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									Published Quarterly By The Space Coast Region, Porsche Club Of America

                                      May 2010 | Volume 4, Issue 2

                                      Back to Rolex 24
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                                      Amelia Island Concours
                                      A Track Day With Derek Bell
                                      48 Hours of Sebring
                                  President’s In This Issue                               Some Interesting Facts                                    page 5
                                  Column                                                  Meet Our President
                                                                                          911 World Preview
                                                                                          St. Augustine Drive & Dine
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                                                                                          Insurance for the Unthinkable                             page 10-11
As	I	write	my	first	President’s	Column,	I	would	like	to	begin	by	thanking	                Rolex 24                                                  page 12-13
Past	 President	 David	 O’Neal	 for	 his	 tireless	 efforts	 and	 outstanding	
leadership	 over	 the	 last	 few	 years.	 Even	 though	 he	 has	 moved	 up	 to	           Porsche Corral                                            page 14-15
be	our	Zone	12	Representative,	I	know	he	will	still	spend	lots	of	time	                   Pelican Yacht Club Drive & Dine                           page 19
ensuring	 that	 Space	 Coast	 remains	 the	 premier	 region	 in	 all	 of	 the	
PCA.	                                                                                     Tech Column                                               page 20-21
                                                                                          Congrats to Dylan                                         page 22
I	would	also	like	to	recognize	PCA	National	Treasurer	Tom	Gorsuch	                        Classifieds                                               page 23
for	his	continued	leadership	to	our	region.		We	should	never	take	for	
granted	the	value	of	having	his	wisdom	and	influence	readily	available	                   Zonefest 2012                                             page 24
to	advise	us	and	keep	us	on	our	path.	                                                    Check One Off the Bucket List                             page 25
                                                                                          Kaffeeklatschen Corner                                    page 27
Please	 join	 me	 in	 welcoming	 our	 new	 leadership	 team.	 They	 are	 the	
true	heroes	of	the	club,	spending	hours	planning	and	executing	each	                      Advertiser Spotlight                                      page 28
event.	We	continue	to	expand	our	team	and	would	like	to	hear	from	                        Parade 2012                                               page 29
you	if	you	would	like	to	become	more	involved	in	the	club.
                                                                                          Coming Attractions                                        page 30
Besides	EV,	Jonathan	Parker	has	been	hard	at	work	updating	our	online	                    Member Spotlight                                          page 31
version	of	the	newsletter.	Add	it	as	a	favorite	on	your	browser	and	check	
it	often	to	stay	engaged,	www.spc.pca.org.	

Thank	 you	 also	 to	 each	 of	 our	 advertisers	 and	 our	 primary	 sponsor	
Porsche	of	Melbourne.	Without	your	continued	support,	none	of	this	
would	be	possible.		If	you	are	looking	for	a	product	or	service,	please	
consider	our	advertisers	first	and	foremost.	

Lastly,	I	want	to	thank	each	of	our	members	for	the	honor	of	acting	as	
your	president	for	the	coming	year.	The	officers	and	I	promise	to	do	our	
best	to	keep	the	positive	momentum	going	from	prior	leadership.	We	

                                                                                             Attention Boxster
are	poised	to	have	another	banner	year!	

We	have	lots	of	opportunities	to	get	out,	drive	our	cars,	and	enjoy	the	
company	 of	 our	 fellow	 enthusiasts	 this	 year.	 The	 991	 launch	 party	
will	be	spectacular,	the	6oth	anniversary	of	Sebring	is	just	around	the	
                                                                                                            DeLand Airport!
                                                                                             Now Open on theowners!
                                                                                              and 996
corner;	 we	 are	 hosting	 Zonefest	 and	 it	 promises	 to	 be	 an	 incredible	           If your Boxster or 996 was born between
event;	Sunrise	to	Sunset	Rally	6	has	an	interesting	twist	this	year;	plus	                1997 and 2005, your car has a potentially
we	have	several	other	great	drives	and	unique	events	planned.		                           terminal engine flaw in the rear intermediate
                                                                                              ✔Engine Conversions and a solution.
                                                                                          shaft bearing. Fortunately, there isUpdates
Whether	you	are	a	racer,	a	race	or	car	enthusiast,	or	just	enjoy	the	social	
                                                                                          LN Engineering has developed a retrofit that
                                                                                              ✔Track Modifications/Race Prep
aspects	of	the	club,	there	is	something	for	you.	Hope	to	see	you	at	an	
event	soon.	Now	get	out	and	drive	those	cars!	                                            cures the issue.Cages to your Specs
                                                                                          Series 9 is an authorized installer for this
                                                                                              ✔Full Ground-up Restorations
                                                                                          M96 engine saver. Call us today and make an
                                                                                              ✔General Repairs and Service
                                               Steve Hoffman                              appointment.
                                                                                                ✔Local Service for West Volusia
                                                                                                 Retrofits start at $1999*
                                                                                          IMS www.914RS.com for more information.
                                                                                           *(Price quoted for a manual transmission Boxster and includes the bearing)

                                                                                             1405 Flightline Blvd, #21, DeLand, FL 32724
On the cover:	 The	 new	 Porsche	 911	 serves	 as	
the	pace	car	at	the	50th	running	of	the	Rolex	24.	
                                                                                          Visit www.914RS.com for more information
Photo	by	Blake	Blakely.                                                                   1405 Flightline Blvd., #21, DeLand, FL 32724

                                                                      volume 6, Issue 1                                                                           
       President         North Region Coordinator         Skill Event Coordinators        Our
     Steve	Hoffman             Mike	Masters                   Andre	Martineau
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                         South Region Coordinator              Brian	Reinert
     Vice President
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  John	“Blake”	Blakely
                          mdkelly1@bellsouth.net               321.298.0089
                                                          Touring Coordinators
                         Event Chair and Co-Chair              Ralph	Fritsche
       Secretary                                                                     Event Insurance Coordinator Charity Coordinator
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                                                            volume 6, Issue 1
Some Interesting Membership Facts
By	Brian	Reinert

How	would	you	like	to	see	a	few	interesting	facts	on	Space	Coast	 What	 type	 of	 Porsches	 you	 might	 ask?	 The	 following	 table	
Region	 membership?	 Currently,	 we	 have	 463	 primary	 and	 290	 identifies	a	few	of	the	models:
affiliate	members	for	a	total	of	753!	While	most	of	our	primary	
members	live	in	Brevard	County,	83	live	in	Indian	River	County,	
and	73	list	Volusia	County	as	home.	

But	what	about	our	Porsches?	The	following	table	identifies	the	
number	of	Porsches	registered	by	primary	members	and	the	year	

                                                                     Please	note	the	numbers	do	not	perfectly	align	as	some	members	
                                                                     have	not	provided	information	on	the	pca.org	website	under	their	
                                                                     profile.	Likewise,	many	members	have	more	than	one	Porsche.

                                                                       Happy driving!

                                                           volume 6, Issue 1                                                     
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6                                                                                                volume , Issue 
Meet Our New President
By	Steve	Hoffman

Although	I	have	met	many	of	you	over	the	last	      efficient	car.	When	I	told	                                        Tyler, Robin, Steve, and Tori at Zonefest 2011
few	years,	there	are	still	several	members	that	    her	the	only	car	I	would	
I	have	not	had	the	pleasure	of	meeting.	So,	I	      ever	own	was	a	Porsche,	
would	like	to	start	with	a	quick	introduction.	     she	said	“go	for	it”.	That	
I	have	a	lovely	wife	Robin	and	four	children,	      was	all	I	needed	to	hear.	
Stefanie,	 Ryan,	 Tyler,	 and	 Victoria	 (Tori).	   I	 called	 Ralph	 and	 we	
Many	 of	 you	 have	 seen	 the	 younger	 two	 at	   had	my	‘86	Guards	Red	
numerous	events.		                                  Carrera	 Targa	 parked	
                                                    in	 the	 garage	 within	 a	
I	actually	owe	my	Porsche	experience	to	Past	 week.	
President	Ralph	Fritsche	who	influenced	me	
in	1984	to	buy	an	absolutely	stunning	black	 I	 rejoined	 the	 club,	 got	
1973	 2.0	 914.	 That	 was	 when	 I	 first	 joined	 more	 involved,	 and	
the	Cape	Canaveral/Space	Coast	Region.	My	 nine	 Porsches	 later	 (I	
love	 affair	 with	 Porsche	 and	 the	 club	 only	 only	 own	 seven	 at	 the	
lasted	 a	 year	 before	 a	 combination	 of	 thick	 present	 time)	 -	 here	 we	
fog,	a	detour,	and	a	light	pole	ended	my	914’s	 are	 today!	 	 Three	 of	 them	 are	 in	 the	 garage	                                                             	
                                                                                                               older	 911	 parts	 just	 waiting	 to	 find	 a	 home	
life	and	took	with	it	my	front	teeth.	              -	 the	 ‘87	 930,	 the	 ‘67	 912	 and	 the	 ‘92	 968	 -	   on	a	future	restoration.	I	promise	Robin,	they	
                                                    all	 red.	 The	 ‘90	 944	 S2	 Cab	 is	 technically	        will	get	out	of	the	house	one	day!	
Being	a	broke	college	student,	followed	by	a	 Robin’s.	 And	 the	 other	 three	 are	 early	 ‘70s	
broke	family	man	with	four	kids,	it	would	be	 911s	 that	 are	 in	 some	 stage	 of	 restoration.	              I	have	a	passion	for	anything	and	everything	
twenty	 years	 before	 Porsche	 ownership	 was	 I	 love	 the	 older	 cars	 and	 try	 to	 take	 every	          Porsche	 related.	 This	 club	 is	 a	 huge	 part	 of	
back	on	the	table.	I	had	been	driving	pick-up	 car	 I	 can	 get	 my	 hands	 on	 and	 bring	 them	              that	 passion.	 I	 hope	 I	 get	 a	 chance	 to	 meet	
trucks	for	the	prior	ten	years,	and	with	gas	on	 back	 to	 their	 original	 glory.	 Our	 garage	               all	 of	 you	 at	 some	 point	 and	 share	 your	
the	rise,	Robin	was	on	me	to	get	a	more	fuel	 and	 part	 of	 the	 bedroom	 are	 stuffed	 full	 of	         	   experiences.

                                     Zipper Urogynecology
                                                                                 is travel season focus on
                                                                               fun and not the restroom.
                                                                                                Make fewer pit stops with a
                                                                                             visit to Zipper Urogynecology.

                                                                                                           321.674.2114 | www.ZipperUroGyn.com
                                                                                                  New Location: 1130 S. Harbor City Blvd., Melbourne

                                                                         volume 6, Issue 1                                                                      
911 World Preview
Porsche	Press	Release
Photos	By	Porsche	North	America

DETROIT – January 9, 2012	 –	 Springtime	 arrives	 a	 little	 early	 our	largest	911	Cabrio	market.”	The	Coupé	variant	of	the	sports	car	
today	 at	 the	 North	 American	 International	 Auto	 Show	 with	 the	 classic	will	be	available	in	the	USA	starting	in	February	2012	with	the	
introduction	of	the	2012	Porsche	911	Carrera	Cabriolet	and	Carrera	 Cabriolet	following	a	few	months	later,	providing	a	fresh	impetus.
S	Cabriolet.
                                                                        The	two	new	Cabriolets	feature	the	same	engine	as	its	Carrera	Coupe	
Development	of	the	new,	seventh-generation	911	Carrera	and	Carrera	 counterpart.	 The	 rear	 of	 the	 911	 Carrera	 Cabrio	 houses	 a	 3.4-liter	
S	 Coupes	 began	 with	 a	 new	 aluminum-steel	 body;	 the	 Cabriolets	 flat	 six-cylinder	 engine	 generating	 350	 horsepower	 (hp)	 (257	 kW)	
                                                                                           driving	the	rear	wheels	through	a	seven-gear	manual	
                                                                                           transmission.	 The	 open-top	 Carrera	 S	 comes	 with	
                                                                                           a	 3.8-liter	 flat	 six-cylinder	 engine	 developing	 400	
                                                                                           hp	 (294	 kW)	 and	 also	 has	 a	 standard	 seven-gear	
                                                                                           manual	 transmission.	 The	 Cabriolets	 have	 the	
                                                                                           Porsche	 Doppelkupplungsgetriebe	 (PDK)	 available	
                                                                                           as	 an	 option,	 helping	 to	 deliver	 even	 lower	 fuel	
                                                                                          consumption	and	shorter	acceleration	times.
                                                                                                   The	new,	2012	911	Carrera	Cabriolet	will	sprint	to	60	
                                                                                                   mph	in	as	little	as	4.4	seconds	with	the	optional	PDK,	
                                                                                                   accelerating	 on	 to	 its	 top-track-speed	 of	 176	 mph.	
                                                                                                   The	911	Carrera	S	Cabriolet	with	PDK	will	perform	
                                                                                                   the	same	deeds	in	as	little	as	4.1	seconds	and	reaches	
                                                                                                   a	top-track-speed	of	185	mph.
                                                                                                   With	a	3.9-inch	longer	wheelbase	over	the	outgoing	
                                                                                                   model,	 a	 wider	 front	 track	 and	 the	 new	 electro-
                                                                                                   mechanical	 power	 steering,	 the	 new	 Cabriolets	
                                                                                                   offer	 even	 sportier	 driving	 characteristics,	 greater	
                                                                                                   precision	and	agility.	Depending	on	model,	there	are	
                                                                                                   other	 standard	 and	 optional	 active	 control	 systems	
                                                                                                   available	to	further	enhance	the	driving	dynamics.
continue	 the	 evolution	 with	 the	 addition	 of	 an	 all-new,	 unique	 top	    The	 911	 Carrera	 Cabriolets	 will	 be	 available	 later	 in	 the	 spring	 of	
that	 retains	 the	 characteristic	 911	 coupe	 roof	 line.	 The	 intelligent	   2012.	The	new	2012	911	Carrera	Cabriolet	will	have	a	base	MSRP	of	
lightweight	 design	 makes	 use	 of	 magnesium	 for	 weight	 reduction,	         $93,700,	while	the	2012	911	Carrera	S	Cabriolet	base	MSRP	will	be	
improved	performance	and	lower	fuel	consumption.	As	with	the	new	                $103,800	(excluding	destination).
911	coupe,	Porsche	has	managed	to	make	the	new	Cabriolet	
models	up	to	132	pounds	lighter	than	their	predecessors.
By	completely	redesigning	the	convertible	top	for	the	new	
911	 Carrera	 models,	 Porsche	 engineers	 created	 a	 flexible	
roof	 comprised	 of	 a	 heated	 glass	 rear	 window	 with	 three	
integrated	 top	 elements.	 Comprised	 of	 magnesium	 bows	
covered	in	fabric,	they	make	the	convertible	top	very	stable	
and	particularly	light.
A	 water	 channel	 on	 the	 convertible	 top	 helps	 keep	
rainwater	from	dropping	into	the	entry	when	opening	the	
doors.	Actuated	by	a	button	on	the	center	console	or	by	the	
vehicle	key	the	top	and	opens	or	closes	in	approximately	13	
seconds,	at	speeds	over	30	mph.
“The	USA	is	and	remains	an	important	market	for	Porsche	
with	good	growth	prospects,”	said	Bernhard	Maier,	Porsche	
AG	Board	of	Management	Member	for	Sales	and	Marketing.	
“Detroit	 was	 deliberately	 chosen	 for	 the	 world	 premiere	
of	 the	 new	 911	 Cabrio	 because	 the	 USA	 is	 far	 and	 away	

                                                                     volume 6, Issue 1
Another Wonderful Drive & Dine
Article	by	Andre	Martineau
Photos	by	Curt	Dieterle

On	Saturday,	December	3rd,	six	cars	-	five	Porsches	and	one	2011	              Fire when ready!
BMW	M3	left	the	Lowes	parking	lot	in	Rockledge	for	a	wonderful	
scenic	drive	through	Brevard,	Volusia,	and	Flagler	counties.			The	
weather	could	not	have	been	any	better	and	was	especially	enjoyed	
by	those	of	us	in	convertibles.		This	D	&	D	group	was	bound	for	
St.	Augustine	to	dine	at	95	Cordova,	a	restaurant	with	a	very	fine	
reputation	 located	 in	 the	 famous	 historic	 hotel	 -	 Casa	 Monica.	
                                      Space Coasters stop for a group shot
                                                            along the way

                                                                            The	 route,	 chosen	 by	 current	 Zone	 12	 Representative	 David	
                                                                            O’Neal,	 took	 the	 caravan	 on	 Old	 Dixie	 Highway	 through	 the	
                                                                            Canaveral	National	Seashore	in	Titusville,	and	Tomoka	State	Park	
                                                                            and	Bird	Sanctuary	of	Volusia	County.	The	tour	then	took	A1A	
                                                                            for	a	breath	of	fresh	sea	air	up	the	coastline	to	St.	Augustine.	The	
                                                                            group	toured	some	of	the	most	spectacular	scenery	Florida	has	to	
                                                                            offer	-	through	tree	lined	canopied	country	roads	and	alongside	
                                                                            beautiful	serene	estuaries	filled	with	wildlife	-	including	deer	and	
The	 evening	 festivities	 also	 included	 a	 Fife	 and	 Drum	 Concert,	 wild	boar	that	passed	in	front	of	the	lead	car.	
and	viewing	the	British	Night	Watch	Parade.	This	ceremony	was	
an	impressive	pageant	of	color	and	light	that	reflects	the	customs	
of	 the	 18th	 Century	 British	 when	 they	 occupied	 the	 city.	 It	 was	
punctuated	 with	 a	 multi-musket	 salute	 followed	 by	 Christmas	

                                                                                                                               Jeff and Janice Clift
                                                                                                                              with Victoria Dieterle

                                                                              Everyone	agreed	that	it	was	a	very	enjoyable	day	and	evening,	and	
                                                                              probably	the	best	Drive	&	Dine	to	date.		Make	sure	to	join	us	next	
                                                 Here comes Santa Claus!      time!

                                                                    volume 6, Issue 1                                                          
Insurance for the Unthinkable
By	Tom	Kirk

During	 my	 physical	 therapy	 for	 action-sport	 related	 injuries,	 my	           DE	or	autocross	event.		I	suggest	getting	this	in	writing	as	none	of	the	
therapist	would	say,	“It’s	all	fun	and	games	until	someone	gets	hurt.”	             carriers	 I	 contacted	 said	 they	 would	 cover	 such	 a	 claim	 more	 than	
Running	your	car	in	a	DE	or	autocross	event	is	a	blast,	and	I	have	                 once	and	some	not	at	all	(refer	to	spreadsheet).
written	 several	 articles	 for	 Escape Velocity	 that	 have	 extolled	 the	
virtues	 and	 benefits	 of	 such	 events.	 But	 what	 if	 the	 unthinkable	        This	dilemma	is	a	good	example	of	the	kind	of	analysis	that	should	
happens?		You	wreck	your	car.		Or	even	worse,	you	cause	damage	to	                 be	applied	to	all	our	risk	management	decisions.		The	broad	choices	
someone	else’s	car	or	cause	them	bodily	injury.		Then	what?                        for	risk	management	are:		1)	avoid	the	risky	activity	all	together,	2)	
                                                                                   participate	 in	 the	 activity	 but	 retain	 the	 risk	 by	 self-insuring,	 or	 3)	
Some	of	us	who	have	been	using	our	cars	in	this	kind	of	activity	have	 transfer	the	risk	through	purchasing	insurance.	
assumed	/	hoped	this	would	be	covered	by	our	existing	traditional	
auto	insurance	policies.		However,	I	have	had	a	bad	feeling	in	my	gut	 You	may	be	willing	to	retain	(self	insure)	the	risk	for	damage	to	your	
that	maybe	it’s	not.                                                               own	car.	But	you	may	want	to	transfer	the	risk	of	damaging	someone	
                                                                                   else’s	 car	 or	 hurting	 them	 physically	 by	 purchasing	 excess	 liability	
That	 bad	 feeling	 got	 a	 lot	 worse	 after	 my	 July	 DE	 at	 PBIR.	 	 In	 the	 coverage	like	that	offered	by	K&K	Insurance.
course	of	thirty	minutes	I	saw	three	cars	after	they	hit	the	wall.		So,	I	
decided	to	do	some	research	and	here	is	what	I	found	out.                          There	 are	 other	 asset	 protection	 strategies	 besides	 insurance	 that	
                                                                                   can	 protect	 your	 wealth	 from	 law	 suits,	 such	 as	 asset	 titling	 and	
One	 sure	 way	 to	 be	 covered	 for	 damage	 caused	 to	 your	 car	 while	 statutory	 protection.	 	 Using	 these	 techniques	 can	 give	 you	 another	
participating	in	a	DE	event	is	to	purchase	a	stand-alone	policy	like	 layer	 of	 protection	 by	 rendering	 a	 liability	 claim	 against	 you	 to	 be	
those	 offered	 by	 Lockton	 or	 Leland	 West.	 	 These	 companies	 have	 unenforceable.	
been	vetted	by	the	PCA	and	offer	a	discount	to	
PCA	members.		They	sell	insurance	in	single	
and	multiple	event	packages.		Coverage	is	for	
an	 agreed	 upon	 value	 -	 $50,000	 of	 coverage	
costs	about	$300	for	a	single	event.			Rates	are	
slightly	less	expensive	per	event	for	a	multiple	
event	package.		

But,	they	do	not	cover	autocross	events.		

The	 personal	 liability	 you	 could	 have	 for	
damaging	someone	else’s	car	or	causing	them	
bodily	injury	may	be	covered	by	the	insurance	
purchased	by	the	track	operator	and	/	or	event	
sponsor.	 	 K&K	 Insurance	 will	 provide	 you	
with	a	policy	to	give	you	coverage	for	personal	
liability	 claims	 in	 excess	 of	 that	 provided	 by	
the	track	operator	or	event	sponsor.	

But,	they	do	not	cover	autocross	events	either.	
Hmmm.		I	am	beginning	to	see	a	trend	here.

What	about	your	regular	car	insurance	policy?	The	
traditional	 auto	 insurers	 I	 contacted	 said	 at	 best	
they	would	cover	your	first	incident	on	a	car	they	
insured,	but	then	would	likely	cancel	your	policy.	      	
Some	 policies	 contain	 exclusions	 for	 the	 use	 of	
your	 car	 in	 a	 race	 track	 environment	 (DE)	 or	 a	
timed	event	(autocross).		If	you	have	this	exclusion	
in	your	policy,	you	are	likely	not	covered	at	all.		

There	 are	 members	 of	 our	 club	 who	 have	 had	
representation	 from	 their	 agents	 or	 underwriters	
that	 they	 would	 be	 covered	 by	 their	 traditional	
auto	insurance	policy	if	they	had	an	incident	at	a	

   10                                                                     volume 6, Issue 1
The	good	news	is	that	if	you	are	concerned	
that	 your	 personal	 wealth	 may	 be	 exposed	
to	 personal	 liability	 claims	 while	 at	 a	 DE	
event	and	/	or	you	want	to	be	sure	potential	
damage	 to	 your	 car	 is	 covered,	 there	 are	
insurance	policies	you	can	purchase	for	this.	   	
The	bad	news	is	that	this	insurance	does	not	
appear	 to	 cover	 autocross	 events,	 and	 any	
coverage	 from	 your	 traditional	 auto	 policy	
appears	tenuous	at	best.		

High	 performance	 driving	 events	 are	 great	
fun	 and	 allow	 us	 to	 experience	 what	 our	
cars	 are	 designed	 to	 do.	 	 Be	 sure	 you	 have	
affirmatively	 decided	 how	 you	 are	 going	
to	 manage	 the	 risks	 that	 could	 be	 involved	
so	 that	 if	 they	 become	 a	 reality,	 you	 are	
adequately	prepared.

    Drive safely . . .
             and insure wisely

                                                       volume 6, Issue 1   11
   By the Numbers 24 – 50 – 1 – 2 – 3
January 28 – 29, 2012

                                                                                                          Andy Lally takes the #44 Magnus Racing 911 GT3 Cup
                                                                                                                     into the Bus Stop on his way to the GT win

                                   50th Running of the Rolex 24
                                   Article	and	Photos	by	Blake	Blakely

   On	 an	 Indian	 summer	 weekend	 during	 a	 Florida	 winter	 that	              as	an	underdog.		Strange	that	any	car	with	Allan	McNish	in	the	
   was	 yet	 to	 materialize,	 a	 collection	 of	 the	 greats	 from	 Formula	      drivers	seat	would	be	considered	an	underdog!		Ryan	Dalziel’s	DP	
   1,	Indy	Car,	NASCAR,	and	of	course	sportscar	racing	took	part	                  experience	was	enough	to	best	the	provisional	pole	of	SunTrust	
   in	the	golden	anniversary	of	one	of	the	top	endurance	events	in	                Racing’s	 Max	 Angelelli	 with	 six	 minutes	 left	 in	 the	 qualifying	
   motorsports	history.		The	2012	Rolex	24	at	Daytona	International	               session.
   Speedway	was	setting	up	to	be	one	for	the	books.		The	debut	of	
   new	bodywork	that	addresses	many	complaints	about	the	esthetic	                 Saturday	 began	 early	 with	 a	 slow	 and	 steady	 build-up	 to	 the	
   of	the	Daytona	Prototypes	were	set	to	make	their	debut.		Grand-                 3:30pm	 green	 flag.	 	 Much	 pomp	 and	 circumstance	 with	 parade	
   Am’s	several	year	effort	in	the	GT	ranks	brought	Ferrari	458	Italias	           laps	of	past	Rolex	24	winners,	driver’s	autograph	sessions,	garage	
   fielded	by	the	likes	of	Risi	Competizione	--	complete	with	factory	             tours,	and	finally	the	driver	and	team	introductions	made	for	a	
   drivers	 --	 and	 for	 the	 first	 time	 in	 Grand-Am	 history,	 the	 Audi	     packed	day	before	the	real	action	even	began.
   brand	in	the	form	of	the	R8	which	has	been	campaigned	in	Europe	                                                                   #02 Telmex/Ganassi being
   in	the	FIA’s	GT3	class.		The	usual	suspects	of	TRG	and	the	recent	                                                                chased by the #99 Gainsco
   defection	of	the	NASCAR	Sprint	Cup	Rookie	of	the	Year,	Andy	
   Lally	to	Magnus	Racing,	the	Hurley	Haywood	led	Brumos	team,	
   Alex	Job,	and	several	other	Porsche	teams	gave	fans	plenty	of	hope	
   in	seeing	the	favored	marquee	with	the	most	wins	in	endurance	
   racing	history	on	the	top	step	of	the	GT	podium.

   Although	 qualifying	 position	 doesn’t	 mean	 a	 great	 deal	 in	 a	 24	
   hour	race,	Thursday’s	session	was	a	peek	at	things	to	come	with	
   the	 Brumos	 #59	 taking	 GT	 pole	 after	 constantly	 swapping	 the	
   top	 three	 slots	 with	 the	 #69	 AIM	 Autosport	 Ferrari	 458	 Italia	
   and	the	#44	Magnus	Racing	Porsche	911.		In	what	is	regarded	as	
   perhaps	 the	 deepest	 GT	 field	 in	 Rolex	 24	 history,	 the	 stage	 was	
   set	 early	 for	 a	 twice	 around	 the	 clock	 shootout.	 	 	 The	 DP	 field	
   saw	similar	excitement	with	#8	Starworks	Ford/Riley	capture	pole	
            12                                                           volume 6, Issue 1
The	command	to	start	engines	by	Sir	Jackie	Stewart	and	the	wave	 go,	AJ	Allmendinger	and	Allan	McNish	were	trading	blows	on	the	
of	the	green	flag	came	exactly	on	schedule	with	no	incidents	in	the	 high	banks,	giving	everyone	pause	and	amazement.		DPs	and	GTs	
tightly	packed	field	of	58	cars	total	-	14	DPs	and	44	GTs.		It	was	 four	wide	at	times!
demonstrated	early	on	that	this	would	be	a	day	long	sprint	race	as	                                           #59 Brumos in the late light
the	front	runners	were	turning	nearly	qualifying	pace	lap	after	lap.	                                              of the West Horseshoe
The	SunTrust	#10	would	be	the	first	casualty	succumbing	to	a	rare	
engine	malady	in	the	first	hour.

The	#80	Michael	Shank	DP	found	itself	in	the	top	spot	within	the	
first	couple	of	hours	showing	they	had	the	pace.		The	#8	Starworks	
as	well	as	the	usual	suspects	of	the	Ganassi	squad	were	in	the	hunt,	
setting	this	up	to	be	a	race	won	at	the	wire.		The	GT	lead	swapped	
between	several	of	the	top	Porsche	teams	and	the	#57	Camaro.
Racing4Research - Children’s Tumor Foundation
battled into the Top10 during the opening hours

                                                                              With	the	#59	Brumos	entry	in	the	GT	lead	with	two	hours	to	go,	
                                                                              the	historic	red,	white,	and	blue	livery	took	a	chance	and	pitted	out	
                                                                              of	sequence.		Porsche	fans	would	understand	the	storybook	ending	
                                                                              if	 the	 #59	 would	 pull	 off	 the	 win	 of	 the	 50th	 Anniversary	 of	 the	
                                                                              Rolex	24,	coinciding	with	Hurley	Haywood’s	40th	running	of	the	
                                                                              event.		However,	it	was	a	move	that	would	prove	to	be	unwise.
                                                                                                                             Leh Keen pilots the #59 Brumos

Near	 and	 dear	 to	 me	 was	 the	 #4	 Racing4Research	 -	 Children’s	
Tumor	Foundation	911	GT3	Cup,	sister	car	to	the	#44	Magnus.		As	
a	 car	 running	 to	 raise	 awareness	 to	 a	 devastating	 disease	 mainly	
affecting	children,	the	#4	had	found	its	way	from	a	17th	place	start	
to	running	6th	during	the	first	couple	of	hours.		Justin	Bell,	serving	
as	the	Speed	TV’s	in-car	reporter,	was	hit	from	behind	during	his	
first	stint.		After	a	short	yellow	to	retrieve	the	#4,	it	was	discovered	
that	the	starter	motor	was	damaged	and	the	car	would	have	to	be	
bump-started	at	each	pit	stop.		Eventually	this	would	take	its	toll	on	
the	car,	damaging	the	water	pump	and	overheating	the	engine.		The	
team	decided	to	park	the	car	instead	of	risking	a	blown	engine.

                                                                              AJ	 Allmendinger	 would	 hold	 off	 the	 charge	 of	 the	 #8	 Starworks	
                                                                              entry	 to	 give	 Michael	 Shank	 his	 first	 victory	 in	 the	 Rolex	 24.	
                                                                              Michael	said	later	that	this	is	why	he	races	in	Grand-Am.		A	small	
                                                                              team	 owner	 can	 persevere	 against	 the	 likes	 of	 Ganassi.	 	 With	 a	
                                                                              small	slight	to	the	more	technically	sophisticated	LMP	cars	of	the	
                                                                              ACO	and	ALMS,	Shank	stated	that	he	doesn’t	have	to	beat	the	likes	
                                                                              of	Audi.		Say	what	you	will,	but	the	Grand-Am	series	seems	to	have	
                                                                              a	winning	formula	for	both	teams	and	fans	alike.

                                                                              Andy	 Lally	 would	 regain	 the	 lead	 for	 the	 #44	 Magnus	 entry	 by	
                                                                              passing	Leh	Keen	in	the	#59	Brumos	in	the	East	Horseshoe.		Lally,	
#59 Brumos and #45 Flying Lizards spar in Turn 7                              who	 had	 just	 come	 off	 his	 rookie	 NASCAR	 season,	 was	 reveling	
                                                                              in	his	victory.		The	back	story	here	is	his	broken	relationship	with	
Teams	 fought	 hard,	 back	 and	 forth	 during	 the	 long	 13	 1/2	 night	    TRG	 owner	 Kevin	 Buckler	 with	 whom	 Lally	 had	 won	 last	 year’s	
hours.		When	the	east	horizon	lightens,	it	gives	the	drivers	a	new	           Rolex	24	GT	class.		With	a	bit	of	fun	by	the	Magnus	team	in	the	
sense	of	hope	and	relief.		The	Ford	powered	DPs	of	Starworks	and	             form	 of	 a	 Star	 Wars	 flavored	 poster	 -	 some	 suggesting	 that	 the	
Michael	Shank	were	still	neck	and	neck.		The	GT	ranks	had	settled	            Darth	Vader	caricature	looked	a	little	like	Buckler	-	the	underdog	
in	to	be	a	Porsche	only	battle	for	the	top	step.		With	two	hours	to	          squad	celebrated	their	GT	victory	when	the	checkered	flag	flew.
                                                                     volume 6, Issue 1                                                                1
Gold Records
PCA Corral Upgraded for 50th Anniversary of Rolex 24 at Daytona
Article	By	David	O’Neal
Photos	by	David	Kelly	

All	sports	car	racing	enthusiasts	sensed	that	history	would	be	made	at	          America’s	 President	 &	 CEO,	 Jens	 Walther	 provided	 an	 update	 on	
the	50th	Rolex	24	at	Daytona	with	its	extraordinary	level	of	advanced	           race	 team	 activities	 on	 Sunday	 morning	 followed	 by	 an	 hour-long	
ticket	 sales,	 but	 the	 results	 were	 beyond	 expectations.	 More	 than	      presentation	 on the	 new	 911	 by	 Nick	 Twork,	 Porsche	 Cars	 North	
79,000	 people	 filled	 the	 infield	 to	 watch	 Porsche’s	 1-2-3	 finish	 in	   America’s	Manager	for	Product	Communications.	
GT	 class,	 providing	 another	 page	 for	 the	 record	 books	 and	 adding	
to	 Porsche’s	 historic	 dominance	 at	 this	 event.	 Eight	 PCA	 Regions	                                        A record 204 Porsches were packed into the
                                                                                                                    Daytona Corral by 9:30 Saturday morning
provided	financial	support	and	staffing	for	the	tent,	furniture,	food,	
beverages,	 and	 other	 amenities.	 PCA	 Corral	 Coordinator	 Roy	
Wilkinson	and	the	entire	PCA	Executive	Council	were	on-hand	to	
work	this	exciting	event	throughout	the	weekend.

On	Saturday,	204	vehicles	filled	the	Corral	before	9:30	am	-	an	hour	
earlier	than	in	previous	years	and	six	hours	prior	to	the	race’s	3:30	pm	
start.	Thanks	to	a	new,	more	efficient	parking	scheme,	approximately	
40	more	cars	were	fit	into	the	Corral	than	in	previous	years.	Porsche	
Cars	North	America	provided	“Hot	Laps”	–	20	lucky	PCA	members	
got	a	quick	trip	around	the	3.56-mile	Daytona	circuit	in	a	new	991	
or	Panamera	Turbo	S	piloted	by	staff	from	the	Porsche	Sport	Driving	

Well	over	1,000	people	checked-in	at	the	Corral	by	mid-day	Sunday	               More	than	200	people	were	served	lunch	by	Porsche	of	Melbourne	
when	our	supply	of	wristbands	was	exhausted.	Also	a	first	at	Daytona:	           during	 Space	 Coast	 Region’s	 stint	 on	 Sunday	 afternoon.	 Thanks	 to	
drawings	 and	 presentations.	 Wolfgang	 Hatz	 (Porsche	 AG	 Board	              Porsche	AG’s	Paul	Gregor,	the	Guards	Red	Carrera	S	spent	the	entire	
Member	for	Research	&	Development	&	Motorsports)	and	Hartmut	                    day	parked	outside	of	the	Corral	tent	–	an	irresistible	attraction	that	
Kristen	(Porsche	AG,	Director	of	Motorsports	Worldwide)	addressed	               drew	hundreds	of	fans,	including	Dario	Franchitti	who	stopped	by	
a	 capacity	 crowd	 Saturday	 morning	 –	 Porsche	 Motorsports	 North	           for	an	inspection	after	the	race	had	ended.	
                                                                                                          Porsche AG’s Paul Gregor presents the new 911 (991)
                                                                                                           to the Rolex 24 Corral crowd early Sunday morning

   1                                                                  volume 6, Issue 1
Pelican Yacht Club Drive & Dine
Article	by	Steve	Hoffman
Photos	by	Robin	Hoffman
Our	 first	 Drive	 &	 Dine	 event	 of	 the	 year	     was	 out	 front	 to	 direct	 us	
took	 us	 to	 the	 beautiful	 Pelican	 Yacht	 Club	   to	 our	 preferred	 parking,	
in	 Ft	 Pierce.	 New	 Commodore	 Peter	 Tyson	        right	 next	 to	 his	 designated	
and	 his	 lovely	 wife	 Jeanne	 invited	 us	 down	    Commodore	 parking	 spot.	
to	 their	 club	 and	 wow	 did	 they	 deliver	 a	     Leadership	 does	 have	 its	
phenomenal	experience	for	58	SPC	members	             privileges!	
who	 attended	 from	 Volusia,	 Brevard,	 and	                                                                                   Take the photo so we can eat!
Indian	River	counties.	                        After	 a	 group	 photo,	 we	                                 	
                                               entered	 the	 club	 and	 were	 overwhelmed	 by	            gourmet	 delicacies	 such	 as	 fresh	 fish,	 prime	
We	 started	 out	 at	 one	 of	 our	 preferred	 what	 we	 saw.	 In	 addition	 to	 the	 beautiful	          rib,	crab	legs,	raw	oysters,	shrimp,	and	caviar.	
gathering	 points,	 Porsche	 of	 Melbourne.	 view,	 there	 was	 an	 unbelievable	 variety	 of	            Plus	a	dessert	bar	that	had	so	many	options	
Unfortunately,	I	had	forgotten	to	coordinate	 food	 that	 included	 breakfast	 options,	 and	             that	I	suspect	may	be	the	ultimate	cause	of	my	
                                                                                                          suspension	failure	on	the	drive	home.		And,	
                                                                           Did everyone make the light?   has	anyone	seen	Jim	Georgeff	since	the	event?	
                                                                                                          He	 was	 heard	 asking	 what	 time	 they	 closed	
                                                                                                          and	was	checking	out	sleeping	arrangements	
                                                                                                          under	 a	 table.	 Apparently,	 he	 didn’t	 want	 to	

                                                                                                          We	thanked	Peter	and	he	promised	to	invite	
                                                                                                          us	back.		If	you	were	there,	tell	someone	who	
                                                                                                          couldn’t	make	it	about	your	experience.	If	you	
                                                                                                          were	not	able	to	join	us,	plan	on	doing	so	next	
                                                                                                          time	it	shows	up	on	the	calendar.	You	will	not	
                                                                                                          be	disappointed.
with	 the	 dealership	 to	 make	 sure	 the	 gates	
were	 open	 to	 accommodate	 us.	 Regardless,	
the	 weather	 was	 perfect	 and	 it	 was	 a	 new	
year,	so	the	positive	energy	prevailed	and	we	
made	it	work.		

After	 our	 dr iver’s	 meeting,	 16	 cars	 headed	
south	 on	 an	 excellent	 route	 put	 together	 by	
Ralph	Fritsche.	(Rumor	was	that	Ralph	had	
driven	 the	 70	 mile	 route	 the	 day	 before	 on	
his	bicycle.)		The	traffic	was	cooperative	and	
we	 only	 made	 one	 quick	 pullover	 prior	 to	
crossing	the	Wabasso	Bridge	to	get	everyone	
back	in	line.	The	view	out	the	back	of	our	968	
was	spectacular	with	16	Porsches	nose	to	tail	
crossing	the	bridge	and	winding	down	A1A.		       	
Our hosts, Commodore and Mrs. Peter Tyson

We	 arrived	 in	 Vero	 Beach	 where	 David	
Kelly,	 our	 southern	 region	 coordinator	 had	
gathered	 another	 6	 cars.	 We	 stopped	 to	
exchange	greetings,	posed	for	some	pictures,	
and	then	headed	on	to	the	yacht	club.		Peter	
                                                                      volume 6, Issue 1                                                                1
Tech Column
By	Jesse	Lim,	Porsche	of	Melbourne

Hello	and	welcome	back	for	the	latest	installment	of	the	Tech	Column.	            Tires	are	profoundly	important,	no	matter	the	vehicle	or	the	driving	
In	this	article	we	will	be	touching	on	the	importance	and	necessity	              situation.	 It	 is	 imperative	 that	 your	 tires	 are	 checked	 regularly	 for	
of	preventative	maintenance.	Whether	you	daily	drive	your	pristine	               correct	 pressure,	 remaining	 tread,	 and	 for	 damage	 or	 punctures.	
Porsche,	or	attack	the	track	on	the	weekends	in	your	dedicated	DE	                Porsche	 models	 2007	 and	 up,	 along	 with	 some	 previous	 models	
or	Autocross	machine,	keeping	it	properly	maintained	is	vital	to	the	             that	 had	 the	 option,	 are	 equipped	 with	 a	 Tire	 Pressure	 Monitoring	
longevity	of	the	components	in	your	vehicle.	Neglecting	to	properly	              system	(TPM).	This	system	utilizes	a	sensor	in	each	of	the	four	tires	
maintain	your	vehicle	can	leave	you	in	quite	a	bind,	stranded	on	the	
side	of	the	road	or	possibly	costing	you	thousands	of	dollars	in	repairs.	
Catching	problems	early	on,	before	parts	fail	completely	or	become	
dangerous,	 is	 the	 name	 of	 the	 game	 when	 it	 comes	 to	 preventative	

                                                                                   Tires are

                                                                                  that	monitors	the	pressures	and	displays	them	for	the	driver	in	the	
                                                                                  instrument	cluster.	The	TPM	system	will	provide	a	warning	indicator	
                                                                                  if	it	sees	a	tire	losing	air	(warning	comes	on	at	-4	lbs),	thus	allowing	
                                                     Take care of your engine     the	driver	to	take	action	before	the	tire	is	actually	flat	and	damage	is	
                                                                                  done.	TPM	is	a	very	convenient	system	for	keeping	track	of	your	tire	
Let’s	start	at	the	engine	–	the	“heart”	of	your	vehicle.	Much	like	the	           pressures	without	having	to	break	out	the	old	tire	pressure	gauge.	If	
human	heart,	if	you	don’t	take	care	of	your	engine,	you’ll	be	in	for	             your	vehicle	is	not	equipped	with	TPM,	it	is	a	very	good	idea	to	check	
real	 trouble!	 As	 your	 engine	 consists	 of	 many	 precisely	 machined	        your	tire	pressures	monthly	and	also	before	any	trip	or	driving	event.	
parts	 assembled	 at	 very	 high	 tolerances,	 there	 must	 be	 a	 barrier	 of	   Most	Porsche	models	will	have	a	sticker	on	the	inside	of	the	gas	door,	
lubrication	between	these	parts.	The	oil	used	in	your	engine	acts	as	             or	on	the	dr iver’s	door	sill	providing	the	recommended	tire	pressures.	
this	barrier,	reducing	friction	and	heat	that	would	otherwise	destroy	            Remaining	tread	must	be	monitored	on	all	vehicles;	a	bald	tire	is	never	
the	 internal	 components	 of	 an	 engine.	 The	 importance	 of	 keeping	         a	good	thing.	There	are	some	Porsche	models	that	can	be	difficult	to	
fresh,	clean	oil	in	your	engine	would	seem	obvious,	but	many	seem	to	             judge	the	amount	of	remaining	tread.	The	outside	edge	of	the	tire	may	
overlook	or	forget	the	fact	that	if	you	don’t	regularly	change	your	oil,	         have	sufficient	tread,	while	the	inside,	which	can	be	very	hard	to	see	
it	won’t	be	able	to	provide	proper	lubrication	to	the	vital	parts	of	your	
engine.	In	both	liquid	and	air	cooled	engines,	the	oil	plays	an	integral	         Inspect your brakes regularly
role	in	keeping	the	engine	components	cool.	The	metals,	and	other	
materials	inside	of	your	engine,	can	only	stand	up	to	so	much	heat	
before	they	become	fatigued	and/or	fail.	The	oil	in	your	engine	also	
has	other	duties,	some	of	which	include	actuating	mechanical	parts,	
and	 pressurizing	 hydraulic	 components.	 If	 your	 engine	 oil	 is	 dirty	
or	contaminated,	it	may	not	be	able	to	properly	perform	these	tasks,	
causing	the	engine	to	run	poorly	or	in	some	cases,	not	at	all.	There	are	
quite	a	few	other	parts	of	the	engine	that	require	regular	scheduled	
maintenance.	There	are	accessory	drive	belts	that	wear	and	dry	out/
crack	 as	 they	 age,	 filters	 (air	 and	 fluid)	 that	 become	 contaminated	
and	clogged	over	time,	fluids	that	require	topping	off	and	sometimes	
replacement,	spark	plugs	that	wear	over	time	and	through	use,	and	
the	list	goes	on!	

Rubber!	 It	 gets	 old,	 dries	 out,	 cracks,	 wears	 away,	 nails	 go	 right	
through	it,	but	it’s	also	the	only	thing	holding	your	car	to	the	road!	

   20                                                                  volume 6, Issue 1
                                                                               Driving your Porsche can be exhilarating

with	 the	 vehicle	 sitting	 on	 the	 ground,	 may	
have	very	little	or	no	tread	remaining	at	all.	
The	 suspension	 geometry	 of	 Porsche	 sports	
cars	 incorporates	 a	 considerable	 amount	 of	
negative	 camber,	 which	 is	 the	 “lean”	 of	 the	
top	of	the	wheel	in	towards	the	vehicle.	This	
allows	the	vehicle	to	perform	and	handle	as	
designed,	but	also	causes	faster	wear	on	the	
inside	 edge	 of	 the	 tire	 especially	 when	 the	
vehicle	 is	 driven	 on	 the	 highway.	 New	 tires	
can	 be	 a	 considerable	 financial	 investment,	
so	 it’s	 a	 good	 idea	 to	 have	 a	 suspension	
alignment	 performed	 when	 installing	 them.	
Keeping	 your	 wheels	 properly	 aligned	 will	
help	 your	 tires	 last	 longer	 and	 your	 vehicle	
will	handle	as	it	was	intended	to	as	well.

Driving	your	Porsche	can	be	one	of	the	most	
exhilarating	 experiences	 there	 are!	 Whether	
it	 is	 a	 day	 at	 the	 track,	 a	 trip	 through	 some	
winding	back	roads,	or	just	an	afternoon	cruise	
with	the	top	down,	your	Porsche	will	always	
be	ready	to	go.	It	is	imperative,	however,	that	
it	is	ready	to	stop!	Your	brakes	are	one	area	of	
your	vehicle	that	you	absolutely	do	not	want	
to	let	go	uninspected.	When	you	push	on	that	
brake	pedal,	you	always	want	to	be	sure	that	
you’re	going	to	stop.	If	you	drive	your	vehicle	
on	 the	 track,	 or	 in	 autocrosses,	 you	 will	 be	
putting	 your	 brakes	 through	 more	 stress	
than	the	average	daily	driver.	No	matter	what	
conditions	you	drive	your	Porsche	in,	always	
inspect/have	your	brakes	inspected	regularly.	
If	 you	 are	 not	 comfortable	 inspecting/
servicing	your	own	vehicle,	I	encourage	you	
to	take	it	to	a	qualified	facility	and	have	them	
look	it	over.	We	here	at	Porsche	of	Melbourne	
are	happy	to	assist	in	any	way	we	can	to	help	
you	keep	your	Porsche	in	tip	top	condition.	
We	are	available	to	answer	any	questions	you	
may	 have,	 so	 feel	 free	 to	 stop	 by	 and	 let	 us	
give	your	Porsche	the	treatment	it	deserves.

                                                           volume 6, Issue 1                                     21
Dylan Sawchuk and his award winner Boxster                       Daytona	State	College	hosted	
                                                                 the	 10th	 Annual		 ATC	 Car	
                                                                 Show	 on	 the	 college’s	 Advanced	
                                                                 Technology	 College	 campus	       	
                                                                 Saturday,	 January	 21,	 2012.	 SPC	
                                                                 member	 Dylan	 Sawchuk	 and	
                                                                 his	 Porsche	 Boxster	 won	 the	
                                                                 award	 for	 Best in Show for
                                                                 College Car.	With	the	win	Dylan	
                                                                 earned	 himself	 a	 $250	 Daytona	
                                                                 State	College	scholarship.

                                                                 Daytona	 State’s	 ATC	 campus	 is	
                                                                 where	many	of	the	college’s	high-
                                                                 technology	 training	 programs	
                                                                 are	 housed,	 including	 computer	
                                                                 science,	simulation	technology,	
                                                                 automotive	 technology,	 and	
                                                                 performance	 engine	 technology,	 	
                                                                 among	others.

                                                                 Great	job	Dylan!

   22                                        volume 6, Issue 1
                                                                                      FOR SALE: 2007 911 Turbo coupe

                   Classifieds                                                         White,	22,000	miles.	6	speed,	Porsche	
                                                                                       Certified	    Pre-owned	        Warranty	
                                                                                       (transferable),	 all	 wheel	 drive,	 sport	
                                                                                       chrono,	 Natural	 Brown	 full	 leather	
FOR SALE: 1988 Porsche 930S               FOR SALE: 1988 Porsche 911                   heated	 seats/rear	 console,	 PCM	
                                                                                       w/Navi,	 XM,	 Bose,	 6	 CD	 changer,	
                                          Carrera	 coupe,	 25th	 Anniversary	          Sycamore	 trim,	 clear	 bra,	 new	 brakes,	
 Slant	 Nose	 Factory	 Convertible	
                                          Silver	 Edition,	 light	 blue	 interior,	    well	 maintained.	 $87K.	 Contact	 Bert	
 with	only	47K	miles.	Black	exterior,	
                                          low	 mileage,	 immaculate,	 power	           Del	Villano	at	(407)	909-0636	or	email	
 grey	 with	 black	 piping	 interior	
                                          windows,	door	locks,	sunroof,	with	          bertdelvillano@aol.com
 leather,	 grey	 carpet.Updated	 air	
 conditioning,	excellent	mechanicals,	    alarm	system,	A/C	and	factory	tool	
 like	 new	 tires,	 Speedline	 Porsche	   kit.	Original	AM/FM	cassette	radio.	        FOR SALE: 993 Technology Wheel
 18”	wheels.	In	very	good	condition.	     $27K.	 Please	 call	 Leslie	 Smith	 at	      One	 wheel	 PN	 993.362.140.00	 19”	 x	
 Asking	 $55K.	 Please	 contact	 Mark	    (321)	 751-0522	 or	 email	 lrs255w@         10”.	Wheel	is	new,	never	had	a	tire	on	it,	
 Garvey	 at	 (407)	 739-9143	 or	         bellsouth.net                                perfect	for	that	next	Concours.	Asking	
 mgarvey@ags-expo.com                                                                  what	I	have	in	it,	$800.	Could	not	find	
                                                                                       a	second	one	new	so	my	wheel	project	
                                                                                       went	a	different	way.		More	photos	on	
                                                                                       request.	Contact	Bob	Schmitt	via	email	

                                                      volume 6, Issue 1                                                         2
                                  Window Tinting
                         Audio/Video Sales and Installation
                         Fiberglass Enclosures and Interior
                                 Performance Parts
                              Custom Body and Paint
                              Adjustable Suspension
                                 Security Systems

                          1445 W. New Haven Avenue, Suite 200
                             West Melbourne, Florida 32904

2   volume 6, Issue 1
Check One Off The Bucket List
Article	and	photos	by	Ralph	Fritsche

Few	 if	 any	 places	 outside	 of	 Zuffenhausen,	      college	 student	 Donald	 Turnupseed,	 would	
Weissach,	 and	 the	 famous	 racetracks	 of	           intervene	 at	 that	 Chalome	 intersection	 and	
the	 world	 are	 as	 steeped	 in	 Porsche	 lore	 as	   Dean	and	Wutherich	would	never	make	it	to	
Chalome,	California.	What?	“Never	heard	of	            Salinas.
it”	you	say.	Well,	while	Chalome	consists	of	
little	more	than	a	Post	Office	and	a	small	cafe,	      The	 legend	 of	 James	 Dean	 and	 the	 Porsche	
just	to	the	northwest	lies	the	intersection	of	        550	 Spyder	 were	 forged	 in	 that	 violent	
State	 Route	 46	 and	 State	 Route	 41.	 Late	 in	    collision	of	man	and	machine,	and	to	this	day	
the	afternoon	on	Friday,	September	30,	1955,	          Chalome	is	a	place	where	both	fans	of	Dean	
that	 nondescript	 intersection	 would	 forever	       and	 Porsche	 come	 to	 visit	 out	 of	 a	 sense	 of	
go	down	in	history.                                    curiosity	and	respect.

James	 Byron	 Dean	 and	 his	 mechanic	 Rolf	
Wutherich	 were	 on	 their	 way	 to	 Salinas	 in	
Dean’s	 newly	 acquired	 Porsche	 550	 Spyder	
to	take	part	in	the	SCCA	races	that	weekend.	
However,	 fate	 in	 the	 form	 of	 a	 1950	 Ford	
Custom	 Tudor	 coup	 driven	 by	 23	 year	 old	
                                                                                                            After	 our	 visit	 to	 the	 site	 of	 the	 accident,	
                                                                                                            Steve	and	I	stopped	by	the	Jack	Ranch	Café	
                                                                                                            for	dinner.	The	café	has	a	friendly	staff	that	
                                                                                                            caters	 to	 locals,	 travelers,	 and	 the	 frequent	
                                                                                                            tourists	who	visit	the	site.	The	food	is	good	
                                                                                                            and	the	café	makes	the	most	of	its	connection	
                                                                                                            to	 history	 with	 Dean	 posters	 hung	 on	 the	
                                                       During	 our	 trip	 to	 Rennsport	 this	 past	 fall,	 walls	and	a	small	“museum”	located	in	a	back	
                                                       Steve	Hoffman	and	I	decided	to	visit	the	site	 room.		
                                                       of	the	accident	and	the	memorial	to	Dean	that	
                                                       was	built	by	a	Japanese	fan	adjacent	to	the	Jack	 It’s	doubtful	that	I	will	ever	make	a	return	trip	
                                                       Ranch	Café.	After	a	two	hour	drive,	we	finally	 to	Chalome,	but	since	it	was	on	my	Porsche	
                                                       arrived	late	in	the	afternoon	and	it	was	easy	to	 “bucket	list”	of	places	to	visit,	I’m	glad	I	went.	
                                                       see	how	the	little	silver	Spyder	could	virtually	 I	would	recommend	it	for	anybody	planning	
                                                       disappear	in	the	dusty	haze	of	the	setting	sun.	 to	visit	Laguna	Seca	for	the	next	Rennsport	
                                                       Aside	from	the	memorial,	which	is	in	a	state	 or	ALMS	race.
                                                       of	disrepair,	the	only	other	marker	is	a	road	
                                                       sign	identifying	the	intersection	of	Highways	 For	further	information	on	James	Dean	and	
                                                       46	and	41	as	James	Dean	Memorial	Junction.	 the	 events	 of	 September	 30,	 1955,	 I	 highly	
                                                       The	 sign	 was	 erected	 to	 commemorate	 the	 recommend	the	book	“James	Dean	at	Speed”	
                                                       50th	anniversary	of	Dean’s	death	in	2005.		          by	Lee	Raskin.

                                                                        volume 6, Issue 1                                                                 2
                                                               Member Price
                                                             15% Discount
                                                                     On ALL
                                                                  Minor Services!
                                                                     On ALL
                                                                  Major Services!
                                                            This offer Expires April 30,
                                                            2012. This offer not valid on
                                                            previous service and cannot be
                                                            combined with any other offer.
                                                            See service advisor for details.

Want to   Escape Velocity	invites	its	readers	to	submit	articles	and	photos	dealing	with	
          topics	of	interest	to	the	Space	Coast	Region	members.
          If	you	have	a	personal	Porsche	experience	you	would	like	to	share,	a	technical	

Share?    tip,	or	just	pictures	of	your	car	in	fun	places,	please	forward	it	to	Ginny	O’Neal	
          for	consideration.	Articles	accepted	will	be	subject	to	editing.
          You may email submissions to goneal@ags-expo.com

26                         volume 6, Issue 1
Kaffeeklatschen Corner
Article	by	Jason	Breitfeller
Photos	by	David	Kelly	and	Lois	Roberts

Space	 Coast	 held	 its	 latest	 concurrent	 Kaffeeklatschen	                                                     Dr. Bird holds court at the Vero Kaffee
at	Panera’s	on	Sunday,	February	12th;	the	guys	and	girls	
up	 north	 held	 theirs	 in	 Daytona	 Beach	 across	 from	
the	 Speedway,	 the	 southerners	 in	 Vero	 Beach,	 and	 we	
“middlers”	in	Indian	Harbour	Beach.	All	told,	we	had	
over	 40	 members	 gathered	 together	 for	 a	 beautiful	
morning	with	pretty	cars	and	fun	people.	Not	only	did	
we	have	a	good	time,	our	gracious	members	contributed	
a	variety	of	dry	goods	to	the	Brevard	Women’s	Center!	      	
Thanks	to	Lois	Roberts	for	coordinating	that	effort!

I’ve	been	asked	a	few	times,	“What	is	a	Kaffeeklatsch?”	      	
For	 me,	 a	 Kaffeeklatsch	 is	 an	 excuse	 to	 wash	 the	 car	
Saturday	 afternoon,	 get	 up	 at	 a	 lazy	 time	 on	 Sunday	
morning,	and	take	a	nice	drive	over	the	causeway.	I	tend	
to	run	on	beach	time	and	arrive	later	than	most	just	to	
see	 the	 oil	 pumpers,	 water	 pumpers,	 front,	 rear,	 and	
mid-engine	specimens	shine	like	colored	jewels	on	the	
blacktop.	But,	that	is	just	the	beginning…		

Donations for Women’s Center                                                          Once	 inside,	 you	 grab	 your	 cup	 of	 coffee	 and	 maybe	
from the IHB Kaffee                                                                   a	 little	 breakfast,	 and	 carry	 it	 over	 to	 the	 gaggle	 of	
                                                                                      Porschephiles.	 Dressed	 in	 Porsche	 apparel,	 they	 are	
                                                                                      pretty	easy	to	find.	Then	you	take	a	seat	and	jump	into	a	
                                                                                      conversation.	There’s	a	little	bit	of	everything,	so	mingle	
                                                                                      around	until	you	find	a	topic	that	interests	you.	

                                                                                      At	some	point	during	the	conversations,	someone	will	
                                                                                      provide	the	details	on	upcoming	events.	Then	it’s	time	
                                                                                      to	go	outside	and	get	up	close	and	personal	with	some	
                                                                                      beautiful	 hardware.	 Here,	 extreme	 caution	 is	 needed.	
                                                                                      Looking	 at	a	custom	badge	 or	special	exhaust	systems	
                                                                                      will	have	you	asking	questions,	and	the	answers	to	those	
                                                                                      questions	may	lead	to	a	slippery	slope	of	unique	items	
                                                                                      acquired	for	your	P-car.	Also,	bring	a	towel	so	when	you	
                                                                                      start	 drooling	 over	 a	 GT3	 RS,	 911	 GTS,	 or	 a	 perfectly	
                                                                                      maintained	356,	you’ll	have	something	to	wipe	your	lips	
                                                                                      with.	Hope	to	see	you	there!

                                                                                        Michael A. Baiker, D.D.S., P.A.
                                                                                                                           Advanced, Cosmetic
                                                                                                                            & General Dentistry

                                                                                                                                240 Fourth Ave.
                                                                                                                           Indialantic, FL 32903

                                                                                                                              tel. (321) 956-0230
                                                                                                                             fax. (321) 956-0205


                                                                  volume 6, Issue 1                                                                2
Advertiser Spotlight
Glover Oil Company, Inc.
Are	 you	 a	 performance	 car,	 muscle	 car,	 boat,	 motorcycle,	 or	         delivering	fuels	and	lubricants	to	Brevard	and	surrounding	county’s	
airboat	enthusiast?	Do	you	have	a	business	that	uses	bulk	fuel	and	           construction,	fleet,	industrial,	marine,	and	municipal	customers.	
lubricants,	or	requires	on	site	fueling	services?	Are	you	interested	         Our	 procedures,	 personnel,	 and	 equipment	 meet	 stringent	 U.S.	
in	 protecting	 the	 environment	 through	 the	 use	 of	 green	 fuel	         Coast	 Guard	 certifications	 and	 are	 approved	 for	 marine	 fueling	
technology?	 If	 you	 answered	 yes	 to	 any	 of	 the	 above	 questions,	     operations.
then	 there	 is	 a	 spot	 just	 west	 of	 US-1	 and	 over	 the	 tracks	 off
University	Blvd.	in	Melbourne	that	can	help	fuel	your	needs.	It’s	
called	Glover	Oil	Company	Inc.	and	it’s	been	an	integral	part	of	
the	Melbourne	business	community	for	over	65	years.	Glover	Oil	
Company	Inc.	believes	in	giving	back	to	the	community	as	well	
and	 supports	 numerous	 local	 charitable	 organizations	 and	 civic	
activities	 including	 the	 landmark	 Police	 Athletic	 League	 (PAL)	
Boxing	Club	on	University	Blvd.	

                                                                              Glover	 Oil	 Company	 Inc.	 was	 a	 pioneer	 in	 introducing	
                                                                              environmentally	 friendly	 biodiesel	 to	 the	 State	 of	 Florida	 and	
                                                                              Brevard	County,	and	has	become	the	largest	independent	supplier	
                                                                              of	quality	biodiesel	in	the	State,	with	available	blends	from	B-5	to	

                                                                          For	the	enthusiast,	Glover	Oil	Company	Inc.	maintains	convenient	
                                                                          (for	 boats	 and	 trailers)	 drive	 through	 pump	 stations	 for	 93	
Glover	Oil	Company	was	started	in	1947	by	Joseph	H.	Glover	II	as	 Octane	 non-ethanol	 gasoline,	 Low	 Lead/100	 AV	 gas	 (popular	
an	Amoco	distributor.	Upon	his	death	in	1970,	his	son	Joseph	H.	 with	 airboats)	 and	 B-20	 biodiesel.	 In	 fact,	 we	 have	 the	 first	 B20	
(Joe)	Glover	III	took	over	and	today	with	President	Tim	Marshall	 Biodiesel	fuel	pump	available	for	public	use	in	Brevard	County.	
and	 Vice	 President	 Ken	 Marshall,	 has	 grown	 the	 company	 into	
East	 Central	 Florida’s	 largest	 petroleum	 marketer.	 The	 secret	 to	 Oh,	and	one	more	thing,	Space	Coast	PCA	members	get	a	discount	
success…Glover	 Oil	 still	 operates	 on	 its	 founding	 principles	 of	 on	all	Glover	Oil	Company	products.	Stop	by	and	see	us.
“providing	its	customers	quality	products	and	impeccable	service	
that	help	lower	their	operating	costs ”.	

Today	Glover	Oil	operates	a	bulk	plant	with	over	230,000	gallons	
of	 petroleum	 storage	 and	 a	 fleet	 of	 petroleum	 delivery	 trucks,	

   2                                                               volume 6, Issue 1
     Westward Ho!
Next stop for the Porsche Parade – Salt Lake City, Utah

                                                                                         opens March 27,
                                                                                           2012 so start
                                                                                          planning now!
                                                                                          Register Early
                                                                                            to Join the

Salt Lake City, Utah is the place to be this July for the Porsche Club of America’s national convention. “Crossroads
of the West” as the city is affectionately named, has all the amenities of a major metropolitan area; the friendliness
and warm hospitality of a small Western city; remarkable history; and unparalleled access to natural recreation
(21 national parks and monuments within a few hours’ drive). The city is on land that was once covered by the
prehistoric Lake Bonneville. Towering Wasatch Mountains frame this beautiful, safe and vibrant mountain setting.
Salt Lake City will be the perfect destination and backdrop for a Porsche enthusiasts’ “Dream Week.” For more
information on what to see and do in Salt Lake City beyond Parade activities, check out www.visitsaltlake.com.

                                                     volume 6, Issue 1                                             2
                         Mar 3		            Tech	Session	@	Porsche	of	Melbourne,	9am
coming attractions       			9-11		          Amelia	Island	Concours
                          10-11		           Amelia	Island	Concours	Drive	and	Dine,	Lowe’s,	Rockledge,	2pm
                          16-17		           ALMS	Mobil	1	12	Hours	of	Sebring,	Tickets:	www.sebringraceway.com
                         						16	 	        12	Hours	of	Sebring	Drive,	Sam’s	Club,	Melbourne,	6:30am
                         	 	24	 	           Autogeek	Geekfest,	Stuart
                         	 	25	 	           Gran	Fondo	in	Cocoa	Village
                         	 	27	 	           Registration	for	Porsche	Parade	Opens,	parade2012.pca.org
                         	 	31	 	           Porsches	at	the	Pines,	Windermere	
                          Apr 2		           FCR	Open	House/Swap	Meet
                         	 				7		          Drive	to	FLC	AX,	Lowe’s,	Rockledge,	7am	
                         	 				7		          FLC	AX	@	Tavares,	8:30am,	register.pca.org	
                         	 		14		           FCR	Open	House/Swap	Meet	
                         14-15	 	           GCR	DE	@	Homestead,	register.pca.org
                         						15	 	        Kaffeeklatschen	@	DB,	IHB,	VB,	9am,	Women’s	Center	Giving
                         20-22	 	           Zonefest	2012	–	Costa	d’Este	Vero	Beach,	register.pca.org

                         May 5-6	           Art	of	the	Automobile,	Daytona	Beach
                         	 			12		          SCR	DE	@	Sebring,	register.pca.org		
                         	 			12		          Drive	to	FLC	AX,	Lowe’s,	Rockledge,	7am	
                         	 			12		          FLC	AX	@	Tavares,	8:30am,	register.pca.org	
                                                   Dates and times subject to change.
                                                  Please check our website, spc.pca.org,
                                              to confirm event times, contacts, and details.

          A special thank you to our advertisers
              Porsche of Melbourne        pages 2, 26, 31, centerfold               Invisible Bras                                page 21
              Series 9                                       page 3                 iGuard                                        page 22
              CPA Wealth Management                          page 4                 Coasters Pub                                  page 23
              AAA                                            page 6                 Eau Gallie Yacht Club                         page 24
              Zipper Urogynecology                           page 7                 Explicit Customs                              page 24
              Sharpe’s Body Shop                             page 9                 Dan’s Werkshop                                page 25
              SOS Dent                                       page 9                 GAGE-IT-WELL                                  page 25
              Blake Blakely Photography                     page 10                 Glover Oil Co.                                page 26
              Brown & Bigelow (Lois & Jack Roberts)         page 11                 Michael A. Baiker, D.D.S                      page 27
              Wickham Dental Care                           page 11                 Nancy Taylor/Prudential Sterling Properties   page 27
              Tyson Marine and Aviation Insurance           page 15                 Tamburr Motorcars                             page 29
              Amsoil                                        page 15                 Horst Seibert/Porsche of Melbourne            page 29
              Cebotech                                      page 19

     0                                                             volume 6, Issue 1
Q & A with                                 Craig and Lynda Barrie
EscapeVelocity asks our members

EV:	 What should we know about the                     a	number	of	winning	race	boats	for	clients.	            EV:	 What do you like about being
Barrie family?                                         I	 am	 currently	 with	 Donzi	 representing	            members of SPC?
A.		Lynda	and	I	moved	from	south	Florida	              Donzi,	Baja,	Fountain,	and	Proline	Boats.	              A.	 	 Besides the social aspects of the club,
about	seven	years	ago	to	get	away	from	south	                                                                  we have a great time together at Autocrosses
                                                       Lynda,	 who	 has	 been	 involved	 in	 the	
Florida.	We	are	empty	nesters,	as	all	the	kids	                                                                (Lynda is better than me….Grrr!), and I
                                                       Healthcare	 industry	 for	 the	 past	 20	 years,	
are	gone	but	not	forgotten.	They	remind	us	                                                                    am looking forward to an upcoming DE at
                                                       helps	 keep	 me	 alive	 even	 when	 I’m	 feeling	
just	about	every	day	-	and	sometimes	on	the	                                                                   Sebring. We recently volunteered to work in
                                                       fine.	She	 loves	 cooking,	 has	 all	 the	 toys	 for	
weekend	 -	 with	 dirty	 laundry,	 making	 sure	                                                               the Porscheplatz at the 12 Hours of Sebring.
                                                       making	me	fat,	and	always	makes	too	much	
the	 light	 in	 the	 refrigerator	 works,	 requests	                                                           We enjoyed the experience but next year we
                                                       for	our	guests.	
for	 gas	 money,	 or	 an	 air	 ticket	 to	 return	                                                             will be sure to get a closer hotel!	
home.	You	have	to	pay	otherwise	you’re	stuck	
                                                       EV:	Tell us about the Porsches
with	them	again.	Son	Kane	lives	in	Australia,	
                                                       you have owned.
Dillon	in	Boca	Raton,	and	Reis	in	Orlando.	
                                                       A.	 	 Our first Porsche was a 1974
I	am	in	the	performance	boat	business	and	             911, followed by a 1976 911, and
spent	 18	 years	 with	 the	 Cigarette	 Racing	        a “tired” 1979 911 - which after
Team	 in	 North	 Miami	 Beach,	 during	                a face lift, became a race car that
which	 time	 I	 won	 two	 boat	 racing	 World	         lived and ended its racing days at
Championships,	 had	 a	 number	 of	 national	          Sebring. Next was a black 1999
wins,	 was	 winner	 of	 the	 Venice	 to	 Monte	        Carrera cabriolet - Lynda likes
Carlo	race,	and	first	“loser”	twice	in	Formula	        driving with the top down. That car
One	 boat	 racing’s	 national	 title.	 	 (Editor’s     was exchanged for a Peridot Green
note: Craig was reluctant to give me these             Cayman R. We also have a 2008
details but like he said, I asked!) 	 With	 the	       blue Targa and recently acquired a
help	of	some	great	people,	I	have	also	built	          996 GT3 race car.                           Lynda and Craig Barrie

                                                                        volume 6, Issue 1                                                             1
                                                        PRsRT sTD
                                                       u.s. PosTAGe
                                                       All seRvICe

 21 Riverside Drive #01 | Cocoa, Fl 222

Commemorative WatCh                              Engraving on back:
                                             2009 Region of the Year
  2009 Region of the Year                       Available at Porsche
 The Ferry Porsche Trophy                        of Melbourne Parts

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