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                                 Vol. 34 Nbr. 10                                   October 2012

            How Can I Climb With the Young Guns?

Question:                                               enough so that the advantage of lower body weight
    I’m about your age and I ride with a bunch of       is offset by the decreased power output. You could
folks who are in their mid-20s to mid-30s. I don’t      end up not climbing any better and being worse
have any trouble keeping up with them on the flats,     on the flats and on gradual hills.
on short hills and on mild uphill grades. But I tend        Also, there’s an argument that says as we age
to get left behind when we get to longer climbs. I      past 60, we should carry a few extra pounds for
weigh around 185 pounds, so I doubt if I’ll ever        reserves in case of illness. I’m not sure I agree
be a really great climber, but I’d like to do better.   with that but I can see where it might be useful.
Any advice? – Leonard
                                                            Increasing power is possible with a good, struc-
Coach Fred Matheny Replies:                             tured interval program, but the risk of burnout is
    If you’re riding with                                                   high. Because of this I rarely
people 20-30 years young-                                                   advise anyone to do intervals
er and only have a problem                                                  more than twice a week at
staying with them on long                                                   any time of the training year.
climbs, you should be giv-                                                  Remember, too, that hard solo
ing me advice!                                                              rides or spirited group rides
    Age differences bring                                                   count as interval sessions, at
out our weaknesses better                                                   least in terms of the toll they
than many other param-                                                      take on your body and psyche.
eters, and that seems to                                                        So you’re dealing with
be the case here. Climbing                                                  a double-edged sword -- the
hills longer than 5 minutes or so is an exercise in     danger of too much weight loss coupled with the
your power-to-weight ratio at the lactate threshold.    danger of burnout from too much training. Proceed
At 185 pounds and giving away 30 years, you’re at       cautiously.
a double handicap. You need more watts to coun-
teract your weight, but you have trouble producing
them because of age-related changes in your body.
    But regardless of age, the way to climb better                        Jerseys
doesn’t change: You need to either (a) reduce the       Do ya need a Wheelmen jersey? Ralph had six
amount of weight you’re hauling up the hill, or (b)     jerseys still in stock. He has:
increase the amount of wattage you can generate
for relatively long periods. Ideally, you’d do both.    (2) Women’s-Large short sleeve
                                                        (4) Men’s X-Large short sleeve
    Do you have excess weight to lose? That can
be tricky because at extremely low body fat levels,     If you want one, the current close-out price is
most recreational riders lose considerable power,       $40. Contact Ralph at rballard@oberlin.net.
Rides                continued fr;om page 5                         Cateye Totals
home without any further issues. Upon getting             Member              August    YTD
into town Ed headed to Swerve to pick up a couple
of tubes and some tire levers. Lesson learned. It         Hill, Steve           847     5,363
turned out to be a cool but very nice day to ride.        Cicerchi, Ron           0     4,416
                                                          Bachman, John         748     4,131
    The short group, consisting of five riders did        Ballard, Ralph        569     4,117
the usual route to Michelle’s, arriving about 10AM.       Hendrickson, Joel     492     4,067
Dave was last in line about 100 yards or so behind        Keiser, Lynn          748     4,022
Jim and was stopped by a short train, just before         Grebenc, John         667     3,583
Biggs Road. One nameless rider didn’t turn at             Trost, Bill           410     2,744
Biggs (Dave saw Jim ahead of him still on Indian          Petro, Arthur         282     2,567
Hollow) and Larry had to sprint ahead and turn the        Krebs, Dave           210     2,266
small group around. After a normal turn-around for        Chriss, George        267     2,140
                                                          Hubbard, Dennis         0     1,901
breakfast, we headed south to Whitey Road, then
                                                          Hohn, Clyde             0     1,578
to Nickel Plate & north for Oberlin. Its only 28
                                                          Moennich, Debbie      232     1,408
miles this way & Dave thought about going to S.           Hubbard, Karla        249     1,243
Pyle Rd on the bike path to make it 30 but didn’t!        Wilbur, Frank           0     1,153
Tune in next month for more rides!                        Moennich, Jim         158     1,113
                                                          Panek, Carol            0       976
                                                          Panek, Carl             0       961
                                                          Galis, Larry            0       736
                                                          Cahill, Susan           0       686
                                                          Stacklin, Jeff          0       604
                                                          Trost, Mary Ann       102       404
                                                          Weber, Dave             0       153
                                                          Hill, Mary              0        89
                                                          Page, Louise           12        62
                                                          Rivera, Miguel         34        34

                                                          Totals               6,027   52,517

    President         John Bachman
    Vice Pres             Clyde Hohn
    Treasurer            Louise Page
    Road Capt.          Ralph Ballard
    Editor                Dave Krebs
    For ride info, call 440.775.1573

    The September meeting was called to order by            mailing. Dave will get the forms to Louise so they
President John Bachman around 7:45p.m. There                can get printed up and mailed out. Bob P. will do
was a total of 11 members present. Louise passed            the mailing. There were 505 riders last year.
out the Treasurer’s Report to everyone. Treasurer’s             The issue of Door Prizes was brought up also
Report was reviewed and was approved.                       and Louise P. suggested that along with what was
    Everyone wished Tina M. good luck and a fast            donated to buy some door prizes at the each bike
recover from her “crash”. She is moving around              shop that provided donations. Clyde made the
but for riding, that’s on hold until next year.             motion is set the limit at $300.00 for the door
                                                            prizes. Ralph suggested that tires and or tubes and
                                                            other necessary items can be bought. The motion
Road Captain Report:
                                                            was made by Ralph & 2nd. by Dave. The motion
                                                            passed. Bill Trost will be informed so that when
                                                            he solisits gifts, he can buy something from the
Red Flannel Report:
                                                            shop at the same time. Bill has ordered the Road ID
    The route is going back to the orginial route.
                                                            rider numbers. Clyde also reminded the members
The short route to Vermilion thru Mill Hollow and
                                                            that there was a ride limited of 500 Riders. The
the long route thu Mill Hollow then across Route
                                                            people that come after that can ride (for free) but
250 to Lovers Lane then back across Route 250
                                                            no guaranty there’ll be food for them
to Milan then back to Oberlin. The reason for the
change is to eliminate one food stop and also free          New Business:
up the man power that is needed elsewhere. Ron                  Clyde made a motion also once again to buy
C. will work on exactly was roads will be used              kids bikes for the Community Center if the Red
for the routes. Also after using the same route for         Flannel is profitable. The limit of $2,000.00 was
past numbers of years it was time for a change.             set. Ralph made the motion and it was 2nd. by
                                                            Tina. The motion passed.
    A motion was brought up by Dan Maddock
to have something at the end of the ride where                  Louise P. sugguest if there might be a meeting
the riders check in. There was a lot of discussion          before the Red Flannel but as of now, it isn't planned.
about this and nothing was settled and it was left          It may happen if it's needed. There'll be an e-mail
open. John B. made the suggestion that there could          blast if needed to let you know when & where.
be snacks or something there but not anything                  The night ended with the food coming and
fancy. Clyde did make the comment that at the end           everyone enjoying themselves.
of the day, when you start at 6:00a.m. and close
up everything around 4:30p.m. and get everything
back to the Community Center, you are done in.
One thing that was not mentioned is it can be the
responsibility of the people at the Center is to keep
the place clean and orderly.
                                                                 Don't forget to bake cookies, and more cook-
     Dave is working on the form and the labels             ies for the Red Flannel. We also need chili and/or
for the mailing. How far back to go was discussed           soup. Check with Clyde on the latter two items
and it was decided to go back to one year in the            to see which is needed the most.

                        Rides Reridden!
August 29th                                               when I mapped the route on Map My Ride, so we
     The ride to Plymouth was into the wind but           picked up the route again at the intersection of RR
with so many people, 15 riders, there were plenty         St & Chenango Road. In addition, we picked up
of horses to hide behind. That wind was NOT               the long awaited tailwind. Frak left us at Zenobia
the 5 to 10 from the SE that the weather channel          Road to head home and Ed & I kept on north on
advertised! It WAS out of the SE, though. We had          Chenango Road to Wakeman. Since it was Ed’s
a little problem when we encountered rumble strips        first ride with the Wheelmen, I detoured the route
at US 20. They caught us by surprise. I didn’t            past Sterks to show him our favorite watering hole.
know about it until we reached Plymouth. John             In the end, we logged 33 miles on our Cateyes.
& Lynn didn’t stop for breakfast (lunch menu)
                                                          September 2nd
and rode home by themselves. The restaurant in
                                                              Only eight crazies showed up at the Inn this
Plymouth was a hoot. It was a cross between an
                                                          AM. The ride was supposed to be the long &
ice cream place, a drive-in (with a car hop), and a
                                                          short R/F routes, now! The iPhones came out
sit down eatery. Thirteen of us kind of took over
                                                          and the various versions of the radar was scanned.
the sit down space. The owner was
                                                                           The decision was made! All eight
so excited to see us there that she
                                                                           of us would head for Michelle’s
had us group together for pictures
                                                                           in LaGrange as most of the dark
before we left. You gotta love small
                                                                           clouds and green was to our west.
towns. The ride home was pretty
                                                                           Once there another decision would
fast as we were down wind most of
                                                                           be made. So we were off toward
the way. I was home by 1:15 with
                                                                           LaGrange via the shortest route …
63 miles.
                                                                           kinda. We took Parsons to Indian
    Right out of the chute, The 30                                         Hollow and then south to Biggs
mile group was off the route! I                                            & Michelle’s. After having our
mapped the route on US 20 out of Wakeman and of           breakfast, the iPhones came out again and the ra-
course, we didn’t do that. We headed out of town          dars were again consulted. All but Dave decided
on Ogan Road to Fitchville River Road, where              they could risk going south a bit before heading
we got back on the route. BTW, there were only            for Oberlin. Dave made like the horse at the rid-
three of us, Dave, Ed & Frank. We were happy              ing academy, when you’ve made it half way out,
as Larks truckin’ down Fitchville River toward            the ONLY way back is DIRECTLY to the barn!
Cook Road, where were supposed to turn left to            Seven riders headed south to Jones road and west
get to Exchange Street. Oops, there’s a “Bridge           to Quarry Road before heading home. Dave did
Out, .3 miles” sign. We sent Frank out to scout           the traditional route of Biggs, Nickel Plate to Par-
the situation. He came back and said we “could”           sons Roads home. When he got to Oberlin, there
walk across a couple of beams. We elected to              was actually a hint of a shadow on the road so he
continue south on Fitchville River to Prospect            headed west on the bike path to Quarry before
Rd, where we headed east to get us back on the            heading back to Oberlin. He arrived at the parking
route. There were no more surprises the rest of           lot dry with 27 miles on the Cateye.
the way to New London. After a nice breakfast,
we headed out towards Chenango Rd, again OFF
the mapped route. I forgot about Railroad Street          coninued on page 5
Rides continued from page 4                                   Mill Hollow. About a mile down Rice Rd. our luck
                                                              ran out and it started to rain. We could see sunshine
                                                              to our south so we turned around and headed back
    Ralph reported that the massive green and
                                                              to Quarry Rd. There we headed south with great
yellow blob to our west in the morning all but
                                                              fervor. It was only about a mile or so before we
disappeared by noon. The Weather Channel was
                                                              rode out of the wet stuff. We continued on to Gar-
saying an 80% chance of rain by 11am. The blob
                                                              field Rd., over to West River and into Wakeman.
was there even at breakfast and had Ralph worried
                                                              Dry, I might add. We could see the dark clouds
but a recent check (noonish) of the radar shows it
                                                              and areas of rain but it stayed to the north of us.
almost gone. We might have made it to Milan and
                                                              Since the sun was shining on us when we came
back without getting soaked. Of course we say
                                                              out of breakfast we headed south down Chenango
that now that we’ve seen the most recent radar. I
                                                              to Xenobia. We then headed east all the way to
guess our 33 dry miles was better than nothing.
                                                              Pitts Rd. then north back to Oberlin. We made it
At least 8 of us were crazy enough to tempt the
                                                              about a 50 miler and except for a few minutes of
rain gods. Today we won!
                                                              rain we had a good ride. I hoping George didn’t
Labor Day                                                     need his shiny new fenders.
    There were about a dozen riders today on the
                                                                  I don’t know how the four that probably went
usual holiday ride to the International in Vermil-
                                                              to Oberlin faired.
ion. The ride quickly split up into various speed
groups. Some riders decided to go straight into               September 16th
Vermilion via Vermilion RD, while others wanted                   The last Sunday ride of summer started out
to go thru Mill Hollow. It was an even split. Of              cool and crisp. Eleven riders braved the cool (50°)
course the first ones to arrive were those that elected       morning for our ride to Olmsted Falls. Rather than
Vermilion Road. We arranged for a table for the               doing the original figure eight route we decided
others that we thought would come via West River              to make it a loop. A number of us remarked on
Road. We waited and waited! When they finally                 how much more traffic we are seeing on this ride
came, Mary said, “I thought we’d just go to West              in the last couple of years. Obviously many more
River Rd. Heck, we went to Cherry Road!” After                housing developments have been built contribut-
a nice breakfast, we all headed back to Amherst &             ing to the congestion. Arriving in Olmsted Falls
Oberlin. Some turned at North Ridge Road, while               at 10am we got seated fairly quickly, although not
others went to Middle Ridge. Road. John & Lynn                together. The service at the restaurant in town was
even went part way south on Quarry Road before                lightning fast and we were back on our bikes in
heading back to Amherst.                                      about a half hour. George headed home from the
                                                              restaurant as he had left at the crack of dawn to
September 9th
                                                              ride into Oberlin. The ride home for the rest of us
    The spotty rain and dark ominous clouds in
                                                              became a little more interesting when our newest
Amherst put a damper on the ride. Not to mention
                                                              member, Ed, got a flat tire. As a number of us were
that it was about 54 degrees at ride time. Getting
                                                              standing around and a few helping out the question
wet when it’s 80 degrees is a lot different than
                                                              of “how many wheelmen does it take to fix a flat”
getting wet when it’s 54. No one but George and
                                                              came to mind. Ed got a quick lesson with Dave
his friends on a tandem were interested in going
                                                              D. and Clyde doing most of the instructing. We
to Valley City (the direction the dark clouds were
                                                              were back on the road fairly quickly and made it
heading). Five of us decided a ride to Wakeman,
away from the rain, would be the thing to do. We
headed west with the intention of going through               continued on page 2

                   October 2012 Calendar
                    Ride start time for Oct is 8:30 AM on Sundays & Holidays

Date   Start From              Destination         Distance     & the etc

7th     Oberlin Inn            New London                56     Down Fitchville River Rd?
                               Wakeman                   32     An ole standby

8th    Amherst                 You Show                  25ish A Columbus Day ride

14th   Bellville               Fall N Leaf               http://www.midohiobikers.org/events.html
       Oberlin                 Wellington                30      Just a nice distance & pace

21st   Amherst                 Litchfield                58     Pretty flat to the east
                               LaGrange                  36     A nice pace ‘n flat

28th   October Inn             Club Red Flannel          63     The long route to Milan
                                                         31     The short one to Vermilion

                         Starting Times & Locations
The Oberlin start is in the Oberlin Inn parking lot located in the rear of the Inn.
The Amherst start is the City parking area 3 located between Tenney & Park Avenues just east of
Church Street.
Fall-in-Leaf, Bellville:
The start is at the Comfort Inn, 4 Miles south of Mansfield, Ohio, at intersection of I-71 and St Rt 97
(exit 165). 855 Comfort Inn Plaza, Bellville, OH. Distances are 37, 50 & 68 miles. Fee is $20 day-of-
ride. 8:00 AM
Weekday rides:
10:00 AM from the Oberlin Depot and traveling to both ends of the Path (26 miles) at a 14-15mph pace.
5:00 PM from Prospect School is KAPUT, there may be pickup rides earlier, check with Ralph.
5:00 PM from Prospect School is KAPUT, there may be pickup rides earlier, check with Ralph.
Weekend & Holiday Starting Times:
Saturday: start at 9:00 AM from Prospect School in Oberlin. It’s usually 32 miles with a fueling stop.
The pace is fast but there are some slower (16 mph) riders that leave a bit early.
Sunday & Holiday rides start at 8:30 AM Eastern Daylight. See above for the starting locations.

                    Don’t forget to turn in your miles to: mymileage@lorainwheelmen.org!

                                         Lorain Wheelmen Membership Form
                                            New         Renewal
Name ___________________________ __________ Age ______                                                                 Other Family Members

Address ___________             __________________________________                                     ________________________ Age ____

City ___________________ ____ ST _____ZIP _____________                                                ________________________ Age ____

Phone (       ) __________________ Cell Ph (                   ) ______________                        e-mail ____________________________

Dues (due March 1st) Schedule (1/2 after Oct 1st for NEW membership)
                                                                                                           Return To:
                Adult/Family                $15.00                                                         Lorain Wheelmen
                                                                                                           P.O. Box 102
                                                                                                           Amherst OH 44001-0102


    In signing this release for myself or the named member (when the member is under 18), I understand the intent of this release and agree to absolve all of the
sponsors, or organizers and associated entities be they individuals or organizations, singly and collectively of all blame for any injury, misadventure, harm, loss or
inconvenience suffered as a result of taking part in any Lorain Wheelmen Bicycle Club ride or in connection with any activity associated with or related to said or-
ganization. If the member is 18 or over, he/she signs for self. If not, then the parent or legal guardian must sign below.

Date ________________                                                             _________________________________
                                                                                  Signature of member or parent/guardian

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