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32 Channel Standalone DVR_ IU - Qvis Security


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apollo 32 lx
32 Channel Standalone DVR, IU

                                                                                         2                                                        ®

 •   32 channel video inputs & 16 Simultaneous playback
 •   32 D1 Recording 7fps Per Chn & Realtime CIF 30fps Per Chn
 •   VGA, BNC & HDMI video Outputs
 •   H.264 dual-stream video compression                                                                                      APOLLO
 •   Up to 4/8/16/24/32 cameras with realtime display                                                           Compatible with iphone,
                                                                                                                Android & Windows Smart Mobiles
 •   Smart video detection: motion detection, camera blank, video loss
 •   Smart camera settings: privacy masking, camera lock, colour setting & title display
 •   Pentaplex function giving live recording, playback,backup & remote access
 •   Supports Dual stream giving mobile monitoring and network transmission
 •   Supports 2 SATA HDD, 2 USB2.0
 •   Easy backup - USB devices, network download & client software                                               APOLLO DOWNLOAD
 •   8chn Alarm triggering screen tips, buzzer, e-mail & FTP upload                                                                        APP
 •   VGA, BNC & video Outputs

 SYSTEM                       32 channel
 Main Processor               High performance embedded microprocessor
 Operating System             Embedded LINUX
 System Resources             Pentaplex function: live, recording, playback, backup & remote access
 User Interface               GUI, on-screen menu tips
 Control Mode                 Front panel, USB mouse, IR remote control
 Video Standards              PAL 625 line,50 f/s;NTSC 525 line,60 f/s
 Video Compression            H.264 main profile
 Video Recording              D1:PAL 1f/s-25f/s NTSC 1f/s-30f/s;
 Motion Detection             Zones:64 (8*8) detection zones, Sensitivity:1-6 (6 is highest) Trigger recording, tour, alarm, email & FTP
 TV Output Adjustment         Adjust TV output color & display zone
 Audio Compression            G711A
 Bidirectional Talk           Support
 Recording & playback
 Recording Mode               Manual>Alarm>Video Detection>Continuous
 Playback                     4/8/16 channels playback simultaneously, pause, stop, rewind, fast play, slow play,
                              next file, previous file, repeat, shuffle, backup selection
 Search Mode                  Time/Date, Alarm, Motion Detection & exact search (accurate to second)
 Storage and Backup
 Space Occupation             Audio: 28.8MB/H/1ch Video: CIF: 4-5G/24hours/1ch, Video: D1:16-20G/24hours/1ch
 HDD Management               Hard disk hibernation technology,HDD faulty alarm & Raid (Redundancy)
 Backup Mode                  Network download/Flash stick/USB movable HDD
 Video Input                  32 channel
 Video Output                 2 channel TV output BNC,1.0Vp-p,75Ω,1 VGA output, HDMI
 Audio Input                  16 channel
 Audio Output                 1 channel
 Alarm Input                  8 channel,programmable,ground,manual open/closed, Trigger recording,PTZ movement,tour,alarm,
                              e-mail,snapshot & FTP
 Relay Output                 1 channel,30VDC,1A,NO/NC,form-C
 Net Interface                RJ-45 (10M/100M/1000M)
 USB Interface                2*USB2.0 ports
 PTZ Control                  1 RS485,1 RS232
 Hard Disk                    2 SATA port (Max 2X 2048G)
 Power Supply                 12V/4A
 Power Output                 2 x12V for cctv cameras and alarm sensors
 Power Consumption            <15W
 Working Temperature          0-55
 Working Humidity             10%-90%
 Atmosphere Pressure          86kpa-106kpa
 Dimension                    47.5*14*41.5cm
 Weight                       6kg

              ® www.qvissecurity.com

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