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Local Advocates and Legislators Celebrated New Smoke-Free Law


									                                                                                      July 2009

  SMOKE FREE. Everyone Deserves the Right to Breathe Clean Air.                                                July 2010

 Legal Challenges
Fail to Halt New Law                     Local Advocates and Legislators
    Several unsuccessful last
                                         Celebrated New Smoke-Free Law
minute legal challenges were
filed in Kansas to halt the im-            Clean Air Kansas City hosted
plementation of the new clean      a celebration event for the historic im-
indoor air law.                    plementation date of the Kansas Clean
                                   Indoor Air Act. The event was held at
    A Tonganoxie, KS bar           Johnny’s Tavern in Olathe on July 1st
owner sued claiming that a         and was heavily attended by many lo-
provision in the law was unfair    cal advocates and supporters who
because of a January 2009          have been working towards the pas-
date which requires all new        sage of a statewide law.
Class B clubs in Kansas to be
smoke-free. A Shawnee                       Kansas state legislators at-
County District Court judge        tending the event, included: Tom                    Kansas state legislators attended the event on
allowed a narrow injunction        Burroughs (Kansas City), Stan Frown-                July 1st: (back row) Stan Frownfelter, Sheryl Spal-
that permits new Class B clubs     felter (Kansas City), Dolores Furtado               ding, Tom Burroughs, Ron Worley, (front row) Lisa
to allow smoking until the         (Overland Park), Jill Quigley (Lenexa),             Benlon, Dolores Furtado, Jill Quigley.
courts resolve the legal issue.    Sheryl Spalding (Overland Park) and
                                   Ron Worley (Lenexa). Legislative                             Clean Air KC recognized local
   In Wichita, a coalition of      champion, Representative Lisa Benlon                advocate and supporter Nicole Brown
bingo parlors, bars, a pool hall   (Overland Park) also at-tended the                  for her many years of dedicated work
and a hookah bar filed suit        event.                                              with Clean Air Kansas City on local ordi-
claiming the exemption for ca-                                                         nances as well as the Kansas Clean
sinos is unconstitutional.                  Clean Air Kansas City recog-               Indoor Air Act.
                                   nized the state representatives who
   None of these issues de-        worked throughout previous and cur-
layed the implementation of        rent years’ legislative sessions to pass
the law and they currently re-     the statewide act.
main before the courts.

Clayton, MO: Smoke-Free July 1
  Fontbonne University (MO):
                                                                                       After many years of dedicated work Nicole Brown
      Smoke-Free July 1                                                                and Joyce Morrison celebrated the historic public
                                                                                       health victory in the state of Kansas.
  Washington University in St.
  Louis: Tobacco-Free July 1                                                                    Clean Air Kansas City distrib-
   Westminster College (MO):                                                           uted a congratulatory memento to all
      Smoke-Free July 1            Advocates in the Kansas City area celebrated all    who attended thanking them for their
                                   their hard work on local ordinances and state-      hard work and dedication to smoke-free
 Wisconsin: Smoke-Free July 5      wide legislation at Johnny’s Tavern.                legislation.
                                CAKC is now on Face book , make sure to check us out at

                                                                                               Phone: 913.652.1927

                                                                                               Overland Park, KS 66212
                                                                                                 6800 W 93rd Street

                        Some Employers Make Smokers Pay More for Insurance
                                                 By Suzanne Perez Tobias
                                                    The Wichita Eagle

Already faced with smoking bans          ships, for instance, or gift cards for   Measures program, which rewards em-
and rising cigarette prices, many        attending a health fair — are mov-       ployees for healthy behavior.
Kansas smokers are learning that         ing toward surcharges and other
lighting up will cost them more for      punitive measures.                       Advocates of the so-called "Safeway
health insurance.                                                                 model" compare it to auto insurance,
                                                                                  which for years has tied accident risk to
A growing number of employers are                                                 premiums. An 18-year-old man with a
requiring workers who use tobacco                                                 sports car and two speeding tickets, for
to pay higher premiums in an effort                                               example, pays more than a 45-year-old
to lower health care costs.                                                       woman with a sedan and a spotless
                                                                                  driving record
Newton Medical Center recently in-                                                Tobacco-related surcharges or dis-
formed employees that beginning                                                   counts are "becoming fairly common" in
July 1, it will impose a "tobacco-user                                            Kansas, said Steve O'Neil, life and
sur-charge" — $35 per two-week pay                                                health manager in the Kansas Insur-
period — to employees who smoke                                                   ance Department's consumer assis-
or have a spouse or dependents who                                                tance division.
                                                                                  "Over the long haul, healthier employees
Such measures are becoming more                                                   cost less and generate fewer claims
common as employers look for ways                                                 against the insurance program," said Pe-
to battle rising health care costs.                                               ter Hancock, spokesman for the Kansas
                                    The California-based Safeway gro-             Health Policy Authority, which administers
Companies that once opted for car- cery store chain made national                 the state health care plan.
rots over sticks — free gym member- news last summer for its Healthy

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