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A Flexible Fabric and Application
     Information Recorder
 Tome Anticic1, Ruzica Piskac2, Vedran Sego2

            For the ALICE collaboration

1) Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb, Croatia
2) PMF, Zagreb, Croatia

   What is/will be monitored
   Requirements
   Tools used in AFFAIR
   AFFAIR components
        DIM/SMI
        Round robin databases
        ROOT
        AFFAIR Collectors
        AFFAIR Monitor
        AFFAIR web

 Status of AFFAIR/ performances achieved
 Future work

             AFFAIR                  2   June 2002
                                                            ALICE DAQ
         Inner tracking               TPC            TRD         Particle        Muon      Trigger detectors
            system                                             identifcation
  bufffers                                                                                           Trigger data
x 435   DDL              1oo Mb/s                                                                                      1.2 msec
           RORC                       RORC           RORC        RORC            RORC        RORC                            L0 trigger
x 334     RORC                       RORC     216   RORC        RORC            RORC        RORC
                                                                                                                       5.5 msec
                    1oo Mb/s
                                              216                                                                            L1 trigger
x 278         LDC                     LDC            LDC         LDC             LDC          LDC
                                                                                                                      88.0 msec
                                 60 Mb/s
                                                                                                                             L2 trigger
                                                                                             L3 trigger

                                                       Gigabit SWITCH
                                                                                                                     Trigger system
                     40 Mb/sec

             x 50          GDC                        GDC                 GDC                GDC

                                                                                                          DDL-Detector Data Link
         1.25 GB/s                                          SWITCH                                        RORC-Read-Out Receiver Card

                                              CASTOR/ROOT                                                 LDC-Local Data Concentrator
                                                                                                          GDC-Global Data Collector
                               PDS                    PDS                 PDS               PDS
                                                                                                          EDM-Event Destination Manager
                                                                                                          PDS-Permanent Data Storage

                       AFFAIR                                             3        June 2002
                  Why a monitoring program ?
 Long-term: Monitoring for final ALICE DAQ
 Now: ALICE Data Challenges

    Testing of ALICE DAQ and mass storage to be ready for LHC
    Need to monitor system performance of 100s (1000s) of nodes
                  CPU             Disk used
                  Disk IO         RAM free
                  Network IO      Disk free

    Need to monitor the ALICE DAQ software (DATE) and hardware performance
                  LDC             Switches
                  GDC             Storage
                  RORC            DDL

          AFFAIR                               4   June 2002

   Need down to 10 (or even less) sec updates
   Reliable and robust
   Easy to maintain, easy to setup/install
   Should be as “invisible” as possible
      No growing (or better yet none) logfiles on monitored nodes
      Not cpu intensive
      Not network intensive

   Flexible: new monitoring parameters/software should be easy to add/adjust
   Web access to processed, real time data in the form of graphs, histograms,..
   Scalable – should work equally well for 10 as for 1000 computers
   All monitored data should be permanently stored for offline analysis
   Wide area transparency

             AFFAIR                           5   June 2002
                          AFFAIR architecture


                                                                      Data Collector
           station                                                    Data Collector

 Data     g
storage          web                DATA

                                                                      Data Collector

              AFFAIR                6   June 2002

 Previous ADC monitoring used DATE’s info loggers to gather and process
  data (P.Saiz, K. Schossmaier)
         • Worked, but need a more general and flexible tool

 Analysis of open source tools showed none completely fulfilled the

 Combined a number of tools and added own
       DIM
       SMI
       ROOT
       rrdtool
       Sysstat
       Apache/php

            AFFAIR                             7   June 2002
                         AFFAIR overview at ADC
                                          Run Control
                                                                    (finite state machine)

                                                                              AFFAIR Collector-DATE
               AFFAIR                                                            (LDC,GDC,…)
 database      monitor
                                                                              AFFAIR Collector- System
                               Control, parameters, configuration                  (CPU, IO,…)
rrdtool, ROOT
      AFFAIR plotter                                                                        ~100
ROOT                                     DATA
       AFFAIR web                                                             AFFAIR Collector-DATE
                                                                              AFFAIR Collector- System
                                                                                   (CPU, IO,…)

                AFFAIR                       8   June 2002
                              Why not SNMP?
 Not simple at all!
 Need root intervention to get started
 At least 2 times the number of calls, and application busy/wasting time during
  calls                                 Request

                        waiting                                       busy
                                                Request                          Server
                        waiting          Data                         busy

 Each variable monitored (CPU, network IO,…) requires separate calls, with
  all the overhead
 Use of SNMP limits one to just standard monitored parameters, so any
  specialized ones can’t be monitored
     Especially true for applications
            AFFAIR                              9    June 2002
                         How does DIM work

 Data transferred asynchronously, interrupt driven
     Twice less calls
     Parallelism – client can do other things while server busy

                                      Request (at startup)
                          busy                                     busy

                          doing        Data                       doing
          Client           his                                     his      Server
                          own                                      own

                           job         Data                        job

            AFFAIR                            10   June 2002
                                DIM in practice
                                                                                         Register service
 Client/Server                                                                   (e.g. LDC data for tbed0001)

                                        Name server
                     Request services

   Client                                        data                                Server


                                               data                                  Server

 If Client or server goes down, and up again, automatic connection

            AFFAIR                                11   June 2002
                 AFFAIR Collector program: DATE
     Name server                                                           SMI (finite state machine) start/stop at
                            AFFAIR Collector                                     beginning/end of each run
     Register service

                                 DIM/SMI library
                                -Bytes recorded
Default parameters/status                                          Shared
                                -Bytes Injected                                         DATE
                                -Events recorded                   memory
                                -Run status                                          (LDC, GDC)
             DATA               -…
                            Endless loop with 10 sec period
 (array of real numbers)

                 AFFAIR                         12     June 2002
             AFFAIR Collector program: System
     Name server            AFFAIR Collector                        From /proc
         Register service                                           -CPU
                                                                    -Net IO
                                    AFFAIR                          -Disk IO
                                 DIM/SMI library                    -RAM available
    Configuration/start                                             -…
Default parameters/status                                           System commands:
                                                                    -login sessions
                                                                    -Disk free
           DATA                                                     -CPU number
                            Endless loop with 10 sec period         -Kernel version
 (array of real numbers)                                            -/tmp size

               AFFAIR                          13   June 2002
                                           AFFAIR monitor
                          tbed0002                   Name server
                          ….               Request services, using configuration file
                          xxshare005d                                                       tbed0001 GDC 10
                          …                                                                 tbed0001 LDC 10
                                                                                             tbed0001 SYSMON 10 hda1 hda2
        -Conf file listing all possible computers                                           …
                                                                                        -Conf file for parameters, like period
                                                                                        monitored, partition monitored,…
                                                              DIM                       -Default values automatically
                                                            library                     generated, but can change by hand
                           rrd 1                        AFFAIR                      Configuration/start
                              rrd 2
                               rrd 3                                               Default parameters/status
create if not existing


                                                                                (array of real numbers)

                     AFFAIR                                    14       June 2002
                        Round robin databases
 Very fast and efficient data storage mechanism
 Works with fixed amount of data (fixed time depth)
 Works with pointer to current element
                          Time = 5                      Time = 6
                                                        Time = 1

                                                          Time = 2
                      Time = 4

                                                   Time = 3

 Each data set (LDC, GDC, system info) for each machine has its own rrd
 Each created so that it takes:
       10 sec info for last 1 hour – 360 rows deep
       1 min for last 6 hours      – 360 rows deep
       4 min for last 24 hours     – 360 rows deep
       … for last 6 hours, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year
             AFFAIR                           15   June 2002
                     Round robin databases II

 For each time bin the data gets resampled (correctly interpolated) to keep in
  fixed intervals

     e.g. if rrd storing in 10 second interval:
     T= 10 , value = 100 stores as 100 at time = 10
     T= 21, value = 111 stores as 110 at time = 20

 Data Consolidation

     Rrdtool for each time period finds average, maxima, minima (each requires
      separate row)
     These are very useful for graphs

            AFFAIR                          16   June 2002
                                     AFFAIR plotter
                                             rrd 1
            AFFAIR                            rrd 2                           AFFAIR
                                               rrd 3
             ROOT                                                              ROOT

ROOT used to generate for each last                    Put in permanent storage as ROOT files, for
 hour/6hour/day/…:                                      later detailed analysis

- generates eps graphs for each node
- generates aggregate plots
      (e.g. Total throughput in/out for
- Generates superimposed plots (e.g. GDC
  throughput for all machines on one plot)

         In                                            2
                     Out                               4

                 AFFAIR                         17    June 2002
                         Graph configuration

 All graphs created using one configuration file
     Completely defines units/ labels/ if graphs aggregate / if graphs superimposed
     Thus no code intervention needed to create the plots
        New monitored variables can be added and configured very easily

            AFFAIR                          18   June 2002
                    Graph examples
 GDC performance
                          Rates (kB/sec) for last 24 hours for some GDC nodes

                                                          • Full lines average
                                                          • Dashed lines max

                           Rates (kB/sec) for last 7 days for some GDC nodes

         AFFAIR           19    June 2002
                    Graph examples II
 GDC performance
                                 Total Rates (kB/sec) for last hour for all GDC nodes

                                                      Aggregate plot, calculated by

                                 Recorded events for last 7 days for some GDC nodes

         AFFAIR             20   June 2002
                        Graph examples III
 System performance for an individual computer
                                              CPU usage for last day for one computer (tbed0005)

 This format also defined using the configuration file

           AFFAIR                        21   June 2002
                                Web interface
   Web interface written using php/java script
       Completely automatically generated
       New variables, monitored sets automatically reflected in plots

                                                                    •Clicks for last hour/6
                                                                    hour/day …
                                                                    •On click converts eps to png

              AFFAIR                           22   June 2002
                   Web interface II

         A click will generate
         plots for the machine
         and lead you to its page

AFFAIR                              23   June 2002
                       AFFAIR performance

 Successfully monitoring ~ 100 computers in 10 sec intervals during ADC for
  last 2 months

 Delay between data received and generated graphs down to 1-5 minutes
     ~10000s of plots generated every few minutes

 Monitoring is done using two dual CPU 1GHz machines, connected with NSF

 No showstoppers encountered:
     Many problems found and solved during run
     Some sporadic small problems remaining – occasional improper shutdown of
      Collector nodes, graphs occasionally garbled, processes occasionally die.

           AFFAIR                          24   June 2002
                     AFFAIR performance II

 In testing phase monitored all lxshare machines in 1 second intervals

 Proved very useful in developing DATE, finding the DATE performance,
  finding source and solution of problems

 No reason to believe system cannot scale to ~1000s of nodes

     All CPU/disk intensive operations can trivially be spread across a number of nodes

     Main possible limitation is continuous generation of graphs for all individual
      computers (~10000 every few minutes), but is being taken care of (see next slide)

 AFFAIR quite general: easy to add additional applications/variables to monitor

            AFFAIR                           25   June 2002
             To do/near future (weeks/~month)

   Make graph generation more efficient – factor 2-5 with some coding changes
      Graphs will have a delay under 1 minutes

   Web interface much better
        Buttons for type of plots, not just time periods (also automatic)
        Page with table with latest (last 10 seconds) numerical performance values
        More graphs, better graphs, prettier graphs
        …

   Enable graph generation for individual computers only when click for it

   Have a releasable version of code
      Documentation, user manual…

   Signals/ status of computers/applications
      E.g. disk full/CPU too high/events not incrementing…
      Color code the status for each computer/application on web page

              AFFAIR                               26     June 2002
                                   To do/long term

   Have a “affair control” interface to manage it (Kylix?)

   Option to store data not in fixed intervals, where data consolidation not wanted:
      e.g. event size/ trigger type

   Add a lot more graph options

   Option to store as SQL database

   Add option to have varying number of variables monitored
      e.g. free space in all partitions

   Detailed offline analysis code

   Add more AFFAIR Collectors for DATE
      Detector Data Optical Link
      Switches (might need to incorporate SNMP)
      Mass storage
              AFFAIR                           27   June 2002

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