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                                                                                                       INDIANA STATE WBA

Volume XXXIX, Issue 3                                                           April 2010

                                                            Cynthia (Cindee) Franklin
      Judy Smith, President
          574-753-9523                                             Indy USBC
      Joyce Katona, 1st V. Pres.     The 16th Annual Indiana State                        adult competition.     This year’s
           574-256-2626              Queens Tournament crowned its                         Queens Tournament had a field             youngest competitor on March                           of 66 with 31 first-time
     DiAnne Rickel, 2nd V. Pres.     14 at the Strike Force Lanes,                          participants, which includes this
           765-450-8574              Greenfield, Indiana.    Cynthia                        year’s champion. In addition to            (Cindee) Franklin of Indy USBC                         the $800 first place prize,
       Ede Kline, Director #1        earned her way to the Queens                           Cindee received a beautiful tiara
                                     Championship Crown with a                             and free entry into the 2011
                                     score of 2031 in her first year of                                    (Continued on page 6)
      Sherry Munn, Director #2
    Charmaine Terry, Director #3
     Elaine George, Director #4
            765-294-4350             The Indiana State USBC form can be printed from bowler in your association           WBA       S c h o l a r s h i p the state website at who is a graduating senior
      Jackie Arman, Director #5      Application Deadline is and meets the criteria on
            812-437-2823             May 1. The scholarship                                       (Continued on page 17)
   jjarman_2000@                                           If you have a female youth
      Dee Johnson, Director #6
       Joan Goetz, Director #7
      ljg1935@                                                                       Left—Jennifer (Miller) Ferguson
      Gerri Smolen, Director #8                                                                 –Indiana Woman Bowler
                                                                                               Center—Jackie Arman
                                                                                                –Meritorious Service
      Ann Prather, Director #9
           765-742-5345                                                                        Right—Gayle Boyles
    Donna Dennie, Director #10                                                                  –Star of Yesteryear
          574-646-3785                                                                      See related articles on page 4.

         Gerri Smolen
                                                                      INSIDE THIS IN INDIANA
  Indiana State USBC WBA
    Association Manager                15 300—800 SCORES          14 HOOSIER BOWLING WRITERS     1 QUEENS REPORT
         219-763-6571                  23 CALENDAR                 3 MEMORIAL COLUMN            18 REPORTS AROUND INDIANA

            assnmgr@                   12 CLUBS                   10 OPENING CEREMONIES         17 YOUTH AROUND INDIANA              4 HALL OF FAME
From the President’s Desk
                          April 2010

                          Greetings from Your President’s Office

                          The Indiana State USBC Women’s Bowling Association held its annual
                          open membership meeting on March 6, 2010, at the Holiday Inn North in
                          Indianapolis. Induction ceremony was held for the 2010 Hall of Fame
                          members. Inducted were Jennie Ferguson, Indiana Woman Bowler; Jackie
                          Arman, Meritorious Service; and Gayle Boyles for Star of Yesteryear.
                          Following lunch, the business meeting opened at 1:00 p.m. The credentials
                          report was given showing 3 State WBA officers, 10 State WBA directors
                          and 113 local association delegates for a total of 126 eligible voters. All
delegates were given folders, which included committee reports, officer reports, resumes for those
seeking election and other important information. Election of IS USBC WBA officers and directors
slated was held with results as: Second Vice President – DiAnne Rickel, Directors Kimberly Davis,
Gerri Smolen and Donna Dennie were elected. State delegate elected to serve at the 2011 USBC
annual meeting is Judy Smith, and alternate is Ann Prather.
A proposed amendment to the IS USBC WBA bylaws was presented to the delegates for action. The
amendment was on Article X, Board Composition, Authority and Duties to allow a local association
to be represented by no more than two (2) places on the board of directors. (Currently states a local
association to be represented by no more than one (1) place on the board of directors.) The delegates
did vote to change this amendment effective August 1, 2010.
A bid was received from the City of Firsts USBC Association (Kokomo) to host the Women’s State
Championship Tournament in 2013. Kim Morgan with the Howard County Convention Bureau
made a short presentation. The delegates voted to accept the bid for the City of Firsts USBC to host
the 2013 Championship Tournament. The 2011 Championship Tournament will be hosted by the Terre
Haute WBA and the 2012 Tournament will be hosted by the Lafayette USBC.
I want to thank all the local delegates for attending the 2010 annual meeting, and I hope to see more
local delegates at the 2011 meeting. The Indiana State USBC WBA association is the MEMBERS
organization and we need for our members to attend this meeting and let us know what we can do
to make the association the best it can be. This meeting is open to ALL members of the Indiana State
USBC WBA. The elected delegates have voice and vote, but all members have voice at this meeting,
so please mark your calendar for the first Saturday in March 2011 and plan to attend the meeting.
Our Summer workshop will be held on Saturday, July 24, at the Holiday Inn North in Indianapolis.
Information and reservation forms will be mailed out to local Association Managers the first of
June, so please plan to attend the workshop and bring your questions/comments with you.
I hope all of you had a great 2009-2010 season and your scores were high. I wish all of you a happy
and safe summer and I look forward to seeing you at the Summer Workshop.
Best Regards,

Judy Smith, Indiana State USBC WBA President


                                                               In January, the Bowl Indiana Council met and approved
                                                               to put a new state mixed tournament bidding process in
                                                               Bidding procedures have been established to determine
                                                               the interest of IBCA member centers in hosting the
                                                               tournament for the years 2010 and/or 2011. For the past
                                                               six years, the Council has placed the tournament in the
"A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam,                  hosting centers.
   and for a brief moment, its Glory and
                                                               All of the past mixed tournaments have been held in the
 beauty belong to our world, then it flies on
                                                               Indianapolis area IBCA member centers. It is felt that
 again. And though we wish it could have                       with a bidding process, the tournament could be held in
stayed, we feel so blessed to have seen it.”                   other qualified centers around the state. Centers must be
                  -- Unknown                                   members of the Indiana Bowling Centers Association to
                                                               host this tournament.
 Nancy Brodfuehrer, Columbus USBC                              Also at the January meeting, election of officers were
 Edith Clark, Loganland USBC                                   held. Tony Peterson, representative of the Indiana State
 Stephanie Helvie, Loganland USBC                              USBC BA, was elected president; Don Sparks,
 Myra Jackson, Loganland USBC                                  representative of the Indiana State USBC YA, was
 Ruth Kado, Knox USBC WBA                                      elected vice president; and re-elected as secretary-
 Robert Kennedy, Loganland USBC                                treasurer was Cathy Cooper, IBCA representative.
 Max McCloskey, Loganland USBC                                 The tournament committee appointed for the 2010 mixed
 Jeanette Robinson, Wayne Co. USBC                             tournament is Gerri Smolen, Chairman; George Webb;
                                                               Corky Koch; Don Sparks; Brian Nunning; Judy Smith;
                                                               Tony Peterson; and Ken Howard.
                                                               The BOWL INDIANA Council is made up of three
                                                               representatives each from the following organizations:
                                                               Indiana State USBC BA, Indiana State USBC WBA,
                                                               Indiana State USBC YA, and Indiana Bowling Centers
 To submit a name of a bowler from your                                       Ë
 association for the IN INDIANA Memorial                       Reported by,
 Column who passed away during the season,
 send her name and local association to Dee                    Judy Smith
 Johnson, IN INDIANA Editor, at—
                                                               Bowl Indiana Council Representative
  e d i t o r @ I n d i a n a S t a t e U S B Cw b a . o r g

                                                                   At the time this publication was being finalized, the
                                                                   83rd Annual Indiana Women’s Championship
                                                                   Tournament was still on the floor. Champions and
                                                                   winners will be included in the July issue of the IN

 Jenni (Miller) Ferguson                        Jackie Arman                                Gayle Boyles
 Indiana Woman Bowler                         Meritorious Service                        Meritorious Service
Jenni Ferguson of Anderson USBC            Jackie Arman of the Greater                The Star of Yesteryear inductee for
WBA is the 2010 Indiana Woman              Evansville USBC Association is this        2010 is Gayle Boyles of the Indy
Bowler inductee.                           year’s inductee for Meritorious            USBC Association.
Jenni began her bowling career at                                                     Gayle began her career at the age of
the age of 9 when invited by a friend      Jackie has been a member of the            16 only taking off a few years when
to join her league. Coaches noticed        national organization for over 50          she had her children. She was the
Jenni and helped her develop her           years and an Indiana member for 43         captain of her league team for over
skills and the rest is history. She        years. For the past 8 years, she has       20 years.
bowled in several youth leagues and        been a director for our women’s state
                                                                                      Gayle has won the women’s state All
TKO tournaments. Jenni was also a          board.
                                                                                      Events Championship in 1963 and
collegiate bowler with Vincennes and
                                           As a state board member, Jackie has        the Team Championship in 1980.
at Ball State. She would advance to
                                           served on most state committees.
bowl professionally for only a short                                                  She was a team member of the Indy
                                           Some of the committees she has
time because of lack of regional                                                      USBC Association women’s
                                           chaired are the Awards of Excellence
tournaments.                                                                          championship teams in 1971, 1974,
                                           Committee, the Awards Committee,
                                                                                      1976, and 1980. She also won
Jenni’s career high year-end average       Workshop, the Hall of Fame, and
                                                                                      championship titles in the Doubles
is 226, and she has at least 10            Education/Training Committees.
                                                                                      Event with Suzi Harmon in 1978 and
seasons with an average of 200 or
                                           Prior to joining the state board, she      with Meg Woodard in 1988.
                                           served as a teller at the Women’s
                                                                                      In 1960, Gayle won the Singles
She has bowled 3 games of 300, 1–          State Annual Meeting and has
                                                                                      Event and was a member of the
299, and 2–298’s. Jenni has also           served on the Women’s State
                                                                                      Championship Team that won the
bowled at least 10 seasons of              Nominating Committee, which she
                                                                                      Regional Gutter Gussie Tournament
scoring at least one 700 with her          chaired twice.
                                                                                      in Idaho. Her team also won the
career high series of 797 bowled in
                                                                                      Regional Stones Ladies Classic
                                                                                      Tournament in Cincinnati in 1970. In
                  (Continued on page 16)                     (Continued on page 16)                    (Continued on page 13)

Janice Wozniak, Indy USBC Association, is the          years, and her writing skills has also placed her as
recipient of the Kathryn C. Hotzel Bowling Writer      editor of the Indy USBC Association yearbook for
Award. This award was presented during the 4th         the last four years.
Indiana State USBC WBA Annual Meeting in
                                                       The Hoosier Bowling Writers (HBW) has
                                                       recognized her work. She has received the HBW
It is for the work published during the 2008-2009      Barbara Spencer Newsletter Award in 2007; and
season in the IN INDIANA. Janice has been one          in 2008, Janice was the recipient of the HBW
of the IN INDIANA’s outstanding writers for            Column Award. Janice is serving her first term as
several years. Her articles have been very well        director to the HBW Board of Directors for the
written grammatically as well as informative and       2009-2010 season.
interesting to the readers from around the state.
                                                       In December 2009, Janice was named the 2008-
She has a flare for journalism and reporting for her
                                                       09 King Pin of the Year by the Central Indiana’s
association. She does not settle for just words on
                                                       Bowling Centers Association, Inc., who was
paper; often she has several drafts before being
                                                       chosen for her dedication and work ethics for the
satisfied with her written words .
                                                       bowling community, local association, and
Janice has been the Indy USBC Director since           proprietors.
2002 and served as its publicity chair since the
                                                       Janice is a bowler as well. She has bowled in
2005-2006 season and has never missed getting
                                                       various leagues in the Indy Association for the
her article submitted in a timely manner. Her
                                                       past 20 years and is currently bowling in two
writing skills have earned her the “Featured
                                                       leagues and serves as the secretary for one.
Report” spotlight of the IN INDIANA Reports
                                                       Recently, Janice won the High Game Award with
around Indiana Column three times—July 2006,
                                                       her 267 in Indy’s 600 Club Tournament where
July 2007, and October 2008.
                                                       placed third. Ë
She is the editor of the Pocket Panorama, the Indy
USBC Association newsletter, for the last five

                                        (Continued from page 1)

Cynthia (Cindee) Franklin
       Indy USBC          Queens Tournament.
                                 High Qualifier was last year’s defending Queens Champion Jenni Ferguson
                                 from Anderson. She topped the qualifying rounds for the $150 prize with the
                                 score of 2318, edging out Angela Pluta (2310) of St. Joe Valley USBC.
                                 The guests were honored by a 300 game scored by Amanda Taylor of Greater
                                 Terre Haute USBC WBA. Theresa Smith-Dill also scored an 802 during the
                                 Tournament revised format. Queens participants bowled two 5-game blocks
                                 on Saturday; the top 32 bowlers scoring the highest total pins advanced to the
                                 semi-finals on Sunday. On Sunday, scoring started at zero, and the 32
                                 qualifiers competed in a 3-game block; the top 16 bowlers having the highest
                                 total pins advanced to another 3-game block with scores starting from zero. The
                                 top eight bowlers then advance to the finals match-play competition.
                                 Again, the scoring begins at zero, and the finalists competed in head-to-head
                                 matches until all eight bowled against each other once. Match-game scores
                                 were accumulated with an additional 30 bonus points for each game won; the
                                 last game was a position match according to total match-game scores plus
                                 bonus points. The bowler with the highest total match-game score plus bonus
            High Qualifier       points is declared champion.
            Jenni Ferguson                                     Ë

                                                          Tournament Manager
                                                                    Gerri Smolen
                               Cindee Franklin            congratulates champion
                             receiving crown from                 Cindee Franklin
                             Indiana State USBC WBA
                             President Judy Smith

                                                                        Amanada Taylor
                                                                        300 Game

                                                                       Theresa Smith-Dill
                                                                                802 Series

                                                      Indiana State Queens Tournament Committee
                                                   Sherry Munn, Phyllis Boze, Gerri Smolen, Judy Smith, Suzie
                                                   Simmons, DiAnne Rickel, Joyce Katona

                                             16TH ANNUAL
                                  INDIANA STATE QUEENS TOURNAMENT
                          STRIKE FORCE LANES – GREENFIELD 2010
66 Entries @ $100.00 ($50.00 Prize Fund - $50.00 Expenses)                 $ 3,300.00
Corporate Sponsor –                                          1,250.00
     (Division of Classic Products Corp., Ft Wayne)

Total Prize Fund                                                                                  $ 4,550.00

                       1.Cynthia Franklin, Indy                             $ 800.00Plus Tiara & Plaque *
                       2.Lisa Hunt, Indy                                      500.00
                       3.Lisa Anserello, Lake Suburban                        400.00
                       4.Therese Smith-Dill, Indy                             350.00
                       5.Darla Burke, Indy                                    325.00
                       6.Mallory Johnson, Indy                                300.00
                       7.Alexis Voiers, Lake Suburban                         275.00
                       8.Kelly Gough, Duneland                                250.00
                       9.Jessica Morgan, Indy                                 225.00
                      10.Donna Pope-Green, Indy                               200.00
                      11.Janee’ Babbitt, Lake Suburban                        150.00
                      12.Jennifer Hartlep, Lafayette                          125.00
                      13.Missy Bullock, Kendallville                          100.00
                                                                                                   $ 4,000.00

                                                      ~ SPECIAL PRIZES ~
High Qualifier           Jenni Ferguson, Anderson                                                 $   150.00

High Games Out of the Money:
      1st 5-Game Block1     -   Jenni Ferguson, Anderson (278)              $   50.00
                      2     -   Jackie Burton, Columbus (267)                   25.00
                      2     -   Arlene Hilmer, Brandywine (267)                 25.00
      2nd 5-Game Block1     -   Amanda Taylor, Gr Terre Haute (300)         $   50.00
                      2     -   Jennifer Irwin, Indy (299)                      30.00
                      3     -   Mandy Wilkins, Gr Terre Haute (280)             20.00
     1st 3-Game Match1      -   Kim Crowell, Lafayette (279)                $   25.00
                      2     -   Mandi Bybee, Anderson (267)                     15.00
                      3     -   Amanda Taylor, Gr Terre Haute (256)             10.00
     2 3-Game Match1        -   Kim Crowell, Lafayette (223)                $   25.00
                      2     -   Mandi Bybee, Anderson (216)                     15.00
                      3     -   Amanda Taylor, Gr Terre Haute (205)             10.00

Paid Entry into 2011 Indiana State Queens Tournament                                                  100.00

Total Prize Fund Paid Out                                                                         $ 4,550.00

                                64 Match-Play Games donated by Strike Force Lanes
                                    Queens Towels donated by
1st—Cindee Franklin, Indy USBC, 2031; 2nd—Lisa Hunt, Indy USBC, 1978; 3rd—Lisa Anserello, Lake Suburban USBC
WBA, 1876; 4th—Theresa Smith-Dill, Indy USBC, 1875; 5th—Darla Burke, Indy USBC, 1829; 6th—Mallory Johnson,
Franklin USBC, 1752; 7th—Alexis Voiers, Lake Suburban USBC WBA, 1696; 8th—Kelly Gough, Duneland USBC, 1675

                                          MATCH-PLAY SCORES
                                                     8-Game            Bonus             Total
                              Name                    Actual           Points            Score
                1.   Cynthia Franklin                 1881               150             2031
                2.   Lisa Hunt                        1828               150             1978
                3.   Lisa Anserello                   1726               150             1876
                4.   Theresa Smith-Dill               1785                90             1875
                5.   Darla Burke                      1679               150             1829
                6.   Mallory Johnson                  1632               120             1752
                7.   Alexis Voiers                    1636                60             1696
                8.   Kelly Gough                      1585                90             1675

                                   2 ND 3-GAME SEMI-FINAL BLOCK
                                            3-Game                                               3-Game
         Pos.             Name               Total    vs.      Pos.             Name              Total
          1.    Theresa Smith-Dill           715                9.    Jessica Morgan              635
          2.    Lisa Anserello               689               10.    Donna Pope-Green            632
          2.    Cynthia Franklin             689               11.    Janee’ Babbitt              626
          4.    Alexis Voiers                670               12.    Jennifer Hartlep            614
          5.    Mallory Johnson              667               13.    Missy Bullock               610
          6.    Kelly Gough                  655               14.    Amanda Taylor               584
          7.    Lisa Hunt                    652               14.    Mandi Bybee                 584
          8.    Darla Burke                  640               16.    Kim Crowell                 555

                                             1 ST 3-GAME SEMI-FINAL BLOCK
           Pos.                  Name              3-Game Total      vs.     Pos.                 Name               3-Game Total
             1.        Theresa Smith-Dill                800                  17.      Holly Siefers                       624
             2.        Missy Bullock                    712                   17.      Crystal Bunton                      624
             3.        Cynthia Franklin                  699                  19.      Cheryl Jacobs-Morrison              618
             4.        Amanda Taylor                     675                  20.      Kim Lang                            616
             5.        Kelly Gough                       669                  21.      Linda Burns                         614
             6.        Mallory Johnson                  661                   22.      Jennifer Irwin                      613
             7.        Donna Pope-Green                  656                  22.      Jeannie Lukins                      613
             8.        Mandi Bybee                       654                  22.      Mandy Wilkins                       613
             9.        Jessica Morgan                    653                  25.      Kathy Hite                          610
             9.        Alexis Voiers                     653                  26.      Vicki Rich                          603
            11.        Janee’ Babbitt                   648                   27.      Christel Hughey                     584
            12.        Lisa Anserello                   637                   28.      Casandra Ginter                     583
            13.        Darla Burke                       635                  29.      Angela Pluta                        581
            14.        Kim Crowell                       629                  30.      Sallie Warner                       577
            14.        Lisa Hunt                         629                  31.      Jenni Ferguson                      552
            16.        Jennifer Hartlep                  628                  32.      Ashley Terry                        504

                                                 10-GAME QUALIFYING SCORES
                                                  1st     2nd     Total                                                1st      2nd    Total
              Name               Association     Block   Block    Score                Name            Association    Block    Block   Score
 1. Jenni Ferguson              Anderson          1191    1127     2318    34. Denise Rambo          Indy                922    1039    1961
 2. Angela Pluta                St. Joe Valley    1062    1248     2310    35. Monica Hartlep        Lafayette           958     995    1953
 3. Lisa Anserello              Lake Suburban     1181    1123     2304    36. Julia Charlton        Wayne County        964     988    1952
 4. Missy Bullock               Kendallville      1229    1027     2256    37. Christina Holmes      Wabash              966     985    1951
 5. Cynthia Franklin            Indy              1090    1144     2234    38. Brandi Prevo          Gr Evansville      1010     930    1940
 6. Mandy Wilkins               Gr Terre Haute    1107    1121     2228    39. Jacey Wilham          Franklin            970     961    1931
 7. Lisa Hunt                   Indy              1096    1123     2219    40. Lisa Wernert          Artesian           1047     881    1928
 8. Linda Burns                 Indy              1090    1122     2212    41. Jackie Burton         Columbus            964     957    1921
 9. Holly Siefers               Lafayette         1114    1086     2200    42. Jenni Ryba            Lake Suburban       946     974    1920
10. Theresa Smith-Dill          Indy              1081    1102     2183    43. Crystal Lott          Indy                988     929    1917
11. Jennifer Hartlep            Lafayette         1082    1096     2178    44. Andrea Mercatante     Bloomington         955     954    1909
12. Jennifer Irwin              Indy              1031    1141     2172    45. Deanna Johnson        Loganland           901     997    1898
13. Christel Hughey             Heart City        1035    1123     2158    46. Camila Trevino, Jr.   Lake Suburban       913     980    1893
14. Cheryl Jacobs-Morrison      Indy              1033    1120     2153    47. Gayle Spurling        Brandywine          970     915    1885
15. Alexis Voiers               Lake Suburban     1003    1144     2147    48. Jennifer Cave         Grant County        887     996    1883
16. Jessica Morgan              Indy              1031    1092     2123    49. Ashley Bear           Indy                919     962    1881
17. Jeannie Lukins              Franklin          1114     987     2101    50. Arlene Hilmer         Brandywine          991     884    1875
18. Amanda Taylor               Gr Terre Haute     990    1107     2097    51. Jennifer Evans        Grant County        930     920    1850
19. Sallie Warner               La Porte           964    1115     2079    52. Alicia Currin         Indy                880     953    1833
20. Darla Burke                 Indy               931    1127     2058    53. Jamie Bormann         Lafayette           966     863    1829
21. Kathy Hite                  Indy              1069     982     2051    54. Debby Lentz           Indy                891     937    1828
22. Janee Babbitt’              Lake Suburban     1021    1029     2050    55. Jamie Heintz          Lake Suburban       953     871    1824
23. Mandi Bybee                 Anderson          1023    1016     2039    56. Ericka Study          Indy                889     934    1823
24. Kim Lang                    Indy              1031    1004     2035    57. Nicole Turn           Indy                870     951    1821
25. Kelly Gough                 Duneland          1046     982     2028    58. Traci Nelson          Indy                920     884    1804
26. Kim Crowell                 Lafayette          970    1043     2013    59. Terri Woodard         Indy                852     948    1800
27. Ashley Terry                Kendallville      1076     924     2000    60. Michele Schmidt       Kendallville        951     831    1782
28. Donna Pope-Green            Indy               985    1013     1998    61. Caty Beel             Bloomington         991     777    1768
29. Casandra Ginter             Lake Suburban     1039     950     1989    62. Cheryl Jandrey        Bloomington         898     846    1744
30. Vicki Rich                  Gr Terre Haute     934    1054     1988    63. Karen Elrod           Indy                850     891    1741
31. Crystal Bunton              Lake Suburban      972    1010     1982    64. Catherine Armstrong Brandywine            874     850    1724
32. Mallory Johnson             Indy               983     998     1981    65. Dodie Hart            Columbia City       839     779    1618
33. Stacy Lahrman               Fort Wayne        1072     899     1971    66. Lou Ann Soich         Indy                711     801    1512

                                  Muncie USBC
                                  President Josh
                                  Wooten and
                                  Indiana State
                                  USBC WBA
                                  President Judy
                                  Smith welcome
                                  bowlers and           Muncie
                                  introduce their         USBC
                                  respective board     3rd Vice
                                  members             President
                                                      offers the

     Photographers at Village Bowl.
     Photographer Jason Diedrich and
     Owner/Photographer Joe Bays
     prepare for the minor events
     bowlers. Photos are taken even if
     bowlers opt not to purchase.

                                                                   Ann Prather and
                                                                   Debbie Crosley
                                                                   are all SMILES
                                                                   welcoming team
                                                                   captains as they
                                                                   check in

        Photographer Kirsta “Amy” Diedrich
        takes team photos at Munsee Lanes
                                               Ann Prather, Debbie Crosley, and
                                               Mary Newman working in the Team
                                               Office checking in bowlers
Lauren Miller explains picture prices
to State Director Dee Johnson

                        Honorable Sharon McShurley, Mayor of Muncie,
                                welcomes tournament bowlers

            Ceremonial Ribbon is cut by Mayor McShurley

                                                                       Mayor McShurley and Muncie Board
                                                                              Director Cliff McKee

    Youngest Certified Muncie USBC
    bowler Jacobe Butler, age 5, rolls
        “Ceremonial First Ball”

                                                                   Eldest Certified Muncie Bowler John
                                                                   Constant, age 91, rolls “Ceremonial
                                                                   First Ball”

Muncie USBC presented plaques to the
  “Ceremonial First Ball” participants

                                       The 600 Club Buddy Tournament will be hosted by the
                                       Loganland USBC at Myers Sport Bowl, Logansport. It will
                                       be held on September 18-19 and 25-26, 2010. The Annual
                                       Meeting will be held on September 18. Ë

                                       —Dottie Dahl, Secretary-Treasurer

The Education and Training
Committee is preparing for the
2010 Summer Workshop on
Saturday, July 24. It will be
                                       The Trio Tournament will be held at Classic Lanes in
held at the Holiday Inn North at       Bloomington on October 23-24. The Annual Meeting will be
the Pyramids, Indianapolis.            held on October 23 prior to the start of the tournament.
The workshop is open to all
local association board                If you have not had a 600 series in the past 5 years, you
members (Men, women, and               are eligible for membership in the 500 Club. Ë
youth leaders). The keynote
speaker this year is David             —Norma Ripley, President
Bartlett, USBC Regional
The USBC regional managers
will be the primary contact for
the association leaders and
proprietors in the field. The
mission of the team is to build
and strengthen relationships
between       associations,
proprietors,       and      the                           By Patty Leibering, Huntingburg USBC
International Bowling Campus.
They will focus on education            Three generations of bowlers participated in the Adult/Youth
and     implementation        of        competition at the Indiana State USBC Youth Association
programs in the field that grow         Tournament in Indianapolis on Saturday, March 27, 2010. Their
membership and enhance the              success story is as shown below.
USBC membership experience.
                                        Dubois Lanes in Huntingburg sent approximately 35 youth bowlers
I n f o r ma t i o n a lo n g w it h    to the All Star Sport Bowl and the Expo Bowl for the two day singles/
reservation forms will be               doubles and team events competition.
mailed to all local BA, WBA,
and Merged Associations in
June. It is hoped that several                          Grandpa—              Mother—            Son/Grandson—
from each local association                           Steve Marchino         Lori Jewell          Jaden Hayes
will attend the 2010 Summer
Workshop and give Mr. Bartlett            1st Game          216                  128                  160
a warm Hoosier welcome.
                              Ë          2nd Game           216                  146                  171
Reported by,                             3rd Game           300                  151                  110
Jackie Arman, Chairman
                                                                                                 (Games Bowled
                                                                                                  with Grandpa)

EBLASTS. To keep our members and association leaders up-to-date on what is happening in the
bowling community, the Indiana State USBC WBA Publicity Committee began sending email alerts/
messages in the 2008-09 season to those individuals on file and to anyone that has submitted their
email address to Dee Johnson, Publicity Chairman, at e d it or@ In d ia na St a t eU SB C W B A .o rg .
Everyone is welcome to sign-up and can choose to unsubscribe at any time. The database with
email addresses will be kept confidential and will not be shared outside of the Indiana State USBC
WBA. The eblasts typically do not have attachments; instead, you click on forms/entries/other links
that will take you to the points of your interests.

WWW .IND IANA STA TEU SBCWBA .OR G.                       We now are providing for the members’
convenience an interactive or fillable form for a variety of forms provided on the website. You
simply fill in your information online, print it, and then mail.

We have also added a new tab on the left scroll bar of the state website for USBC. We have direct
links to specific information to the USBC website that include Find a Member, USBC
Tournaments, USBC Awards, USBC Forms and Manuals, USBC Registered Volunteer
Program, USBC Scholarships/SMART Program, Convention, Rulebook, USBC League
Standing Sheets, and USBC Home Page.
Reported by,
Dee Johnson, Chairman


                                          INDIANA STATE WBA

(Continued from page 4)

1974, she won the State 600 Club Buddy                   Hoosierettes Singles Championship as well as
Tournament. Gayle was also a member of the               the 600 Buddy Tournament with Dinks Doerr.
team that won the 1977 Cincinnati Hoinke                 Gayle carried a 180 plus average for over 30
Tournament.    In 1980, Gayle traveled to                years, posting a career high average of 187. She
Kentucky and won the Louisville Derby                    bowled 10 strikes in a row to bowl her career
Tournament Singles and All Events, as well as            high game of 277. Her career high series is 683.
being a member of the Championship Team.
                                                         Only able to bowl in a few national women’s
Gayle did not have to travel to win                      tournaments, Gayle was able to place 6th in the
championships. In 1968, she paired with Jackie           1975 WIBC Doubles Event with Susie Wood
Suddith to with the Doubles Championship of the          when it was held in Indianapolis. Ë
Tower Lanes Classic. In 1974, she won a

“Thank You” to all the Hoosier Bowling Writers members that stayed for our annual meeting after
the Indiana State WBA Annual Meeting in March.
The members approved the suggested changes that the HBW Board of Directors approved to the By-Laws.
Dee Johnson was elected to a two-year term as Vice-President and Lucille Liebert was elected to serve another
term as Secretary-Treasurer. DiAnne Rickel and Mary Newman were elected to serve two-year terms as directors
of the organization.
Visit our website for forms to join our organization or renew your membership. The dues
are $10.00 a year.
If you write articles for your local media or for the IN INDIANA, you can enter our contest. This year's winners
were Annis Niemier Feature Article Award, DiAnne Rickel, Peru USBC WBA; Barbara Spencer Newsletter Award,
Janice Wozniak, Indy USBC; Column Article Award, Cyndy Trent from the City of Firsts USBC; Youth Article
Award, Lucille Liebert, Gr Greencastle USBC; and First Time Entry Award, Joan Baines of the Fort Wayne USBC
WBA, and the Photo Award to Anita Soltis from the Knox USBC WBA. Congratulations to all the winners. Ë
Come join our organization and have some fun communicating.
                                           Lucille Liebert, Gr Greencastle USBC
                                           HBW Secretary/Treasurer
                                           205 Bloomington Street
                                           Greencastle, IN 46135
                                           Phone: 765-653-8884
                                           Email: g g u s b c @ c o m c a s t . n e t

            DiAnne Rickel                                                                         Janice Wozniak
  Annis Niemier Feature Article Award                                                    Barbara Spencer Newsletter Award

     Cyndy Trent                     Lucille Liebert                       Joan Baines                   Cyndy Trent
 Column Article Award              Youth Article Award               First Time Entry Award              Photo Award

                           (As of February 1, 2010)

 Last Name       First Name      Association          Score    Date
Babbitt        Janeé           Lake Suburban           300    11-20-09

Corpe          Shawn           St Joe Valley           300    01-08-10

Franklin       Cynthia         Indy                    300    09-18-09

Franklin       Cynthia         Indy                    300    08-03-09

Graan          Jacquelyn       Calumet Area            300    10-08-09

Hansen         Samantha        Lake Suburban           300    11-05-09

Hartlep        Monica          Lafayette               300    12-14-09

Hoover         Stephanie       Goshen                  300    10-30-09

Hunter         Sara            Duneland                300    10-19-09

Mason          Akeshia         Indy                    300    08-10-09

Pavlovich      Donna           Calumet Area            300    01-05-09

Perry          Debra           Calumet Area            300    10-11-09

Person         Kristie         Indy                    300    10-30-09

Postma         Sandy           Lake Suburban           300    10-20-09

Prettyman      Karen           Gr Terre Haute          300    10-19-09

Prohl (Sabo)   Debbie          Lake Suburban           300    10-24-09

Quayle         Patricia        Calumet Area            300    01-14-09

Rodziewicz     Alyson          Lake Suburban           300    05-10-09

Sauer          Aubrey          St Joe Valley           300    09-03-09

Smith          Claudia         Indy                    300    12-09-09

Struebig       Diane           Lake Suburban           300    10-20-09

Sullivan       Crystal         Gr Terre Haute          807    09-05-09

Voiers         Alexis          Lake Suburban           300    12-05-09

Voiers         Alexis          Lake Suburban           814    12-05-09

Williams       Deborah         Calumet Area            300    11-11-08

INDUCTEE JENNI FERGUSON                                     INDUCTEE JACKIE ARMAN
(Continued from page 4)                                     (Continued from page 4)

Jenni has participated in 12 Indiana State Women’s          Jackie also served as an Indiana State alternate
Championship Tournaments and has won 6 titles               delegate for 2 years at the National Convention.
beginning in 2000 with her All Events score of 1,967. In
                                                            She has attended 15 state workshops and 14
2005, she won All Events again with a score of 1,996.
                                                            state jamborees.
In 2006, she etched her name in the record book with
                                                            At the local level…
partner Theresa Smith-Dill when they scored the state
record score of 1,475 in the Doubles Event. Again in        Jackie was a member of the Evansville
2009, Jenni and Theresa paired up to win Doubles Actual     association for 42 years, and she is an Honorary
with a 1361.                                                Member of the Greater Evansville USBC
                                                            Association. She served the Evansville WBA
In 2007, her name can be found in the championship
                                                            Board for 22 years—8 years as its president, 7
lineup for both actual and handicap categories of the 5-
                                                            years as vice president, and 7 years as an
Bowler Team Events with the All Star Bowl 2 team.
                                                            Evansville director.
Jenni has participated in 10 Indiana State Queens
                                                            Jackie served on many committees at the local
Tournaments and was a popular champion when she
                                                            level and was a Greater Evansville USBC Board
won her first crown in 2009. She was also High Qualifier
                                                            Advisor for two years including serving as the
in 1999, 2002, 2005 and the current 2010 tournament.
                                                            editor of the Evansville WBA newsletter for 5
She has bowled in 7 national queens tournaments and
was a top 10 finisher in 2005 at the Tulsa, Oklahoma,
queens.                                                     She represented her local association as delegate
                                                            for 19 years at the national convention and at the
In 2004, she won the WIBC National All Events
                                                            Indiana Women’s Annual Meeting as a delegate
Championship title and placed 6th in Singles in Wichita,
                                                            for 12 years.
Kansas. In 2002, she placed 5th in Doubles Classic
Division in Milwaukee.                                      Jackie co-chaired and coached an underprivileged
                                                            children’s bowling league for 3 years, and she was
At the local level…
                                                            chairman of the Evansville National Wheelchair
Jenni has 20 local championship titles… one team and        Tournament. She was also the Secretary of the
one all events in the Indianapolis WBA and the remaining    Ten Pin Classic Tournament for 9 years.
in the Anderson women’s association.
                                                            Jackie has been a national, state, and local 600
She holds 3 Team Championships. The 1996 Handicap           Club member for 38 years. She served as the
Category and in 1999—3,132 Actual and 3,455                 Local 600 Club Vice President for 5 years and
Handicap, which are the current 5-Member Team               chaired the Evansville 600 Club Tournament for 2
Records in Anderson                                         years. She was also a Certified Youth Coach and
                                                            Instructor for over 12 years.
Jenni holds 5 Doubles Championships all in the Actual
Category. In 2001, 2006, and 2007. In 2008, she set a       Jackie has been a member of the Evansville Hall
local record scratch score of 1,346, and she then           of Fame since 1996.
continued on to win again in 2009.
                                                            In 2003, she was recipient of the WISBA Local
She also won 5 Singles Championships. In 1998, Jenni        President Award of Excellence, and Jackie has
won both actual and handicap titles. In 2001, 2006, and     received the Evansville WBA Presidential Sports
in 2008 she won the Singles Actual Championships.           Award.
Jenni has won 5 All Events Championship Titles including    In leagues and as a bowler, she served as a
actual and handicap in 1998 and actual in 2006 and          league president for 6 years, league secretary for
2009. Again, in 2008 she rolled an Anderson record all      23 years, and league treasurer for 11 years.
events scratch score of 2,200.                              Jackie also won city tournament championships in
                                                            1974 and 1981, and Singles in her local Seniors
Jenni is also active in her local associations serving on
                                                            tournament in 2002. Jackie has bowled in 27
the boards of Anderson and Noblesville. She worked for
                                                            women’s state tournaments and has participated
the Indiana Bowling Proprietor’s Association for three
                                                            in 22 national tournaments. Ë
years as the commissioner of high school bowling and
was actively involved in getting the program started. She
coached the Highland High School Team its first two
years. Ë

Gr Greencastle USBC Youth
    The Gr Greencastle USBC Youth are nearing
the end of their season.
    Our membership was down this year by about
thirty bowlers, never the less, we had close to half of                 Is your state
our membership who participated in the State Youth
Tournament and a fourth of them will be participating                    scholarship
in the Pepsi Qualifier in May.
    The youth committee is planning the scrapbooks
to be given to each member at the Banquet in May.
                                                                      application turned
There will be some bowlers receiving scholarship
money for their accomplishments this season at the                            in?
Banquet and numerous door prizes
for all the youth bowlers.
    We have a good youth program
and we hope to keep it that way. As
you all know, it takes work by our
volunteers to keep it that way. I want
to thank all of them for their hard
work. Ë
Lucille Liebert, PC                                            (Continued from page 1)

                                                               the form’s instructions, please be sure to urge her to
                                                               submit her application before May 1.

  Indy USBC Association Youth News
       The Indiana High School Bowling Program                     Indianapolis area bowlers who made the Indiana
   recently announced its 2009-2010 Academic All               High School Bowling All State teams included:
   State Teams for boys and girls. The criteria to             boys- Dennis Lentz, Southport (2nd team) and girls
   make the team include seniors who have bowled in            – Lauren Gunderson, Lawrence North (1st team),
   at least one varsity game, a minimum GPA of 3.5             Amber Thompson, Decatur Central (2nd team), and
   on a 4.0 scale, and a minimum SAT score of 1500             Kayla Byrd, Southport (honorable mention).
   or an ACT score of 22. The following high school                The ISUSBCYA State Tournament will finish its
   bowlers in Indianapolis were selected as members            run in Indianapolis on the weekend of May 1 and 2.
   of these teams: boys – Clark Bockelman, Craig               Hopefully, everyone had an enjoyable visit to
   Fisher, Tyler Hoffman, Brebeuf Jesuit; and Tyler            Indianapolis. It’s been a lot of fun watching these
                    Quear, Southport; girls – Christina        youth bowlers compete. Many volunteers have put
                    Hall, Ben Davis; Chelsea Phillips,         in many hours to help keep this tournament
                    Jayne Titus, Brownsburg; Katie             running, and a big thank you goes out to all of you .
                    Cleary, Lia Kennedy, Shelby                    Indianapolis is looking forward to hosting both
                    Bates, Victoria Spartz, Cathedral;         the Junior Gold and the USBC Youth Open
                    Robin Catania, Decatur Central;            Tournaments again this summer. Now is the time
                    and Lauren Gunderson, Lawrence             to think about volunteering at one of these events. Ë
                    North.    Congratulations to all           Janice Wozniak, PC
                    these bowlers.


Hello from Elwood,                           50th Anniversary for the lanes. Joe        member and PC, attended the
    It has been a very busy time             Wells has also remodeled the inside        women’s state meeting on March 6.
since we last spoke to you. We had           in preparation for this State event. I     Would like to take this time to
a very successful joint city                 think the bowlers that have been to        congratulate the inductees into the
tournament in February; team event           Wells Lanes in the past will be            State Hall of Fame and wish Kim
being held the first two weekends at         pleased with the new look. Thank           Davis the best in her new job as
Wells Lanes and the singles,                 you Joe Wells in helping us on this        State Director of District 7. We
doubles, and mixed doubles the last          event. As of this writing, we have         know she will be a very good asset
two weekends at Lucky Strike                 Mary Wells and Danny Murray, both          to the State Board.
Lanes. A 300, 299, and a series of           in their best years of their life, age         I believe I have cover all that is
826 were bowled. Great job to all            90+, Jerry Harvey, State President         going on in our association.
the gals and guys that participated          of the Indiana State USBC BA, and              Just a note to all the
in the tournament.                           Phyllis Hussung, representing the          associations—I’m always eager to
    Now on to the State Seniors              Indiana State USBC WBA throwing            read what all of you have been
Tournament! Everything seems to              out the First Ball of the tournament.      doing also and sometimes get some
be on schedule so far. We have               Hope to see you all at the seniors         very good ideas that we think we
been informed that there are about           tournament whether you are                 can use, thanks to all of you.
1700 entries into this event this            bowling or just coming to watch.               Till the next time, goodbye my
year. We are so excited to be the            Diana Everling, association                friends!
host association, to be held at Wells        manager, Barbara Masters, vice             Jean Lennis, PC
Lanes, also in celebration of the            president, and I, Jean Lennis, board       Hoosier Bowling Writer Member

                               PAST FEATURED REPORTERS
         March 2002—Pamala Leming, Marion                     October 2006—Cyndy Trent, City of Firsts USBC
         July 2002—Jane Kennedy, Muncie                       March 2007—Sherry Munn, Columbus USBC
                                                              July 2007—Janice Wozniak, Indy USBC
         October 2002—Kathy Jurasz, Indianapolis
         March 2003—Lisa Liss, Lake Suburban                  October 2007—Alusta Kneeves, Gr Terre Haute USBC WBA
         July 2003—Alusta Kneeves, Gr Terre Haute             March 2008—Teresa Lechleidner, Warsaw USBC WBA
                                                              July 2008—Anita Soltis, Knox USBC WBA
         October 2003—Jean Dickinson and
              Linda Turk, Franklin                            October 2008—Janice Wozniak, Indy USBC
         March 2004—Judy Quinn, Huntington                    March 2009—Joan Baines, Fort Wayne USBC WBA
         July 2004—DiAnne Rickel, Peru                        July 2009—Jean Lennis, Elwood USBC
         October 2004—Linda Hite, Anderson                    October 2009—DiAnne Rickel, Peru USBC WBA
         March 2005—Lucille Liebert, Greencastle              January 2010—Cyndy Trent, City of Firsts USBC
         July 2005—Linda Butler, Whitewater Valley WBA
         October 2005—Pamala Leming, Marion
         March 2006—Debbie Hayworth, Lake Suburban
         July 2006—Janice Wozniak, Indy USBC

                                          CITY OF FIRSTS

    Year, 2013—seems like a long time away,                 tournament? I’m sure they will be available to
doesn’t it! Maybe to everyone else it does, but to          accommodate you.
the City of Firsts USBC who the delegates                       Don Lowry Lanes is my family’s home bowling
approved as the state tournament host for that year,        center.     The last time we hosted the state
it doesn’t.                                                 tournament in 1995, Jack Bender was its manager;
    City of Firsts USBC Association in Kokomo has           Jack has retired and the new manager is Lynda
overcome many changes with the local centers that           Lucas. Lynda has been the Youth League coach
will be working with the Indiana State USBC WBA             for many years at the center, and she was named
to host this prestigious event. One of the centers          Indiana Youth Coach of the Year. City of Firsts
has a new owner and the other one is under new              USBC Association recognized Lynda for her
management.         Transitions have been made              continuous youth work with her induction into its
smoothly, and both centers are very eager to have           Hall of Fame in 2008. Lynda is also married to
the state tournament come into their facilities.            John and has seven adult children.
    Kokomo Sport Bowl’s (formally Cedar Crest                   Lucas also is in charge of the input of the
Lanes) new owner is Gary Brown. Gary’s dream                computer work at the center and making sure that
has been to own a bowling center and with the               the system is up and working properly. She does
encouragement from his wife, Jennifer; freshman             an outstanding job for the bowlers and can be found
daughter; and 4th grade son, he decided it was time         there much of the time. So when you visit Don
to make his dream come true. Just over a year               Lowry Lanes in 2013, she will be there behind the
ago, he purchased the center, and he has been               scenes making sure everything is working properly
working on it since by replacing machines, tables,          on the computers.
cleaning, and improving the snack bar area.                     Don Lowry Lanes also has a pro shop on the
Brown’s employees haven’t changed so you still              premises that will be happy to serve you with all
see the same friendly faces and know everyone by            your needs.
name.                                                           City of Firsts USBC Association hopes to see
    The Strike Shop is on the premises of Kokomo            you in 2013.
Sport Bowl for all your bowling needs when you are              Cyndy Trent, PC
there. Do you need that thumbhole repaired or a                 Hoosier Bowling Writers Member
new pair of shoes while you are there for the

                                      Sorry to say that bowling has ended in Logansport for this season,
                                   and what a season it was. The season was filled with outstanding
                                   games and a lot of good bowling by all bowlers young, old, and in
                                      The highlight of our season was our Hall of Fame Banquet, which
                                   was held on February 20, 2010, at our VFW Post. Inductees for the
    LOGANLAND                      2010 year are as follows: Superior Performance, Deb Roland;
    ASSOCIATION                    Meritorious Service, Patricia (Pat) Baker and Jackie Stover; and Special
                                   Service Senior, Don Barnes (Posthumously).           All Hall of Fame
                                   members were recognized from the 2006 and 2007 years as well as all
                                   deceased members honored by having a candle lit in their honor and a
                                   white rose placed at the base of the candle and then presented to the
                                                                                               (Continued on page 22)

                                          GR GREENCASTLE
    The season is winding down for     our merged association. Dave          mother, Janet; daughters, Candy
Gr Greencastle USBC.                   VonTress was inducted into our        and       Carla;    granddaughter,
    We held our Annual Spring          Hall of Fame for Superior             Brittany; and cousin, Sheri. It is a
Meeting and Awards Banquet on          Performance.                          family sport for them.          The
March 13, 2010.                           Our    open     and    women's     doubles event was won by a
    Three members were inducted        tournaments were held February        husband and wife, Dave and Amy
into our Hall of Fame. Patti Cash      7-13.    Participation was down       Wells. Jason Grimes was the
has been bowling since 1978.           again this year as we thought it      singles event winner.
She was active as a director in the    might be, especially in the singles      Speaking of bowling being a
Greencastle Women's Bowling            and doubles. We only have one         family     sport,    The     Whole
Association and was one of the         women's league this year so the       FamDamily Team of Jenny Alex,
first directors of our merged          teams were down there also. The       mother, Christa Duff and Tammy
association.      She and Dale         team     event    of   the    open    Frisbie, daughters, and Julie
Bennington were inducted for their     tournament was won by a team of       Dorsett won the team event in the
Meritorious    Service     to    our   ladies. This is the first year that   women's tournament. Marty Giltz
Association. I know most of you        we have had any all-women             and Lucille Liebert won doubles
know Dale because he is usually        teams in the open. Sheri Comer,       and Jill Newton won singles.
always with A. J. Hacker when          Brittany Clodfelter, Candy Price,        Have a good summer friends.
you see her. He was a director of      Janet Dickerson, and Carla            Lucille Liebert, PC Chairman
the men's association and, like        Seniour took the team event           HBW Secretary-Treasurer
Patti, one of the first directors of   honors. This is a family team of

                                                                  Our Annual Meeting was March 21 where we
                                                               honored our champions, had a Memorial for our
                                                               deceased members, and elected officers and
          ANDERSON WBA                                         directors to the Board. We welcomed Christine
                                                               Martz and Jenni Ferguson to our Board as
                                                               newly elected Directors.
 HELLO FROM ANDERSON                                              Our Local Hall of Fame is taking place April
    I know everyone like me is glad that we are                18 at the Days Inn Crystal Ball Room. We are
 finally having warm weather after all the snow we             having a social hour beginning at 1:00 pm with
 have had this year.                                           the Hall of Fame to follow at 2:00 pm. The
    We have our local tournament in the books for              inductees are:
 this year. We did not have a big turnout but was                 Performance, Teresa Hodson; Teresa is the
 sufficient to make it a success.                              daughter of Wanda Hodson who was inducted
    The tournament was hosted by East Side                     30 years ago, which makes this the first mother/
 Lanes and the champions are as follows: Team                  daughter in our Hall of Fame. I am so sorry that
 Handicap—R-S-W-N, 2542; Team Actual—East                      Wanda is not here to see it as we lost her a
 Side Lanes, 2080; Doubles Handicap—Irma                       couple of years ago, but is probably smiling from
 Hoffman/Robin Wellons, 1321; Doubles Actual—                  above and very proud, as she would be if she
 Linda Stevens/Jenni Ferguson, 1161; Singles                   were here.
 Handicap—Penny Creger, 680; Singles Actual—                      Meritorious Service, Carole Wolff; Carole is
 Jenni Ferguson, 639; All Events Handicap—                     presently the very active 1st Vice President on
 Brenda Ellison, 2035; and All Events Actual—                  the Board.
 Jenni Ferguson, 1932. Jenni Ferguson bowled                       Honor, Vickie Dietrich Greve; Vickie does not
 the high actual game of 247 and the high actual               bowl anymore, but she was an officer on the
 series of 654.                                                                              (Continued on page 22)

                                                        bowled their first 300 this year. Looks like Sandra
                                                        started something for the Murphy family.
                                                        Congratulations to Sandra, Marty and Brandon
                                                        Murphy. Good Bowling!
            FORT WAYNE WBA                                 We will be hosting our annual meeting on March
                                                        29, 2010. Enjoy the spring weather and the end of
    I would like to say greetings from the Fort         the bowling season. Enjoy your summer and stay
Wayne USBC WBA officers and board members               safe.
of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I would like to thank the          God Bless,
Hoosier Bowling Writers for honoring me with the           Joan L. Baines, PC,
First Time Entry Award; it was really a wonderful          HBW Member
surprise and honor. Again, thank you so much.
    Fort Wayne held the 25th Annual Summit City
600 Buddy Tournament on January 9, 2010. The
event was held at Pro Bowl West with 56 entries.
The winners of this tournament were Judi Tracey
(board director) and Maria Hawkins; they had
1393. Congratulations to both of them.
    The 49th Annual Summit City 600 Singles
Tournament was held November 14, 2009, at Pro
Bowl West with 46 entries. In the Scratch
Division, the winner was Deb Wilkerson with a
633. In the Handicap Division, the winner was                               INDY
Jennifer Potter with a 685. Congratulations to                           ASSOCIATION
    We held our Annual City Tournament starting             The 89th Annual Women’s City Tournament was
February 6, 2010; this tournament runs the 4            held the weekends of February 6 & 7 and 13 & 14. As
weekends in February. Team events are held the          some of you may recall, there was a huge snowstorm
first two weekends and Doubles/Singles are the          on February 5 that affected most of central and
last 2 weekends. We had about the same                  northern Indiana. Indianapolis was hit hard, so when
amount of teams (52) as we did last year. Teams         the tournament started on February 6, there were
were mostly the same as last year, but in               some teams that couldn’t make it that first day
Doubles/Singles, we had some new bowlers. We            because of snowy and icy road conditions.
encouraged the bowlers to participate in this           Consequently, the tournament was extended for one
event if they could not get a team together.            more weekend (February 27 & 28) so that everyone
    During this tournament, there were seven new        who entered the tournament had an opportunity to
city tournament records set out of eight. The           bowl. Brownsburg Bowl hosted the tournament this
house was in their favor, and it will be a long time    year, and it was an accommodating host. There were
before these records will be broken again. During       ten 700+ series, fifty-eight 600+ series, and one 300
the tournament, Erica Cutler shot a 279 (11 in a        game, which was bowled by Kim Lang in the singles
row). The Alley Rollers took Handicap & Scratch         event. Here are the results: team handicap and
Championships, and this year marked the fourth          scratch winners – All Star Bowl II – Theresa Smith-Dill
year in a row that they won the scratch                 (712 series); Kristie Blanchard (639 series); Kristin
championship. This has never been done before.          Smith (649 series); Angela Swift (654 series); and
The team consist of team captain June Davis,            Cynthia Franklin (643 series). This team finished with
Erica Cutler, Heather Shockey, Ellen Payne, and         a 3297 total for the scratch event and with a handicap
Mary Wichern. There was some great bowling,             of 126 won the handicap team event with a 3423 total.
great fun, and great friendship shared by all those     The doubles handicap winners were the mother-
that participated in the tournament. The bowlers        daughter combo of Sheryl Neely (582 series) and
were very generous again this year, and we              Karen Elrod (714 series). With a handicap of 231,
collected over $745.00 to donate to local chapter       their total pinfall for this event was 1527. The 714 was
of the Komen Foundation. Thank you bowlers for          Karen’s first ever 700 series. The doubles scratch
being so supportive of the Cancer Foundation.           event was won by Kristin Smith (618 series) and
    Sandra Murphy on December 29, 2009, shot            Theresa Smith-Dill (736 series) with a 1354 total. The
her 300 while bowling with the Sunset Ladies            singles handicap and scratch events were won by Kim
League at Pro Bowl. I found out that Sandra’s           Lang (770 series, no handicap). Kim also won the
husband, Marty, and son, Brandon, have also                                                 (Continued on page 23)

                                            PERU WBA

    The season is finally winding down and the       champions are Bruce Binkerd and Jeremy Binkerd.
bowlers are looking forward to enjoying the          Jason Sears won the Singles event as well as All
outdoors again. A few of the leagues still have a    Events Actual and Handicap. The high series and
couple of weeks left and are still hoping for some   games were posted by Trent Marner with 715 and
record scores.                                       268. Our congratulations go out to all of these
    Our local association tournament was held in     bowlers on their achievements and their 2010
January and gave us some new champions. The          championships!
four-person team event champions are The Misfits         Two men have rolled a perfect game this
(Dawn Birnell, Nikki Hopper, Darlene Cornelius and   season, Jason Sears and Matt Gibson (the only
Marilou Skiles). Second place team is Riverside      man to roll two 300 games in Riverside Fun
Girls (Dawn Birnell, Nikki Hopper, Heather DuBois    Center). There have been six “11 in a Row”
and Heather Sparks). Doubles champions are           awards presented this season to Jeremy Binkerd,
Heather DuBois and Heather Sparks. Singles           Charles Brehmer, Matt Burton, Brad Pyclik, Joe
champion is Heather Sparks, posting her personal     Spin and Bob Ward.
best series with a 698 series! She also won the          The ladies high series this season has been
Actual with 1859 and All Events Handicap with        Heather Sparks’ 698 series and the men’s high
2093! She posted games of 255 and 256 for the        series has been 781 by Jeremy Binkerd.
tournament high game(s), another personal mark           Riverside Fun Center has been co-host to the
for her career!                                      Elks International Tournament over the past
    After Heather Sparks scored her personal best    several weekends. The team event has been held
with a 256 game, she backed it up again in March     here and the doubles and singles were held at
when she rolled a 267 game for a career high         Myers Sport Bowl in Logansport. It has been a lot
game. Heather left a lone 10-pin missed spare in     of hard work for all the employees and there have
the 7th frame, which cost her perfection.            been many compliments from the bowlers for both
    The BA held their tournament concurrently with   of these centers!
the WBA. The BA champions are Riverside Fun              Wishing all of you a great summer and looking
Center (Trent Marner, Jim Books, Mike Fritzman,      forward to seeing you at the State Workshop!
Jason Livesay and Dale Birnell) and second place         Keep the ball rolling……
is Afterburners (John Smith, Gene Rickel, Ken            DiAnne Rickel, PC
Frierson, Ron Glasier and Age Ferreira). Doubles

                                                      ANDERSON USBC WBA
LOGANLAND USBC ASSOCIATION                            (Continued from page 20)
(Continued from page 19)

   A special award was made to two of our past        board for several years.
board members who between them have more                  Three recipients will receive a Certificate of
than 50 years of service as members of our board      Appreciation who have bowled and supported our
of directors, each one of them holding about          association for many years.       They are Garnet
every office that we had to made the association      Weatherford, Maxine Prewett, and Etty O’Connor.
what it is today. I could go on and on about these    Etty’s daughter, Nancy Hadley, previously received
two people, but I don’t have enough room; just let    this award, making them the first mother/daughter in
me say that serving along with these two has          this category.
been a real pleasure. I am speaking of course             The leagues are winding down for another
about Judy Smith and Diane Quillen. Two of the        season; most of them getting done in April.
best, they will sadly be missed by all.                   Jenni Miller was a high qualifier in the Indiana
   Joan Shaw, PC                                      Women’s Queens Tournament. She is an amazing
   Hoosier Bowling Writers Member                     bowler, and we are very proud to have her in

April 28-May 1, 2010          2010 USBC Convention                                 Reno, NV
May 1, 2010                   IS USBC WBA Distinguished Scholarship
                                      Applications Deadline
May 6, 2010                   2010 US Women’s Open, Cityview Lanes              Fort Worth, Texas
May 15, 2010                  Indiana State Seniors Singles Tournament Roll-Off Wells Bowling Lanes, Elwood, IN

June 6, 2010                  IS USBC WBA Awards Banquet                            Holiday Inn North, Indianapolis, IN
June 13, 2010                 IN INDIANA Article Deadline
June 29-30, 2010              2010 USBC Senior Championship Tournament              National Bowing Stadium, Reno, NV
July 24, 2010                 Indiana State USBC WBA Workshop                       Holiday Inn North, Indianapolis, IN

 Feb. 20-May 1, 2010                 Indiana State YA Masters/Queens &                            Sunset Bowl, Indianapolis
    (Saturdays Only)
 June 12-13, 2010                    Indiana State YA Masters/Queens, Princesses Finals           Expo Bowl, Indianapolis
 June 26-27, 2010                    Indiana/Kentucky All-Stars                                   Louisville, Kentucky
 July 10-16, 2010                    2010 USBC Junior Gold Championships                          Indianapolis, Indiana
                                     Woodland Bowl, Western Bowl, & Expo Bowl
 July 9-10, 15-20, 22-24, 2010       2010 USBC Youth Open Presented by Pepsi                      Expo Bowl, Indianapolis
 August 21-22, 2010                  Indiana State USBC YA Jamboree and                           Indianapolis
                                         Annual Delegates Meeting

   INDY USBC ASSOCIATION                                           membership attending this meeting voted for president,
                                                                   2nd vice president and five directors. Elected were the
   (Continued from page 21)                                        following: Ede Kline, president; Janice Wozniak, 2nd
                                                                   vice president; Phyllis Hussung, Donna Martin, Earl
   handicap and scratch all events with a 2166 total (no           Riggin, Karen Elrod, and Jared Kidwell, directors. The 2
   handicap). The following bowlers were recognized with           youth directors will be elected by the Youth Committee.
   participation awards for bowling in this tournament: 10         These board members will serve 2-year terms,
   years – Kelly Bowman, Kathy Branam, Donna                       beginning in August 2010. The membership also voted
   Harmeyer, Carla Stowe, Barbara Hillers, Christy                 to honor former board members Mike McGreevy and
   Woodruff; 20 years – Debbie Cline, Sheila Penn-                 Harold Pierce as member emeriti of the Indy USBC
   Johnson; and 30 years – Dallas Bowman, Penny                    Board.
   Howard, Donna Martin, Maryette Simmons, Mildred                     The results of our Senior Handicap Singles
   Martin. All the winners of the tournament will be               Tournament, which just finished up on March 27, are not
   recognized at our annual awards banquet coming up in            available yet, so I will have those for the next issue of
   May.                                                            this publication. I will also report on the winners that will
       The Indy USBC Association Annual Membership                 be recognized at our awards dinner in May.
   Meeting was held on March 14. The membership at the                 On a personal note, I would like to thank again the
   meeting voted and passed a proposed change to our               ISUSBCWBA Publicity Committee for my selection as
   bylaws that reduced the number of officers (4) and              the Kathryn C. Hotzel Bowling Writer of the Year. I was
   directors (20) from 24 to 19 (4 officers, 15 directors, 4 of    both surprised and humbled by my selection.
   which are elected by the Youth Committee). Following            Janice Wozniak, PC
   this action, the election of officers and directors was         HBW Director
   held. Because of the change to the bylaws, the

    Indiana State USBC WBA
       Dee Johnson, Editor
        3616 Candy Lane
     Kokomo, IN 46902-4416

       Phone: 765-453-6193
        Fax: 765-453-6193
                                          The Indiana State USBC Women’s Bowling
                                        Association ensures the integrity and protects
                                        the future of the sport, provides programs and
                                       services, and enhances the bowling experience
          IN INDIANA
                                                           for women.

         June 13, 2010
                                        The vision of the Indiana State USBC Women’s
                                          Bowling Association is to grow the sport of


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                                    Ways to submitting articles—
              FAX: SEND A FAX TO 765-453-6193
              US POSTAL TO:
                                          DEE JOHNSON, IN INDIANA EDITOR
                                          3616 CANDY LANE
                                          KOKOMO, IN 46902-4416

                                    QUESTIONS? CALL DEE AT 765-453-6193
                                  EMAIL: EDITOR@INDIANASTATEUSBCWBA.ORG

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