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									                             Welcome to the Montlake Flyer, this month including:
Table of Contents
   • President’s Message ...................................................................................... 2
   • Montlake: “It’s not just a bridge; it’s a neighborhood”.............................. 3
   • Next Montlake Community Club Board Meeting .......................................... 4
   • Montlake Community Club General Meetings .............................................. 4
   • CUCAC; City/University Community Advisory Committee .......................... 5
   • Waterfront Park Trail .................................................................................... 5
   • Montlake Home to Creative Beavers ............................................................. 6
   • Montlake Music & Arts Happening ............................................................... 7
   • Neighbor Appreciation Day........................................................................... 8
   • Volunteer Park Conservatory ........................................................................ 8
   • Montlake Branch Library News .................................................................... 9
   • Community Forums on Homelessness ......................................................... 10
   • Montlake Annual Garden Tour.................................................................... 10
   • Arboretum .................................................................................................... 10
   • UW Botanic Gardens ................................................................................... 11
   • Treasurer’s Report....................................................................................... 13
   • Minutes from MCC Board Meeting ............................................................. 14
   • Contacting Montlake Flyer, MCC Board, and Montlake Community ........ 15
   • Montlake Community Club Board of Directors .......................................... 16
   • Masthead and Privacy Notice...................................................................... 16
   • Donation Form ............................................................................................ 17

President’s Message
by Steve Milam.
First of all, many thanks to the 181 contributors to our fundraising drive. It is estimated that we have 1147
households in Montlake and, at the rate of one contributor per household (which may or may not be the case),
that means that we have had a 16% response rate. In the event you had forgotten to contribute, or misplaced the
contribution form you can find the form on the last page of this Flyer or download it HERE.
Also, because in the past Montlakers have asked what the Board does with the contributed money, on the next
page you can read my December “Ask” letter which sets out that information in some detail, as well as the plans
for the present contributions. We need your contributions because that is our major source of revenue. Any
amount is welcome – that is one way that we know that you are there and that we are actually acting on your
behalf. Please keep those cards, letters, and emails coming.
One of the Montlake Community Club Board’s goals this year is to do a traffic study, primarily of the non-
arterial streets of Montlake, to address our local neighbors’ concerns about ‘cut-throughs’ (Lynn between 19th
and 23rd), ‘raceways’ (26th), ‘bypasses (McGraw from Boyer to 18th), and other generally hazardous situations
that we hope to address. To do this we need to engage the services of a traffic consultant, which requires funds
we do not have at the moment. So if traffic is a concern then please contribute so that we can embark on a
traffic study that will include the opportunity for you to have your voice included in the consideration of traffic
pattern revisions. I said non-arterial streets of Montlake because those are the ones that we can most directly
affect, as the main (yellow-line) arterials will require studies by the Seattle Department of Transportation which
involve more time and people than local neighborhood fixes. The main arterials will not be ignored, but the
focus will be on the ‘non-arterial’ streets. So please help with your contributions.
Second, each of you should have received a notice in the mail that the Washington State Department of
Transportation (WSDOT) will be holding an open house to share with you the latest information on the
SR520 Construction and Design progress from 4:30 to 7:30 P.M. on Wednesday, February 5, 2013, at the
St. Demetrios Church.
The focus will be on the next phase of construction: building the north half of the new west approach bridge that
will connect the new floating bridge to the Montlake Boulevard interchange – because that is all they have
funding for and construction of that part will begin as soon as the summer of 2014.
There will be staff present from WSDOT to answer any questions about this next phase and the remaining
project components. Also, there will be WSDOT tolling staff present to answer any questions about SR 520
tolling and the I-90 tolling study presently under way.
This is your chance to find out information about a major project that is going to affect you very directly in the
very near future.
Again, if you have not yet contributed, please take the time to do it now and lets us hear from you. You can find
the form on the last page of this Flyer or download it HERE.

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                   Montlake: “It’s not just a bridge; it’s a neighborhood”
                                               January 28, 2013
Dear Fellow Montlake Resident – a/k/a Member of the Montlake Community Club,
We need you! You are a vital member of our Montlake Community.
Why do you live in Montlake? I live here because it is a unique, well defined community, within a major
metropolitan city. Montlake still possesses that quintessential neighborhood feeling. I like that, and know you
do as well. I and my fellow MCC Board Members strive to do what we can to maintain that sense of
community. We cannot do that alone. We need your help.
The Montlake Community Club (MCC) is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Montlake
neighborhood. The MCC Board and community members have contributed time, labor and money (outright
expenditures, matching funds, and applications for grants) for the enhancement of life in Montlake.
Examples of the MCC’s past activities include, but are not limited to: Gateway Parks at 24th and Boyer;
Portage Bay Waterfront Park; Montlake Playfield Boat Launch; Montlake School Greenhouse support;
Arboretum Overpass Lighting Project; Interpretive signs for Montlake Park; Designation of the Montlake
neighborhood on the National Register of Historic Districts; challenges to the 520 Project and involvement in
520 design issues with WSDOT, SDOT, the Seattle Mayor and City Council; Business District (Bike Shop to
Library) street lamps; Microphones and amplifier for meetings; consultant and application for Montlake School
historic designation; burglary and crime prevention presentations; Montlake new resident Welcome Packets;
traffic circle maintenance, etc.
In the future, the MCC plans to:
     a) Engage a consultant on a traffic management plan to ameliorate neighborhood traffic issues;
     b) Engage in website development to update and streamline the MCC website;
     c) Develop a neighborhood plan;
     d) Engage in disaster and emergency preparedness;
     e) Organize a spring arts and music event; and,
     f) Seek out other projects that will further the enjoyment of life in Montlake.
Some items listed above involve ongoing or recurring expenses and others, like the traffic consultant and
website development, require significant one time expenditures in the next year. There are also annual
operating costs, such as room rental; insurance; Flyer printing and mailing costs; USPS mailbox fees; and,
website hosting, maintenance, and domain registration fees.
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To achieve our ambitious goals we need your ongoing support. The MCC depends on your donations to
support our work on your behalf. While we supplement your donations with grants, gifts, and matching funds,
what you give each year represents the backbone of our funding. The Montlake Community Club is a 501(c)(3)
charitable organization.
Please donate generously to the Montlake Community Club (the form is on the last page of this Flyer or
download it HERE) and help us keep our neighborhood a welcoming, attractive, safe, and vibrant place to live.
The Officers, Board Members of the Montlake Community Club and your fellow Montlake residents thank you.
Steve Milam
Kathy Smith-DiJulio                    Connie Bain               Arthur Lee Jacobson
Vice President                         Treasurer                 Secretary
Anita Bowers                           Scott Forbes              Colin Shannon-Garvey
Signy Hayden                           Jim Roe                   Elaine King
Nathalie Gehrke                        Brian Haworth             Julee Neuhart
Board Members

Next Montlake Community Club Board Meeting
Board Meetings are held monthly from September through June. The next MCC Board meeting will be on
Thursday, February 21st at 7:00 pm at Steve Milam’s house. You are welcome to attend any Board meeting;
please e-mail Steve Milam to let him know you are coming and to get directions if needed.
Please let Steve know if you have a question or request for the MCC Board. Our meetings are open to all. You
can contact him by email at president@montlake.net or board@montlake.net.

Montlake Community Club General Meetings
Due to generally poor attendance at previous meetings, the Board has decided to postpone scheduling any
General Meetings until community feedback has been collected. There is a possibility of a March meeting
regarding Montlake traffic issues/concerns. The May meeting is mandatory for election of Board Members.
Please give us feedback with your opinions and suggestions to: board@montlake.net.

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CUCAC; City/University Community Advisory Committee
By Anita Bowers and Elaine King
Montlake Neighbors, here is an opportunity to represent Montlake on a committee of neighborhoods that
surround the University of Washington. The University shares their plans from new housing, University police
department sites, University Shoreline Policies to the new Sound Transit Station. Neighbors then have the
opportunity to share concerns they might have with the potential impacts to their neighborhood along with
understanding the benefits. It also opens up many of the opportunities the University has to share with the
The committee meets during the school year and usually in the UW Towers or at a newly built or remodeled
facility on the campus. Meeting notifications can be found on their website.
Theresa Doherty is the UW representative and currently, Elaine King and I are the Montlake representatives and
will be stepping down this spring. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, at
anita_m_bowers@hotmail.com . You can also see past CUCAC agendas and projects on their website.

Waterfront Park Trail
By Anita Bowers
Montlake Neighbors,
I’m sure by now that you have walked or launched your kayak on the new Waterfront Park Trail on Portage
Bay. Anne Preston, President of the Portage Bay Roanoke Park Community council and team have championed
this project for years and you have supported it through you contributions to the MCC. There are two volunteer
opportunities that I hope you will join me in enhancing and maintaining this priceless gem in our neighborhood.
March 9th 10:00am to 2:00pm Planting over 300 plants from bare root ground cover to evergreens.
April 13th 10:00am to 2:00pm Weeding and mulching with the goal of clearing the ivy and invasive weeds
                                   all the way to the Bill Dawson Trail.
To see a map of the existing trail up to the kayak launch and proposed trail, CLICK HERE. You will note the
references to phases of work. While the plan in its entirety is correct the order of the phases of work may not
be. These two scheduled work parties should link all phases of the trail.
This park was dedicated to the Duwamish People that lived in the Portage Bay area until they were driven out.
That story, and our current communication with Cecile Hansen, great-great grandniece of Chief Seattle, will be
seen in the next Montlake Flyer.
Thank you for your support,
Anita Bowers
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Montlake Home to Creative Beavers
By Julee Neuhart
                               Many Montlake neighbors have seen the huge beaver lodge,
                               which the crafty creatures have built just beyond the wetlands
                               at the Montlake Community Center. The lodge is so large
                               that it can be seen from the parking lot. But now some beaver
                               sculptures are on display because the Park Department staff
                               has removed much of the blackberry vines and ivy growing in
                               the wetlands. The staff has also spread mulch forming a new
                               trail just east of the small beach area.
                               During the winter months the water level is lowered, so now
                               is the time to investigate this new trail and see the beavers’
                               handiwork. The trees pictured here are the masterpieces. The
                               carvings are so large that they look like the whole beaver
                               family may have helped create them. In addition, several
                               small stumps are now visible with the distinctive gnaw marks
                               covering the top.
                               I encourage my Montlake neighbors to take a winter walk
                               before the leaves start budding, the vines start creeping and
                               the water rises. If you wait until April to check out this
                               beaver artwork, you’ll need to wear your waders

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Montlake Music & Arts Happening
by Nathalie Gehrke
                   Calling All Montlake Artists & Musicians to join in our first
                            “All Montlake Music & Arts Happening”
That’s right, we’re looking for our artistic and musical neighbors to step forth, (or be outed by neighbors and
friends) to entertain and delight us all on Sunday afternoon, May 19 at the Montlake Community Center.
A committee of planners has begun to design an event:
    *to celebrate and enjoy the talents of our many Montlake neighbors--professionals and amateurs, children
    and adults
    *to create an opportunity to meet and greet your neighbors; and-- who knows-- maybe
    * to start a wonderful new tradition.
We invite artists to display paintings & drawings, ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, fiber art, photographs,
woodworking, and other artistic creations.
We invite musicians to offer soloists to small groups; folk to jazz to classical; vocals and instrumentals; wacky
to inspiring.
The committee is still working out the plans, but if we’ve already caught your interest, e-mail Nathalie Gehrke
(encanta5@comcast.net) to get a few more details and/or put yourself or your group on the potential participant
lists. If you know any bashful artists or musicians in Montlake whom you’d like to see celebrated at the event,
please let us know so we can encourage them to sign on. We can only do this event if our talented folks join in.
And finally, if you’d like to be part of the planning committee or help staff the event on May 19th, contact us at
the same address.

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    Neighbor Appreciation Day
                           Saturday, February 9, 2013, marks Seattle's 19th annual celebration of Neighbor
                           Appreciation Day. This is the day when we reach out, create new bonds, and express
                           thanks to those who live or work around us.
                            The celebration began in 1995 when Phinney Ridge activist Judith Wood suggested that
                            the City designate "a special day to celebrate the goodness in those around us and to
                            reach out and strengthen our bonds to each other." Mayor Norm Rice proclaimed the
                            Saturday before Valentine's Day as Neighbor Appreciation Day. The observance has
                            grown every year since.
                            Here's how you can participate:
•   Plan an activity for your neighborhood such as a block party, potluck, or work party. This website provides
    ideas, tools, resources, and templates to help community members organize an activity. Once scheduled, the
    event can be posted to the events calendar.
•   Attend one of the many community activities listed on the events calendar. Many Seattle Fire stations along
    with Seattle parks and neighborhoods are hosting celebrations and work parties.
•   Send Neighbor Appreciation Day e-cards to your neighbors. The selection features artwork from past winners
    of the Neighbor Appreciation Day Student Art Contest.
•   Share a story or two about your favorite neighbors. Community members can post stories about great
    neighbors or their neighborhood.
•   Share the photos of your activity with us on Flickr.

    Volunteer Park Conservatory
    The Conservatory, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is also a City landmark and one of the few
    remaining original Victorian public glass houses in the country. It houses an outstanding tropical plant
    collection, hosts classes and day camps for school-age children, and provides space for art classes, events and
    public gatherings. The Conservatory shelters a tropical plant collection and provides a warm, quiet, beautiful
    Beginning February 1, 2013, a $4 fee for adults to enter the Volunteer Park Conservatory will help preserve this
    100 year old jewel of Seattle’s Olmsted park system.
    Other fees are:
    · $2 for youth ages 13-17
    · No fee for children 12 and younger
    · $25 for K-12 school groups (with advance reservations)
    There is a pay machine at the Conservatory’s entry that accepts Visa, MasterCard, $1 bills and change. The
    machine does not provide change.
    Revenues from the entry fee, estimated to be $104,000, will help keep the facility open and operating, preserve
    the Conservatory’s heritage and maintain the horticultural collection.
    The Friends of the Conservatory (FOC), a nonprofit organization that supports and advocates for the
    Conservatory, sells memberships starting at $20. The FOC offers docent-led tours ($25 for a group of up to 25
    with advance reservations) that inform the participants about the Conservatory’s plant collections, architectural
    history, plant acquisition, and production, facility operations, and behind-the scenes news.
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Montlake Branch Library News
from Montlake Librarian Jared L. Mills
Another year means another tax season! The Seattle Public Library, AARP and the United Way of King
County are working together to offer free tax help at 11 Library locations through mid-April. Trained volunteers
will be available to answer questions and prepare personal tax returns. Drop In Tax Help is offered on a first
come, first served basis.
This service is free and available to individuals. The free service is not available for business tax returns. IRS
reproducible forms are available for photocopy (15 cents per page) at all Library locations. Please call your
branch to find out if print forms are in stock, since some forms have been delayed due to the recent passage of
the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. Most IRS forms are available online at www.irs.gov. To find a
branch near you that offers tax help, visit our online calendar and choose “Tax Help” under event type.
For Children~
It is story time at the Montlake Branch!
Regular weekly story times at the Montlake Branch continue in 2013 at 11 a.m. Wednesdays:
Feb. 6, 13, 20, 27 & March 6, 20, 27
Bring your preschoolers and toddlers to enjoy stories, rhymes, songs and fun with our children's librarian.
For Adult Readers~
The Montlake Book Group meets from 6:30 p.m. - 7:45 p.m. every third Tuesday of the month. Our next
meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 19. This month’s selection is a fabulous foray into food fiction with “Last
Night at the Lobster” by Stewart O’Nan. Manny DeLeon is the manager of a failing New England seafood
restaurant who stages one glorious final night to try and recapture the glory of his restaurant. Copies are
available at the branch. All are welcome.
For Teens Who Love Books~
The Montlake Book Games group took January off, but we are ready for some fun in February. We will meet
Monday, Feb. 4 from 4:30 p.m. - 6 p.m. We meet at the Montlake Branch to play Book Games including:
Book Bingo, Book Mad Libs, Book Go Fish and other fun activities that get us talking about our favorite stories
and characters. It doesn’t matter if you’ve read every book you can get your hands on or are just starting to get
interested in what you find on the Library shelves. Questions? Email lesley.james@spl.org.

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Community Forums on Homelessness
By Sally Kinney
Stages of Homelessness:
You're invited to community forums on the patterns of homelessness and barriers to re-housing. Short videos, a
hot meal, brief presentation on a program serving vehicle residents, announcements of other efforts, and a panel
discussion including questions from the audience. Contact: elimaupin@gmail.com.

•   Fri., Feb. 1, 6 PM, St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church, 3050 California Ave SW. Alison Eisinger,
    Seattle King County Coalition on Homelessness, will speak about what the 2013 One-Night-Count numbers
    tell us about homelessness locally.
•   Sat, February 2, 6 PM, Ballard Odd Fellows Lodge, 1706 NW Market Street: James Bible, Seattle King
    County NAACP, will speak about poverty and the law. Sorry - venue is not handicap accessible.

Montlake Annual Garden Tour
by Kari Olson
                             Sunday, June 2nd 2013 - 1:00 to 5:00pm
                             Please volunteer your garden; we would like to have 12 gardens.
                                   Public and private
                                   Every size and theme:
                                   Asian, Cottage, Rain, Drought, Native
                             Contact: Kari Olson
                             olsonka@live.com (206) 329-1911

By Sarah Heller
                        Spring Break Camp, April 15-19 - Registration opens Feb. 1
                        Come tune your senses to the song of spring while we become nature detectives. What
                        is spring like at the Arboretum?
                        What are the birds telling us? What are the plants doing? Where are the animals
                        hanging out? We’ll look high and low to help us explore the meaning of springtime.
                        We might also plant a garden, work with Arboretum staff to do a stewardship project,
                        and practice some spring plant-based survival projects (shelter building, fire starting,
                        learning about foraging for food and more!). Interspersed throughout the week will be
                        lots of games, spring-themed crafts, stories and adventures.

WHO:              1st – 6th graders (Max. 20 campers)
WHAT:             Environmental Education Day Camp
WHEN:             April 15 – 19; 9am – 3pm
WHERE:            Washington Park Arboretum; pick-up & drop-off at the Graham Visitors Center
HOW MUCH:         $225 per week ($200 for UW employees and Arboretum Foundation members)

                                                    ~ 10 ~
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UW Botanic Gardens
by Deb Shannon
UW Botanic Gardens Summer Camp at the Arboretum – Registration opens Feb. 1
Outdoor and nature-based adventures at the Arboretum! Come be a nature detective or learn to be a northwest
naturalist. Check out our themes and come play outside with us this summer. Find more on our website starting
February 1st: www.uwbotanicgardens.org, look under Education, Kids & Family.
Mason Bees – Winter 2013 - Tuesday, February 19, 7-8:30pm
UW Botanic Gardens’ Center for Urban Horticulture, Isaacson Classroom; 3501 NE 41st St, Seattle, WA 98105
Instructor: Missy Anderson (aka the Queen Bee); rentmasonbees.com
Fee: $10
Are you interested in learning how to improve the pollination of plants and trees in your yard? Or perhaps you
are curious how you could support the environment by hosting non-stinging native bees without any fruit trees
in your garden?
Come join us as Missy Anderson (alias Queen Bee), from King County Master Gardeners, offers an engaging
presentation on Orchard Mason Bees. Learn about the wonderful nature of mason bees, the value they bring to
our world, and how easy it is to host them in a nesting box in your back yard. Becoming a successful bee farmer
is easy and fun.
Introduction to Conifer Identification - Saturday, March 23, 10 am – 2 pm
UW Botanic Gardens’ Washington Park Arboretum, Graham Visitors Center, 2300 Arboretum Drive E, Seattle,
WA 98112
Instructor: Patrick Mulligan, Education Supervisor at the Washington Park Arboretum
One of Washington’s monikers is the “Evergreen State”, and rightfully so as our region is truly blessed when it
comes to conifer diversity and abundance. As the official state arboretum, our collection at the Washington
Park Arboretum is one of the best in the country for representing these stoic sentinels. This intro to conifer ID
will give you the basic knowledge to figure out what kinds of trees you’re seeing while hiking on the trail or
walking around town. Part indoor presentation, part guided tour, we will take full advantage of the WPA’s
outstanding collection to keep this class informative, hands-on and fun.
Fee: Early registration $45.00 until February 22; $50 after February 22

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                                                    ~ 11 ~
 “Growing Up WILD”: Book, Fun Activities, and Nature Tidbits to Share and Amaze Your Students
Saturday, March 2, 9am-12pm
Graham Visitor Center, Washington Park Arboretum
Fee: Early-bird discount $60 (includes book); $65 after February 24
Class description:
You will receive and be trained on the fabulous “Growing up WILD” activity guide (a $30 value). The guide
contains 27 nature-based themes, complete with background information, outdoor activities, ideas for healthy
snacks, ways kids can help, math, art, songs, and more. Join us for a fun day and be ready to hit the ground
running with a new nature-based bag of tricks!
Age group addressed: Ages 3 through 8
Who should attend: Teachers, parents, foster parents, relative care givers, family resources coordinators, family
engagement staff.
Learning objectives:
   1. Participants will be comfortable with the guide and ready to use it.
   2. Participants will be knowledgeable about the website and know where to find additional information and
       “copy me” pages.
   3. Participants will have learned interesting facts about the natural world and feel more comfortable
       teaching about and taking kids into it.
Instructor Julie Luthy has been a naturalist for over 25 years helping people nurture a respect and awe for their
natural surroundings. She holds a master’s degree in Environmental and Science Education. Her field
experience includes work in national parks, nature centers and Seattle’s Discovery Park. She currently offers
environmental ed. programs through her own business.

Presenter fee: $300
Book cost to UWBG: $21.00
Maximum class size: 40

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                                                     ~ 12 ~
Treasurer’s Report
By Connie Bain, Treasurer@Montlake.net
Montlake Community Club - Treasurer’s Report – January 28, 2013

Account Balances as of January 28, 2013
BECU Checking                   $8520.20
BECU Savings                   $3,011.99
BECU Money Market             $19,541.65
                       Total: $31,073.84

September 1,2012-January 28, 2013
Montlake Flyer advertising        $250.00
Fundraising donations           $10,026.00
                                                    Total income: $10,276.00

PayPal donations to come (less fees): $1,250.00

Expenses Paid:
September 1, 2012-January 28, 2013
Montlake Flyer – printing                            619.08*
Fundraising – printing                               237.44
Gateway Parks – supplies, plants                     163.12
General meeting – room rental                        145.00
General meeting – mic/PA rental                      203.23
Welcome Committee                                      58.41
Liability insurance yearly premium                    500.00
BOLA – school historic designation consultant       3,088.40*
                                                    Total expenses: $5,014.68

*January expenses paid:
Montlake Flyer - $92.69
BOLA -        $2,044.50
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                                                  ~ 13 ~
Minutes from MCC Board Meeting
By Signy Hayden, co-editor
Montlake CC Board Minutes January 10, 2013; 7:00 p.m. @Steve Milam’s home 1820 E. McGraw St
Members present: Steve Milam, Kathy Smith-DiJulio, Nathalie Gehrke, Anita Bowers, Jim Roe, Signy
Hayden, Connie Bain, Colin Shannon-Garvey, Elaine King, Scott Forbes
Members absent: Bryan Haworth, Arthur Lee Jacobson, Julee Neuhart
Guests: Jon Decker, Katherine Casseday

December 5th Board Meeting Minutes: The minutes were moved, seconded and approved.
Treasurer’s Report – Connie:
The Treasurer’s report dated January 10, 2013 was briefly discussed, and it was moved, seconded, and
approved. Current balance in the account is $30,983.32.
Traffic Consultant Presentation: Anita Bowers and Katherine Casseday
Plan purpose: To identify recommended traffic improvements for Montlake. Goals for the plan include:
Manage traffic, Improve Safety, Improve Walkability and Bike-ability in Montlake, Improve Livability in the
Neighborhood, Foster/Support the Local Economy.
Phase 1, which would include a list of recommended actions, a map, and some illustrations of improvements
would take about 3 months (following a Community General Meeting in which to gather input) and would cost
Stage 2, if required, would include a final document and would cost another $8,000 or so.
A lengthy discussion ensued regarding our current lack of money to fund the project, ending with a motion,
seconded and approved, to table the discussion until next month. It was the consensus that we need to know
exactly what monies we have available after fixed expenses, etc. Connie and Colin volunteered to look into the
budget before the February meeting. Jim Roe and Elaine have agreed to look into possible Grant options.
Fundraising Efforts – Connie:
Total donations from our fundraising campaign have been $10,060, from 161 donors, both from PayPal and
mail-in. Money is still coming in; and Steve would like to reiterate that donations are still accepted, are
welcome, and accepted all year round. Steve spoke with Café Lago re: holding another fundraiser there, but he
found out it cost them over $1,200 last year to hold one, and they would not be able to underwrite another one.
Flyer – Colin:
Colin reported that there are 968 households on the forum; of those, all receive the flyer except 37, so 931
receive the flyer online. Another 30 are hand-delivered, and 100 flyers are distributed to neighborhood
businesses and the Montlake Community Center, etc.
Montlake School Historic Designation – Jon
We will know on January 18th if the Landmark Board has accepted our document. We have paid $1,043.90, and
have just received a bill for $2,044.50. We have budgeted $7,500.00 for this project.
General Meetings:
We will have a General Meeting re: Traffic issues/traffic consultant, probably in March.

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                                                   ~ 14 ~
Garden Tour – Jim
It was moved, seconded, and approved that there will be a Montlake Garden Tour on June 2nd, 2013. Jim Roe
will write an announcement for the Flyer.
Board Meeting Dates – Steve
The next meeting of the Montlake Community Club Board will be Thursday, February 21st at Steve Milam’s
home. We will try to keep with the 3rd Thursday of the month moving forward.
New Business:
February 9th is Neighbor Appreciation Day (from the Department of Neighborhoods). It is celebrated in many
different ways in Seattle Neighborhoods. If there is someone you would like to thank, you can get e-vites on
line by going to Neighbor Appreciation Day.
There are three Board Members leaving in May (possibly four). We need to speak to people in the
neighborhood who may be interested in being involved and volunteering for a board position. We will post a
notice in the Flyer.
We need a new co-editor for the Flyer to replace one of the current co-editors.
Also, we need a representative for CUCAC (City University Community Advisory Committee), chaired by
Theresa Dougherty. There are minutes online from meetings you can go through if you are interested. This
committee representative does not have to be a MCC Board Member as long as the Board is kept apprised of
impacts/issues affecting our neighborhood. http://www.washington.edu/community/cucac/.
Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted, Signy Hayden, January 15, 2013

Contacting Montlake Flyer, MCC Board, and Montlake Community
We encourage you to e-mail your concerns and thoughts about the Flyer and the MCC website so that we can
better meet your needs: communications-committee@montlake.net
If you have concerns and thoughts about the Montlake Community Club, please send those to our board at
If you have concerns and thoughts that you want to share with the larger Montlake community, please send
them to montlakeforum@yahoo.com. The Montlake Forum has a broad purpose: enabling any member to send
topics and concerns to the Montlake community, and fostering general discussion and participation. Only
forum members can post and receive messages. You can join the forum at http://montlake.net ; in the right
hand column under “Meet Your Neighbors”, enter your email address and click on “Subscribe”.
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                                                  ~ 15 ~
Montlake Community Club Board of Directors
Officers: Term May 2011 to May 2013
President         Steve Milam                 President@Montlake.net
Vice President    Kathy Smith-DiJulio         Vice-President@Montlake.net
Treasurer         Connie Bain                 Treasurer@Montlake.net
Secretary         Arthur Jacobson             Secretary@Montlake.net

Trustees: Board@Montlake.net

                                    Anita Bowers

Term: May 2010 to May 2013          Scott Forbes

                                    Colin Shannon-Garvey

                                    Signy Hayden

Term: May 2011 to May 2014          Jim Roe

                                    Elaine King

                                    Nathalie Gehrke

Term: May 2012 to May 2015          Bryan Haworth

                                    Julee Neuhart

Masthead and Privacy Notice
The Montlake Flyer is published monthly except in July and August by the Montlake Community Club.
Circulation is more than 1000. Encourage your neighbors to sign up and be informed.
Co-Editors: Colin Shannon-Garvey and Signy Hayden          flyer-editor@montlake.net
Advertising Manager: Bryan Haworth                         flyer-advertising@montlake.net
Distribution Manager: Chris Stuk                           flyer-distribution@montlake.net
To sign up to receive the Montlake Flyer by email, please go to http://montlake.net.
If you prefer, a paper Flyer can be delivered to you; please call 206-329-5270 or e-mail flyer-
distribution@montlake.net and we will be happy to add you to the delivery list.
We put printed copies of the Flyer in the Montlake Community Center, Montlake Library, Montlake Boulevard
Market, Mont's Market, Jay's Cleaners, Montlake Alehouse, and Fuel Coffee.
Privacy Notice: The Montlake Community Club (MCC) has created a distribution list to send communications
such as the Flyer from the MCC. No one, other than the owners, can see who is in the distribution list. Under
no circumstances will we disclose your email addresses or personal information to anyone.
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                                                    ~ 16 ~
                                 Donation Form

Please print and mail this form along with your donation. Or you can donate online
via PayPal at www.Montlake.net.
The form may also be downloaded HERE
Enclosed is my gift of:
☐ $500 ☐ $250 ☐ $100 ☐ $50                  ☐ $25      ☐ $ ____________

Checks should be made payable to: Montlake Community Club

Thank you! Your gift is tax-deductible. Montlake Community Club is a registered
501(c)3 non-profit corp. If your employer provides matching funds, please be sure
to enclose the appropriate form.

Name (please print) __________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________

City _ ________________________________State ___________ Zip __________

e-mail (optional—only if you would like to have the Montlake Flyer e-mailed to
you and you are not already a subscriber)
Please mail to:
Montlake Community Club
4616 25th Ave NE #446

                                      ~ 17 ~
Seattle, WA 98105–4183

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