Yoga Poses to Defeat Diabetes by asihsuparsih30


									                             Yoga Poses to Defeat Diabetes

High blood sugar level is becoming one of the most common health issues all around the
world. As the cases are growing then the people are searching for alternate therapies. No
other therapy can work wonder for you as yoga do. It can relieve your from complications
too. Also, it doesn't keep its attention over one part as it does help to work well all parts of
the body in good way. So, why don't you try some of them at home as they are no so difficult
too? Some of the effective poses are here.

Downward facing dog is a basic and well known yoga for diabetes. It keeps the mind calm at
the starting point Then it helps to improve digestion. Also, it alleviates the high blood
pressure. To maintain the pose, keep your fingers spread apart and suck in your belly. Now,
bend the knees in case you are not able to keep the heels on ground without straining.

Triangle pose helps to stimulate your abdominal organs and it aids digestion and keeps the
kidney healthy. Those who feel difficulty in doing the pose should not attempt it. You have
other option that you can place the heel against the wall as will make you more stable by
providing support. Hold the pose for 3-5 breathes. Repeat the same on the other side.

Another wonderful yoga for diabetes is big toe pose. It keeps the mind calm and gives way to
digestion and boosts proper blood flow to liver and kidney. If the blood flow is proper then
less damage will happen to it. To start, first bend your knees but if there is a problem in
reaching to the toes then you has option to keep your legs straight. This is a wonderful pose.

Next is western intense pose and its aim is pelvis as it helps to provide strength to pelvis floor
muscles which are usually affected of the people with high sugary level in blood. In this pose,
you have to be sure that you are holding in your abdomen and your lower back doesn't cave
in. This method also lessens the risk of urinary incontinence, overactive bladder. It reduces
the obesity too. Same as western intense pose, this hero pose improves the pelvis strength and
improves digestion. It controls high blood pressure too. To keep your posture, sit on the floor
between your feet. In case it is giving pressure then you can keep a yoga block between the
heels and then sit on that. Be sure, you don't round your shoulders and pelvis is straight.

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