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									Royalties University – How to Earn Royalties from
Intellectual Property
Royalties University – How to Earn Royalties from Intellectual Property

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How to Earn Royalties from Intellectual PropertyOnly one percent of the world’s population
understand how royalties work. You can join that group by enrolling in Royalties University™

Learning how you can earn royalties is perhaps the BEST education you can receive. Just
imagine the ultimate benefits you get -

You create or obtain a valuable resource ONCE and then you continue selling it over and over
again, for years to come!

And that’s just from one product! Then you can go on to create another “virtual” or intellectual
property to get royalties from.

Example: I’ve created 13 virtual properties and sold thousands of copies over the last few
years. I’ve made over $100,000 in sales each year from these books and education programs.

I live off of royalties completely, and provide a living for my wife and five boys off of ongoing
royalties for the virtual products I create.

When you receive royalties, you can take a vacation or time off whenever you wish. Your
“Royalty Income System” has already been set up.

Because you have created a virtual property of packaged information, you are considered an

                                   expert in the field. Being an Author and Creator is fun.

                                   Beyond just vacations, the freedom lifestyle means you can work on the projects you want to.
                                   You can wear what you want and eat when you want.

                                   Note – You don’t have to use your royalties to replace a 9 to 5 job. Some people just want a
                                   little ongoing supplementary income and you can have that too.

                                   If you decide to write a book about your area of expertise, no longer are you limited by the
                                   whims of publishers.

                                   I spent the past two weeks vacationing with my family and while we were gone I still earned
                                   royalties on my e-books through Clickbank.

                                   So, basically, I continued doing the same thing, only I eliminated my responsibilities at running a
                                   warehouse and now spend approximately 1-2 hours/day on my business.

                                   Two years ago I started following my dreams of a life of freedom. For nearly a year, I never
                                   earned a single cent but throughout…

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                                   ClickBank will, during the discretion, concede for the lapse or deputy of any product inside of 60
                                   days from the date of purchase. For repeated billing products, earnings for some-more than the
                                   single remuneration might be supposing if requested inside of the customary 60 day lapse


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                                   Royalties University – How to Earn Royalties from Intellectual Property

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