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January 2008 Issue - Buckeye Searchers


									                      The Buckeye Searcher
                      February 10, 2013               Volume 3, Number 1

  ______              _________________________________________________________
                                         Fun, Food and Fellowship
Tammy Kepler          We had a great turnout for our annual Christmas Party
39064 East River
                      this year. I want to Thank each and everyone who helped
Elyria, Ohio 44035
                      and contributed to making this a successful event. So
                      many come early and set up and help put out the food and
 Club Established :   clean up after the event, there are just so many people
     June 1982
                      to thank! I personally want to say Thank you for the
  Searchers           beautiful table arrangement that was presented to me and
 Association          my family. We enjoy our club and all the people who are a
 of N. E. Ohio
                      part of it. It was good to see Dr. Alfred Friedl at our party
President:            this year. He has been such a blessing to our club. He
Terry Stahurski       wrote our newsletter for many years. We handed out our
216-573-0761          awards and have a special congratulations to:
Vice President
                      Jim Blackburn our TREASURE HUNTER OF THE YEAR!
Bernie Benewiat
                      Congatulations to our other winners as follows:

                      Jewelry Division                     Non-Silver Coin Division

Tammy Kepler          1st Place -Joe Franchino              1 st Place-Jim Blackburn

                      2nd Place-Jim Blackburn               2 nd Place-Terry Stahurski

                      3rd Place- Terry Stahurski            3 rd Place-Joe Franchino
Hunt Master

Bob Richards

216-651-6029          Misc. Division                   Silver and Gold Coin Division
This issue:           1st Place- Terry Stahurski             1st Place-Jim Blackburn

Page 1Christmas       2nd Place-Jim Blackburn                2 nd Place-Terry Stahurski
                      3rd Place-Joe Franchino                3 rd Place-Ditter Carrico
Treasure Hunter
of the Year and
division winners

                                                 This months topics
  Page2: This         At this months meeting our topics will include:
      Membership Renewal Form-January
   Applicants agree to abide by club rules and show good
 fellowship and to participate in club activities. No member
   will do anything to harm or degrade the Club’s name or
  reputation and will work toward the preservation of the
Name (Print) _________________________________
City________________ State_______ Zip Code_______
Phone (Area code included) _______________
Cell Phone_____________________________
FMDAC MEMBERSHIP ( ) Yes ( ) No ($5.00 Fee to join)
Ok to publish your home phone number and e-mail? ( ) Yes
( ) No
 Type of membership: Individual ($10.00_____Family
($17.50) ____ senior over 70 ($7.50) _____Senior Family
($10.00) ________
For a family please list your spouse and your children and
their ages:
Please make check payable to Tammy Kepler and mail to 39064
East River Road Elyria, Ohio 44035 or bring to a monthly meeting.
                        Dealers who support our club
                      Silver Eagle and Gold Coin Shop
                            4979 West 130th Street
                            Cleveland, Ohio 44235
                      Jose Ortiz Phone: 216-267-6760

If you anything you would like to sell or share with the club you can contact me (the editor)
                                                    Tammy Kepler
                                                39064 East River Road
                                                  Elyria, Ohio 44035
                                                Phone: 440-306-0152

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