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									UniSpec II                                                                                                          103009



1.1        SUMMARY

      A.   Section Includes:
           1.     Owner furnished, Contractor installed sub-metering instrumentation system including data logger and CT
           2.     Owner furnished and installed main demand sub-meter for the sub-metering instrumentation system.
           3.     Contractor furnished and installed low voltage wiring, terminations, and accessories for sub-meter system.

      B.   Related Requirements:
           1.     Section 01454 - A/E Quality Assurance Inspection
           2.     Section 01640 - Owner Furnished Products.
           3.     Section 16050 - Basic Electrical Materials and Methods.
           4.     Section 16100 - Wiring Methods.
           5.     Section 16405 - Electrical Distribution Center (EDC).

1.2        SUBMITTALS

      A.   Provide the following closeout documentation to the Owner
           1.    Data logger store load report.
           2.    Data logger screen captures.


      A.   Record Letter of Conformance: Submit Contractor’s Record Letter of Conformance in accordance with Section


      A.   The General Contractor shall select one of the following sub-meter system contractors for installation of the sub-
           metering system.
           1.     Nexrev
                  601 Development Drive
                  Plano, TX 75074
                  Contact: Ken Logsdon
                  Office: (972) 578-0505 Cell: (318) 840-5536
           2.     Besco
                  629 Broadway NW
                  Knoxville, TN 37917
                  Contact: Tom Ryan
                  Office: (865) 342-5706 Cell: (865) 740-6709
           3.     Jett Electric, LLC
                  7806 N. Hwy 81
                  Duncan, OK 73533
                  Contact: David Meadows
                  Office: 580-251-9858 Cell: 580-678-1696
           4.     Quinco Electric
                  4224 Metric Dr.


Savannah (Mall), GA Store 4556 - 97100087                                                                      April 9, 2010
                  Winter Park, FL 32792
                  Contact: David Sanchez
                  Office: (407) 857-6133
           5.     Ellsworth Electric
                  4425 N. Hwy. 81
                  Duncan, OK
                  Contact: Shane Elam
                  Office: (800) 725-2967 Cell: (580) 656-1886
           6.     McBride Electric
                  P.O. Box 734
                  Kimberton, PA 19442
                  Contact: Tim Lawler
                  Office: (610) 495-9671 Cell: (610) 639-4877


      A.   Sub-metering system components shall be UL listed for use as an integral part of the Sub-metering system.

1.6        WARRANTY

      A.   Provide 1 year warranty on installation. The warranty shall cover the following:
           1.    Labor and service due to failure for 1 year beyond the Grand Opening date.
           2.    Provide a minimum 24 hr response time to warranty issues.

      B.   Owner furnished equipment will be provided by Wal-Mart supplier.

1.7        PERMITS

      A.   Obtain necessary permits, licenses, approvals, and certificates of inspection as required by local authorities for a
           completed project.



      A.   Products Furnished and Installed by Owner: The Owner’s supplier will furnish and install the main demand sub-
           meter as specified herein.

      B.   Products Furnished by Owner and installed by Contractor: Under provisions of 01640, sub-metering instrumenta-
           tion equipment as specified herein will be furnished by Owner’s supplier including data logger and CT sub-meters
           for installation by the Contractor.

      C.   Owner’s Supplier:
           1.   Owner’s supplier will be the EDC vendor as specified in Section 16405.
           2.   Descriptions and related provision for products and equipment by Owner’s supplier as specified hereinafter
                are included as information to the Contractor only and not to be considered as Contractor requirements un-
                less otherwise stated.


      A.   Manufacturer and Product Model: Square D model PM 800 Series.
           1.    Communications
                 a.     One RS 485 port, two digital inputs, and one digital output.


Savannah (Mall), GA Store 4556 - 97100087                                                                        April 9, 2010
                  b.     Modbus protocol for integration with Energy Management System.
                  c.     1 pulse output for kWh-pulsing or external controlled output.
                  d.     2 inputs for demand input synchronization.
           2.     Performance and Accuracy
                  a.     ANSI C12.20.0.5 Accuracy Class.
                  b.     Measures per phase voltage, current, peak current, watts, VARs, kWh.
                  c.     Measure and display THD, frequency, power factor.
           3.     Display
                  a.     Backlit LCD display.
                  b.     Can display five lines of information simultaneously.
                  c.     Tactile buttons for menu operation.
           4.     Input Voltage Characteristics
                  a.     Measure up to 480V AC Direct.
                  b.     Measure up to 1.6MV AC with external VT.
                  c.     Impedance 2MOhms (phase to phase) / 1MOhm (phase to neutral).
                  d.     Frequency Range (45 to 65Hz).
           5.     Input Current Characteristics
                  a.     CT Ratings: Primary Adjustable from 5A to 32767A.
                  b.     Measurement Input Range: 5mA to 6A.
                  c.     Impedance: < .1 Ohms.
                  d.     Load: < .15VA.


      A.   Manufacturer and Product Model: Energy ICT model RTU+ Server
           1.    Hardware and Software
                 a.     LED indicators for the following:
                       1)      One power on indicator.
                       2)      Two ethernet connectivity indicators (one for each channel).
                       3)      Two RX/TX indicators (one for transmission, one for receiving).
                       4)      Eight digital I/O indicators (four for digital inputs, four for digital outputs).
                       5)      Two application dependent LEDs.
                       6)      One “watchdog” monitoring indicator.
                 b.     Minimum of two USB 2.0 connectors.
                 c.     Memory: 4GB of compact flash memory with a 1.4 GB divided rescue partition.
                 d.     Operating System: Linux OS with Derby Database.
                 e.     Data collection software with extended protocol library.
           2.    Communications:
                 a.     One RS 485 port.
                 b.     Modbus protocol.
           3.    Input and Output Characteristics:
                 a.     Ability to collect analog or digital data from 32 inputs.
                 b.     VGA connector for local connectivity by laptop.
           4.    Pre-Installed Channel Labels:
                 a.     Pre-programmed drop down menus for each channel.
                 b.     Pre-programmed channel labels shall include labels from the Owner’s approved list.


      A.   Manufacturer and Product Model: Veris Industries model H8036
           1.    Characteristics:
                 a.     Three split-core CTs.
                 b.     Electronics embedded inside of master CT sub-meter.
                 c.     Conform to UL508 safety standards for industrial control equipment.
                 d.     Internally isolated to 2000V AC.
                 e.     Meter case isolation shall be 600V AC.


Savannah (Mall), GA Store 4556 - 97100087                                                                          April 9, 2010
           2.     Performance and Accuracy:
                  a.    Measure RMS power, instantaneous demand, and consumption.
                  b.    Accept directly any voltage input up to 480V AC.
                  c.    Accuracy to +/- 1% from 10% to 100% of the rated current.
                  d.    Conform to ANSI C12.1 metering standards.
           3.     Communications:
                  a.    Report serially over an RS-485 network.
                  b.    Use the Modbus/RTU protocol.
                  c.    kWh variable shall be stored in non-volatile memory.



      A.   Owner’s Supplier Responsibility: The EDC vendor will:
           1.   Provide (furnish and install) main demand sub-meter specified herein.
           2.   Furnish the data logger and ship to the General Contractor for installation by the sub-meter contractor.
                a.       Stencil a location for the data logger to be installed.
                b.       Locate data logger within 3 ft. from the EMS.
           3.   Furnish CT sub-meters.
                a.       Install CT sub-meters that are located in the main EDC1.
                b.       Install the conductors through the center of each CT sub-meter installed. Conductors shall not be in
                         contact with the CT sub-meter.
                c.       Furnish all remaining CT sub-meters and ship to the General Contractor for installation by the sub-
                         meter contractor.
           4.   Install locking breakers for CT sub-meter as shown on drawings.
           5.   Assign channel numbers to each CT sub-meter as shown on drawings.
           6.   Each CT sub-meter installed by the EDC vendor shall be labeled. Labels shall include:
                a.       Modbus amperage.
                b.       Modbus address (CT sub-meter number).
                c.       Modbus description (Panel or load served).

EXAMPLES: 100A CT26 AHU2 or 100A CT27 AHU3

      B.   Contractor Responsibility: The sub-meter contractor selected by the General Contractor shall:
           1.    Obtain the latest Sub-Metering Programming Guide prior to installation. Obtain guide from Energy ICT at
           2.    Install CT sub-meters as shown on drawings. Install the conductors through the center of each CT sub-
                 meter installed. Conductors shall not be in contact with the CT sub-meter.
           3.    Install data logger. Mount data logger in the location stenciled in by the EDC vendor and located not more
                 than 3 ft. from the EMS.
           4.    Provide low voltage wiring and required accessories.
           5.    Make terminations and connections to EMS system. Use Belden 1120A cable to connect to EMS system.
           6.    Assign channel numbers for field installed CT sub-meter.
           7.    Label each CT sub-meter installed by the sub-meter Contractor. Labels shall include:


Savannah (Mall), GA Store 4556 - 97100087                                                                      April 9, 2010
                a.     Modbus amperage.
                b.     Modbus address (CT number).
                c.     Modbus description (Panel or load served).

EXAMPLES: 100A CT26 AHU2 or 100A CT27 AHU3

         8.     Make final connections to the data logger.
         9.     Provide a cord and plug for the data logger.
         10.    Use heat shrink on wire terminations.
         11.    Label each wire a minimum of one inch from end, indentifying cable.
         12.    Where required, use 3M Scotchlok type interconnects. Wire-nuts are not allowed.
         13.    Program the data logger in accordance with the Programming Guide
                a.     Configure channel functions. Set each channel to the modbus master protocol.
                b.     Configure channel parameters. Set proper register settings for each channel.
                c.     Configure channel names and units. Channels are reserved and shall be configured as shown on the
                       latest EICT load report. The load report can obtained from the Walmart Energy Department.
         14.    Verify closure of the digital inputs on the data logger.
         15.    Verify that data logger demand display matches the EMS.
         16.    Verify that all channels are monitored accurately.
         17.    Reports: Provide load report in Microsoft Excel.
                a.     A blank load report will be provided by the Owner.
                b.     Submit report as a PDF document and send to Energy ICT: walmart@energyict.com.
                c.     Provide screen captures as follows:
                      1)      Configuration channel parameters.
                      2)      Configuration channel functions.
                      3)      Status page.

   C.    Functional Performance Testing (FPT): FPT will be conducted by Wal-Mart Engineer of Record at no cost to the
         Contractor in accordance with Section 01454. FPT will be performed after Wal-Mart possession date. Deficien-
         cies noted and related to the Contractor’s installation responsibilities shall be corrected prior to Grand Opening.


Savannah (Mall), GA Store 4556 - 97100087                                                                     April 9, 2010
                                               (consultant’s letterhead)
                                CONTRACTOR'S RECORD LETTER OF CONFORMANCE
                                SECTION 13425 – SUB-METERING INSTRUMENTATION

Project Location:                                                                           Date:

(City & State)

Project Number:                                                Store Number:

Statement of Conformance:
This Record Letter of Conformance is provided as a Record Document in accordance with Section 01770 – Contract Close-
out. The undersigned hereby declares that the Sub-metering instrumentation systems (hereafter referred to as the “Systems”)
is installed and is in general conformance with the Contract Documents, applicable Codes, and shop drawings. The “Sys-
tems” have been provided and placed in operational condition in accordance with the manufacturer's published instructions
and the Contract Documents.To be accepted, all signatures must be original ink signatures (copies are not allowed).

(Contractor Signature)

                                                              ____________      Phone Number: (       )
(Contractor name and address)

Recommendation of Acceptance:
This Recommendation of Acceptance is provided as a Record Document in accordance with Section 01770 – Contract
Closeout. We recommend Wal-Mart accept the installation of the “Systems” (as referenced above). The “Systems” are found
to be in general conformance with the Contract Documents, and Approved Drawings. This recommendation is based on MEP
Site Observation and Functional Performance Test witnessed on ___________________(Report Date), and follow up verifi-
cation of identified issues conducted on ___________________ (Trip Date, Report Date).

While this review is an integral part of this project, it does not relieve the Contractor of their responsibility to comply with
the applicable provisions of the Contract Documents along with the mandated codes and standards. These examinations shall
not be construed as a check of every item nor does it prevent authorities from hereafter requiring corrections of errors in plans
or installation.


(Wal-Mart’s Mechanical Consultant Signature )

                                                                                  Phone Number: (         )
(Wal-Mart’s Mechanical Consultant name and address)

Subscribed and sworn before me this                              day of                               , 20         .

                                                       Notary Public:

                                                       My Commission Expires:

[SEAL (Render Seal visible for copying)


Savannah (Mall), GA Store 4556 - 97100087                                                                          April 9, 2010


Savannah (Mall), GA Store 4556 - 97100087             April 9, 2010
                                            BLANK PAGE


Savannah (Mall), GA Store 4556 - 97100087                April 9, 2010

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