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									                                    OCCUPATIONAL GUIDES FOR IMMIGRANTS TO B.C.                                                                           NOC: 2174          NON-REGULATED

                                                                                                                                                         Computer Programmers

 Introduction What are the Occupational Guides for Immigrants to B.C.?

  British Columbia welcomes you! Like you, over 35,000
  immigrants from around the world settle in B.C. each year and find
  work in a variety of professions. The process of finding work can take
  time, so it is important to understand each of the steps needed to
  gain employment.

  If you are preparing to come to B.C., or have just arrived, this guide
  provides the following information:

                Section 1 - how this occupation is practiced in B.C.
                Section 2 - steps to help prepare you before you arrive
                Section 3 - qualifications needed in B.C.
                Section 4 - tips to help you find employment

                                                                                                                                                                                Learn More
 Section 1                      Occupational Overview
                                                                                                                                            Some excellent sources of
                                                                                                                                         occupational information include:
  What is a computer programmer?
                                                                                                                               National Occupational Classification (NOC)
  Computer programmers write, test and maintain code for personal
                                                                                                                               is Canada’s reference on occupations. The
  computers and for mainframe software applications, information
                                                                                                                               NOC provides job descriptions, occupational
  systems applications, operating systems-level software and
                                                                                                                               statistics and labour market information.
  communications software.

  What qualifications are required to be a computer
  programmer in B.C.?
  Computer programming is a non-regulated occupation in BC. No
  specific licence is required to work as a computer programmer. Most
  computer programmers have a diploma or bachelor’s degree in                                                                Workforce Highlights
  computer science and may have other certificates.

  Experienced computer programmers and interactive media                                                                   13,900                   Computer Programmers in B.C.
  developers can apply for the Information Systems Professional (ISP)                                                                                                      Hourly Wage
  designation through the Canadian Information Processing Society                                                          $19.00 - $43.14 Range
                                                                                                                           For more information on wages and workforce see Section 2

 This Occupational Guide for Immigrants to BC is a resource to help immigrants build a career plan. Occupational qualifications and requirements
 sometimes change. Planning your career in BC will require additional research and direct contact with the appropriate regulatory bodies,
 professional associations and training institutions. This Occupational Guide is for general information only and is not legal or professional advice.
                      OCCUPATIONAL GUIDES FOR IMMIGRANTS TO B.C.                                      NOC: 2174        NON-REGULATED

                                                                                                      Computer Programmers

 What skills and attributes do employers expect
 from computer programmers?
     Well developed analytical skills                                      !           Become familiar with the technology
                                                                                       requirements for your occupation in B.C.
     Patience and persistence                                                          Look at job postings to learn what is needed.
                                                                                       Getting the certificates commonly requested
     Interest in methodical and precise work
                                                                                       in job postings will make you more attractive
     Creativity                                                                        to B.C. employers.
     Good interpersonal skills
     Knowledge of operating systems and computer languages
     Ability to communicate technical problems and solutions                                                                Learn More
     A good understanding of computer hardware and software                 Information and Communications Technology
     Ability to write skills procedures, reports and user manuals           Council (ICTC) provides information about the
                                                                            competencies expected by industry and labour
                                                                            market information within the province.
 Learn more about employment options
 for computer programmers in B.C.                                           ICTC - Competency Profiles
         Computer software development firms
         Information technology consulting firms
         Information technology units
         Private companies
         Public organizations
         Self -employed

Section 2          Prepare Before You Come to B.C.

Explore Regions in B.C. to Live and Work
The demand for each occupation varies throughout the regions of the province. B.C. is a big province, about the same size
as Tanzania or Venezuela, and bigger than Pakistan or Turkey. Each region has different employment needs and industries.
Use the labour market information and resources in this guide to explore regional employment options.
                                                                                                      B.C. DEVELOPMENT REGIONS
B.C. Labour Market Information
                                                                                              1.   Vancouver Island/Coast   5.   Cariboo
To learn more about your chosen profession visit the following                                2.   Mainland/Southwest       6.   North Coast
websites where you will find information including salaries, regional                         3.   Thompson-Okanagan        7.   Nechako
employment opportunities, job descriptions, and more.                                         4.   Kootenay                 8.   Northeast

     B.C. Job Trend Tracker                                                        7

     Education Planner


     Working in Canada Tool                                                                              5                                                                                          3
     BC Wage and Salary Survey 2009
                                                                                                                                      4                                    2

                        OCCUPATIONAL GUIDES FOR IMMIGRANTS TO B.C.                                NOC: 2174        NON-REGULATED

                                                                                                  Computer Programmers

Prepare Yourself
Plan and prepare for your career as much as possible before
arriving in B.C. Be sure you understand the provincial job
market and professional requirements of your occupation. You
may be able to start or complete many of these tasks before you
arrive in Canada.

Get Started!
1.    Learn about the occupation. Know the name of the job in Canada, and make lists of potential employers.
2.    Collect documents. Collect copies of relevant documents, and if necessary, have them translated into English.

          Degrees, diplomas or certificates from universities, colleges or schools
          Program descriptions related to your studies, and transcripts of grades
          Reference letters and performance reviews from employers
          Work descriptions and letters from professional agencies
3.    Improve your workplace skills. You may need to improve your skills or knowledge before you start working in B.C.
      Explore all of the resources provided in this guide.

 Section 3           Becoming Qualified to work in B.C.

  The following information will help you understand how to become
  certified to work as a computer programmer in B.C. This is only a
  guide; you will have to do more research to make a career plan that           !    Begin the qualification and career
                                                                                     planning process and obtain all required
  will work for you. It is important to complete all of the activities listed
                                                                                     documents before leaving your country. If
  below. It is not necessary to complete the activities in the order                 you have already arrived in B.C., develop a
  they are listed. To save time, it is advisable to work on many of these            career plan immediately to avoid creating
  activities at the same time.                                                       a gap in your professional experience.

     Learn more about what is required to become                                                                       Learn More
     qualified to work as a computer programmer in B.C.
                                                                                I.S.P. is Canada’s only legally recognized designation
     A license or designation is not required to work in B.C. However,          for IT professionals. I.S.P. status provides employers
     the Information Systems Professional (I.S.P.) designation offered          with assurance of an IT professional’s knowledge and
     by Canada’s Association of I.T. Professionals is available and             technical background.
     demonstrates that you have graduated from an accredited
     computer science or information systems program. For more
     information, go to:

     Check the Information and Communications
     Technology Council (ICTC) website
     The ICTC provides information for internationally educated IT
     professionals. For more information, go to:

     To get an understanding of workplace culture, communication
     and competencies, review the Canada Readiness Tool (CRT) for
     Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs).

                    OCCUPATIONAL GUIDES FOR IMMIGRANTS TO B.C.                                  NOC: 2174       NON-REGULATED

                                                                                               Computer Programmers

   Improve your language skills
                                                                                    Make improving your English
   An English Language Assessment is not required for the
                                                                                    language skills a priority. Study
   Information Systems Professional (I.S.P.) designation. However,                  to improve your English language
   the IT field in B.C. requires you to have excellent communication                abilities as much as possible while
   skills. It is important to make an effort to improve your                        in your native country.
   communication and presentation skills.

   To work in the IT fields in B.C., the ICTC recommends English
   at a Canadian Language Benchmark of 7. To understand
   what this level means, visit the Centre for Canadian Language

                                   English Language and Communication Services

         DIVERSEcity                                      S.U.C.C.E.S.S.                         TOEFL                                         
         English Language Services for Adults             MOSAIC                                 Welcome BC                                     
         Planning to Work in British Columbia,            IELTS International English            Immigrant Services
         Canada Workbook                                  Language Testing System                Society of BC                       

If required, register for professional                                                                             Learn More
upgrading programs                                                              Skills Upgrading Programs for Internationally
You may need to take some courses to obtain additional skills and                      Educated Computer Programmers
certificates and to understand the Canadian workplace and the
                                                                                Online Workshops
communication skills required. Some courses are listed in the Learn   
More box to the right. Research to choose which courses are necessary
for the job.                                                                    Private Career Training Institutions Agency of BC
Many of these programs have waitlists and so it is important to make
contact and register as soon as possible.                                       BCIT – Computing Science

                                                                               !    To meet the needs of B.C. employers,
                                                                                    you may need to do further training and
                                                                                    obtain other certificates. Check B.C. job
                                                                                    postings to learn about what employers
                                                                                    are looking for. You will be more
                                                                                    attractive to employers if you have the
                                                                                    skills and certificates they need.

                      OCCUPATIONAL GUIDES FOR IMMIGRANTS TO B.C.                                                         NOC: 2174         NON-REGULATED

                                                                                                                         Computer Programmers

 Section 4        Tips to Finding Employment in B.C.

   Get Help with Your Job Search

   Finding a job in B.C. may be very different than in your home
   country. You may need help finding job vacancies, updating                                           The Canadian government provides employment
   your resume, writing cover letters, preparing for interviews, and                                    and settlement services in China, India, the
   understanding what B.C. employers are looking for.                                                   Philippines and the United Kingdom. The program
                                                                                                        is called the Canadian Immigrant Integration
                                                                                                        Program (CIIP). To get more information about
       Skills Connect for Immigrants program provide                                                    these pre-arrival services, go to:
       employment-related support services that move
       internationally educated professionals into the B.C. labour

       B.C. Employment and Labour Market Services
       employment programs:

  Search for job vacancies and build a list of                                                                                                Learn More
  companies and positions you are interested in
                                                                                                     Computer programmers may have various
  There are many job postings sites. One good site for getting more                                    job titles or do different jobs such as:
  information about local IT companies and jobs is T-NET:                                                                         Web programmer
                                                                                                                    Application programmer

  Build connections to the information technology                                                                   Business application programmer
  field – begin networking                                                                                          Computer game developer

  Many job vacancies are not advertised. To find out about jobs that                                                E-business (electronic business)
  are not advertised, you must make connections with working                                                        software developer
  computer programmers and others in the information technology                                                     Interactive media developer
  field.Working as a volunteer is a good way to meet people,                                                        Multimedia developer
  understand Canadian workplace culture and to improve your English
  language and communication skills.                                                                                Operating systems programmer
                                                                                                                    Programmer analyst
  Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) offers                                                             Scientific programmer
  networking opportunities, certification of IT professionals (I.S.P.
  and ITCP designations) and is responsible for the accreditation IT                                                Software developer
  education programs. To learn more, go to:                                                             Software programmer
                                                                                                                    Systems programmer
  The Canadian Technology Immigration Network (CTIN)

  CTIN is a source for career information, programs and assistance
  for your successful entry into Canada’s technology professions.
  CTIN provides an online self-assessment option for international IT
  professionals to assess their education, skills and experience.

                                                 This project is made possible through funding from
                                     the Government of Canada with support from the Province of British Columbia.                   Updated November 2012

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