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									             A Farwell to Tarot Writing, Reviewing and Blogging

A part of me would like this farewell to be a “kiss my ass, haters!” type of
post, but that would just be a partly varnished truth to disguise the real pain
I’m feeling.

And since being unvarnished is what’s earned me both applaud and scorn,
I’ll just keep it real like I’ve always done.

Those of you who follow my blog and Facebook posts are well aware of
what’s been going on in the online Tarot world against me. In case you’ve
been living under a rock, I’ll list and link to the posts at the end of this blog
to get you up to speed.

You know, I’ve packed a lot of life in my short 41 years.

When you’ve experienced things like watching your husband ravaged by a
horrible disease like leukemia for an entire year—including watching
helplessly at temporary blindness lasting weeks from excessive petechial
hemorrhaging, a slip that crushes his front teeth and bone just two days
after diagnosis (almost as devastating as the blood cancer for a
professional trumpet player), the abandonment of ministerial colleagues
and friends (because they couldn’t explain how “this could happen” to such
a nice guy)—and then suffocate to death in front of your eyes…well, online
haters/perfect strangers just don’t register as a Big Deal.

Until they do.

You know, after 2+ stalking and harassing me at every turn for over two
years—my public Facebook timeline, anonymous comments left after
reviews or blog posts, email threats, Facebook Notes…not to mention
bully-pulpit blog posts and insults within groups.

This doesn’t include the “sins of omission”, like having a prohibition on any
mention of my work via places like Aeclectic.net or the American Tarot
Association Quaterly Journal.

So, why now? Why, after all I’ve been through and all I’ve accomplished in
the Tarot world (with so much that was yet to do and planned for), do I
decided to retire now?

The straw that broke the camel’s back was backlash from one review (my
first Tarot review in months, by the way)—from the husband of a deck

More about that in a minute.
I have a cool little closed group on Facebook called Divinators. We talk
about all forms of divination, including Tarot, but are just as likely found
posting funny images of cats and coffee…as well as sharing prayer
requests for illness, surgery, personal loss and so on. It’s a cozy, friendly
group of over 100 members.

After seeing my “decks to review” list pile up, I asked the Divinators what
decks they’d like to see me review next. One of the decks that came up
happen to be the Ghosts and Spirits Tarot. Since I had the card scans
done for months, I agreed to make that my first return into the world of
Tarot reviewing. (It could have just as easily been the Cat’s Eye, or Gaian
or Mary-El…but I just decided on the Ghosts and Spirits Tarot, especially
with Halloween coming up. Total random selection).

Within two days, I had Kort Kramer, wife of Lisa Hunt (the deck’s creator),
attack me on my personal Facebook page. You see, I had posted one of
those funny/snarky eCard images featuring Victorian-era women. This one
said, “No, I don’t need to walk a mile in your shoes. I can see that you’re a
train wreck from all the way over here.”

Kort decides to post in the comment section “Irony”. The implication, of
course, that I am a train wreck.

Last time I checked, an optimistic, resilient happily married woman of 15+
years with a wonderful son, thriving career, limitless creativity, large
following, lovely house, great friends and two cuddly fur babies doesn’t
qualify as a “train wreck”.

But insult aside, his action was just…sick.

I mean, let’s put this in perspective. Can you imagine if my husband, Ron
(the artist for our Snowland Deck), took it upon himself to go harass Diane
Wilkes for her 2-star ranking of my Back on Time Tarot on Goodreads?

We’d never hear the end of it!

Thankfully, my husband has better things to do with his time than bother
with trying to defend his capable wife from online slights (real or
imaginary). You see, he actually creates original stuff of his own. On top of
his 40-hour a week “day job”.

But if the comment on my Facebook page was sick, perhaps this is even

On 9/10/12, I tweeted:

Getting harassed by @Kort, wife of @LisaHuntArt, because I dare write a
negative review of her latest #Tarot deck published by @usgstarot.
Kort Kramer not only retweeted this…but also marked it as a favorite tweet.

He was so proud of his harassment, that he forwarded my tweet to all of
his followers…and clicked the star to signify that he just loved it.

This, for the thinking person, means that he loved the fact that he harassed
me publicly, and on my personal (not professional) Facebook page, for an
objective review of his wife’s latest deck.

Not confident enough in his wife’s work to allow it to speak for itself, he
chose to attack me rather than simply ignore one woman’s opinion.

Here’s what so many in the online Tarot world can’t seem to get through
their thick skulls: A positive review is not a symbol of friendship nor an
endorsement of a person…and an unfavorable review doesn’t signify the

Kort was quite happy to fawn all over me for the last 7 years as his wife
pumped out 4 Tarot decks (perhaps because I gave her three previous
decks—Animals Divine, Fantastical Creatures and Fairy Tale) 4-5 Star

It’s become so fashionable to personally attack me, boycott my work and
call me “bully”, that vultures individuals come right out of the woodwork
within hours of me doing something they don’t like to jump on my
back...even following me to non-Tarot venues and reviews to do so. (Yes,
Aine Foley, I saw that you corrected my “Ms.” at Amazon with “Dr.”; you
must be so proud of that little piece of paper!)

You can thank Donnaleigh de LaRose for starting the bully meme, and the
subsequent mindless bandwagon that hitched their lot to such a vile,
insecure movement.

This brings me to slumming in the lower chakras. Now, I hate to get all
New Age on you. Honest. I’m about as fed up with the esoteric, unicorn-
farting-rainbows, shallow “bright blessings Light Workers” as anyone
craving authenticity and practical spirituality.

But energy is at the very heart of what’s been going on, so address it I

Here we go: Chakra 1 (Root Chakra) deals with tribalism and being “in the
group”. Chakra 2 (Sacral Chakra) deals with money, issues of control,
blame/guilt and creativity.

Most online Tarot groups are crippled with diseased and underdeveloped
Sacral Chakras.
You’ll not see the crazy tribalism, groupthink, gangs and pettiness in other
online groups dedicated to one topic or genre. In fact, those “outside” the
Tarot tribe (professional writers from other genres, artists, publishing
industry folk, etc.) view the kind of stuff I’ve been subjected to as certifiably
“nutcase” behavior (their words). No wonder people think that the Tarot is a
devil’s tool! Most who glom on to the cards are mentally unstable, lonely,
insecure, impoverished, needy, addictive, fearful and desperate—and it
shows. In spades.

Think of the language used by many in the online Tarot world, especially
the terms “tribe” or “circle”. This is territorial 1st Chakra-speak. These terms
are energetic lines in the sand that immediately broadcasts—intentionally
or not—us vs. them. These concepts, of course, can be used for
community building and camaraderie, but more often than not—especially
in the hands of the insecure—are an excuse to exclude (passive bullying)
and boycott/harass (public bullying).

In terms of the 2nd Chakra, why is it that so many in the online Tarot world
think they need a “Tarot Business in a Box” (and will pay people working
out of their trailers to get their very own)? Who don’t have anyone coming
to them for readings? Who aren’t making jack shit in terms of income?
Who can’t seem to finish a book or create anything worthwhile? Who are
being ignored by potential clients or fans?

I’ll tell you why: a scarcity mindset.

You can follow all the self-appointed marketing gurus you want and throw
money at those promising to “mega magnetize” your career with paying
customers…but until you deal with the root of your spiritual and financial
bankruptcy, you’ll continue to not only have a failed career, but also the
desperate “Buy my eBook!” “Get a reading from me!” and “Purchase a seat
to my webinar!” social media updates to prove it.

Me? Not only do I NOT advertise my Tarot readings, I’ve taken them off my
main page to discourage them before! (At one point, I didn’t enjoy doing
them so I begrudge that I was so busy with them). I even tried to direct
prospective clients to Elizabeth aka Lizzie’s Logic aka r0sered1ster to help
HER with her business (before she turned on me like the others, of
course)…but still, a crapload of Tarot orders!

And I still get them! Lots of them! And I make GOOD money for them.

Why? Because I don’t have a scarcity mindset, that’s why. I attract paying
clients because I know that there’s more than enough for everyone. That
clients will be drawn to, and find, the perfect reader for them…whether
that’s me or someone else.
The same is true for books, eBooks, decks or even blog posts. As long as
the playing field is even (i.e. no one is being censored), the audience is
limitless. There is no scarcity. Someone else succeeding doesn’t mean I’m
a “failure” or vice versa. We can all win. There’s more than enough for

That is, unless you have a diseased or malfunctioning 1st and/or 2nd

Then, you must attack anyone you perceive as a threat to your financial
well being, artistic creativity or “tribe”. You gather in gangs and organize
your efforts to “take down” those you don’t like. You react and lash out.
You stalk and hang on to the Threat’s every word, ready to take offense,
tattle tale, twist words or mobilize an attack.

Because you’re afraid. And have a poverty mindset. And feel like a
nobody. This then leads to jealousy, envy and anger.

You want what I have.

But you can’t have it…either because you’re unable, or unwilling, to do
what it takes to experience abundance and success.

And so instead of trying to excavate the shit encrusting your own life and
obscuring your own light—you try to cover or eliminate mine.

You do so by repeatedly clicking “unhelpful” on my reviews. By emailing
Amazon with your whiny complaints. By talking about me in your little
groups. By insinuating in your blog posts. By “taking a stand” against me.
By preventing your membership from talking about my work. But refusing
to review my products in your (supposedly) not-for-profit organization. By
saying I’m unwelcome in your annual Tarot conference. By harassing me
on my Facebook page, on my blogs or via email.

Each of these acts is ENERGY. And, every time you do them, you’re not
harming me…you’re harming your own energetic being (and karma). If you
feel something when you do it, it has an energetic charge. And you’re
leaking energy that will, one day, manifest in the form of bad karma, failure,
lack of intimate/fulfilling relationships, poverty and/or illness.

Because negative energy channeled in fear harms the user, not the
intended target. Go read Caroline Myss’s Anatomy of the Spirit, Sacred
Contracts or Why People Don’t Heal, if you don’t believe me.

And that’s just the chakra considerations to what’s been going on.

I’m not even going to bother explaining the disowned shadow aspect that’s
a huge part of the attacks on me (just go read Debbie Ford’s Dark Side of
  the Light Chasers or The Shadow Effect). Nor will I get into the archetypal
  or personality considerations (which can account for people not allowing
  individuals to be who they are, how they are—that is, not having to be “like
  you” to have the same goal even if their delivery is different).

  So, this is it. I’ve had enough. You Inquisitors and Witch Hunters can go
  throw a cyber party because you’ve accomplished your goal: to stop Janet
  from reviewing, writing and blogging on Tarot. Organizers, you can call off
  the hounds now. Reward them with doggie treats.

  You can stop watching Amazon, my personal Facebook page and my
  blogs like a hawk—there will be no more Tarot reviews, posts, teachings or
  classes (apart from my obligation to teach A Tour Through the Tarot for
  Jim Harold’s Paranormal Plus Club members than ends in November).

  I’ll be shutting down the Tarot Pals blog, too.

  Those who will never benefit from future Tarot books, classes, posts or
  reviews of mine? Their lack will be on your karmic head, as will be every
  person you turned against me with your poison. Those of you who’ve
  stayed silent when you had the opportunity to speak out in favor of free
  speech? Your karmic debt is equal to, or perhaps more than, the

  What will not change:

        My ardent work with, and for, the Snowland Deck. Our beautiful
         creation isn’t tainted by the word “Tarot”…or my haters.

        My honest reviews of products (although they will be non-Tarot, and
         infrequent, as I focus on my other writing projects).

        Me shining my big ol’ light the way I’m supposed to. I’m rocking The

I’m selling 98% of my Tarot decks and books. Stay tuned here and
elsewhere to buy OOP, rare, signed/numbered decks and other Tarot

Haters, if you have an ounce of decency, just leave me the hell alone to do
my work and shine like the heavens. Rather than tear down, go try to create
something. Go find your own light rather than trying to snuff out mine. Get
healing and mend your wounded, fearful souls.

While I’ve felt like the 3 Mental Suit of our Snowland Deck, and now feel like
Impermanence, I know these tears and grief will pass—for a new day dawns,
and I have much to create...just not with Tarot.
And then it will be time to rock on and broadcast my greatness.

Go forth and rock your own greatness. The world can use it.

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