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					                                           Job Sites

                                     How to Use Job Sites

The best (and least expensive) way to use the paid job sites (many of these are, many aren’t) is
to “cruise” the jobs available, which most of these sites will let you do for free. Only sign up if
there is a job matching you almost exactly, and then don’t expect much out of it.

There is a 1/1000 chance of obtaining a job through an unsolicited résumé, especially since
many of the posted jobs, even at the upper level, will send your credentials through HR,
which is your sworn enemy.

If you see a job on these sites that you think you want, see if you can get a connection, either
through LinkedIn or your physical network, to get you to the hiring authority, rather than
applying on-site.

Do not post your résumé on these things! Do not bring up a website for yourself with all of
your job information on it. If you must post a résumé to apply to a job (likely), don’t make it
available for public viewing. You’ll be sorry. Every vendor in the world and headhunters
with jobs that aren’t anything like what you’re looking for will be calling you.

A public website with your career information on it simply makes it easier for someone at a
lower level to screen you out without you talking with the actual hiring authority.

            Name                        Description                   Address
Execunet                      Executive jobs listing site. So-
                              so for jobs. Don’t follow the
                              advice. Pay site
Six Figure Jobs               Executive jobs.               http://www.
Career        100K and above jobs. Most of
Ladders                       my clients haven’t found this reg/careerjournalplus?
                              very useful.                  pl=wj-00&cr=26a

                              The exception may be the
                              “Sales Ladders,” which one of
                              my upper-level sales executives
                              has found very useful.

Gold Jobs                     Another executive job site

100K Jobs                     Another executive job site.
Silver Jobs                   Director level and above jobs.    http://
           Name                     Description                            Address
Netshare                    Another executive job site  
America’s Job Bank          Listing of United States    
                            Employment Service Ceased             ajbprsjbl/
                            operations on July 1, 2007.
                            Link is to a listing of alternative
Cost of Living Calculator   Differences in C.O.L.  

Employmax                   Don’t follow the advice, but     http://
                            DO search the job sites

Monster.Com International For those who want to work http://
FAA Website                                
Science Careers           Another science site  
A1 Employment site        Home based businesses,          http://
                          freelance, etc. CAUTION!
                          Many scams in “home based”
                          businesses. Know what
                          you’re getting into!
AIP site                  American Institute of Physics.
                          Jobs for all you rocket
                          scientists out there!
Colorado State Jobs       Self explanatory      
ASTC website (Association More science and tech jobs,
of Science and Technology some urban planners, etc.       jobs/jobs.htm
Agjobs                    Agriculture related jobs
American Business         The Business Journals are
Journals                  great informational resources,
                          and they also sponsor a job site.            Listing of job sites and
                          employment sites                  directory/
Chronicle of Higher       Faculty and administrator
Education                 jobs                            jobs/

Careers online              For contractors in hi-tech

Colorado Guide              Colorado outdoor jobs            http://
         Name                      Description                   Address
Computerworks              Now part of Jobserve        http://

Coolworks                  Another job site… 
Counselnet                 Attorney job listings
Education world            More ed jobs      

Engineering Central        Civil, Mechanical, etc.
Environmental and natural                              http://www.environmental-
resources website                            
Global Network of         Environmental jobs 
Environmental jobs
Gobsofjobs                Another IT website 

Colorado Restaurant Jobs Self-explanatory, I think.

Absolutely Healthcare      Medical Tech related jobs   http://
Yahoo Hotjobs              We all know about this one
itmWeb                     Information technology jobs
Unadvertised nursing and                     
other medical jobs.
Jobs4Colorado              Another CO job site         http://

Executive Jobs in CO       Another job site   
LCRA                     Job site for Lower Colorado
                         River Authority              jobs/jobs.html                 Jobs in library science and
                         technology, heavily academic postings.html
MSCS Jobs Bulletin Board Academic jobs at all levels,
                         Math and Science mostly      jobs/
My         Site for dental folks. Makes
                         my teeth hurt!
OpportunityNOCS          Non-profit job site           http://
                                                     Jobs for fundraisers in non- http://
          Name                       Description                    Address
Communications             Communications, PR, etc.
Roundtable                 jobs. Also has a headhunter    jobs.html
Sciencejobs                Jobs for the science guys!
                           (and women…)
SHRM                       HR Jobs              
Worktree                   New job search       
                           clearinghouse…try it and
                           report to me how well it
                           works…or doesn’t!
Writers Jobs                                    
Labor Market Information, Virtual library         
Occupational wages,
student Loan Information
Technical jobs            Computer/technical job site

Ad Quest                   Ads from over 700    
                           publications in the US
American Jobs site         Job site              

Aspen Jobs                 Ski resort jobs throughout CO

US Jobnet                  Another job site     
Colorado Association of    Colorado business resource
Commerce & Industry
Heart                      Job site                 
Career Magazine            Visit this one...lots of info, and
                           good employer profiles
Career Builder Site        Good stuff, but beware of some
                           of the advice.                     ,

Career            Newspapers maintain this one.
                           Also good profiles, and a
                           résumé databank. Executives
                           will find this of less use.
                           Beware of some of the career
                           advice on it.
Colorado Jobs                                             Technical job site    

Computer works             Technical job site    
        Name                        Description                     Address
Unemployment resources                              

Colorado Spgs. Emp. Pg.                             

Career WEB                Searchable by field, location,
                          keyword, and company                homepage.html

Denver Post               Colorado resources  
DICE                      Technology professionals job
Fedworld                  Federal Government abstracts

Find-It Classifieds        Classified Ads             

Hard @ Work               Career information        
Hi Tech club              Technical job site        

Work-at-home              CAUTION! Lots of work at            www.home-
                          home scams                

Hoover’s Business Resource General information     

Engineering and Computer Overseas technical jobs and
jobs                     computer jobs                        part9.html
Job Bank                 Job site                   

JobDirect                 Degreed professional jobsite             Site listing other job sites and
                          employment sites
Job              Has profiles for Denver’s  
                          largest employers                   colorado.shtml                Lower-level jobs. Not thrilled
                          with this group.
Internet Job Locator      Career information   

Jobs-on-line              This site has entry level IT jobs
JobWeb                    Career information    
             Name                Description                     Address
Jobweb                  Very valuable for recent grads.

LookSmart               General information              Everyone knows Monster.
NationJob               Job site             

Nation job              Computer/IT jobs nationally
Net Temps               Temp and contract jobs
                        throughout the US
One box                 Voice mail, email and fax
Federal Jobs                                
Colorado Online Job     Colorado resources   
Programmer jobs         Jobs for programmers 

Rocky Mountain Jobs     Colorado resources             www.rockymountainjobs.c
                                                       om            Technical/computer jobs
The Denver Channel      Channel 7’s website 

The Jobs Directory      Many kinds of jobs, lots of hi-
Thomas Register         General information  
Women in Technology &   Career information    

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