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									Title Slide

Narration: "Hello and welcome to
'Recovering Data from a hard Disk Drive'.
This is a instructional video that will take
you through the steps of recovering data
when a computer goes bad."

Transition: Fade out

Computer not working

Narration: "If your computer stopped
working and you have important data on
your hard drive, this video is for you!"

Transition: Fade in, then fade out to Step 1

Extract hard drive from computer

Narration: "The first step to recovering
data is removing the hard drive from the
bad computer. Locate screws, open case,
disconnect cables, then remove hard

Transition: Fade to video

VIDEO: Removing hard drive
Open Auxiliary computer

Narration: "Next the auxiliary computer
must be prepared. be sure your computer
is powered down. Open the computer and
locate an available SATA cable (shown
here) and a power cable.

Transition: Fade to video

VIDEO: Preparing Auxiliary computer

Diagram: Hard drive connections close up
Connect Hard drive to
Auxiliary computer

Narration: "Connect the
power cable and data cable
to proper places on the hard
drive. Be careful not to drop
or force cables into the hard
drive... Notice the

Transition: Fade to Video

VIDEO: Connecting Hard

Diagram: Close up of
connected hard drive.
Power up computer, access data
on hard drive and extract

Narration: "Boot up the computer.
If connected correctly, the
operating system should
recognize the hard drive. Click
'My Computer' and select the
hard drive desired. Access data."

Transition: Fade to Video

VIDEO: Camtasia recorded video
of accessing the hard drive with
the operating system.

End Slide

Narration: "Thank you for watching
''Recovering Data from a hard Disk Drive'.
I hope it helped you recovery important

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