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  Verification and Validation of Healthcare Processes

 Date:         Tuesday, March 12, 2013                                  Dev Raheja
                                                                        President, Patient System Safety
 Time:         10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST
                                                                 Dev Raheja, MS,CSP, A respected and sought out expert
 Instructor: Dev Raheja                                          on hospital safety, author of Safer Hospital Care:
                                                                 Strategies for Continuous Innovation draws on his 25
 Duration      60 Minutes                                        years of experience as a risk management and quality
                                                                 assurance consultant to provide hospital... .more
 Location:     Online

This webinar will cover verification and validation techniques in variety of industries. It includes strategies and methods most
suitable for healthcare and its goal of "first, do no harm." Included in the webinar are how to form teams, how to manage teams,
how to plan, management responsibilities, and risk assessment.

Areas Covered in the Session:

     l   Understanding and developing process requirements
     l   Process FMEA to validate process risks
     l   Process introduction protocols
     l   Process maintenance protocols
     l   Process performance protocols
     l   Management reviews
     l   Risk mitigation
     l   Corrective and Preventive Action system
     l   Revised risk assessment
     l   Data analysis for management reports

 Who Will Benefit:

     l   Chief Medical Officers
     l   Physicians
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     l   Nurses
     l   Department Clinicians such as Radiology, Surgery, Emergency Medicine
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     l   Quality Assurance staff
     l   Patient Safety staff
     l   Pharmacy staff

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