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									                                   SIGN’S UP
                              T h e Tw i n Va l l e y C o u n c i l # 2 8 3 , B o y S c o u t s o f A m e r i c a

September & October 2004

                The Mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices
                            over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

                                                      (A message from Scout Executive Paul Wilkinson)

   Every year over 100 volunteer adults will become a Cub Scout Leader for the first time in Twin Valley Council. To make certain these new leaders have the
“tools” to make them successful, it is extremely important every one of them receives training which is offered through the council. One of the most important ser-
vices which any council can offer to it’s new leaders is training. Listed below are the different types of training which are offered to Cub Scout Leaders in Twin
Valley Council. Please refer to page 7 in this issue of the “Sign’s Up” for a complete listing of training offered in your district this fall. If the dates for these
courses do not work into your schedule, please contact either your local district executive or the Center for Scouting, (507)387-3123 to make arrangements to re-
ceive training.

   The Cub Scout Orientation video provides an overview of the entire Scouting program as well as details on the values-based program of Cub Scouting and the
roles of parents and leaders. Every Pack should have a copy of this video to orient and enthuse new parents and other adults.

Fast Start Training
    Fast Start training provides immediate help for the new leader by providing information and examples for planning and conducting the first meeting. Five differ-
ent Fast Start programs are available: The New Tiger Cub Den Leader, The New Cub Scout Den Leader, The New Webelos Den Leader, The New Cubmaster, and
The Pack Committee.
    Materials for this video and DVD self-studying training include the Cub Scout Leader Fast Start Video, No. AV-01V022a, and DVD-01V022a, and the Cub
Scout Leader Fast Start Viewer Guide, available at the BSA Website,, or through the Twin Valley Website, The pack
loans the new leader the video and provides the Viewer Guide for the leader to keep. Every pack should maintain copies of the video and viewer guide in the pack

New Leader Essentials
   This training is for all leaders in Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Venturing.

Leader Specific Training
  This is based upon your position in Scouting. In Cub Scouting, specific training is offered for Cubmasters, pack committee members, Tiger Cub den leaders,
Cub Scout den leaders, and Webelos den leaders. Materials used in Basic Leader Training include the “New Leaders Essentials” manual, No. 34870; a poster set,
No. 34872, and a Video, No. 34873, as well as the “Cub Scout Leader Specific Training” manual, No. 34875; posters, No. 34876; and video, No. 34878..

Unit Leadership Enhancements
  Unit Leadership Enhancements are short training discussions held as part of the monthly pack leader’s meeting and are conducted by the pack’s own leaders.
They help pack and den leaders become better equipped to conduct a quality Cub Scouting program. Information on these enhancements is in the Cub Scout Leader
Book, No. 33221.

   Roundtables are a form of commissioner service and supplemental training for volunteers at the pack level. Roundtables give volunteers examples for pack and
den meetings; information on policy, events, and training opportunities; ideas for crafts, games, and ceremonies; and an opportunity to share experiences and enjoy
fun and fellowship. These meetings help volunteers provide a stronger program for Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and Webelos Scouts. Please refer to your respective
district column in this issue of “Sign’s Up for dates and locations in your area.
GREAT BEND                                                                          ROUNDTABLE & OA CHAPTER MEETINGS
Chairman: Doug Faust - 387-3555                               Do you need a way to supercharge your Pack or Troop’s program? Do you want a chance to meeet
Commissioner: Alice Strobel - 237-5161                     other leaders and learn new ideas? If the answer is YES, then the Great Bend District monthly Roundta-
District Executive: Bryan Knoblich, 387-3124 ext. 31       ble is for you.
                             The Roundtable meets at 7:00 PM on the 1st Tuesday of each month at the Mankato West High
                           *****                           School cafeteria. It’s open to ALL Pack and Troop adults including leaders, parents, committee mem-
Includes counties of Eastern Sibley, Eastern Nicollet,     bers, and committee chairman. This is a great time to learn new ideas and to see what is working in other
Western LeSueur, Blue Earth, & Waseca.                     Packs and Troops in the District. NEW to this years Cub Scout Roundtable is the addition of breakout
                                                           sessions for Tiger Leaders, Den Leaders and Webelos Leaders. Please let them know!!

District Calendar
7 Roundtable, Mankato West High School 7:00 pm                                         SCOUT NIGHT WITH THE MOONDOGS
8 OA Chapter Meeting
16 Cub Scout Fun Night
                                                             Nearly 140 scouts and scout family members attended the baseball game for Scout Night with the
21 Dist. Committee Meeting, Center for Scouting
21 Dist. Commissioner Meeting, Center for Scouting         MoonDogs. After the game, about 45 scouts and family members camped overnight in the outfield.
                                                             A special thanks to MoonDogs owner Joe Schwei and MoonDogs general manager Kyle Mrozek for
OCTOBER 2004                                               making this great event possible.
2 Popcorn sales begin                                        Please join me as well in extending a very large thank you to Perry McDonough and Bill Vandersluis.
3 Cub/Boy Scout Leaders Specific Training                  Both Perry and Bill put a lot of time and energy into the coordination of this event. THANK YOU
5 Roundtable, Mankato West High School, 7:00 pm            PERRY & BILL!!!
6 Unit Charter Renewal will be handed out
7 OA Chapter Meeting
16 Popcorn Show N Deliver Product Distribution
19 Dist. Committee Meeting, Center for Scouting                                                         THANK YOU
19 Dist. Commissioner Meeting, Center for Scouting
29-30 Outdoor Leadership Skills Course Norseland               Thank you to all the units & adults that attended this years Cub Scout Fun Night Training on August
30 BALOO Training, Norseland Scout Camp                    5th.       We had 12 Packs present (50%).                        The Packs present were Packs:
31 Popcorn Sales Ends                                      12,15,35,58,59,86,89,118,131,141,151,171. Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy schedules
                                                           to attend this meeting!!!

                                                                   CUB SCOUT FUN NIGHT
   This year the District’s Cub Scout Fun Night will be taking place on Thursday, September 16th. This is a great way to revive your Packs and to get new leaders
registered. Every Pack needs to have a local coordinator to handle everything. There are 7
keys to this years success:                                                                   Flyers out to the parents/boys before the Cub Scout Fun Night
    Conduct boy talks in classrooms/lunchrooms & church Sunday Schools                        Materials and personnel ready for Fun Night.
    Posters are hung up in schools                                                            Your current Scouts wear their uniforms on September 14 & 15.
    Prepare a booth for your school’s Open House
   (Have a Scout Troop set up a display outside)

   It’s the best way out there to assure your boys an Ideal year of Scouting. You can finance your unit’s whole year of Scouting through just this fundraiser. The
popcorn sale kicks off on Saturday, Saturday, October 2nd and runs through Sunday, October 31st.
   There are a lot of new and exciting changes. This year each Scout that sells $300 of popcorn in the first 10-days will receive a “Custom Printed Laser Light”.
For each Scout that sells $750 of popcorn in the first 20-days will receive a “Custom Printed Backpack” and new this year, sell $1300 of popcorn by the end of the
sale and receive a “Custom Printed Camping Chair”.
   If you have any questions or need information on popcorn sales, please feel free to contact Jim Halbur @ 507-243-4115 or e-mail @ jameshal-

    This fall is the time to get all old and new leaders in your unit trained. It’s important to ensure the boys are getting the programs that they have been promised.
Training is also a requirement for your unit to achieve the National Quality Unit Award. Statistics show that boys are more likely to continue in a unit which has
trained leaders. Leaders are also more likely to stay involved if they are trained and know what their responsibilities are. Every boy deserves a trained leader.
    We currently have 2 Cub Scout Leader Specific Trainings & Boy Scout Leader Specific Training scheduled. Please see page 7 of this issue of Sign’s Up for lo-
cation, date, time etc… information..

                                                    GREAT BEND VIGIL MEMBERS—WORK PROJECT
    On Saturday October 9, 2004, 10:00 AM at Norseland Scout Camp there will be a “work project” to clean up the Vigil and Ceremony Sites. All Vigil members
are invited to help with this project. All Vigil members that work for 4 hours will have lunch provided for them (brats, sauerkraut & beans), bring your own bever-
age. Lunch will be at 12:00 Noon in the Quonset. If you are able to help with this project please bring your Brush Cutters and any other tools you can. In the event
of rain, the work project will be postponed to Saturday, October 16th.
Please RSVP to Tom Hallett @ work: 507-345-2824.
NORTH STAR                                                                                           CUB CAMPS—2004
Chairman: Tim Bachenberg, 238-8588                              I would like to recognize all the volunteers who helped make our Cub Camps such successes. A spe-
Commissioner: Ted Peterson, 238-2930                         cial thanks to Paula Nuessmeier and Tim Bachenberg for all the hard work in coordinating the events.
District Executive: Nicole Kuhl, 235-6731 or                 We had a lot of positive feedback. Thanks for the hard work and dedication!
Includes counties of Martin, Jackson, Western Faribault,
Southern Watonwan, Cottonwood.                                                            CUB/BOY SCOUT LEADER TRAINING

                                                                 Now is a great time to get your new leaders trained so they can more effectively and safely work with
District Calendar                                            the boys in your pack or troop. In addition, training is required for your unit to achieve the National
                                                             Quality Unit Award. By making certain all your leaders are trained you are encouraging a quality pro-
 September 2004                                              gram for your boys. Every leaders needs to go through the Essentials once and after that attend the spe-
                                                             cific training for the position you currently hold as well as anytime you change position. Please see page
2   Cub/Boy Scout Roundtable 7:30—Fairmont                   7 of this issue of Sign’s Up for all the training details. For more information please contact Kathy Shane
3   OA Chapter Meeting 7:30 Fairmont                         @ 507-235-5785 or Paula Nuessmeier @ 507-526-3374.
16  Cub Scout Fun Night
20  Turn in Cub/Boy Scout applications 6-8 PM
    Fairmont McDonalds                                                                            CUB SCOUT FUN NIGHT
24-26 Cub/Boy Scout EXPO
28 Dist. Committee/Commissioner Mtg. 6:00 Fair-                 It is time to gear up for our annual Fall Recruitment Drive. This is a chance to recruit new boys into
mont                                                         your packs and show how much fun you can have in Scouting . Cub Scout Fun Night is scheduled for
                                                             September 16th. More information will be sent to all units when everything is finalized.
October 2004

2   Basic Training & Essentials 8:00 AM—10:00                                                              POPCORN
    AM, Breakouts @ 10:00 AM, Fairmont
7 Cub/Boy Scout Roundtable 7:30 Fairmont                         Popcorn sales begin soon!! This is your Pack or Troops opportunity to make enough money to fund
8 OA Chapter Mtg. 7:30 Fairmont                              your activities for the entire year. Many units only do ONE fundraiser a year—POPCORN. There are a
26 Dist Committee/Commissioner Mtg.                          lot of new incentives this year for the boys and with a commission level of 31% possible, you can’t beat
29-30 Outdoor Leader Training @ Norseland                    it. Please contact your popcorn chair Sue Sukalski at (507) 235-9708 before 9:00 PM if you have any
30 BALOO @ Norseland                                         questions

                                                           ROUNDTABLE & OA CHAPTER MEETINGS
   Are you looking for ways to enhance your Pack or Troop’s program? Would you like to meet other leaders and share new ideas? Are you an Ordeal or Brother-
hood member of the Order of the Arrow and want to become actively involved with the North Star Chapter? If so, monthly Roundtables and OA Chapter Meetings
are just what you need. The Roundtable & OA Chapter meetings are at 7:30 PM the first Thursday of each month. It is open to all Pack and Troop adults including
leaders, parents, committee members, and committee chairman. If any one has questions please contact Paula or Al Nuessmeier at 507-526-3374.

                                                           *NORTH STAR ROUNDTABLE NEWS!!!*
   All Roundtables will now be held at: Grace Lutheran Church, 300 South Grant, Fairmont, MN 56031. The dates in your council calendar remain the
same, but we will be holding all roundtables in the same location this year. If your unit was scheduled to host a roundtable in your town, you will still be
responsible to bring the refreshments and be the hosts in Fairmont.. If you have any questions, please contact: Nicole Kuhl, District Executive, 507-235-6731, or Or Kathy Shane, Boy Scout RT Commissioner, 507-235-5785, Or Paula
Nuessmeier, Cub Scout RT Commissioner, 507-526-3374,

                                                                       JAMBO FUNDRAISER

                        Troop 49 is selling Dutch oven recipe cook books to raise money to go to 2005 National Jamboree. All the reci-
                     pes are from the Scouts or leaders. There are 150 recipes in the book. The cost is $6.50 per book. If you would like
                     to order a cook book please mail $6.50 to: Kaye Klinksiek, PO Box 365, Elmore, MN 56027
SIOUX TRAILS                                                                   CUBMOBILE DERBY (for Cubmasters & Den Leaders)
Chairman: Bill Swan,                                           The second-annual council-wide Cubmobile was a huge success and we expect it to be even larger in
Commissioner: Larry Beach, 794-2215                         September 2005. 56 boys raced and all participants received beautiful medals. The winning dens re-
District Executive: Bob Russ, 642-3838                      ceived a nice trophy as well. Results were as follows: Tiger Champs—”Tiger Pride” form Pack 2, Wolf
                             Champs—”Cub Pride” from Pack 2, Bear Champs—”Blue Lightning” from pack 75, Webelos
                         *****                              Champs— “Grizzly” from Pack 75 and Best In Show— “The Other John Deer” from Pack 2. Every-
Includes counties of Redwood, Brown, Northern Cotton-       one who participated had fun and was a winner.
wood, Northern Watonwan, Western Nicollet, Western             This year the races will be held Saturday, September 10th, 2005 in Madelia as this will be an annual
Sibley, & Southern Renville.                                event for Cub Scouts throughout the Council. Once again, Kerry Lenort put together a great event and
                                                            we cannot thank him enough for bringing this event to the Council. We’d like to extend a special thank
                                                            you to Dean Becker who provided the 100 hay bails along the track to insure a safe race. There were so
                                                            many volunteers who helped in this highly successful event and we want to thank each of them.
District Calendar

4   Dist. Committee Mtg. 6:00 PM                                                CUB SCOUT FUN NIGHT ( School Night for Scouting)
5   Roundtable @ Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s 7:00 PM, pop-
    corn material distribution & “Ideal Year” turn in           This year’s Fun Night for Scouting will be held on Thursday, Sept. 16th. It will be advantageous for
3-5 OA Section Conclave                                     all units to get their new youth applications turned in right away. Why? Any new youth applications
16 Cub Scout “FUN NIGHT” (formerly School Night)
                                                            turned in to the Center for Scouting no later than September 23rd will earn your pack a pinewood derby
24-26 EXPO @ Fairgrounds in Blue Earth
                                                            car for the new youth. We have two drop off locations on Tuesday, September 21st: Tim’s Automotive
                                                            in Springfield 9:00 AM—4:00 PM or Hy-Vee Deli in New Ulm 10:00 AM—1:00 PM.

1   Popcorn show & sell orders due                                                                 LEADER TRAINING
2   Popcorn sale begins
2   10-day popcorn blitz begins
                                                               Webelos and Boy Scout Outdoor Leadership Skills Training will be held at Norseland Scout Camp
7   Dist. Committee Mtg. 6:00 PM
8   Cub/Boy Scout Roundtable 7:00 PM St. Mary’s Ele-        on Oct. 29 & 30. Cub Scout Baloo Training will also be held at Norseland on Oct. 30. Both are re-
    mentary School in Sleepy Eye                            quired training and please make every attempt to get your Webelos Leaders and Asst. Scoutmasters to
8-9 OA Fall Conclave @ Norseland                            the Outdoor Leadership Skills Training. Every Pack must have someone attend Baloo Training before
9 Cub Scout Olympics @ Harmann Park in New Ulm              their Cub Scout pack can go camping—no exceptions. Please see page 7 of this issue of Sign’s Up for
11:30 AM—3:30 PM                                            details.
11 10-day Popcorn Blitz ends
15 Show & Sell Popcorn arrives in Sprinfield
16 One day Popcorn blitz in New Ulm 12:00 –3:30 PM
21 20-Day Popcorn blitz ends                                                                   EXPO—SEPTEMBER 24-26
29-30 Outdoor Leadership skills training @ Norseland
30 Baloo training @ Norseland                                   EXPO is held once every four years. This is a huge council-wide activity where Boy Scout Troops
31 Popcorn sale ends                                        and Cub Scout Packs throughout the Council attend For the first time this year, Cub Scout packs will be
31 HALLOWEEN                                                allowed to camp on Friday night. Camping is not required. If you cannot camp we encourage you to
                                                            come for the day on Saturday. Cost is $20 per attendee. You will receive lunch and supper on Saturday
                                                            and a patch. There will be FREE airplane rides, the New Ulm Batter, Raptor Center, and many, many
                                                            more activities.

                                                         CUB SCOUT OLYMPICS (October 9, 2004)

   We will be conducting a Cub Scout Olympics at Harmann Park (at the bottom of the hill below the statue) in New Ulm. Registration will be from 11:00—11:45
AM and the events will run from 12:00 noon—3:30 PM. The registration fee is $3.00 per participant. Each boy will be allowed to participate in no more than three
events. There are 11 events: 50-yard dash, 4 boy relay race, 3 boy (4-legged) race, shot put, javelin throw, discuss long jump, 4 boy planking, baseball hitting (for
distance off a batting tee), tire race (like NFL players run through) and 6 boy tug-0-war. Note: Boys will only compete against boys in their own school grade. All
competitors MUST BE REGISTERED WITH A CUB SCOUT PACK, no exceptions. This promises to be a great event for everyone. So, adults bring along your
lawn chairs and enjoy watching the boys compete and have fun!!

                                                        1—DAY POPCORN BLITZ (October 16, 2004)

    There will be a 1-day popcorn blitz in New Ulm on Saturday, October 16th. We would like to see boys from as many packs as possible from throughout the dis-
trict participating in the unique selling activity. Lunch will be served at 11:30 AM and boys will pair up (with adult supervision) and begin selling at noon and fin-
ish at 3:00 PM . We will have an area sectioned off and teams will be assigned certain sections/streets to sell. We will blanket the town. The two packs in town
will have already sold a lot of popcorn but as it true in most any city we reach on about 10% of the homes. There will be no order taking as the boys will be selling
with products in hand. Each sale will count towards the boy’s total sales for himself and his pack. We will be presenting prizes for the top selling teams at the end
of the three hour sale. This will be a fun event for all who participate.
SOUTHERN TRAILS                                                                                            CORN FEED SUCCESS

                                                                          Prizes were handed out, great food was shared, and many Scouting stories were told at the great
                         Southern Trails Corn Feed. We got some work done too! Larry Forster and some EXPO team
                                                                       members were on hand to give some updates and answer questions. Sarah Hankerson lead us
Chairman: Dave Klatt, 373-2377                                         through the fall popcorn sale, Nancy Decker lead a discussion group on fall recruitment ideas, and
                                Alan Schroeder facilitated a Boy Scout Leader meeting.
                                                                          Our new Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner, Alan Schroeder had a Scoutmaster/SPL meet-
District Training Chair: Mike Cherney, 582-3161
                  &                      ing—a very exciting format which we’ll be using this year. Remember, if you haven’t sent Alan or
                           Marshall Smith, 433-1311                    myself the name and contact info for your SPL please do so ASAP so we can include him on our
                                            mailing list. Much of the September Boy Scout Roundtable will be dedicated to SPL giving input
Boy Scout Activity Chair: Larry Forster, 889-9060                      on what is going to happen at our next 3 camporees. Your SPL is invited and encouraged to attend
                                       each round table meeting, Hayward Lutheran Church, 1st Tuesday, of the month 7:00 PM.
Cub Scout Activity Chair: Sue Register, 433-4371                          Fall Round Up is already a great success as nearly every pack has a great activity planned to
                                            bring boys in and check out Scouting. Radio PSA”s will begin soon, and I know many of you have
District Advancement Chair: Loren Tolzman, 553-3203                    already got your information put into one of the several press releases to be sent to your local pa-
                                         pers. To fulfill our mission “To instill values in young people”, we need to get boys involved.
District Membership Chair: Brett Asay, 434-8158
                                                                       Let’s do our best to invite every boy to be a part of the program.
Order of the Arrow: Bob Richards,,                    Speaking of program—it all takes money too, and the popcorn sale is a great way to help fi-
Home: 507-434-0821                                                     nance Scouting on a local and Council level. Thank you to all the units that have again made a
District Executive: Pat Kunkel, 340-6035                               commitment to teach boys the value of earning your way. As Sarah pointed out, we have a lot of
                                        potential within our district—let’s go and get it!!
                                                                          A special thanks to: Sarah, Nancy, Alan and Larry for their presentations. Bill Shelley for the
                               *****                                   use of his wonderful facility - again. Steve Knuth and Jim Taylor for all their set up help. Gerald
Includes counties of Eastern Faribault, Freeborn, Southeastern Wa-     Zabel for providing and preparing the wonderful corn.
seca, & Mower.                                                            It was great to see everyone together gearing up for another great year. See you on Sept. 7th!

                                                                       Pat Kunkel, District Executive

 District Calendar                                                             JUST A REMINDER:         FALL HOURS BEGIN
                                                                                                SEPTEMBER 7TH
 SEPTEMBER 2004                                                                                    ~~~~~~~~~
                                                                                                     Hours at the
 7 Roundtable/OA Mtg. 7:00 Hayward Lutheran Church                                               Center for Scouting
 16 Cub Scout Fun Night                                                                                Are now
 21 Dist. Committee Mtg. 7:00 Hayward Lutheran Church                                              Monday – Friday
                                                                                                  8:30 am – 5:00 pm
 OCTOBER 2004                                                                                    Tuesday we’re open
                                                                                                 8:30 am – 7:00 pm
 2 Lake Louise Cub Scout Fun Hike                                                             3rd Saturday each month
 5 Roundtable/OA Mtg. 7:00 Hayward Lutheran Church                                                 9:00 am – Noon
 19 Dist. Committee Mtg. 7:00 Hayward Lutheran Church                       For your convenience Please remember to use our new entrance.

                                                                     NEW TIGER CUB UNIFORM

                                    Beginning August 1, 2004, Tiger Cubs will wear the blue
                                       Cub Scout uniform along with Tiger Cub insignia

               Blue Uniform Shirt                                                                    Den Numerals

               Blue Uniform Pants or Shorts                                                          Unit Numerals

               Tiger Cub Web Belt with Buckel                                                        World Crest Emblem

               Tiger Cub Crew Socks                                                                  Council Shoulder Patch

               Tiger Cub Cap                                                                         Tiger Cub Immediate Recognition Kit

               Tiger Cub Neckerchief                                                                 Badges of Rank

               Tiger Cub Neckerchief Slide
                                                             BOY SCOUT ADULT TRAINING SUMMARY
A guide to leadership training opportunities for Boy Scout Adult leaders                      Troop Committee Training: The Troop Committee Challenge is a
in Twin Valley Council:                                                                       three-hour position-specific training for members of the troop committee.
   The first look at the training sessions available to a new Boy Scout
leader can be intimidating. Which training do I take first? Which train-                      Youth Protection Training (YPT): The course is taught as a two hour
ing will help me the most? Do I really have to take all that training? To                     session or it can be taken online (
help answer these questions, we present a list of the Boy Scout Adult                         html). To receive a tour permit, at least one leader must have this train-
Leader training opportunities available in Twin Valley Council, with a                        ing. The training is good for two years.
brief description of each.
                                                                                              Supplemental Training: Popular supplemental trainings include Safe
Fast Start Training is available as a three-part video tape or as an                          Swim Defense, Safety Afloat, and Climb on Safely which are required
online presentation. Boy Scout Adult Leaders should take this training                        to perform any swimming, boating or climbing activities with scouts.
within a few days of accepting any leadership role and is designed to be
an introduction to Scouting.                                                                  Roundtable: A monthly leaders’ meeting held in each district.

“Basic Training” consists of a number of training components. A leader                        University of Scouting: A day of classes and seminars you can attend
is considered “trained” when in addition to these two (or three) segments,                    according to your interests.
he/she completes Youth Protection Training. This level of training is re-
quired for all Boy Scout Leader awards.                                                       Den Chief Training: This is actually for boys, but you shouldn’t forget
New Leader Essentials: The first training for adult leaders who have
completed Fast Start. The training is for all new adult leaders. A Scout                      Wood Badge: Advanced training in leadership and team development,
Leader needs to attend New Leader Essentials only once                                        bringing together all programs.

Position Specific Training: Each Boy Scout Leader completes the spe-                          Merit Badge Counselor Orientation: Helps a merit badge counselor
cific course for his or her own position in the program.                                      understand the job as a coach and counselor, as well as how to manage
                                                                                              necessary paperwork so certifications won’t get lost.
Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills: This is a hands-on training program to                        Winter Safety: Learn the basics of conducting a snow camping trip for
give adult leaders the practical skills they need to lead Scouts in the Out-                  your Troop!
doors like setting up a campsite, pitching a tent, hiking, and outdoor
cooking. The course is a day and a half long and is required for Scout-                       Sounds great! How can I register for a course? Most registrations will
masters and their Assistants.                                                                 be offered as online forms to be electronically submitted or printed out and
                                                                                              mailed in to Twin Valley Council.
Outdoor Awareness Training: Outdoor Awareness Training is a                                   Can I take part in a training session in another council? YES. After the
course designed to teach Scout Leaders how to safely lead outdoor ad-                         course, bring your training card to the Scout office so that we can make note of
venture trips. Required for trips further than one day from trail head.                       it.
                                                                                              What can a troop do to help train its leaders? Encourage new leaders to
                                                                                              take training. Recognize leaders who get trained.

                            Twin Valley Council
                                                                                             Cuyuna Scout Camp Information
                   2005 Cuyuna Scout Camp Site Reserva-
                                                                                 NUMBER OF
                     WEEK 1     WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 WEEK 5 WEEK 6                PATROLS/
         SITE        6/26-7/2   7/3-7/9 7/10-7/16 7/17-7/23 7/24-7/30 7/31-8/6      SITE                                         2005 Cuyuna Camp Dates
     #1 Apache         49         25       130       140       29      CM-43       5 to 6
                                                                                                                             Week #1             June 26-July 2
     #2 Blackfoot      85         70       109       13        56      CM-34         4
                                                                                                                             Week #2             July 3-July 9
     #3 Cree           24         105       68       23        57     CM-100         5
                                                                                                                             Week #3             July 10-July 16
     #4 Dakota       VA - 177   GH-350      76       113       10    30/GH261        5                                       Week #4             July 17-July 23
     #5 Fox            112      MA-108      12       793     CM-65       51          3                                       Week #5             July 24-July 30
     #6 Iroquois       95          4        54       89        58        19          4
                                                                                                                             Week #6             July 31-Aug. 6
     #7 Kiowa          39         59                CM-73                            4
                                                                                                                               Family camp is open May 1-Oct 19.
     #8 Mandan                             120                  7

     #9 Navajo                                       114       69                    3

     #10 Osage         80                                                            2

     #11 Pawnee        41                                                            3

     #12 Sioux         53                            62        100      141        6 to 7

     #13 Teton                                                                     4 to 5

     #14 Ute                                                                       4 to 5

     Wilderness (Posts only)
                                                                                                             BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA

                                                    Cub Scout Leader Essentials and Specifics

                                        October 2, 2004—Grace Lutheran Church, 300 Grant Street, Fairmont
                                                       8:00—10:00 Essentials with Specifics to follow
                                                          Cub Scout specific training will end at 12:30
                                 Boy Scout specifics will end at 5:00—pack your lunch or visit the nearby fast food restaurants
                Please RSVP with Kathy Shane , 507-235-5785 or Paula Nuessmeier, 507-526-3374

                              October 2, 2004, Belgrade Ave. United Methodist Church, 325 Sherman, North Mankato
                                                              9:00—10:00 New Leader Essential
                                                           10:00—2:00 Cub Scout Leader Specifics
                                                             10:00—4:00 Scoutmaster Specifics
                                                                     Bring a sack lunch
                                          Please RSVP to Bryan Knoblich at 387-3124 Ext. 31 or

                                                October 9, 2004, L.D.S. Church , 404 31st St. NW, Austin
                                                           8:00—12:00 Essentials and Specifics
              Please RSVP with Mike Cherney at, 507-582-3161 or Marshall Smith at, 507-433-1311

                                                                  November 6, 2004 Jackson
                                                       8:00—10:00 Essentials with Specifics to follow
                                                        Cub Scout specific training will end at 12:30
                                  Boy Scout specifics will end at 5:00—pack your lunch or visit a nearby fast food restaurant
                Please RSVP with Kathy Shane, 507-235-5785 or Paula Nuessmeier, 507-526-3374

                                       November 6, 2004, St. Mary’s Elementary, 104 St. Mary NW, Sleepy Eye
                                                                  9:00—11:30 Essentials
                                                                  12:30—3:00 Specifics
                                     Lunch will be from 11:30—12:30 (orders will be taken for Subway sandwiches on site)
                                         Please RSVP to Sheila Wurtzberger, 507-794-4558

                            November 13, 2004, Belgrade Ave. United Methodist Church, 325 Sherman, North Mankato
                                                            9:00—10:00 New Leader Essentials
                                                          10:00—2:00 Cub Scout Leader Specifics
                                                            10:00—4:00 Scoutmaster Specifics
                                                                    Bring a sack lunch.
                                       Please RSVP to Bryan Knoblich at 507-387-3124 Ext. 31 or


                                                     Camp Norseland on Saturday, October 30, 2004
                                                                Cost $8.00 on time and $12.00 late

                                                            Outdoor Leadership Skills Training

                                                Friday, October 29th, and Saturday, October 30th, 2004
                                                Contact: Kathy Shane at or 507-235-5785
                                                             Cost: $20.00 on time and $25.00 late

                      DIRECTIONS: All trainings can be found under the “Training” tab of the council web site

All trainings are provided on an “as needed basis and your RSVP is requested at least 10 days prior. Those trainings which do not receive RSVP’s may be cancelled
                                                                         without notice.

                    Trainings can be scheduled by appointment—please contact your district’s training chair to arrange a training in your town.
                                 Employee Profile: Sergio Fugón

                                     In April the Twin Valley Council hired Sergio Fugón as Director of Hispanic Program in the Austin area. Ser-
                                 gio’s charge: to involve more boys and adults from the Hispanic community into the Cub and Boy Scout programs.
                                 He has met that challenge head on, and has successfully kicked of a brand new Cub Scout Pack and boy Scout
                                 Troop chartered through Queen of Angels Church.
                                     Sergio is employed by Quality Pork Processing (a Subsidiary of Hormel Foods) as a coach and spends his days
                                 training new workers in the plant. Sergio and his wife Blanca have a 10 month old daughter, Bianca. Originally
                                 from Honduras, he has been in the United States for 9 years and has worked for QPP for the last 7 years. He is also
                                 a business student at Riverland community college in Austin, a C.P.R. instructor for the local Red Cross and a trans-
                                 lator for anyone who needs his services.

Volunteer Profile: Karen Lang

   Karen is Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 27 in Springfield. Prior to becoming Asst. Scoutmaster she served as a Cub-
master, and Den Leader. She is also the District Boy Scout Training Chairman, is an Asst. District Commissioner, has served
on the District Cub Scout Leader Training Team and the Webelos Camp Staff. Karen will serve as an Asst. Scoutmaster for
the Council at the 2005 National Jamboree. She has been awarded the Sioux Trails District Sparkplug Award and District
Award of Merit. She is Woodbadge Trained and is a Brotherhood member in the Order of the Arrow.
   Karen graduated from Sanborn Public School and attended Spencer School of Business in Spencer, IA. She is a licensed
Child Care Provider and is also a consultant for Mary Kaye Cosmetics. She has been married to Fritz for 15 years and they
have 2 children, Trevor—14 and Tiffany—8.
   Karen teaches Sunday School at St. Raphaels Catholic Church. Her favorite movie “Titanic” and her favorite book is
“Gone With the Wind”. She feels in life “If you have to do it, do it right”. Karen’s special interests include drag racing, she
races a 1969 Mustang, and enjoys snowmobiling, biking, canoeing, and rock climbing.

                        2005 Section Conclave                                              WELCOME NEW SCOUTS!

Brothers,                                                                            The Scout Shop would like to take
    In approximately 1 year Wahpekute lodge will be the host                         this opportunity to invite each of
lodge for our section C1-A. We will be hosting 300 scouts and                        you to visit our newly remodeled
scouters from 7 lodges and 3 states. I need your help in finding                     store located in the Center for
responsible adults to be advisors of different areas, and to as-                     Scouting.
sist the arrowmen in staffing them. I need to start getting a
commitments from volunteers. Some of the areas needing
workers are: trading post, kitchen, ground security, and building                    The shop has all the items you’ll
security. We need to set up classrooms, convert the commons                          need to complete your Scouts uni-
areas into an eating area, direct traffic, registration and more.                    form. Shirts, pants, neckerchiefs,
The weekend is September 9-11, 2005. I know this is early but                        and all the insignias are in stock
I want to at least get a skeleton crew started of main people                        and waiting for you! We also                 JUST A REMINDER
and fill in from there. I hope to be able to start recruiting at                     have handbooks for all Cub
Expo 2004. Two main positions that need to be filled ASAP are                        Scouts and Boy Scouts, the 2004               FALL HOURS BEGIN
Advisor of Finance Assistant and Registration and Promotion.                         merit badge requirement book and                SEPTEMBER 7TH
The facility has been secured, it will be held at Blue Earth Area                    the new 2004 Fieldbook.                             ~~~~~~~~~
High School. Please help in any way you possibly can.                                                                                    Hours at the
Thank you,                                                                                                                          Center for Scouting
                                                                                     If you are a new leader, the Scout
In WWW                                                                                                                                    Are now
Allen Nuessmeier
                                                                                     shop offers a wide variety of
                                                                                     leader material which will make                  Monday – Friday
Lodge Advisor                                                                   your planning much easier. We                   8:30 am – 5:00 pm
                                                                                     also have the neckerchiefs, slides             Tuesday we’re open
                                                                                     and insignias needed to complete                8:30 am – 7:00 pm
                                                                                     your leader uniform.                         3rd Saturday each month
                                                                                                                                       9:00 am – Noon
                                                                                     Whether you are new to Scouting
                                                                                     or a veteran Scout, stop in and see              For your convenience
                                                                                                                                   Please remember to use our
                                                                                     us today!                                            new entrance.
                                               2004 COUNCIL POPCORN PROGRAM

                        October 1     Show-N-Deliver Order Due To Council
                        October 2     Popcorn Sale Begins
                                      10-Day / 20-Day Blitz Begins
                        October 12    10-Day Blitz Ends
                        October 15-16 Show-N-Deliver Product Pick up
                        October 22    20-Day Blitz Ends
                        October 31    Popcorn Sale Ends
                        November 8 Popcorn Order Forms & Prize Order Forms Due To Council
                        November 8 Show-N-Deliver Left Over Product Must Be Returned
                        November 19-20       Popcorn Pick Up
                        December 10 Popcorn Checks Cashed

        Silver Level (25%)
                   • Sell popcorn

        Gold Level (27%)
                   • Sell popcorn
                   • Attend District Popcorn Training Sessions
                   • Ideal Year Planning,
                         (Items to be turned in by your District’s September Roundtable)
                                 • Year Round Program Plan, Budget and Parents Letter

        Platinum Level (29 %)
                  • Sell popcorn
                  • Attend District Popcorn Training Sessions
                  • Ideal Year Planning,
                          (Items to be turned in by your District’s September Roundtable)
                                  • Year Round Program Plan, Budget and Parents Letter
                  • Average $250 Per Boy Selling

                    •   Attend District Popcorn Training Sessions
                    •   Sell 15% , gross $’s, over last years unit total

10-Day Blitz Prize: $300 (Custom Printed Laser Light) / 20-Day Blitz Prize: $750 (Custom Printed Backpack)
                                               NEW: $1,300 End of Sale Prize (Custom Printed Camping Chair)
Prize Requirements: 3 Prizes per Scout Max. with no more than 1 Prize per Level. (all based on prize level $ criteria)

                                  POPCORN CHAIRMAN CONTACT INFORMATION

Sue Sukalski, Fairmont                  

Jim Halbur (H) 243-4115                 

Kurt Mueller (H) 433-5099 (W) 437-5636                    (H)      (W)
Sarah Hankerson     (H) 553-5616                

Jan Schwanke (H) 723-6504       (W) 723-4120

Jeani Tennyson (H) 776-2672              (W) 526-3465
                                      PARTNERS FOR SOUTH-CENTRAL MINNESOTA YOUTH
                                                            By Scout Executive Paul Wilkinson

    The United Way and Scouting have had a strong partnership for over 90 years. It is the desire of the Twin Valley Council to help Scout families
understand the importance of the United Way as it relates to Scouting and other United Way agencies. The United Ways in Twin Valley Council will
provide over $151,000 (18% of the total budget) of revenue to the Twin Valley Council Budget in 2005. Without this funding, the council would not
be able to offer the services, which are provided to local youth, parents, and adult volunteer leaders. Services provided because of United Way Sup-
port include camping programs/facilities, adult leader training materials, local professional support/trading post staff, program planning materials,
youth protection materials/training recruiting materials, etc…
    Our United Ways also support a variety of other agencies which include Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, YMCA, YWCA, Big Brothers/Sisters,
Girl Scouts, Youth Athletic Programs, American Red Cross, and Senior Citizen Programs just to mention a few. The quality of life in our communi-
ties is greatly enhanced due to the work of our local United Ways and their volunteers.
    Please contribute to the United Way in your community. Campaigns in South-Central Minnesota generally kick off in September. The contribu-
tion you make comes back to your community through agencies like the Boy Scouts and many other funded programs.
    Scouting and other United Way supported programs depend upon people like you and I filling out a pledge card. Let’s help the United Way sup-
port Scouting and all of the other fine programs that make our community a better place.

                                                                  UNITED WAY
   The United Way concept has been in existence for over a century. In 1887, four clergymen in Denver put their heads together to plan the very first
United Way Campaign for 10 health and welfare agencies. These four community leaders recognized that they could best help those in need by work-
ing together, rather than separately, thus building the foundation for the United Way concept.

   There are more than 1,400 local organizations across the country. Each United Way depends upon volunteers to convene community problem solv-
ing efforts, make policies, raise dollars, and distribute dollars. Because of the extensive volunteer involvement, local United Ways are able to operate
with a small paid staff, thus helping to keep administrative costs low. In fact, United Ways are among the most efficient charitable organizations in
the country, with overhead cost averaging around 14 percent. In comparison, the National Charities Information Bureau’s standard for a soundly run
non-for-profit organization is 40 percent.
   Each United Way is an independent, separately incorporated community organization governed by a board consisting of local volunteers.
   Through a single community-wide campaign, United Way raises funds to solve community problems and support family and community needs.
But United Way is more than just a fund raiser. United Way also:
    Identifies community needs and accesses resources available to address then
    Brings community organizations and people together for cooperative efforts in community problem solving.
    Distributes funds for health and human care services that are most needed.
    Puts people in touch with the services they need.
    Directs a gifts-in-kind program to benefit all community non-profit organizations.
Apart from the government, United Ways support the greatest variety of health and human services, reaching people from all walks of life and all in-
come groups.

                                               OUR UNITED WAY PARTNERS
       Please support the United Way in your community. United Ways that fund your Scouting in Twin Valley Council are:

     Mower County United Way                                                                      United Way of New Ulm

     Freeborn County United Way                                                                   Redwood Area United Way

     Wells United Way                                                                             Greater Mankato United Way

     United Way of Fairmont                                                                       United Way of St. Peter

     Jackson United Way                                                                           Waseca United Way

                                                                                                  Madelia Community Chest
 Thank you to Troop 29 who gave the kitchen at
                                                                                   Council Calendar
                                                                                                   OCTOBER 2004
Norseland a face lift. Members of the troop took time     SEPTEMBER 2004                           1     Popcorn Show N Deliver orders due
out of their busy schedules to scrub and paint the cup-                                            2     Popcorn kickoff
boards and walls. When that was done they put doors       3-5     OA C1-A Section Conclave         2-12 Popcorn 10 day blitz
on the cupboards. Troop 29 donated the paint and          5       OA LEC                           2-22 Popcorn 20-day blitz
Charlie Thompson and his family donated the cup-          6       Labor Day—Center for Scouting    5     OA LEC
                                                              Closed                               12    Executive Committee Meeting
board doors. What a difference!!
                                                          14      Executive Committee Meeting      14    Council Commissioner Meeting
Thank you very much.                                      16      Fun Night for Scouting           15    Show N Deliver Distribution
Carl Gessner                                              24-26   Cub/Boy Scout EXPO               21-22 MEA
                                                                                                   22-23 OA Fall Conclave
                                                                                                   29-30 Outdoor Leadership Skills Course—Norseland
                                                                                                   30    BALOO Training
                                                                                                   31    Popcorn Sale Ends

                                                                                   to the Twin Valley Council’s
                                                                                       newest Eagle Scouts!

                                                                        Tyler Baune—Troop 70—American Legion #38 Redwood Falls

                                                                           Benjamin Wilkinson—Troop 95—Moose #1414 Mankato

                                                                              Thomas Bye—Troop 95—Moose #1414 Mankato

                                                                           Lee Willaert—Troop 4—American Legion #11 Mankato
     SIGN’S UP
                                                              Non Profit Organization
                                                                                                              SIGN’S UP
                                                                  U.S. Postage
The Twin Valley Council #283, Boy Scouts of America               Mankato, MN
     810 Madison Avenue Mankato, MN 56001                        Permit No. 123
         1-507-387-3123 or 1-800-944-1886
                                                                                                   T h e Tw i n V a l l e y C o u n c i l # 2 8 3 , B o y S c o u t s o f A m e r i c a
                                                                                         September & October 2004
                                                                                          It’s Coming!
                                                                                         The largest gathering of Scouts in 4 years!
                                                                                        It’s like Day Camp or a Camporee times 10!
                                                                                        Friday, Sept 24, 2004 to Sunday, Sept 26,
                                                                                                          2004 at
                                                                                        Faribault County Fairgrounds, Blue Earth
                                                                                        All Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, and
                                                                                              Explorers are invited to attend!
                  Made possible by the Friends of Scouting,
     United Way
                  The United Way, and Popcorn Sales
                                                                                         The deadline for fees and registration is August 20, 2004, except for those new scouts who join
                                                                                         in the fall. Registration fee includes Saturday lunch. Fees are as follows:
                                                                                           Registration by August 20: All Youth and Adult participants ............................................... $15.00 per
                  SIGN’S UP                                                                     person
                                                                                           Registration after Aug. 20 for Scouts joining in the Fall ONLY ........................................... $15.00 per
                                                                                           Other registrations after Aug. 20 and registration at the gate: All participants ................... $20.00 per
                       Published by                                                             person
                    Twin Valley Council
          810 Madison Avenue, Mankato, MN 56001
                      (507) 387-3123
                                                                                                                       A special EXPO 2004 commemorative T-shirt will be available to pre-order for
                                                                                                                       just $10.00 per t-shirt. All orders for t-shirts must be received by the August
                   Fax #: (507) 387-3053                                                                               20 deadline. Youth and adult sizes will be available. A limited number of t-shirts
                                                                                                                       will also be available for purchase at the EXPO trading post for $12.00 each.
       Mailed without charge to all whose paid primary reg-
       istration is Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Explorer Advi-
       sor, Den Leader, Webelos Leader, all Assistants,
       Committee Chair, Commissioner, or Chartered Or-
       ganization Representative.                                                                                           For complete details and the official Leader’s Guide, go to
       Thomas Rekstein ..............Council President
       Tom Henderson ................Council Commissioner
       Paul Wilkinson .................Scout Executive
       Janelle Cedergren..............Newsletter Editor

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