St. Paul _ Biblical Lands Mediterranean Cruise _ Pilgrimage by liuhongmeiyes


									Steve Ray                Dr. Scott Hahn

                                          Join us on a
                          St. Paul & Biblical Lands
                      Mediterranean Cruise & Pilgrimage
                              October 25 – November 4, 2012
                              With Optional Tour to Rome
                                  November 4 – 7, 2012

            Ephesus                        Acropolis in Athens                   Ancient Roman Roads

     7 Night Cruise on the Steps of Paul Ocean Majesty; 1 night pre-cruise accommodation in
     Athens; 1 night post cruise accommodation in Athens for those not electing Rome extension
     Dinner and continental breakfast in Athens; breakfast and dinner on the ship
                    All sightseeing and tours (as stated in itinerary) by luxury coach
                     All tips and cruise taxes    DVD-Paul Contending for the Faith
                                    Private daily Masses at sacred sites
             This is a purely Catholic experience at Catholic sites with Steve and Janet Ray
            and Dr. Scott and Kimberly Hahn and Mike Aquilina as your personal guides!
           St. Paul and Biblical Lands Mediterranean Cruise & Pilgrimage Itinerary*
Day 1: October 25, 2012                 Depart USA
 Airfare is not included, but available from your home city. Please inquire when making your reservation.
Day 2: October 26, 2012                 Arrive in Athens
 Arrive in Athens and transfer to your hotel. (Transfers to hotel not included; available for $45/person.) Evening Mass at hotel.
Day 3: October 27, 2012                 Corinth
Tour ancient Corinth and celebrate an outdoor Mass. Visit the ruins of the ancient city where Paul lived including the remains of first-
century shops, the Agora, the magnificent Temple of Apollo, and the Judgement Seat where Paul was put on trial. Visit the museum.
See the canal dug from rock on the drive to Piraeus where we embark on the cruise ship. See important information about the ship on the back
Day 4: October 28, 2012                 Thessaloniki/Veria
In Thessaloniki visit the ancient walls, the House of Jason where Paul stayed and the Agora where he preached. Then continue to
Veria (biblical Beroea) to see remains of the ancient Roman Road and the memorial to Paul s preaching to the local Jews around 51
A.D. Mass site to be announced.
Day 5: October 29, 2012                 Kavala/Philippi
Tour Kavala (biblical Neapolis) where Paul, Timothy and Silas first landed on European soil. From there, visit Philippi where Paul
preached and was imprisoned and the Baptistery of Lydia, where the first European convert was baptized. Mass site to be announced.
Day 6: October 30, 2012                 Istanbul
In the morning we arrive in Istanbul, one of the world s greatest historic cities. Formerly Constantinople, the center of the Eastern
Roman Empire. Istanbul sits astride the continents of Europe and Asia and here East meets West. We visit the Topkapi Palace and the
Blue Mosque where we ll learn about Islam. Then to the gem of Istanbul, Hagia Sofia the largest church in Christendom for 1000
years. Mass site to be announced.
Day 7: October 31, 2012                 Dikili/Pergamon
A tour from Dikili (our port) to Pergamon, one of the seven churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Visit the Acropolis and the
Asclepion. It is one of the best-preserved ancient sites in Turkey. Mass site to be announced.
Day 8: November 1, 2012                 Kusadasi/Ephesus/Miletus
Arrive at Kusadasi. Visit Ephesus, the most impressive archeological site in Turkey. Sit in the Great Amphitheater where Paul probably
preached. Mass at Mary s House. Free lunch and demonstration at a Turkish rug factory. Time permitting, visit ruins of St. John s
Basilica and tomb of John and the Council Church of 431 — and an afternoon tour of Miletus where Paul gave a farewell address
to the Ephesians.
Day 9: November 2, 2012                 Patmos
Disembark on the Island of Patmos, a Sacred Island for Christians. Here St. John received his apocalyptic vision of Revelation written
during his exile. We will visit the cave and the monastery of St. John. Mass site to be announced.
Day 10: November 3, 2012                Athens
Disembark the cruise ship and begin our tour of Athens. Visit the Parthenon atop the Acropolis, masterpiece of the Golden Age.
Then we will walk through the Agora where Socrates, Plato and Aristotle taught. Climb up to Mars Hill where Paul spoke to the
Athenians. Mass at Athens Cathedral. Overnight in Athens, for those not continuing on to Rome.
Day 11: November 4, 2012                Athens
Return flight from Athens to USA (One group transfer scheduled to airport) or begin optional Rome extension.
Optional Rome Extension
Drive to Patras, Greece Port to embark the ferry to Bari, Italy. Overnight on ferry ship.
Day 11: November 4, 2012             Lanciano/Manoppello
Disembark ferry and tour Lanciano and Manoppello. In Lanciano visit the site of the Eucharistic Miracle and understand what
makes Luciano a special stop on this pilgrimage. In Manoppello we ll view the Face Cloth of God. Credible evidence suggests that
what was once thought to be Veronica s veil is actually the face cloth Jesus left behind in the tomb. Mass site to be announced.
Drive to Rome for overnight.
Day 12: November 5, 2012              Imperial Rome
A day to discover Imperial Rome. Peter arrived here early on and Paul wrote to these Christians and later arrived in chains. Experience
the glory of Imperial Rome when you visit the Coliseum, the Roman Forum, the Arch of Titus and the Mamertine Prison where
Peter and Paul were imprisoned. Time permitting visit San Stefano Rotondo to discuss martyrdom in the early Church, then see 1st
century Rome under San Clemente Church as well as the tomb of Apostolic Fathers Ignatius and Clement. See the Chair of Peter at
St. John Lateran. Mass site to be announced.
Day 13: November 6, 2012             Christian Rome
Tour St. Peter s Basilica where Michelangelo s Pieta will be just one of many highlights. Travel along the famous Appian Way.
Celebrate Mass in the Catacombs of San Sebastian. Visit Tre Fontane, where Apostle Paul was beheaded and St Paul Outside-the-
Walls where his bones are today. Visit St. Mary Major the first church in the world dedicated to our lady. Farewell dinner and overnight
in Rome.
Day 14: November 7, 2012             Return to the USA
Depart to Fiumicino Airport for flight home. One group transfer scheduled to airport.
     *Itinerary tentative depending on actual disembarking and embarking times imposed by the ship and other factors.
  Loved their enthusiasm about                                                                                      Wonderful experience – Steve has a great
 the locations and scripture                                                                                       gift from God and is using it well! Travel
 passages.                                                                                                         went smoothly and it was great!

 Extremely knowledgeable. Couldn t                                                                                    The whole experience was over the top,
imagine going with anyone else.                                                                                      Better than I could have ever imagined.

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                                         St Paul, Contending for the Faith
                   Written, produced & hosted by Steve & Janet Ray on location in six countries.
                    Join these award-winning writers and producers as they take YOU on this
                                   Catholic pilgrimage in the Lands of the Bible!

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SHIP DESCRIPTION: It is important to note that cruise ships in Greece are not at the
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in a cabin and a Double is two persons in one cabin. A Triple, three people in a cabin,
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