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					             Milwaukee Jewish Committee on Scouting
             & The Harry and Rose Samson Family JCC
           Venture/Boy/Cub Scout Crew/Troop/Pack 392
                   Administrative Announcements, October, 2004
                     Cub Scout Theme: It’s a Circus of Stars
Special Site with Cub                                   September Parent’s
Scout Games                                             Committee Meeting
All Cub Scouts & their families are invited to                     All parents and leaders are
play fun scout games. Info for parents is                          requested to attend the Parent
also there. Let us know what you think.                            Pack/Troop Committee meeting
http://www.joincubscouting.org/                         held Sunday September 26th from 4:30-5:30
                                                        p.m. at the JCC Community Hall. Planning
Scout Families – Please                                 of future events is to be addressed. We
                                                        cannot operate a quality unit without input
send in your Member-                                    from all parents. See you there. Questions
                                                        call Chair Kim Queen at 464-2435.
ship Renewal Form!!
                                                        November Activities
September Activities
                                                        Milwaukee Bucks’ Scout
Aluminum Can Collecting                                 Appreciation Night
Fund Raising/                                                                   The Milwaukee
Conservation                                                                    Bucks invite all
Project                                                                         Scouts and their
                                                                                guests to exclusive
Our Pack and Troop have begun a fund                                            discount pricing, a
raising can collection conservation project.                                    commemorative
All families should be collecting aluminum                                      patch and a gift for
cans. We will drop them off quarterly at our                                    all attendees 14 and
Cub Master’s home at 2150 West                                                  under. Come Motzi
Greenwood Rd for turn in to a recycler who                                      Shabbat to see our
is giving our units a special price for turn in.                                Bucks play either
Our Fall collection date is Sept 19th from 1-4                                  the Charlotte
p.m. Questions call Cheryl Baraty, 352-                 Hornets Nov 13 at 7:30 or the Detroit
3512.                                                   Pistons Nov 27th at 8 p.m.

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Tickets are discounted from $27 to $15 and                 Prairie Garden Project
$22 to $12 and are available on a first-come,
first-serve basis with a Nov 1st deadline for                                  The JCC Scouts have
the Hornet’s game and November 15th for                                        adopted the Prairie
the Piston’s game. Each family should invite                                   Garden at the North end
guests, order tickets from the form at the                                     of the JCC Parking Lot as
end, and let Cheryl Baraty know who is                                         its ongoing conservation
attending at cpbaraty@aol.com.                                                 project. Participation in
                                                           this project counts towards badge work and
October Activities                                         the World Wide Conservation Badge (the
                                                           one with the Panda). We will meet at the
                                                           Prairie Garden on October 17th from 2-4 to
Sukka-Fest                                                 mulch the garden, pick up the trash and get
                                                           the garden ready for winter. Please bring
On Sunday October 3rd
                                                           shovels, wheelbarrows, and gardening tools
from 4-7 pm at Rotary                                      and gloves. If you can attend please contact
Park in Mequon, we are                                     Jean Lauterbach at 262-252-3314
joining Congregation Agudas Achim Chabad
and Hillel Academy in co-sponsoring Sukka-
Fest. There will be food, games, and lots of
                                                           Fall Camp-O-Ree
fun. Come in uniform and help run the                      The Polaris District Fall Camp-O-
scout booth. See you there!! Questions call                Ree is being held Friday – Sunday October
Cheryl Baraty at 352-3512.                                 22nd -24th. This is for all Boy Scouts and
                                                           Webelos Scouts and is held at Scout Camp
Mitzvah Day 2004                                           Lasynski in Oconomowoc. It is a wonderful
                      "Tikkun Olam"                        weekend with wonderful activities being
                      REPAIRING                            held!! Safe Halloween is being held at Camp
                      THE WORLD                            Indian Mound for Cub Scouts the same
                                                           weekend so come on out and see both Cub
The JCC Scouts will participate in                         and Boy Scouts in action. It is a great
Congregation Shalom’s community-wide                       opportunity for Cub Scouts to get a look at
Mitzvah Day on Sunday, October 10th. We                    Boy Scouting. Our own Boy Scout Leader
will participate as a Pack and all participants            Kim Queen is the Chair of this event. If you
will receive a Mitzvah Day T-shirt. We will                can come contact Kim Queen at 464-2435.
be picking apples and pumpkins with the
families at the Milwaukee Christian Center
from noon to 4 p.m. The details as to
                                                           October Pack Meeting
whether we will be receiving transportation                The October Pack meeting, our first pack
and the location will be sent shortly via E-               meeting of the year, will be held Wednesday
mail. Save the afternoon for this important                October 20th from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. at Room
community service project. Questions and                   112, JCC. All Scouts, their family including
RSVP’s call Debbie Keene, 247-0919.                        parents, siblings, grand-parents, etc. and
                                                           friends are invited to attend. Please come as

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this is a great place to meet all the boys and            training and to attend more roundtables.
adults in our Pack, gives the scouts a chance             2.       Recruiting
to show off their skills and have a fun                            a.     Join Scouting Night – Jean to
meeting. We promise to finish timely so                   deliver fliers to MJDS and Hillel, JoAnne to
homework can be done.                                     contact synagogues. Cheryl & JoAnne to
Questions call JoAnne                                     staff
Gaudynski at 351-4999                                              b.     Tiger Cubs – Cheryl and
                                                          JoAnne to do presentation at Hillel/MJDS
Havdalah Overnight                                        4.       Conservation
                                                                   a.     Can Collection Drive – will
The 9th Annual Pack and Troop                                             collect cans 1/4ly
Havdalah Overnight is being held                                   b.     Prairie Garden – The Scouts
October 29th – 31st at Camp Indian                        will adopt the Prairie Garden at the north
Mound in Oconomowoc. Boy                                  end of the JCC parking lot as its ongoing
scouts attend from Friday                                 Conservation Project and this will count for
afternoon. Cub Scouts come Motzi                          the World Wide Conservation Badge. It
Shabbat. We start with Havdalah,                          needs mulching every other year starting this
then take a darkness hike and end                         year. In spring it needs the old stalks
with a campfire snack. In the                             removed and the trash cleaned. The
morning the Den meetings are                              walkway needs edging. We will get weed
held. We end with lunch. This                             barrier donated. We are looking for an
event is open to all families                             advisor to work with us. A possible is
interested n Cub Scouting so invite                       Annette Alexander, 332-3303 who lives
your friends to attend. Permission                        nearby or Jean Lauterback will check with a
Slips and Directions are included.                        horticulturist friend who is knowledgeable
Questions call Havdalah Overnight                         on Prairie Gardens.
Chair Bob Melton at 961-6150.                             5.       Religious Emblem
                                                          Programming will be held
September Activities                                      off till next year.

Sept Parent/Leader                                        Shalom
Committee Meeting                                         Milwaukee
Our September meeting was held on Wed                     On Sunday September 12th
September 1st at 7 p.m. and was attended by               our Scouts participated in
JoAnne Gaudynski, Steve Keene, Jean Lau-                  Shalom Milwaukee, our community’s
terbach, Laurie Pevnick, and Kim Queen.                   participation in the Celebrate 350 Years of
Thank you to all for attending. The minutes               Jewish life in America. Our Scouts were the
of that meeting are as follows:                           first group introduced at the opening
1.     Leadership                                         ceremony and carried the U.S. and Israeli
       a.    All positions are not yet filled.            flag as well as our Troop and Pack flag at the
       b.    All leaders have agreed to take              opening ceremony. Appearing on stage with

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our Scouts were State Senator Alberta
Darling, the Mayor of Glendale, State
                                                      October Den Meetings
Representative Sheldon Wasserman, and                              All Dens will have a Den
others. We also manned the popcorn booth                           meeting at Havdalah Overnight
during this wonderfully successful event                           on Sunday morning, October
attended by close to 2,000 people.                                 31st at the Explorer Cabin,
The following                                         Camp Indian Mound. Questions call Cheryl
scouts                                                Baraty, 352-3512.
participated in
the flag                                              Tiger Den Meetings
ceremony and
helped out at                                         The Tiger Cubs will meet Sunday
the popcorn                                           October 17th from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.
booth: Ben and                                        in Room 112 of the JCC. Come participate
Daniel                                                in the Prairie Garden Project scheduled for
Gaudynski and                                         earlier that same day. The Tiger Cub Den
their parents;                                        will also meet on Sunday morning at the
Jesse Illian and                                      Havdalah Overnight. Questions call Cheryl
his parents;      Opening Ceremony                    Baraty, 352-3512.
Andrew Keene and his mother and brother
Ben; Sam Melton and his mother and
                                                      Wolf/Bear Den Meetings
brother Josh. Thank you to Sam                                The Wolf/Bear Den will
Papermaster who also helped out. Thank                        meet Tuesday October 5th
you also to Cub Master Cheryl Baraty and                      from 4-5 p.m. at the cafeteria at the
Committee Chair who helped prepare the                MJDS/Hillel building. There will also be a
food for the entire event.                            Den Meeting at the Havdalah Overnight
                                                      Sunday morning at Camp Indian Mound.
Join Scouting Night                                   Questions call Jana Papermaster, 352-8774.
                    Our Pack held its Join            Webelos Meetings
                    Scouting Night on Monday
                    September 13th at the JCC.        The Webelos will have one Den
                    New Tiger Cub Seth                meeting by participating in Mitzvah
Salt crystals grown Eiseman and his dad               Day on Sunday, October 10th and
attended to learn about Scouting under                the second Den Meeting at the Havdalah
Jewish auspices. They were joined by Micah            Overnight on Sunday, October 31st.
Semon and his mom, Webelos 2 Scout Jesse              Questions call Caryn Melton, 961-6150.
Illian, Cub Master Cheryl Baraty and
Assistant Cub Master JoAnne Gaudynski.
                                                      Venture Crew
The Scouts made salt crystals with bluing,            The JCC Venture Crew along with
learned about its use in doing laundry and            other area Venture Crews will
learned where the expression “blue collar”            participate in an area-wide Venturing Open
came from.                                            House, open to all youth 14-21. Come see if

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Venture Scouting is for your family. The            Reference materials available for Assistance
events will be held September 26th from 6:30        in working on the emblem requirements is at
– 8:30 p.m. at St. Monica’s School at the           http://www.geocities.com/troop_267/Jewis
corner of Silver Spring and Santa Monica.           hScouting.html.
Enter from the parking lot on Lake Vista
one block south of Silver Spring. Questions         Cub Scout Sport & Academic
call Mollie Lazear, 352-1744.                       Program
                                                    All Cub Scouts are eligible to earn Sports
DEN LEADERS: Note – The October                     and Academic Beltloops and Pins. This is a
Polaris District Roundtable will be held at         supplemental program to the official Cub
Thursday, October 14, 2004 from 7-8 p.m.            Scout Badge program. It is a fun, family way
at St. Bernadette’s, 8200 West Denver, Milw.        to expose your Scout to new areas. The
Questions call Cheryl Baraty, 352-3512.             specific information on the requirements can
For training dates, see the Milwaukee               be found at
Council website at                                  http://www.geocities.com/~pack215/acade
http://www.milwaukeeboyscouts.org/ Get              mics-sports.html. Contact David Gursky,
Youth Protection training online at:                540-0804 with questions.
otection.html                                       Pack/Troop Uniform Resale
Administrative                                      All Pack and Troop 392 Scouts who want to
Announcements                                       purchase a used uniform or have one to
                                                    donate should contact Jean Lauterbach at
Jewish Scouting Emblems                             252- 252-3314 or
We are in the process of forming a                  r.com
committee to start a city-wide Jewish
Scouting Emblem Program. Please come to
our May Adult Committee Meeting to get              Upcoming
involved in this important program. .               Events
All Pack and Troop 392 Scouts should be
working on their age specific Jewish                September
Scouting Emblem. Earning a religious                *9/19/04, Can Collection Pick-Up, 1-4, Home
emblem allows the Scout to wear the youth           of Cheryl Baraty, 2150 West Green-wood
religious knot on their uniform. This is the        Road. Questions call Cheryl Baraty, 352-
only knot that can be worn by a Scout and is        3512.
a great honor. Information can be found at:
http://www.jewishscouting.org/emblems/ .            *9/26/04, Pack Parents Committee Meeting,
                                                    Sunday, 4:30-5:30 pm, JCC Community Hall,
                                                    Questions call Kim Queen, 464-2435

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*10/3/04, Sukka-Fest Celebration, 4 – 7 pm,            November
Rotary Park, Mequon. Family carnival with              *11/6/2004,
games and food. Co-sponsored by                        Scout Heritage Museum Trade-O-Ree,
Congregation Agudas Achim Chabad, Hillel               Saturday, 8-3. Scout Service Center.
Academy and JCC Boy/Cub Scout                          Collectors from around the area sell scout
Troop/Pack 392, Questions call Cheryl                  memorabilia
Baraty, 352-3512.
                                                       *11/13/04. Bucks vs. Charlotte Hornets,
*10/16/04, Webelos Readyman Clinic, 8-11 am,           Saturday, 7:30 p.m. Bradley Center
Scout Service Center, 330 S 84th St. For
Webelos Scouts and will qualify a Webelos              *11/17/2004, Pack Meeting, Wednesday,
for his Readyman Activity Badge. The                   6:30-7:30, JCC Rm 112. Questions call
training will cover basic first aid skills and         JoAnne Gaudynski, 351-4999
knowledge necessary for youth to identify              *11/27/04. Bucks vs. Detroit Pistons,
and prevent potentially harmful situations, to         Saturday, 8 p.m. Bradley Center
be able to treat common injuries and to
respond to emergency situations. Call Scout            December
Center at 774-1776 to register.
                                                       *12/6/04, JCC Hanukah Happening, Monday
*10/17/04, Prairie Garden Project, Sunday, 1-4         4-7 p.m., JCC.
pm, North end of JCC parking lot.
Questions call Laurie Pevnick, 961-8856.               *12/7/04, Outdoor Program Kickoff, Tuesday,
                                                       6:30 – 8 pm. Scout Service Center. For all
*10/20/2004, Pack Meeting, Wednesday,                  adults interested in information about
6:30-7:30 , JCC Rm 112. Questions call                 Council camps and other outdoor programs.
JoAnne Gaudynski, 351-4999                             Questions call Cheryl Baraty, 352-4612.
*10/22-24/2004, Fall Camporee, Friday –                *12/15/2004, Pack Meeting, Wednesday,
Sunday, Boy Scouts, Camp Lazynski,                     6:30-7:30 , JCC Rm 112. Questions call
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Cub Scouts                      JoAnne Gaudynski, 351-4999
Welcome during Safe Halloween program
on Saturday. An action packed weekend                  *12/17/2004, Nature in the Parks Stargazing
focusing on camping, orienteering, and                 Trek for Cub Scouts, 6:30-9 pm, Wehr
advancement. Questions call Kim Queen,                 Nature Center, Register at 425-8550,
464-2435.                                              deadline 11/26/04.
*10/29-31/2004, Havdalah Overnight, Boy                *DATE TBA, Agudas Achim Chanukah
Scouts includes Shabbat, Cub Scouts Motzi              Party5-7 p.m., Cedarburg Skateland.
Shabbat, Camp Indian Mound,
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Questions call                  January
Kin Queen, 464-2435.                                   *Pinewood Derby Workshop, Sunday, January,
                                                       2005, 1 – 3 p.m., Home of Cheryl Baraty

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*1/8/05, Webelos Readyman Clinic, 8-11 am,              *Purim Shalach Manot Project with ASKT,
Scout Service Center, 330 S 84th St. For                Details TBA.
Webelos Scouts and will qualify a Webelos
for his Readyman Activity Badge. The                    *Scouting for Food, 3/6-19/2005. Further
                                                        details TBA.
training will cover basic first aid skills and
knowledge necessary for youth to identify               *Purim Mitzvah Project, Details TBA. Bring
and prevent potentially harmful situations, to          items to March Den meetings.
be able to treat common injuries and to
respond to emergency situations. Call Scout             April
Center at 774-1776 to register.
                                                        *Bucks vs. Orlando Magic, 4/16/04.
1/15/2005, Nature in the Parks, Weather                 Saturday, 7:30 p.m. Bradley Center
Trek (Bears), 1-3:30 pm, Falk Park, Register
at 425-8550, deadline 12/30/04.                         *Pack Pinewood Derby, April 25, 2005, 10
                                                        am – noon, Temple Menorah, 9363 North
February                                                76th Street. Questions call David Gursky,
*Winter Klondike, February 4-6, 2005. For               540-0804.
Boy Scouts and Webelos. Camp Vista,                     May
Dundee, Wisconsin Questions call Kim
Queen, 464-2435.                                        *Sunday, May 29, 2005, 9 – noon, Memorial
                                                        Day Cemetery Flag Laying with Jewish War
*Milwaukee BSA Leadership Breakfast,                    Veterans, Meet at the Walgreens at 76th and
Friday, February 13, 2005, 7:30 – 9 a.m.,               Capitol
Midwest Convention Center
                                                        *TBA, Lag B’Omer Celebration,
*Blue and Gold Dinner, February 23, 2005,
6-8 p.m., JCC Community Hall. Questions                 June
call Kim Queen, 464-2435.
                                                        *6/5/05, Pack Graduation, Sunday, June 5,
*Bucks vs. Seattle Supersonics, 2/27/04.                2005, noon-2, JCC South Lawn,
Sunday, 2 p.m. Bradley Center
                                                        Currently Unscheduled Events.
*Tripoli Shrine Circus, 2/27/05, 7 p.m.                 *Admirals Night, Details TBA, Bradley
March                                                   *Brewers Night, Details TBA.
*Popcorn Sale, March 3 – April 4, 2005.                 *Wave Game, Details TBA.
Blitz Weekend, March 4-6th. Details TBA
3/12/2005, Nature in the Parks, Maple
Sugaring Trek (Cubs), 9-11:30 am, Whitnall
Park, Register at 425-8550, deadline
*3/12/04, Polaris District Dinner, 6–9 p.m.,
St. Bernadette’s.

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Cub Scout Badges
ADVANCEMENT CHAIR, JOANNE GAUDYNSKI AT 351-4999 OR tjgaudynski@prodigy.net AND

Scout Pack/Troop No 392                  Sat Nov 13th vs. Hornets
No of Scouts attending game                    @ $15 = $
Name                                           @ $12 = $
Address                                  Total Due = $
City, State, Zip
Phone (day)_              (eve)          Sat Nov 27th vs. Pistons
       Visa      MC       AE    Discover       @ $15 = $
Acct #                                         @ $12 = $
Signature                                Total Due = $
   I would like to receive the Milw Bucks online newsletter       Make check payable to : Milw Bucks, Inc.
   I would like to receive special Bucks offers via Email         Mail to: Salute to Boy Scouts
                                                                           Milwaukee Buck, Inc.
                                                                           1001 North 4th St.
                                                                           Milwaukee, WI 53203-1312

Leader Phone List for the 2003-2004 Scout Year

Position                                    Person                                 Number
Milwaukee District Executive                Al Travanty                            414-774-1776
Committee Chair                             Kim Queen                              414-464-2435
Scout Master                                Barb Sindic                            414-962-7972
Assistant Scout Master                      David Gursky                           414-352-0804
Cub Master                                  Cheryl Baraty                          414-352-4600
Assistant Cub Master                        JoAnne Gaudynski                       414-351-4999
Advancement Chair                           JoAnne Gaudynski                       414-351-4999
Treasurer                                   Jackie Zigan                           262-512-1456
Webelos Den Leader                          Caryn Melton                           414-961-6150
Bear/Wolf Den Leader                        Jana Papermaster                       414-352-8774
Tiger Cub Den Leader

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