television services

HB    995 INSURANCE/GROUP-STATE      MURRAY        SI     GOV 07/08     779
     Expands eligibility of the Office of Group Benefits to include
     the district attorney and the district attorney office active
     employees of New Orleans

HB 1001 INSURANCE                  K CARTER      SI      GOV    07/08   780
   Provides relative to long-term care insurance
   Provides that any retiree   of the system who is reemployed by
   any sheriff's office on a   part-time basis shall not earn more
   than seventy-five percent   of his final average compensation

   Authorizes increase of the employee contribution rate by the
   system board of trustees and requires board to provide for
   employees and employer to share certain proposed law costs
   Relative to the Back-Deferred Retirement Option Plan, provides
   for return of employee contributions during plan participation

   Provides for a nonrecurring lump-sum supplement payment to

HB 1009 RETIREMENT/CLERKS COURT    PINAC         SI     GOV 07/12       856
   Provides for demand upon the state treasurer for delinquent
   dedicated tax revenue

HB 1011 PROPERTY/IMMOVABLE         JOHNS         SI     GOV 05/20       24
   Provides relative to the terms of options and rights of first
HB 1015 CAMPAIGN FINANCE           LANCASTER     SI     GOV 07/08       783
   Prohibits accepting of certain campaign contributions by
   statewide elected officials, legislators, and public service
   commissioners during regular legislative sessions and by the
   governor during regular legislative sessions and 30 days thereaf
HB 1020 ETHICS                     GALLOT        SI     GOV 07/08       784
   Provides ethics code exception to allow certain physician
   members of certain hospital service district boards or
   commissions to lease space from a hospital; requires recusal
   from participating in transaction involving such lease agreement
HB 1023 MTR VEHICLE/DRIVER LIC     QUEZAIRE      SI     GOV 06/24      425
   Provides relative to exemptions to requirements for a driver's
HB 1030 TELECOMMUNICATIONS         PINAC         SI     GOV 07/12      857
   Provides for National Do Not Call Registry combined with the
   state "do not call" listing
HB 1031 REGISTRARS OF VOTERS       LANCASTER     SI     GOV 07/08      785
   Establishes the Louisiana Voter Registration Administrators'
   Certification program for registrars of voters, chief deputy
   registrars, and confidential assistants to registrars of voters
HB 1034 MTR VEHICLE/COMMERCIAL     DOVE          SI     GOV 07/08      786
   Creates the Barrier Island Stabilization and Preservation Fund

HB 1037 WORKERS COMPENSATION       HUNTER        SI      GOV   06/18   341
   Provides relative to workers' compensation hearings

   Prohibits limitations on agricultural and aquacultural markets
   and requires the Riverboat Gaming Commission to give
   preferential treatment to Louisiana agricultural firms

HB 1041 MILITARY AFFAIRS           TUCKER        SI     GOV 07/08      787
   Provides for advance notice to military installations of zoning

HB 1042 EXCEP PERSON/DEV DISABLE TRICHE          SI     GOV    07/12   858
   Provides relative to pilot programs for children with
   developmental disabilities
HB 1044 EDUCATION                  MURRAY        SI     GOV 06/04      135
   Repeals antiquated provisions relative to operations of schools

HB 1047 SECRETARY OF STATE         BURNS         SI     GOV 06/25      543
   Provides relative to the changing of a registered agent of a
   limited liability company
HB 1051 INSURERS/GUARANTY ASSNS    FARRAR        SI     GOV 05/28      108
   Provides for procedures for asserting claims against LIGA
   involving asbestos exposure

HB 1052 INSURERS/GUARANTY ASSNS    FARRAR        SI     GOV 05/28      109
   Provides for determining net worth for purpose of covered
   claims under LIGA

HB 1053 INSURERS                   K CARTER      SI     GOV 06/18      342
   Authorizes domestic insurers to place their securities with a
   brokerage firm

HB 1060 INSURANCE/HEALTH           WINSTON       SI     GOV 06/24      426
   Provides relative to premiums charged for individual health
   insurance coverage
HB 1062 STUDENT/TUITION            SALTER        SI     GOV 07/08      788
   Authorizes LSU Bd. of Supervisors to impose specific
   tuition and attendance fee amounts for students; authorizes
   postsecondary education management boards to impose certain fees
   at institutions under their supervision

HB 1065 VETERANS                   WALSWORTH     SI     GOV 06/23      392
   Provides for certain facilities for war veterans operated by
   the Department of Veterans Affairs
HB 1066 BOARDS/COMMISSIONS         BAYLOR        SI     GOV 07/08      789
   Changes the appointment process of the assistant secretary of
   the office of state parks and the membership of State Parks and
   Recreation Commission

HB 1067 HIGHWAYS                   FLAVIN        SI     GOV 06/04      136
   Authorizes parade marshals to direct, control, and regulate
   traffic for parade events

HB 1070 INTERIOR DESIGNERS         PINAC         SI     GOV 06/18      343
   Provides various changes to the terms for the Board of Interior
   Designers, increases fees, and provides prohibited acts and
HB 1072 TANF                       MURRAY        SI     GOV 05/28     110
   Provides relative to the Strategies to Empower People Program
HB 1082 PLANNING/ZONING            BURNS         SI     GOV 07/12     859
   Provides relative to parish and municipal planning commissions
HB 1084 RETIREMENT/ASSESSORS       PINAC         SI     GOV 07/12     860
   Provides remedies for failure to remit taxes due to the system

HB 1092 DEFERRED COMPENSATION      TRICHE        SI     GOV 06/23     393
   Provides relative to the government deferred compensation plan
HB 1096 FIRE PROTECT/FIREMEN       TOOMY         SI     GOV   06/15   272
   Includes certain firefighting activities within scope of
   official duties
HB 1097 LIABILITY/CIVIL            WALKER        SI     GOV   06/23   394
   Provides relative to civil liability for injuries to
   intoxicated drivers
HB 1101 TAX/HOTEL OCCUPANCY        ANSARDI       SI     GOV   07/08   790
   Authorizes an additional hotel tax in Jefferson Parish

HB 1102 PORTS/DEEPWATER            DANIEL        SI     GOV 06/04     137
   Provides relative to membership on the board of commissioners
   of the Millennium Port Authority

HB 1105 GAMBLING/VIDEO POKER       WOOTON        SI     GOV 06/24     427
   Limits sanctions for nondisclosure of misdemeanor convictions

HB 1108 ASSESSORS                  ERDEY         SI     GOV 07/12     861
   Authorizes the utilization of alternative population data as a
   basis for determining compensation

HB 1109 DISTRICTS/SEWERAGE         T POWELL      SI     GOV 06/18     344
   Provides relative to the powers granted to certain parish
   sewerage districts
HB 1111 DRUGS/CONTROLLED           TOOMY         SI     GOV 06/10     165
   Amends penalties for transactions involving proceeds from drug

HB 1112 JUDGMENTS/CIVIL            PINAC         SI     GOV   06/25   544
   Provides for complementary procedures under the Master
   Settlement Agreement

HB 1115 REVENUE DEPARTMENT         HAMMETT       SI     GOV 06/10     166
   Authorizes Department of Revenue to assess a distraint cost

HB 1119 CIVIL SERVICE/FIRE & POL MONTGOMERY      SI     GOV 06/24     428
   Provides relative to promotional employment lists for municipal
   fire and police civil service boards
HB 1123 REVENUE SECRETARY          HAMMETT       SI     GOV 05/21     56
   Amends lien provisions to allow release of lien when there is
   no value in the lien
HB 1125 SANITARY CODE              DAMICO        SI     GOV 07/08     791
   Provides alternative procedures for identification of potable
   and nonpotable water distribution equipment, piping, and

HB 1126 CAMPAIGN FINANCE           MURRAY        SI     GOV 07/12     862
   Requires persons who make independent expenditures or accept
   contributions in excess of certain amounts in candidate
   elections to file certain reports in the 20 days prior to the
   election and provides for definition of "person"

HB 1127 MUSEUMS                    BURRELL       SI     GOV   06/25   545
   Creates the McNeill Street Pumping Station Museum in the
   Department of State

HB 1132 CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES      FARRAR        SI     GOV   06/18   345
   Provides for use of certain convictions for purposes of
HB 1135 INSURANCE/AUTOMOBILE       LAFLEUR       SI     GOV 06/23     395
   Prohibits the limitation of coverage and potential recovery of
   the named insured, or spouse or other family member for whom
   the policy provides coverage to less than the highest policy

HB 1139 TAX/AD VALOREM TAX         HAMMETT       SI     GOV   06/23   396
   Provides for assessment of bank stock of certain banks

HB 1140 PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS      DURAND        SI     GOV 05/06      10
   Provides prescriptive authority for physicians assistants

HB 1143 CREDIT/CONSUMER            PINAC         SI     GOV 06/18     346
   Adds the use of electronic cash for loan disbursement at the
   location where consumer loans are made as an exemption to
   prohibited acts
HB 1145 CREDIT/CONSUMER            PINAC         SI     GOV 06/18     347
   Adds the used of debit cards for loan disbursement at the
   location where consumer loans are made as an exemption to
   prohibited acts

HB 1146 PORTS/KROTZ SPRINGS        LAFLEUR       SI     GOV 06/23     397
   Provides relative to certain appointments to the Greater Krotz
   Springs Port Commission board of commissioners
HB 1147 REAL ESTATE                DANIEL        SI     GOV 06/25     546
   Provides that property disclosure form indicate knowledge of
   prior zoning

HB 1150 CIVIL SERVICE/FIRE & POL MONTGOMERY      SI     GOV 06/24     429
   Provides relative to promotional employment lists for municipal
   fire and police civil service boards
HB 1154 CHILD DAY CARE             DURAND        SI    GOV    06/23   398
   Provides relative to family child day care homes

HB 1160 CIVIL SERVICE/FIRE & POL ALARIO          SI     GOV 06/15     273
   Provides for the position of assistant police chief in certain

HB 1162 LIABILITY/CIVIL            DOVE          SI    GOV    07/08   792
   Limits liability for damages to oyster leases

HB 1163 SCHOOLS/EMPLOYEES          LAFLEUR       SI     GOV 06/25     547
   Permits city, parish, or other local public or nonpublic school
   systems to contract with local law enforcement agencies to
   provide for school resource officers
HB 1165 DISTRICTS/DRAINAGE         MORRISH       SI     GOV 07/12     863
   Provides relative to compensation of drainage district board

HB 1175 RETIREMENT/POLICE FUNDS    MURRAY        SI     GOV   07/08   793
   Authorizes reversion of funds to the city of New Orleans

HB 1178 CULTURE/REC/TOUR           PINAC         SI     GOV 07/12     864
   Provides relative to the geographical boundaries and membership
   of the Mississippi River Road Commission

HB 1180 LEGISLATIVE AUDITOR        MURRAY        SI     GOV 06/25     548
   Provides relative to legislative auditor's discretion over
   frequency and level of assurances required for audits and
   changes amounts of revenue received for purposes of determining
   frequency of audit and level of assurance required

HB 1181 PROPERTY                   DANIEL        SI     GOV   06/24   430
   Provides relative to tax sales of immovable property and
   acquisition of adjudicated property

HB 1183 INSURERS/AGENTS            ERDEY         SI     GOV 06/25     549
   Requires payment by insurer to agent of insured of unearned
   premiums or commissions due

HB 1184 CIVIL SERVICE/FIRE & POL CAZAYOUX        SI     GOV 06/15     274
   Provides for the length of time within which municipal fire and
   police civil service boards shall conduct certain
HB 1188 RETIREMENT/ASSESSORS       PINAC         SI     GOV   07/08   794
   Provides for compliance with federal tax qualification
HB 1192 MARKETING/PROMOTION        TOWNSEND      SI     GOV   07/12   865
   Creates the Louisiana Aquaculture Coordinating Council
HB 1193 EMPLOYMENT/WAGES            K CARTER    SI      GOV   07/08   795
   Creates the Equal Pay Commission

   Allows a member of the system participating in the Deferred
   Retirement Option Plan to rescind such participation under
   certain circumstances

HB 1200 RETIREMENT SYSTEMS         LAFLEUR       SI     GOV 06/15     275
   Requires each state and statewide public retirement system to
   submit its operating budget to the Joint Legislative Committee
   on the Budget for review and approval of the state systems and
   review for the statewide systems
HB 1202 GAMBLING/VIDEO POKER       TOWNSEND      SI     GOV 07/12     867
   Amends restaurant provisions for video draw poker devices

HB 1209 MTR VEHICLE/DEALERS        SHEPHERD      SI     GOV   06/18   348
   Provides additional terms, including penalties, in spot
   delivery sales

HB 1211 INSURANCE/HEALTH           SHEPHERD      SI     GOV 06/24     431
   Provides that coverage of childhood immunizations shall not be
   subject to any deductible
HB 1215 RETIREMENT SYSTEMS         LAFLEUR       SI     GOV 07/12     868
   Requires persons who have or who are seeking to obtain a
   contractual or other relationship with a state or statewide
   public retirement system to disclose certain expenditures

HB 1217 HEALTH CARE/FACILITIES     DURAND        SI     GOV 06/24     432
   Provides for licensure of pediatric day health care facilities
HB 1220 RURAL/DEVELOPMENT          THOMPSON      SI     GOV   07/08   796
   Creates the Louisiana Center for Rural Initiatives

HB 1224 PUBLIC CONTRACTS           DANIEL        SI     GOV 06/24     433
   Requires competitive bids and requests for proposals to be
   advertised electronically

HB 1225 CRIME                      M POWELL      SI     GOV 06/23     399
   Clarifies the penalty provisions for the crime of perjury

HB 1228 HEALTH                     DURAND        SI     GOV   07/08   797
   Provides relative to emergency medical personnel

HB 1239 DISTRICTS/SPECIAL          DOWNS        SI      GOV   06/24   434
   Creates the Union Parish Railroad District

HB 1244 ANIMALS                    TRICHE       SI      GOV   05/28   111
   Prohibits hog and canine fighting
HB 1246 LOBBYING                   LAFLEUR       SI     GOV 06/02     116
   Provides for registration and disclosure of expenditures by
   persons who lobby the executive branch and certain expenditures
   for lobbying legislators

HB 1253 MTR VEHICLE/DEALERS        PINAC         SI     GOV 06/15     276
   Provides for disclosure of dealer participation in finance
HB 1256 PUBLIC CONTRACTS           ALARIO        SI     GOV 07/12     869
   Requires performance-based energy contracts to be reviewed,
   approved, and overseen by the office of facility planning and
   control, division of administration, according to regulations
   it promulgates

HB 1260 MOTOR VEHICLES             CAZAYOUX      SI     GOV 07/12     805
   Prohibits the operation of certain motor scooters on sidewalks
HB 1261 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT       PINAC         SI     GOV 07/12     806
   Amends Louisiana Business and Industrial
   Corporation Act to include limited liability companies and
   revises certain licensing requirements

HB 1265 TELECOMMUNICATIONS         THOMPSON      SI     GOV   06/10   167
   Creates the Louisiana Broadband Advisory Council
HB 1266 COASTAL RES/COASTAL ZONE DAMICO          SI     GOV 06/15     277
   Provides relative to coastal use permits notifications and use
   of the Coastal Mitigation Account

HB 1275 INSURANCE/GROUP-STATE      FUTRELL       SI     GOV 07/12     870
   Expands eligibility of the Office of Group Benefits to include
   active and retired members of the Louisiana National Guard

   Creates youth services as an independent organizational unit in
   the Department of Public Safety and Corrections
HB 1284 MOTOR VEHICLES             PINAC         SI     GOV 06/25     550
   Modifies membership of the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission

HB 1285 CHILDREN/NEWBORNS          JEFFERSON      SI    GOV   06/15   278
   Requires DHH to perform more tests on newborns
HB 1290 NURSES                     TOWNSEND      SI     GOV   06/15   279
   Provides for authority of certified registered nurse
   anesthetists to select and administer anesthetics

HB 1292 MOTOR VEHICLES             PINAC         SI     GOV   06/25   551
   Revises the definitions of "all-terrain vehicle" and
HB 1295 STATE EMPLOYEES            ALARIO        SI     GOV 06/15     280
   Provides relative to the federal-state agreement for state
   employee insurance benefits

HB 1302 PROPERTY                   MURRAY        SI     GOV 06/18     349
   Codifies provisions of the New Orleans Community Improvement

   Provides relative to interest earned on Deferred Retirement
   Option Plan Accounts
HB 1309 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT       SHEPHERD      SI     GOV 07/12     871
   Requires contracts or cooperative endeavor agreements issued by
   the state to contain a refund provision under certain

HB 1310 FUNDS/FUNDING              SALTER        SI     GOV 06/15     281
   Authorizes the state to forgive a portion of the mortgage
   payment and to redirect certain payments owed to the state by
   the Coushatta Industrial Development Corporation for the further
   development of the city of Coushatta

HB 1317 WILDLIFE & FISHERIES SEC DANIEL          SI     GOV 06/04     138
   Authorizes the secretary to have certain materials printed to
   assist in the promotion of hunting and fishing

HB 1325 LOCAL FINANCE/BUDGET ACT MURRAY          SI     GOV 06/25     552
   Provides relative to the Louisiana Local Government Budget Act

   Authorizes an oral declaration of an anatomical gift

HB 1329 RAILROADS                  THOMPSON      SI     GOV 06/24     435
   Authorizes the creation of a railroad development district

HB 1330 SHERIFFS                   J R SMITH     SI     GOV 06/10     168
   Authorizes certain sheriffs to use available funds for
   cooperative endeavors with other law enforcement agencies in
   the parish, including providing to such agencies
HB 1331 COSMETOLOGY                PINAC         SI     GOV 07/12     808
   Makes various changes to the Louisiana Cosmetology Act,
   including fees, booth permits, minimum classroom footage, and
   record certification

HB 1338 FISHING/OYSTERS            DAMICO        SI     GOV 06/15     282
   Provides relative to biological surveys of oyster leases by the
   Oyster Lease Damage Evaluation Board

HB 1341 TAX/TAXATION               HAMMETT       SI     GOV   05/28   112
   Increases the tax commission from three to seven members

HB 1351 LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS        TOWNSEND      SI     GOV   07/12   873
   Provides with respect to legislative continuances and
   extensions and the issuance of subpoenas directed to
   legislators and legislative employees while performing
   legislative duties

HB 1354 MTR VEHICLE/DEALERS        PINAC         SI     GOV 06/25     553
   Provides relative to area of responsibility, penalties, and
   licensing procedures for used motor vehicle dealers and marine

HB 1356 WORKERS COMPENSATION       SHEPHERD      SI     GOV 06/25     554
   Provides for the payment of medical expenses by available
   health insurance when the workers' compensation claim has been

HB 1357 STUDENT/LOANS-SCHOLARSHP M STRAIN        SI     GOV 07/12     809
   Provides for a loan program for certain veterinary students and
   for loan forgiveness in return for service
HB 1361 INSURANCE                  JOHNS         SI     GOV   06/18   350
   Provides for the sale of insurance products by financial

HB 1363 JUVENILES                  WINSTON       SI     GOV 06/25     555
   Provides for the creation of youth services planning boards
HB 1369 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT       PINAC         SI    GOV    06/15   283
   Provides for Occupational Forecasting Conference

HB 1374 FISHING/COMMERCIAL         J D SMITH     SI     GOV 06/25     556
   Provides for commercial fishing and gear license for people
   sixty-five and over
HB 1378 MTR VEHICLE/DEALERS        PINAC         SI     GOV   06/25   557
   Makes various changes to statutes relating to used motor
   vehicle dealers

HB 1387 TAX/AD VALOREM TAX         JOHNS         SI     GOV 05/28     113
   Prohibit interest on delinquent payments postmarked by the due

HB 1388 PUBLIC EMPLOYEES           ALARIO        SI     GOV 06/15     284
   Provides payroll deductions for certain domestic companies

HB 1391 HEALTH/DHH                 THOMPSON      SI     GOV 06/25     558
   Increases the initial licensing fees for health care providers
   licensed by the Department of Health and Hospitals

HB 1397 TOURISM                    PINAC         SI     GOV 05/28     114
   Repeals certain programs and reporting requirements within the
   office of tourism
HB 1399 HORTICULTURE/COMMISSION    SALTER        SI     GOV 07/12     810
   Provides for the licensing of landscape irrigation contractors
   by the Horticulture Commission of Louisiana

HB 1401 PAWNBROKERS                J R SMITH     SI     GOV 06/04     139
   Decreases the maturity date for jewelry pledged in pawnshops
HB 1402 DRUGS/PRESCRIPTION         WALKER        SI     GOV 07/12     811
   Provides relative to drug returns, exchanges, and redispensing
HB 1403 SUBSTANCE ABUSE            GRAY          SI     GOV 06/24     436
   Eliminates the requirement that on-site surveys and complaint
   investigations be conducted annually for substance
   abuse/addiction treatment services

HB 1408 AMUSEMENTS/SPORTS          DANIEL        SI     GOV 06/18     351
   Provides for duties, obligations, and responsibilities of
   athlete agents and creates a cause of action for tortious
   interference with contract

HB 1413 DISTRICT ATTORNEYS/ASST    TOOMY         SI     GOV   07/12   812
   Omnibus assistant district attorneys bill
HB 1414 DISTRICTS/DRAINAGE         CROWE         SI     GOV 06/25     559
   Authorizes increase in maintenance and operation tax for St.
   Tammany Parish Drainage District No. 4
HB 1417 GAMBLING/CHARITABLE        TOOMY         SI     GOV   07/12   874
   Provides for electronic bingo card dabber devices
HB 1419 FEES/LICENSES/PERMITS      HAMMETT       SI     GOV 06/15     285
   Authorizes Louisiana Tax Commission to assess fees for its
   services through June 30, 2006

HB 1420 CONTRACTORS                PINAC         SI     GOV 06/18     352
   Requires the State Licensing Board for Contractors to provide
   space on the license renewal form for donations by contractors
   to accredited, degreed programs in the field of construction

HB 1424 INSURERS/GUARANTY ASSNS    BOWLER        SI     GOV 06/04     140
   Repeals law requiring LIGA to deposit monies into the state
   general fund
HB 1425 CONTRACTS                  MARTINY       SI     GOV 06/18     353
   Authorizes a 10-year contract for the video draw poker computer
   monitoring system

HB 1426 DRUGS/PRESCRIPTION         SALTER        SI     GOV 05/06     11
   Authorizes specially trained medical psychologists to prescribe
   and to distribute certain drugs

HB 1430 CIVIL/ACTIONS              BRUNEAU       SI     GOV   06/24   437
   Provides relative to actions against home inspectors and
   persons exempt from licensing law
HB 1431 COURTS/COURT REPORTERS     LAMBERT       SI     GOV 06/18     354
   Grants the payment of per diem to members of the Board of
   Examiners of Certified Shorthand Reporters

HB 1432 CONTRACTS                  THOMPSON      SI     GOV 06/25     560
   Deletes certain exemptions for local depositing authorities in
   a parish or municipality with a population of less than 100,000

HB 1437 CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES      M STRAIN      SI     GOV 07/12     875
   Prohibits the operation of a clandestine laboratory on or
   within 1,000 feet of school property
HB 1438 WORKERS COMPENSATION       MURRAY        SI     GOV   06/25   561
   Repeals provisions relative to the payment of workers'
   compensation benefits to professional athletes
HB 1439 INSURANCE DEPARTMENT       DOWNS         SI     GOV 06/15     286
   Provides for the appointment of legislative board members of
   the Louisiana Consortium of Insurance and Financial Services

HB 1445 CRIMINAL/FORFEITURE        J D SMITH     SI     GOV 06/23     400
   Authorizes sale of forfeited property by licensed auctioneer

HB 1447 NOTARIES                   BALDONE       SI     GOV 06/25     562
   Provides relative to bonds and insurance for non-attorney

HB 1448 PUBLIC BUILDINGS/GROUNDS ODINET          SI     GOV 06/25     563
   Authorizes the parish school board in certain parishes to name
   certain athletic facilities in honor of cetain individuals under
   certain circumstances
HB 1454 PUBLIC BUILDINGS/GROUNDS KENNEY          SI     GOV 06/25     564
   Authorizes certain municipal governing authorities to name a
   welcoming center in honor of a legislator under certain

HB 1456 WILDLIFE & FISHERIES DEP PIERRE          SI     GOV 06/24     438
   Authorizes the secretary of the Department of Wildlife and
   Fisheries to waive certain licensing requirements

HB 1458 CRIMINAL/PROCEDURE         LAFLEUR       SI     GOV 06/23     401
   Allows trial court to inform defendant of post conviction
   relief prescriptive period in writing
HB 1461 MTR VEHICLE/TRUCKS         QUEZAIRE      SI     GOV 06/15     287
   Provides relative to administrative review of citations issued
   by weights and standards stationary scale police officers
HB 1464 MORTGAGES                  CROWE         SI     GOV 06/25     565
   Requires that only last four digits of social security number
   appear on mortgage records and notarial acts
HB 1467 WILDLIFE & FISHERIES DEP PIERRE          SI     GOV 06/25     566
   Specifies that the department will adhere to the provisions of
   federal laws which govern the use of federal funds for fish and
   wildlife habitat restoration projects
HB 1468 INSURANCE/HEALTH           TOWNSEND      SI     GOV 07/12     876
   Provides relative to prompt payment of health insurance claims
   submitted by pharmacies or pharmacists

HB 1469 MOTOR VEHICLES             MARTINY       SI     GOV 06/24     439
   Provides with respect to the fees for prelicensing training
HB 1472 ASSESSORS                  MURRAY        SI     GOV 06/04     141
   Requires taxpayers who own property in Orleans Parish to notify
   the assessors of change

HB 1474 STUDENT/TUITION            DOVE          SI     GOV 06/15     288
   Authorizes and sets limit on increases in tuition and mandatory
   attendance fee amounts for students enrolled in technical
   community colleges under the Board of Supervisors for Community
   and Technical Colleges

HB 1475 PRIVILEGES/LIENS           WALSWORTH     SI     GOV 06/24     440
   Provides technical correction in definition of "claimant" under
   the Public Works Act

HB 1477 COURTS                     RICHMOND      SI     GOV 06/23     402
   Provides for special divisions of certain juvenile courts

HB 1480 PROPERTY/SERVITUDES        FRITH         SI     GOV 07/12     813
   Provides relative to the right and servitude of passage on
   waterways to certain enclosed estates
HB 1481 CRIMINAL/PROCEDURE         MARTINY       SI     GOV 06/25     567
   Provides that persons arrested for felony offenses may be
   required to submit to a pretrial drug test
HB 1482 APPROPRIATIONS             ALARIO        SI     GOV 06/30     5
   Appropriates funds for expenses of the judiciary for Fiscal
   Year 2004-2005

   Provides for the ancillary expenses of state government

HB 1485 REVENUE SHARING            ALARIO        SI     GOV 06/29     590
   Provides for revenue sharing distribution for Fiscal Year

HB 1487 VITAL STATS/DEATH CERT     McDONALD      SI     GOV 06/18     355
   Authorizes the state registrar to issue a copy of a death
   certificate to the Office of Student Financial Assistance

HB 1489 SEIZURES/SALES             JOHNS         SI     GOV 07/12     814
   Requires a "notice of repossession" to be filed by certain
   secured parties
HB 1492 MTR VEHICLE/TOWING         HOPKINS       SI     GOV 06/25     568
   Requires certain parties to be notified when a vehicle is
   stored pursuant to the Louisiana Towing and Storage Act
HB 1495 SEIZURES/SALES             BADON         SI     GOV   07/12   877
   Requires notice of seizure to a lessee at same time the
   property owner is notified
HB 1499 INSURANCE                  FLAVIN        SI     GOV 06/24     441
   Deletes the requirement of "credit life" insurance to pay
   credit obligations

HB 1500 ENGINEERS                  HAMMETT       SI     GOV 06/24     442
   Revises provisions relative to the disciplining of licensees
   and certificate holders and enforcement proceedings against
   non-licensees and non-certificate holders
HB 1501 PUBLIC BUILDINGS/GROUNDS ALARIO          SI     GOV 06/15     289
   Authorizes certain parish governing authorities to name an
   administrative building in honor of a former parish president
   under certain circumstances

HB 1504 BONDS                      MONTGOMERY    SI     GOV 07/12     815
   Prohibits State Bond Commission approval of industrial revenue
   & other bonds by certain entities authorized to issue industrial
   revenue bonds unless first approved by local governmental
   entities affected by the bond issuance

HB 1507 LAW ENFORCE/OFFICERS       CAZAYOUX      SI     GOV 07/12     816
   Provides with respect to financial security for survivors of
   law enforcement officers
HB 1508 JUVENILES/DELINQUENTS      GRAY          SI     GOV 07/06     776
   Prohibits a child in a delinquency proceeding from being able
   to waive his right to counsel

HB 1510 PUBLIC BUILDINGS/ST CAPL DORSEY          SI     GOV 06/25     569
   Provides for police patrol and crime prevention and detection
   within the state capitol complex and defines the state capitol
   complex for such purposes

HB 1512 PUBLIC BUILDINGS/GROUNDS ALARIO          SI     GOV 06/15     290
   Authorizes certain parish governing authorities to name an
   entryway or entry plaza to parish administrative buildings in
   honor of a former parish councilman under certain circumstances
HB 1514 INSURANCE/RATES            K CARTER      SI     GOV 07/12     878
   Provides for a file and use system of rating for commercial
   lines of property and casualty insurance

HB 1516 FISHING/SHRIMP             BALDONE       SI     GOV 07/12     879
   Provides relative to placement of certain stationary shrimp
   nets and to funding for an anti-dumping trade action filed by
   commercial shrimpers
HB 1527 JUVENILES                  ST GERMAIN    SI     GOV 06/25     570
   Provides relative to truancy and assessment and service centers
HB 1531 MTR VEHICLE/TRUCKS         M GUILLORY    SI     GOV 06/25     571
   Increases the maximum height of vehicles authorized to travel
   on highways
HB 1532 TRANSPORTATION DEPT        TUCKER        SI     GOV 07/12     880
   Directs the Dept. of Transportation and Development to limit
   certain access along a state highway

HB 1540 BRIDGES/FERRIES            KENNEY        SI     GOV 06/18     356
   Names the new Ouachita River bridge at Columbia in Caldwell
   Parish the Governor John J. McKeithen Bridge

HB 1542 LEGISLATIVE EXPENSES       SALTER        SI     GOV 06/30     6
   Makes appropriations for the expenses of the legislature for
   the 2004-2005 Fiscal Year

HB 1543 HEALTH CARE                BRUNEAU       SI     GOV 06/24     443
   Provides for the use of automated external defibrillator by
   private security personnel
HB 1545 GAMBLING/VIDEO POKER       BRUCE         SI     GOV 07/12     817
   Amends processing fee provisions to provide that they are
   annual fees
HB 1550 MTR VEHICLE/DRIVER LIC     HEATON        SI     GOV   07/12   881
   Provides driver's license requirements for persons using
   bioptic telescopic lenses
HB 1551 FAMILY VIOLENCE            HEATON        SI     GOV 07/12     882
   Sets forth guidelines in determining the predominant aggressor
   in domestic violence cases

HB 1555 PUBLIC LANDS/STATE         WALSWORTH     SI     GOV 07/06     777
   Authorizes the transfer of certain state property in Ouachita
   Parish from the state of Louisiana to the governing authority
   of Ouachita Parish
HB 1557 CONSUMERS/PROTECTION       MARCHAND      SI     GOV 06/18     357
   Requires commercial laundromats to maintain a boiler to provide
   hot water at a minimum temperature
HB 1560 PUBLIC LANDS/STATE         CROWE         SI     GOV 07/12     883
   Authorizes the transfer of certain state property in St.
   Tammany Parish from the state of Louisiana to the St. Tammany
   Parish School Board
HB 1564 PROPERTY/PUBLIC            SALTER        SI     GOV 06/15     291
   Authorizes the transfer of certain immovable improvements on
   property located in Red River Parish

HB 1568 JUDGES/DISTRICT            TOWNSEND      SI     GOV 06/23     403
   Authorizes additional costs to be imposed in criminal cases in
   certain judicial district courts
HB 1569 HEALTH CARE                J D SMITH     SI     GOV 07/05     593
   Authorizes the establishment of community-based health care
   access programs for the low-income uninsured

HB 1574 INSURANCE/HOMEOWNERS       FLAVIN        SI     GOV   06/18   358
   Provides for changes in the policy forms for homeowners

HB 1576 SUCCESSIONS                BURNS         SI     GOV 07/12     884
   Provides relative to evidence of inheritance and estate taxes
HB 1580 HIGHWAYS                   BAYLOR        SI     GOV 07/12     818
   Prohibits the blocking of private driveways, highways and
   public right-of-way under certain circumstances

HB 1583 HOUSING/AUTHORITIES        GRAY          SI     GOV 06/24     444
   Provides relative to termination of tenancy by local housing
   authorities and exceptions under certain circumstances

HB 1584 HEALTH                     RICHMOND      SI     GOV 07/12     885
   Requires automated external defibrillators (AEDS) to be located
   on the premises of physical fitness facilities
HB 1590 CONTRACTS/BIDS             QUEZAIRE      SI     GOV   06/24   445
   Provides relative to public contracts for construction
HB 1593 MTR VEHICLE/REPAIRS        KENNARD       SI     GOV   07/12   886
   Provides for the definition of junk vehicle
HB 1594 HIGHWAYS                   PITRE         SI     GOV 07/12     887
   Provides relative to the membership and functions of the Joint
   Highway Priority Construction Committee

HB 1595 CRIME/SEX OFFENSES         CROWE         SI     GOV   07/12   888
   Creates the crime of voyeurism and includes it as a "sex

HB 1599 MTR VEHICLE/VIOLATIONS     BAUDOIN       SI     GOV 06/25     572
   Prohibits persons riding skates or a skateboard or similar
   devices from attaching to vehicles upon a highway
HB 1603 HEALTH/SMOKING             MARCHAND       SI   GOV    06/25   573
   Prohibits smoking in the UNO Lakefront Arena

HB 1604 EVIDENCE                   CAZAYOUX      SI     GOV 07/08     798
   Provides with respect to admissibility of evidence in certain
HB 1605 POLITICAL PARTIES          DANIEL        SI     GOV 07/12     889
   Provides for recognition of certain political parties and
   provides relative to party affiliation

HB 1610 INSURANCE/HEALTH           MORRISH       SI     GOV 07/12     890
   Authorizes Office of Group Benefits and political subdivisions
   to establish health savings accounts and similar accounts for
   their employees; requires political subdivisions to utilize a
   third party administrator
HB 1620 MTR VEHICLE/VIOLATIONS     SCHNEIDER     SI     GOV   06/25   574
   Provides relative to mobility-impaired parking placards
HB 1621 ANIMALS                    ODINET        SI     GOV   07/12   891
   Prohibits the killing of zoo or circus animals for sport

HB 1623 PETROLEUM/OIL-GAS          HOPKINS       SI     GOV 07/12     892
   Provides relative to units for coal seam natural gas production
HB 1627 HEALTH CARE                MARCHAND      SI     GOV 07/12     893
   Requires the Department of Health and Hospitals to identify
   geographic areas in which lead poisoning is a high-risk

HB 1628 APPROPRIATIONS/SUPPLEML    ALARIO        SI     GOV 06/24     446
   Provides for supplemental appropriations for the 2003-2004
   Fiscal Year
HB 1636 VOTERS/VOTING              GLOVER        SI     GOV 06/25     575
   Provide relative to voting rights of persons under limited

HB 1637 MTR VEHICLE/DEALERS        M STRAIN      SI     GOV 06/23     404
   Provides relative to sales of used motor vehicles by "black
   market" dealers

HB 1640 ETHICS                     J D SMITH     SI     GOV 06/15     292
   Provides relative to ethics exception for certain elected
   officials and legal entities in municipalities of 5,000 or less
   to enter into certain transactions under the supervision or the
   jurisdiction of the municipality

HB 1647 MUSEUMS                    FAUCHEUX      SI     GOV 06/25     576
   Provides with respect to the transfer of ownership of the
   building known as the St. John the Baptist Parish theater to
   the Garyville Timbermill Museum

HB 1652 STUDENT/TUITION            THOMPSON      SI     GOV 07/12     894
   Provides relative to tuition payment programs for certain
   medical students

HB 1655 PUBLIC BUILDINGS/GROUNDS BOWLER          SI     GOV 06/25     577
   Remove criminal penalties for naming public buildings and other
   structures for a living person and provide for certain
   enforcement procedures relative to changing the name of such
   structures in cases of violations

HB 1656 DISTRICTS/WATERWORKS       WRIGHT        SI     GOV 07/12     895
   Exempts waterworks districts from the requirement to hire an
   engineer for certain projects

HB 1657 ELECTIONS/CANDIDATES       DARTEZ        SI     GOV 07/12     896
   Requires a candidate to certify that he does not owe any fines,
   fees, or penalties pursuant to the campaign finance laws and
   provides that falsely so doing is grounds to object to

   Provides relative to local school systems that are academically
   in crisis
HB 1660 DISTRICTS/TAXING           BROOME        SI     GOV 07/12      897
   Changes definition of a local governmental subdivision relative
   to cooperative economic development and tax increment financing;
   creates population limitations and conditions; authorizes
   Opelousas to create a special district

HB 1666 ENERGY/OIL & GAS           DANIEL        SI     GOV 06/25      578
   Provides relative to geophysical surveys and information from
   those surveys

HB 1668 LOBBYING                   LANCASTER     SI     GOV    06/25   579
   Provides for the definition of lobbyist for purposes of
   lobbying the legislature
HB 1670 AGRICULTURE                MORRISH       SI     GOV 06/25      580
   Provides relative to payments for rice under bid contracts
HB 1673 LABOR                      JEFFERSON     SI     GOV    07/12   898
   Use unemployment funds to help dislocated workers start
HB 1674 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT       WALSWORTH     SI     GOV    07/12   899
   Provides for participation in the Louisiana Quality Jobs
   Program by small employers

HB 1681 LIABILITY/CIVIL            TRAHAN        SI     GOV 06/23      405
   Provides for a limitation of liability for gratuitous services

HB 1682 CORPORATIONS               HONEY         SI      GOV   06/25   581
   Provides for quasi-public nonprofit corporation

HB 1696 TAX RETURN                 HAMMETT       SI     GOV 07/12      900
   Changes provision authorizing refund and credit for overpayment
   of individual income tax and specifies interest due on such

HB 1697 COURTS/JUSTICE OF PEACE    FAUCHEUX       SI     GOV   06/18   359
   Provides for criminal and civil jurisdiction
HB 1698 WORKERS COMPENSATION       HUNTER        SI     GOV 06/15      293
   Revises Second Injury Fund Liability determination provisions

HB 1699 CIVIL/ACTIONS              ANSARDI       SI     GOV 06/24      447
   Provides relative to revocatory actions and repeals Uniform
   Fraudulent Transfer Act
HB 1700 TAX COMMISSION, STATE      DANIEL        SI     GOV 06/24      448
   Requires the Louisiana Tax Commission to create a statewide ad
   valorem tax assessment database for publication on the Internet

HB 1701 DRUGS/TESTING              DURAND         SI     GOV   07/12   901
   Provides relative to drug testing

HB 1706 WITNESSES/FEES             LAMBERT       SI     GOV 06/25      582
   Increases witness fees for off-duty law enforcement officers

HB 1708 PILOTS                     PINAC         SI     GOV 07/12      902
   Creates a single Pilotage Fee Commission and the Board of
   Louisiana River Pilot Review and Oversight

HB 1710 DWI                        BALDONE       SI     GOV 07/12      903
   Requires proof of installation of ignition interlock devices
   when ordered as a condition of probation

HB 1711 FISHING/SHRIMP             WOOTON        SI     GOV    07/12   904
   Provides for additional fees for those involved in the
   commercial shrimp industry and dedicates the revenues
HB 1712 DWI                        BALDONE       SI      GOV   07/12   905
   Provides with respect to ignition interlock devices
HB 1713 SCHOOLS/EMPLOYEES          GRAY          SI     GOV 06/24      449
   Repeals obsolete provisions relative to the operation and
   control of schools
HB 1715 PUBLIC HEALTH              DURAND        SI     GOV 07/12     906
   Creates the Louisiana Bio-Recovery Technician Certification
   Commission and provides for the certification and regulation of
   bio-recovery technicians

HB 1716 INSURANCE/HEALTH           JOHNS         SI     GOV 06/24     450
   Revises certain provisions relative to medical necessity review

HB 1717 MTR VEHICLE/TRUCKS         WALSWORTH     SI     GOV 07/12     907
   Provides relative to special annual permits for trucks hauling
   containerized cargo intended for international trade
HB 1718 TAX/TAXATION               G SMITH       SI     GOV 07/02     591
   Changes filing deadlines and penalties and procedures for
   filing appeal from assessment for public service companies
   subject to ad valorem taxation

HB 1720 CULTURE/REC/TOUR           BROOME        SI     GOV 07/12     908
   Establishes the Neighborhood Enhancement Program within the
   Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism

HB 1721 PROPERTY/SUBSTANDARD       G SMITH       SI     GOV   06/25   583
   Authorizes St. Charles Parish to acquire and dispose of
   blighted property under certain circumstances
HB 1722 INDIAN AFFAIRS             FLAVIN        SI     GOV   07/12   909
   Provides with respect to Tribal-State gaming compacts

HB 1724 RETIREMENT/STATE EMPS      SCHNEIDER     SI     GOV   07/13   923
   Provides for eligibility in the optional retirement plan
HB 1725 MTR VEHICLE/SALES FIN      PINAC         SI     GOV 07/12     910
   Adds additional qualifications for obtaining a license to make
   consumer loans under the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Sales Finance

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