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                                                                                                        DECEMBER 2012

Central Force                                                                  “Fulfilling the Promise Since 1876”
                                                  Central’s 2012 Corporate
2012 Christmas                                    Christmas cards. She also
Card Contest!                                     received a $50 gift card.
                                                  Jace and Evan's art was                               Below: Evan Bracken
  Central once again held a successful                                                                  receiving his gift card
                                                  used on the Blue Streak
Christmas Card contest. There were 58                                                                   from BILL PURMORT
                                                  and Premier Agency Christ-
entries this year, which made choosing                                                                  (President).
                                                  mas cards. Both Jace and
the winners extremely difficult for our
                                                  Evan received a $25 gift
                                                  card. Congratulations to
  Our judges – Jane Houg, Elementary              each of the winners and to
Art teacher from Van Wert; and Hope               everyone who sent in their Christmas
Wallace, Director of the Wassenberg               card creations!
Art Center – selected
a winner in each age
division, as well as an                                              Below: Morgan Bracken
                                                                    receiving her gift card
overall winner.                                                     from BILL PURMORT.
  The winners were:                                                 Her winning art was
                                                                    used for Central's 2012
  Ages 6 - 8: Evan Brack-                                           Corporate Christmas
en, age 8, submitted by                                             card.
Commercial Underwrit-
  Ages 9 - 11: Jace Vin-                                                                      Below: Jace Vining receiving his
ing, age 11, submitted by                                                                     gift card from BILL PURMORT.
SWRO, Loss Control).
  Ages 12 - 14: Morgan
Bracken, age 13, submit-
  Morgan Bracken was selected as the
overall winner. Her art was used for

                     •	 Christmas	Card	Contest         •	 Southwestern	Regional	Office

                     •	 Educational	Achievements          Dana	Campbell,	Reporter
                     •	 Educational	Accomplishments    •	 Home	Office	/		
                                                          Central	Regional	Office
                     •	 Service	in	Action
                                                          Mary	Jo	Maag,	Reporter	
                     •	 Regional	News                     Chantal	Spoor,	Reporter
                     •	 Northeastern	Regional	Office   •	 What’s	Happening
                        Anne	Marie	Papalia,	Reporter
                     •	 Southeastern	Regional	Office
                        Amy	Cooper,	Reporter
edUCationaL aChieVements                                        SERO honored:
   Completing an insurance program requires dedication,         Stephanie Allen, Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter
time, and hard work. Central expresses appreciation for this    Ian Edwards, Associate in Claims
extra effort by recognizing our program completers at an        Kyle Galvond, Associate in Claims
annual luncheon in the fall. Along with the completer, their    Christie Groover, Associate in Claims
immediate supervisor, and regional manager or department
head joins them to celebrate their accomplishments. A per-      Megan Kapsimalis, Associate in Claims
sonal letter of congratulations from BILL PURMORT (President)
is presented to each employee, along with their honorarium.     SWRO honored:
The Van Wert Luncheon was held at Willow Bend Country           Brad Arnold, Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter
Club on November 1.                                             David Massey, Associate in Claims
The following Van Wert employees completed insurance pro-       David Roberts, Associate in Claims
grams this past year and were recognized:                       Brian Tucker, Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter
Sue Bellman, Associate in Data Management                       Scott Young, Associate in Claims
Shawn Birkemeier, Associate in Data Management
Anita Branch, Associate in Data Management
Eddie Dreyer, Associate in Commercial Underwriting
Deidra Gunderman, Associate in General Insurance and As-
sociate in Personal Insurance
Matt High, Associate in General Insurance
Sara Hughes, Associate in General Insurance
Kevin Leis, Associate in Claims
Pam Leis, Associate in Personal Insurance
Stan Lippi, Associate in General Insurance
Jessica Pannkuk, Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter
Scott Siatkosky, Associate in Data Management and Certi-
fied Insurance Data Manager
Dustin Swallow, Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter
Cheryl Weber, Associate in Data Management
                                                                              L – R: DEIDRA GUNDERMAN, DUSTIN SWALLOW,
                                                                             and JESSICA PANNKUK. Not available for photo:
                                                                             PAM LEIS and CHERYL WEBER.


                                                                                Back Row, L – R: EDDIE DREYER, SCOTT SIAT-
                                                                                KOSKY, STAN LIPPI, KEVIN LEIS, MATT HIGH,
                                                                                and SARA HUGHES.
                                                                                Front Row, L – R: SHAWN BIRKEMEIER, SUE
                                                                                BELLMAN, and ANITA BRANCH.

Page 2                                         the CentraL ForCe                                            december 2012
edUCationaL aCComPLishments                                      Central has received the results of the July – Septem-
                                                                ber 2012 IIA/CPCU exams.
                                                                ASSOCIATE IN CLAIMS (AIC)
   JAMES BARTO (SWRO, Commercial Underwriting) and
TRAVIS OWENS (HO, Risk Management) have completed                  The Associate in Claims program requires the successful
the Certified Insurance Counselor Program (CIC). This is an     completion of four examinations, and is a continuing educa-
educational series for experienced insurance personnel cover-   tion opportunity for claim representatives, examiners, and
ing Personal Lines; Life, Accident, and Health; Commercial      supervisors handling both property losses and liability claims.
Property; Commercial Casualty; and Agency Management. All       This program is designed to acquaint claims people with the
five institutes must be attended and the comprehensive essay    principles of handling claims in a professional manner using
examinations given at the end of each must be passed and        policy analysis, human relation skills, and legal and finan-
completed within a five-year period.                            cial principles. IAN EDWARDS (SERO, Claims), CHRISTIE
                                                                GROOVER (SERO, Claims), DAVID MASSEY (SWRO, Claims),
                                                                and SCOTT YOUNG (SWRO, Claims) have received their As-
                                                                sociate in Claims designation.

JAMES BARTO                     TRAVIS OWENS

CERTIFIED RISK MANAGERS (CRM)                                   DAVID MASSEY                       SCOTT YOUNG

  JANA RINGWALD (HO, VP – Commercial Underwriting) has
completed the Certified Risk Managers designation. This des-
ignation requires knowledge in all areas of managing risks,
hazards, and exposures. The topics covered are: Principles of
Risk Management; Analysis of Risk; Control of Risk; Financing
of Risk; and Practice of Risk Management. All five institutes
must be attended and the essay examinations given at the end
of each course must be passed and completed within a five-
year period.

                              JANA RINGWALD
                                                                   IAN EDWARDS and CHRISTIE GROOVER

december 2012            INTEGRITY  •  RELATIONSHIPS  •  EXCELLENCE                                                     Page 3
  The Associate in Personal Insurance program requires             (CPCU)
the successful passing of four exams. API completers have            Special recognition goes to DUSTIN SWALLOW (HO,
a thorough understanding of personal insurance including           Information Technology) for earning the Chartered Property
underwriting and marketing practices, the personal insurance       Casualty Underwriter designation.
customer and environment, the product development process,
and portfolio management. DEIDRA GUNDERMAN (HO, PL                   Candidates for the CPCU designation must satisfactorily
Services) and PAM LEIS (HO, PL Underwriting) have received         complete eight national exams and meet various experience
their Associate in Personal Insurance designation.                 and ethics requirements. He will be attending the conferment
                                                                   ceremony in New Orleans, Louisiana in October 2013.
                                                                      Dustin lives with his wife, Alicia, his two sons, Ethan (12) and
                                                                   Noah (7), and his daughter, Kaelan (9) in Van Wert, OH. He
                                                                   received his Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information
                                                                   Systems from Miami University of Ohio and started at Central
                                                                   in May 2003 as a systems developer. He was promoted to
                                                                   systems analyst in September 2004, and computer opera-
                                                                   tions supervisor in July 2005. Dustin was then promoted to his
                                                                   current position, IT services manager, in March 2008. Along
                                                                   with his new CPCU designation he also holds the Associate
                                                                   in General Insurance, Associate
                                                                   in Data Management, and the
                                                                   Certified Insurance Data Man-
                                                                   ager designations. In his spare
                                                                   time, Dustin is active in Lifehouse
DEIDRA GUNDERMAN                     PAM LEIS
                                                                   Church in Van Wert.

   DAVE STEFANOWICZ (SERO, PL Underwriting) has suc-
cessfully completed the Program in Supervisory Management.
Students must complete SM 18, Essentials of Supervision; and
SM 19, Supervisory Skills. The program is designed to help                        DUSTIN SWALLOW
employees develop the practical knowledge and skills nec-
essary to be an effective supervisor. After completion of this
series the student should: understand the supervisor’s role
and the process of making the transition from employee to
supervisor; demonstrate an understanding of the major func-
tions of the supervisor; and be able to apply fair employment      Congratulations to employees who have successfully
guidelines. They should also possess the knowledge that un-        completed the following exams:
                               derlies the development of skills
                               in such areas as performance        AIC 34
                               appraisal, work management,           Scott Young (SWRO)
                               conducting meetings, coaching,      AIC 39
                               and building teamwork.
                                                                     Ian Edwards (SERO)
                                                                     Christie Groover (SERO)

                                                                   AIM 40
                                                                     Teresa Johnston (HO)

                                                                   API 29
                                                                    Deidra Gunderman (HO)
                               DAVE STEFANOWICZ


Page 4                                           the CentraL ForCe                                                   december 2012
AINS 22                                     CPCU 530                                  CPCU 556
  Tim Guyotte (NERO)                         David Lee (SERO)                          Dustin Swallow (HO)
  David Massey (SWRO)                        Drew Solomon (SWRO)
  Ryan Phelps-Franco (NERO)                  Dustin Swallow (HO)                      ETHICS 311
                                                                                        Todd Barickman (SWRO)
ARM 54                                      CPCU 551                                    Pam Leis (HO)
 Kyle Galvond (SERO)                         Luke Swartz (SERO)                         David Massey (SWRO)

CPCU 500                                    CPCU 552                                  SM 19
 Megan Kapsimalis (SERO)                     Jason Brown (HO)
                                                                                        Dave Stefanowicz (SERO)
 Scott Siatkosky (HO)                        Michelle Kelly (SWRO)

CPCU 520                                    CPCU 555
 Melissa Hunter (SERO)                       Jared Davis (SERO)

serViCe in aCtion                           September 12, 2012                        as a partner! Thanks for Central’s
                                                                                      partnership with our agency!
September 4, 2012                           Mr. KEITH MOORE
                                            Central Insurance Companies               A SERO Agent
Central Insurance Companies                 Dear Keith,

Dear Don,                                   I have a story to tell you about what
                                            HOLLY COBB did for us. Several            September 21, 2012
I want to thank you for your prompt-        months ago, Holly came to visit and       Mr. SCOTT MULL
ness in settling my claim. It was really    she brought with her a report showing     Central Insurance Companies
amazing! LISA JENNINGS forwarded            all of our customers who didn’t have a
a check on Monday and my car was                                                      Dear Scott,
                                            personal umbrella policy, but had the
returned to me after repairs on Thurs-      underlying required limits. She sug-      In regards to the snapped and uproot-
day. Your service was exemplary.            gested that we consider soliciting our    ed trees on the property – I appreciate
I can’t thank you enough for the ef-        customers for an umbrella. What a         your patience in allowing adequate
ficiency of your company. I will not        great idea! Why didn’t we think of it?    time to gather cost data, and your
hesitate to tell others of your outstand-   So, we designed a program, rated the      commitment to us as an insurance
ing service. In the future, if I need to    umbrella, then wrote each customer        customer. Central Insurance provided
change insurance, I would certainly         and quoted the cost and recom-            excellent service, helping us through a
consider your company.                      mended the coverage. It proved to         difficult time, and for that, I’m grate-
                                            be a very good idea as we have writ-      ful.
A CRO Claimant                              ten around 25 new policies to date.
                                                                                      A CRO Insured
                                            Holly is excellent to work with and our
                                            agency truly values her and Central

december 2012             INTEGRITY  •  RELATIONSHIPS  •  EXCELLENCE                                                   Page 5
September 24, 2012                          only are we grateful for how DEWAINE         claim service I received. I submitted
                                            JOHNSON and SCOTT MULL handled               my claim online and received a call
                                            our claim, but also for all you do for       from SHAWN ARDNER about 8 min-
Central Insurance Companies
                                            our community. Thanks again!                 utes later. Shawn was very empathetic
Dear Doug,                                                                               to my situation. His guidance through-
                                            A CRO Insured
My wife and I would like to take this                                                    out the process was professional and
opportunity to thank you and Central                                                     led to a quick resolution. I will, no
for defending our son as he was being                                                    doubt, be a loyal Central customer for
sued. Yes, we know that Central had         October 18, 2012                             many years to come. I will also con-
a considerable stake in the outcome of                                                   tinue to recommend Central, but now
                                            Ms. SHERRI WOODWORTH
the trial, and maybe your attendance                                                     with even more passion, since I will be
                                            Central Insurance Companies
was standard operating procedure;                                                        sharing my own story. Many thanks!
                                            Dear Sherri,
but your presence and counsel felt to                                                    A CRO Insured
us to be more than simply professional      Big thanks and compliments to you for
responsibility.                             assisting this client with the claim. She
                                            is beyond thrilled with the service, effi-
Did you have any idea that the jury                                                      October 25, 2012
                                            ciency, and professionalism throughout
would return its verdict so quickly? We
                                            the vehicle repair process. She shared       Ms. JESSICA PANNKUK
fully expected to be waiting all after-
                                            her appreciation to our office staff,        Central Insurance Companies
noon. Instead, we were home in time
                                            agents, and of course, you! You make
for dinner, thanks to the job done by                                                    Dear Jessica,
                                            our agency look good and we want to
our defense attorney – a good choice
                                            express our thanks for caring and sup-       Thank you so much, Jessica! We
on Central’s part, we think.
                                            porting our clients as well as you do!       cannot begin to tell you how much we
As you are probably aware, we are                                                        appreciate you, Tony, Tina, and all of
                                            She is raving to her friends and family
very proud of how our son has con-                                                       Central Insurance during this time. In
                                            about how well we take care of them.
ducted himself throughout the con-                                                       all of the issues that have gone wrong,
                                            You are part of our team and we thank
siderable trials life has thrown him at                                                  Central has been the one constant,
                                            you very much.
his young age. You and our attorney                                                      strong, positive thing. This company
have helped contribute to his ongoing       Please share her praises with your co-       is totally amazing, and has been there
growth and maturity. Diligent prepara-      workers, staff, and supervisor. She is       for us at every single turn during this
tion and of course, a few facts, won        correct when she said, “You probably         process.
the day and reinforced his faith in fair-   don’t hear this enough, but I want to
                                                                                         In telling our story to friends, the very
ness and the legal system. Thank you        thank you for a job well done. This
                                                                                         first question we always get is, “How
again for your help and cooperation.        was beyond my expectations.”
                                                                                         has your insurance company been in
We really appreciate it.
                                            A SWRO Agent                                 handling all of this?” “Wonderful, The
A CRO Insured                                                                            Best, Amazing, I Love Them, Awe-
                                                                                         some, Unbelievable...” are among the
                                                                                         words that I begin my sentences with.
                                            October 24, 2012
                                                                                         I always close with,”...and if you are
October 10, 2012
                                            Mr. DON KITSON                               ever looking to change your insurance
Mr. DON KITSON                              Central Insurance Companies                  company, I can HIGHLY recommend
Central Insurance Companies                                                              Central.” I have even had a couple of
                                            Dear Don,
Dear Don,                                                                                people call me back, wanting the com-
                                            When we, as agents, write policies and       pany’s name again because they were
A big thumbs up to Central Insurance        talk about coverage all day long to          not happy with their current insurance
Company and Purmort Brothers Insur-         our customers, the last thing we think       carrier. We are sold on your company.
ance for all their help with our recent     about is our own coverage. For me,           You helped make a terrible situation
storm claim. Having a claim is never        it was a true learning experience when       bearable. We thank you from the bot-
a pleasant situation to go through;         I recently had to deal with a water          tom of our overflowing hearts!
however, we must say Central Insur-         claim. The damage to my home was
ance and Purmort Brothers definitely        not only a physical loss; I quickly real-    A CRO Insured
made it better. We are such a fortu-        ized that the emotional loss was just
nate community to have an insurance         as real. I’m writing because I couldn’t
company right here in our town. Not         be more satisfied with Central and the

Page 6                                          the CentraL ForCe                                                 december 2012
Central Regional Office
  CRO held an “A-Mazing” event at Kernel Coopers on Octo-
ber 11 to celebrate the fall season and support a local business.
Kernel Coopers consists of a corn and soybean maze. The goal
of the event was to try to find identified “check points” in the
larger corn mazes or seek your own clues in the “farm scene
investigation” maze. A smaller soybean maze and a straw
maze were also options. There were other games like cornhole,
Yahtzee, a giant checker game, a corn box, and corn cannon to
entertain all ages. There were over 50 participants consisting of
CRO employees, their friends, and family members.

L – R: Nate and Lauren Gearhart, children of MITCH GEARHART
(Commerical Underwriting), and Claire Schreiber, daughter of
SUE SCHREIBER (Commercial Underwriting), enjoy playing in
the corn.

                                                                    L – R: GINNY RICKETTS (Claims), Brook Fuerst, and Tiffany Rick-
                                                                    etts, daughter of GINNY RICKETTS, at one of the check points.

                                    HALF MARATHON
                                      DOUG WATSON (Claims) ran a ½ marathon (13.1 miles) in Muncie, IN on October 27.
                                    He ran it in 1 hour, 59 minutes and 57 seconds. This was not something on any type of
                                    “bucket list,” but after several 5 K’s (3.1 miles) and 10 K’s (6.2 miles) he thought, “Hey, I can
                                    do this.” Before the race, he questioned if he would ever do something like this again, but
                                    after the race he is having thoughts of running another one. Way to go, Doug!

december 2012             INTEGRITY  •  RELATIONSHIPS  •  EXCELLENCE                                                          Page 7
  It was a good season for the CRO volleyball team,
a.k.a. One Armed Bandits, as they finished in sec-
ond place during league play and also in the league
tournament. The team enjoyed grooming and breaking
in a new member this year, RJ COLEMAN (Claims),
who took the Rookie of the Year Award. Please let it be
noted that he was the only rookie on the team this year.
EDDIE DREYER’s (Commercial Underwriting) and LISA
JENNINGS’ (Claims) super hustle skills helped lead the
team to victory more times than not. When she showed
up on time, Meta Dreyer, wife of Eddie Dreyer, was
also a very valuable asset to the team. Captain, JULIE
COLEMAN (Claims), once again charged her players
25 cents for each missed serve that resulted in an ice
cream party for the whole team. The team also suffered    Front Row, L – R: Meta Deyer, JULIE COLEMAN, and LISA JENNINGS.
a big loss at the end of the season when Kevin Black an- Back Row, L – R: EDDIE DREYER, RJ COLEMAN, and Kevin Black.
nounced that he was relocating to another state. He was inducted into the “Hall of Fame” for his many years of loyal service.
Good times and many great memories were made this season!

  At a recent state meeting of the International Association of
Insurance Professionals (IAIP), members of the CRO Personal
Lines Underwriting Department met up with former Central
intern, Carly Fortman. Carly worked at Central as an underwrit-
ing intern while attending Bowling Green State University. She is
now an underwriting trainee for Westfield Insurance.

                    L – R: TAM HILEMAN, Carly Fortman, PENNY
                    DUER, and TRACEY LAUTZENHEISER.

Northeastern Regional Office
  CHRIS HARRIS joined Central as our New York Marketing Manager. He is a graduate of
Oswego State University with a B.A. in Education. His insurance career began in 1982. He previ-
ously worked in commercial underwriting and sales, was a VP of Marketing for a large insurance
agency, was a Director of Marketing and Field Management, a Vice President, and an Officer.
Chris served on the Independent Insurance Agency of Central NY board, as well as on the Board
of Directors for Pathfinder Village. He is presently pursuing his Certified Insurance Counselor des-
  Chris is married to Dianne, who is a Registered Nurse. They have three children: Jessica is plan-
ning an August 2013 wedding and works as an account manager, Christa is attending her 3rd year
in law at Roger Williams University, and Joshua is a sophomore studying theatre at SUNY Fredo-
nia. Chris also has an exchange son he hosted for three years, Jung Woo, from South Korea who
attends Manlius Pebble Hill Prep School. Chris is an avid golfer and enjoys basketball, fishing, and
the outdoors. Welcome!

Page 8                                           the CentraL ForCe                                               december 2012
                                KEVIN MANNING joined the NERO Claims Department in October. He comes to Central
                              after spending 11 years as a claims adjuster with other insurance companies in Massachusetts. A
                              native of New Hampshire, he graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2000 with a
                              Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spanish. Kevin married his wife, Jennifer, in June 2005. They currently
                              reside in Derry, NH with their 3 1/2 year old son, Colin, and their dog, Cooper. In his spare time,
                              Kevin enjoys playing softball, watching Boston’s sport teams, and landscaping. Glad you joined
                              our team!

(Marketing) on 25 years of outstanding service not only to
his MA agents, but also to agents in NH when he opened the
state, and in CT during the absence of a marketing man-
ager. During his longevity, he added value with his depth of
knowledge in the insurance field, and also his explanations of
how, why, and what’s gone on in the past. His commitment
to Central showed every day and he is appreciated as part of
the Central Team. NERO celebrated and thanked him for his
mentoring over the years! Tom, good luck and best wishes on
your recent retirement! You will truly be missed.

                                                                  L – R: JIM GLASSER and TOM UZDAVINIS.

Cereal Day
  Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? NERO employees brought in their favorite cereals and
milk to share with the office. There were 14 different kinds of cereal ranging from healthy options like organic gluten free gra-
nola, to super sugary chocolate peanut butter Reese’s Puffs. There were also four different kinds of milk, including coconut and
soy milk! It was a great way to taste many different kinds of cereal!

december 2012             INTEGRITY  •  RELATIONSHIPS  •  EXCELLENCE                                                        Page 9
Fishing Derby
  NERO recently participated in a fishing derby, run by our resident fisher-
man, TOM UZDAVINIS (recently retired). Tom lent his fishing pole and
expertise and showed the employees, including TRACY WHITFORD (PL
Underwriting), how to cast a fishing line and get the hook onto a target. It
was a lot harder than it looked, but everyone had a great time trying!

                                                                               TOM UZDAVINIS shows TRACY WHITFORD how it’s
Food Bank                                                                      done.

                                                                     Some of the NERO employees recently spent a Saturday
                                                                   morning volunteering at the Greater Boston Food Bank with
                                                                   the Boston CPCU Chapter. They separated and packaged do-
                                                                   nated food products to help local families. In total, the group
                                                                   helped prepare over 4000 meals! It was a fun and productive

                                                                   Front Row, L – R: TRACY WHITFORD and MARIANNE CHANCE
                                                                   (PL Underwriting). Back Row, L – R: TIM GUYOTTE (Loss Control),
                                                                   RYAN LYNCH (Claims), TOM DARABARIS (Regional Underwriting),
                                                                   and Alex Darabaris (Tom Darabaris’ son).

Pumpkin/Candy Winners
  NERO welcomed the fall season with real pump-
kins and candy pumpkins. Two contests were held to
guess the closest number of candies in the jar and the
weight of a real pumpkin. CAROLINE STAUERS and
TIM GUYOTTE were the closest guessers of the candy,
despite some candies that went missing! The strong
to guessing the weight of the 41.8 pound pumpkin.

   ing), JOHN MAESTRANZI (Commercial Underwrit-
   ing), and CHRIS HARRIS (Marketing).

Page 10                                          the CentraL ForCe                                                december 2012
  TOM UZDAVINIS held his last Lunch and Learn with NERO
employees on October 16, before his retirement. The topic was
Aggregators, and the guest speakers were Ray Gallant (Gallant
Insurance Agency), and John Dowd (James J Dowd Insurance
Agency). They discussed the benefits that independent agencies
have joining forces to gain strengths and advantages of larger
agencies while maintaining their independence. Benefits include
sharing expenses, combining volumes, accessing greater markets,
and earning higher profit sharing returns. They both stressed the
importance of relationships. Ray talked about his cluster, Insur-
ance Services of New England (ISNE), and John discussed his new
affiliation with Alliance Mainstreet.

                                                                      L – R: Ray Gallant, TOM UZDAVINIS, and John Dowd.

Southeastern Regional Office
  SERO welcomed KATHLEEN ROBERTS as a multi-line claims representative. A graduate of Seton
Hall University with a major in Marketing, she comes to Central with approximately nine years of
prior claims experience. Kathleen, her husband, Craig, and their three children live in Alpharetta,
GA. She enjoys tennis, hiking, boating, and other outdoor activities. She will be a great addition to
the Central team!

Jessica’s Promotion
  Celebrating JESSICA PANNKUK’s (Claims) promotion to CRO, Claims Supervisor (and another great reason for employees
to get together and eat good food), SERO managers hosted a cookout in her honor. Firing up the grill and serving hamburg-
ers and hotdogs was a great way to end the summer season and let Jessica, Jenn, and Landon know that we will miss them in
Atlanta and wish them the best of luck in Van Wert!

december 2012            INTEGRITY  •  RELATIONSHIPS  •  EXCELLENCE                                                       Page 11
Personal Best
  Congratulations to JOHN CARROLL (Commercial Underwriting) on getting his personal
best at golf, shooting a 79, after playing every Saturday for 15 years! John was at the Crys-
tal Falls golf course in Dawsonville, GA, just north of the SERO office.

Fire Wardens
                                          CHERRY SMITH (HR/Office Services) and FRANKIE RODRIGUEZ (Claims) proudly serve
                                        as the Fire Wardens for the SERO office. During a fire drill on October 18, they evacu-
                                        ated all the employees safely and quickly to the meeting area.

 “Frank the Tank” — Fire Warden.

                                                                        L – R: FRANKIE RODRIGUEZ and CHERRY SMITH.

Clothing/Food Drive
  As we prepare for the Holiday season, the SERO employees began a winter clothing drive to benefit North Fulton Charities, an
organization they support each year. The generosity was phenomenal! In a two week period, over 35 new or gently used coats
were collected and approximately 20 sets of hats/gloves/scarves! The SERO office has recently started the annual canned good
drive to help a local food bank meet its needs for the holidays, thanks to such a caring and giving group of people.

Page 12                                          the CentraL ForCe                                             december 2012

  Zac Brown, son of DAVID and MARTHA BROWN
(Claims), was chosen by the University of Findlay to be
part of a billboard ad campaign for the school. Zac is
aware of three billboards in the Findlay area, but there
may be more scattered around Ohio. Quite a way to
start your college career!


                                                     Ashley Dillard, daughter of CARRIE DILLARD (PL Underwriting) and sister of
                                                   CHRISTIE GROOVER (Claims), graduated from Kennesaw State University with
                                                   a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. She recently passed her nursing
                                                   board exam and received her RN license. Congratulations!

Southwestern Regional Office

  Commercial Lines Underwriting recently added a new member to their team. JESSICA
BISHOP a Chicago native, moved to Dallas in 2006 and began her career initially in the
banking industry, but later found her love in commercial lines underwriting. Jessica comes to
Central as a commercial underwriter with six years of commercial lines underwriting experience
and an understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the Texas insurance markets. In
her free time, Jessica enjoys reading and remodeling her home with her spouse of three years.

december 2012             INTEGRITY  •  RELATIONSHIPS  •  EXCELLENCE                                                   Page 13
                                  AMELIA BOURASSA recently graduated from The University of North Texas (UNT) with a
                                Bachelor’s Degree in Risk Management and Insurance. After completing internships in the vari-
                                ous avenues insurance offers, she began her career with Central as a commercial lines techni-
                                cian, allowing her the opportunity to pursue her passion for underwriting. Born and raised a
                                Texas sweetheart, Amelia spends her spare time with family and friends, traveling, cooking out,
                                playing darts, and two steppin’; all while she cares for an Australian shepherd named Ivey and
                                her brother, a Maine coon named Luke. She also spends time volunteering throughout the
                                community and staying connected with those in the industry. Additionally, as a charter member
                                and former vice president in the Beta Zeta Chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma (The International
                                Risk Management, Insurance and Actuarial Science Collegiate Fraternity), Amelia is able to
                                contribute as an active alumnus in the insurance program at UNT. Glad you joined the Central

Home Office

  The Human Resources and Training and Education Departments gathered to
celebrate BRENDA DULL’s (Human Resources) 25th anniversary on the morning of
August 29. Everyone enjoyed cake, punch, fruit, and the department’s favorite,
M & M’s. Brenda received her beautiful anniversary clock and congratulations from
JAN WHITE (VP – Human Resources). She continued her celebration by taking a
vacation day and her anniversary day the next two days. Congratulations on 25
wonderful years!

                                             On September 27, a celebration was held in honor of PAUL TROXELL’s (HO
                                           Commercial Underwriting) 30th anniversary with Central. The day was celebrated
                                           with cake that was enjoyed by his fellow co-workers. Congratulations, Paul!

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  On October 4, Personal Lines Services celebrated KATHY SCHMERSAL’s 35th anniver-
sary with Central! The department celebrated with a cake and Kathy got to celebrate
with a day off. Congratulations, Kathy!

                                              On October 11, Personal Lines Services celebrated BARB HESSELING’s 35th anni-
                                            versary with Central! The department had a cake ready for Barb as they all gathered
                                            to congratulate her on this milestone. Thanks, Barb, for your many years of service!

  She thought she could get out of it by taking a vacation day
on her birthday. Little did she know that it made it all that much
easier to decorate her cubicle at afternoon break that
they could surprise her the following day! Happy 30th birthday,
EMILY BELLMAN (Information Technology)! The Technology
Support (Help Desk) co-workers treated Emily to white cake with
white icing and a special taco salad lunch. You should have
known they wouldn’t be able to let you off the hook that easily
for this milestone birthday!

                                                                   SHELLY HOLDEN (CL Services, SERO unit) celebrated a mile-
                                                                 stone birthday on October 3. She turned the big “5-0.” The
                                                                 Commercial Lines Services Department surprised her with many
                                                                 old photos, black balloons, funny cards, and an assortment
                                                                 of flavored coffees. The department helped her celebrate her
                                                                 big day by enjoying a yummy chocolate cake. Happy Birthday,

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   On November 2, PAUL TROXELL (HO Commercial Underwriting) cel-
ebrated his retirement with Central after more than 30 years of service.
He is going to be greatly missed, as he was a wealth of knowledge
when it came to work comp and auditing. Paul said he was going to
work all day on his retirement day because he had so much work to do!
His department talked him into not coming back after lunch. A party
was held for him in the morning, followed by his retirement luncheon,
and then he probably went home to finish packing. Paul and his wife,
Holly, sold their house in Van Wert and bought a house in North Caro-
lina, just north of Myrtle Beach. His home is about 5 miles from the
beach and his plans are to go for long walks on the beach! Best of luck
to Paul in his new venture and the next phase of his life! Happy retire-
ment, Paul!

                                                                  The course was in great shape and the weather was perfect as
                                                               employees, retirees, and family members took to the links for Cen-
                                                               tral’s Company Scramble on Saturday, August 18. This event was
                                                               held at Willow Bend Country Club and although there was a light
                                                               turnout, it was a great day for golf!
                                                                 The winning team boasted a bogey-free round, with 9 pars and
                                                               9 birdies for a scorching 9-under par score of 61. Winners JANA
                                                               RINGWALD (VP – Commercial Underwriting), Roy Ringwald, RON
                                                               KLEWER (HO Commercial Underwriting), and JOEL ELSTON (In-
                                                               formation Technology) also walked away with the award for fewest
                                                               putts. At 6-under par, second place winners were MITCH GEAR-
                                                               HART (CRO, Commercial Underwriting), EDDIE DREYER (CRO,
                                                               Commercial Underwriting), Andy Breese, and DEAN BRACKEN
                                                               (CRO, Commercial Underwriting). They carded 10 pars, 7 birdies,
Congratulations to the winners! L – R: JANA RINGWALD,          and only one bogey. In third place was the team of VIV LANGHALS
Roy Ringwald, RON KLEWER, and JOEL ELSTON.
                                                               (Actuarial), Matt Langhals, JEFF HANSON (Chief Financial Officer),
                                                               and BILL PURMORT (President). At 3-under par, they came in with
                                                               13 pars, 4 birdies, and one bogey.
                                                                 Winning individual skills prizes for longest drives were Matt Lang-
                                                               hals and BILL PURMORT. Matt also won a prize for being closest
                                                               to the pin on Hole #13, and Linda Holden won for sinking the
                                                               longest putt on Hole #11. JOEL ELSTON earned bragging rights
                                                               and a prize for the drive closest to the water on Hole #3.
                                                                 Following play, the group enjoyed a lunch buffet at the club-
                                                               house. Many thanks to Marketing, Jim Dibert, and all the Willow
                                                               Bend employees who helped pull this event together. Thanks to
                                                               retirees: Linda Holden, Jim Covey, Mel Hurless, Kent Bradford, and
                                                               Dick Waters and all who participated – your support of this com-
                                                               pany event is appreciated.

 If there was an award for best dressed, it would have gone
to the all-retiree team! L – R: Jim Covey, Mel Hurless, Kent
Bradford, and Dick Waters.

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  Casey Gibson, son of ANGIE GIBSON (Customer Services), won first place
in his showmanship class with his market hog at the Van Wert County Fair in
September. Casey is a freshman at Crestview High School and a member of the
Ohio Challengers 4-H Club.


                                         Joel Harman, son of Brent and GAYLE HARMAN (Underwriting Operations), graduated
                                      from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL in August, earning his Doctorate
                                      of Chiropractic Degree. He is a 2005 Honors Graduate of Lincolnview High School and
                                      received a B.S. in Exercise Science with college and university honors from the University of
                                      Toledo in 2009.
                                        He is an active member of the American Chiropractic Association, Indiana State Chi-
                                      ropractic Association, Kinesio-Taping Association International and is Board Certified in
                                      Physiological Therapeutics. He will be opening his practice at the Woodhouse Day Spa in
                                      Ft. Wayne, Indiana in the near future. Congratulations, Dr. Joel!

  The Ottoville 7th grade girls’ volleyball team had a very suc-
cessful season this fall. They finished the regular season with
a 12-1 record; their only loss was to the tournament Cham-
pions. Most of their wins came from playing only two sets per
match. They also were the 2nd Place winners in the Putnam
County League Tournament. Congratulations!

Front Row, 1st one from the Left: Bethany Maag, daughter of Tim
and MARY JO MAAG (Training and Education). Front Row, 3rd
one from the Left: Emily Landin, daughter of Mike and BECKY
LANDIN (Human Resources).

december 2012             INTEGRITY  •  RELATIONSHIPS  •  EXCELLENCE                                                       Page 17
What's haPPeninG
 MELISSA GARDNER (HO, PL Services) and SCOTT WAGNER (HO, Information Technology)
were married on August 25 and honeymooned in San Francisco. Congratulations!

  NERO recently celebrated two weddings. ERIN LOGUE (PL Under-
writing) (now LANERGAN), and ARTHUR REED (Claims) were married
a week apart in September! Congratulations! Here’s to many years
of happiness and love!

  Darcy and PAT CRUMMEY (HO, In-            Jill and IAN EDWARDS (SERO,                   Dave and PATTY RANK (CRO,
formation Technology) had a baby boy      Claims) are the proud parents of a new        Claims) had a baby boy on June 26.
on September 5. Lucas Patrick Crum-       son, Ryan Patrick, on September 29 at         Dylan Eugene Rank weighed 7 pounds
mey was 10 pounds 13 ounces and was       8:28 a.m. Ryan was welcomed by his            1 ounce and was 19 inches long. He
22 inches long, outweighing his brother   older sister, Talia. Congratulations to the   was welcomed into the family with BIG
by 2 ounces! He was welcomed home         Edwards’ family!                              open arms by his sisters, Delana (5)
by his big sister Meredith (5) and big                                                  and Cassidy (3 ½).
brother Zach (3).

Page 18                                       the CentraL ForCe                                                december 2012
  Brant and JENNY STEWART (SERO, Commercial Underwriting) welcomed
a baby boy on October 10 at 1:26 p.m. Everhett Carlton Stewart weighed
                              6 pounds 9 ounces and was 19 ¾ inches
                              long. Congratulations!

                                                Lane Dennison Weber was born on August 25
                                             at 6:02 p.m. He was 9 pounds 2 ounces and
                                             was 21 inches long. He was welcomed by big
                                             sister Riley (8) and big brother Jackson (6). His parents are Don and CHERYL
                                             WEBER (HO, Information Technology). Congratulations!

  Sue Turner (HO)
  Shonda Vorst (HO)
  Angela Parker (SWRO)

   Heather Gasser (HO) -       Tracey Lautzenheiser (CRO)         Eric Trainer (SWRO) -            Amber Davis (HO) -
        10 Years                       - 10 Years                       10 Years                      15 Years

    Penny Duer (CRO) -            Michelle Mills (HO) -          Barb Hesseling (HO) -            Nancy Latimer (HO) -
        15 Years                      30 Years                        35 Years                        35 Years

december 2012            INTEGRITY  •  RELATIONSHIPS  •  EXCELLENCE                                                 Page 19
Kathy Schmersal (HO) - 35 Years                 Val Sluterbeck (HO) - 35 Years                       Pam Army (HO) - 40 Years

QUarter CentUrY CLUB
                                  LINDA HAWK started at Central in the Information Technology Commercial Lines group on
                                December 14, 1987 and has worked there her entire career. Linda and her husband, Michael,
                                have been married for 15 years and have three children. Haley (13) is in 7th grade, Nicholas
                                (11) is in 5th grade, and Zachary (9) is in 3rd grade – all at Parkway. Linda spends a lot of time
                                attending her children’s many activities and sporting events. She also enjoys running, working
                                in the yard, and spending time at the lake with her family and friends. Congratulations on 25
                                years with Central!

                                   It was December 1987 when GREG SHARRITS joined the Cen-
                                tral team. He started in the Claims Department and continues
                                to work there today. Greg and his wife, Deb, have been married
                                for 23 years and have three daughters, Bailey (19), Jensen (16),
                                and Taylor (13). Some of Greg’s hobbies include playing golf
                                and traveling with the family on the girls' Junior Olympic Volley-
                                ball circuit. Congratulations, Greg!

                                  DAN TROYER has been in the Information Technology Personal Lines group since he started
                                at Central on November 9, 1987. Dan says that the best thing about working here has been
                                the people, including many cases where friendships have spanned his entire 25 year career.
                                He has been married for 15 years to his wife, Vickie. Dan enjoys spending time outside work-
                                ing around the house, traveling, and working on and driving his 1969 Chevelle. Welcome to
                                the Quarter Century Club!

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