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3D Stereo MEDIA 2012



                 From 3 to 6 December 2012

                    Crowne Plaza Hotel
                    Royal Opera House
                    Cinéma Sauvenière

                    AND DIGITAL ART

                       4TH EDITION

                        PRESS KIT
                   20 Novembre 2012
                                  The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art

                                   TABLE OF CONTENT
TABLE OF CONTENT                                                                                          2
1. PRESENTATION                                                                                           3
  INTRODUCTION                                                                                             3
  3D STEREO MEDIA 2011 : STATISTICS                                                                        3
  3D FILM FESTIVAL OF 3D STEREO MEDIA – 4TH EDITION                                                        4
  EUROPEAN I3DS CREATIVE ARTS AWARDS                                                                       5
  HOLLYWOOD IN LIEGE                                                                                       6
  3D FILM MART                                                                                             7
  PROFESSIONAL CONFERENCE                                                                                  8
  SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE                                                                                    8
  3D ACADEMY PRO                                                                                           9
  3D ACADEMY STARTER                                                                                       9
  AWEX PRIZE                                                                                              10
2. THE OBJECTIVES                                                                                         11
  WHO IS LIKELY TO BE INTERESTED IN 3D STEREO MEDIA?                                                      11
3. INITIATORS & PARTNERS                                                                                  12
  DECISIVE PARTNERS                                                                                       12
  BELGIUM: ONE OF THE EUROPEAN LEADERS IN DIGITAL 3D                                                      12
  3D STEREO MEDIA: A STRUCTURE FOR THE FUTURE                                                             13
4. PROGRAMME                                                                                              14
  FILMS IN COMPETITION                                                                                    14
  3D FILM FESTIVAL: MEMBERS OF THE JURY 2012                                                              17
  3D FILM MART                                                                                            18
  PROFESSIONAL CONFERENCE - PCON                                                                          19
5. PRACTICAL DETAILS                                                                                      20
  DATES AND VENUES                                                                                        20
  USEFUL LINKS                                                                                            20
  CONTACTS                                                                                                20
6. APPENDIX                                                                                               21
  BEN STASSEN’S BIO                                                                                       21

                                      Press Kit – 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 - 2
                                The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art

3D Stereo MEDIA is organized by the IMAGE&3D EUROPE non-profit company, presided by Albert
Corhay, First Vice-Rector of the University of Liège, and which comprises ten members, including the
TWIST cluster (Walloon Cluster for the Image, Sound and Text Technologies), the Belgian TV channel
RTBF and other Walloon companies active in this sector.

3D Stereo MEDIA is also called « The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital
Art ». The name suggests that this particular event equally considers the scientific, technological and
artistic sides of 3D. “3D” is here used in the broad sense, meaning not only stereoscopic 3D, but also
more advanced techniques such as digital video holography.

This 4th edition has new features:
     The event moves to the very center of Liège to enjoy the modern equipment and facilities of
         the City: the Crowne Plaza Hotel, the Royal Opera House and the Cinema Sauvenière;
     3D Stereo MEDIA welcomes a prestigious American association: the International 3D Society
         of Hollywood, which will hand out its "European 3D Creative Art Awards";
     Organization of an Awards Ceremony at the Royal Opera House open to the public on 6
         December: "Hollywood in Liège";
     The creation of a "3D Academy Starter" to initiate young people into the business
         opportunities in 3D.

3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 features several components grouped in five main pillars:

1. A Professional Conference
    - A 2-day Professional Conference (5-6 Dec.)
2. Two Film Festivals
    - The International 3D Film Festival
    - The European 3D Creative Art Awards of the International 3D Society
3. A 3D Film Mart
    - A coproduction market (3D Film Mart) featuring 20 S-3D film projects to be pitched
4. A 3D Academy
    - Pro: A 2-day training session in S-3D filmmaking (3-4 Dec.)
    - Starter: A half-day introduction to S-3D for higher education students (6 Dec.)
5. A Scientific Conference
    - A 2.5-day scientific Conference (3-4 Dec. all day and 5 Dec. till noon)

                                3D STEREO MEDIA 2011 : STATISTICS
750 professional participants from 20 different countries and from 4 continents
250 B2B meetings
80 speakers from 16 countries and 3 continents (e.g. Ben Grossmann, Oscar 2012 for best 3D VFX on Hugo)
65 films submitted to the 3D Film Festival, 18 nominated, 6 Awards
61 S-3D film projects submitted to the 3D Film Mart, 20 selected
10 international investors on the 3D Film Mart jury

                                    Press Kit – 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 - 3
                               The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art

The production of 3D movies continues its explosive growth both quantitatively and qualitatively.
The worldwide success of Avatar, by James Cameron, and more recently Tintin by Steven Spielberg,
and Hugo by Martin Scorsese, or the soon to be released The Hobbit by Peter Jackson or Life of Pi by
Ang Lee, have contributed to make 3D a major interest and a powerful driving force in digital cinema.

In the context of this « boiling » environment, 3D Stereo MEDIA organizes its 3D Film Festival, now in
its fourth edition. Producers and directors coming from 14 countries have submitted to the
organizers more than 60 movies, each falling in one of the following categories:

       feature (i.e. long) movies of fiction using real images
       feature (i.e. long) movies of fiction using synthetic images
       short movies of any type using real images
       short movies of any type using synthetic images
       alternative contents
       movies by students

The movies submitted to the 3D Film Festival show the wide variety and dynamism of the current 3D-
movie industry.

A selection committee has preselected 20 movies in each of the six categories above.

Ben Stassen will be the president of the jury for this 4th edition. The jury (see list of the members in
appendix) will screen and score the nominated films and will reward one film in each category. These
prizes will be handed out during the Awards Ceremony on 6 Dec. at the Royal Opera House of Liège.

The winner chosen by the Jury in each category will receive an
Award consisting of a “Perron of Crystal”, which is a crystal
“pyramid” specially made for the Film Festival by the designer
Eric Delvaux at the world-renowned crystal works of Val Saint-
Lambert of Liège.

                           Ben Stassen will do us the honor to present his new 3D film: « African
                           Safari 3D », screened as a world premiere, during a special screening
                           session for all 3D Stereo MEDIA participants.

                           A certain number of seats will be opened to the public.

                           The screening will take place on Wednesday, 5 December at 8PM at the
                           Cinéma Sauvenière (registration and information at the cinema).

                                   Press Kit – 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 - 4
                                         The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art

                                     EUROPEAN I3DS CREATIVE ARTS AWARDS
This year, the international reputation of 3D Stereo MEDIA is bearing fruit.
Indeed, the International 3D Society (Hollywood, California) chose our event to
organize jointly their European 3D Creative Arts Awards. These prizes reward
the best film and television productions in 3D in Europe, the Middle-East and
North Africa. The Awards Ceremony will take place at the magnificent Royal
Opera House of Liège.

The International 3D Society, which recently merged with 3D@Home, thus becoming the largest 3D
organization in the world, will hand out its "Lumière Statuettes" in Liège. This prestigious award -
already received by Martin Scorsese for Hugo in Hollywood - will be handed out here in Liège to
reward the best 3D productions selected by the I3DS European Committee.

                                                        The European Committee, chaired by Prof. Jacques Verly
                                                        of the University of Liège, gathers key players in the
                                                        European 3D world. Producers, directors, stereographers,
                                                        researchers, or broadcasters, from all over Europe, got
                                                        together to screen and score the 3D productions of the

                                                        There are many categories, for 3D does not only apply to
                                                        movies, but also to the small screen. And TV channels are
                                                        constantly looking for contents to deliver to their
                                                        subscribers. This is why the capture of TV shows, or sports
                                                        events in S-3D become commonplace. Technological
                                                        advances and the cost reductions that it generates can
                                                        now offer to the public more programs in 3D relief.

 Martin Scorsese, looking at his Lumière statuette at
 the I3DS Ceremony in Los Angeles – Feb. 2012

Examples of the Awards handed out in Los Angeles in February 2012:

        Live Action 3D Feature - Hugo, Paramount Pictures
        3D Documentary - Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Creative Differences
        Stereography - Animation – Puss in Boots, DreamWorks Animation
        Electronic Broadcast Media (TV) – Live Sports - Champions League Final, BSkyB

                     For more information, please visit the International 3D Society website at

                                              Press Kit – 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 - 5
                              The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art

                                        HOLLYWOOD IN LIEGE

The Awards Ceremony of the 3D Film Festival will have a special flavor
this year. The connection between Europe and Hollywood will be
honored during this special evening at the prestigious Royal Opera
House of Liège. This event is open to the public and free of charge.

During this Ceremony, prizes will be awarded to the best productions for the 3D Film Festival, the
best scientific contribution, the best pitch for the 3D Film Mart, as well as the AWEX prize (see p.10
for more information). The first part of the Ceremony will then be followed by the “Lumiere
Statuettes” handed out by the I3DS European Committee. And a random member of the audience
will then be called onstage to receive a voucher for a trip for two to Hollywood.

Indeed, in the context of the invitation sent to the general public, 3D Stereo MEDIA has launched a
competition via the website with which people can try to win a trip for two
in the mythical city of Hollywood. Anyone wishing to register must simply visit the website, answer 3
questions, and then go to the Royal Opera House of Liège on 6 Dec. equipped with his/her entry
form. An innocent hand will draw one entry form to select the winner.

The trip for two includes two return flights, 5 nights in a hotel near Hollywood Boulevard and 2
entries to the Universal Studios theme park. It is a rare occasion to have the opportunity to
participate in such an event for free and have a chance to win such a trip!

                                  Press Kit – 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 - 6
                                The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art

                                               3D FILM MART

3D Stereo MEDIA features this year again its 3D film market, called the 3D Film Mart (3DFM). It is the
first European co-production market for stereoscopic-3D (S-3D) movies.

The 3D Film Mart was developed by 3D Stereo MEDIA in association with TWIST and peacefulfish. It is
partially funded by the regional government of Wallonia and by the MEDIA Program of the European
Commission (EC), and is thus an official project of the EC. This gives it a wide visibility and a
significant notoriety in Europe and beyond.

This co-production market works as follows. Producers of 3D contents (for cinema, TV, ...) who have
projects for S-3D contents (feature, documentary, animation, alternative content, ...) at an early
stage of development, and are looking for financing, are invited to submit their projects to the
market. Since the primary goal of the market is to boost the production of quality 3D content and to
be educational, the market strongly encourages producers that lack experience in S-3D but are
successful in 2D movie making - or in some other form of art - to submit their first S-3D project,
thereby using the market as a way to get up to speed in the demanding world of 3D!

For this second edition, we have received many projects coming from a dozen countries for a total
budget of €155 million.

A jury will select the 20 best projects submitted. The producer of each selected project will be invited
to present his/her project to a panel of eleven investors (sales agents, distributors, financiers ...). The
panel will select the best of these projects and its producer will be eligible to receive an award in the
amount of 3,000.00€. Producers and investors will interact during pitching sessions and one-to-one

It will take place on Tuesday, 4 December from 11:00 AM to 6:30PM and on Wednesday, 5 December
from 9:00AM to 12.30 PM.

                                    Press Kit – 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 - 7
                               The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art

                                     PROFESSIONAL CONFERENCE
The professional section of 3D Stereo MEDIA will take place on 5-6 December at the Royal Opera
House of Liège. It will be composed of:

   A broad program of conferences, consisting of presentations and discussions for professionals of
    image, films, television, technology, communication, and education. Specialists - from 10+
    countries and internationally known - do us the honor to be in Liège for the occasion.
   These conferences will take place in a room specially equipped with 3D projection.
   The conference room is specially equipped with 3D sound system for the audience to experiment
    audio 3D.
   This year, three major Keynote Speakers will give us a speech: Chuck Comisky (Avatar), Buzz Hays
    (Beowulf), and Robert Neumann (The Lion King, Tangled,…) (see 4.Program).

                                        SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE

After the big success of its first edition, 3D Stereo MEDIA features for the second consecutive year an
international, scientific and engineering conference dedicated to the multidisciplinary topic of 3D
imaging, with emphasis on the near to very-long term, and called - to be pronounced “I see 3D” ...
This conference conforms to the standards of major scientific and engineering conferences.
Submitted papers are peered-reviewed; accepted papers are presented orally or as posters, and
published in proceedings.

The IEEE is a technical co-sponsor of IC3D and publishes its proceedings. This ensures a high visibility
for IC3D, its papers, and their authors.

IC3D is the “Skunk Works” of 3D Stereo MEDIA. This is where research scientists and engineers
thoroughly explore the principles, theories, physics, technologies, algorithms, mathematics, etc. of
3D imaging, and where many future marvels of x-3D are being conceived.

The conference rooms are equipped with S-3D visualization.

                                   Press Kit – 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 - 8
                                The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art

                                             3D ACADEMY PRO
The objective of the 3D ACADEMY PRO is to gather professionals who are active in the fields of
broadcast and cinema (directors, producers, film school teachers,...) and to provide them with the
basis in 3D filmmaking. The program is divided into two parts:

       The first day consists of (1) lectures presenting the key concepts of stereovision and
        stereography, and (2) hands-on demonstrations and experimentation using real-life
        equipment comprising S-3D cameras, rigs, post-production equipment (if available), and
        visualization means. A typical demonstration or experiment involves S-3D captures, various
        adjustments of key parameters, and a direct visualization of the results on an S-3D screen or

       The second day consists in a series of case studies, where experienced S-3D
        cinematographers discuss their techniques for making some of the best S-3D movies in the
        World, and describe the behind-the-scenes of making S-3D movies.

The training session covers the hard, technical aspects of 3D-film making, as well as its softer, artistic
aspects. The program consists of a balanced mix of lectures presenting the key concepts, of
demonstrations using state-of-the-art equipment, and of commented screenings of excerpts of S-3D
films. The equipment used for teaching and/or experimentation comprise S-3D cameras, rigs, post-
production equipment, and visualization means. A typical experiment involves S-3D captures, various
adjustments of parameters, and a direct visualization of the effects on an S-3D screen or display.

The session should appeal to tools developers (engineers, ...) and end-users (artists, ...).

                                          3D ACADEMY STARTER
3D Stereo MEDIA provides the opportunity for Belgian students to follow an half day of free
presentations by 3D professionals. Fabien Remblier (Beefree Prod.), producer, director and author of
Tourner en 3D-relief explains: "I had the chance to have some experience on the field, and I learned
much more than just a technique, I learned a real job, both close and so different from my job as a
director in 2D...".

3D Academy Starter wants to have the same kind of approach that the students have at school, while
presenting an aspect of a possible "future job" they know little about, or not at all.

The objective is to teach young people filmmaking techniques in 3D, to show them some productions
and encourage them to develop their own skills in the different techniques to shoot in real image or
animation. Conducted with the assistance of 3D professionals, this half-day will also use case studies
to show the differences between the 2D and 3D realization.

                                    Press Kit – 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 - 9
                              The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art

                                               AWEX PRIZE

In addition to the prizes of the Film Festival and the Film Mart, 3D Stereo MEDIA will also hand out
the AWEX Prize rewarding the work a Walloon company that has shown a talent in the field of 3D

At the Awards Ceremony of 3D Stereo MEDIA on 6 December, Wallonia and its skills in 3D will be
highlighted through the AWEX Prize 2012. This prize, given by Mr Christian Verdin, Inspector General
of the Walloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency (AWEX), will reward the work of a Walloon
company that has shown a particular talent in the field of 3D technology based on the following

       1. Development of an innovative 3D technology
       2. Excellence in the use of 3D technology
       3. Vivacity to export its know-how

The AWEX prize will be given during the same Ceremony as the 3D Film Festival awards and the I3DS
European Creative Arts Awards on Thursday, 6 December at 8.30PM at the Royal Opera House of

                                 Press Kit – 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 - 10
                              The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art

Not one month goes by without a new 3D film in the movie theaters. Of course it is legitimate to
wonder how some directors have integrated the “3D language”. However, progressively, the movie
productions offer better quality content in relief.
3D Stereo MEDIA modestly intends to contribute to the emergence of quality content that respects
the "3D grammar", through the 3D Film Festival and the 3D Academy Pro, the 3D Film Mart, or by
educating future S-3D producers thanks to the 3D Academy Starter.

But 3D-stereo cinema is only the tip of the iceberg of 3D! There are, in fact, many other applications
of 3D, and the techniques that are used can be very sophisticated. Without surprise, most people,
including many professionals active in 3D, are totally unaware of the submerged part of the iceberg...
and this is what 3D Stereo MEDIA wishes to change!

A key feature of the general domain of 3D is that it is multidisciplinary. For some applications, this
domain is also the convergence of scientists, engineers, and artists (hence the name « The 3D-Stereo
Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art »). Of course, 3D is a major source of business
opportunities, some of which still have to be created.

All the scientific, technical and artistic aspects are covered by all the activities offered to
professionals during the 4 days of the event. 3D Stereo MEDIA is more than a punctual event. It is a
platform for meeting and stimulating artistic, economic and technological development in the
Walloon Region, in the heart of Europe.

An event for professionals:
     The key people of the film production chain: writers, directors, stage technicians,
       distributors, cinema operators, ...
     Manufacturers of capture equipment, mass storage, projection, visualization, ...
     The actors in the communication media, communication agencies and advertising, scientific
       parks and attraction parks, event organizers, ...
     The inventors and developers of scientific and technical applications;
     The general and specialized press.

An event for scientists:
     The engineers and researchers working on the 3D future technologies in all dimensions: S-3D,
       multi-view, holography… anything that will make the 3D of tomorrow and after tomorrow.

An event for the public:
 The Awards Ceremony is a free event open to the public

                                 Press Kit – 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 - 11
                              The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art

                                          DECISIVE PARTNERS

To accomplish this event, a large number of Belgian and European (and beyond) companies are
supporting us, as well as governments (Walloon regional government...). Listed below are some of
the companies that are going to mobilize their high technology:

Belgium: dcinex, nWave Pictures, RTBF, Barco, Galaxy Studios, Touch4info, C2D
France: Eutelsat, Transvideo
Slovenie & USA: XpanD
Norway: Projection Design
Korea: Samsung
USA: Samsonite

Public support :
    Ministry of Economy, SMEs, Trade and New Technologies;
    Ministry of Scientific Research;
    Ministry of Culture, Audiovisual, Health and Equal Opportunities
    Walloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency
    The City of Liège
    The Province of Liège

Initiators and partners of 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 are convinced that the revolution linked to the
stereoscopic image has to encourage businesses, training centers, artists, media, etc. to come to our
region to seize new opportunities in 3D-stereo.

Our region has long been a network of well-known companies in the field of 3D: dcinex (European
leader in 2D and 3D digital cinema installation), nWave Pictures (world leader in production and
distribution of 3D content, co-founded by world famous director Ben Stassen), intoPIX (contributor to
the implementation of JPEG 2000 image compression), Barco (one of the three major global
manufacturers of 3D projectors and various means of display), etc.

Liège, in particular, brings together many 3D companies which led the organizers of 3D Stereo MEDIA
to make a promotional video called: The 3D Valley in Europe.

This video features the Liège-based companies that are active in 3D and shows pictures of the
following companies and organizations: the Pôle Image of Liège (PIL), EVS, dcinex, Digital Graphics,
Technifutur, Miysis, Montefiore Institute. This video will be widely shown throughout the world. It
will also be shown as part of the Awards Ceremony on 6 December.

                                 Press Kit – 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 - 12
                               The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art


The e-mage technology cluster promotes the development of all areas related to digital imaging,
including the acquisition, processing, synthesis, broadcasting, and visualization of all types of images
and video streams, as well as signals and information channels, such as sound, graphics and text.

The University of Liège, and in particular its Laboratory for the Exploitation of Signals and Images
(INTELSIG Laboratory), under the direction of Professors Jean-Jacques Embrechts, Justus Piater, Marc
Van Droogenbroeck, and Jacques Verly. The former is the initiator of the event has led many research
projects on image and sound processing in 2D and 3D.

The Image&3D Europe association was established in August 2010 to ensure the sustainability of the
organization of 3D Stereo MEDIA.
The association is chaired by the Vice-Rector of the University of Liège, Albert Corhay.
Its founding members are:

       The University of Liège
       The University Hospital of Liège
       RTBF
       Technifutur
       The Cluster TWIST
       Digital Graphics
       Victor Studio
       Virtualis
       Buena Onda Pictures
       Eventis

                                  Press Kit – 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 - 13
                                      The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art

                                                FILMS IN COMPETITION
Feature films in real images
Dead Before Dawn 3D
Director: April Mullen
Stereographer: Jeff Packer
Production: WANGO Films
Country: Canada
Synopsis: A bunch of college kids accidentally unleash an evil curse that
causes everyone they make eye contact with to kill themselves and
turn into Zombie Demons, aka Zemons!

Ride & Fly
Director: Emmbé
Stereographer: Maxime Beucher
Production: Cow Prod
Country: France
Synopsis: Ride & Fly follows the steps of three A-Level
sportsmen enjoying a new, relatively unknown and adrenaline
providing activity: The Speed Riding. Equiped with skis and a
paraglider wing, they speed on snow, jump over rock faces,
take off to do spectacular acrobatics and slalom in-between

The Forbidden Girl
 Director: Till Hastreiter
Stereographer: Alaric Hamacher, Zsolt Magyari
Production: Comp
Country: Germany
Synopsis: Young Toby McClift, recently released from an insane asylum,
finds work at an eerie manor and is seduced by the owner's niece. The
young woman is the splitting image of his first love, who was killed by a
mysterious creature many years ago…

Wickie and the Treasure of Gods
Director: Christian Ditter
Stereographer: Florian Maier
Production: Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH
Country: Germany
Synopsis: When will little Wickie finally become a real Viking? This
question is giving his father Halvar sleepless nights. But when Sven
the Terrible kidnaps the chief of Flake, Wickie unexpectedly gets his
big chance…

Feature films in synthetic images

The Magical Duvet
Director: Frantisek A. Brabec
Stereographer: Jan Buriánek, Martin Petro, Tomás Chudomel
Production: Hollywood Classic Entertainment Co-production: ACE a.s.
Country: Czech Republic
Synopsis: The great musical comedy by F.A. Brabec V perine is the first
Czech film made entirely in 3D.

                                         Press Kit – 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 - 14
                                       The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art

The Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit
Director: Sun Lijun
Production: Tianjin North Film Group
Country: China
Synopsis: To keep a promise to a dying Kung Fu master on the run, a
humble farmhouse Rabbit must step out of the kitchen, and take on
ancient Beijing's baddest Bear, to save the fate of China's Kung Fu
Academy forever.

Short movies in real images

The Collection
Director: Andrew Murchie
Stereographer: Andrew Murchie
Production: Enhanced Dimensions
Country: UK
Synopsis: Julian Lamb, a young research assistant agrees to support
Professor Kit Young in his research project…

6 miniatures cabinets
Director: François Vogel
Stereographer: Hugo Barbier
Production: La Bouée Bleue
Country: France

The Big Showdown
 Director: Jean-Nicolas Rivat
Stereographer: Fabienne Delaleau
Production: C TON FILM Productions
Country: France
Synopsis: Norbert, a solitary man becomes paranoiak. His night
experience will open his eyes on his condition…

Short movies in synthetic images

The Legend
Director: Hani Kichi
Production: Blink Studios
Country: AEU
Synopsis: Set in the depths of the ocean, a mythical mermaid falls
victim to her own curiosity and breaks the ultimate law of the sea.
Caught by the sea-gate Cyclops, she faces the great Poseidon…

Director: Thomas G. Murphy, Hilere
Stereographer: Kristof Indeherberge
Production: Streamline
Country: Belgium / UK
Synopsis: Inspiring 3D adventure: Bullies don't win. Friends come in
all shapes and sizes. The water Haggis lives in an Idyllic life beneath
a stunning lake and their beautiful underwater cavern…

                                           Press Kit – 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 - 15
                                     The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art

Proverbs in 3D
Director: Nicolas Charmel
Stereographer: Nicolas Charmel
Production: Outer Space Productions
Country: France
Synopsis: Animated entertaining and informative series of 3D
stereoscopic computer generated images. Each episode focuses on
various objects of everyday life to illustrate with humourous and
poetic manner a proverb, a quote or a saying.

The Little Prince
Director: Jérémie Degrusson, Philippe Tailliez
Production: nWave Pictures
Country: Belgium
Synopsis: The magic of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's endearing story
in a fully immersive spectacular journey. Accompanied by his
hilarious friend the Fox, the Little Prince leaps from one fanciful
universe to another in search of his beloved Rose…

Alternative Content

Director: Philippe Nicolet - NVP3D
Stereographer: Philippe Nicolet - NVP3D
Production: European Commission - DG Research & Innovation
Country: European Commission
Synopsis: This film shows the high technology developed by the
European Research in Fusion on remote handling activities. The
remote handling is essential in Fusion for the maintenance. This
video is divided in two parts. The first part presents the remote
handling activities inside JET, the European Fusion Tokamak which
get the best result in the world. It is the first time that the 3D
stereoscopy visualisation has been used inside a reactor

Timeride Vienna
Director: Jörg Courtial
Stereographer: Wolf Silbermann
Production: FaberCourtial
Country: Germany
Synopsis: "Timeride Vienna" takes the audience to a rapid journey
through the 2000-year history of the Austrian capital - via

China Cup
Director: James Choo
Stereographer: Karlo Li, Fok Ho Kwan
Production: Animegg Kingdom Entertainment Limited
Country: China
Synopsis: Promotion film for the International Regatta China Cup.

Director: Ivan Robert Sertic
Stereographer: Thomas Adolph, Heiko Schlomka
Production: DSW21 Co-production: ZOOM-Entertainment
Country: Germany
Synopsis: Choreographer XingPengWang is searching for the "beat"
of the city in which he lives in and is trying to bring this beat on

                                         Press Kit – 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 - 16
                                      The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art

Movies by students

Flamingo Pride
Director: Tomer Eshed
Stereographer: Dennis Rettkowski
Production: Talking Animals
Country: Germany
Synopsis: The story of the only heterosexual flamingo, in his
desperate attempt to find love…

Wings 3D
Director: Krzysztof Szafraniec
Stereographer: Krzysztof Szafraniec, Kamil Jaworek
Production: The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School
Country: Poland
Synopsis: A painter is sometimes a fragile and defenceless
creature, which is why it is lucky when his work is supported by
someone endowed with nearly god-like power

The Fairy-Tale Cookery Chronicles 3D
Director: Kamil Jaworek
Stereographer: Kamil Jaworek
Production: PWSFTviT
Country: Poland

Ben Stassen (B)              nWave Pictures, Président
Fabien Remblier (F)          BeeFree Productions
Sylvain Grain (F)            N3D Land Productions
Buzz Hays (USA)              TRUE IMAGE COMPANY, Inc.
Kommer Kleijn (B)            SBC, La Cambre
Florian Maier (D)            STEREOTEC
Greg Passmore (USA)          PassemoreLab

                                         Press Kit – 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 - 17
                                The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art

                                               3D FILM MART
List of selected projects

ADAM 3D                                                        Richard the Stork
    Project Holder: Tommaso Arrighi                                Project Holder: Kristine Knudsen
    Production: Mood Film S.r.l                                    Production: Memari and Knudsen
    Country: Italy                                                 Country: Germany / Norway

Time Travellers Guide                                          Leonardo Da Vinci - A journey, a life
     Project Holder: Olivier Lauchenauer                           Project Holder: François Bertrand
     Production: Pogo Films Ltd.                                   Production: Camera Lucida Productions
     Country: UK                                                   Country: France

Earth Mysteries                                                Here, There and Beyond
     Project Holder: Olivier Kauffer                               Project Holder: Mihai Ionescu
     Production: Olivier Kauffer                                   Production: GEF ART Film
     Country: France                                               Country: Romania

Sculpture in 3D                                                Le pays où les abeilles ne meurent pas
     Project Holder: Katya Panova                                  Project Holder: Francis Doré
     Production: Artline Films                                     Production: Différence Films
     Country: France                                               Country: France

Marguerite Yourcenar at Villa Adriana in 3D                    Calcio Storico
    Project Holder: Alessandro Furlan                               Project Holder: Michaël Caranicolas
    Company: ALTAIR4 Multimedia SRL                                 Production: Cow Prod Sarl
    Country: Italy                                                  Country: Italy / France

Louder than Hell - Wacken Open Air 3D                          Overlord, Normandy 1944
     Project Holder: Tomas Erhart                                 Project Holder: Catherine Vuong
     Production: Jumpseat 3D pülus Germany                        Production: N3D Land Productions
     Country: Germany                                             Country: France

The Fire Dragon                                                Des remèdes et des hommes
     Project Holder: Ferran Audi                                   Project Holder: Stéphane Dalmat
     Production: Alta Realitat                                     Production: Info & Co
     Country: Spain                                                Country: France

Les Passagers du temps                                         The return of the third Dimension
     Project Holder: Jean-Philippe Macchioni                       Project Holder: Laurence Tramaux
     Production: MC4                                               Production: Polygone onze
     Country: France                                               Country: France / Spain / Belgium

We Build the World                                             Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk
    Project Holder: Igno Knopf                                     Project Holder: Thomas Kornfeld
    Production: Virtual Experience                                 Production: Nomad Films
    Country: Germany                                               Country: France

Razors 3D                                                      Guns N Roses Live in Las Vegas
     Project Holder: Ian Powell                                   Project Holder: Gunther Kutsch
     Production: Magic Mask Pictures Limited                      Company: ABC Entertainment GmbH
     Country: UK                                                  Country: Germany

                                    Press Kit – 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 - 18
                                 Le Forum Européen de la 3D-Stéréo pour le Science, la Technologie et l’Art numérique

                                 PROFESSIONAL CONFERENCE - PCON
Our professional conference (PCON), now it its 4th edition, is dedicated to stereoscopic-3D (S-3D)
technology, arts, and contents, and to hot, emerging topics in all aspects, applications, and forms
(stereoscopic, holographic,...) of 3D.

                 Chuck Comisky's introduction to filmmaking was through the Roger Corman on-the-job-
                 training school of visual effects. He graduated to mainstream fare such as NIGHTMARE ON
                 BLADE, RUSH HOUR, and, ultimately, AVATAR. Moving into 3D, Comisky supervised the
                 stereo-3D visual effects for Cameron's IMAX 3D documentaries, "Ghosts of the Abyss" and
                 "Aliens of the Deep". He produced the filmed portion of "T2-3D Battle Across Time", an
                 award winning Universal Studios theme park attraction, this while supervising the stereo-3D
visual effects. Major studios he worked with/for include Disney, Fox, Sony/Columbia, Lightstorm
Entertainment, New Line Pictures, Paramount, Universal, and visual effects powerhouses ILM, Digital Domain,
and Sony Imageworks. His stereo-3D experience includes both natively-shot stereoscopic features and post-
converted shots. Chuck Comisky is on the Board of Governors of the "International 3D Society & 3D@Home
Consortium", based in Los Angeles.

                  Buzz Hays holds a Master of Fine Arts in Film Production from the University of Southern
                  California and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Maine. Between 1987 and 1993,
                  Hays served as director of engineering at Lucasfilm THX. In 2009, he produced the 3D version
                  of the family adventure “G-Force”, a Jerry Bruckheimer Production for Walt Disney Pictures.
                  Hays' work also includes producing the 3D versions of “Monster House”, “Open Season”, and
                  Robert Zemeckis' “Beowulf”. Hays is currently the Studio Chief at TRUE IMAGE COMPANY,
                  Inc., a 3D production company, and he’s a leading 3D consultant in film and television around
the world. He is formerly the senior vice president of the 3D Technology Center at Sony Corporation. There,
Hays was responsible for overseeing the production and post-production of all the 3D content. He is one of the
leading experts in the field of modern stereoscopic production.

                   Robert Neumann is the Stereoscopic Department Head for Walt Disney Animation Studios.
                   He is currently supervising on their upcoming feature, "Wreck-it Ralph", and the 3D re-
                   release of Disney's classic "The Little Mermaid". Robert also pioneered the 3D process used
                   for the re-releases of "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Lion King", the latter resulting in a
                   "3D Creative Arts Award" for Best Stereoscopic Conversion. His work on "Tangled"
                   garnered the "3D Creative Arts Award" for Best 3D Scene of the Year, and his achievements
                   with Disney's stereoscopic pipeline were honored with a "Lumiere statuette" for 3D
technology. Robert's work in 3D has generated a dozen patent applications, and he is the recipient of twelve
Disney Inventor Awards for his innovations in stereoscopic filmmaking.

                                  Press Kit – 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 - 19
                              The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art

                                          DATES AND VENUES

-The conferences will take place at the Royal Opera House of Liège
     Scientific Conference (IC3D): from 3 Dec. 9AM to 5 Dec. 12.30PM
     Professional Conference (PCON) : from 5 Dec. 2PM to 6 Dec. 5.30PM
-The 3D Film Mart will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel from 4 Dec. 11AM to 5 Dec. 12PM
-The film selection of the Festival du Film 3D will take place at the Cinéma Sauvenière on 5 Dec. (AM)
-The 3D Academy Pro will take place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on 3-4 Dec.
-The 3D Academy Starter will take place at the Cinéma Sauvenière on 6 Dec. from 2PM-5.30PM.

-The Awards Ceremony will take place at the Royal Opera House of Liège on 6 Dec. from 8.30PM.

                                              USEFUL LINKS

                                 INFO FOR GENERAL PUBLIC
                                         Tel. 04 233 62 97
                              (From another country : +32 4 233 62 97)


Coordination of the Conferences
Jacques Verly – c/o Université de Liège – +32 (0)4 366 4994 -

General Organization
Alain Gallez – c/o Eventis – +32 (0)4 233 62 97 –

Coordination of the Festival
Guillaume Léonard - +32(0) 4 233 62 97 –

Coordination of the 3D Film Mart
Pierre Collin – c/o TWIST – +32 (0)475 663 880 –

Contact for the Press
Alain Gallez – c/o Eventis - +32 (0)4 233 62 97 –

                                 Press Kit – 3D Stereo MEDIA 2012 - 20
                              The European 3D-Stero Summit for Science, Technology, and Digital Art

                                          BEN STASSEN’S BIO
                                President of the 3D Film Festival

                     Ben Stassen, one of the principals at nWave Pictures, is a feature film and
                     special venue filmmaker who specializes in 3D and 4D formats.

                     Stassen released his first theatrical feature film, “Fly Me to the Moon,”
                     worldwide throughout 2008. “Fly Me to the Moon,” an animated film featuring
                     the voices Kelly Ripa, Tim Curry, Nicollette Sheridan, and Christopher Lloyd, is
                     the first true 3D feature film that has been conceived and created for the 3D

                     In 2009, Ben Stassen ran the 3D animated film "Around the World in 50
Years-3D", with the voices of Jenny McCarthy, Kathy Griffin, Anthony Anderson and Tim Curry among

Stassen’s beginnings in the digital era began when he produced one of the first high-resolution
computer graphics films for the large format screen, “Devil’s Mine Ride.” He subsequently went on to
co-found nWave Pictures with Eric Dillens, Caroline Van Iseghem and Anthony Huerta. nWave has
since become the largest producer and distributor of ride and attraction films in the world.

In 1996, nWave expanded the company’s operations into the large format arena. Stassen’s Imax
directorial debut, “Thrill Ride: The Science of Fun” (Sony Pictures Classics, 1997), was hugely
successful. His debut was followed by the 3D giant screen spectacular films “3D Mania: Encounter in
the Third Dimension (nWave Pictures Dimension, 1998) and “Alien Adventure” (nWave Pictures
Dimension, 1999).

Stassen’s talents were subsequently used to create and direct a series of other provocative and
successful film titles including “Haunted Castle” (nWave Pictures, 2001), which blends computer
generated digital imagery and live action photography in 3D; “S.O.S. Planet,” the sequel to “3D
Mania;” and “Wild Safari 3D” (nWave Pictures, 2005), which was filmed entirely on location in South
Africa, and “Sammy’s Adventures”. “Sammy’s Adventures 2” and “African Safari 3D” will soon be

A world leader in multi-platform digital filmmaking, Stassen is a renowned source who speaks
regularly on topics including his strategies and opinions about the future of 3D cinema and utilizing
digital technologies to maximize intellectual properties throughout multiple media.

Stassen graduated from USC’s School of Cinema and Television in the US.

                                      PHOTOS & LOGOS
                   Photos et logos are available at

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