Skin Cancer Network Site-Specific Group WORK PROGRAMME 2008/2009
Action Lead(s) Timescale Critical Success

1. SERVICE PLANNING - Implement key recommendations arising from the Improving Outcomes Guidance (IOG) for Skin cancer inc Melanoma as detailed in Summary Plan (approved by Board May 2007) 1a. Establish a fully constituted Skin Cancer Kevin Mckenny Dec 2007 Inaugural Meeting by Dec 2007 Network-Site Specific Group (NSSG) in ECN with Dr Colin Trask clinical representation from leads with specialist Dr Bruce Sizer interest from each locality with a key role in overseeing IOG implementation 1b. Establishment IOG compliant single Specialist Specialist Skin Cancer MDT Skin Cancer Clinical leads from September 2008 Skin Cancer MDT (SSMDT) serving all 4 localities in (SSMDT) serving all 4 localities in ECN each locality and all members ECN of NSSG to have met on or before September 2008 1c. Establish IOG compliant Local Skin Cancer MDTs (LSMDT) in each of the four localities 1d. Oversee and inform discussions to formally establish Community Skin Cancer Services in each PCT locality, ensuring robust clinical governance arrangements are in place for the accredited GPwSIs and their involvement in LSMDTs 1e. Review and formally agree IOG compliant arrangements for accessing block dissections (2 nominated surgeons) Sentinel Node Biopsy and Mohs Surgery (tertiary provider or potential to develop service in ECN) 1f. Develop and agree comprehensive set of clinical guidelines in the management of Skin Cancer (inc guidelines on the management of precancerous lesions in the community and pathway arrangements for rare cancers) Clinical lead from each locality Skin Cancer Clinical leads from each locality and all members of NSSG/nominated PCT lead All in place by April 2008 April 2009 All in place and meeting regularly by April 2008 IOG compliant Community Skin Cancer Services established in each PCT locality, with robust clinical governance arrangements in place for the accredited GPwSIs who will be also involved in LSMDTs The 2 nominated surgeons for block dissections identified. Clarity and supported plans for the establishment of SNB and Mohs surgery in ECN Single set of NSSG agreed clinical guidelines

Skin Cancer Clinical leads from each locality and all members of NSSG

September 2008

All members of NSSG

September 2008


2. SERVICE IMPROVEMENT Prepare for forthcoming Peer review of Skin cancer services (timetable yet to be confirmed) Skin Cancer Clinical leads from each locality and all members of NSSG March 2008 Deliver full compliance against the Peer Review measures as they relate to Skin NSSG and MDTs

3. SERVICE DELIVERY Covered in Section 1 above 4. SERVICE QUALITY, MONITORING AND EVALUATION Commitment to collect data on ALL Skin cancer patients diagnosed in ECN in each locality, by agreeing a minimum dataset and arrangements to collect same 5. EDUCATION & WORKFORCE Commit to Network-wide Skin Cancer Audit and presentation of results at annual event. 6. RESEARCH Ensure Network-wide commitment to skin cancer clinical trials maximising recruitment. 4 x Acute Trust lead clinicians Ongoing Evidence that all skin cancer teams actively recruiting to trials – activity data being presented to NSSG and network audit event Submission of Annual Report to Network Board July 2008 Skin Cancer Clinical leads from each locality and all members of NSSG Audits topics to be agreed early 2008. Skin NSSG to run half day event late 2008, presenting local and agreed network-wide audit results Skin Cancer Clinical leads from each locality and all members of NSSG December 2008 100% of ECN diagnosed skin cancer patients on local data systems

7. ANNUAL WORK PROGRAMME AND REPORT Generate an annual report for submission to Network Board
Signed (Chair of Lung NSSG) Date Date for Review April 2008

Chair of Skin Cancer NSSG

July 2008

Signed (Chair ECN Board) Date Document No


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