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In this Issue:
“Wedding Beyond Synagogue Walls” ...2                                                    A Torah Tango
Building Update ............................................3                            by Rabbi Alexander Davis
President’s Message:
“It’s an Honor” ...............................................4
                                                                    Do you know any other people that dance with a book as we do on Simhat Torah? That dance
Synagogue News .........................................5           in celebration of a book (one we’ve already read, no less!)? That dance out of a love for
B’nai Mitzvah .......................................... 5 - 6      learning?
Education & Youth ........................................7         For Jews, learning is not only a duty, it is a delight. So people wait in line all night for the latest
Gemilat Hesed ..............................................8       concert tickets or the newest apple. But Jews, we wait up all night, to receive Torah. And when
Celebrations ................................................ 11    we start that Book all over again, we dance.
Tributes ................................................ 13 - 16   At its best, learning is a life-long endeavor that stimulates our mind and shapes our character.
                                                                    If this is true for an individual, it is equally true for a community. Thus, in 5773 we launch “Beth
                                                                    El Learns.”
                                                                    Last year’s theme was “Beth El Sings.” This year, learning is front and center- figuratively and
                Erev Sukkot                                         physically. It is not by chance that the new Learning Center is situated at the front of the
           Sunday, September 30                                     building. It expresses our values, our priorities and our belief that Jewish learning is at the
          Minha/Ma’ariv 5:45 p.m.                                   heart of Jewish living.
                                                                    “Beth El Learns” comes at the long-awaited end of our building renovations. Now we turn our
                  Sukkot Day 1                                      attention to the renovations of our programs. Today, the Aleph Preschool is bursting with
                Monday, October 1                                   energy and with incoming students. New teachers, new programs, and new technology
                Shaharit 9:00 a.m.                                  promise a bright future for the school and for our shul.
                 Minha 5:45 p.m.                                    The Fiterman B’nai Mitzvah program is likewise experiencing renewal. A revised mitzvah
                                                                    curriculum asks students to learn more than synagogue skills and it invites greater parent
                   Sukkot Day 2                                     participation in our new B’nai Mitzvah Family Hour learning series.
                Tuesday, October 2                                  When it comes to education of our youth, groundwork for an important change has been
                Shaharit 9:00 a.m.                                  under way over the past year. The Talmud Torah is officially becoming the school of Beth El
                 Minha 5:45 p.m.                                    and Adath Jeshurun. This change represents a seismic shift not only in governance but in
                                                                    perspective. Many details remain to be worked out. But Beth El and Adath look forward to
            Erev Sh’mini Atzeret                                    building on the tremendous legacy of Talmud Torah as we look to the future.
             Sunday, October 7                                      No less significant, planning is proceeding to create a new educational platform for
          Minha/Ma’ariv 5:45 p.m.                                   Minneapolis teens. Yachad (“Together”), as it is known, promises to bring together Reform,
                                                                    Conservative and Modern Orthodox teenagers in an innovative, collaborative effort to engage
                  Sh’mini Atzeret                                   and educate the next generation of Jews. Stay tuned for more details.
                Monday October 8                                    And finally we come to adult education- last but certainly not least. This year, opportunities to
                Shaharit 9:00 a.m.                                  learn are plentiful. From hallah to halakhah, painting to parashah studies, there is something
                followed by Yizkor                                  for everyone. And please contact us if you’d like to learn, teach or to use the Learning Center
                                                                    to host your book club/study group!
            Erev Simhat Torah                                       Beth El is blessed to work with strong, faithful partners in education: the Talmud Torah,
           Monday, October 8                                        HMJDS, Minneapolis Jewish Federation, Jewish Theological Seminary, University of Minnesota
             Minha 6:45 p.m.                                        Jewish Studies Department and on and on. But the most important of them all, is the home.
        Ma’ariv & Hakafot 7:00 p.m.                                 Judaism begins at home as we say in the sh’ma, “speak of them when you sit in your home.”
                                                                    The Torah begins with the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet: Bet? Why bet? Rabbi
                   Simhat Torah                                     Lawrence Kushner in his Book of Letters explains that the bet is closed on the top, the bottom
                Tuesday, October 9                                  and the right but open on the left, the direction of reading. As we begin the Torah “In the
                Shaharit 9:00 a.m.                                  beginning,” may our houses open to the direction of learning. And may the celebration from
                                                                    this Beit El, this House of God, extend to our own homes.

                                                                    Visit Us Online at
Notable times                          a view from the bimah        ‫מהבימה‬
Candle Lighting ‫הדלקת נרות‬
                                                         Weddings Beyond Synagogue Walls
September 7      7:21 p.m.
                                                         by Rabbi Avi S. Olitzky
September 14 7:08 p.m.
September 21 6:54 p.m.
September 28 6:41 p.m.
                                                         Virtually any place and      of the wedding ceremony reflected the
October 5        6:28 p.m.
                                                         any space can be made        sacred quality of the occasion.
                                                         holy. We are fortunate to
October 12       6:15 p.m.                                                            Today, however, is a new day. Though we
                                                         have such a beautiful and
October 19       6:03 p.m.                                                            still believe that the synagogue is the most
                                                         inspiring (and newly
October 26       5:52 p.m.                                                            sacred of settings for what is one of the
                                                         polished) house as Beth
                                                                                      most joyous and sacred of our lifecycle
                                       El for prayer, study, lifecycles, fellowship
Havdalah ‫הבדלה‬                                                                        events, some feel strongly that the
                                       and socializing. No doubt many a funeral,
September 8    8:19 p.m.                                                              synagogue does not meet the needs of
                                       wedding, bris and babynaming have taken
September 15 8:06 p.m.                                                                everyone. For example, in some cases
                                       place at Beth El over the years and our
September 22 7:52 p.m.                                                                both partners are transplants to the
                                       walls know much history. But not every
September 29 7:39 p.m.                                                                community and want to marry in a hotel
                                       Jewish community through history had a
October 6      7:26 p.m.                                                              where       their    guests   are     already
                                       synagogue and not every spiritually
October 13     7:13 p.m.                                                              staying. Then there is the blending of
                                       enriched moment took place within the
October 20     7:02 p.m.                                                              lifecycles: for some families, funerals and
                                       context of four walls.
October 27     6:50 p.m.                                                              weddings held in the same sacred space
                                       We read on the High Holy Days God's            evoke      immeasurable      emotion      and
Services ‫תפילות‬                        promise that the Jewish people would be        meaning. But for other families, such a
Friday Evening ‫ערב שבת‬                 as numerous “as the stars of the               notion is intolerable and the synagogue
Kabbalat Shabbat 5:45 p.m.             heavens” (Genesis 15:5). But there’s more      just won’t do.
                                       to that message than a large number. The
Shabbat ‫שבת‬                                                                           We know that some couples seek out
                                       Ashkenazi rabbis of old understood that
Shaharit            9:00 a.m.                                                         Justices of the Peace so as to avoid getting
                                       this teaches us that a wedding ceremony,
Minha               5:45 p.m.                                                         married at the synagogue. We know that
                                       or more specifically the placement of the
                                                                                      couples fly in rabbis from their birthplaces,
                                       huppah, the wedding canopy, should be
Minyan ‫מנין‬                                                                           hire rabbis off the internet, or engage local
                                       outdoors, under the stars. This way a
Sunday                                                                                non-pulpit rabbis to officiate at weddings
                                       spiritually powerful moment would be
9:00 a.m. and 5:45 p.m.                                                               outside     the     framework       of    the
                                       reminiscent of God’s blessing and
                                                                                      synagogue. And we also know that it
Daily                                  promise, and, outdoors, we really would be
                                                                                      pains our families to seek these often
7:00 a.m. and 5:45 p.m.                “as the stars of the heavens.” For many
                                                                                      surreptitious routes.
                                       Jewish communities this meant that
                                       weddings were held outside; others, like       We recognize that if we are truly to be a
General Information                    Beth El, incorporated a skylight in the        warm and welcoming synagogue, then we
Beth El Synagogue                      sanctuary       to       embrace       the     need to meet people where they are – both
5224 W. 26th Street                    custom while accommodating the likely          physically and spiritually. This does not
Minneapolis, MN 55416-1901             inclement weather.                             mean we compromise on times when a
                                                                                      wedding cannot be held (Saturday nights
                                       Dating back to Rabbi David Aronson’s z”l
952-873-7300                                                                          before Shabbat concludes, mournful days
                                       tenure at Beth El, it has been our custom
FAX: 952-873-7301                                                                     on the Jewish calendar, etc.) And this does
                                       that all wedding ceremonies need be held                                                               not change our opinion that Beth El
                                       at Beth El Synagogue, with some
                                                                                      Synagogue, and synagogues in general,
                                       exceptions for ceremonies held at one’s
                                                                                      should be the chief choice for celebrating
Office Hours                           home or at an outdoor garden
                                                                                      one’s sacred wedding vows. But what it
Mon-Thurs....9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.       location. This has, in turn, been the policy
                                                                                      does change is our openness to the settings
Fridays..........9:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.   of all rabbis belonging to the Minnesota
                                                                                      in which we perform weddings.
Sundays........9:00 a.m.-Noon          Rabbinical Association. Over the years,
                                       this helped instill a sense of pride,
Aleph Preschool: 952-873-7320          tradition, commitment and sanctity for our
                                                                                      Continued on the next page
Youth Dept: 952-873-7330               newlyweds as they merged their new
                                       family with our greater Beth El                family. This also ensured that the location

2 ‫ב‬
                                                                            a view from the bimah (con’t)           ‫מהבימה‬
Weddings Beyond Synagogue Walls
        Continued from previous page                                modesty in dress and all aspects of celebration;
On May 24, 2012, the Minnesota Rabbinical Association vot-          moderation in the choice of decorations and flowers;
ed to affirm the following resolution:
                                                                    minimization of waste in the celebration and conscious-
While the MRA recognizes the value of its historic wedding           ness of impact on the environment;
policy over the past six decades concerning the location of
weddings, the decision about officiating at the wedding venues      food that is appropriate to the celebration of a seudat
will now be the sole discretion of each rabbi. As the MRA            mitzvah;
ends its current policy, we appreciate the good the previous        giving tzedakah in order to remember our responsibility to
position has brought to generations of Minnesota’s Jews. We          others even as we are celebrating our joyful celebration;
continue to encourage couples to consider the synagogue as a         and more.
location to uphold the sanctity of the wedding covenant be-
tween two reim ahuvim – loving partners – who stand before       Any place and any space can be made holy provided we “do
God and the Jewish people.                                       holy.” With that in mind, we will strive to open our doors and
                                                                 our arms wider, and in doing so, we hope to embrace the
Just as God promised Abraham that his offspring would be as      many faces and sentiments that make up our holy Beth El
countless as the stars of the heavens, it seems as though our    community. As we embark upon this new day, we pray to see
opinions and desires are just as numerous. We at Beth El rec-    the seventh of the Sheva Berakhot (Seven Wedding Blessings)
ognize that we can stand before God in many different settings   fulfilled, with the sounds of wedding joy and gladness re-
and are open to dialoguing with engaged couples about what       sounding in the cities and the streets.
best suits them. We will work with these couples to transform
otherwise mundane settings into sacred settings by embracing
those concepts upon which Judaism places value:

                                                                                                         building updates

          The Marlys and Elliott Badzin Family Learning Center
                              is Dedicated!

The Marlys and Elliott Badzin Family Learning
Center is open during regular office hours.
Bring your book groups, start a study group or
just come in to read! To volunteer staffing the
center, please contact Linda Goldberg, 952-
873-7302 or

                                                                                                                            ‫3 ג‬
 a message from our president               ‫מהנשיא‬

                   It’s an Honor                                   on ways to enrich the lives of the congregation. They’re not
                   By John Orenstein,                              alone. If you’re reading this, the phrase “active in the syna-
                   Beth El President                               gogue” probably applies to you or someone you know well.
                                                                   Beth El is full of people who lead, who volunteer, who make
                                                                   things happen.
                   For those of you who did not attend the
                   annual meeting this summer – and that           And so much happens that it makes your head spin. (Head-
                   would be most of you, if memory serves –        spinning, by the way, was one of the new activities at the an-
                   I thought I’d provide a transcript of my        nual picnic. I’m happy so many of you made it.) Just paying
                   remarks. As you can see, they were brief.       for it all every year requires a budget of $2.7 million, a little
What I said was:                                                   over half of which comes from annual dues. Think about that:
                                                                   this synagogue means so much to so many people that we
        NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!                                   routinely raise over $1 million before the Chai Appeal, before
        Don’t make me do it!!!! I have a life!!!!!                 the Purim Carnival, before anything.
The desserts were delicious, and a good time was had by al-        Which goes to Beth El’s great strength: people really love
most all.                                                          this synagogue. The reasons vary. For some, it’s because our
But about those remarks. You may well ask, why would               lives, our parents’ lives, or our children’s lives were lived
someone willingly take on the job of synagogue president?          here, or celebrated here. If you’ve been up on the bimah with
Was blackmail involved? And if so, are the pictures on Face-       your child for a bar or bat mitzvah, or if you have a child in
book?                                                              the Aleph School who you hope to see up there one day, or if
                                                                   you or your children have been under the hupah here, then
Well, first of all, it’s an honor. An honor people are not ex-     you know what I mean. It’s not an experience you can get on
actly lining up to receive, but an honor nonetheless. As Peggy     the internet.
Kreska (our facilities director) said at the annual meeting, af-
ter tying me to my chair, “It’s an honor to serve.”                For others, we discover we can express ourselves here, or we
                                                                   can make the world a little better here. We can be part of
It really is, when you think about it (and we’re about to).        something larger than ourselves here – something that goes
Beth El Synagogue is over 85 years old. It’s one of just 20        back more than 85 years if you think of it one way, thousands
Conservative synagogues in the entire country that have over       of years if you think of it in another.
1,000 families. It’s where USY was born, it was one of the
first to fully recognize the rights of women within Conserva-      Whatever the reason for that deep feeling so many people
tive practice, and it has consistently taken leadership in other   have for this place, it represents both a not-so-secret weapon
ways in the Conservative movement. Among synagogues,               and a not-so-subtle challenge. The challenge is to build on
Beth El casts a long shadow, and not just because of the roof.     that feeling and, at the same time, to earn it all over again. A
                                                                   successful synagogue over the next ten years and beyond is
And it’s not as if the glory days are all history. Today, Beth     one where a generation behind us comes to see Beth El as a
El is a place where former presidents of the United States         source of meaning, beauty, and satisfaction in their lives.
come to speak. It has a beautiful, expanded, upgraded build-       That’s what this is all about. And at this moment, more than
ing, thanks to the combined efforts of hundreds of members         any other time in Beth El’s life, the foundation is there to
and the leadership of such capable people as my immediate          build on, physically and otherwise. We can do great things.
predecessor, Gil Mann. It has the Marlys and Elliott Badzin
Family Learning Center, which will be something special to         I feel lucky to help in any way I can. So yes, upon reflection,
the shul for years and years to come. At the other end of the      I’m ready to be president. Peggy, you can untie me from the
building, we now have an Aleph School structure that really        chair now.
works as a home, nearly every day of the school year, for over     Peggy?
a hundred pre-school children.
                                                                   L’Shana tovah,
Doesn’t all this make you want to be president of Beth El?
No? How about if I add: the place is led by two rabbis, a can-
tor and an executive director who seem to spend every waking
hour (and many of your sleeping hours) thinking and working

 4 ‫ד‬
 synagogue news                                                                                     ‫בני מצוה‬          b’nai mitzvah

A Message from the Education Corner
Mary Baumgarten, Education Director
Ben and Bernice Fiterman B’nai Mitzvah Program
The Ben and Bernice Fiterman B’nai Mitzvah Training Pro-
gram has 5 different components. They are:
     T’fillah- prayer                D’var Torah
     Haftarah                        Mitzvot
Students do work in each of these areas in the course of their
preparation. Here is a quick overview of the parts of the
Most people know that this is the Shabbat morning portion of
our B’nai Mitzvah Training Program where children learn t’fil-
lot (prayers) from Shaharit and other services, as well as Bayit
(home) skills. It is an acronym for t’fillah (prayer), ruah
(spirit), berakhot (blessings) and Torah, all of which we impart
to our children.                                                     Ramah & Herzl Camp 2012
“Torah Plus”
                                                                     Rabbi Davis and SOME of the Beth El campers and staff
In this program those students who are closest to their B’nai
                                                                     enjoying a bit of food and time together.
Mitzvah learn to read their parsha from the Torah. They also
learn about t’fillin and study about the importance of mitzvot.
In addition, they focus on the study of some of our most im-         Sunday Morning Minyan Breakfast Hevrah
portant mitzvot and participate in at least 13 mitzvah projects in               Help bring the community together by
the course of their studies. Those who perform 18 mitzvot are                    sponsoring a Sunday Morning Breakfast
honored by becoming part of our “Chai Mitzvah Club.”                             following minyan services at 9:00 a.m. If you
BMFH (for 1st year families)                                                     are interested in sponsoring a breakfast in
This is BMFH (B’nai Mitzvah Family Hour). Once a month               memory of a relative, to honor a birthday, to celebrate an
our parents meet with one of our clergy or myself, as well as        anniversary or just as a way to express care for the
their children, to learn together.                                   community, please contact Lou Jurisz at 612-396-9270 or
We Need You!                                                         David Jurisz at 612-987-7644.
If you are a Hebrew reader and like working with kids, we
could really use your help.
     When : Shabbat mornings during the school year:
          10:00- 10:45 a.m.                                                             September 8, 2012 • 21 Elul 5772
     What: One on one reading practice with our B’nai                                   Ki Tavo
          Mitzvah students                                                              EMMA SATURN SEYMOUR
     Where: Beth El classrooms and Learning Center                                      ‫נחמה שרה בת יונה אלכסנדר ורחל‬
     Why: Because we want to give each of our students the                              Daughter of Rachel Saturn and John
          individual attention they deserve                                             Seymour
     Who: Contact Mary Baumgarten at 952-873-7316 or                                    Honoring Emma on her bat mitzvah, her
                                           grandparents, Judith Ingemann and David &
                                                                                        Ellen Seymour, and her parents are sponsoring
                                                                                        the kiddush and congregational Shabbat lunch.
Thank You to Pilgrim Cleaners
Each year before the High Holy Days, Peggy Kerska, our               Mitzvah Program: I have been fulfilling mitzvot throughout my
Facilities Director, makes a pilgrimage to Pilgrim Cleaners to       life. The one mitzvah that has been the most meaningful was visiting
                                                                     the residents at the Shalom Home. I really enjoyed interacting with
dry clean the Tallitot. Beth El member Bonnie Engler has
                                                                     the same people as well as encountering someone new and learning
followed in her Father’s footsteps and has taken care of this for
                                                                     about their life. This is a mitzvah that meant so much to me because
us for many years. It is a wonderful mitzvah. If you see or          I got to see how happy everyone became once my classmates and I
know Bonnie, be sure and thank her. Even better, the next time       arrived every month. It was so clear that they appreciated our
you need to dry clean your own Tallit, take it to Pilgrim Clean-     presence. Besides volunteering at the Shalom Home, I have had lots
ers. Regular cleaning prolongs its life and maybe one of your        of fun volunteering at the Humane Society, STEP and Feed My
grandchildren may someday own yours.                                 Starving Children.

                                                                                                                                 ‫5 ה‬
                                                                                                               ‫בני מצוה‬       b’nai mitzvah

                     September 29, 2012 • 13 Tishrei 5773                                     October 20, 2012 • 4 Heshvan 5773
                     Ha’azinu                                                                 Noah
                     DREW HARRIS GALINSON                                                     HANNAH WOLK
                     ‫אהרן בן דניאל וסוניאל‬                                                    ‫חנה בת שלמה ונחמה‬
                     Son of Sonia and Dan Galinson                                            Daughter of Norma and Shawn Wolk
                     Honoring Drew on his bar mitzvah, his                                    Honoring Norma on her bat mitzvah, her
                     grandparents, Sheila Goldstein and Penny &                               parents are sponsoring the Kiddush and
                     Robert Galinson, and his parents are sponsor-                            congregational Shabbat lunch.
                     ing the kiddush and congregational Shabbat             Mitzvah Program: The mitzvah that stood out to me the most was
Mitzvah Program: I have done many mitzvot in my life, but one in Feed My Starving Children, because it’s fun to try to pack the food
particular stood out the most. That was volunteering at Feed My             as quickly as possible. It benefits so many kids and brings smiles
Starving Children, where we pack food for families in Haiti facing          to so many faces. Then they tell you how many bags you have
starvation. It put a whole new dimension on my outlook on kids that         packed and how many kids will be fed. Hearing that number
don't have all the essentials that we have, but take for granted. It        makes you feel so proud of what you did and so happy to be
gave me a great feeling inside and made me very proud of what I             feeding so many children. I’m so happy I got the chance to
did. I will be donating a portion of my bar mitzvah money to a              volunteer at Feed My Starving Children, Second Harvest Food
charity that helps children in need, because not everyone can do the        Bank, STEP, Stuff For School, JFCS, and much more!
things we do or have the things that we have.

                      October 6, 2012 • 20 Tishrei 5773                                      October 27, 2012 • 11 Heshvan 5773
                      Hol Hamoed Sukkot                                                      Lekh Lekha
                      JENNA ROSE SIMON                                                       MAYA SLOVUT
                      ‫רחל רייזעל בת יחיאל וליבה‬                                              ‫עדי נתניאלה בת ברוך ודבורה‬
                      Daughter of Lisa and John Simon                                        Daughter of Brian and Debbie Slovut
                      Honoring Jenna on her bat mitzvah, her par-                            Honoring Maya on her bat mitzvah, her
                      ents are sponsoring the kiddush and congre-                            grandparents, Gordon & Maraline Slovut and her
                      gational Shabbat Lunch.                                                parents are sponsoring the kiddush and
                                                                                             congregational Shabbat lunch.
Mitzvah Program: Feeding the hungry has become very important
                                                                            Mitzvah Program: Performing mitzvot is important and I’ve done
to me, which is why in honor of my Bat Mitzvah, I have asked for
                                                                            many over the years and during bat mitzvah preparation. The ones
donations to be made to Second Harvest Heartland. My wish is to
                                                                            that have meant the most have been collecting money instead of
better the lives of families in need by making sure they have food on
                                                                            gifts at my birthday parties since I was 7 and sending it to our
their plate. Other mitzvot I have found meaningful are packing food
                                                                            sponsored child in Guatemala. She has used the money to get bars
at Feed My Starving Children, sorting clothes at STEP, and helping to
                                                                            on her windows, a secure door for her home, a bed, food, clothes,
prepare Shabbat dinner for my family.
                                                                            and school supplies. I also loved using my sewing skills to make dog
                                                                            coats to donate to shelters. Mitzvot make me happy and I will
                                                                            continue to do them all my life.

                       October 13, 2012 • 27 Tishrei 5773                                    November 3, 2012 • 18 Heshvan 5773
                       B’reishit                                                             Va’yeira
                       JACOB RATNER                                                          EZRA SOLOMON GREENBERG COHEN
                       ‫נח בן שלום ולאה‬                                                       ‫עזרא שלמה בן אברהם פינחס ושיינא חיה‬
                       Son of Lisa and Mark Ratner                                           Son of Susie Greenberg and Tony Cohen
                       Honoring Jacob on his bar mitzvah, his                                Honoring Ezra on his bar mitzvah, his parents are
                       grandparents, Addie & Norman Perl and                                 sponsoring the kiddush and congregational Shabbat
                       Pauline & Bernard Ratner are sponsoring the                           lunch.
                       kiddush and congregational Shabbat lunch.
Mitzvah Program: Over the past several years, I have performed              Mitzvah Program: When my family celebrates Shabbat and holidays around
many meaningful mitzvot which have included shelving and                    a festive dinner table, I am always reminded of both my good fortune
organizing food items at STEP, packing food for feed my starving            and those who are hungry. I have collected food for local food drives,
children, making packages for soldiers in Israel, working at the Beth       packaged meals at Feed My Starving Children, and assembled Thanksgiving
El carnival, visiting Israel with Beth El and participating in the annual   dinners for meals on wheels. Guests bring packaged foods to our Passover
VOICE program dedicated to community service at HMJDS. My                   Seders which I help distribute to local food banks. Our car always has boxes
favorite mitzvah was going to the Shalom Home, dancing and even             of granola bars that we hand to people we pass on the street with signs
playing chess with a resident who is a grand master-he won! I've            saying they are hungry. Reaching out to others is important to me, it is a
learned small acts of kindness do make a difference. I look forward         way of sharing my good fortune.
to doing many more mitzvot.

6 ‫ו‬
education and youth            ‫חינוך ונוער‬
                    Youth Department Updates:
                    Holidays, Play Preparation, and                        USY Play Casting, Oct. 15 and 16th: Come to casting for this year’s
                    More                                                   USY Play – Alice in Wonderland. All 7-12th graders are invited to
                                                                           participate, and all who attend casting will receive a role. You need do
                    Mollie Feldman, Youth Director                         not need to attend casting on both days – only on either the 15th (6-8pm)
                                                                           or 16th (4-6pm). Please come prepared with a song to sing and a joke to
                     Last month, a group of USYers traveled to the         tell! Performance dates will be Dec. 13, 15, and 16.
                     Wisconsin Dells for a meaningful, educational, and
                     fun weekend, marking the fifth annual (Y)outh (O)     Sculpture Garden Extravaganza, Oct. 27, 7:30-9:30pm: Join
utreach (W)eekend. YOW gave participants the opportunity to connect        BERUSY as we head to the Walker Sculpture Garden for a late-night
with fellow USYers and explore the educational themes of introspection     picnic and night games. This program is co-chaired by USYers Ethan
and forgiveness. YOW was free to all participants thanks in part to a      Friedman and Jacob Smith.
generous gift from the Seth Foundation, in loving memory of Seth           Important information about new USY scholarship policy
Karon by his parents and brother, Stefanie, Bob, and Jason. This month,    Starting this year, the Youth Department will be enforcing a new
the USY Play – Alice in Wonderland – gets underway with casting and        scholarship policy USY Regional Conventions. To receive scholarship
the beginning of rehearsals. With additional programs for Sukkot, it’s a   for a Regional Convention, USYers are asked to attend two chapter
busy month in the Youth Department. Make sure to get these events on       events prior to the convention and two chapter events following the
your calendar:                                                             convention. Any USYers wishing to receive scholarship funds for
Bringing Down the Sukkah, Oct. 6, 8:00-9:30pm: Join Beth El and            Kinnus in November should keep this is mind and plan to attend at least
Adath USY (9-12th graders) for ‘Bringing Down the Sukkah’ – a              two programs before the convention.
karaoke night in the Beth El Sukkah. Come for snacks, singing, and an      Looking Ahead:
opportunity to spend time with USYers from across the Minneapolis
area. This program is co-chaired by USYers Phoebe Cohen and David          Nov. 3: Kadimaniks (7-8th graders) are invited to a joint movie night
Hope.                                                                      with Adath Kadimah. This event will be hosted in the Adath Youth
Sushi in the Sukkah, Oct. 7, 1:30-3:00pm: Kadimah and B’resheet
(5-8th graders) do sushi in the sukkah. Come learn how to make your        Nov. 13: Tuesday night is USY night! For this meeting, the group will
own sushi roll and enjoy some time outdoors in the beautiful Beth El       split for ‘Ladies Night Out’ and ‘Male Time.’ Come for an evening of
Sukkah!                                                                    fun and bonding with fellow USYers of your gender!
Lunch Visit at HMJDS, Oct. 10: Mollie will visit HMJDS during lunch Nov. 22-25: Save the date for USY Kinnus in Omaha, NE. Watch for
on Oct. 3 to bring treats and talk with B’resheet (5-6th grade) and   registration information coming soon! (Please note the information
Kadimah (7-8th grade) participants more about Youth Department events above in the main section regarding Kinnus scholarship policy.)
during the year. This event will be held at the East Commons at
                                                                      Contact Mollie Feldman at 952-873-7330 or with
Israel Summer Program Info Meeting, Oct. 14, 1:30pm: Come learn
                                                                      any questions.
more about Israel Summer Programs and hear from teens who have
experienced them. Parents are encouraged to attend with their teens!  *check the BERUSY website at for additional
This event will be held at the Adath Jeshurun (10500 Hillside Lane    events and details, and you may view a full calendar online at
West , 55305) in the Youth Lounge.                          

                   A Message from the Director                             events planned for the school year.
                   Karen Burton,                                           We have an exciting line-up of Enrichment opportunities
                                                                           including Stretch and Grow, Amazing Athletes, Cooking,
                   Aleph Preschool Director
                                                                           Science, Technology and Yogali. We look forward to using the
                   Following a busy, fun filled summer at Camp             new Learning Center where the children will experience reading
                   Chaverim B’Shemesh (Friends in the Sun)                 time in the Rotunda space, and to enjoy all of its many uses.
                   which included swimming, baking, field trips,           September is a busy month preparing for Rosh Hashanah and the
                   sports, Olympics and so much more, we now               upcoming holidays. Living Legacy visited with the Shofar
change gears to the beginning of a new preschool year.                     Factory and the older classes visited the West Wood Nature
We welcome back all of our families and teachers in addition to            Center to see how bees make honey and how to make apple cider.
our many new families this year. We also welcome some new                  Perfect for this time of year. On October 5th, we will have a Mu-
staff members including Emily Hausman and Amanda Awend                     sical Shabbat in the Sukkah at 9:30 a.m. Babies and Bagels next
with the Older Toddlers, Barb Weil with Preschool and Galia                event will be on October 12, 10:00 am in the Victor Hall. This
Daniel Tichter heading the Chalav U’Dvash, Hebrew Enrichment               event is free for parents and babies (0 -24 months). Connect with
program new to our curriculum.                                             other parents of young babies while learning from the experts.
Cara Strauss and Shari Dveris are this year’s co chairs for the            Please stop and visit our Preschool. We wish you a Healthy,
Aleph Preschool Parent Committee. They have many wonderful                 happy and Sweet New Year. L’shanah Tovah - Karen Burton

                                                                                                                                             ‫7 ז‬
gemilat hesed          ‫גמילת חסד‬
A Message from the Congregational Nurse                                                        Do you need a hand? We’re here!
Jan Hamilton, RN                                                                                  Call our Yad V’lev hotline
                                                                                                 952-873-7300 ext. 7350
                       It was a pleasure to be part of Beth El’s
                       Heart Healthy Shabbat this past                                        Can you lend a hand? We need you!
                                                                                          Contact Jo Ann Gruesner at 952-873-7300 or
                       summer. Standing near our entrance                                  
                       with my Nike’s on, wanting to be an
                       example of “Just Do It”, I was able to            Knead a Hand!
                       meet, greet, and be enlightened by the            Volunteers needed to pick up and deliver daily leftover baked
                       number of folks who participated.                 goods from Seven Stars Coffee Shop to local food shelves. If
                       Some were wiping their brows after an             you would like to volunteer for this mitzvah, even one day a
                       extended walk or bike ride; some were             month, contact Jo Ann Gruesner at
                       declaring “We always walk!” Any and
                                                                         Loaves & Fishes
                       all efforts to live a healthier life-style
will benefit us. I’m glad that Beth El, with support from                We help provide a wonderful meal for people in need in South
                                                                         Minneapolis. Call Diana Rosen at 952-922-7389 to reserve a
Allina, sponsored the event. As you know, despite our best
                                                                         place on our serving team. The next opportunity to serve will be
intentions, “life happens” and we find ourselves not doing all
we intended with regard to diet, sleep, exercise, and the                from 5:00-7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, October 23rd and November
spiritual practices that sustain a healthier life. The reminders
help.                                                                    Invite to Pack - Feed My Starving Children
It is now time to announce another event. Yes, Beth El cares             The next opportunity to pack food for distribution to countries
about your well-being. If you haven’t already received your              in need Tuesday, November 20th, 6:00-7:30 p.m. in
flu shots, Beth El is hosting a Flu Shot Clinic here on Sun-             Chanhassen. For more information or to volunteer, please
day, October 21st. Watch for information and details and call            contact Norma Kaplan at or 612-584-
or email me with any questions.                                          3099.
Blessings to you in the coming year!                                     Shabbat Transportation Service
Jan Hamilton                                                             Volunteers are needed to provide transportation to Beth El                                            from Knollwood Place. If you are able to drive two
952-873-7300 ext. 7356                                                   Knollwood residents to Shabbat Services once or twice a
                                                                         month, contact Margie Goldfine at
Pack Food for Feed My Starving Children                                  Judy Silverman Yad Hazakah Torah Reading
Volunteer to pack meal packets at Feed My Starving                       Award Recipients Honored
Children in Chanhassen every other month and all are                     The 28th Annual Judy Silverman Yad Hazakah Awards are
welcome to help (young children recommended to be at least               being presented to recipients in recognition of their contri-
in 3rd grade and accompanied by an adult). For more                      bution to synagogue service through Torah reading. Each
information or to volunteer, please contact Norma Kaplan at              of the honorees read a minimum of seven aliyot during the
612-584-3099 or The next                           past year. These especially committed and expert readers
opportunity to pack food will be Tuesday, November 20th,                 will be honored on Shabbat B’reishit, October 13. If you
6:00-7:30 pm. in Chanhassen.                                             would like to join or just want to read Torah occasionally,
                                                                         please give Marilyn Sussman a call at 952-873-7314.
                                                                         It’s Not Too Late to Order Mahzor!
    We Need to Know When You Need Us                                     The High Holy Days are over and we hope
    Is someone you love in the hospital or homebound or                  you enjoyed using the new Mahzor. Please
    have you lost a loved one? Because of privacy restrictions,          help us acquire an additional 400
                                                                         Mahzorim by purchasing one for yourself
    the synagogue is not notified by area hospitals when they have       and for the shul, so that we can be on the
    Jewish patients nor do we always get immediate information           same page (literally). Each book is $36.
    regarding a death. Please call Raquel Swanson at 952-873-7315        To order your own or one to donate to
    if you have information about someone you know. If the person        Beth El in honor or memory of a loved
                                                                         one, call the synagogue office at 952-873-
    is hospitalized or homebound, tell us the patient’s name, hospital   7303 or email
    and location.                                              

8 ‫ח‬
synagogue news                                                                                                  in the community

                                                                Making Your Voice Count
                                                                                    Now is the time to make sure that all
                                                                                    members of your household are properly
                                                                                    registered to exercise their right to vote. This
                                                                                    includes college students who will be away in
                                                                                    November but can and should make their
                                                                                    voices heard through an absentee ballot.
                                                                There are critical issues on the ballot in Minnesota this year
                                                                including the Marriage Amendment and the Voter
                                                                Identification Amendment. The Talmud tells us in Pirke
                                                                Avot: Al tifrosh min hatzibur, do not separate yourself from
                                                                the community. Not only do we have an obligation to remain
                                                                part of the community, but we need to act for the good of the
                                                                community. Remember that your vote is your voice and
                                                                every voice counts. For full information on voting in the
                                                                state of Minnesota go to the secretary of state website, http://
                                                      , where you can
Great Day for a Picnic and Building Dedication!
                                                                also verify your registration and your polling location
A record turn out enjoyed a beautiful evening on August 27th
                                                                Information on absentee voting can be found on the website
for the Beth El End of Summer Picnic and the Marlys and
                                                       For the
Elliott Badzin Family Learning Center Dedication ceremony.
                                                                first time, this year Beth El is proud to support the
Bring Your Pets to Beth El!                                     community by welcoming neighbors to our building to vote
As Beth El Synagogue celebrates the blessings of animals. In as we serve as precinct polling place on election day.
honor of Shabbat Noah, when we read the story of Noah’s Defeating the Marriage Amendment
Ark, Beth El will be holding its first ever Pet Celebration on
                                                                Look for programming in the coming weeks inspiring us to
Sunday, October 21st from 10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. This is a
                                                                rally against the upcoming marriage amendment on the
FREE event that will include animal blessings, pet photo
                                                                November ballot. Get involved in our social justice
booth, pet therapy information, food, fun and more! Ceremo- committee on this issue by contacting Jodi Wolk,
ny and Pet Training demonstration is at 10:45 a.m. Bring
your entire family and please remember to bring your pets
leashed or otherwise contained. Please bring a donation of pet   Condolences to (members in bold)…
food, animal toys or treats. All donations will be delivered to    Bob and Estelle Stillman, Susie Yablonsky, Bruce Stillman, and
the animal shelter. The event will be outside, so please dress          Jeffrey Stillman on the loss of their son and brother Steven J.
appropriately. In case of rain, we will hold the event inside.
                                                                          Donald Rosen, Barney Rosen and Phillis Fields on the loss of
                                                                           their brother Harold Rosen
                                                                          Michelle Wood-Kustanowitz on the death of her father Scott
                                                                          Dr. Neil Kay on the death of his father, Harvey Kay
                                                                          Caryn Goldberg on the death of her mother, Jeanette
                                                                           Longman Yellen
                                                                          Tristam Hage on the death of his mother, Martha Hage
                                                                          Nancy Schoenberger, Jerry Ribnick, Debbie Mann, Dan
                                                                           Ribnick and Bobby Bloom, Harold Scherling and Sandy Salita
                                                                           on the loss of their mother and sister, Fay Ribnick
                                                                          Dennis Konn (Helene) on the death of his mother Leona Konn
                                                                          Joey Baron on the death of his father Morris Baron
                                                                          Sarah Shaich Squillace on the death of her father, Larry
                                                                          Sandra Kaplan, Sylvia Field, Rose Avebach and Shirley
Beth El Young Adults                                                       Jacobson on the loss of their mother and sister Mickey Kaplan
Enjoying some Good Food, Good Drinks, and Good                            Brian Tell on the loss of his mother Frieda Tell
Company at a BBQ held on September 4th. Check out                         Gertrude Goldtstein on the death of her brother, Irwin A.
their Facebook page for upcoming events including                          Baker
the next dinner on October 19th!                                          Anne Orloff and Steve Orloff on the death of their husband                               and father, Arnold Orloff

                                                                                                                                 ‫9 ט‬
Women’s League

                                                                              Todah to Women’s League

               Women’s League News
September 5, 2012                                                            Todah to
Dear Lou Ann, Marlene, Linda, Bev, Barb, Phyllis,                         League for
Karen and Everyone in Women’s League,                                     polishing
                                                                          the silver
Beth El continues to be blessed by the unwavering devotion
and support of Women’s League. We thank all of you for
                                                                            for the
your generous contribution to support unsponsored
kiddushim as well as this year’s tremendous additional                    High Holy
contribution of kitchen equipment. The new refrigerator,
mixer, holding cabinet, racks and more have exponentially
improved our catering capabilities. All this and fundraising
events, baking for kiddushim, hamantashen, knishes, and
running a giftshop in less than ideal circumstances are
deeply appreciated.

Thank you for your efforts, good humor and collaboration.
Our entire Beth El family benefits from your patience and

Can’t wait to hear more about the casino/cruise being
planned. Please let me know what I can do to be helpful.

Linda Goldberg
Executive Director

Lihyot B’kesher                                                    a way for parents to stay connected as their children enter the
                Beth El L’hyot B’kesher (Keep in Touch com-        next stage of their lives. Getting together to bake, pack and
                mittee) goal is to maintain contact with our       mail gift packages is a great way to catch up, support and
                young adults, up to and including age 25           share the experience of parenting our adult children.
                whether they are away at school, living at         The Lihyot B’Kesher Committee also needs your help and
                home or on their own.                              support in the following ways:
Throughout the year our registered young adults receive pack-      1. Even if you registered previously, you must re-submit it
ages filled with tasty treats and special gifts chosen to en-      each year in order for your young adults to be included.
hance their college experience. Treats include mom-baked           2. We accept registrations throughout the year but to guar-
rise krispie bars, chocolate-dipped pretzels and several flavors   antee your young adult receives all packages, you must regis-
of hamentashen to bring a taste of Purim to dorm rooms and         ter before September 30.
apartments across campuses. Hanukah gifts have included the        To offset costs, we ask you to make a donation to support this
popular- styled bro tank top, an eco-friendly drinking glass,      program. In the past, many of our parents have given gener-
flannel boxers and scrub pants. Everyone also receives a Star-     ously; we welcome your additional support beyond our basic
bucks gift card to help keep them warm through the winter          cost, if you are able. Scholarships are available to cover any
months.                                                            amount above what you can give. Costs are $36 for 1 child;
In addition to the packages, the committee compiles an annual      $60 for 2 children; $72 for 3 or more.
directory of current addresses, phone numbers and email ad-
dresses, and then sends this directory via email to each of our    Questions? Contact co-chairs Marlee Kaminsky 952-449-
registered young people.                                           9410 or Julie Weisberg 763-
Besides keeping young people connected, Lihyot B’kesher is         557-6629

10 ‫י‬

Mazal Tov to ……..                           Evan and Yelena Ribnick on the birth of           September & October
                                            their baby girl, Noa Sima, on September 3rd.
Lisa Herman and David Lovelace on their                                                           Anniversaries
September 9th wedding.                      Naomi Zuk-Fisher and Julian Fisher on           Manny & Robyn Plotsker
                                            the birth of their baby boy on September 6th.
Ariel and Bryan Goltzman on the birth of                                                              September 2………...5th
their baby boy on July 26th.                Johanna Stein (daughter of Bonnie &             Steven & Louise Litt
                                            Arthur Stein) on her engagement to Dan                    September 3………...40th
Audra and Loren Mintz on the birth of       Hyman (son of Barb & Jim Hyman of
their baby girl on August 15th.             Arlington Heights, IL). A fall 2013 wedding
                                                                                            Mark & Lynn Schwartz
                                                                                                      September 3………...40th
Sara Frailich and Christopher Castino on is being planned.
the birth of their baby boy on August 18th.                                                 Lee & Amy Friedman
                                                                                                      September 6………...20th
Barbara and Gary Krupp on the birth of
                                                                                            Frederick & Pamela Segal
their baby granddaughter on August 30th.
                                                                                                      September 6………...20th
                                                                                            David & Cantor Audrey Abrams
                                                                                                      September 13………..25th
                                                                                            Stuart & Dian Yellen
                                                                                                      September 16………..50th
                                                                                            Ronald & Sharon Burton
                      We welcome our newest members!
                                                                                                      September 17………..45th
                                   B’rukhim Habaim!                                         Owen Moldow & Abigail Loyd
                                                                                                      September 21………..10th
 Timothy Bechtel & Rachel Frailich, Fiona        Jody (Diamond) & Tom Moreimi
                                                                                            Saul & Diane Mashaal
    Leor & Liat Ben Yakov, Shira, Ariel                  Howard Smolen
                                                                                                      September 25………..45th
 Alexander & Alexandra Dashe, Maxwell,          Robin Smolen, Aidan, Darion, Ari            David & Sharon Gelperin
           Gabriela, Rafaela
                                              David and Elizabeth (Liz) Grossman,                     October 1……………..45th
            Alvin & Arlene Dietz                         Leah, Daniel                       Dr. Gary E. & Sue-Ann Garvis
   David & Elizabeth Grossman, Daniel,                   Sarah Gruesner                               October 11………….. 50th
                  Leah                                                                      Sharon & Brad Gunther
                                                 Jayme & Kaylene Stoller, Noah
                David Kahn                                                                            October 18………….. 20th
                                                      Dana & Matt Sanders                   Al & Elaine Lieberman
                 Rose Kay
                                            Nina & Richard Fogel, Ariella, Sasha, Ian                 October 19………….. 65th
  Max & Lori Kurman, Lily, Mikayla, Noah                                                    Justin & Elanna Kaufman
                                                           Evan Stern
 Joseph & Marina Levine, Samuel, Sarah                                                                October 20………….. 10th
                                                          Sarah Gruber
              Lindsey Modell                                                                Adam & Shari Dveris
                                               Monica Sklar (Harlo Petosky), Levi                     October 21………….. 5th
           Tom & Jody Moreimi
                                                      Kent & Freda Confeld                  Harry & Elizabeth Fischman
               Elaine Niman
                                                          Sandra Winer                                October 21………….. 50th
  Steven & Louise Schoenberger, Micah,                                                      Daniel & Francine Orren
               Layla, Rina                    Boris & Shari Abromovich, Alexandra,
                                                            Gabriella                                 October 23………….. 35th
     Daniel & Hannah Sokol, Raquel,                                                         Richard & Stephanie Soskin
             Gabriela, Elena                      Bryan & Ariel Goltzman, Cobi
                                                                                                      October 24………….. 30th
    Leor & Liat Ben-Yakov, Shira, Ariel        Rebecca (Becky) & Matthew (Matt)             Norbert & Shirley Raucher
                                                   Sanders, Taubie, Isaac
 Joseph & Marina Levine, Samuel, Sarah                                                                October 25………….. 70th
                                                                                            Judge Allen & Marcia Oleisky
   Alex & Cici Dashe Maxwell, Gabriela,
                 Rafaela                                                                              October 28………….. 50th
                                                                                            Andrew & Lisa Furman
                                                                                                      October 31………….. 5th

                                                                                                                       ‫11 יא‬
                       Beth El Synagogue L’hiyot B’kesher – Keep In Touch
                       2012 REGISTRATION FORM

                                                     PLEASE FILL OUT COMPLETELY & CLEARLY
                                                 Or Register Online at
                                                      College Outreach listed under Community

        Please give us your information:
        _______________________________________________              _______________________________
        Parents name(s)                                              email address **very important**
        _______________________________________________              _______________________________
        Home address                                                 city/State/Zip
        _______________________________________________              _______________________________
        Home phone                                                   I would LOVE to help during the year
        Your young adult(s) information (all information is VERY important):
        ______________________________________________               _______________________________
        Name (#1)                                                    email address
        Name of School/ Work place                                 cell phone              Date of birth
        ______________________________________________               _______________________________
        Address                                                      City/State/Zip
        _______________________________________________              _______________________________
        Name (#2)                                                    email address
        Name of School/ Work place                                cell phone               Date of birth
        ______________________________________________               _______________________________
        Address                                                      City/State/Zip
        ______________________________________________               _______________________________
        Name (#3)                                                    email address
        Name of School/ Work place                                 cell phone              Date of birth
        ______________________________________________               _______________________________
        Address                                                      City/State/Zip

                     Enclose your check: $36 for one / $60 for two / $72 for three or more to:
                   L’ihyot B’kesher c/o Julie Weisberg 4310 Norwood Ln N., Plymouth 55442.
                                   For info call: Julie Weisberg @ 763-557-6629
                    ~Scholarships available~ ~Contributions welcome~

12 ‫יב‬

Beth El Endowments and Program Funds provide an important source of income, enabling Beth El to offer added services and
programs and to make improvements to the facility. You can honor or remember family members and friends or special events with
contributions to any of the Beth El Endowment Funds or Program Funds. Send donations to: Beth El Synagogue, 5224 West 26th
Street, Minneapolis, MN 55416. Indicate the fund to which you want to contribute, the purpose of the contribution, and to whom you
would like an acknowledgement sent. A complete listing of funds are available by calling the front desk at 952-873-7300 or donate
online at (click on “Donate”) If you would like to establish a new fund in your name or in the name of a
loved one, please contact Marilyn Weisberg at Beth El, at 952-873-7303.
Beth El Gratefully Acknowledges the Following Contributions This list reflects donations made to funds from July 1-September 6,
2012. Contributions received after September 6, 2012 will be listed in the November 2012 issue of the Shofar. If you do not want your name
listed, please include a note when you make your contribution
Burton & Diane Weisberg Camp Ramah Fund                In Honor of Naomi Rotenberg as She Celebrates Her       Hannah Bialick Yom Shalaim Fund
For Speedy Recovery of Burt Weisberg                   90th Birthday                                           In Memory of Steven J. Stillman
      Reuven & Shereen Rahamim                               R A & Margaret Ungerman                                  Tristam & Sandra Hage
Camp Ramah Appeal-Scholarship Camp & Israel            In Honor of Naomi Rotenberg's 90th Birthday             Ivan and Karen Brodsky Presidential Fund
Pilgrimage                                                   Richard & Diane Cohen                             For Speedy Recovery of Dr. Fred Kravitz
In Honor of Ann and Neil Wasserman's 50th Wedding      In Honor of Ron and Sonia Ungerman as They Celebrate    For Speedy Recovery of Elaine Silverman
  Anniversary                                          Their 20th Anniversary                                  In Honor of the Birth of Mary and Jack Baumgarten's
In Honor of Judy And Aaron Nathenson's 50th                  R A & Margaret Ungerman                             Grandson
  Wedding Anniversary                                  In Honor of Sid Konikoff                                In Memory of Fay Ribnick
      Fred & Harriette Burstein                              Lucy Rose Fischer                                        Dr. Ivan & Karen Brodsky
Cantor Abrams Discretionary Fund                       In Honor of the Aufruf of tony Katz and Judith          Jacob & Ann Scherling Scholarship Fund
In Appreciation of Cantor Audrey Abrams                Leventhal                                               In Honor of Ann and Neil Wasserman's 50th
      Barry & Midge Frailich                                 Walter & Leonie Leventhal                           Anniversary
      Marsha Campbell & the Family of Harold           In Honor of the Marriage of Alison Kamin And Greg              Harold & Eileen Scherling
            Schenker                                   Askin                                                   In Memory of Fay Ribnick
Congregational Nurse Fund                                    Gary & Arlene Grossman                                   Judge Allen & Marcia Oleisky
For Speedy Recovery of Phyllis Harris                  In Memory of Al Gleekel                                 L'dor Vador Capital Campaign
For Speedy Recovery of Rita Cook                             David & Nancy Jo Fursetzer                        In Honor of Marshall And Sue Rappaport's 40th
For Speedy Recovery of Terry Cohen                           Fred & Harriette Burstein                           Wedding Anniversary
      Edward & Joyce Prohofsky                               Gary & Arlene Grossman                                   Barry & Midge Frailich
Mazel Tov to John Orenstein on Becoming President of         Marlene Brandys                                   Library Supplies Donation
  Beth El                                              In Memory of Alice Okrent's Beloved Nephew              In Honor of Larry and Darlene Braufman's 45th
In Honor of Gil Mann as Outgoing President                   Michael & Nancy Schoenberger                        Anniversary
      Gary & Barbara Krupp                             In Memory of Fay Ribnick                                In Honor of Rabbi Avi and Dr. Sarah Olitzky on the
In Memory of Fay Ribnick                                     Bryan & Nina Badzin                                 Birth of Their Daughter, Miryam Tzipora
      Edward & Joyce Prohofsky                               Doug Mark                                         In Honor of Randy and Jane Rosenzweig's 10th
      Gary & Barbara Krupp                                   Sharon Catcher                                      Anniversary
      Joy Leslie Gordon                                In Memory of Harold Rosen                                      Nathan & Darlene Schwartz
Frances Kvasnick Business Educational                        Riva, Ellis, Samuel & Rachel Nolley               In Honor of the Birth of Miryam Olitzky
Scholarship Fund                                       In Memory of Harold Schenker                                   Robert & Sandy (Sorah) Blumenfeld
In Memory of James White                                     Jason Rein & Jodi Livon Rein                      Minyan Fund
      Barbara Kvasnick-Nunez                           In Memory of Harvey Kay                                 In Honor of Larry & Darlene Braufman's 45th
Greater Beth El                                              Deborah Shatin                                      Anniversary
For Speedy Recovery of Sharon Kieffer                        Dr. H. Irving & Karen Katz                               Chernie Levinson
      Michael & Nancy Schoenberger                           Michael & Linda Platt                             Nat'l Guard Support
Happy Anniversary to Aaron and Judy Nathenson          In Memory of Jeanette Yellen                            In Honor of MN National Guard Troops
      Dr. Howard & Heidi Gilbert                             Harold & Susan Koritz                                    Bruce & Merrie Forstein
Happy Birthday to Mildred Ingber                             Helene & Howard Golden                                   Dr. H. Irving & Karen Katz
      Pearl & Daniel Berdass                                 James & Susan Walder                              Mazel Tov Dotan Appelbaum
Happy Birthday to Naomi Rotenberg                            Kira Moscowitz                                    Mazel Tov Josh Borken
      Bryan & Nina Badzin                                    Phyllis & Charlie Newman                          Mazel Tov Josh Livon
Happy Birthday to Scott Harris                               Randy & Karen Feld; Debbie & Ron Heroff                  Susan Rees
      Jason Rein & Jodi Livon Rein                           Sherry & Mark Kohn                                Philip and Rivel Greenberg Family Fund for
In Appreciation of Rabbi Davis                         In Memory of Joyce Berman                               Holocaust Awareness
      Clarice Cutts                                          Gary & Arlene Grossman                            In Honor of Grandson, Sam Rapp Greenberg's Bar
In Honor of Birth of Miryam Tzipora Olitzky            Mazel Tov Birth of Miryam Tzipora Olitzky                 Mitzvah
      Nancy & Steve Schachtman                         In Memory of Leo Fine's Brother                                Boris & Falina Avrutin
In Honor of Fern Badzin's Birthday                     Mazel Tov Surrie and Check Desnick                      In Memory of Fay Ribnick
      Sue & Sol Awend                                        Clarice Cutts                                     In Memory of Joanna Bloom's Father
In Honor of Gabrielle Mashaal's Graduation             In Memory of Leslie Levin                               Mazel Tov Birth of Miryam Tzipora Olitzky
      Bryan & Nina Badzin                                    Harvey & Sylvia Keller                                   Philip & Rivel Greenberg
In Honor of Judi And Aaron Nathenson's 50th            In Memory of Martha Hage                                Prayer Book/Sanctuary Fund
Anniversary                                                  Lawrence & Michelle Shapiro                       In Honor of Brianna Leah Johnson
      Dr. H. Irving & Karen Katz                       In Memory of Sara Joy Prost                             In Honor of Elizabeth Ann Burnstein
In Honor of Larry and Darlene Braufman on Their 45th         William, Judy & Craig Sigal                              Roslyn Burnstein
Wedding Anniversary                                    In Memory of Susan E. Aaron                             In Memory of Al Gleekel
      Betty & Jerry Greenstein                               Joshua Aaron, Elsie Shallom, Judah Morris, Eric   In Memory of Beloved Father of Gary Rosenblatt
In Honor of Max Haskovitz's Bar Mitzvah                Morris                                                         Esther Burke
      Mrs. Shirley Haskovitz                           In Memory of Tris Hage's Mother                         In Memory of Fay Ribnick
In Honor of Miryam Olitzky                                   Gordon & Sherri Rutman                                   Robert & Stefanie Karon
      Dr. Robert Karasov & Dr. Hanna Bloomfield        Mazel Tov For the Birth of Your New Grandsons
                                                             Marvin & Fran Burstein

                                                                                                                                                       ‫31 יג‬
Rabbi Davis Discretionary Fund                           In Memory of Fay Ribnick                              Howard (Buddy) & Phyllis Harris
In Appreciation of Rabbi Alexander Davis                 In Memory of Harold Rosen                             Idell Corson
      Barry & Midge Frailich                                  Alvin & Audrey Kaufman                           Ilan & Cindy Sharon
In Appreciation of the Davis Family                      The Ann and Oscar Victor USY Fund                     Jacques & Mary Koppel
      the Perlman Family                                 In Honor of Kay and Marty Harris                      Janny & Alan Silver
In Honor of Ann & Neil Wasserman's 50th Anniversary      In Memory of Millie Gershone                          Jeff & Rise Miller
      Dr. Aaron & Judith Nathenson                            Elliot & Roberta (Bobby) Cohen                   Jeffrey Levy & Martin Jehn
In Honor of Clarice Cutts on Her 90th Birthday           In Memory of Ann Victor                               Jeremy & Kara Frank
      Howard Cutts                                            Elliot & Roberta (Bobby) Cohen                   Jerold & Brigid Raskin
In Honor of Rabbi Davis' Return From Israel                   Rita Hirsch & Joan Gleicher                      Jesse & Cym Kibort
      Simon & Leah Temkin                                The Anna Rubenstein Berman Cultural Arts Fund         Jonathan & Raleigh Segal
In Honor of the 65th Anniversary of Shirley And Joe      For Speedy Recovery of Judi Nathenson                 John & Debra Orenstein
  Novich                                                      Beatrice Davis                                   Joyce Levenson
      David & Maxine Kravetz                             The Badzin/ Lebow Family Endowment Fund               Judge Allen & Marcia Oleisky
In Honor of the Special Birthdays of Linda and Mike      In Memory of Jeanette Yellen                          Judy Ribnick & Diane Burhenne
  Platt                                                       Marshall & Carole Lebow                          Julie & Steven Pentelnik
      Dr. Neil Kay & Micki Herman Kay                    The Barbara D. & Lee Bearmon Adult Education "Etz     June & Neil Lapidus & the Partners at Lurie
In Memory of Fay Ribnick                                 Hayim" Fund                                                  Besikof Lapidus & Co.
In Memory of Harold Rosen                                In Honor of Birth of Miryam Tzipora Olitzky           Kenneth Raskin & Lynn Lederman
      Steven Perlman & Jeri Meshbesher                        Lee & Barbara Bearmon                            Larry Wertheim & Alice Okrent
Rabbi Olitzky Discretionary Fund                         The Bernard Badzin Administrative Fund                Larry, Elayne & Abby Chiat
In Appreciation of Rabbi Avi Olitzky                     Happy Birthday to Fern Badzin                         Lawrence & Michelle Shapiro
      Richard & Marilyn Chern                                 Arthur J. & Penny J. Glassman                    Lee & Barbara Bearmon
In Appreciation of Rabbi Olitzky                         In Honor of Fern Badzin's Birthday                    Lynne & Gary Schneider
      Barry & Midge Frailich                                  Dalia Katz                                       Mairs & Power, Inc.
      Marsha Campbell & the Family of Harold                  Mark & Amy Rotenberg                             Margo Berdass
            Schenker                                          Ronald & Sonia Ungerman                          Mark Appelbaum & Yaffa Cohen-Appelbaum
In Honor of Birth of Miryam Tzipora Olitzky              In Honor of Marlys and Elliot Badzin and Family       Markle Karlen
      Dr. H. Irving & Karen Katz                              Jack & Mary Baumgarten                           Marla & Richard Weiner
      Sheldon & Helen Resig                              The David & Ida Bach General Scholarship Fund         Marshall & Paula Lehman
In Honor of the Birth of Miryam Olitzky                  In Memory of Judy Locketz's Mother, Sarah             Martin & Sharon Kieffer
      Benjamin & Joan Rischall                                Marshall & Paula Lehman                          Martin & Sue Ring
      Jay Kallor & Diane Knight-Kallor                   The Fay & Leonard Ribnick Program Fund                Marvin and Judy Liszt & Family
      Steven Perlman & Jeri Meshbesher                   In Honor of the Marriage of Joel And Tamar Ribnick    Melvin & Ronnie Burstein
In Honor of the Birth of Miryam Tzipora Olitzky               Deborah Deutsch & Daughters                      Merle, Ron, Heather & Andy Schwartz
      Richard & Marilyn Chern                            In Memory of Fay & Leonard Ribnick                    Micah Garber
In Honor of Your Beautiful New Baby, Miryam Olitzky           Julian & Cathy Conley                            Michael & Carri Lazarus
      Steven & Miriam (Mimi) Klane                       In Memory of Fay Ribnick                              Michael & Etta Barry
In Memory of Al Gleekel                                       Action Sales & Marketing                         Michael & Linda Fiterman
In Memory of Harold Rosen                                     Arline Bloom                                     Michael & Susan Blehert
In Memory of Risa Weisman                                     Arnold & Annalee Odessky                         Mike & Joan Gardner
Mazel Tov on Shanna and David's Wedding                       Arthur J. & Penny J. Glassman                    Mitchell & Fay Kaye
      Steven Perlman & Jeri Meshbesher                        Barbara Bach                                     Mrs. Esther Miller
Mazel Tov Birth of Miryam Tzipora Olitzky                     Barbara Eiger                                    Mrs. Shirley Haskovitz
      Dr. James & Marlene Bukstein                            Barbara Ratner                                   Murray Klane
      Simon & Leah Temkin                                     Beth Naftalin                                    Nami, David and Gali Goldenberg
Mazel Tov to the Olitzky Family On the Birth of Miryam        Betsy & David Abramson                           Nancy & Steve Schachtman
  Tzipora                                                     Bill & Sharon torodor                            Naomi Maul
      Gary & Barbara Krupp                                    Brian Ribnick                                    Paul Tuchman & tom Evers
Rose & Sol Bukstein Sukkah Fund                               Burton & Diane Weisberg                          Raleigh Spizman
For Speedy Recovery of Phyllis Harris                         Charles & Melanie Barry                          Randi & Barry Wolfish
In Memory of Al Gleekel                                       Cheryl and Jack Perecman & Family                Renee and David Segal & Family
      Dr. James & Marlene Bukstein                            Christopher & Meryll Page                        Reuven & Shereen Rahamim & Family
Sam and Chick Held Senior Endowment and                       Daniel J. Spiegel & Marilyn Jax                  Richard & Cathy Mogelson
Educational Fund                                              Danielle & Jonathan Pearl                        Richard & Diane Cohen
In Honor of Marlene Mankoff's Special Birthday                David & Karen Katz                               Richard & Marilyn Chern
      Esther Burke                                            Debbie & Mark Glotter                            Rick & Sande Ross
Seretta Rudin Memorial Fund                                   Delores Kelber                                   Robert & Norma Segal
For Speedy Recovery of Phyllis Harris                         Diana Idelkope                                   Robert & Susan Ribnick
For Speedy Recovery of Sandy Selnick                          Dorothy & Norman Pink                            Rochelle Rubin & Scott Rutzick
      Donald Rudin & Elaine Simon                             Dr. Aaron & Judith Nathenson                     Rory Zamansky
In Memory of Fay Ribnick                                      Dr. Felix & Muriel Zwiebel                       Rosie & Andy Gellman
      Donald Rudin                                            Dr. H. Irving & Karen Katz                       Sally Forbes Friedman & Family
Summer Pilgrim Experience in Israel Fund                      Dr. James & Marlene Bukstein                     Sarah & Micah Herman
In Memory of Jeanette Yellen                                  Dr. Martin & Marilyn Weisberg                    Scott & Laurie Weisman
      Tristam & Sandra Hage                                   Dr. Steve & Suzann Yussen                        Shep Harris & Rebecca Skelton
The Arthur & Irene Stillman Educational Fund                  Dr. Stuart & Sue Ellen Borken                    Steve Greenberg
In Memory of Steven Stillman                                  Elissa (Lisa) Heilicher                          Stuart & Reena Davis
      Sandy & Deborah Selnick                                 Elizabeth Latts                                  Susan Gozansky
The Barney & Gladys Applebaum Aleph School                    Esther Burke                                     Tall Sales Company
Scholarship Fund                                              Evie & Alan Ingber & Family                      Talya & Joshua Gepner
In Honor of Cantor Neil and Saranee Newman's 25th             Families of Clarence Ehrensberger & Luke Craig   Terry & Mitzi Kane
Anniversary                                                   Frances Herman                                   Todd Craig
      Dr. Howard & Heidi Gilbert                              Fred & Harriette Burstein                        Tommy & Liba Stillman
The Alvin & Audrey Kaufman Camp Ramah Fund                    Gordon & Sherri Rutman                           Tristam & Sandra Hage
In Honor of Birth of Miryam Tzipora Olitzky                   Harold & Jacqueline Sadoff                       Walter G Anderson, Inc.
In Honor of the Birth of Lou Ann Bongard's 2 New Baby         Harold Smith                                     William & Jacalyn Broze
  Greatgrandsons                                              Harriet Fremland                                 William, Judy & Craig Sigal

14 ‫יד‬
The Frailich "Yad V' Lev" Caring Community Fund             The Ralph Z. & Bess Yellen General Scholarship           In honor of the 20th anniversary of Lee & Amy
In Appreciation of Beth El Synagogue Yad V'Lev Caring       Fund                                                       Friedman
  Community                                                 In Memory of Jeanette Yellen                             In honor of the 20th anniversary of Sharon & Brad
In Appreciation of the Work of the Beth El Yad V'Lev              Stuart & Dian Yellen                                 Gunther
  Caring Community                                          The Roberta Weber Congregational Nurse Fund              In honor of the 25th anniversary of David & Cantor
In Honor of the Birth of Grandson, Dominic Eliezer          In Memory of Harvey Kay                                    Audrey Abrams
  Castino                                                         Philip & Chana Weber                               In honor of the 30th anniversary of Richard & Stephanie
In Honor of the Birth of Grandson, Gabriel Paul             The Sally & Sam Greenberg Herzl Camp Scholarship           Soskin
  Goldman                                                   Fund                                                     In honor of the 35th anniversary of Daniel & Francine
      Tristam & Sandra Hage                                 Happy Birthday to Pete Levy On His 70th                    Orren
In Appreciation of Jessie, Shira & Briana Lavintman               Steven & Julie Friedman                            In honor of the 40th anniversary of Mark & Lynn
      Barry & Midge Frailich                                In Honor of Harley Greenberg                               Schwartz
The Gerald and Ada Fiterman General Scholarship                   Ellen Levy, Chi-Chi & Marshall                     In honor of the 40th anniversary of Steven & Louise Litt
Fund                                                        In Honor of Harley Greenberg's Special Birthday          In honor of the 45th anniversary of Ronald & Sharon
In Honor of Steve Litt's Birthday, and Steve and Louise's         Harry & Sari Engel                                   Burton
  Special Anniversary                                       In Honor of Steve Friedman's Special Birthday            In honor of the 45th anniversary of David & Sharon
      Harvey & Marilyn Chanen                               In Memory of Harold Rosen                                  Gelperin
The Harry & Edith Ostrow General Scholarship Fund                 Harley & Ellen Greenberg                           In honor of the 45th anniversary of Saul & Diane
In Memory of Al Gleekel                                     In Memory of Marvin Krupp                                  Mashaal
In Memory of Elaine Fink                                          Steven & Julie Friedman                            In honor of the 50th anniversary of Judge Allen &
In Memory of Fay Ribnick                                    The Samuel & Ann Rank General Scholarship Fund             Marcia Oleisky
In Memory of Harold Rosen                                   In Memory of Alan Eidelberg                              In honor of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Gary E. &
      Sheila Goldstein                                            Harold & Jacqueline Sadoff                           Sue-Ann Garvis
The Heifetz Scholarship Fund                                The Seiler-Newman Bema Fund                              In honor of the 50th anniversary of Harry & Elizabeth
In Honor of the Birth of Dominic Eliezer Castino            In Honor of Cantor Neil And Saranee Newman's Special       Fischman
In Honor of the Birth of Gabriel Paul Goldman                 Anniversary                                            In honor of the 50th anniversary of Stuart & Dian Yellen
In Memory of Florence Sadoff                                      Dr. Gary Goldish & Dr. Bonnie Bongard              In honor of the 5th anniversary of Adam & Shari Dveris
In Memory of Harry Rosenbaum                                In Memory of Gary Gordon                                 In honor of the 5th anniversary of Andrew & Lisa
      Raoul & Ferna Heifetz                                       Susan Rees                                           Furman
The Jacki & Bill Broze Israel Trips for Adults Fund         In Memory of Ilene Levin                                 In honor of the 5th anniversary of Manny & Robyn
In Honor of Jerry and Norma Cohen's 60th Anniversary              Susan Rees                                           Plotsker
In Honor of Judy and Alan Elias' New Granddaughter          The Shirley R. Abelson Aleph School Fund                 In honor of the 65th anniversary of Al & Elaine
In Memory of Al Gleekel                                     For Speedy Recovery of David Rossman                       Lieberman
In Memory of Barbara Lenett                                       Aleph School Staff                                 In honor of the 70th anniversary of Norbert & Shirley
In Memory of Leona Konn                                     In Honor of Birth of Miryam Tzipora Olitzky                Raucher
      William & Jacki Broze                                       Dalia Katz                                         In memory of Fay Ribnick
The Landy Aleph School Enrichment Prog. Fund                      Jeff & Sandy Rudoy                                 In memory of Frieda Tell
In Honor of Harvey Orensten's 75th Birthday                       Stephan & Anne Devitt                              In memory of Leona Konn
      Larry & Rita Covin                                    In Honor of Evan Segal's Bar Mitzvah                     In memory of Arnold Orloff
The Lou Ann & Leon Bongard Fund for Seniors                 In Honor of Joanne And Michael Silverman's 50th          In memory of Morris Baron
In Honor of Dr. Aaron And Judy Nathenson's 50th               Wedding Anniversary                                    In memory of Marvin Krupp
  Anniversary                                               In Honor of Maureen And Saul Bernick's Grandson          In memory of Harold Rosen
      Dr. Gary Goldish & Dr. Bonnie Bongard                   Evan's Bar Mitzvah                                     In memory of Martha Hage
The Max & Esther Rappaport General Scholarship              In Honor of Nicky Leveris' High School Graduation        In memory of Ed Coen
Fund                                                        In Honor of Sally Abrams' High School Graduation         In memory of Larry Squillace
In Honor of Marshall and Susan Rappoport's 40th                   DeDe Armel                                         In memory of Irwin A. Baker
  Wedding Anniversary                                       In Honor of Miryam Tzipora Olitzky                       In memory of Mickey Kaplan
      Raleigh & Randy Kaminsky                                    Elaine Cohen                                       In memory of Jeanette Longman Yellen
The Men's Club                                              In Honor of the Birth of Miryam Olitzky                  In memory of Harvey Kay
In Memory of Al Gleekel                                           Jeff & Eloise Gershone                                   Rabbi Kassel Abelson
      Jerry & Reva Bronstien                                In Memory of Al Gleekel                                  Rabbi Kassel Abelson USY Leadership Fund
The Michael & Nancy Schoenberger Camp Ramah                       Brenda & Jeffrey Atkin                             In honor of the bar mitzvah of Jacob Ratner
Scholarship Fund                                            In Memory of Jeanette Yellen                             In honor of the bar mitzvah of Max Haskovitz
In Memory of Fay Ribnick                                          Karen & Robb Schwartz                              In honor of the bar mitzvah of Maxwell Lang
      Nancy & Kevin Rhein                                   Mazel Tov Elana Rae and Haley Rose Warren                In honor of the bar mitzvah of Charles Rendleman
      Stephan & Anne Devitt                                 Mazel Tov Ilana Weinstein                                In honor of the bar mitzvah of Drew Galinson
The Myrl Lavintman Youth Education Fund                     Mazel Tov Zollie Kaplan                                  In honor of the bat mitzvah of Emma Seymour
For Speedy Recovery of Ilene Stein                                Susan Rees                                         In honor of the bat mitzvah of Hannah Wolk
      Peter & Jill Zatz                                     The Torodor-Levy Family General Scholarship Fund         In honor of the bat mitzvah of Maya Slovut
The Nathan Gottesman torah Fund                             In Honor of Birth of Miryam Tzipora Olitzky              In honor of the bat mitzvah of Jenna Simon
In Honor of Zollie Kaplan's Bar Mitzvah                     In Honor of Dotan Appelbaum, to Recognize His Bar              Rabbi Kassel Abelson
      Fred & Andrea Rose                                      Mitzvah                                                The Steven G. Rice Fund for physically & Mentally
The Nemerov-Lava General Scholarship Fund                   In Honor of the Marriage of Mary and Jack                Challenged
In Honor of Mitch Einzig's Special Birthday                   Baumgarten's Daughter and the Birth of Their           Healthy Happy Birthday to Ronald Alan Rice
In Honor of the 40th Anniversary of Jon and Jane              Grandchild                                             Healthy Happy Birthday to Elliott Sam Rice
  Gordon                                                    In Memory of Harold Rosen                                Happy 85th Birthday to Morris Toretsky
      Dr. Neil & Diane Hoffman                              In Memory of Orrin Kessel's Father                       Happy Birthday Andrea Weisberg
The Philip & Bobby Bloom Camp Ramah Fund                          Bill & Sharon Torodor                              Mazal Tov to Avi & Sarah, Aliza & Akiva on the birth of
In Honor of the 50th Anniversary of Ann and Neil            Shirley R. Abelson Aleph School Fund                       Miryam Tzipora
  Wasserman                                                 In honor of the birth of Noa Ribnick                     Deep appreciation to Frank Miles for having the whole
      Merle, Michael, Elliott & Adam toobin                 In honor of the birth of Mimi Ashton Mintz                 family for brunch after the cemetery service
The Phyllis and Howard Harris Continuing Education          In honor of the birth of Dominic Castino                 In memory of Fay Ribnick
Fund                                                              Rabbi Kassel Abelson                               Special Happy Birthday to Franklin Miles
In Honor of Scott Harris on His 50th Birthday               Abelson-Aronson Endowment Fund                           Special Happy Birthday to Lilah Rose Rice
In Memory of Al Gleekel                                     In honor of the 10th anniversary of Owen Moldow &        Mazal Tov to Jacob Evan Ratner on his Bar Mitzvah
In Memory of Harold Schenker                                  Abigail Loyd                                                       Malka Rice
In Memory of Scott Harney                                   In honor of the 10th anniversary of Justin & Elanna
      Howard (Buddy) & Phyllis Harris                         Kaufman
                                                            In honor of the 20th anniversary of Frederick & Pamela

                                                                                                                                                             ‫51 טו‬
Yahzeit Contributions
   In memory of:
       Contributed by:
Shirley Abelson                         Ernest Fink                             Ruth Karsner                              Leslie Rutman
         Rabbi Kassel Abelson                   Marian Perling                          Ceil Bell                                 Jerry Rosenzweig & Merle
Jay Abramovitz                          Herman Fishman                          Marilyn Kaufman                                       Shapiro
Larry Abramovitz                                Jerry Fishman                           Michael Davis & Jodi              Max Sanders
         Lucille Abramovitz             Ben Frank                                            Lebewitz-Davis                       Deera Tychman
Abraham Ansel                                   Bruce Frank                     Marvin Kaufman                            Howard Schlaifer
         Dr. Howard Ansel               Libby Frank                                     Esther Kaufman                            David Schlaifer & Julie
Helen Ansel                                     Bruce Frank                     Tsilya Khait                                          Ritz-Schlaifer
         Harvey & Shirley Ansel         Miriam Freshman                                 Gennadiy & Mayya Babiner                  Dolores Schlaifer
Harry Atkin                                     Phil & Wendy Freshman           Rose Kivatinetz                           Helen Schwimmer
         Zola & Barbara Friedman        Nathan Friedell                                 Joseph & Shirley Novich                   Howard & Elaine Schwimmer
Mark Avrutin                                    William & Peggy Cohn            Hannelore Nora Klein                      Stanley Schwimmer
Rachel Avrutin                          Morrie Fruen                                    Ralph & Sharon Klein                      Howard & Elaine Schwimmer
         Boris & Falina Avrutin                 James & Maida Fruen             Stanley Korengold                         Joyce Segelbaum
Joyce Baker                             Joseph Gardner                                  Shirley Korengold                         Charles & Amy Segelbaum
         Dr. Lowell Baker                       Bernard & Pauline Ratner        Polly Krasner                             Charlotte Shapiro
Louis Baker                             Bessie Gerb                                     Rose Kay                                  James & Susan Walder
         Irwin A. Baker                         Mrs. Jerome (Sophie) Teener     Ruth Kronick                              Harry Shapiro
Samuel Bearmon                          Bessie Gittelson                                Dr. Stuart & Sue Ellen Borken             F. Doris Shapiro
         Lee & Barbara Bearmon                  Morton & Marilyn Percansky      Orry Krupp                                Nathan Sherman
Nehama Berkovich                                Eugene & Sally Gittelson                Beverly Weinberg                          Blanche Singer
         Zhan & Anna Berkovich          Morris Gittelson                        Robert Lane                               Rose Sherman
David Berman                                    Eugene, Sally & Michael                 Shirleymae Lane                           Bernard Sherman
         Ide Schertzer                                Gittelson                 Isadore Lavintman                         Daryle Silver
Rae Berman                                      Morton & Marilyn Percansky              Arthur & Sandra Lavintman                 Troy & Mara Beugen
         Dr. James & Marlene Bukstein   Archie Glasser                                  Marion Resnick                    William Silverman
William Berman                                  Hy Glasser                      Myrl Lavintman                                    Stanley & Marsha Finkelstein
         Ide Schertzer                  Dora Goldberg                                   Randy & Jane Rosenzweig           Rochel Silverstein
Dr. David Bloom                                 Lena Goldberg                   Maurice Lazarus                                   David & Ruth Silverstein
         Stuart & Carolyn Bloom         Hattie Goldish                                  Michael & Carri Lazarus           Abe Sperling
Belle Blumberg                                  Lee & Barbara Bearmon           Jacob Lazer                                       Phyllis Sperling
         Judge Allen & Marcia Oleisky   Leah Gold                                       Eleanor Gantman                   Sam Steinman,
Mausha Blyumberg                                Gertrude Goldstein              Martin Lebedoff                                   Ide Schertzer
         Joseph & Genya Buslovich       Nellie Goldstein                                S. Bruce & Lisa Lebedoff Peilen   Helen Stutman
Murray Brandys                                  Dr. James & Marlene Bukstein    Abram Levinson                            Murray Stutman
         Marlene Brandys                Norman Goldstein                                David Levinson & Greta                    Judith Finkelstein
David Bream                                     Ellen Kleinbaum                              Fagerland                    Dora Sudit
         Sam Kvasnik                    Rita Rutman Goldstein                   Myer & Sylvia Lichterman                          Sara Press
Sam Bright                                      Ellen Kleinbaum                         Carol Lichterman                  Manuel Swatez
         Lucille Abramovitz             Nathan Gottesman                        Mildred and Louis Marko                           Helen Swatez
Evelyn Broude                                   Debra Gottesman                         Gayle Marko                       Isadore Swatez
         Marlene Brandys                Hyman Graus                             Maryon Milsten                            Monnie Swatez
Sol Bukstein                                    Steven & Norma Kaplan                   Dr. Howard Ansel                          Jerry Rosenzweig & Merle
         Dr. James & Marlene Bukstein   Shirley Hamburger-Glasser               Abe Mittelman                                         Shapiro
Gerald Burnett                                  Hy Glasser                              Lois Siegel                       Irma Tuchman
         Eleanor Torodor                Irving Harrison                         Max Moreino                               Joseph Tuchman
Myra Chazankin                                  Dr. Richard & Sondra Goodkind           Shirley Jaffe                             Paul Tuchman & Tom Evers
         Sandy & Deborah Selnick        Harry Heifetz                           Maria Moscowitz                           Shirley Van Wie
Florence Chodos                                 Raoul & Ferna Heifetz                   Ionel & Felicia Costea                    Mark Laboe
         Ralph & Sharon Klein           Harry and Viola Heifetz                 Ida Myles                                         Ruth Kasdan
Isidor Cohen                                    Raoul & Ferna Heifetz                   Sheldon & Lois Epstein            Irma Welgrin
         Adele Roth                     Viola Heifetz                           Perry Nathenson                                   Howard & Bea Kampf
Abraham Cooper                                  Raoul & Ferna Heifetz                   Dr. Aaron & Judith Nathenson      Nate Winerman
         Sam Kvasnik                    Ira Heilicher                           Betty Pomush                                      Joel B. & Barbara Handler
Pessie Cutts                                    Elissa (Lisa) Heilicher                 Nathan & Darlene Schwartz         Emanuel Wolf
         Clarice Cutts                  Morton Herstein                         Adeline Prohofsky                                 Libby Rothman
Gerald Davidson                                 Sam Kvasnik                             DeDe Armel                        Saul Zeesman
         David & Lisa Wolfe             Erich Heymann                           Hannah Rank                                       Claire Katz
Margaret Desnick                                Rick & Helen Siegel                     Harold & Jacqueline Sadoff        Shirley Zieve
         Clarice Cutts                  Fred Jacobs                             Harry Rappoport                                   Barney & Cerene Rosen
David Dorfman                                   Harry & Shelley Jacobs                  James & Maida Fruen               Anatoly Zigelman
         Sam Kvasnik                    Helen Jurisz                            Aron Roginsky                                     Marina Zigelman
Lillian Drucker                                 Louis & Shirley Jurisz                  Boris & Falina Avrutin
         Harold Drucker                 Miriam Jurisz                           Bessie Rosenthal
Richard Drucker                                 Louis & Shirley Jurisz                  F. Doris Shapiro
         Harold Drucker                 Rose Kamesar                            Jacob Rosenthal
Lawrence Engler                                 Ellis S. & Riva Nolley                  F. Doris Shapiro
         Edward & Bonnie Engler         Ida Kaplan                              Sarah Rosenzweig
Gertrude Epstein                                Dr. Arnold & Shirley Kaplan             Jerry Rosenzweig & Merle
         Sheldon & Lois Epstein         Rose Kaplan                                          Shapiro
Hannah Ettedgui                                 Harriet Kaplan                  Zelia Rosenzweig
         Rabbi Avraham Ettedgui &       Helen Karsner                                   Jerry Rosenzweig & Merle
              Linda Brody                       Bruce Karsner                                Shapiro

16 ‫טז‬
  MAZAL TOV to our newly elected Beth El Board Members and to staff
               celebrating milestone anniversaries. All were
    recognized at this year’s Annual Meeting on August 9th at Beth El.
                Beth El’s 2012-2013 Board of Directors are:
                          President, John Orenstein
                  President Elect, Bonnie Bongard Goldish
                       Secretary, Barbara Levin Krupp
                           Treasurer, Steve Klane
Vice Presidents - Leslie Hahn, Dan Mosow, Tom Sanders, Michael Walstein
                   Executive Appointee, Steve Sanderson
                    Immediate Past President, Gil Mann
                           Board Members
Allen Bernard      Deb Mallin        Jim Rudin          Stacey Spencer
Mickey Greenberg   Susan Melnick     Mort Silverman     Paul Tuchman
Jenny Hage         Reuven Rahamim    John Simon         Sonia Ungerman
Riva Kupitz        Steven Rosen      Stephanie Snyder   Amy Weiss

                                                                          ‫71 יז‬
        Empty Nesters Shabbat Dinner
          2012 Summer Schedule

18 ‫יח‬
                                                                                                                                        PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                                       U.S. Postage
                                                                            Beth El Synagogue                                             PAID
                                                                            5224 W. 26th Street                                       Permit #1998
                                                                            Minneapolis, MN 55416-1901                                TWIN CITIES, MN
Alexander Davis
Assistant Rabbi
Avi S. Olitzky
Rabbi Emeritus
Kassel E. Abelson
Audrey Abrams
Cantor Emeritus
Neil Newman
Executive Director
Linda Goldberg
Finance Director
Jerry Frick
Education Director                                                          IA
Mary Baumgarten                                                      T   ER
Marketing & Communications Director                             MA
Kelly Velander                                           T   ED
Youth Director                                      DA
Mollie Feldman
Aleph Preschool Director
Karen Burton
Director of Shorashim & Young Families Engagement
Amanda Awend
President, Beth El Synagogue
Gil Mann
President, Women's League
Karen Rubin
Presidents, Beth El Rishon USY
Caleb Hausman                                              “Beth El Learns”
Sophia Temkin                                        Classes Beginning in October
President, Bethelders
Freada Golden
                                                                             Hallah Baking
                                                                             More than just hallah, we’ll digest Torah as we knead.
Beginning Hebrew                                                             At the home of Rabbi Davis
with instructor, Rachel Levitt.                                              Thursday, November 1, 7:30-9:00pm
Become a Hebrew reader in this 18 session course                             Space limited.
Tuesday nights, 6:30-7:30 pm                                             Experience the Joy of Kabbalah:
Beginning October 30                                                     10 Energies, 4 Worlds, 1 Source
Contact Raquel Swanson to sign up (         with Joy Gordon*
                                                                         Tuesday evenings, 7:00-8:30
Introduction to Judaism
                                                                         Oct 16, 23, 30, Nov 13, 20, 27
with Rabbis Davis, Ettedgui (Shaarei Chesed)
                                                                         Cost $75
and Titcher (Adath Jeshurun).
                                                                         Kabbalah means to receive. As we open to receive the Light of the Crea-
This year-long course explores the basics of Jewish belief and practice.
                                                                         tor, we illumine our lives and the lives of those around us and bring
Appropriate for those exploring Judaism or considering conversion in an
                                                                         greater holiness to our material world.
open, safe atmosphere.
Tuesday nights, 7:30-9:00pm beginning Octobter 16.                       In this series you will learn techniques to incorporate the principles of
Contact Rabbi Davis to register                                          Kabbalah into your daily life. The sessions will be informational as well
                                                                         as experiential. Beginning with a guided meditation, you will experience
Women in Jewish Law                                                      the energies in your body and then express them through movement,
On the one hand exalted above men for their spirituality, on the other   music, poetry, art or another chosen modality. By embodying the ener-
hand, legally inferior, the status of women in Jewish law is complicated gies in a conscious way, you have greater access to their power to trans-
and ever-developing. Explore classic texts and modern sources as we      form your life. This will help you find greater balance, peace of mind,
unpack recent tshuvot (legal decisions) of the Conservative movement. and empowerment.
with Rabbi Davis
                                                                         Joy Leslie Gordon has studied Kabbalah for many years and facilitates a
Sunday mornings, 10:00-11:00am
                                                                         women’s Kabbalah study group.
Oct 14, 21, Nov 11, 18

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