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					Charlotte Private Investigators, Martin D. Fragale Investigations
Recently Launch Website

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 Martin D Fragale Investigations

 Charlotte Private Detectives, Martin D. Fragale Investigations recently launch website.

Online PR News – 10-February-2013 RecentlyCharlotte Private Investigators , Martin D. Fragale
Investigations hooked up with Long Island Web Design Company, Benjamin Marc to launch an SEO plan
that would help promote the business. Benjamin Marc specializes in web design and Search Engine
Optimization(SEO) and knew that they could help Martin and their Private Investigation firm. Benjamin Marc
has done Search marketing for websites such as Long Island Screen Printing Company, CYA Action
Funwear, Long Island Dog Walkers, Suburban Pets and more. After one month of marketing Martin D.
Fragale has reached the first page of all major search engines for their niche term Charlotte Private
Investigators. This has brought new business to the firm and they are branching out to new clients.

Here is some information about Charlotte Private Investigators, Martin D. Fragale Investigations.

When someone hires a private investigator, they expect discretion and credible results from the
investigation. The evidence collected should also be confidential. Martin Fragale Investigators can
guarantee confidentiality from the moment they take up the case to the moment they deliver the results.

Martin D. Fragale Investigations is credited for exceptional service in the field of private investigations. That
positive attribute is a result of maintaining a strong code of ethics since inception. That code of ethics that is
the guiding principle for Martin Fragale investigators is disregarded by some private investigating
companies. Most of those companies present insufficient or inaccurate reports after being commissioned to
conduct an investigation.

After graduating with a degree in criminal justice, the firm’s founder, Martin D. Fragale set up the private eye
company in North Carolina. Martin says, “A commitment to providing the client with true facts and a flawless
work ethic has put us on a success path in the private investigation business”. Without these principles your
credibility is tainted and clients will gradually loose trust in your service and seek them elsewhere.

Martin acknowledges that this particular line of service has immense challenges and responsibilities. “You
have to put in long hours to gather the information the client needs”, he says. Some cases are very
demanding calling on the assigned officer to work extra hard. A successful investigation should be discreet
from start to finish, avoiding compromising the investigation and jeopardizing the lives of the client and

The firm offers services in matrimonial investigations. The services available for hire in this category target
spouses who think they are being cheated on. The firm’s detectives investigate infidelity matters, and
conduct undercover investigations. They can also do and asset location. More services that the firm offers
include criminal defense investigations, background investigation, insurance claims, and background
investigations among others.

Operating a 24-hour service Martin Fragale Investigators are available on call to begin investigation on
any case guaranteeing timely and truthful evidence. Martin D. Fragale Investigations can be reached on
their toll free numbers (716) 553-1898 or (704) 323-9095 and setup a meeting with the private detectives
or get free consulting on any case. Martin D. Fragale is always present on everyone of his cases and doesn’t
sub contract any work out.

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