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									Study finds Summit County's Porcupine Ridge ideal for wind-energy de...                                                                      http://www.sltrib.com/utah/ci_13628158

                                                                                     TUESDAY, November 3, 2009
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          MORE UTAH NEWS            Study finds Summit County's Porcupine Ridge ideal for
            Mother charged
                                    wind-energy development
          with allegedly
          having sex with
                                    Alternative energy » Installing tall turbines could be a boon for landowners and Summit County
          foster son
             Texas judge            By Steven Oberbeck
          limits some records
                                    The Salt Lake Tribune
          in FLDS trial over
                                    Updated: 10/23/2009 07:58:51 PM MDT
            State considers
          big changes for
                                        On most days, stiff winds can be counted on to blow
          big-game hunts            across Summit County's Porcupine Ridge.
            3,500 H1N1
                                        They are so strong and consistent that no one should be
          vaccine doses gone        surprised a few years from now to find wind turbines
          in 14 minutes             dotting the landscape, their massive blades generating 50
             House panel            megawatts of electricity or more for an energy-hungry
          advances bill to ban
          foreign low-level
          radioactive waste
                                        And that would be only a modest development.
            Thousands lose
                                        "It is an attractive site for wind power," said Edwin R.
          power in Salt Lake        Stafford at Utah State University, who with Cathy L.
          City                      Hartman just completed a study on Porcupine Ridge in
            Police looking for      conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy.
          downtown SLC                  The pair's study predicts that wind turbines there -- the
          hit-and-run driver        ridge, northeast of Coalville, sits about five miles west of
             Traffic: Accident      the Utah-Wyoming state line -- could generate during their
          slowing commute           construction more than $31 million in economic benefits
          on westbound 201
                                    for Summit County.
             2 charged with
          kidnapping, leaving
                                        "Wind power can create attractive economic
          woman in desert
                                    opportunities for a local community in terms of new jobs,
             Woman, son
                                    lease payments to landowners and new property-tax
          injured in suspected      revenues," said Hartman, a marketing professor at USU's
          DUI                       Jon M. Huntsman School of Business.
             Open house                 The study, "An Analysis of State-Level Economic
          introduces new            Impacts from the Development of Wind Power Plants in
          advocates for
                                    Summit County, Utah," found that a 50-megawatt wind
          disabled Utahns
                                    power plant could produce about $150,000 a year in land-lease payments to
          Earmarks not
          bankrupting                   It also could generate more than $800,000 in local property taxes for the county,
          country                   of which more than $631,000 would support
             Salt Lake City         Advertisement                                 the South Summit School District,
          leaders make final
          push for police
                                                                                  Stafford's and Hartman's study said.
          complex                                                                    The Porcupine Ridge site is one of
             Case closed after                                                    dozens of promising sites that have been
          fugitive sex                                                            identified throughout Utah, said Jason
          offender, ex-BYU
                                                                                  Berry, manager of the Utah State Energy
          coach, found dead
            U. will honor 11
                                                                                     "We have the potential to generate
          veterans on Nov. 11
                                                                                  several thousand megawatts of wind
            Banner year for
          Utah judges: No
                                                                                  power," he said, noting though that there
                                                                                  are challenges with many sites, such as a
            Centerville man
                                                                                  lack of nearby transmission lines to move
          arrested in                                                             the electricity onto the state's power grid.
          connection with                                                            Hartman and Stafford's economic
          bank robbery                                                            analysis of the benefits that could flow
            Lawman killed in                                                      from a Porcupine Ridge development was
          1913 gets
          ceremony and
                                                                                  based in part upon wind data gathered as
          headstone                 part of a state program that loans out anemometers -- instruments that measure and
            S. L. County
                                    record wind speed.
          sheriff's deputies            The study pointed out that the industry standard for commercial wind sites is
          may dodge pay cut         generally a minimum speed of 12 mph when measured at 20 meters above the
            Artifacts suspect       ground. Anemometer data collected at Porcupine Ridge found the average wind
                                    speed there is about 13.75 mph and that the winds generally peak between 10 a.m.

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Study finds Summit County's Porcupine Ridge ideal for wind-energy de...                                                                           http://www.sltrib.com/utah/ci_13628158

          wants to change
                                   and 9 p.m.
                                       And that makes the Porcupine Ridge site even more potentially valuable since it
            Social Security
                                   could produce power during the daytime hours when power demand typically is at
          inundated by new         its highest.
          disability claims            Although wind energy provides less than 2 percent of the total electricity
            Salt Lake County       consumed in the country, the American Wind Energy Association indicated that its
          residents can book       development grew 50 percent in 2008, the year that commercial wind development
          H1N1 swine flu
                                   saw a big leap in Utah. Wasatch Wind started generating about 19 megawatts from
             Utahn sentenced
                                   its wind power plant at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon.
          for selling firearms
                                       Summit County Councilwoman Sally Elliott and Park City Mayor Dana Williams
          without a license        were instrumental in generating interest in launching the study. Elliott said she is
             Utah's US
                                   eager to see additional wind power established in Utah.
          Magnesium named              Still, she conceded there are a lot of obstacles that have to be overcome before
          a federal toxic          such projects can be launched, including bringing together landowners, ensuring
          emergency cleanup
                                   there are available transmission lines and finding someone willing to purchase the
             Utah-bound Delta
          flight lands safely in       "When you look over at Wyoming there are all kinds of wind-power projects,"
          Phoenix after bird       she said. "We're upwind from them, so there has to be some good sites in Utah, and
          strike                   it sounds like Porcupine Ridge is one of them."
            Brigham Young              steve@sltrib.com
          University plans
          2010 tuition hike
            Northrop moving
          test site from
          Arizona to Utah             Report on the Internet
             Seminar on fetal          To read the USU wind-power report
          alcohol disorders
                                    "An Analysis of State-Level Economic
                                    Impacts from the Development of Wind
            Get out and vote,
                                    Power Plants in Summit County, Utah"
          Bell says
                                    online, go to http://tr.im/CP00.
            FLDS trial, Day 6:
          More from DNA
                                       Wind-power factoids
          expert, child service        A megawatt of electricity is enough to
          investigator              power approximately 1,000 homes. On
                                    average it costs about $2 million to
                                    develop each megawatt of wind power.
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