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									                                                  B A R C E LO N A
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                                               Barcelona: Where A City Unlike the
                                               Country, Captures the Essence of Spain
                                               Although it is one of Spain’s most             Romanesque style, but not entirely
                                               dynamic cities, Barcelona is really not        finished until the 19th-century.
                                               Spanish at all. As the capital and cultural    The twin octagonal towers have
                                               hub of the region of Catalonia, the city       become a characteristic local trademark.
                                               has a long and glorious history all its own.   There is also a pretty interior cloister.
                                               Catalonia was a leading trading power          The Royal Palace was the residence of
                                               in the Mediterranean during the 14th-          the Counts of Barcelona, who became
                                               and 15th-centuries, with enterprising          Kings of Aragon after 1137. Today it
                                               merchants and bankers, and no feudal           houses what may be the finest art
                                               remnants whatsoever. United with the           collection in the city. Be sure to see
                                               Kingdom of Aragon in the 12th-century,         Santa Agata, an extraordinary example
                                               the region became part of Spain in             of Catalan Gothic style.
                                               1469 with the marriage of Ferdinand
                 SPAIN                         and Isabella.                                  The Generalitat Palace is the focus of
              AT A GLANCE                                                                     Catalan nationalism, since it has been
                                               Most of the centuries-old Catalan
                                                                                              the seat of autonomous government
                                               institutions and privileges were then
   SIZE: 194,896 square miles, about the
                                                                                              since the 14th-century. The present
                                               suppressed until a cultural resurgence
   size of Arizona and Utah combined.                                                         ornate structure was built between the
                                               in the 19th-century. The Catalan lan-
                                                                                              15th-and 17th-centuries, and serves as
   POPULATION: 39,384,000,                     guage was banned by General Franco’s
   16.5% of whom are Catalan.
                                                                                              a great symbol of regional pride.
                                               regime in 1939, and was only revived
   LANGUAGE: Spain is the official             in 1975.                                       Inside, the Hall of the Hundred was the
   language, but Catalan, Galician
                                               King Juan Carlos spoke Catalan to              meeting place for one of Europe’s first
   and Basque are also spoken.                                                                true republican parliaments. And behind
                                               address Parliament in 1978, and again
   CAPITAL: Madrid                             to open the 1992 Olympics, making              the palace, on the Placa Sant Jaume,
                                               him a very popular monarch.                    you may find students playing medieval
   Constitutional Monarchy
                                                                                              tunes with flutes and guitars.
                                               Today Barcelona is a bustling and
   CURRENCY: Euro                              cosmopolitan place, a center of                Not far from the Gothic Quarter is
                                               experimentation in politics and the            the Picasso Museum, which houses
                                               arts. Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Salvador       early works in the beautiful 14th-century
                                               Dali, and Pablo Casals have all called         Aguilar Palace. The collection shows the
                                               Catalonia “home.”                              evolution of Picasso’s talent from school
                                                                                              sketches and anatomy diagrams,
                                               The old heart of the city is called the        through painstaking studies of the
                                               Gothic Quarter, since most buildings here
This is your guide to Barcelona, specially                                                    great Spanish masters.
                                               date from the 13th to 15th centuries.
prepared by Princess Cruises. This guide
is intended to assist you if you are on a
                                                                                              Another fine experience is the Museum
                                               But Barcelona itself is much older. It was
shore excursion, touring independently                                                        of Modern Art, which showcases Catalan
                                               an important trading hub of the Roman
or doing both.                                                                                painting of the past two centuries.
                                               Empire, and many Roman ruins remain.
Please note that the information provided is                                                  Works of Tapies, Dali, Miro, Fortuny
general in nature and is subject to change.    The Cathedral of St. Eulalia (Gothic           and others illustrate the richness and
                                               Cathedral) was begun in 1298 in the            diversity of this country’s culture.
                                 Adventures Ashore Port Guide ~ Barcelona

The Catalan Parliament also shares the        Gaudi believed in natural and organic          It is the home of the famous Black
same palace with the Museum.                  lines, with no trace of anything angular       Madonna, a polychrome wooden statue
                                              or mechanical. He began construction of        carved in the 12th-century. Although
You’ll also want to visit the shopping        his unique church in 1883 and complet-         heavily restored, the Madonna remains
district of Las Ramblas. Originally a         ed a great part of it before he was killed     the patroness of Catalonia, and draws
stream bed between the huge Placa             by a tram in 1926. Work has resumed in         thousands of pilgrims annually.
Catalunya and the Columbus Monument,          spite of the fact that he left no plans or
                                              notes behind to help his successors.           The religious services conducted by the
it has been transformed into a gracious
                                              Take special note of the facades on the        monks here are known for the quality
promenade for the fashionable.                                                               of their singing. One of Europe’s oldest
                                              east (the Nativity) and the west (Passion
Nearby is an extensive park and sports        and Death).                                    boys choirs, the Escolania, was founded
area with several fascinating museums.                                                       here in the 13th-century.
                                              Outside the city there are fine resort areas
One of the most interesting is the                                                           Montserrat grew large and wealthy until
                                              like Sitges. What began as a picturesque
Poble Espanyol or “Spanish Village,”          fishing port is now a favorite retreat for     it was sacked by Napoleon’s troops in
built for the 1929 Exhibition to illustrate   wealthy local families, who have built         1812. Most of the building seen today
architectural styles and folk arts from       elegant houses along the Paseo Maritimo,       are restorations. As a religious center,
each part of the country. It was aptly        and near the white and rose-colored
nicknamed “Spain in a bottle.”                buildings of the old town. The long,           Also outside of the city the Sant Sadurni
                                              sandy beach here is particularly fine,         region is well-known for the production
No trip to Barcelona would be complete        and is not far from the wine country           of great wines and sparkling ‘cava’ wines.
without seeing the work of Antoni Gaudi       and beautiful pine woods.                      Maxabeo, Perellada and Xerello grapes
(1852-1926), who combined art nouveau                                                        are of superb quality. The production
                                              A side trip to Montserrat will show a
and modernismo. Examples of his work                                                         of the cava sparkling wines of this area
                                              different face of Catalonia. Founded in
are found all over town, but the towering     the 9th-century, this stunning Benedictine     have been time-honored traditions since
La Sagrada Familia is certainly the           monastery is nestled among eroded              the 16th-century.
most striking.                                mountain crags.

 Historic architecture                         Montserrat
           Places of Interest                                                                       Practical Information

AJUNTAMENT                                                DOCKING                                                       LOCAL CUISINE - Food Specialties
Barcelona’s centuries-old “City Hall”.                    Your Princess ship docks in Barcelona at either the           The cuisine in Spain is among the most varied
BARRI GOTIC – “GOTHIC QUARTER”                            Barcelona Pier or the Adossat Pier. Please refer to           and sophisticated in Europe. Catalan cuisine
Barcelona’s old city filled with medieval                 the Barcelona City Map for the general location.              combines the best elements of Spain and France.
buildings, great to explore on foot.                                                                                    Recommended foods include:
                                                          SHORE EXCURSION DEPARTURES
JOAN MIRO FOUNDATION –                                    Passengers will meet at a specific location for each          Paella: Famous Spanish seafood and rice dish
“FOUNDATION MIRO”                                         shore excursion departure. Please refer to your tour          Tapas: Another Spanish tradition, these delicious
Museum dedicated to the artist Joan Miro .                ticket and the Princess Patter for the correct place
                                                                                                                        appetizers are served in bars and restaurants
                                                          and time. Your Shore Excursion staff will be at that
                                                          location to assist you.                                       Pan con tomate: A simple yet delicious accompani-
THE CATHEDRAL OF ST. EULALIA)                                                                                           ment to bread and olive oil and tomato
Magnificent Gothic cathedral found in the                 TAXIS
Gothic Quarter that was built between 1298                Taxis are available pierside and throughout the city.         Habas a la Catalina: Spicy bean stew that’s a
and 1450, its twin towers are a characteristic            Confirm your fare with driver before departing.               favorite of Catalans
trademark of Barcelona.
                                                          SHOPPING                                                      Drink Specialties - Spain is best known for its wine
CHURCH OF LA SAGRADA FAMILIA –                                                                                          and sherries:
“CHURCH OF THE HOLY FAMILY”                               Barcelona offers good bargins in: Leather: Colorful
Unique and surreal unfinished cathedral by                saddlebags, purses and shoes. Ceramics: Distinctive           Red Wine: from the Riojas area
the famed Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi                 country-style ceramics. Liquor: Sparkling and red
                                                          wines and sherry, all famous around the world.                White Sparkling Wine: from Catalonia
LA PEDREDA                                                Clothing: High fashion by top designers. The best
Gaudis unique modernistic residential-                                                                                  Sherries: from Jerez
                                                          places to shop are along the Las Ramblas, in the
commercial building.                                                                                                    It is always recommended that you drink bottled
                                                          Gothic Quarter at Paseo de Gracia and around the
LAS RAMBLAS                                               Placa Reial. Please refer to the Barcelona City Map           water while in port.
Barcelona’s most famous street in the heart               for more information.
of the shopping and entertainment district.                                                                             TIPPING
                                                          PUBLIC SERVICES                                               Suggested tipping is 10 percent for good service.
MONTJUIC MOUNTAIN                                         Post Office: Plaza de Antonio Lopez. Open Monday
AND MIRADOR DEL ALCALDE                                                                                                 SOME USEFUL WORDS
                                                          through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Spectacular viewpoint of Barcelona; also home                                                                             Yes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Si
to Montjuic Castle.                                       Banks: Generally open Monday through Friday                     No . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No
                                                          from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and Saturday from
MONUMENT A COLON –                                                                                                        Please . . . . . . . . . . . Por Favor
                                                          8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
“COLUMBUS MONUMENT”                                                                                                       Thank you . . . . . . . Gracias
Located at the foot of Las Ramblas and at the             Museums: Most museums are open from 9:30 a.m.
entrance to Barcelona Harbor.                                                                                             Good morning . . . Buenos Dias
                                                          to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. and are
MUSEU D’ART DE CATALUNYA –                                closed one day a week, usually Monday.                        PRINCESS CRUISES AGENTS
“MUSEUM OF CATALONIAN ART”                                                                                              In case of emergency while you are ashore,
                                                          Shops: Most stores are open from 9:00 a.m. to
Barcelona’s best art museum located in the                                                                              please contact:
                                                          1:30 p.m. and from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m., and closed
Palau Nacional.                                           all day Sunday.                                                     MacAndrews Cruise & Travel
MUSEO PICASSO – “PICASSO MUSEUM”                                                                                              Plaza de Duque de Medinaceli 5
                                                          PROPER ATTIRE
Two 15th-century palaces provide a handsome
setting for this collection of mostly early works         Please wear proper attire ashore when planning to visit             Apartado 441
by Picasso.                                               churches, cathedrals, and other sacred places. Shorts for           08002 Barcelona, Spain
                                                          both men and women are considered improper.                         Telephone: 34-93-344-25-00
OLYMPIC STADIUM                                           Women should also cover their bare shoulders.
Home of the opening and closing ceremonies                                                                                    Telefax: 34-93-344-25-19
of the 1992 Olympic Summer Games.
Elegant 15th-century palace and home of the
autonomous Catalan pride and nationalism.
Gaudi-designed mansion and home of the
Scenic Arts.
Located at the top of Las Ramblas.
Beautiful 19th-century arcaded square located
in the Gothic Quarter; filled with shops and
sidewalk cafes.
Cobbled square in the heart of the Gothic
Quarter and sight of the Palau de la Generalitat
and the Ajuntament.
Authentic spanish Village built for the
1929 World’s Fair.

  MAP AT THE BACK OF THIS GUIDE                             Olympic stadium

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